AlexQNow I run apt-get update and it got stuck on updating trying to connect to a server via IP6, while my ISP doesn't provide it xD ... Okay, recovered00:00
Bashing-omthe_count: Checking the new list .00:00
BottomNotchDaftykins: can I restore a backup from the command line?00:00
daftykinsBottomNotch: i don't know how you backed up00:00
BottomNotchI backup up from system settings in unity00:01
daftykinstelldrak: what are you doing to want sendmail on these hosts? running internal email?00:01
the_counttelldrak: What exactly is the issue?00:01
BottomNotchBacked up autocorrect :/00:01
daftykinsBottomNotch: i have no experience with that00:01
BottomNotchI'll Google it00:01
BottomNotchI should have never of purged unity00:02
BottomNotchLesson learned00:02
the_countdaftykins: What kind of issues does purging unity introduce00:02
BottomNotchIf I end up having to do a fresh install I think I'll try Linux mint, maybe my touchscreen will work.00:03
daftykinshmm, kind of irritating for you to try and learn via those already tasked with helping but...00:03
daftykinsBottomNotch: that'll be an even bigger mistake :)00:03
the_countBashing-om: Maybe I should restart, then repopulate that list... The results may be different/better00:03
daftykins1) installed xfce i think? 2) purged unity 3) they both share packages, so unity removal took out what xfce needed to run - leaving a hosed system00:03
BottomNotchIt was fine until I rebooted :/00:04
BottomNotchBut yeah exactly what happened00:04
daftykinsand *BANG* the desktop environment is gone!00:04
the_countdaftykins: oh, oops00:04
AlexQdaftykins: Why would purging one package remove it's dependencies that are also dependencies of a different package?00:05
the_countdaftykins, how do you make you're *BAND* think?00:05
BottomNotchI'm just gonna try to install lxde00:05
Bashing-omthe_count: That ouput is the same as the 1st .. agreed .. restart the system and let's get a new look .00:05
daftykinsthe_count: sorry this isn't IRC school00:05
the_countdaftykins: I think I accedentally descovered it00:05
daftykinsAlexQ: all we know is it broke, i care not the why right now.00:05
the_countBAshing-om: Ok, see you in a bit00:06
Decco848its often there is not change to exsisting files in use too other packages, If not the volume managment doesnt htink we got to much harddrive space00:06
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BottomNotchWell thanks for all your help daftykins00:06
daftykinsnp, we tried00:07
AlexQWell, I purged that Intel GPU driver and now I have 2:2.99.917+git20150808-0ubuntu4. So apparently it was from that ppa00:07
the_countdaftykins: Point taken00:07
the_countBashing-om: And, restarted, the kernel list is definantly shorter, but not as short as one world think, repopulating list00:08
AlexQI'd like to replace all packages that came from that ppu with Ubuntu ones, but that command ppa-purge doesn't find the ppu00:08
AlexQprobably gone after upgrade00:08
AlexQwhat to do?00:08
BottomNotchDafttkins: well I will try Linux mint if I need to do a fresh install, I really want a working touchscreen00:08
daftykinsBottomNotch: alright, just know you can't get any help with Mint here00:09
the_countBashing-om: I think this list may look the same as well: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13379098/00:09
BottomNotchDaftykins: I know00:09
Bashing-omthe_count: K; lookin.. lemme clear the board and we start all over ..00:09
the_countbashing-om: I will the same here as well00:10
AlexQI'll try to reboot after purging & installing that Intel GPU driver... Although not optimistic at all00:10
BottomNotchDaftykins: well I'm up and running with lxde00:10
Bashing-omthe_count: OK, show me what results ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.16.0-46-generic ' .00:11
BottomNotchTo bad I couldn't get xfce working00:12
daftykinsprobably something in there broken *shrug*00:12
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13379227/00:13
the_countmobile irc client00:13
Bashing-omthe_count: Checking http://paste.ubuntu.com/13379227/ .00:13
Bashing-omthe_count: Yep, that one should be history .. now ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.16.0-48-generic ' .00:14
the_countBashing-om: Results look the same as previous00:15
VictoriaXOXOQ: That list of [OK] and [FAIL] while shutting down. Can I view it right now while the system is on?00:16
Bashing-omthe_count: Oh I am getting the idea of what is going on . do ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.16.0-46 ' .00:17
truexfan81yum can be configured to limit the number of old kernels the system keeps before it auto removes them, does apt have anything like that?00:17
VictoriaXOXOtruexfan81: Can you read this? Have I been muted? :(00:17
truexfan81VictoriaXOXO: you are not muted :)00:17
Decco848To share, ive read articles of Drive mounting problems in USB Distros To know the parameters are undefined and nor reachable or allocative is Beyond me00:17
the_countBashing-om: What's going on, and looks like it has been removed succesfully00:18
VictoriaXOXOtruexfan81: Wooooo.00:18
SupaYoshihey how do i add a br0, that asks for a second dhcp lease of my router?00:18
SupaYoshiI have a ubuntu server, trying to setup a virtualmachine and I want the br0 to receive an IP from the router.00:19
SupaYoshiI tried doing this, but that gave it the same IP as the eth0. and that doesn't look healthy00:19
the_countBashing-om: Here were the results: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13379481/00:19
EriC^^truexfan81: there's a script that checks that, you could probably modify it00:19
Bashing-omthe_count: Our former dpkg -P commands did complete, what we have now is the results of incomplete mass removals .. We will get caught up here in a bit .. now : ' sudo dpkg -P linux-signed-image-3.16.0-46-generic ' .00:19
Decco848Formatting by disc is harder,  esp' Without a bootable CDROM00:20
truexfan81EriC^^: in this case i only have 2 kernels installed but the new one is working nicely, so no reason i can think of to keep the old one00:20
daftykinsSupaYoshi: not how it works at all00:20
daftykinsSupaYoshi: let the VM get its' own via bridging.00:20
the_countBashing-om: Ok, and my virtual desktops aren't around any more, thought I might point that out00:20
the_countBashing-om: Purged succesfully00:20
SupaYoshidaftykins, i am creating a vm with kvm.00:21
SupaYoshiI need to specify which bridge device to use00:21
Decco848Setting jumpers and defining IDE on older machines is complicated, and Wondering why you cant boot from img is completly triffling.00:21
daftykinsSupaYoshi: gotta install bridge-utils then edit /etc/network/interfaces then ; i'm sure there's a guide to KVM network config somewhere00:21
SupaYoshiERROR    Error in network device parameters: Unknown network type br000:22
SupaYoshii have bridge-utils installed.00:22
EriC^^truexfan81: you can manually remove it if you want00:22
EriC^^with apt-get purge00:22
daftykinsDecco848: please cut the chat, support only in here - you can chat in #ubuntu-offtopic00:22
Bashing-omthe_count: ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.16.0-48 ; sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-3.16.0-48-generic ' .00:23
SupaYoshiERROR    Cannot get interface MTU on 'br0': No such device00:23
the_countBashing-om: Ok00:23
Bashing-omthe_count: Next in line ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.16.0-{50,51,52,53} ' Lets do these 4 in one command .00:26
the_countBashing-om: It ignored them all, says they aren't installed00:27
VictoriaXOXOQ: That list of [OK] and [FAIL] while shutting down. Can I view it right now while the system is on?00:28
the_countBashing-om: Shall we try them separately?00:28
SupaYoshisudo virsh iface-bridge eth0 br000:28
SupaYoshii was trying this command however that returns an weird error that google doesnt have answers on00:28
SupaYoshierror: this function is not supported by the connection driver: virInterfaceLookupByName00:29
SupaYoshierror: failed to get interface 'eth0'00:29
Bashing-omthe_count: My bad .. ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.16.0-{50,51,52,53}-generic ' corrected as the package manager was correct .. what was, was not installed .00:29
daftykinsSupaYoshi: it's probably that you don't have a br0 yet because you've not created one by installing what i mentioned :)00:30
the_countBashing-om: Ok, good00:30
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: /var/log/boot.log ?00:30
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: I'll look at it!00:31
SupaYoshii have bridge-utils installed00:31
dengxinjunWhere's you doing?00:31
daftykinsSupaYoshi: right but that doesn't magically create you a br000:31
daftykinsdengxinjun: ubuntu support questions only00:31
dengxinjunwhat's you doing?00:31
SupaYoshidaftykins, do i need to put something in networking?00:32
daftykinsright so the interface is called virbr000:32
SupaYoshino thats from virtualbox.00:32
SupaYoshiI was using that with virtualbox.00:32
daftykinsSupaYoshi: what's the end goal here, what is this VM going to do...00:32
SupaYoshiI want another bridge.00:32
SupaYoshiThe vm is going to run a freepbx distro.00:32
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Weird. I'm sure I saw at least one (1) [FAIL] there.00:33
SupaYoshiand i want it to access my lan. So i want it to be bridged with my lan.00:33
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: on shutdown maybe, but that doesn't remain visible now...00:33
SupaYoshidaftykins, so what do i do to create br0?00:33
Bashing-omthe_count: Next is same for the headers ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.16.0-{50,51,52,53}-generic '.00:33
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Dang. How do I catch it?00:33
daftykinsSupaYoshi: so with virtualbox networking it should've been easy enough to get that VM to have an IP on your real LAN00:33
SupaYoshino i am using kvm for this vm00:33
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: pass.00:34
SupaYoshiim not using virtualbox for this.00:34
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: You pass on that question?00:34
daftykinsSupaYoshi: ugh, i think you're making life harder for yourself when you don't have the experience with any of these.00:34
daftykinsanyway my battery is about to go so i think i'm out :)00:34
SupaYoshiI have used br0 before on something else.00:34
SupaYoshiI just want to learn it.00:34
daftykinsfind a guide then perhaps00:34
SupaYoshiOkay bye00:34
daftykinsor ask in ##networking00:34
daftykinsbut i can tell you you're going about that task in a pretty insane way00:35
SchrodingersScatI keep getting connection errors with my reverse tunnel, http://paste.debian.net/334492 it eventually connects, just takes it a minute.  If I don't use it when it does connect, it seems to time out.  How do I troubleshoot this further?00:36
the_countBashing-om: Those aren't installed as well00:36
VictoriaXOXOQ: That list of [OK] and [FAIL] while shutting down. Can I view it right now while the system is on?00:37
SupaYoshihelp i just typed this, brctl addif br0 eth0, how can I undo this command?00:38
Bashing-omthe_count: My bad again .. I am rattled and not think'n things through .. do ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.16.0-{50,51,52,53} ' // no generic this time !00:39
the_countBashing-om: What is ' generic ' for?00:40
SchrodingersScat!man | SupaYoshi, try man brctl, if there's an addif, there may be a rmif or delif somewhere.00:40
ubottuSupaYoshi, try man brctl, if there's an addif, there may be a rmif or delif somewhere.: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/00:40
Bashing-omthe_count: Now the final in this series ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-3.16.0-{50,51,52,53}-generic ' .00:41
the_countBashing-om: Done00:42
SupaYoshiokay fixed00:42
Bashing-omthe_count: There are several packages required for each kernel .. -generic is one of the three .00:42
SupaYoshianyone an idea what i have to do?00:42
SupaYoshiI want to bridge eth0 with br000:42
SupaYoshiso br0 gets an IP from the dhcp server too.00:43
the_countBashing-om: I see. Shall I restart again, or is there more to remove?00:43
