romaretrying to install lubuntu17:22
romareThe ext4 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed.17:22
romaregot this error17:22
romarewhat would that be? of course I googled it but no solution17:23
testdrromare: that looks like there is no partition table -- more info?18:54
romaretestdr what do you mean? forgive me, I'm really new to it18:58
romareI clicked "do something else" and new there's a free space18:58
testdrromare: its what i said -- such error can be triggered if the writing is not possible18:58
romarewith 40GB18:58
romareyou mean it's hardware-related?18:59
testdrromare: could be - but you can create such things. If you install from an usb-stick - first dont do the install, run the live-version and try to partiition and format your medium, where you want to install later --this is to check for errors. Without errors its not necessary.19:00
romareshall I format it in what type? ext4?19:02
romareI'm running it on cd right now19:02
testdrromare: yes - and mount it then from your running ubuntu-live-version and check it works -- same goes for all your hardware if you dont know.19:03
romareI'm so sorry, what do you mean by mounting?19:03
romareok it's formatting. gosh looks like it'll take too much time19:04
testdrromare: if you have a faulty harddisk - you may have to run a "badblocks"-check and if there are a lot of errors you may need a replacement19:04
testdrromare: if formating takes a lot of time - check the error logs like syslog, kern.log -- and if there are a lot of read/write errors and timeouts for this drive .. it may be old and defective19:05
romareit's pretty old, but I'm quite sure there's no problem with the disc19:06
romareI need to know how to check those logs19:06
testdrromare: the logs are in /var/log    and i already had a faulty drive with defect cables - changing the cables was the repair - but i too had defect drives with defect drive-head19:07
testdrromare: this is only a check - it only proves where to look for errors and maybe the cause, why the installation breaks at that point19:08
romarecan't find a HFS filesystem on dev sda219:12
romarethis is what I saw couple of times in the logs19:13
romareI've tried installing arch linux a week ago, I remember I typed shitloads of commands with "sda"19:15
romareI wonder if that fucked it up19:15
testdrromare: sometimes it helps to blank the first part of harddisk and create a new partition -- you know how to blank sda with dd command?19:33
romareI'm super new19:34
testdrromare:  and always remember - old data will be lost! You need a backup!19:34
romareI'm not concerned about the data. it's an old computer that I'm not using19:34
osho0000hi guys i can't get the speed of the momory of my laptop with sudo dmidecode | grep -A 15 Memory nor with sudo lshw -short -C memory19:35
testdrromare: if you dont need anything from your first harddisk sda, then you can blank it in a linux terminal/console as root (or with sudo) with this:     dd    if=/dev/zero    of=/dev/sda          and after some harddisk-action you can terminate it with   ctrl/strg-c   or use the count-option  (  count=10000 ) to stop it after such number of writen blocks19:36
testdrosho0000: check the bios settings -- and from the boot-meny try the "memtest" program -- it will display the timing it can measure19:38
osho0000so, i must go in the Bios?19:39
testdrosho0000: normaly the compute-boot will show bios-messages about such things - but if bios is set to boot quick, you have no time to read it (humans are too slow)19:40
romaretestdr, thank you so much for all the answers20:04
osho0000redwolf in the bios i can't find the mhz od the ram20:13
osho0000only the size20:15
redwolfin the BIOS?20:15
redwolfwell, that will depend on your computer and core version20:16
redwolfbut osho0000, if you want to know your memory and other physical things about your computer use Hardware Profiler20:16
osho0000it is a program?20:17
testdrromare: if you install for a special language setting - then it may help to cut the internet during the first install and install language-parts later, after you are shure the install works20:19
romaretestdr, I installed and restarted it. now it won't boot to lubuntu. it says "out of range" (it's the monitor's interface) for a while and then screen goes dark and the led of the monitor becomes orange.20:23
testdrromare: yes - could happen with some hardware. Does it work to switch to a console with      ctrl/strg alt F1   (all pressed together)20:26
romareforgive me, what is strg?20:27
romareoh oh okay20:28
romareat what screen should I press them?20:28
testdrromare: the same like "ctrl" .. some keyboards have this written on --its the key left from alt20:28
romarenothing works20:31
testdrromare:  then reboot and in the grub-boot-menu select the repair option to boot into the non-graphic-screen --- looks like your install uses a setting for a wrong monitor or graka-output. You know what graphic-card is used?20:33
testdrromare: to get into the boot-menu (if it is not enabled to pop up) press Shift-key at booting20:33
Chaotic_FearHeya. How can I make desktop notifications play an alert sound in Lubuntu? Google has failed me.20:34
testdrromare: the menu-entry in the gub-boot-menu is in an submenu called "extended" or advanced and there it is called "recovery mode"20:37
testdrromare: if you can use google for more infos - there are web-hints with images how to get into the ubuntu recovery mode and reset drivers like a wrong graphic-card-driver20:38
cimbakahnDoes Lubuntu come with PPAs when it is first installed?20:48
cimbakahnHow fast is Lubuntu?20:49
krytarikcimbakahn: Nope.  Very.20:52
Unit193No official Ubuntu flavor does.20:52
cimbakahnYou mean no official flavor in the Ubuntu camp comes with PPAs, correct?20:53
cimbakahnAnd it is very fast, yes?20:54
testdrcimbakahn: if you speak about 32bit-enhanced memory usage for old computers - only very old ones had it enabled, its a kernel-build thing20:55
testdrcimbakahn: a think ubuntu-10.04 or 8.04 32bit had it as default20:55
cimbakahnI just want a operating system that is lite on CPU and resorce usage.20:56
testdrcimbakahn: sorry -- what you tink is PPA -- do i understand it wrong?20:57
Unit193testdr: PPA == Personal Package Archive (or something like that.)20:58
testdrUnit193: thanks .. right -- i thought (why? dont know) its the access to extended memory in old 32bit mode21:01
Unit193testdr: Tjat21:01
Unit193That's PAE.21:01
cimbakahnA PPA is what you paste into your sources to be able to get extra programs that normally don't come with the distro.  <---- These PPAs is what i wanted to know about.21:01
testdrUnit193: yes .. thats the 3 chars .. i got into mind21:01
romaretestdr I press shift but it won't work21:02
romarefuck I gotta walk my dog21:03
romareit's not a good day21:03
Unit193romare: No cursing please.21:04
testdrromare:  you have a "long way" to fix it, first check this for press SHIFT at boot: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16042/how-to-get-to-the-grub-menu-at-boot-time21:05
testdrromare:  a single press of SHIFT is not enough -- you have to keep it down or click it all the time at boot21:07
romareit's cancer. I stop now21:48
romarefor a long time.21:48
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