mcphailnhaines: I'm porting gemrb, which is an open source reimplementation of the Infinity Engine used in Baldur's gate, Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale etc00:02
nhainesAnd thanks to GOG.com this is of direct relevance to me.00:05
mcphailnhaines: indeed00:05
mcphailWe really need more games on the phone00:08
popeymcphail, \o/00:09
mcphailpopey: this is fun, isn't it :)00:09
popeyyes, yes it is!00:10
k1l_games and updates. what do you want more on a phone :)00:10
stakewinner00seems that with OTA-8 my phone are eating battery like a... ¿lion?00:14
stakewinner00https://a.uguu.se/cfnvhw.jpg no 3G, no bluetooth, no GSM, only wifi (when available) and today I don't used it since the update.00:19
popeyis it still up/on?00:19
popeycan you ssh in and see what's eating the cpu?00:20
mcphailstakewinner00: I never get decent battery stats after an OTA until it goes through a charge cycle. Don't know why00:20
stakewinner00lol. popey, I never used ssh with my ubuntu phone, I'll try to reboot and charge, before enabling ssh.00:22
popeymaybe open the terminal and do it?00:29
popeyI've not seen this catastrophic battery loss recently00:29
stakewinner00popey, unity8 (when reciving some message on telegram CPU goes up)00:33
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keanCarolineYu, ping02:04
CarolineYukean, pong02:04
ryao-phoneIs this a good phone for Ubuntu? http://www.expansys-usa.com/google-nexus-5-d820-32gb-white-unlocked-285132/02:11
lotuspsychjeryao-phone: nexus4 is better supported mate02:18
lotuspsychjeryao-phone: n5 has still some issues on touch i think02:18
lotuspsychje!devices | ryao-phone02:18
ubot5ryao-phone: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices02:18
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ryao-phonelotuspsychje: Thanks.02:21
ryao-phoneHas anyone tried Ubuntu on both to know how bad the current support is? I am looking at specifications and I am going to really miss a 1080p screen if I get the Nexys 4.02:22
lotuspsychjeryao-phone: BQ 502:23
ryao-phoneI am thinking of replacing my iPhone 6S with something running Ubuntu because there is a zero day exploit for mobile safari being sold.02:24
ryao-phoneIs the BQ5 available on the US?02:25
lotuspsychjeryao-phone: not sure of that02:25
lotuspsychjeryao-phone: yeah android and Ios are very vunrable02:26
ryao-phoneBy the way, is it possible to use Waze and Google Voice (long short short, I use GV connect to have google call my phone whenever I want to make a call) on Ubuntu?02:26
ryao-phoneI suspect that I might need to carry two phones. One for those two apps and a Ubuntu device for secure browsing... Speaking of which, does Ubuntu have ad blocking and RSS readers? What web browser are available for touch?02:29
nhaines_ryao-phone: Waze doesn't have an Ubuntu client.  Neither does Google Voice, so you can receive calls with no problem, but making calls is not supported.02:29
nhaines_Ubuntu does have an RSS reader and a podcast client.  It does not have ad blocking.02:30
nhaines_You may want to just check out this online listing of the Ubuntu App Store: https://uappexplorer.com/02:30
ryao-phoneIt is a shame this is not available for getting Waze: http://www.openmobileww.com/#!acl/c1o3z02:34
ryao-phoneHmm... This names Ubuntu: http://media.wix.com/ugd/fbdb15_ddab9b49b87c4be089425ebfc1dd4c93.pdf02:38
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ogra_popey, mcphail, that is why pw auth is completely disabled in the phone ssh setup ;)09:18
mcphailogra_: good to know! Cheers09:18
* mcphail switches ssh on09:19
robin-heroHey davmor2! I've just reflashed Android 5.1 on my Nexus 4 device, and the WiFi works well, then I reflashed Ubuntu, and the WiFi mac address bug is still there, moreover I think there is the same issue with Bluetooth too...10:34
popeyi didnt think we supported going from android 5 to ubuntu10:42
popeyyou have to downgrade radio to 4.4.x i thought10:42
robin-heroOh! Okay, I'll try it. Thanks popey10:49
robin-heroSo do you think it will be solve my problem?10:52
robin-heropopey: ?10:52