truexfan81EriC^^: you are right, i could remove it very easily :-)00:43
Bashing-omthe_count: Gimme a tic .. as now we remove the old 3.19 kernel series .00:44
the_countBashing-om: Got it00:45
VictoriaXOXOQ: That list of [OK] and [FAIL] while shutting down. Can I view it right now while the system is on?00:47
Bashing-omthe_count: ' apt-get purge linux-image-{26,28,30,31,} ' . three more commands to go .. try'n to keep this simple .00:48
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: see system log .0 or .1 in /var/log00:49
the_countBashing-om: You added an extra comma again00:50
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Thanks. But can you give me the full names? :P00:51
the_countBashing-om: And, are those generic?00:51
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Oh, wait. Maybe I can find them.00:51
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Is it called "syslog"?00:51
Bashing-omthe_count: Yikes .. teach me to slow down with my edits ! ..  ' apt-get purge linux-image-{26,28,30,31} ' now does that run ?00:51
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: I can't find any "[OK]" or "[FAIL]" in there. :(00:53
the_countBashing-om: You also forgot the beginning of the kernel release numbers... Not sure which ones you are on currently00:53
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: they get recyled on every reboot. so look into the .0 or .100:53
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: the things you see is dmesg, but since systemd is used that is not saved anymore.00:54
Bashing-omthe_count: I did it once more ! yuk .. should be ' apt-get purge linux-image-{26,28,30,31}-generic ' . Triple checked and now looks correct !00:54
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Gosh dang it. I might have to record my screen while the PC shuts down. XD00:54
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: i would not worry too much about that if it shuts down fine00:55
the_countBashing-om: You got one extra .0 in there00:55
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: I'm an expert at worrying. I just want to know what that one or two [FAIL] line(s) points to.00:55
dcopehow can i debug random timeouts to an ubuntu 12.04 machine? trying to connect via ssh and curl a webpage being served by nginx will randomly timeout.00:56
MonkeyDustdcope  sounds like a ssh keepalive00:56
Bashing-omthe_count: I must be more tired than I think .. yeah 3.19.0-{ .....00:56
the_countBashing-om: And you mixed up the... the ' ' should be ' 3.19.0 '00:56
the_countbashing-om: Been wondering if you were up a little too late last night00:57
dcopeMonkeyDust: it seems to happen across the network to this machine though.00:57
dcopessh, nginx, etc.00:57
MonkeyDustdcope  i have to go now, but get an idea here https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+ssh+keepalive00:58
piercedwaterhow do i access an application that requires network access, inside a chroot? I am trying to run madsonic in a chroot but I am unable to access it00:58
Nyteraxhow do i delete old kernels from /boot/ with bleachbit?00:58
the_countBashing-om: Got it finally... Hey, and through this, I think I am learning something... Which is the objective   ...I think00:58
k1l_Nyterax: run "sudo apt-get autoremove"00:58
Guy1524hey guys so I tried to install ubuntu on my optimus laptop but whenever I try to use optirun I get this: [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU - error: Could not load GPU driver00:59
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: did you install nvidia-prime?00:59
the_countBashing-om: And, you deserve an upadate to this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13380434/ It might make it a bit easier01:00
Nyteraxk1l_, i do that but the generic kernels are still there, while i use lowlatency01:00
Guy1524i think so let me check01:01
k1l_Nyterax: then sudo apt-get remove linux-generic && sudo apt-get autoremove01:01
Nyteraxk1l_, this is my /boot/ http://pastebin.com/gkCXkewB what can i remove safely?01:03
k1l_Nyterax: you need to remove the metapackage like i told.01:03
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: wich graphics driver do you have active right now?01:03
k1l_Nyterax: but you only have a 3.13 lowlatency kernel there01:03
k1l_Nyterax: sorry, scratch that.01:04
k1l_Nyterax: just remove the linux-generic. that will drop the generic kernels01:04
Bashing-omthe_count: Moving on along ' apt-get purge linux-headers-3.19.0-{26,28,30,31}-generic ; apt-get purge linux-headers-3.19.0-{26,28,30,31} '. One to go !01:04
Nyteraxpackage 'linux-generic' is not installed, so not removed01:05
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: you can find the list @ additional drivers (hardware icon)01:06
the_countBashing-om: I'm going to have to restart before I do that... The lock ile could not be opened... And another windows said that I needed to restart01:07
Guy1524oh sorry was part of another chat in #linux01:08
Guy1524I have 352 right now01:08
the_countBashing-om: Is that fine?01:09
Guy1524basically they had no idea what was going on and I am reinstalling, downloading the iso right now01:09
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: try 340 or 346 perhaps, and enable performance mode in nvidia-settings01:09
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: iso?01:09
Bashing-omthe_count: Preseed with 'sudo" .. as all we have ' sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.19.0-{26,28,30,31}-generic ; sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.19.0-{26,28,30,31} ' // that is the "lock file" .01:09
Guy1524ok, but when I do that it just resets01:09
Guy1524for reinstalling ubuntu01:09
the_countBashing-om: I did that with sudo01:09
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: you dont need to reinstall mate, just right combination card/driver01:09
Guy1524ok, well it was working before but when i installed bumblebee it screwed everything up01:10
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: bumblebee is outdated01:10
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: use nvidia-prime instead01:10
Guy1524just uninstalled bumblebee01:10
the_countBashing-om: Can that be unlocked, or will I have to reboot?01:10
Nyteraxk1l_, should i remove 'linux-generic-lts-vivid'?01:10
Guy1524but the problem persists i think01:10
Bashing-omthe_count: Then, is there another instance of the package manager running ? as only one can run at a time ; so dpkg os "locked" .. give time for any other package manager to complete befire beginning another instance .01:11
the_countBashing-om: Don;t want to do anything that digs the hole even deeper01:11
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: choose another driver/reboot/enable performance mode in nvidia-settings01:11
lotuspsychje!recovery | Guy1524 if things go wrong01:11
ubottuGuy1524 if things go wrong: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode01:11
Guy1524i know to boot into recovery mode rebooting now01:11
the_countBashing-om: I don't believe another instance is running, I didn't open any others01:12
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: ok good :p01:12
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Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah .. then reboot .. and we pick it back up here.01:12
the_countbashing-om: Ok01:12
quechonhow everybody doing01:12
Guy1524_the same problem is happening01:13
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: wich driver active now?01:13
Guy1524_when I reboot it switches from nvidia to intel01:13
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lotuspsychjeGuy1524: no mate, you need to choose another nvidia driver from additional drivers list01:13
Guy1524_and when I just relog instead of rebooting it just makes a black screen01:13
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: tell me wich drivers you see there?01:14
Guy1524_where, in additional drivers?01:14
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: yes01:14
Guy1524_I only see 352.63 normal, 352.63 updates, and the open source one01:14
quechonhow can i fix this /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lSM01:14
the_countBashing-om: Rebooted, nothing happened... I had forgotten sudo on the second command01:15
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: hmm, wich card do you have?01:15
Guy1524_gtx 960m01:15
Nyteraxis it possible to allocate more space to /boot/?01:15
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: tryed the opensource one?01:15
Bashing-omthe_count: Now did  sudo apt-get purge01:16
Bashing-om                    linux-headers-3.19.0-{26,28,30,31} - no generic .. complete ?01:16
lotuspsychjequechon: explain what you are trying to do exactly to the channel01:16
Guy1524_why does it say my name has quit?01:16
the_countBashing-om: yes01:16
lotuspsychjeGuy1524_: ping timeout01:16
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the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13380981/ update01:17
Guy1524_oh but im still on, ok01:17
quechonim trying to compile a scantool software01:17
VictoriaXOXOQ: What does "Allow Flipping" in the NVIDIA settings do? Ubuntu 14.04.01:17
lotuspsychje!compile | quechon01:17
ubottuquechon: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall01:17
quechonok ill read that thanks01:17
kaypro4hi from a kaypro401:18
Guy1524_should I just reinstall ubuntu?01:18
lotuspsychjeGuy1524_: no, try the opensource one01:18
lotuspsychjeGuy1524_: wich ubuntu version is this?01:19
lotuspsychjeGuy1524_: if that fails, you might wanna try a 14.04.3 liveusb to test your card/driver01:19
Guy1524_do I have to reboot for it to take effect?01:19
lotuspsychjeGuy1524_: yes better reboot01:19
Bashing-omthe_count: '  sudo apt-get purge linux-image-extra-3.19.0-{26,28,30,31}-generic ' .01:20
the_countBashing-om: It says none of those are installed01:20
Guy1524same problem with open source drivers01:21
Guy1524i am going to reinstall thanks for the help anyway though01:21
Guy1524and like linus torvalds said, fuck you nvidia (:01:22
the_countGuy1524: What happened?01:22
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: try LTS for more stable01:22
Guy1524nothing out of the ordinary, nvidia linux drivers stink01:22
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: we had other users with your card working fine!01:22
the_countGuy1524: I see01:22
Guy1524Im fine, 15.10 was working fine other than having no multi monitor support01:22
Bashing-omthe_count: Lemme check what I missed this time -- I did think I checked ! The latest list does show they are gone . Gimme a bit to see where next we jump to .01:24
Nyteraxi did sudo apt-get remove linux-generic-lts-vivid and then autoremove but it still shows up in dpkg -l along with all the generic headers, is that normal?01:26
Bashing-omthe_count: OK .. moving on along with the clean up ' sudo dpkg -P linux-signed-image-3.16.0-48-generic  ' .01:27
the_countBashing-om: Ok... And also... I did install Gnome a while back and removed it, could that cause any issues.. i did this from the ubuntu software center.01:28
the_countBashing-om: The last command did work01:28
Bashing-omthe_count: Next in clean up ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-3.16.0-46-generic ' .01:28
the_countBashing-om: Ok01:29
Bashing-omthe_count: As to removing an installed additinal desktop .. Yeah can cause real problems as some required dependencies might also get removed . and or rip a big whole in the operating system . I am not a proponent of removong any DE .01:30
the_countBashing-om: Well... This was a month or more ago... It should have shown some immediate results I would think01:30
kaypro4anyone tried ubuntu on one of the latest dell xps15 machines?01:33
VictoriaXOXOQ: What does "Allow Flipping" in the NVIDIA settings do? Ubuntu 14.04.01:33
Bashing-omthe_count: Will not affect what kernels are installed however .01:33
the_countBashing-om: Exactly01:33
lotuspsychjekaypro4: better ask your issue on it mate01:33
Bashing-omthe_count: ' sudo dpkg -P linux-signed-image-3.16.0-48-generic '01:34
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kaypro4dont have an issue yet - just looking to see if its worth buying01:35
