lotuspsychjegood (early) morning all00:57
lotuspsychjeheyia daftykins :p01:38
daftykins^_^ o/01:38
daftykinsjust popped back after grabbing my laptop adapter01:38
lotuspsychjemorning OerHeks :p01:42
lotuspsychjeinsomnia too?01:42
OerHeksno, maybe ..01:43
lotuspsychje24/7 support heh01:43
lotuspsychjefull house here, hi Ben64 :p01:48
daftykinswell i'm actually playing a game now ^_^02:05
TJ-morning :)02:06
lotuspsychjehey there TJ-02:07
TJ-Anyone here got an HTC One M8 ?02:16
lotuspsychjebq here :p02:16
lotuspsychjeTJ-: whats the issue02:16
daftykinsTJ-: yeah i've got one upstairs doing nothing with stock 5.x installed02:17
Ben64hi lotuspsychje02:17
TJ-lotuspsychje: Ooooo my friend :)02:22
TJ-I've got Cyanogenmod 12.1 on mine, and am hacking the Duo Camera UFocus capability so its available for Cyanogenmod users. I would like to get an 'adb logcat' capture that includes the Camera app being started for the first time after power-on.02:23
lotuspsychjeoh never played with cyan02:24
TJ-I've already figured out the reason it doesn't work on CM is that the code is trying to read a customized 'bundle' of settings, and so I'm trying to identify what creates that bundle - it could be a missing Java class, or it might be text settings in an XML file shipped with the phone.02:24
daftykinsmmhmm, so as simple as throwing debug mode on, plugging into the PC and using adb; i can do that, i have a minimal adb and fastboot install on my desktop02:24
TJ-daftykins: right, precisely that. Power up phone from off so nothing's already been done, from the PC do "adb logcat |& tee /tmp/m8.log" and then start the Camera application and use it to take a UFocus photo (not sure if there's some user-controlled setting in the app to choose UFocus, or if it is automatic)02:26
daftykinshrmm not even heard of such a thing before02:26
TJ-I currently see this on CM 12.1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13383367/02:27
TJ-daftykins: the One M8 has 2 main cameras, 1 of which captures depth-of-field info, that allows the Gallery app/Effects/UFocus function to change the object of focus in the picture02:28
daftykinsweird, i just powered it up and it says safe mode in the corner - i sense that might throw things?02:30
TJ-I've decompiled the Camera.apk to Java code using JDL-GUI so I have the source on view, but the method that throws the exception doesn't get decompiled correctly, so I'm a bit in the dark. I've just downloaded the stock M8 ROM image and am working on that, too02:30
TJ-Safe mode? You installed windows on it? :D02:31
TJ-I think that happens when the buttons get pressed in certain ways at power-up02:31
daftykinsweird, don't think i was leaning on anything02:33
daftykinsok debug mode on, rebooted so it's normal, just installed on this lappy will get adb going02:33
TJ-thanks :)02:33
daftykinsyay adb working, often you have to get a windows driver that works =|02:34
daftykinsso i'll run the camera app02:34
daftykinsdo i need to go to anything specific within?02:34
daftykinsnm i re-read, gonna try to find this feature02:36
TJ-It may be entirely automatic; I replaced stock immediately I got the phone in 2014 so can't recall02:37
daftykinsokie dokie lets try02:37
daftykinsTJ-: not sure if i got the right bit; http://www.techblo.gg/stuff/log.txt02:40
TJ-wow, that output looks amazingly different to the logs I captured02:44
daftykinsandroid 5.0.1 on this guy atm02:44
daftykinshappy to try anything else you like whilst it's here02:45
TJ-ahhh, I see why02:47
TJ-Just found some tips on the Android Dev web site02:48
daftykinsoh ja?02:48
TJ-"By default, the Android system sends stdout and stderr (System.out and System.err) output to /dev/null. "02:48
TJ-apparently, to enable it we do "adb shell stop; adb shell setprop log.redirect-stdio true; adb shell start"  ... then the "adb logcat ... " again02:49
TJ-Directions at the end of this page: http://developer.android.com/tools/debugging/debugging-log.html#outputFormat02:50
