clivejois soee in Munich?00:04
lordievaderGood morning.09:37
soee_hiho lordievader09:56
lordievaderHey soee_ 09:57
lordievaderHow are you today?09:57
soee_lordievader: pretty good :) still no winter here :/09:57
shadeslayerRiddell: sgclark yofel hello09:58
shadeslayerwhere's sitter ?09:58
yofelmoin ^^09:58
Riddelloh hi shadeslayer, there you are :)09:58
yofelhaven't seen him yet..09:58
Riddelldid anyone see him back to his hotel?09:59
soee_xenial will ship 15.12 apps right ?09:59
yofelI believe his friend went into the same direction09:59
shadeslayerwell, seeing how we abandoned him and his friend in the middle of the street ...09:59
lordievadersoee_: Doing good here :)09:59
* yofel blames the weather for tha10:00
shadeslayerstupid spitting rain10:00
shadeslayerRiddell: where be the agenda10:09
shadeslayerRiddell: also, do we have any DD's in the room?10:10
shadeslayeryofel: ^10:10
shadeslayerI need someone to do a binNMU of samba10:11
Riddellnext door10:11
Riddelldunno, ask loudly :)10:11
sgclarkRiddell: ping10:11
Riddellyofel: ping10:14
shadeslayerand where's jmux, I just realized I need to talk to him too 10:17
soeei'm testing 358 nvidia driver on wily and it works pretty good11:32
Riddellsgclark: "Only the latest release forms a target for manual stable updates" https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Policies11:33
mamarleysoee: Are you using my staging PPA?11:44
soeemamarley: graphics-drivers11:45
soeebut this version is a bit outdated11:45
soeewe have 358.09 and there is .16 i think already11:46
mamarleyI actually have 358.16 in staging.  I didn't want to copy it to the main PPA until ricotz has a look.11:46
soeeahi see11:47
mamarleyI misread and thought you said 358.16 earlier, sorry.11:47
soeei forgot to mention the .x version11:47
soeemamarley: what is your staging ppa, maybe i could test it11:48
mamarleysoee: Technically you aren't supposed to use it, but ppa:mamarley:staging.11:49
soeethe most important part o .x16 is X.Org Server 1.18 support right but anyway it is not availabel in Wily ?11:49
mamarleyThe packages should work with 1.18 whenever it is available, but I don't think it has been packaged yet.11:51
soeeis there some option on launchapd to track/observe soem ppas ?11:51
soeemamarley: http://wstaw.org/m/2015/11/21/snapshot36.png works fine11:57
BluesKajHey all12:49
soeeon slack, there is new channel called hangouts where you can start new hangout by typing /hangout13:05
soeeand quickly invite other users from chan etc.13:05
Odurmamarley: Why not make a package like " nvidia-graphics-drivers-latest" so you don't have to watch for new releases?13:26
OdurJust like for the kernel13:26
clivejohas anyone got the lastest KDE Connect installed? and is it eating SMS messages ?14:40
BluesKajclivejo, I have kde connect installed, but my setup is merely for file transfer not messages14:42
clivejowould you mind testing the SMS ?14:45
clivejoand what version are you running14:46
yofelsitter: https://notes.kde.org/p/pointless-munich-notes14:47
bshahlol "pointless"14:47
mamarleyOdur: There are some issues with that and old cards that aren't supported in the latest releases.14:51
clivejomaybe too much beer :P14:51
BluesKajclivejo, after an upgrade on my pc. my phone can longer access via kdeconnect15:10
clivejoBluesKaj: what versions?15:10
clivejoI really like this new feature to be able to reply to SMS via the desktop, so Im keen to debug what the problem is15:11
clivejopart of me thinks its a Samsung issue :/15:12
BluesKajhaving trouble pairing my alcatel phone, so I don't think it's a samsung problem15:21
clivejoI mean the SMS eating problem15:22
BluesKajwell i can't even get my phone to see my pc and vice versa 15:22
Riddellyofel: ping15:27
clivejoBluesKaj: are they both version 0.9?15:28
BluesKajclivejo, dunno 15:31
lordievader'apt-cache policy kdeconnect' will tell you, I suppose.15:31
clivejoThe android and desktop versions should match15:32
BluesKajusing version 8 on the pc, dunno how to see the phone version15:33
BluesKajit was working perfectly untill the last upgrade, now kdeconnect seems useless on both devices15:37
clivejothere is no version 815:37
clivejoits only at 0.9f at the minute15:37
BluesKaj0.8 then15:38
clivejowhat version is on your phone?15:39
BluesKajdunno , how do I find out ?15:40
clivejoin the Play store, my apps15:40
clivejogo to KDE Connect and look at its version15:40
BluesKaj i see apps , but no my apps15:41
clivejosearch for kde connect15:45
clivejodown at the bottom should be the Version and Updated on15:47
BluesKajlooks like 4.07615:47
clivejomine is currently 0.9e - 13 Nov 201515:47
clivejoand Im testing 0.9f+git20151119 on my desktop15:48
clivejoI think thats the installs you are reading, 4,077 installs15:49