the_countBashing-om: This isn't installed as welll. Update to the 'dpkg -l | grep linux-', http://paste.ubuntu.com/13381479/01:35
lotuspsychjekaypro4: sure mate, dell works like a charm with ubuntu01:36
lotuspsychjekaypro4: but alot of other brands also do01:37
Bashing-omthe_count: ' sudo dpkg -P linux-signed-image-3.16.0-{50,51,52,53}-generic ' .01:37
lotuspsychjekaypro4: i suggest transforming a laptop yourself, by pluggin a samsung 850 pro ssd inside and install ubuntu LTS01:37
daftykinskaypro4: that one has the hybrid graphics, that'll give you hours of entertainment on every upgrade.01:38
the_countBashing-om: Ok01:38
Bashing-omthe_count: ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-3.19.0-25-generic '01:38
the_countBashing-om: Ok01:39
bencc1I'm trying to install ubuntu server 14.04 using KVM on a remote server01:40
bencc1it stuck after checking cd-rom. just see a purple screen01:40
bencc1how can I debug it?01:40
zidsalcan someone here help me with something I'e tried installing bcmwl-kernel-source via the package manager however its stuck in applying changes01:41
zidsalanyway I can do something about this01:41
lettuce45what command do I need to extract a rar file?01:41
Bashing-omthe_count: Now let's make sure all agree at this time . ' ls -al /usr/src/ ; ls -al /lib/modules/ ' la -al /boot ' . If all agree we can now (RE-)install the 3.16.0-30 kernel .01:42
OerHeks!info unrar01:42
ubottuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:5.3.2-1 (wily), package size 128 kB, installed size 325 kB01:42
lotuspsychjezidsal: you can install the broadcom driver right off your ubuntu iso01:42
zidsallotuspsychje ok but how do I kill the package managers installation?01:42
Bashing-omthe_count: * ls -al /boot ' .01:43
lotuspsychjezidsal: xkill01:43
zidsallotuspsychje thanks01:43
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the_countBashing-om: no " ' " or a ; sepparating?01:43
Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah ya got it .. my bad syntax . ' ls -al /usr/src/ ; ls -al /lib/modules/ ; ls -al /boot ' .01:44
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13381725/01:46
CarlFKWhats the command to upgrade from one release to the next?01:47
CarlFKdo... right. thanks01:48
VictoriaXOXOQ: What does "Allow Flipping" in the NVIDIA settings do? Ubuntu 14.04.01:49
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: i think it has to do with virtual desktops01:49
dcopehey all, how can i figure out why pinging an ubuntu 12.04 machine times out sometimes? http://pastie.org/private/btgqcadcgnwyqi3cvwevna01:49
dcopethis is all on my lan so im not sure where there are such spikes, too01:50
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Would it be safe to disable it?01:50
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: try and see, you cant just break ubuntu with 1 setting01:50
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Oh, I'm not too sure about that. XD01:51
hawlydcope, errr... icmp echo reply on/off?01:51
kum4nHello, anyone can tell me how to build certificate authority in Linux server specially in debian or ubuntu? Thanks, sorry for my bad English :)01:52
dcopehawly: what do you mean?01:52
the_countBashing-om: Did you get that?01:53
hawlydcope, the only way I know to drop pings is messing w/ /proc01:53
Bashing-omthe_count: Look'n // why oh why can we not sudo get rid of the 3.19.0-25? Let'rm -rf /lib/modules/01:54
hawlydcope, ah- iptables may do some tricks on this subject too01:54
* hawly is getting old and having pain in parts of his body he never knew that existed!01:54
keanhello ,everyuone01:55
mario_hi kean01:55
the_countBashing-om: Maybe propose to Linus to add english syntax so we can have commands such as those... Was that a command you were giving me?01:55
dcopehawly: there seem to be networking problems in general though. ssh sometimes times out... and now pings to the machine time out too01:56
Bashing-omthe_count: Continued : let's try ' sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/3.19.0-25-generic ' .01:56
hawlydcope, an "iptables -L" on that machine may reveal something01:56
the_countbashing-om: Ok01:57
dcopehawly: not much in there, http://pastie.org/private/mshclaofabxamdfiwleiw01:58
hawlydcope, im FUPing it01:59
the_countBashing-om: It returned nothing01:59
hawlyfollow up01:59
Bashing-omthe_count: ' sudo rm -rf /usr/src/linux-headers-linux-headers-3.19.0-25-generic ; sudo rm -rf /usr/src/linux-headers-linux-headers-3.19.0-25 ' .01:59
Bashing-omthe_count: In linux a retun to nothisng is the system doing as told . no dsas or back talk .02:00
hawlydcope, that conf is weird man...02:00
Nyteraxi did sudo apt-get remove linux-generic-lts-vivid and then autoremove but it still shows up in dpkg -l along with all the generic headers, is that normal?02:00
the_countBashing-om: You weren't responding, that's why I said that02:00
dcopehawly: it should be the default one02:01
dcopeive never messed with iptables on this machine02:01
Bashing-omthe_count: Sorry . can not look at outtput on different desktop and type here also .02:01
the_countBashing-om: It's all ok02:02
hawlydcope, whats are problem freq and duration?02:02
Bashing-omthe_count: Did we do ' sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/3.19.0-26-generic ' ? I lost track again .02:03
the_countBashing-om: We did not02:04
hawlydcope, you burst the pings and some reach and others not - or it stays some time frame without accepting?02:04
TJ-dcope: possibly a bad link; On the target PC, what does "ifconfig XXXX" report (where XXXX is the receiving interface) ?02:05
quechoni followed this link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware but what im trying to build doesnt have a ./configure and i cannot auto create one either02:05
* hawly is not network specialist - not a specialist at all - just a Linux enthusiast02:06
ryao-phoneIs this a good phone for Ubuntu? http://www.expansys-usa.com/google-nexus-5-d820-32gb-white-unlocked-285132/02:06
quechoni get this when running make /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lSM02:06
quechoni did a search for the lib file and i have it in my system02:07
dcopeTJ-: http://pastie.org/private/hndcxlajwzpjrsjium4q02:07
quechonhow can i point what im building to that file02:07
OerHeksryao-phone, i don't think so, join #ubuntu-touch for phone support02:07
OerHekserr, there is a 'working' port , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices02:08
hawlydcope, can I see too?02:08
TJ-dcope: good news is, there aren't any TX/RX errors reported on that interface02:08
dcopethis is so strange... i never had these issues on an old router02:09
Bashing-omthe_count: OK, remove the ' sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/3.19.0-26-generic  ' .02:09
TJ-dcope: Now, on the target 12.04, run "sudo tcpdump -ni eth0 icmp". Then on the other PC start the ping. Observe if the 12.04 PC always sends out an ICMP reply for each ICMP request02:10
ryao-phoneOerHeks: I am trying to decide on whether to get the Nexus 5 and install Ubuntu on it to replace my iPhone until the zero day situation with WebKit is resolved.02:10
OerHeks"Bluetooth doesn't work; Power management issues (the battery performance isn't great)" no02:11
TJ-dcope: "never had these issues on an old router" ... does that imply you've recently changed a router that sits between these PCs?02:12
dcopeTJ-: yes, that is correct.02:12
ryao-phoneOerHeks: I wish there was more explicit information.02:12
dcopei don't know why the new router would randomly cause intermitent issues though02:12
the_countBashing-om: I might have missed a message you sent withing the last 10 minutes02:13
TJ-dcope: "aha!" Then it would suggest that router is most likely the problem. Continue with the 'tcpdump' analysis as I recommended, so you can find out if the router is failing to pass on the ICMP request to the 12.04 PC, or whether the PC receives it, replies, but the router doesn't pass the reply to the source PC.02:13
the_countBashing-om: I was disconnected temporarily02:13
TJ-dcope: But either way, assuming the 12.04 PC is behaving correctly, you need to investigate the router02:14
Bashing-omthe_count: Are we caught up ? ready to see if all our work is fruitful ?02:14
dcopeTJ-: indeed. the 12.04 PC is sending replies right now02:14
dcopenone have timed out while running tcpdump02:14
the_countBashing-om: Check this file again, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13382781/ just to make sure02:14
TJ-dcope: Try to keep that running for an extended time; the results aren't useful if the problem doesn't exhibit itself :)02:15
Bashing-omthe_count: Check'n http://paste.ubuntu.com/13382781/ .02:15
TJ-dcope: what is the make/model of the router, and is it using stock firmware as supplied with it?02:15
dcopeTJ-: it's an arris NVG59902:16
dcopewith stock firmware02:16
Bashing-omthe_count: What is it with that kernel ! Try again ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.19.0-25-generic ; sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.19.0-25 ' !02:17
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the_countBashing-om: I think that may have gotten it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13382952/02:19
the_countBashing-om: Are there not a few more we can remove?02:19
Bashing-omthe_count: Look'n and now a new ' ls -al /usr/src/ ; ls -al /lib/modules/ ; ls -al /boot ' please .02:20
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the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13383085/02:21
TJ-dcope: I can't see any issues reported around packet dropping for that device, so it is likely a local problem only. If you can prove (with tcpdump on both source and target PC) that ICMP packets (and possibly other packets - UDP, TCP) are being dropped, then you'll need to investigate the router itself. there might be some rate-limiting Anti-DDoS rules in its firewall causing that for example02:22
Bashing-omthe_count: Look'n .. gimme a bit .02:22
Bashing-omthe_count: One final one ! ' sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/3.19.0-31-generic '02:23
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13383210/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/13383271/02:25
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scfithubuntu is awesome02:26
the_countscifith: Yup02:26
Bashing-omthe_count: I do not have a clue but once more ' sudo dpkg -P linux-image-extra-3.16.0-49-generic ' .02:28
treesigerI heard France is going to drop bras, condoms, racy photos, cigarettes, wine in isis02:28
Bashing-omthe_count: NO on that last >.. we keep that 49 kernel ... !!02:28
the_countBashing-om: Good, because it wasn't working02:29
Ubuntu2330 /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Ubuntu2330 jpwhacqtunvn02:29
the_countBAshing-om: Why do we keep the 49 kernel?02:29
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Ubuntu2330So, anyone here know anything about using full disk encryption via the automatic setup when installing? I'm having to reboot every few times to get cryptsetup to actually run and let me log in.02:30
lotuspsychje!ot | treesiger02:30
ubottutreesiger: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:30
lotuspsychjeUbuntu2330: change your password now02:30
Ubuntu2330for IRC?02:31
lotuspsychjeUbuntu2330: everyone saw it02:31
Ubuntu2330That wasn't my password02:31
Ubuntu2330just the registration verification02:31
dcopeTJ-: so when running tcpdump it _will not_ timeout at all02:31
Bashing-omthe_count: We have the 3.19 broke .. working is 3.16.0-30 ; want to keep a back up of a 3.16 kernel.02:31
dcopebut ssh times out while trying to connect a new session... wtf :(02:32
treesigerHe may have to change every password he uses. A African hacker might of seen it and clean his bank accounts out02:32
TJ-dcope: That is strange, and it suggests some kind of sensitivity to timing of packets02:33
lotuspsychjetreesiger: stop that please02:33
the_countBashing: I see, we do want to leave a backup02:34
Bashing-omthe_count: OK. now all looks good to me .. let's have the package manager heal it's self ' sudo atp-get -f install ' . Next up is to (RE-)install 3.16.0-30 to pick up the missing packages .02:34