daftykinsTJ-: http://www.techblo.gg/stuff/log.txt updated02:51
daftykinsor replaced, even02:51
daftykinsall those commands were accepted by the minimal adb i have here, so i assume they were honoured02:51
daftykinsdoesn't hugely look that different does it? :S02:54
TJ-Unfortunately not, that's a shame!02:56
daftykinsit could be this thing i'm using then, would it be of any use to throw the tools on a Linux laptop i have around instead; then let you SSH in and have a fiddle with getting adb running properly?02:57
TJ-my log has none of those 'mm-camera' entries. Seems to be totally different02:57
TJ-I don't think so, I suspect its related to the HTC spin of the ROM02:57
daftykinsah right02:57
daftykinsi've been keeping this thing around with the idea to update it when marshmallow goes live, heh02:57
TJ-I know there are a lot of classes of the name-style HTCWrapXXXX where XXXX is some standard Android02:57
daftykinsprobably need to sell this phone02:57
TJ-class name02:57
TJ-I have what is supposed to be a stock ROM image here so I'll plug away in that to try to figure it out.03:00
daftykinshow on earth does this thing use 6.62GB of the storage after a factory reset 0o03:00
TJ-the ROM image is about 1.5GB compressed ZIP03:04
lotuspsychjeTJ-: it"s FOSS website has alot of nice tuts, maybe you can find what your looking for there?03:06
daftykinsi think it's more treading new ground getting this camera stuff working off the official ROM :)03:07
TJ-lotuspsychje: unfortunately they don't document the Camera to that degree; The issue appears to be that stock and custom ROMs with te HTC 'Sense' interface have UFocus support, others don't. So I'm trying to track down what else is needed to add to enable this. currently it looks like this CustomizedBundle is the key03:07
lotuspsychjeor maybe the XDA forums also very handy03:07
lotuspsychjethere might be some HTC8 projects there03:08
TJ-XDA is clueless too; There's isloated camera packages that work on Sense-based ROMs, but no one has put in the effort to analyse what is needed without a Sense ROM03:08
daftykinsthis is the problem with going custom ROM, you get rid of all the junk on the official... but some features just don't work03:09
TJ-I actually know what I'm looking for - what I don't know is where it is stored, and it what kind of file! It could be a simple .xml properties file or a Java Class file with attributes03:09
* daftykins hands over a Sherlock Holmes hat03:10
TJ-the HTC Camera has a class FeatureConfig, with a .query() method. It checks a linked-list of FeatureConfig objects, each of which contains a 'feature' flag. Currently its returning "W/FeatureConfig( 4296): mIsUFocusSupported:false" mIsUFocusSupported is the one I have to change.03:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: can this help for dir search? http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/cyanogenmod/cyanogen-camera/cyanogen-camera-2-0-005-04864afef4-00-android-apk-download/03:13
TJ-lotuspsychje: unfortunately not; the stock camera app doesn't know about the Duo/Ufocus camera, I'm working with the com.htc.camera Camera code from the HTC ROM03:14
TJ-You can install the HTC Camera and Gallery apps from the Play Store; the problem is they don't enable the UFocus support due to this issue I'm hacking on03:14
daftykinsi didn't even twig why there are the two rear cams :D03:15
TJ-It seems there's something done when the entire Sense API classes/configs are installed that causes a FeatureConfig class to be instantiated that has the mIsUFocusSupported set to true03:15
daftykinsonly got given this thing by my mum when i got asked to move her data over to the LG G403:15
TJ-I know the class that sets it - what I have to find is the code/file that causes that class to be instantiated03:16
TJ-daftykins: the M8 camera is amazing - it has ultra-large CCD pixels so works really well in low-light conditions, and this DepthMap means you can pull out detail from a photo logn after it was taken03:17
