pieter2627morning all05:43
Kilosmorning pieter2627 inetpro and others05:53
Kiloswe got 7mm rain last night and heavy storms05:53
Kilosweeds should be happy for a while05:53
pieter2627Kilos: what are you growing :P05:59
pieter2627... a green stash05:59
Kiloshaha i wish06:02
Kiloskahkibos and other weeds06:02
Kilosblackjacks etc06:02
Kilosthe weed you talking about actually makes a very healthy tea06:03
Kiloshelps my head06:03
pieter2627haha, ok06:04
mazalMorning everyone , what does the red line and cross through the https part in this pic mean ? Site is unsafe ?06:27
inetprogood mornings everybody07:22
TinuvaMacmazal: click on it, and check the info. there will be a reason07:36
SquirmMorning all08:19
SquirmHas anyone here ever had freeradius to authenticate with Google Apps? So the user would try and authenticate with freeradius and freeradius would check their credentials with GApps08:20
TinuvaMacdoes google apps have a ldap like interface you can authenticate against?08:30
mazalTinuvaMac: If I understand this correctly : http://picpaste.com/bar3-fCDACElb.png , then the problem is defnitely at the sebsite side and not safe09:15
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Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:34

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