=== MalConsejo is now known as deb
Bashing-omthe_count: ** ' sudo apt-get -f install ' .02:35
the_countbashing-om: I saw it... Nothing happened02:36
dcopethis is so strange... :(02:36
Bashing-omthe_count: 'sudo apt-get -f install ' and no output ?????02:36
the_countBashing-om: There was results, not of repairing, but of autoremoving... That was it.. No "healing"02:38
TJ-dcope: is one of the PCs on Wifi?02:38
dcopeTJ-: yes, the client (the one im on now) is on wifi02:38
dcopei tried plugging in via ethernet earlier today and had the same results02:39
TJ-dcope: I'd suggest using Ethernet on both sides whilst testing, purely to elliminate any possible variation due to the Wifi. But it sure looks like you have a dud router, or else bad config in it02:39
connor_Hi, I'm having some trouble finding what is taking up space in xubuntu, which is full02:40
connor_would anyone be able to help?02:40
Ubuntu2330connor_ try KDirStat?02:41
connor_it says command not found02:41
Ubuntu2330install it from software manager02:42
Bashing-omthe_count: OK. show me that result ' sudo apt-get -f install '02:42
connor_when i do df -h it says /dev/sda1 is pretty much full02:42
connor_Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on02:42
connor_/dev/sda1        13G   12G  9.4M 100% /02:42
connor_none            4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup02:42
connor_udev            482M  4.0K  481M   1% /dev02:42
connor_tmpfs           100M  1.2M   99M   2% /run02:42
connor_none            5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock02:42
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13383958/02:43
connor_oh sorry02:44
Bashing-omthe_count: Look'n02:44
connor_Would anyone be willing to help me find out what's taking up so much space in xubuntu?02:45
connor_when i run df -h, I get this:02:45
connor_Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on02:45
Bashing-omthe_count: OK .. I can accept that .. go ahead and ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' as those 32 bit files are no longer needed .02:45
connor_/dev/sda1        13G   12G  9.4M 100% /02:45
connor_none            4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup02:45
connor_udev            482M  4.0K  481M   1% /dev02:45
connor_tmpfs           100M  1.2M   99M   2% /run02:45
the_countBashing-om: Removed02:46
the_countBashing-om: Shall I reboot?02:48
iceiceicehi, i installed ubuntu 15.10 recently,02:49
iceiceiceit works great but it made my Grub boot loader kind of ugly, is there a way i can switch back to the classic look?02:49
Bashing-omthe_count: Might be a good thing now to reboot . Boot back to this kernel .02:49
the_countBashing-om: I am in the latest now and will be for as long as I can02:50
the_countBashing-om: Ok, rebooted02:51
Bashing-omthe_count: Hold tight . dotting some 'i's here .02:54
BirdJesusguys, how i can make dropshadow\borders for maximized windows?02:56
the_countBirdJesus: How would that work?02:57
BirdJesusi`ll show in pics :P02:58
BirdJesushttp://i.imgur.com/lUnrueJ.png its maximized window, there is no shadows\rounded corners03:00
BirdJesushttp://i.imgur.com/o3OJfE0.png thats i want it look like03:01
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Decco848HTML 5 is amazing.03:02
the_countBirdJesus: How about you go to the channel that Desktop is made by...03:03
BirdJesusok, sorry03:03
BirdJesusthank you03:03
Bashing-omthe_count: OK; I think as we have the 3.16 kernels we want to ' sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-utopic linux-image-generic-lts-utopic ' and then we can properly install the 3.16.0-30 kernel .03:03
the_countBashing-om: Ok, installed03:05
the_countBirdJesus: You're welcome03:06
=== scfith is now known as scfith_
Bashing-omthe_count: K: NOW finally ' sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-3.13.0-30-generic linux-image-extra-3.16.0-30-generic linux-headers-3.13.0-30-generic linux-headers-3.13.0-30 linux-signed-image-3.16.0-30-generic ' .03:09
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the_countBashing-om: This whole process has freed about 4gb of disk space so far03:12
daftykinsprobably more a sign you had a bunch of kernels on there? :>03:13
VictoriaXOXOQ: Uhh. CCleaner on Windows can list ALL files from biggest to smallest. Can Linux do the same?03:15
the_countdaftykins: Yes03:15
Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah .. I will be interested to see a new ' df -h ' .03:16
the_countbashing-om: It finished... If there is anything else that has to be done now tell me fast as I have to go...03:16
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | VictoriaXOXO03:16
ubottuVictoriaXOXO: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8-1 (wily), package size 271 kB, installed size 2074 kB03:16
the_countbashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13385138/03:16
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: BB can do that?! :o03:16
daftykinsi've seen that bleachbit hose a couple of folks systems now, not sure it's ideal :>03:16
Bashing-omthe_count: That is all for now .. tomorrow we go back to work on the touchpad .03:17
the_countBashing-om: Ok, thank you, and ahve a good one... ' sudo get some sleep '03:17
Bashing-omthe_count: Ouch @ " /dev/sda6        76G   65G  7.2G  91% / " we still have work to do !03:18
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: daftykins: I am... not... finding that in BB.03:18
the_countBashing-om: I have a lot of things of mine on this drive as well03:18
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: trying to find a direct replacement for every single Windows program you may've run in the past isn't really that good an approach imo03:18
Decco848im going to off topic CIOA for now rommies03:18
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Well, give me a terminal command then. ;)03:19
Bashing-omthe_count: We can pick this back up later .. for now I am content that the system is stable .03:19
the_countBashing-om: Thanks, see you03:19
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: i didn't see what you were asking to do03:19
daftykinsi sense it's a futile request already though03:19
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Read up. XD JK. I want to list ALL files from biggest to smallest.03:20
daftykinson the entire system?03:20
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Yeah!03:20
daftykinswhat a ridiculous request; better would be to just use 'find' and look for files of a certain size.03:20
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: It's not ridiculous to me!03:20
VictoriaXOXOI like seeing things like that.03:21
daftykinsthere's a graphical disk usage program that might be of use03:21
daftykinsbut maybe if i could understand your plan (which i don't) we could advise something better03:21
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Well, there's really no plan. I just wanted to know if it was POSSIBLE on a Linux box. I used to like doing that.03:22
daftykinsbut why03:22
daftykinswhen will this be relevant?03:23
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: When finding out what's taking up space. :P03:23
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: OR you could tell me how to find ALL files over 1 GB of size?03:23
daftykinsi already did, find does that03:24
daftykinsand i already told you there's a graphical disk usage program03:24
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Just find and nothing else?03:24
daftykins"find / -size 1G" or similar03:25
daftykins"man find" for more.03:25
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Let me try.03:25
daftykinsi don't think that was the correct format03:26
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: You should've seen my terminal. XD03:26
daftykinsno i'm ok.03:27
daftykinsi was playing with the command myself; worked for me on a path i know i have a large file in by running "find . -size +1000M"03:27
VictoriaXOXOYeah, that worked better.03:29
VictoriaXOXOI was sure I had some old VM file, but apparently not.03:29
Bashing-omVictoriaXOXO: ' sudo find / -type f -size +1G -exec du -h {} \; 2>/dev/null | sort -hr | head -n 10 ' which will search the whole filesystem for files bigger than 1G and then sort them and print the 10 largest ones (you can adjust the '1G' and the ' -n 10' if that's not granular enough) - you can exclude mounted filesystems with '-xdev' or a suitable '-prune' if you have a more complicated multi - partition filesystem .03:30
linux666Hi there03:31
linux666How do I use find command to find 'vmlinuz'?03:31
daftykinswhy are you looking for that?03:33
kaypro4find / -name vmlinuz -print03:33
daftykinsvmlinuz is a symlink in /03:33
linux666to load the kernel manually daftykins03:33
Bashing-omlinux666: ' sudo find /boot -name "vmlinuz*" ' should fill that bill .03:33
VictoriaXOXOBashing-om: Not complicated at aaaaaaaall. :P03:34
VictoriaXOXOBut I'll save it for future use.03:34
=== keroberos is now known as kerozene
Bashing-omVictoriaXOXO: Hey .. you did ask .. it's linux ... where there is a will there is a way .03:38
rising-tiwhts up03:52
rising-tiis everyone inactive af03:55
daftykinsask a question, it's support only in here03:56
rising-tiok soz03:56
rising-tidoes anyone know a beginer ai avalible to install on kali linux03:57
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Guest47237hi there04:10
Guest47237anyone help me about installing utorrent on ubuntu mate04:10
AlexQI have updated to Ubuntu 15.10, then performed repo update and upgrade, reboots etc. and the newest kernel I have is vmlinuz-3.19.0-33-generic04:14
AlexQI have also installed Ubu 15.10 from scratch in parallel, on a different partition and I have vmlinuz-4.2.0-18-generic as of now04:15
AlexQWhat's wrong?04:15
AlexQShould I manually install a kernel package? What is the name of the newest stable available package for my architecture (amd64)? Any special package name?04:16
Bashing-om!hwe | AlexQ04:19
ubottuAlexQ: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:19
daftykinsAlexQ: i bet you're missing linux-generic :)04:19
AlexQdaftykins: It is quite possible :)04:19
daftykinssudo apt install linux-generic04:19
AlexQgive me a sec for reboot04:20
daftykinsor confirm with "dpkg -l | grep linux-"04:20
AlexQcan I do it with chroot without rebooting?04:20
daftykinswhy are you rebooting at all?04:20
daftykinsreboot has nothing to do with installing this metapackage04:20
AlexQI am running another Ubuntu installation on my Laptop, just wanted to check if package is there without rebooting04:21
AlexQto the other installation I have issues with04:21
daftykinsso you have two side by side?04:22
trustisimportanthey guys, I have a question, is ubtuntu really more safe than windows, in terms of backdoors, etc?04:22
TJ-AlexQ: yes, a chroot is sufficient to check is it is installed04:22
daftykinstrustisimportant: that's not a support question technically, you could talk about Linux in general vs. Windows in ##linux04:22
TJ-trustisimportant: I'd worry more about front-doors generally :)04:22
AlexQyes, it isn't there04:22
OerHekstrustisimportant, ubuntu has no backdoors, not even windows.04:23
trustisimportantwhat is a front door :)?04:23
trustisimportantvia the websorser? and programms?04:23
daftykinsas i said, ##linux04:23
TJ-trustisimportant: user behaviour; browsing with Javascript/Flash enabled, opening attachments, etc.04:23
trustisimportantsorr y bro:)04:24
daftykinsyou are not my sibling04:24
trustisimportantok, my trust in the world has gone, which channel do you recommend me?04:24
daftykinsyou've seen it named already, twice04:24
AlexQTJ-: Interestingly, there are libc headers for 4.2.0-18.22 listed. 3.19.0-33.38 - was that the latest kernel for 15.04 then?04:24
daftykins!info linux-generic vivid04:25
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 1 kB, installed size 27 kB04:25
TJ-!info linux-generic vivid-updates04:25
ubottu'vivid-updates' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed04:25
TJ-strange, the 'bot reports an older version than AlexQ has04:26
TJ-!info linux-generic vivid-proposed04:26
