minasotawhat do you all use for domain name registration?20:44
minasotaUnit193: so I can _just_ register with them, I don't have to host thru them, right?20:46
Unit193I don't use any of their hosting, no.  There's also name.com, gandi.net, and some others.20:47
minasotaI had a no-ip account. was going to use them, but it was like almost 60 bucks after everything was done20:48
minasotawell, more like $47 and some change. ~25 a year for renewal and ~$10 for private registration20:49
minasotaand some other stuff they added I did not need20:50
Unit193namecheap even has a Dynamic endpoint.  My home router supports it, so if the router gets a new IP it can just update the subdomain for home.  ddclient supports it.20:50
Unit193...Didn't no-ip have a free tier?20:50
minasotaUnit193: that's cool. I used no-ip for that.20:50
minasotaNo free teir that I know of as far as regestering a domain name20:51
Unit193And yeah, even with whoisguard my domain isn't even that bad for renewals.20:51
* minasota is missing the in-line spellcheck... still learning weechat20:52
minasotaI'm looking at the site right now. Looks like what I searching for20:52
minasotaidk, maybe I'm complicating things. All I need is a name that points to my server20:54
minasotaUnit193: I'm curious, what do you use your server for?20:58
Unit193Depends which server, and a lot of things.20:59
minasotaUnit193: man of many words... :) Ok21:16
Unit193Well, I could list a few, but don't really know what you're looking for.  Of course an httpd, I run a firefox sync server but that's just a uwsgi application behind the httpd, cgit+gitolite repos, torrent tracker, I have a couple bots on different ones, one sits in #ubuntu even, etc, etc. :P21:17
minasotaUnit193: good job, you have officially lost me :) I'm going to take a moment and google some of what you just said21:24
Unit193Well that wasn't quite what I intended, just gave a partial list.21:25
minasotaUnit193: idk really, I want to learn and play around, but at the same time I don't want to comprimise legit things I'm using my server for21:25
minasotaI know man, that's why I ask in here, You all are very knowledable21:26
* minasota knows how to spell, damn you weechat plugin...21:26
Unit193I suppose to be fair I have it because I either use it or am playing around with it. :P  (I used to have bttracker running a while, forgot about it, ended up being handy then upgraded it to opentracker.)21:28
minasotaI've actually been reading about creating a bot. But the documention is all over the place. Basically something like #newsly in ##news but for sports :D21:30
Unit193Ah, yanos bot.21:30
Unit193Erm, 'yano's bot'21:31
Unit193I idle in the weather channel getting alerts (eg, ##weather-us-tn for TN.)21:31
minasotaI do the same thing. But for the weather I just created a conky script that I could view without opening anything21:33
Unit193Ah, I have a weather script for my conky as well, yeah.21:33
minasotait's nothing really other than, "can I do this" If I really need to know the weather there are plenty of recources :)21:35
cyberangerI'd been using namecheap, considering switching myself though21:37
minasotagrrr, I've spent lmost an hour reviewing this service... I just need a freaking name for my server21:38
cyberangerUnit193: what is it you use like dot.tk21:40
cyberangerminasota: have you seen dot.tk?21:40
minasotanot yet..21:43
Unit193cyberanger: Ah yeah, though of course you can use others like .ga.21:43
cyberangerMight be your answer, your just needing it for family and friends, you don't need a full blown professional .com21:43
cyberangerUnit193: thanks, .ga was the other one21:44
Unit193Or, err, .net...21:44
Unit193cyberanger: There's a few now, though getting StartSSL certs is out of the question for .tk.  Thanks for reminding me, even if I do still have those domains...21:44
cyberangerUnit193: wonder if letsencrypt will fix that21:45
cyberangerminasota: look at http://www.my.ga/en/index.html?lang=en and http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html?lang=en21:45
Unit193cyberanger: Actually they use freenom.com21:46
minasotacyberanger: thanks, will do21:47
cyberangerminasota: What Unit193 said, http://www.freenom.com/en/index.html?lang=en21:50
cyberangerhas .tk and .ga, few others21:51
cyberangerUnit193: thanks, forgot about that.21:51
Unit193Hah, maybe between the two of us we'll finally get it. :P21:52
Unit193Meh, future of newsbeuter in Debian doesn't look great.22:00
cyberangerHow so?22:28
cyberangerpull from git/subversion/bazzar then?22:28
minasotachecked freenom and the domain I want is available - .ml .ga. cf. gq23:04
minasota"As a PAID domain name registrant, you receive the benefits of holding the legal license rights of the domain name. This means that you can register the domain for a longer period of time (1-10 years)"23:05
minasotaHow long does the free domain name last?23:05
minasotaI'm assuming I have to update or something every 12 months?23:05
cyberangerUnit193: Has it changed lately?23:05
cyberangerminasota: think 3 or 6 months, you just renew it though, Unit193 might know more23:06
minasotaso it's like a host with no-ip, just renew when time is up?23:12
Unit193cyberanger: Usually 12 months is the long option, aye.23:25
minasotaUnit193: you still around?23:38
minasotathe firefox sync server you said you run, I know firefox offers that service with an account acctivation. Just curious how/why you setup your own. Might be something I'd like to do23:45
minasotaBasically, what advantage would I have running my own sync server for firefox over what is already available?23:46
Unit193I then "own" the data. I didn't really "feel" comfortable trying it out with them having all my data.23:46
Unit193cyberanger has it better of course, FXA too.23:47
minasotaUnit193: I totally understand. Can you point me towards something I could read up on this more, please23:47
Unit193https://docs.services.mozilla.com/howtos/run-sync-1.5.html well this isn't what I did, but docs.23:48
minasotacool, I'll take a look. I found this one, too https://www.vegard.net/archives/10175/ I like the idea of owning the sync/data. thank you23:51

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