M0ttySince 6 months, i try to fix the GPS issue on my meizu mx 4. I was hoping that the ota-8 solve the problem but it's not. Can you help me ?11:00
robin-heroM0tty: What's your problem with GPS? It work well on my BQ Aquaris E4.5 and my Nexus4 (with Here AGPS) too.11:03
M0ttyNothing works. ;-) no localisation, with and without WLAN enable.11:04
M0ttyrobin-hero, I works once, just after the ota-7 but since it dosn't work anymore...11:12
robin-heroHmm, I don't know on MX4 there is the Here AGPS fix, but with it, it takes about 1-2 minutes to find my location11:13
robin-herodavmor2: popey: Okay, I reflashed Android 4.4.4 first, then Ubuntu, and the bug is still valid11:18
M0ttyOk, that's very frustrating : now it works... :-D11:20
Yehaiubuntu phone?11:45
stakewinner00Yehai, ¿?11:46
Yehaistakewinner00: you have one?11:49
Yehaihow is it11:49
stakewinner00it is like a ubuntu but in a phone¿? There are some reviews on youtube.11:58
Yehaisomeone said it s slow11:59
stakewinner00Yehai, it will depend on the hardware I think,12:01
stakewinner00the OS is fast, some apps may be slow, like music app when loading some playlist.12:02
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deviloperhey I have just created a emulator from 'ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu' but when I run it the device comes up but it shows nothing13:30
deviloperI have checked for OpenGL driver13:32
deviloperalso tried running with more memory13:32
devilopernothing helped13:32
devilopercan anyone tell me where I'm going wrong or how to make it work13:33
MrFastDieHey, I've got a question is there a known date for including whatsapp and dropbox?13:48
popeyMrFastDie, nope, you'd need to ask WhatsApp and Dropbox13:57
MrFastDieI think thats a little bit more complicated :D13:58
popeyWell, it's their software, not ours14:00
MrFastDieThats right, but I thought that both have to do with that14:02
mcphailpopey: I suspect I'm seeing the same precipitous drop in battery mentioned last night. It has just been masked as I have had my phone pulgged/unplugged to adb14:32
popeymine has been on charge permanently, just unplugged and rebooted it14:35
popeywill see what it's like in a few hours14:35
mcphailmy battery stats graph looks like a toblerone14:36
popeybrown and nutty?14:36
mcphailpainful and sickening14:36
* mcphail recalls the Billy Connolly toblerone sketch14:36
popeyright, charging up other bq, to have them side by side to compare ota and latest14:37
timppa_I'm trying to install a image server for ubuntu touch15:01
timppa_problem is that when I try to run generate-keys it's missing a python module "systemimage"15:02
timppa_which pkg I need to install to get that module15:02
timppa_Traceback (most recent call last):15:04
timppa_  File "./generate-keys", line 24, in <module>15:04
timppa_    from systemimage import config15:04
timppa_ImportError: No module named systemimage15:04
timppa_Any ideas?15:04
egon1my ubuntuphone dont does installing apps from ubuntu one when the settings for the time not is in automatic15:57
egon1but when i set automatic umtc+1 than i have a wrong time15:58
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anpokhm where can I see the differences between imag 335 and 33616:24
anpokin rc-proposed/ubuntu for krillin?16:24
anpokfound it16:31
taiebotthere is a very funny bug on unity 8 at the moment happened to me twice today  http://i.imgur.com/SI4vAd9.png17:35
ludo2I'm loolking for a how-to for installing ubuntu phone on a meizu phone.17:36
ludo2It is a native ubuntu phone.17:37
taiebotludo2 so how come there is no more ubuntu phone?17:37
ludo2Latest migration broke the OS.17:38
ludo2No more space in system partition.17:38
taiebotludo2 too much photos and music or you did apt-get ?17:39
ludo2In system partition I said.17:40
ludo2Not in user space.17:40
ludo2So, is there a tutorial to reinstall it?17:41
taiebotludo2 i found this but you might loose everything http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=62300985&postcount=3917:42
peat-psuwitrsalveti: Do you still remember my problem about having rild set card_parameters for dual-SIM call?17:49