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (vivid-proposed), package size 1 kB, installed size 27 kB04:26
daftykinscould be a little outdated?04:26
lotuspsychjenite nite guys04:27
AlexQMight that be a reason that the system is not working correctly after the upgrade? I couldn't make much out from the syslog, bootlog, Xorg log etc.04:29
AlexQWill boot into recovery and install linux-generic04:29
AlexQafter booting into recovery I had KernelOops's on that kernel I mentioned04:30
AlexQOopsText:  NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 23s! [Xorg:1001]04:31
daftykinsAlexQ: well you obviously want everything to match the same release version04:34
AlexQok, rebooting then04:35
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centaur5Running 15.10 fully up to date.  Using network manager to set static IP everything works except DNS lookups completely fail.  In a browser pointing to an IP will load a page.  Any ideas?05:10
crazyhorse18i've compeletly lost all of my menus in ubuntu, rebooting didn't fix the problem05:10
crazyhorse18i'm running 15.04 default gui (which is unity i think)05:10
crazyhorse18i've managed to get access to a terminal window (by right-clicking on a folder, and clicking open in terminal)05:11
crazyhorse18is there anything i can do restart, or fix the issue?05:12
SeriouslyLaughcentaur5 can you ping your router?05:12
crazyhorse18i'm also unable to resize windows or scrollbars05:12
baiteryou lost?05:12
baiteryou had it before?05:12
crazyhorse18yeah been working since i installed it.. today i tried to open a video in vlc, it crashed, took me to a terminal window with some text (ACPI or something)05:13
crazyhorse18so i rebooted and now none of the windows load05:13
crazyhorse18i'm just trying a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade just in case that will fix the porblem but i'm not hopeful05:14
TJ-crazyhorse18: try logging into a Guest session. if that works it tells you there's a user config file issue05:14
centaur5SeriouslyLaugh, yeah I can login to router admin page and everything. Can ssh to other boxes by IP. I specified DNS in nm-applet settings but it just doesn't work.  I'm on my laptop with static on 14.04 using wireless  and it fully functions.  My desktop is hard wired.05:14
crazyhorse18TJ-: got ya, thanks05:14
curtis__I need help, I need a virtual keyboard for my 2 in 1 laptop, any help?05:15
SeriouslyLaughcan you ping the DNS centaur5?05:15
=== ismael is now known as Guest16780
baitercentaur, sounds more like a network issue05:15
TJ-centaur5: if you've configured the NM connection to use a static IP address, have you also configured the IP address of a DNS server manually?05:15
baiterthere's a #networking channel05:15
curtis__I need help, I need a virtual keyboard for my 2 in 1 laptop, any help?05:15
centaur5SeriouslyLaugh, yes05:15
Guest16780Can someone be polite to tell me how I get into another chat room? I'm newbie05:16
baitercurtis, google ubuntu virtual keyboard05:16
baiterpretty sure it exists already05:16
TJ-Guest16780: type /join #<name-of-channel> e.g. /join ##linux05:16
SeriouslyLaughmake sure it's not down05:16
centaur5TJ-, I used nm-applet to configure the entire thing under "Wired Connection" same goes for my wireless on my laptop nm-applet under the wireless ssid static settings fully function.05:16
Guest16780Thanks a lot TJ-05:16
curtis__PLEASE HELP05:17
curtis__I need help, I need a virtual keyboard for my 2 in 1 laptop, any help?05:17
TJ-centaur5: right, and did you configure a manual DNS server IP address there?05:17
centaur5TJ-, yep exact same DNS server on both machines but the desktop doesn't lookup.05:17
TJ-centaur5: first thing is to ensure you've not made a silly typo in the edit box :) 2nd is to review /var/log/syslog where NM reports very verbosely when its configuring an interface.05:18
curtis__screw this05:18
dengxinjunthis is a book05:19
centaur5TJ-, triple checked digits and even rebooted with saved settings.  I'll check the logs real quick.05:19
TJ-centaur5: the way it works is NM controls a private instance of dnsmasq, the caching DNS server, which listens on NM sends the configured DNS server IP address to dnsmasq over DBus when the connection is activated05:19
dengxinjunI much do it05:19
TJ-centaur5: check that this is a sym-link: "ls -l /etc/resolv.conf" should be a pointer to "../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf"05:19
TJ-centaur5: also, check the content of "/etc/resolv.conf" - the target file should contain "nameserver"05:20
centaur5TJ-, no symlink exists and the DNS in resolv is the previous router05:21
dengxinjunthe ubuntu very ..........05:22
TJ-centaur5: that explains it! Can you check this exists and contains the nameserver line I showed: "cat /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf"05:22
wmorridengxinjun, hi do you have a question?05:22
TJ-!cn | dengxinjun if you'd prefer to talk in your own language05:23
ubottudengxinjun if you'd prefer to talk in your own language: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:23
dengxinjunNo.I'm not05:23
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:23
centaur5TJ-, yes it does have
TJ-centaur5: OK, the fix should be "sudo ln -sf ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf"05:24
SeriouslyLaughhow did you guys know he had a question in chinese? just curious05:24
OerHeksguys, english only please05:24
SeriouslyLaughbased on his nick?05:24
TJ-SeriouslyLaugh: I checked his IP address net owner05:24
TJ-SeriouslyLaugh: "netname:        CHINANET-JX"05:24
SeriouslyLaughTJ- oh cool05:25
centaur5TJ-, Thanks a lot you're a genius.05:25
centaur5TJ-, Guess one of my release upgrades must have broken that05:25
TJ-centaur5: it's a common issue where users/scripts forcefully replace that file not knowing it is supposed to be a sym-link05:25
TJ-all local DNS resolution is done by that private dnsmasq controlled by NM05:26
TJ-!english | dengxinjun allen05:26
ubottudengxinjun allen: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:26
TJ-dengxinjun: thank you :)05:26
centaur5TJ-, Thanks a lot. My knowledge on how nm-applet works was too limited to understand what was going on.05:26
TJ-centaur5: nm-applet is just a GUI interface to the underlying NM service. You can access/control it manually in a terminal with "nmcli"05:27
dengxinjunenglish only?05:28
centaur5TJ-, Good to know for future use. Thanks again!05:28
dengxinjunI'm chinese05:28
TJ-centaur5: and your 'all-users' interfaces are defined in text files under /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/05:28
wmorridengxinjun, if speaking in chinese is easier for you try joining #ubuntu-cn.05:29
TJ-centaur5: so, if you get into serious problems with no GUI there are a couple of options (nmcli and manual text editor) to fix things up05:29
SeriouslyLaughmight help to direct him in his own language05:30
allenso hungry05:31
dengxinjunI'm hungry ,too05:32
dengxinjunI like eat....eat05:33
TJ-!ot | dengxinjun allen05:36
ubottudengxinjun allen: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:36
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:41
TJ-!bcm | guest69__: I think the factoid is05:42
ubottuguest69__: I think the factoid is: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:42
daftykinsit's cool, ubottu just didn't repeat as it was so recent :)05:43
TJ-hmmm, oh, both work! Teach me to read a bit more05:43
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thoughtful_gobliHI everyone, when i try to install any packages on ubuntu 12.04 I get 'Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages' errors. Does anyone know how to debug/fix this?05:54
bencc1can I su to root when I'm not in the sudoers list?05:56
wmorrithoughtful_gobli, have you tried running sudo apt-get update recently?05:56
thoughtful_gobliYes, ran it just before and it ran without errors, I have also run sudo apt-get upgrade.05:57
SeriouslyLaughthoughtful_gobli try running sudo apt-get -f install05:57
SeriouslyLaughthoughtful_gobli read this thread http://askubuntu.com/questions/140246/how-do-i-resolve-unmet-dependencies-after-adding-a-ppa05:58
OerHeksthoughtful_gobli, you'll need 2 packages in this order:> sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils05:58
thoughtful_goblihttps://gist.github.com/anonymous/6d07c062f36d188188a5 < it threw the same error05:58
thoughtful_gobliok, reading though that now05:58
* qu 05:59
SeriouslyLaughthoughtful_gobli also read this http://askubuntu.com/questions/451364/how-to-enable-exfat-in-ubuntu-14-0406:00
thoughtful_gobliOk, Thank you. Oh apologies i should have said i am running ubuntu 12.0406:01
SeriouslyLaughok use this http://askubuntu.com/questions/100278/how-do-i-install-and-mount-an-exfat-partition06:02
AlexQFixed! After some dist-upgrade and installation of linux-generic. One problem remaining: gazziliions of crash messages about a previous kernel still appearing. How to get rid of that?06:05
AlexQProbably cashed somewhere06:06
Ben64pastebin the errors06:06
SeriouslyLaughAlexQ try to post a snippet of the exact errors06:06
spilt_milkwhat's up my ubuntoonians?06:07
AlexQ"System problem detected" appearing, which can't be true as they are all about a package "linux-image..(previous version that was problematic)"... Basically the messages that were appearing before I fixed the problem of missing linux-generic after upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10. So this looks like old messages appearing06:08
jnesselrspilt_milk: Trying to install ubuntu on an old mac mini. Pulling my hair out. The usual.06:08
thoughtful_gobliThanks that was the one I was following. I have made a copy of /etc/apt/sources.list and run the "sudo apt-get clean" and "sudo apt-get autoclean" command but still have the same issue.06:08
thoughtful_gobliif i attempt to install sudo apt-get -f install fuse-utils I get a more specific error: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/64f16339a4c0c3053fc906:08
SeriouslyLaughAlexQ run sudo rm /var/crash/*06:08
AlexQSeriouslyLaugh: oo, yeah, I've been looking for that, but thought it was inside /var/log06:09
jnesselrSo why does the ubuntu server iso keep trying to check for the cd-rom? It's not running off of a cd-rom.06:10
SeriouslyLaughthoughtful_gobli you may have to purge exfat and reinstall using the PPA in the latest link i sent06:10
SeriouslyLaughrun sudo apt-get purge fuse-exfat exfat-utils06:10
AlexQSeriouslyLaugh: Thanks06:11
jnesselrIt's starting to get... irritating.06:11
wmorrijnesselr, are you talking about when it does a hardware check?06:11
thoughtful_gobliIt looks like they have never been installed: "Package fuse-exfat is not installed, so not removed, Package exfat-utils is not installed, so not removed'06:11
jnesselrwmorri: When I'm trying to install, yes. I think it's looking for the install media.06:12
SeriouslyLaughthe run sudo apt-get clean06:12
SeriouslyLaughthen sudo apt-get autoremove06:12
jnesselr"Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. This probably means that the CD-ROM was not in the drive. If so you can insert it and try again."06:12
jnesselrBut I'm not booting from the CD drive.06:13
jnesselrAnd when I try to mount /dev/sdb3 (the disk I put the installer on) onto /cdrom, it tells me that it's an Invalid Argument06:14
SeriouslyLaughthen install the ppa; sudo apt-add-repository ppa:relan/exfat06:14
SeriouslyLaughthen run sudo apt-get update06:14
SeriouslyLaughthen run sudo apt-get install fuse-exfat exfat-utils06:14
SeriouslyLaughAlexQ sure thing06:14
baiterif you are running from cd rom, then you don't need to mount it06:15
wmorrijnesselr, this seems to be an issue, I am looking for a good solution.06:15
baiterit's already mounted, hence you can boot from it06:15
SeriouslyLaughok then just add the PPA above, update, and install that way06:15
jnesselrbaiter: Sure, but this computer no longer has a functioning CD-ROM drive.06:15
TJ-jnesselr: that suggests the /etc/apt/sources.list has the original DVD/ISO archive entry not commented out06:15
jnesselrTJ-: What, on the ramdisk that's loaded right now?06:16
baiteryou are doing some strange stuff06:16
baiterwhy don't you just install it like normal people?06:16
