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aris_hi room new linux user 15.10 unfortunatelly added kubuntu weekly stable ppa s and after that vlc. vlc doesnt show all the frame in full screen only a part of it the biggest part is black and dragon player seems not be able to show subtitles any solutions09:24
lordievaderGood morning.09:37
aris_hi room new linux user 15.10 unfortunatelly added kubuntu weekly stable ppa s and after that vlc. vlc doesnt show all the frame in full screen only a part of it the biggest part is black and dragon player seems not be able to show subtitles any solutions09:51
BluesKajHey all12:49
Jim___can I buy a USB stick with Kubunto already loaded?15:01
gtrпривет всем15:53
gtrhello all's15:53
RisteHello people and bots :D15:56
Ristey so silent16:01
RisteWhat's up :D?16:04
lordievaderRiste: It is the weekend ;)16:05
Ristelordievader: hello, oh yeah forgot it's only me working for the weekends *starts crying immensly*16:07
starxxребята, подскажите по регистрации своего канала16:10
starxxнужно дл скромной компании из 3х человек16:11
lordievaderRiste: Do you like your work?16:11
lordievader!ru | starxx16:11
ubottustarxx: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:11
Ristelordievader: it's not that bad, but it's not what i love :D16:12
lordievaderI see, well lets say it makes you appreciate other things more? (Trying to find a silver lining)16:14
Ristehahahaha, i appreciate my job, especially where i come from and how things are here its awesome16:16
Risteconsidering my age, soon hopefully though i'll be relocating starting from 0 :D16:16
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somekoolhello, I had a bug with kscreenlocker which I thought KDE related. but i dont have same problem under ArchLinux, its just that my monitor does not go idle/sleep after few minutes when my screen is locked. if I logout and get to sddm, its fine. archlinux, fine in both cases, sddm and screenlocker16:57
lordievaderSounds more like a config issue.17:08
BluesKajdisable the screenlock17:10
lordievaderI was more hinting at System Settings -> Power management -> Energy Saving -> Screen Energy Saving17:14
jubo2I got a 1TB USB3 disk17:43
jubo2What's the best shot to make it work with GNU/Linukka, Windows and OS X ?17:44
jubo2and what is the leading intelligent backup system for Kubuntu?17:44
jubo2I mean copyleft solution17:44
jubo2Actually the disk hasn't worked in a long time.. Did something wrong at some point17:45
lordievaderjubo2: For the second question, I'd say Dirvish. Not sure if it is copyleft though.17:45
jubo2I plug it in to Kubuntu and it shows as 937GB disk in the file browser but I cannot access it17:45
jubo2lordievader: ait.. I search for this Dirvish17:46
jubo2I'd wish for something where I just plug in the disk occasionally and the system takes care of synccing the files that have changed18:01
jubo2I don't currently have a machine I can dedicate to backupping18:02
somekoollordievader: thanks for the hint, it is already set to 10 minutes.18:04
lordievaderjubo2: Write a udev rules which invoked dirvish/rsync when it is plugged in.18:05
jubo2I dunno what is udev18:08
lordievaderIf you plug in something udev makes sure it is actually usable. You can change his behaviour slighly by rules. Thus you can set up a rule detailing that if a device with id X is inserted program/script Y should run.18:16
MichaelTunanyone in here using Ubuntu 14.04 that would be willing to test something for me? Would take less than 2 minutes.18:18
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jubo2Can Gparted move partitions from disk to disk?18:27
jubo2I'm unable to locate my Kingston provided partition mover CD18:27
jubo2Got 6GB free on this Kubutnu15.1018:28
jubo2So really would need to move this to another bigger disk18:28
lordievaderNot that I am aware of.18:28
lordievaderBut dd can.18:28
jubo2got one functional 2.5" 0.5TB disk here18:28
MichaelTungparted is for managing partitions not copying and moving but like lordievader said dd can do it18:29
jubo2Maccple protections were nothing a little remount, 'sudo cp -r' and 'sudo chown username *' couldn't deal with yielding all protected files18:30
jubo2:D :D18:30
jubo2noticed on the way that 'sudo cd' will not run18:31
lordievaderIt does, but it is pointless.18:32
jubo2so I figured18:32
lordievaderYou open a new session, change the dir and close the session.18:32
jubo2Once http://maidsafe.net goes into Beta I gonna shop for good deal on 10x USB-to-SATA enclosures and hook 'em up18:33
lordievaderBlegh, usb to sata.18:34
jubo2fill 'em up with really cheap used 0.25-0.32TB18:34
jubo2[Sunday, January 25, 2015] [06:37:41 PM] <jubo2>        "It's like legalized socialism." ~ jubo-jubo on MaidSafe Networks18:35
jubo2and definatelly donating this 1TB USB3 if I can get it back to working18:37
jubo2the safecoins are paid via a fair lottery system btw18:37
jubo2and by the time the 4-gigacoin ceiling is reached the system will have migrated from pure socialism to a socialist-freemarketist system18:38
jubo2so hear me. nothing drastic will happen when the 4-gigacoin ceiling is hit18:38
jubo2Services will continue to be provided to inhabitants of Planet Earth18:39
jubo2Safecoins will continue to be paid if you need anything but the free level18:39
lordievaderErr, what does this have to do with Kubuntu support?18:40
jubo2MaidSafe is pure amax0ring18:40
lordievaderI.e. its offtopic...18:40
jubo2id est?18:41
Rokanyone available to help me with a Kmail issue?  Upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 and it appears as though it deleted all of my Local Mail folders.  I verified that the path to my local mail storage is correct, but all it shows is empty folders19:01
RokAnyone at all...19:03
RokNeat. Nobody helps. Nice. Why in the fuck is this listed as a support option?19:06
RokWell, just an FYI, your motherfucking email overwrote 15 years of backup files during an upgrade.  Backups that were stored in a secondary location (not the default path), so thanks for the support, douchebags!19:07
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