clivejodo you see a read more button?15:49
BluesKajno it says over 50 thousand , there's also a 4.7 that comes up 15:50
clivejothats the rating?15:50
BluesKajno read more15:50
BluesKajnm , i don't have the patience for it right now..I have other things. if I need to transfer any pics I'll just connect the phone to my pc via usb if I can't get it to work 15:52
BluesKajif I can't get kdeconnect to work that is 15:53
Odurmamarley: Ok, I see. To bad18:32
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clivejohows the Munich meet up going?21:15
jmuxclivejo: well - we watched Dr. Who, and almost everyone left for ar bar just a few minutes ago21:35
clivejoso plenty of work being done21:35
jmuxclivejo: during the day - sure. We start at 10am, so I guess it's fine to call it a day at 10pm21:36
clivejowhat was discussed today?21:38
clivejoany developments?21:38
jmuxclivejo: No idea - I'm the cook, so until ~ 2 hours ago I was in the kitchen :-) But the sideboard is full of checked stuff, so for me it seems they were busy today...21:40
clivejowhat did you cook for them?!?21:41
ahoneybunHas it been this quiet?21:44
* clivejo nods21:44
clivejowe need Lena Wagner to liven us all up a bit21:45
jmuxclivejo: https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/11/Munich - look for Food. Oday we had pumpkin for dinner and green cabbage for lunch21:46
ahoneybunRight they are in munich21:48
clivejodrinking beer21:49
ahoneybunFor sure 21:49
ahoneybunI've been doing the same 21:49
jmuxYup - beer is the first point on the list here :-)21:50
ahoneybunBreakfast beer!21:50
jmuxAnd the 11th too21:50
clivejohi soee_22:01
soee_hi clivejo22:02
clivejodo you have an andriod phone?22:02
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soee_clivejo: yes, S322:14
clivejorunning KDE Connect?22:15
clivejowhat versions?22:16
clivejowould you mind doing a test?22:18
clivejojust a warning, this may eat your SMS messages22:18
clivejoare you on wily?22:19
* clivejo scratches head and wonders why xenial has been renamed senile on KCI22:20
soee_clivejo: thats not good, i can't loose my sms22:23
clivejosoee_: no problem22:24
clivejoIm trying to debug what seems to be a new feature22:24
clivejobeing able to reply to SMS via your desktop22:24
clivejobut on my Samsung S5, the messages seem to not be delivered into my messaging application, Im trying to figure out why this is22:25
clivejoIm using Googles Messenger as my default SMS apps22:26
soee_hmm is it known bug maybe ?22:28
clivejodunno, I posted a message to the KDE Connect ML22:28
clivejoare you using Samsung Touch Wiz ROM?22:29
soee_what is it ? :)22:35
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clivejothe default operating system, or do you play about with custom ROM's?22:35
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soee_deault one22:43
valoriehmmm, I have 0.9e on my phone, but 0.8-0ubuntu5 on my computer22:52
valorieI added the ppa; shouldn't it have upgraded?22:53
valoriedo I have to uninstall it and then reinstall?22:53
soee_what apt-cache policy kdeconnect says ?22:53
valorie  Installed: 0.8-0ubuntu522:55
valorie  Candidate: 0.8-0ubuntu522:55
valorie  Version table:22:55
valorie *** 0.8-0ubuntu5 022:55
valorie        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ wily/universe amd64 Packages22:55
valorie        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status22:56
valoriebut I added your ppa, and I don't see it in the sources when I update/upgrade22:56
valorieerr, clivejo's PPA22:56
valorieotoh, they are connected22:57
valorieI've not tried to reply to SMS though22:57
clivejovalorie: on wily?22:57
clivejoIm trying to install an old S2 here with CM12.122:58
clivejodo some tests22:58
valorieI added your wily ppa on this box, xenial on my travel laptop22:58
clivejoI might have deleted the xenial one22:58
valoriemy phone is stock htc one22:58
valoriethat's ok, I only use it for testing until I travel again22:59
valoriewhy aren't you guys in Munich?22:59
valoriealthough they are probably leaving at this point23:00
* clivejo shakes head at the pathetic excuse they call cell coverage23:01
* clivejo is trying to send a SMS to himself, but knowing O2 the message wont be deilvered for a few hours23:05
clivejoIll get it when Im sleeping23:05
* clivejo wonders if O2 is playing silly beggars again, or did KDE Connect eat the 3 SMS's he sent23:24
* clivejo gives up23:40
clivejovalorie: I have been using the KCI build of kdeconnect23:41
clivejoinstall it manually from here - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+build/832615623:43
clivejolosing my patiences with this, I think its time for bed!23:53
clivejonight all23:53

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