TJ-jnesselr: check /etc/apt/sources.list, see if it has an "deb cdrom: ..." entry06:16
AlexQnight night'06:17
jnesselrTJ-: It's a ramdisk. There's literally no /etc/apt folder.06:17
TJ-jnesselr: otherwise, its another issue, which is the mounting of the LIVE ISO image to /cdrom/06:17
baiter... what's a ramdisk?06:17
jnesselrbaiter: It's not my fault I can't burn a CD and try it in this drive.06:17
TJ-jnesselr: the live env still has all the /etc/ files, its unpacked from a squashfs file system06:17
baiteryou don't need a cd06:18
baiterto install it06:18
baiteryou can install from usb06:18
wmorriTJ-, I think i found a solution, but I haven't had this problem so I don't know if it works. http://askubuntu.com/questions/593002/fail-to-install-ubuntu-server-14-04-64bit-lts-from-usb-drive06:18
jnesselrbaiter: Which is where I'm at now.06:18
jnesselrWhich is what's causing this error.06:18
baiterisn't there an option to install?06:19
TJ-baiter: the actual device doesn't matter; the hybrid ISO images are designed to work as if they were loaded from a DVD even if they start from a USB hard disk emulation06:19
jnesselrbaiter: Yes. I hit install, go through the normal prompts, set up keyboard, etc. It then fails to detect the CD-ROM for the install media06:20
TJ-jnesselr: did you try the 'switch USB ports' trick so the device is re-mounted ?06:20
baiterso can't you skip it?06:20
TJ-baiter: no; it's a major fault. The ISO image disappears06:21
jnesselrTJ-: yes06:21
TJ-I used to see this a lot with SCSI-attached CD/DVD drives on servers. The installer expects them to be on ATA and if libata isn't involved, the device name isn't what the installer expects06:22
jnesselrI mean good grief, LFS gave me fewer issues than this computer is lol.06:22
bhagathcan explain how to block usb data transfer06:23
latrodectusbhagath: http://www.linux.com/community/blogs/133-general-linux/727195-disable-a-enable-usb-from-terminal/06:24
latrodectusbhagath: also http://www.techrepublic.com/article/disable-usb-ports-to-prevent-unauthorized-data-transfers/06:25
bindiare there any problems to be expected if I want to dualboot ubuntu with win10 and bitlocker on a fakeraid? :-)06:26
latrodectusbindi: so long as you partition your drive correctly i see no problems06:26
bindifakeraid is kinda hardware raid but its software raid anyway, you know, motherboard raid06:27
latrodectus!partition | bindi06:27
ubottubindi: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap06:27
bindii know how to partition things but last time i installed on a fakeraid gparted showed everything 4 times (i have 4 disks in a raid0) but i got it installed anyway :P06:27
latrodectuswell it probabily didn't register as one disk06:28
OerHeksusually bitlocker takes the whole drive..06:28
jnesselrBitLocker can get really weird with ubuntu systems.06:28
bindiI've shrunk the partition succesfully already06:28
latrodectusOerHeks: can't you have bitlocker take a partition06:28
bindiI would think that the free space wouldnt be encrypted.. that would be silly (or would it?)06:29
OerHeksbindi, one way to find out, boot the iso in live mode and see06:29
latrodectusbindi: it wouldn't be silly06:30
TJ-bindi: It depends on the fakeraid, GRUB boot-loader won't be able to use it, but the OS should do via either mdraid or dmraid06:31
latrodectusso long as you keep your secure shit on your secured drive, i see no problems with not using the full drive06:31
TJ-bindi: you'll need a separate device for GRUB to boot from06:32
bindii've installed ubuntu on the same fakeraid before though and it booted06:32
TJ-bindi: also, 4 drives in RADID-0 is a recipe for disaster06:32
bindi14.04 had some trouble with grub installation but i got it with fixboot or something, 15.04 did it on its own06:33
bindino other boot devices in the system and it worked :P06:33
bindiTJ-: they're SSDs06:33
jnesselrSo just an update, I'm trying something a little weird. I pushed the install media on the internal sata and I'm also pushing it to the external drive. Theoretically, I should be able to mount the iso from one onto the ram disk for the other.06:34
jnesselrwhere it's expected the cdrom that is06:34
TJ-bindi: that was luck :) ... RAID-0 (striping) means the first disk of the array must NOT store its fakeraid metadata at the beginning of the disk(s), and the partitioning must leave space for GRUB to install its core.img. GRUB will depend on the OROM of the FakeRAID controller for BIOS boot-time services, so it can only start in biosdisk mode, not nativedisk06:34
bXpejuh ngasu06:35
bXyou stupid06:35
jnesselrwell that was weird.06:35
bindiTJ-: what was luck exactly? :o06:36
TJ-bindi: GRUB often cannot find its core.img, or its root file-system, when fakeRAID is involved and its not a simple RAID-1 mirror config06:36
slackingbX#knapa bro06:36
bindiTJ-: right06:37
jnesselrSo, final solution for those curious: dd the iso to both the internal hard disk on a partion instead of the full disk, so the EFI stuff still plays nice, as well as to a usb disk. Then mount the usb disk to /cdrom through fstab. Profit. Maybe. Still trying to do the install. At least it recognizes the disk at this point.06:43
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taavi90Hello, could someone please test if you are able to ssh to my server? I seem to be having port problems07:10
Ben64use nmap07:11
stangelandi am in ~ and i do du -sh * and i get a report saying that a directory called software contains 3.8G. So i enter that directory, and it only have a files...totalling up tp 400M. How can du be off with a factor of 10?07:17
latrodectusstrictlyb: you checked the hidden files as well right?07:22
latrodectus* strangeland07:22
* latrodectus needs to stop useing tab complete for nicks in large channels ;.;07:23
HackerIIuse the any-key07:23
ganymede_latrodectus: It should match by last spoken order.07:30
latrodectusganymede_: it should, but idk if it does, i still have a couple of settings to tweak in irssi...07:36
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neoserver_admincan suggest how to scan windows clinets active ips from ubuntu server07:59
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eigartHi !08:18
eigarthttps://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/ seems to  be down :(08:18
latrodectus^checked it's down08:19
auronandaceeigart: this channel only deals with supported releases08:19
eigartauronandace: okay, anyway the server seems to be up again08:20
eigartauronandace: thanks !08:20
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ubuntu037Good morning, I have just installed a brand new Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS on a server, the machine has 128gb of RAM 2x 300GB Hard Raided SSD's and a 2tb Sata drive on it, Also a e5 1650 v3 CPU. THe machine is currently idling and has been all night but the load avg is 1.04 1.05 1.05. Does anyone have any pointers into what I should look into to determine what's causing this?08:56
TJ-ubuntu037: Yes. Can you "pastebinit /proc/interrupts" ?08:57
ubuntu037yeh, one sec08:57
freakyyomg nice machine ;D08:58
TJ-ubuntu037: did you also install the hardware enablement stack?08:58
ubuntu037sorry it's a little strange formatting... you might need to toggle some options08:59
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ubuntu037ah no I did not, I'll install that one second08:59
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Guest63695hello everybody09:00
bekksubuntu037: After booting into your new kernel, you can take a look at powertop09:00
TJ-!ltse | ubuntu03709:00
ubottuubuntu037: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack09:00
ubuntu037I have just installed it, should I reboot or anything?09:01
bekksubuntu037: You need to reboot, yes.09:01
ubuntu037ok great, one second then!09:02
bekksBEFORE you do:09:02
ubuntu037to late haha09:02
bekksYou should slow down.09:02
bekksBecause you didnt do what you were told to do: investigate /proc/interrupts09:02
bekksAfter rebooting, its pointless to do that.09:02
ubuntu037I pasted it09:02
TJ-ubuntu037: also, what's the current "uptime" - so I can get an idea of how long it took achieve those totals09:03
TJ-ubuntu037: it's fine; reboot is good, no point diagnosing on an old kernel version09:03
ubuntu037Uptime was about 4 hours09:03
ubuntu037I installed the system yesterday about this time...09:03
TJ-ubuntu037: right, so the LOC interrupt totals were quite high for that09:03
ubuntu037what is "LOC"?09:04
TJ-oh, maybe not so bad then!09:04
TJ-CPU-local interrupts09:04
TJ-when the LAPIC fires (Local Advanced Programmable Interrupt Timer)09:04
ubuntu037when the machine boots the load is low, perhaps 0.209:05
ubuntu037at first I thought it was top/htop reporting the wrong information or adding 1.00 to the correct number09:05
TJ-ubuntu037: generally the load average is due to internal kernel waiting, so it doesn't show up in any kind of process or I/O (disk, network) anaylsis.09:05
bekksEven 0.2 is quite high for an idling machine :)09:06
ubuntu037this is what I thought, the machine is replacing an older machine with a lesser CPU, no SSD's and Less RAM and that idles at 0.109:06
ubuntu037+ and it has a little traffic on it09:06
TJ-ubuntu037: it's not abnormal on a multi-core system like that to see a high load average09:07
bekksSounds like the old machine would have been sufficient :)09:07
TJ-ubuntu037: I've seen quite a few E5-1650s recently with the same09:08
ubuntu037the strange thing is that we have an identical machine (in terms of hardware) and software stack in our cluster and it's nowhere near this kind of load, even under strain09:08
TJ-ubuntu037: same mobo/firmware version?09:08
ubuntu037that I am not sure about unfortunately09:09
ubuntu037Machine has now rebooted, load is 1.07, htop reports no movement on the 12 CPU's09:09
bekksubuntu037: So take a look at powertop.09:09
ubuntu0370.7% on a random core every 5(ish) seconds or somehting09:10
TJ-ubuntu037: differences due to firmware/ACPI can often contribute. once it is booted looking at dmesg ouput you can get the mobo/firmware version with "dmesg | grep DMI:"09:10
TJ-ubuntu037: is it a HA cluster?09:10
TJ-ubuntu037: '5ish seconds' sounds like a write-back cache flush09:11
ubuntu037what am I looking for in `powertop` ?09:11
bekksubuntu037: The output :)09:11
ubuntu037++ :)09:12
ubuntu037Summary: 109.3 wakeups/second,  0.0 GPU ops/seconds, 0.0 VFS ops/sec and 1.4% CPU use09:12
TJ-ubuntu037: check the idle stats09:12
bekksubuntu037: Thats just one line of the output.09:12
ubuntu037shall I pastebin?09:12
TJ-ubuntu037: if it is truely idling, the C3 percentage should be over 80%09:12
TJ-yes please09:12
ubuntu037C6-HSW     99.3%09:13
bekksubuntu037: C6 with almost 100% is ok.09:14
ubuntu037this is the "Tunables" tab http://pastebin.com/PE0chfxa09:15
TJ-ubuntu037: that looks fine, C6 is a deeper sleep state... but that might be the reason, because deeper sleep state == longer latencies09:15
ubuntu037http://pastebin.com/TeGpHN4G <--- Device Stats tab09:16
bekkspowertop is designed to tell show you whats going on regarding power consumption09:16
TeoD360hi all09:17
TJ-ubuntu037: which CPU idle governor is operating?09:18
ubuntu037Sorry, how do I find that out?09:18
ubuntu037(I'm a programmer not a kernel guy :/ )09:18
TJ-ubuntu037: "cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor"09:19
ubuntu037about 10 lines all stating "Performance"09:20
ubuntu03712 lines perhaps (make sense for the 12 cores)09:20
ubuntu037sorry I have to go for a minute, my new born is crying very loudly!09:21
TJ-ubuntu037: that's correct09:21
ren0v0ok i've asked this over and over to no response09:23
ren0v0my software updater keeps telling me there are updates09:23
ren0v0but i've set it to notify me "never"09:23
cfhowlettren0v0, open a terminal: sudo apt-get update  | nc termbin.com 999909:24
cfhowlettpaste the url here.09:24
ren0v0cfhowlett, what does repository lists have to do with software updater asking me to update?09:25
ren0v0i have "automatically check for updates" set to *never*09:25
cfhowlettren0v0, this will display exactly what is seeking the update - something that would be helpful to know09:26
cfhowlettren0v0, I'd bet/hope you did not disable automatic security upgrades09:26