ludo2taiebot: when I sent this command "ubuntu-device-flash touch --device arale --channel ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en", I've got this answer:17:55
ludo2Device is |arale|17:55
ludo2Flashing version 7 from ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device arale17:56
ludo2Cannot cleanup tree to ensure clean deploymentexit status 25517:56
ludo2And I have the prompt.17:56
ludo2Is it normal?17:56
taiebotcan you delete the ./cache folder on your computer17:56
taiebotsorry .cache17:57
taiebotludo2 its a hidden folder17:57
ludo2Yes. I know.17:58
taiebotludo2 it should download the image first17:58
ludo2I've just remove the .cache/ubuntuimages17:59
taiebottaiebot: its either the image is corrupted or your device is full17:59
ludo2I try another time.17:59
ludo2Device: the phone?17:59
taiebotludo2 looks like you have already downloaded the image as normally it would download and after push the image to the phone18:00
taiebotludo2 i would say the phone18:00
taiebotludo2 is it downloading know?18:01
taiebotludo2 you can remove the --device arale it should automatically detect the phone is arale this is the command i use for nexus 4 and it works nicely ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en18:03
MrFastDieHey guys, I've got a problem with the ubuntu-sdk, when I'm trying to start it it freezes and sais something like row 6: 20279 Segfaulting (Written dump) $BINDIR/qtcreator -platformtheme appmenu-qt5 ${1+"$@"]18:04
ludo2Wich command is the command that download the system: ubuntu-device-flash?18:05
taiebotludo2  yes18:05
ludo2exit status 25518:06
taiebotludo2 so is not downloading any image?18:06
ludo2It seems no.18:07
taiebotludo2 you are missing the equal button in the command18:07
taiebottouch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en18:07
taiebotludo2 replace it with meizu stable18:08
ludo2Yes. But same error.18:08
taiebotubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en18:09
taiebotcan you post the output18:10
taiebotme i have 2015/11/21 18:10:23 Expecting the device to expose an adb interface...18:11
taiebot2015/11/21 18:10:23 Device is |mako|18:11
taiebotDevice mako not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en18:11
ludo2taiebot: http://pastebin.com/q4ZuY6va18:13
taiebotludo2 ok we are getting there how is your phone looking is it booted ?18:14
taiebotludo2 you should put it in recovery mode18:14
taiebotludo2 you should re-do the command when you are in the recovery mode18:16
ludo2I'm already in recovery mode. :-(18:17
taiebotludo2 bizarre adb should be exposed18:18
ludo2I think that the program doesn't find the device.18:21
taiebotludo 2 did you do follow http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=62300985&postcount=3918:22
taiebotdid you re-install recovery.img18:22
taiebotludo2 if adb is not exposed it will not work18:22
ludo2Yes I reinstall recovery.img .18:23
ludo2I will try with this version of recovery.img18:24
ludo2Because I've tried with http://people.canonical.com/~alextu/tangxi/recovery/18:24
taiebotludo2 https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg13878.html18:28
taiebotludo2 they might be the same18:29
ludo2I try.18:30
ludo2OK. Same error.18:31
taiebotludo2 you have been very fast two reset the recovery.img there is no error here?18:31
ludo2Because I started before.18:32
ludo2No error when uploading recovery.img .18:32
taiebotludo2: i am stuck18:34
taiebotludo2 double check that each command is right but your device should expose adb18:37
ludo2I retry from another desktop machine.18:38
ludo2Is there a debian repository for phablet-tools .18:38
taiebotludo2 i would change usb cable also sometimes they are shit18:39
ludo2But device appear in lsusb command …18:40
vendorrhShort question: Is Ubuntu touch working on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5? Has someone installed?18:43
vendorrhIt has been a year since I want to install it18:45
ludo2taiebot: I try with less level command.18:52
ludo2adb devices -l return no device.18:53
ludo2taiebot: http://pastebin.com/xadNy29H18:59
ludo2This step is good, isn't it?19:01
taiebotludo2 yep19:01
taiebotknow you should boot your phone into recovery mode19:01
ludo2I do it.19:01