daftykinskinda like shooting RAW?03:17
lotuspsychjeTJ-: how about this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15077257/windows-phone-8-htc-8x-flashlight-does-not-turn-onwithout-using-camera03:18
TJ-No, the CCD actually takes in more photons per pixel, so though its 'only' a 4 mega-pixel, those pixels collect a lot more photons03:18
daftykinsfunky tech!03:19
TJ-lotuspsychje: no, that's a Windows Phone 8 API security issue - the app has to claim rights to the camera to control the flash03:19
lotuspsychjejust trying to find relevant files/dirs :p03:20
lotuspsychjeTJ-: how about this: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/hardware/Camera.html03:23
TJ-lotuspsychje: unfortunately not; this stuff is all specific to the M8's Duo camera setup, and it capturing a DepthMap using the 2nd camera, and storing that in the photo data so it can be used by the Photo Editor03:24
TJ-lotuspsychje: none of the stock Android code knows anything about the Duo/Ufocus03:24
TJ-I even have the HTC DuoCamera SDK but its for application writers, it doesn't go into detail on the underlying driver functionality03:25
TJ-There are so many parallel tracks to follow and compare to find the differences I've got lost! Time for a coffee03:29
TJ-daftykins: thanks for the logs; there may be some clues in them yet, once I'm a bit clearer on what to be looking for03:30
lotuspsychjeTJ-: http://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/99456-will-ufocus-or-the-double-camera-function-work-on-cm11-m9-or-m10/03:31
daftykinsTJ-: :D my pleasure; although i already deleted the files so i hope you snagged a copy :>03:32
TJ-yeah, I did03:34
TJ-lotuspsychje: yeah, already been there :)03:34
lotuspsychjeTJ-: http://mostlyirrelevant.info/2015/08/19/duo-camera-support-for-htc-one-m8-roms/ ?03:35
TJ-daftykins: hmmm, question: did you have the Camera app in Video or Stills mode?03:35
daftykinsTJ-: stills definitely, took a couple of pics of the cat by tapping on the still square/circle before ending the cap :D03:35
TJ-lotuspsychje: right, that page has the table showing the support matrix across Sense and non-Sense ROMs03:35
lotuspsychjeThe trouble for people who like to use custom ROMs is that many non-stock (Sense) based ROMs break the Duo camera because the camera drivers do not capture the necessary additional photographic data to make post-processing possible. Here’s a compatibility matrix to figure out if you’ll be able to use Duo camera effects like U-Focus:03:36
TJ-daftykins: OK... I asked due to "W/System.err(12741):  at com.htc.camera.component.AudioManager.setVolumePanelOrientation(AudioManager.java:887)"03:36
daftykinshey lotus' link says something about HTC gallery update, this phone being reset might need an update of some kind?03:37
TJ-daftykins: in your logs there's some Class/process running called "HfmClient" - I don't see that on CM, I'm wondering if it could be the missing link03:37
daftykinsis that in your image too?03:38
TJ-daftykins: right, originally folks had to install the HTC Camera.apk/Gallery.apk by sideloading via Recovery... then HTC released those apps on the Play store and they contain updates, so you can install the apps directly rather than side-loading03:38
daftykinshmm, so would i maybe have needed to add a google account and grab that for it to supply the data you needed?03:39
TJ-"HfmClient" makes me think the "H" stands for HTC ... not sure about the rest, but its not in the Cyanogenmod images03:39
daftykinsright now it's just been turned on after a factory reset, then every menu skipped to get it to the home screen03:39
TJ-No, since that phone has the stock HTC ROM that always contains the UFocus code03:39
daftykinsah ok03:39
TJ-I actually found a properties XML file in the Camera.apk ufocus.xml that has no settings and I'm reall, really, hoping all I need do is add some magical attribute there :)03:40