ren0v0cfhowlett, wait, so its not possible to turn this off via GUI? (security)09:27
cfhowlettren0v0, it IS possible but you are rather guessing at this point.  get the information and then you'll know.  sudo apt-get update ONLY displays what is requesting update.  it downloads/installs nothing09:28
ren0v0i can see what packages, they are security updates likely right09:28
ren0v0i want to turn this off09:28
ren0v0so i'll find out how, thanks09:28
cfhowlettren0v0, you want to turn off SECURITY?  unwise ...09:29
ren0v0i'm in the terminal 95% of the time so its fine09:29
TJ-ren0v0: there's a difference between a GUI component notifying you, and actually checking for the updates. It sounds like your problem is the former ?09:29
ren0v0TJ-, yup09:29
TJ-ren0v0: which ubuntu release, and which DE (Unity) ?09:30
ren0v0sound it  /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades09:30
cfhowlettnicely done!09:30
TJ-ren0v0: that's for *applying* updates09:30
ren0v0well its currently not commented out, and it doesn't "automatically" install, it asks me, so still not the right file?09:31
TJ-ren0v0: I'd suspect you're getting notifications due to 99update-notifier09:32
AvatarAhuh, unattended does not ask09:32
AvatarAthat's why it's unattended09:32
TJ-ren0v0: but even then, the GUI will just check the file that script touches, so the GUI component is still the issue09:32
ren0v0its odd, i've been running 14.04 for ages and recently reinstalled, i dont remember ever getting these popups, ever09:34
AvatarAgetting those popups is default behavior for ubuntu 1409:35
ren0v0there aren't even any packages to install via cli lol09:35
ren0v02 kept back09:36
ren0v0ok stuff it, at least i'm on the right track i'll deal with it nother day, thanks09:36
cfhowlettren0v0, eh, might want to check that with a simulation: apt-get -s dist-upgrades09:36
TJ-ren0v0: setting may be somewhere like $HOME/.gconf/apps/update-notifier/%gconf.xml09:38
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TJ-ren0v0: last answer here seems to confirm the 99update-notifier suggestion http://askubuntu.com/questions/218755/how-to-disable-the-update-manager-popup09:41
ubuntu037sorry about that, seems my son likes to cry A LOT!09:51
ubuntu037so is it less likely to be software (kernel) and more likely to be a hardware issue?09:54
ubuntu037Regarding the Mobo / Firmware, they're different on both machines09:57
TJ-ubuntu037: which one is on older firmware?10:03
TJ-ubuntu037: or, do you mean the mobos are different?10:03
rugseyhey, how do i install a windows .iso on a bootable drive FROM a linux system? i'm a newbie, please help haha10:06
cfhowlettrugsey, short answer: you don't.  get a windows machine, make your windows USB and install away10:08
cfhowlettrugsey, for further assistance, ask ##windows10:08
TJ-rugsey: if the ISO image is hybrid bootable, and you are targeting a USB mass storage device, "dd if=path/to/windows.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=100M conv=fdatasync,fsync"10:08
rugseythank you very much....10:09
TJ-rugsey: if you want to *execute* the windows.iso and whilst it is running, install Windows to a disk device, then use a virtual machine10:09
cfhowlettthis ^^10:10
rugseysweet, thank you10:10
cfhowlett!test | rafibd0171710:10
ubotturafibd01717: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:10
rafibd01717what is the command to install vagrant on Ubuntu 14?10:10
rafibd01717and install virtualbox on ubuntu?10:11
ubuntu037TJ- : the new machine is the newer firmware10:12
ubuntu037I'm just trying to boot into a rescue kernel to see if the loads are the same10:12
bekksubuntu037: How does that help in debugging?10:14
autoithey guys! i have dual boot setup in my pc.but when i boot into ubuntu my hdd seems to make audible clicking sounds. when i opena folder i can distinctively hear it. but when i boot into windows it disappears. i have checked the smart attributes and they are all good. any help?10:14
rafibd01717I am using ubuntu 14.04LTS and want to upgrade it to 15.10. How can I upgrade it?10:15
cfhowlettautoit, audible clicking?  Nope, I wouldn't trust that hardware no matter what smart attributes is telling you.10:15
cfhowlettrafibd01717, 14.04 >> 14.10 >> 15.04 >> 15.1010:16
cfhowlettor clean install 15.1010:16
bekksautoit: so show us the smart attributes i a pastebin.10:16
autoitcfhowlett: it disappears in windows completely10:16
autoitbekks: one moment10:16
rafibd01717cfhowlett: you mean I need to upgrade in this looooong way!!!10:17
cfhowlettrafibd01717, you asked how.  I explained both options10:17
bekksautoit: It disappears in Windows because Windows uses different areas on your disk.10:17
rafibd01717I dont want to do clean install10:17
rafibd01717it would require downloading a big iso10:17
bekksrafibd01717: Then you need to upgrade that long way.10:17
rafibd01717very bad10:18
=== user is now known as Guest41186
cfhowlettrafibd01717, then you have to do the incremental installs I described.  OR wait for 16.04 :    14.04 will directly upgrade to 16.0410:18
bekksrafibd01717: And upgrading will require even a lot more downloading.10:18
cfhowlettand 14.04 IS still supported10:18
MonkeyDustrafibd01717  bith ways take a long time, choose the easiest, which is fresh install10:18
rafibd01717actually not a good way for people from 3rd world countries.10:19
rafibd01717we pay huge amount for every MB than developed country users10:19
bekksrafibd01717: 14.04 is supported untile 2019.10:19
cfhowlettrafibd01717, why do you suddenly need to upgrade?  14.04 still works and is still supported10:19
rafibd01717bekks: good to know10:19
rafibd01717just wanted be to updated10:20
MonkeyDustrafibd01717  i live in a 'rich' country and am still using 14.04 too10:20
=== Obama is now known as Guest33260
rafibd01717actually I don't have any problem with 1410:20
cfhowlettrafibd01717, sudo apt full-upgrade            will get you updated10:20
rafibd01717what does this command do actually?10:21
cfhowlettrafibd01717, 14.04 >>> 14.04.310:21
rafibd01717well anyone know how can i install virtualbox on ubuntu?10:21
cfhowlettrafibd01717, sudo apt install virtualbox10:22
rafibd01717thanks guy10:22
rafibd01717from .deb file what should be the command?10:22
rafibd01717sudo apt-get installl something.deb?10:23
cfhowlettvirtualbox is in the repos.  why are you mucking about with out of repo debs?10:23
rafibd01717because in this way I can install vbox in my another machine without downloading it again and again.10:24
rafibd01717as said I need to pay huge amount for every MB10:24
rafibd01717not talking about GB even in 2015 yet talking about MB10:24
cfhowlettrafibd01717, where did you find this .deb?10:24
rafibd01717virtualbox.org provides i386.de10:25
cfhowlettrafibd01717, you have a 386 system?10:26
rafibd01717I have a 32bit machine10:26
cfhowlettsudo dpkg -i foo.deb10:26
rafibd01717dpkg means what? and thanks for the help. :)10:27
cfhowlettrafibd01717, in your terminal:   man dpkg                 and read10:28
autoitthese are the smart attributes: http://pastebin.com/DsKZZxJk the drive only makes noise in ubuntu and not in windows.10:28
MonkeyDustrafibd01717  dpkg meand debian package10:28
ashrafsudo dpkg -i DEB_PACKAGE10:28
ashrafit's for package installation10:29
autoitbekks: i have posted the pastebin10:29
ubuntu037Ok so the top is still at 1.00 in a rescue kernel so it's probably hardware based?10:30
rafibd01717to completely remove a package again what should be the command?10:30
ashrafsudo dpkg -r PACKAGE_NAME10:31
MonkeyDustrafibd01717  i'm curious, in which country are you10:32
rafibd01717ashraf bhai bangladeshi naki? :)10:32
ashrafhmm, :-)10:32
rafibd01717MonkeyDust: from BD10:32
autoitcfhowlett: i have posted the smart attributes10:32
cfhowlettautoit, I'm blind to pastebinit.com because China ...10:33
=== gaz is now known as Guest65112
autoitanybody else can help? hdd is making noise in ubuntu but not in windows. smart attributes ok10:34
=== ich_ is now known as whothehellami
rafibd01717where should I install .deb packages? In Home? What is the best practice?10:34
MonkeyDustautoit  define noises, which ubuntu version, did it work before etc10:35
=== Nme is now known as Guest27124
cfhowlettrafibd01717, dpkg -i should direct it to its proper location without your intervention10:36
rafibd01717I see10:36
autoitubuntu 14.04 hdd has never failed till now. noise is like... heads are clicking against something... i dont know how to describe it10:36
autoitlike normal read opeartion but louder10:36
autoitit goes away completely in windows10:37
MonkeyDustautoit  when did it start, what has changed10:37
rafibd01717well I am getting errors..10:38
rafibd01717softeng@softeng:~/virtualbox$ sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-5.0_5.0.10-104061~Ubuntu~trusty_i386.deb dpkg: considering removing virtualbox in favour of virtualbox-5.0 ... dpkg: no, cannot proceed with removal of virtualbox (--auto-deconfigure will help):  virtualbox-qt depends on virtualbox (= 4.3.10-dfsg-1ubuntu5)   virtualbox is to be removed.  dpkg: regarding virtualbox-5.0_5.0.10-104061~Ubuntu~trusty_i386.deb containing virtualbox10:38
whothehellamihi, I am not sure if this issue is hardware related but I don't think so... I have a dual boot system with win and ubuntu 15.04 and grub is starting rly slow and needs about 3 sec for recognising my input. after selecting an entry it is also loading very slow10:38
autoitsince the first time i booted into ubuntu. it has always been like this. earlier i ignored it. but it became irritating. noise levels have not changed since when i first installed ubuntu10:38
TJ-autoit: that sounds like the drive is resetting. check 'dmesg' for I/O errors.10:39
autoitthere seem to be none.10:40
rafibd01717I think I need to clean my old virtualbox first right?10:41
autoitthe sound comes when there is a read/write op. because when i open a folder i can hear it or when i save a file10:41
autoitMonkeyDust: anything?10:42
rafibd01717so how can I remove my old virtualbox?10:43
wmorrirafibd01717, have you tried to use sudo apt-get autoremove virtualbox?10:44
rafibd01717no. trying10:44
MonkeyDustautoit  is it old hardware, maybe? which windows is on it?10:45
wmorriwhothehellami, does it happen with you choose both ubuntu and windows options?10:45
rafibd01717wmorri: is this command used to remove all packages installed from remote?10:45
autoitits win8. hardware is not old 2 years at max. plus there is the fact as soon as i boot into windows it goes away10:46
TJ-autoit: OK, I think you'll need to use hdparm to set the head-retract timeout, or disable the agressive power management10:47
wmorrirafibd01717, you can use it to remove all packages that are no longer needed or to remove one package and the dependencies as far a I know.10:48
TJ-autoit: I've seen these issues occasionally with some drives, not quite sure what triggers it10:48
autoiti read about setting the power management to 255. but i was afraid it will affect normal drive operation in windows as well10:48
rafibd01717wmorri: do I need to restart pc after removing packages?10:49
wmorrirafibd01717, no.10:49
whothehellamiwmorri, I  need to check this.10:49
wmorriwhothehellami, okay10:49
autoitwill using hdparm not affect drive operations in windows10:49
wmorrirafibd01717, if you need an exact definition for autoremove just run the command man apt-get and scroll down.10:50
MonkeyDustautoit  ubuntu and windows work independentally, unluss you used wubi10:51
autoitbut the hard disk is same. and i just checked power management seems to be off for my hdd10:51
amburgeris it possible to make compton show shadow only for popup windows, like reverse exclude-shadow setting10:52
whothehellamiwmorri, after selecting windows inside the grub menu I see a screen with the grub colour for about 4-5 sec10:53
whothehellamiwmorri, this should not take that long?10:53
wmorriwhothehellami, not normally it should boot right away.10:54
whothehellamiwmorri. also I am wondering about the time needed before the selected entry moves if I move with the arrow keys the first time10:56
=== Guest5195 is now known as yuciyuar
hunterzeroxxxhello friend10:56
