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xubuntu80whey I cant connect to wifi?04:00
xubuntu80whelp please04:01
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toktokGood day! I'm running xubuntu 14.04 with a Nvidia GT218, and two screens (Samsung Syncmaster T220 & Samsung Syncmaster T2270HD). The xorg drivers give me wierd crashed - so I switched to the propreritary drivers. In these I can't set the resolution of the VGA connected screen to 1680x1050. When I try to add the mode via xrandr I get "X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)". I installed xfonts-100dpi a07:22
toktokHas anyone an idea, what I could try next?07:22
toktok(Connecting the P2270 via DVI worked resolution-wise, but I had a strong blue tint in the image - so that would also be a way to go if someone knows a fix...)07:23
JesusSavesMeI installed Eclipse 4.5 manually and put exacutable symlink in /usr/local/bin07:37
JesusSavesMeHow can I make Whisker menu to show it menu?07:37
JesusSavesMeOr how should I disable it?07:38
JesusSavesMeSHouldnt menu automatically detect anything that's in /usr/local/bin?07:42
flocculantwhy would it do that - someone could put a doobywotsit in /usr/local/bin07:43
JesusSavesMewhy not?07:43
JesusSavesMeso it generates menu only form /usr/bin?07:44
flocculantI've given the info to how to add something for you - not interested in discussions on your wishlist07:44
JesusSavesMeAnyone else?07:45
JesusSavesMeSo i have to create eclipse.desktop file?07:57
JesusSavesMeOk i created eclipse.desktop file and it solved it08:00
JesusSavesMeI thought Whisker menu generates desktop files itself08:00
function9xgood stuff08:10
JesusSavesMeIm using eclipse and i found out when i want to run build CTRL + F11 doesnt work09:46
JesusSavesMeAny ideas?09:46
JesusSavesMeIs anobody ALIVE here?10:39
function9xyep just lurkin10:39
toktok_No one got an idea on my graphic issue? A wink in the right direction would mostly be enough....10:49
maijinHello guys, I got a bug on mousepad, where should I address this issue?10:50
function9xwho was first?10:51
genius3000toktok_: I had some trouble previously as well, with an nvidia card. Had better luck with the xorg drivers though. But, I've been running a different set of drivers for a while/releases now: https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers10:51
function9xmaijin: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousepad10:58
toktok_genius3000: Thanks. I'll have a look into the link and see if I can get the problem solved from that side.11:09
genius3000:)  Yeah, that's about all I can recommend. I can't recall what else I had gone through to make things work at times. But that ppa has worked well through a few upgrades, runs one nvidia card to four monitors. Best of luck.11:11
toktok_Will give it a shot. Looks very promising - thanks a lot....11:12
genius3000Your welcome.11:13
JesusSavesMeWhy am i ignored?11:32
knomeJesusSavesMe, if you have a support question, please ask it; asking if anybody is here is not useful for you or us, so many people do not answer that question11:51
JesusSavesMei asked already11:51
JesusSavesMeThat's why i asked if anybody is here11:51
knomewell, sometimes answers aren't available...11:52
knomeeg. maybe nobody knows11:52
JesusSavesMeknome, let's be honest people are not interested in this channel, not interested in helping or AFK.11:58
knomeJesusSavesMe, i disagree.11:59
knomepeople are interested to help, but they don't always know the answers.11:59
knomeand sure, not always around.11:59
JesusSavesMeIf you disagree make statistics12:00
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.12:00
JesusSavesMeHow many actually are active, how many words do each type daily, what they exactly typed12:00
knomeok, enough of this12:00
JesusSavesMeknome, you are only trying to moralize me not helping my actual problem here. Im responding to your response to my question, but you are missing my previous question which led to next question. You are disagreeing that people are inactive here, you are spending a lot of time to arguing me about what im doing wrong or right, but you spent zero time actually helping solve my problem. So are you really interested in helping me or are you like most of12:05
JesusSavesMethe time i've experienced having fun arguing with me and moralizing? I have better morals to read(Bible) than this.12:05
