LinDolhi all00:30
LinDolhi all :)00:35
LinDoldarkxst, good morning, are you here? :)00:35
darkxstLinDol, hi00:37
LinDoldarkxst, :)00:41
LinDolI have a question :)00:41
LinDolregarding, the issue on the launchpath when you mention to me00:42
darkxstwhich issue?00:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1514938 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Language packages are not installed properly" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:45
darkxstLinDol, the last comment seems to suggest that they are working00:46
LinDolOkay :)00:46
LinDoland Thank you for your working for korean people.00:47
darkxstLinDol, np, thanks for your work translating00:57
LinDolThank you :)00:57
LinDoloh. If i want to begin to learn technical of Ubuntu GNOME, Where can i begin?00:58
LinDolfor example, some of books,00:58
LinDolor magazine?00:58
LinDolCould you advise to me about it? :)00:58
LinDolI just desktop user on Ubuntu GNOME.00:58
darkxstwhat area?01:01
darkxstpackaging? development? testing?01:01
LinDoloh i think before beginning to learn technical information, I need to read all content of our WIKI :)01:05
darkxstyes, there is some info on testing on the wiki01:05
LinDolyes yes :) I will learn it first, translating it01:06
LinDoldarkxst, Thank you your advise ;)01:06
darkxstLinDol, Normally testing would start at Alpha 1, but there have been lots of early changes this cycle01:19
LinDolOkay :)01:21
bcxSometimes gnome-shell eats up all my cpu, if I strace I can see it is getting EAGAIN on fd#6, lsof shows me: https://paste.debian.net/334506/01:41
bcxDon't know how to get more insight from here, any idea ?01:41
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MANISHhi I am using Ubuntu Gnome 15.10, after every boot it shown system encountered problem with details showing xorg as the culprit, this only happens once after every boot.  Can anybody help11:24
MANISHshown -> shows11:24
MANISHplease help11:26
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xela2244hi, how can i change button-power option to black screen. I'm using Ubuntu GNOME 15.1020:51

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