TJ-The way the FeatureConfig  works, as far as I can tell,  is all features are disabled unless some confguration parameter specifically enables them03:41
daftykinsreverse engineering some companies' approach to a topic must be so enlightening / horrifying all at once03:41
TJ-So it could be as stupidly simply as adding "<config attrib="mIsUfocusSupported" value="true" />03:42
TJ-The Camera.apk I'm working from has another, related, FeatureConfig value set to true. If I can find how that is configured in the APK I might be able to deduce how to enable the other features03:43
lotuspsychjechinese for me :p03:49
TJ-daftykins's log has some similar entries: "W/HTCCamera(12741): onPause() - mIsUIReady = false" - that 'mIsUIReady' also appears in my CM12/Camera.apk logs "W/HTCCamera( 4296): onPause() - mIsUIReady = false"03:51
TJ-daftykins: I don't think that phone does have UFocus support! I found 2 matching blocks in the log files, and on mine after "W/UIComponentFactory(14969): Creating component 'Zoe UI Controller'" I have "W/UIComponentFactory( 4296): Creating component 'UFocus UI Controller'" but on yours it doesn't try that04:01
daftykinsdoesn't make sense that it'd lack their main prized feature04:03
TJ-But HAHA!04:03
TJ-"E/CameraConfigFileReader( 4296): CONFIG_FILE does not exist !"04:03
TJ-whilst on yours: "V/CameraProfiler(14969): [PROFILE][INTERVAL][CameraConfigFileReader.ReadConfigFile.Start -> CameraConfigFileReader.ReadConfigFile.End] 28.901 ms (28900781 ns)"04:03
TJ-and 6 lines later I see "W/FeatureConfig( 4296): mIsUFocusSupported:false" - so, there's a CONFIG_FILE to find04:06
daftykinstwo down D:04:27
TJ-wow, the wind speed alarm has gone off on the weather station... might end up in the English Channel at this rate!04:57
OerHekshmm see france http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-0.07,50.51,105005:01
TJ-red/purple is faster ?05:09
TJ-oh, it wasn't the wind-speed alarm, it was low-temperature: -27C !!05:13
TJ-I think either we had bad wind-chill or the weather station has been blown down and is having a fit... I'll wait until daylight to go out into the field to check05:21
daftykinsg'night folks, i've thrown a second duvet on the bed and it's time to retire05:37
daftykinsTJ-: i'll have that HTC kicking around for a while i think, so let me know if it can be of any further use :)05:38
TJ-daftykins: thank-you. I'm currently struggling to build the lateset Java decompiler in order to get to see more of the Camera source-code, but hit a problem with incorrect Java libraries using the 'gradle' build system, so it might be put on hold for a few days05:44
TJ-as in https://github.com/java-decompiler/jd-gui/issues/9705:44
TJ-OK, I'm braving the wind and rain, the alarm is doing my head in! Send the rescue huskies if I'm gone too long :)05:47
OerHeksWhat if the alarm stops?05:49
OerHeksI'll send Drabber05:49
TJ-Had to dry it out with a hair dryer, the transmitter was hanging on the wires upside-down and had got rain in it06:00
OerHekslet me invent the tyrip for you06:03
TJ-it's gone quiet now, thankfully06:12
lordievaderGood morning.09:38
TJ-morning :)09:38
lordievaderHey TJ-, how are you doing?09:43
TJ-fighting android decompiliation to hack a fix :)09:48
lordievaderHehe, the best fixes :P10:02
BluesKajHey all12:49
pauljwHi everyone13:38
TJ-g'afternoon :)13:53
pauljwhi TJ- :)13:53
pauljwOerHeks: heheh..13:54
pauljwas usual, i'm a day late and a dollar short, but i want to say thanks to all of you guys who i watch day after day in awe of your knowledge and willingness to help we of lesser abilities...13:56
pauljwwhy would someone that hasn't even figured out where to find xorg.conf think he can successfully overclock his vid card???16:54
OerHeksyeah, plus i think the drivers are not all suitable for such overclokc action16:54
pauljw:)  just asking for trouble16:55
