phillwLXQt meeting in 10 minutes on #lxde15:51
gilirHum .. I feel home :-)16:26
phillwhe he, safe here. I've pinged unit 193 so as to ask him to have a look at the mode set on #phillw.16:28
gilirphillw, do you have the log about the problem on lxqt-metapakage and lxqt-panel ?16:35
phillwgilir: I will pull it, it is on a VM so not the easiest to get information from!16:37
giliryes :-(16:39
phillwgilir: is sddm with plfiorini an alternative to openbox?16:41
gilirphillw, no sddm is an alternative to lightdm16:42
phillwah, okies... so still install openbox :)16:43
giliryes, I don't plan to use kwin :-p16:44
joern_sgilir, do you have a minute for me?17:18
phillwgilir: I've installed shutter, so it there may be a gap in posting up images. For some reason my install is that confused it no longer takes screen shots using  any combination of keys +PrtSc17:19
gilirjoern_s, I have 5 for phillw so I can have 1 for you :-)17:19
joern_sI'm still working on generating isos for LXQt (currently Wily)17:20
joern_sthere is some strange behaviour that I don't understand17:20
joern_smounting the squashfs works for the live session, but when the user (or the installer) tries to mount it a second time, it doesn't work but fails more or less silently17:21
joern_sany ideas?17:22
gilirjoern_s, no sorry :-( I don't see anything special in the log17:27
joern_sthat is what makes me nervous17:27
joern_smy only hint was:17:28
joern_s[   19.399266] systemd[1]: [/lib/systemd/system/casper.service:10] Failed to parse input specifier, ignoring: force-tty17:28
joern_s[   19.402831] systemd[1]: rofs.mount: Unit is bound to inactive unit dev-loop0.device. Stopping, too.17:28
phillwgilir: http://phillw.net/lxqtinstall.png17:29
phillwsorry for delay, shutter decided not to play!17:30
phillwgilir: is that enough to go on or do you want me to extract any logs / settings for you?17:31
gilirphillw, I pushed an update to lxqt-panel, if it's still a problem tomorrow, I'll do an install to check it17:32
phillwgilir: when will the update hit the feed for the meta-package?17:32
gilirphillw, look at the version number of lxqt-panel, if it's something like 0.10+... it's the updated package17:35
phillwgilir: dpkg -l reports it is not there17:37
phillwwhich, from the error report, makes sense.17:37
phillwgilir: http://phillw.net/lxqtinstall-force.png17:42
gilirphillw, I know this one :-/17:44
gilirphillw, next update of lubuntu-default-settings will fix this17:48
gilirit's building so, a couple of hours max17:48
phillwgilir: cool! that is using the 'add to lubuntu' one... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/LXQt#Installing_LXQt_on_fresh_system still needs a lot of work... (Doesn't pull in the lubuntu art-work for a start)17:51
phillwand... here's the wolf :D17:53
phillwredwolf: the stuff about .po and .tl I have a link for the guy to ask on translations.17:54
redwolfsorries, I'm late. I was out17:54
phillwredwolf: until he mentioned pootle, it had completely slipped my mind.. anyways, that I can sort you the person out for and gilir agreed to 'sell' you to the guy at LXQt who is doing their design stuff so you can get quickly up to full speed on Qt517:56
redwolfI love that!17:56
redwolfso I'm his temporary slave now?17:56
phillwyou got sold to two of them :D17:57
phillwonce the logs are posted up, you will see the full meeting and the people's email addys to contact on the two areas.17:58
redwolfgood, anyway I think gilir is going to send me some addresses and things and stuff :)17:58
phillwyeah, they were in the meeting.... myself and gsilva are volunteered for wiki / docs, and wxl had all the lubuntu testers volunteered.... So, that removes any "them" and "us" :P17:59
phillwgilir: when (roughly) do you expect " next update of lubuntu-default-settings will fix this " to land and be in xenial ?18:46
gilirphillw, couple of hours18:48
gsilvaSomething wrong, phillw ?18:49
phillwokies, so will it be okay to try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/LXQt#Adding_LXQt_to_an_exisiting_lubuntu_installation again?18:49
phillwgsilva: nope.. will talk very soon :)18:50
gsilvaSure. Send me an email if I'm not around ;)18:50

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