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RoyKtelldrak: sendmail?03:39
RoyKtelldrak: I haven't used sendmail for 10+ years03:40
RoyKtelldrak: try postfix03:40
* sarnold shivers03:40
RoyKSavemech: is that sendmail abstience, sir?03:42
sarnoldRoyK: I've been clean and free from sendmail for 17 years sir, and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm really looking forward to my 20 year chip.03:43
patdk-lapheh, I don't get the whole m4 stuff in sendmail04:05
patdk-lapsendmail is great at what it does, but being simple is not one of it's things04:05
patdk-lapbut I do use sendmail, for things postfix cannot do, but that is pretty rare04:05
JanCwhat would that be?04:06
patdk-lapidentd uucp mainly04:06
patdk-lapbut sendmail.cf is just a scripting language, so it is infinitely adjustable, to completely non-smtp standards04:07
sarnoldfunny enough, I think the last time I used sendmail it was to bridge between uucp and mmdf.04:07
patdk-lapuse it on customer webservers, for ident support :) makes tracing abuse much easier04:08
patdk-lapmost of the time that is overkill, as the from is left to the default04:09
sarnoldhah :)04:10
telldrakthanks for the feedback, guys04:36
telldraklooking into postfix instead04:36
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lordievaderGood morning.09:38
balintxhi, I'm using ubuntu server 14.04 and Apache 2.4.16 from the repository. the problem is I get an email every 5 minutes from cron daemon stating * Starting web server apache211:38
balintxanyone met this?11:38
bekksCheck your cron configuration.11:39
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grendal_primeok who has time to look at an email server config with me?18:13
grendal_primebetter yet..who is familar with zimbra?18:13
grendal_primeI got the install done and the server is working...just werid things....18:14
Slingyeah I used zimbra for about a year, but got fed up with the heavyweight stack18:21
Slingand now just run postfix+dovecot18:21
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grendal_primesling, ya i need something with calendaring built in19:12
grendal_primeso you got some time to help me wrap my head around a few things..im getting close but the whole email server thing and how i get it worked in with dns is starting to make me a little crazy.19:13
grendal_primehere is the layout.  I have a domain and a software router that handles the front door on that.   software router is doing its thing via iptables.  I also have a dhcp server on there and two seperate networks. One is a virtual host with about 20 servers running on it.19:15
grendal_primeits on say... and the second network is for staff its on
grendal_primemy zimbra server .."zimbra" is running on the 108 subnet.19:16
grendal_primenow.  I set up a bind9 dns server and it seems to be working right now.  I have a zone for each of the subnets and one for the domain "booksnmore.com"19:18
grendal_primezimbra server is accesible on local network as zimbra.booksnmore.com19:19
RoyKgrendal_prime: and then?19:34
grendal_primeso i set up a mx record that was zimbra.booksnmore.com with nesol.19:35
grendal_primeand i was able to send email to my gmail account and back to admin@zimbra.booksnmore.com.19:35
grendal_primenetwork solutions ..sorry19:36
grendal_primething is ..i need the email address to be just booksnmore.com19:36
RoyKthat's a zimbra config19:37
RoyKquite easy in the admin web19:37
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grendal_primeok...i guess i just dont get this..20:16
grendal_primei have an a record20:17
grendal_primethen i create the mx record ...it points to the a record.20:17
grendal_primedo i need to create an A record that matches the mx record?20:18
grendal_primeso i have an A record of booksnmore.com   and an mx record of zimbra.booksnmore.com   thats it thats all i need at network solutions correct?20:19
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vachohey guys, I am installing a web server and I just deployed an ubuntu 14.04 image... I remember there are two recommended commands to run that will update everything to latest secury and stable, anyone care to help?23:33
patdk-lapautoupdates :)23:38

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