function9xJesusSavesMe: use the Menu Editor12:21
function9xbbl need to change the batteries in my mouse :(12:22
thc202JesusSavesMe, Ctrl+F11 is used to switch to Workspace 11, that's why it's not working (can be changed in Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard)12:23
JesusSavesMethc202, thanks12:24
JesusSavesMethc202, im clicking clear, but it doesn't clear12:26
JesusSavesMeglitch or something12:27
thc202clear works here, try setting other shortcut first?12:28
JesusSavesMethc202, after restarting app it works12:28
thc202cool :)12:28
JesusSavesMeThanks. God bless you12:28
excellencejust installed xubuntu :)16:48
xubuntu44wHi guys. Maybe you can help me. I am new to Xubuntu and I am trying to create a 7z encrypted archive. It seems unsupported..16:56
xubuntu44wPassword field in Thunar is greyed out..16:56
SlidingHornIs there a list somewhere of all packages that are not a part of the core?  Long story short, I wanted to just essentially install ubuntu-server, but had installation issues.  I decided I'd be better off installing xubuntu & essentially purging out xfce, xfwm, etc. (the whole GUI and the starter applications like Firefox, games, et al)17:35
SlidingHorn(15.10, by the way...sorry to multi-line)17:35
JohnnyComeL8lySlidingHorn, you'd better try to install Ubuntu Server if that is what you want.17:35
SlidingHornJohnnyComeL8ly, I attempted, but ran into a bunch of problems in the install (network wouldn't set up, then had a busybox-initramfs error.  Installing one of the desktop versions seemed like the lazy/easy way out, lol17:37
SlidingHornI'll be building a full GUI from there (x, xdm, openbox)17:37
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, I see.17:37
JohnnyComeL8lyDoes this look like something you'd want? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:38
SlidingHornI found a couple answers on askubuntu, but they were for 14.04 ---  The minimal isn't UEFI compatible from what I'd read17:39
JohnnyComeL8lySlidingHorn, how about this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218835317:45
SlidingHornI think this is going to be my best bet at this point: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59640/how-can-i-completely-remove-xfce4-when-apt-get-remove-purge-doesnt-work17:47
SlidingHorn(the install's already done, so we'll see how it goes.  Worst case, I start over, lol)17:48
JohnnyComeL8lySlidingHorn, ok, do it! Lemme know how you fare!17:52
xubuntu05wHello. I have a problem with a epson stylus office BX320FW wireless. I can't find the drivers. Can you help me? Thank you17:58
SlidingHornif that person comes back, let them know that Epson should have a working driver for that device on their site.  There was one at least as of August of last year (ref: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2240164)18:03
SlidingHornI think I've gotten it...booting up to see if the damn DM still shows up, lol18:19
SlidingHornhmmm...splash screen shows, then goes straight to a blinking cursor under "fsck from util-linux 2.26.2 (followed by the number of files/blocks)" --  annnnd then nothing, lol18:21
SlidingHornPretty sure I did it.  Only concern was that until I installed xdm, there wasn't even a terminal login prompt...had to go to tty and get going from there.  Here's everything I ended up pulling out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13370792/18:39
xubuntu64ihello all!19:26
xubuntu64iI have packard bell dot se3 netbook19:26
xubuntu64iAny body can help me with xubuntu installation?19:27
xubuntu64iI hear that WD hdds have a problem with ubuntu/xubuntu, how I must config it?19:28
well_laid_lawnxubuntu64i:  how did you here wd hdd's have an issue ?19:30
xubuntu64iShold have, need something to do with hdparm as I understand. I load via usd with xubuntu 15.1019:32
SlidingHornQuestion:  I installed Xubuntu and promptly tore out the GUI.  I replaced it with x, xdm & openbox.  Now, I've installed synaptic, and for some reason, when I go to open it from the command line, nothing happens...no errors or anything.  If I use gksu, it prompts me for the password, and that's it.  if I use sudo, it wont authorize.  Also tried running software-center (didn't remove it with everything else) and it doesn't load e19:39
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