BluesKajwho really needs to overclock on computers for th last 10 yrs anyway, I doubt very much if has made much difference in response time, even on 3d games17:01
pauljwi haven't even heard anyone use the term in years.17:02
BluesKajoverclocking is a holdover from distant past IMO17:02
OerHeksoverclocking processors i do hear sometimes17:03
OerHeksand underclocking17:03
pauljwyeah, i just read something on supercomputers referring to overclocking the processors...  doubt that's what he's talking about.17:04
BluesKajtafaik overclocking was used on the cpu17:06
OerHeksnot sure what guide he comes up with, we'll see.17:07
lordievaderIntel processors overclock themselves these days.17:09
BluesKajhyper thread?17:12
lordievaderNo, turbo boos.17:12
lordievaderHyperthreading is intelligent scheduling of operations to reduce stalls.17:13
BluesKajturbo boost sounds like some king phony internet spped boost from my dialup days :-)17:14
BluesKajerr something17:15
pauljwcool, i have an i7 but didn't know that about it17:19
BluesKajwell, that leaves me out , my laptop is an i317:19
BluesKajbut i didn't expect an entry level cpu to come with something like that17:20
BluesKaji3 is perfectly fine, it's plenty fast enough for my needs17:21
pauljwno doubt17:21
Bashing-omIt Saturday, how tight should I cinch up when climbing in the saddle ?18:04
Bashing-omHo-kay .. will be a wild ride .. See what I can learn .18:05
OerHekspersons that mess with runit, and don't know sudo ..18:30
OerHeksplease kill me, have mercy18:30
lotuspsychjegood evening to all mates19:27
lotus|xenial!info inity-tweak-tool xenial19:49
ubot5Package inity-tweak-tool does not exist in xenial19:49
lotus|xenial!info unity-tweak-tool xenial19:49
ubot5unity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 325 kB, installed size 2353 kB19:49
lotus|xenialhey ioria19:49
iorialotus|xenial, hi ... how are you doing ?19:50
lotus|xenialioria: im gonna try unity8 on xenial19:50
lotus|xenialnot sure if this will overwrite unity7 or not19:52
Bashing-omlotus|xenial: Great, someone has to blaze the trail :) .19:52
lotus|xenialBashing-om: im curious :p19:53
iorialotus|xenial, don't know .... http://askubuntu.com/questions/447891/how-to-install-unity-819:54
iorialotus|xenial, maybe not19:54
lotus|xenialok lets test this== logout19:55
Bashing-omlotus|xenial: Huh ! Being curious, generates a high level of smart .19:55
pauljwhasn't worked for me...19:56
lotusMIRioria Bashing-om i had to install that mir20:13
lotusMIRand logout brings me to choose mir login20:13
lotusMIRlooks like ubuntu-touch phone20:14
ioria!info unity8-desktop-session-mir20:14
ubot5unity8-desktop-session-mir (source: unity8-desktop-session): Unity8 desktop session for Mir. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.12+15.04.20150309-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 4 kB, installed size 53 kB20:14
lotusMIRyep thats the one20:14
ioriai see....20:14
ioria!info unity8-desktop-session-mir xenial20:15
ubot5unity8-desktop-session-mir (source: unity8-desktop-session): Unity8 desktop session for Mir. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.12+15.10.20150609-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 4 kB, installed size 54 kB20:15
lotusMIRok back to normal unity20:15
lotus|xenialthat was fun :p20:18
lotus|xenialunity7 and unity8 settings :p20:35
ioriathe upper bar is interesting ...20:39
lotus|xenialioria: its like on ubuntu touch20:39
ioriai see...20:39
Bashing-omlotus|xenial: ^^ it's alive --- it's alive !20:41
lotus|xenialnite nite21:00
daftykinsBashing-om wins the points for most patient support; lasting what feels like a week now with the same user :>21:35
Bashing-omdaftykins: If I only know better .. In my defense, when I started this I did warn that " I know nothing " .21:36
daftykins:D very brave!21:37
Bashing-omwow ^^, makes me wonder at the deffinition of "brave" .. a glutton for punishment might fit better .21:38
pauljwbbl... dinner time22:58

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