MaNIdoes anybody know if there is a trick to have both an AMD integrated APU and a pci-e card active at the same time? Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if my bios just fails to support this08:11
inetprogood mornings08:55
inetproMaNI: sorry, I have no idea08:56
grembleHey th11:50
grembletheblazehen: 11:50
theblazehenhi gremble, what's up11:50
grembleNothing much. Doing Linear Algebra prep for friday11:51
theblazehenNot much, just checked some log files11:51
theblazehenStill getting ~70 visitors a day to my one site, xkcdrandom.theblazehen.com11:52
grembleOh nice11:54
grembleI only get russian bots :P11:54
grembleHave't had time to make any more content though. Perhaps this coming 2 months I will sort out how to graph functions and do some math11:56
theblazehenCool, can I see what you have atm?11:57
theblazehenlooks fun11:58
grembleLol. I dislike doing websites :P That is hosted on github with jekyll11:58
grembleAnd the easiest CSS so that its responsive at least11:59
theblazehenyeah. Have you seen startbootstrap.com?11:59
grembleOh that is pretty cool12:00
grembleI'll go have a look12:01
magespawngood day13:22
sakhiHello #ubuntu-za13:27
theblazehenhi magespawn, sakhi 13:31
magespawnhi sakhi theblazehen 13:32
superflyinetpro: where are you? 15:03
superflyNo one to meet me at the airport :(15:04
Kiloshmm... snow on the mountains in november17:28
Kilosevening gremble theblazehen inetpro and others17:28
theblazehenhi Kilos 17:53
grembleHey Kilos 18:39
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superflyHi. 20:49
smallpoxHey superfly 20:49
superflyHi smallpox 20:49
smallpoxI'm gremble. It is for thanksgiving festivities :P20:50
superflyAh! 20:50
smallpoxHow are you today?20:51
superflyTired. Glad to be home. 20:51
superflyAnd you? 20:51
smallpoxNot bad. Nice and cool for a change.20:51
superflyIt was really nice and warm in Maputo this week. But then, I enjoy the warm. 20:58
smallpoxI don't. I find it difficult to work in the heat :/ At least I can go to the office on campus for some aircon if it gets bad 20:59
smallpoxDid you go to Maputo for work or play?20:59
superflyWork 21:11
smallpoxAww. That is unfortunate :P21:12
superflyHard work. 7:30 to 21:00. Every day. 21:13
smallpoxBleh :<21:13
smallpoxSounds like when I was doing theatre work21:13
smallpoxSounds like site installations21:14
smallpoxThen it sounds even less fun haha21:17
smallpoxSite installations used to be fun only because you would get to see new place21:17
superflyThat 21:19
smallpoxI read about that. Pretty cool ^^21:19
superflyThat's what we're deploying in Mozambique 21:20
superflyRuns embedded Linux 21:21
smallpoxThat's pretty cool :p21:22
superflyDid you read my boss's blog post too? And see the video? 21:22
smallpoxNo, only that link. inetpro linked it yesterday or the day before21:22
superflyVideo is at the bottom of that one 21:23
smallpoxInteresting that you guys push the google cloud platform so much21:27
smallpoxDo they sponsor you or something? :P21:28
superflyNope, we use it, they love us. 21:31
smallpoxOh alright. To me it seems like free advertisement for them :P21:31
superflyThat was a video that the Google team came out to SA to film. 21:31
smallpoxThat makes sense21:32
superflyNo, it's the other way round, free advertising for us! 21:32
smallpoxOh, I hadn't noticed that the blog wasn't yours21:32
smallpoxI retract my statement 21:32
smallpoxIf I have a db that I want to keep private, is what would be a reasonable method of encrypting the entire db?21:42
superflyDepends 21:43
superflyWhat db are you using? 21:43
smallpoxI don't know yet.21:43
superflyWhere are you using it? 21:43
smallpoxI have an idea for a program, so I am spit balling21:43
superflyDesktop? 21:43
smallpoxIt'll be on a server. So you access it with a web api21:44
superflyIs there a reason you want to encrypt if it is only accessible through an API? 21:44
smallpoxIf my server gets owned, I would prefer to have the information at least reasonably (read very) hard to get out.21:45
superflyOk. Ping me tomorrow evening, when I'm actually at my pc21:46
smallpoxAlright :P21:46
superflyThere are a few options 21:46
superflyTime for me to head to zzzz land 21:46
superflyGood night 21:46
smallpoxSleep well21:46
=== smallpox is now known as gremble

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