hggdhcan someone get ubottu, or a cousin, active on #ubuntu-br?00:19
valoriethat reminds me, we the KC have a #kubuntu-council page and i believe I was supposed to request it to be logged00:21
valoriepage, I mean CHANNEL of course00:21
valoriecan someone remind me where I should send that request?00:21
k1l_valorie: its very difficult with this modern internet thingy :)00:22
valorieI need to do these things immediately or I forget entirely00:22
* valorie smacks k1l_ with a large trout!00:22
k1l_wasnt that rt@ubuntu server guys somewhat.com?00:22
ikonianot for ubottu00:23
ikoniaonly logbot00:23
Unit193Which is what valorie wants.00:23
valorielogbot doesn't equal ubottu00:23
valorieI think we only need logging00:23
ikoniasorry, I only saw hggdh's request00:23
Unit193valorie: Logging = rt@ubuntu, or use the webinterface.00:23
* valorie googles for that00:24
valorieoooo, efficient00:24
hggdhand newish thingy, as well (Ionly knew the canoncical one)00:25
Unit193hggdh: I'd *guess* you'd want ubot5 so your OPs don't dal with the bantracker.00:25
hggdhUnit193: prolly. I could deal with BT, but not the others. So, yeah, you guessed right :)00:26
hggdh(others == other ops)00:27
hggdhwhich, BTW, I have to go and do a fall cleanup as well00:27
valorie\o/ done!00:28
valoriethank you Unit19300:28
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lotuspsychjeuser get versioned by joining #ubuntu by * Received a CTCP VERSION from YWH_119:27
Flannelconfirmed.  Should send him a message to get him to turn it off.  I'm walking out the door right now though :(19:35
ubottuIn #ubuntu+1, defcon6 said: ubottu: if you have used unity8 what is your opinion on how usable it is?19:53
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