OvenWerksIt just seems to be in the one case where going to the login screen stays in the same user frame? Not sure. Using jack-sink/source with no detect allows a lot more options. Such as name in both PA and jack... well no, but in jack at least.01:17
OvenWerksWhen using jack-sink/source it is best to remember the module number that gets returned on load because a named unload, unloads them all.01:18
OvenWerksthis shows up right away the limitations of this kind of patch bay.05:04
OvenWerksThis kind of patchbay is really nice for simple connections, but even with one device an a big DAW it gets overloaded real quick05:06
OvenWerkshowever, what I am showing is the devices/connections from session start.05:07
OvenWerksFrom the desktop perspective, both audio interfaces are shown... M66 and AudioPCI are not the most descriptive :) but it matches aplay -l05:08
OvenWerksAnyway, there are two i/o devices that show up in both jack and pulse which results in 4 sets of in and four sets of outs.05:21

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