ludo2But, adb devices -l return no device.19:02
taiebotludo2 are you selectionning the menu and entering into it?19:03
ludo2Wich menu?19:03
taiebotludo2 on you phone you should have a menu selection when you boot in recovery mode19:03
ludo2I just have a black screen with recovery bottom in the bottom.19:04
ludo2No menu.19:04
taiebotwhat if you use the volume button?19:06
taiebotor the power button19:06
taiebotnormally you should have something like this https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR86Ryp9LPudYhCGOpYx8bedB89YhcLTY-K0WJskKHmxARZGVpm19:06
taiebotbtw this is not meizu19:06
ludo2I push power button and up volume button and I arrive in my black screen with recovery mode written in the bottom.19:08
ludo2After that, I've got the ubuntu logo.19:09
ludo2And no message.19:09
taiebotsomething like this ? https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTN5LnXHA_k9L1mCkl0-VuCLwfFqj6gaNc2fnVWN5V994t_fIMR19:09
taiebotand when you have the ubuntu there is no menu either?19:09
taieboti have something like this on nexus 4 https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTN5LnXHA_k9L1mCkl0-VuCLwfFqj6gaNc2fnVWN5V994t_fIMR19:10
ludo2No menu. Just the logo.19:13
taiebotludo2 have you tried with sudo when doing fastboot?19:21
taiebotludo2 i found this for you http://bbs.meizu.cn/thread-5295722-1-1.html19:22
ludo2I will try with sudo19:23
ludo2taiebot: This link is for android only, isn't it?19:25
ludo2OK. Test with sudo finished. Same error at the end.19:26
ludo2No adb exposed.19:26
taiebotAnd after the phone enters bootloop?19:26
ludo2What is bootloop?19:27
taiebotludo2 never boots up19:28
ludo2I'm not sure to understand …19:28
ludo2After what?19:29
taiebotludo2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5fhoHL-mR419:29
ludo2taiebot: Yes. That's it.19:31
ludo2But, tutorial is for Windows users. :-(19:32
taiebotludo2 what it works?19:32
ludo2My problem is the same like in the video.19:32
ludo2Argh. Really? I have to found a Windows machine to do that?19:39
ludo2Oh god!!!19:40
taiebotludo2 when you flash with fastboot are you already in the menu?19:42
taiebothttp://forum.xda-developers.com/general/rooting-roms/disccusion-developing-meizu-mx4-custom-t3120673/page4 look in here19:42
taiebotpost #3719:43
ludo2What is new in this post?19:45
ludo2I don' t see anything new.19:45
ludo2Doesn't it?19:47
taiebotWell you power the phone in recovery mode to do the fastboot flash recovery19:47
taiebotludo2 is it what you are doing?19:48
vendorrhfor Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is there any image available for Ubuntu Touch?19:48
taiebotvendorrh !devices19:48
taiebotvendorrh https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices19:49
ludo2taiebot: No, I powered the phone in fastboot mode.19:49
vendorrhbat is it safe?19:50
ludo2taiebot: ???19:50
ludo2"you have to flash recovery by fastboot"19:50
vendorrhoky..I there a tutorial exactly for this device?19:50
taiebotvendorrh i do not think so19:51
vendorrhI am afraid to break the device19:52
taiebotludo2. i am becoming clueless19:52
taiebotludo2 if i read the instruction that other give is. I boot the phone in recovery mode> flash it with the recovery image> reboot it  into recovery image > flash with ubuntu touch19:53
ludo2I will try to found a windows machine and test like video.19:54
taiebotludo2 good luch19:56
taiebotluck sorry19:56
ludo2This post doesn't say to install recovery image in recovery mode, does it?19:57
ludo2Am I crazy?19:57
taiebotludo2 To enter fastboot mode you have to turn off the phone and press POWER+VOL_DOWN19:57
taiebotfastboot flash recovery recovery.img19:58
taiebotludo2 i am like you suprise it does not work19:58
ludo2But I have understanded you say me to upload recovery.img in recovery mode.19:59
taiebotludo2 have you noticed that fastboot mode is different than recovery ??20:00
taiebotfastboot mode Press VOL DOWN and POWER20:00
taiebot­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Recovery (VOL UP and POWER).20:00
taiebotludo2 i have to go hope you will solve your problem20:10
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