nikolamI have an user not using Unity desktop. What is alternative desktop search option that one can use and has an GUI for search results (A la Windows Viste/7+ disk search) ?10:57
wmorriwhothehellami, I don't know enough about grub to know the answer to that. I am going to look and see if there is a log file that can help us.10:58
cfhowlettnikolam, Ms. Cleo has the night off, so you'll have to actually tell what desktop he IS using.10:58
nikolamXfce cfhowlett  and ther is catfish but afraid not best solution?10:59
nikolamalso it would need some indexing before search I suppose10:59
hunterzeroxxxhello i am hunter10:59
cfhowletthunterzeroxxx, this is ubuntu support.  stay on topic or chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic11:00
hunterzeroxxxyes i am ubuntu user11:00
wmorriwhothehellami, what version of ubuntu are you loading into?11:00
hunterzeroxxxwho use gnome here ?11:01
whothehellamiwmorri, 15.04 with 3.19.0-33-generic11:01
cfhowletthunterzeroxxx, wrong question.  describe YOUR problem on YOUR computer.11:01
amburgernikolam: google find locate linux ,it's not gui11:01
wmorriwhothehellami, thank you11:01
MonkeyDustnikolam  there's something called 'docky' or so, search tool, i'm lookng...11:01
nikolamamburger, I know find, locate , needs GUI11:01
hunterzeroxxxi have not a problem in my ubuntu i jut want chat with people11:02
cfhowletthunterzeroxxx, go to #ubuntu-offtopic11:02
dahuiHi all... i'm getting sometimes problems with my wifi (intel centrino advanced 6235).. sometimes it doesn't connect and then i reboot the OS and starts working again.. I did two sollutions that I find (http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/322-ubuntu-trusty-intel-centrino-6235-slow-freeze and I install this driver https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/iwlwifi) but I just want to know if has any definition on this sollution because it's not 11:03
stefanosalve a tutti11:03
wmorricfhowlett, if you have a minute could you help whothehellami? He is having sloow boot times like 3-4 seconds from grub and I am just not finding anything to help him.11:04
stefanoper avere una lista buona di iptv cm si fa11:04
cfhowlettwmorri, I had an eye on that, but I have not knowledge of his issue.  sorry11:04
cfhowlett!it | stefano11:04
ubottustefano: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:04
wmorricfhowlett, okay I will keep digging.11:05
stefanook grazie11:05
whothehellamiwmorri, what I can see with dmesg is not related to that issue because dmesg shows what happens after grub?11:06
amburgernikolam: http://linux.die.net/man/1/gnome-search-tool ?11:07
wmorriwhothehellami, yes i beleive so.11:07
=== sUbMuNdO- is now known as sUbMuNdO
wmorriwhothehellami, I would have a look in /var/log/syslog. It will give you a ton of information look for anything to do with grub or booting.11:12
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=== ______________ is now known as Guest96984
wmorridahui,hi have you looked at the wifi touble shooting guide yet? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide11:16
dahuiwmorri: nops.. i never see this link.. i directly search sollution for my problem specific11:18
dahuiwhat i find is that these new kernels are having problems with this wifi card11:19
dahuii don't know if this is possible.. becausa sometimes is working (like right now)11:19
wmorridahui, if you think that it might be a bug then I would look at reporting a bug. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs11:21
dahuiwmorri: i was thinking to install a debian distro just to confirme if they are having this problem..11:22
jibonhow can I install virtualbox on ubuntu?11:23
cfhowlettjibon, sudo apt-get install virtualbox11:23
wmorridahui, ubuntu is based on debian.11:25
jibon_hey $sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms line is required to install vbox?11:25
jibon_sorry I got dc11:25
rugseywhere can i download a clean windows 7 iso? mine isn't working for some reason, says it is preactivated11:27
bekksrugsey: Ask the Microsoft sales support.11:27
MonkeyDustrugsey  ##windows11:27
bekksrugsey: This is the totally wrong place for it.11:28
MonkeyDustrugsey  type    /j ##windows11:28
jibon_bekks: can you remember me?11:28
bekksjibon_: Sure.11:28
rugseyi'm installing it on virtualbox11:28
jibon_I am asking to know vbox installation on Ubuntu11:28
bekksrugsey: Doesnt matter.11:28
bekksjibon_: You have been told twice already.11:28
jibon_bekks: I got a dc11:29
MonkeyDustwhat's a dc11:29
jibon_can you please copy paste the lines?11:29
bekksjibon_: sudo apt-get install virtualbox11:29
jibon_ok from where you usually download boxes?11:30
bekksFrom nowhere. You install them yourself.11:30
jibon_I want to install centos server and a mac latest os11:30
MonkeyDustjibon_  stop11:30
bekksjibon_: So do it.11:30
bekksjibon_: Do you own Apple hardware?11:31
jibon_will it not run on a hp machine?11:31
bekksjibon_: It is illegal then.11:31
whothehellamiwmorri, I don't know if this is a problem but inside syslog one of the first lines is "ureadahead[213]: ureadahead:/etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-352_hybrid.conf: file or directory not found"11:32
whothehellamiwmorri, but I purged nvidia* some time ago11:32
Sohronhello fellow ubuntuites :p11:33
wmorriwhothehellami, are you still using the nvidia card?11:33
Sohronis anyone here having playback problems with spotify-client?11:34
Sohronlike a song in the middle of a playlist seemingly randomly just won't start to play...11:34
Sohronplay/pause doesn't help at least11:35
Sohroni know the linux version is just a preview, but still11:36
whothehellamiwmorri, no drivers are installed so I don't think so. I wanted to install one but after that I got a black screen after rebooting so I've purged the nvidia stuff.11:36
Sohronwhothehellami: can you get to single-user mode with nvidia drivers installed? if so i have fixed some nvidia issues by reinstalling the drivers...11:37
whothehellamiwmorri, as far as I can remember I had this grub problem after a fresh installation of ubuntu (and windows)11:37
whothehellamiSohron, sry I don't know what exactly u mean with "single-user mode with nvidia drivers installed"11:38
wmorriSohron, I think that you answered your own question saying that it is a preview. things will break.11:39
Sohronwmorri: yeps11:40
Sohronwhothehellami: you can boot to single user by editing the grub commandline before boot11:40
Sohronwhothehellami: it's a non-graphical root shell11:41
Sohronwhothehellami: so proprietary nvidia drivers won't be in the way, at least i've had it working11:42
whothehellamiSohron, stopping the X server is not sufficient?11:43
wmorriSohron, so i have been trying to help whothehellami with his really slow load times out of grub. He wasn't sure if the nvidia message might have something to do with it. I just wanted to get you up to speed.11:44
Sohronwhothehellami: i've had no luck doing anything when nvidia drivers are making trouble and booting to X11:44
Sohronwmorri: ah so, okay11:45
Sohronwhothehellami: i don't think grub knows anything about nvidia drivers11:45
whothehellamiSohron, yes I think the nvidia driver problem has nothing to do with the loading time after selecting something inside grub. especially if this is also happening if I want to start windows11:46
Sohronindeed whothehellami11:47
rgautam98When i reboot my pc, it tells me that there is an error in the / directory in the tmp directory. Can anybody tell me what this is.11:48
Sohronrgautam98: what is the error message actually?11:48
rgautam98It says that there is an in the / directory11:49
MonkeyDustrgautam98  the exact error message can help find a solution11:49
rgautam98And when i hit f it says there is an error in /tmp directory11:50
rgautam98Thats all it said11:50
rgautam98Now my pc is taking a long time to boot11:50
Sohronrgautam98: is /tmp a separate partition?11:50
wmorrirgautam98, a long time like 30 seconds or 5 minutes?11:51
Sohronwell, i've not met this problem rgautam98 and the error message is very vague :(11:51
rgautam98I have restarted it11:51
rgautam98The pc11:51
wmorriokay rgautam9811:52
rgautam98It is checking for errors now11:52
wmorriwhothehellami, to get back to your issue, I would keep looking for anything that has to do with grub or booting in syslog.11:53
fsociety[00]dathi #ubuntu :) is it possible to export system-wide font setting from an other Ubuntu based distro and use it for other distros? ( for Xubuntu example )11:54
wmorrifsociety[00]dat, you want to use the ubuntu font on Xubuntu?11:54
cfhowlettfsociety[00]dat, you can install fonts to buntu distros11:55
fsociety[00]datwmorri: no, I want to use Trisquel GNU/Linux system-wide font setting for Xubuntu.11:55
=== average_guy is now known as rfinley
rgautam98It is working fine now11:55
=== rfinley is now known as average_guy
rgautam98Even i find the error a little vague11:56
rgautam98But thank you for your support11:56
fsociety[00]datcfhowlett: to install is not important for me. settings are important.11:56
TJ-whothehellami: the best way to debug that is to first identify if the issue is with GRUB loading the vmlinuz and initrd.img kernel files into memory, or if the issue is caused whilst the kernel is initialising, or the initrd.img scripts are running.11:56
cfhowlettfsociety[00]dat, install the font.  edit your settings.  done.11:56
TJ-whothehellami: to do that, edit the kernel command-line in GRUB and remove any "quiet splash" and add "debug" so the kernel provides lots of feedback on the console.11:57
whothehellamiTJ-, ok I'll do that11:59
fsociety[00]datcfhowlett: if I do this manually screen font qualities and sizes not seem same. I have small netbook screen and especially firefox fonts are the best I have ever seen in Trisquel GNU/Linux .12:00
cfhowlettfsociety[00]dat, so install those fonts ...12:00
fsociety[00]datcfhowlett: thanks12:00
cfhowlettfsociety[00]dat, but pretty sure yo can't install settings from a foreign distro12:01
fsociety[00]datcfhowlett: Trisquel GNU/Linux is Ubuntu based and FSF supported distro, you know.12:02
cfhowlettfsociety[00]dat, true ...12:02
ola42hi guys, I'm running ubuntu 14.04 LTS based LXLE and I'm unable to hibernate it with sudo pm-hibernate can anyone help ??12:05
cfhowlett!lxle | ola42, nope12:05
ubottuola42, nope: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:05
taavi90Hello. My screen goes off after i lock my computer..how can i set it to stay on permamently?12:24
loataavi90, change this it setting, where power managment i think.12:26
taavi90loa : it doesnt help.12:26
wmorritaavi90, I think you can change that in the brightness & lock.12:26
taavi90wmorri : yeah, i tried that too. It doesnt help12:27
taavi90I googled and found various of options12:27
taavi90Still nothing12:27
taavi90I´m on 14.0412:27
whothehellamiTJ-, wmorri, I've added 'debug' and removed 'quiet spalsh'. I think that the IBM TrackPoint needs some time...12:28
wmorritaavi90, if you set your screen to never turn off, and your lock to say 5 minutes that doesn't work.12:28
loataavi90, https://askubuntu.com/questions/15520/how-can-i-tell-ubuntu-to-do-nothing-when-i-close-my-laptop-lid12:29
loaah i missed again.12:29
taavi90I dont have laptop...i have PC12:29
rgautam98taavi90: you can do it in the following way12:30
rgautam98go to system settings12:30
wmorriwhothehellami, you have moved beyond my skill level.12:30
rgautam98go to brightness and lock12:30
taavi90rgautam98 : yes..12:31
rgautam98in the tab "Turn screen off when inactive for"12:31
whothehellamiwmorri, ok. anyway thanks for helping12:32
=== mike_ is now known as Guest75164
rgautam98put it to never12:32
taavi90rgautam98 : i do have it on never12:32
rgautam98tavi90: and still the screen turns off ?12:33
wmorriwhothehellami, wait for TJ- or MonkeyDust and they might have more information than I. Hope you figure it out.12:33
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
TJ-whothehellami: was there a long pause during kernel start-up then?12:37
whothehellamiTJ-, is there a way to step through the start-up process?12:38
=== andrea is now known as Guest94955
TJ-whothehellami: not easily, no. When the kernel is discovering hardware that's all automatic.12:38
taavi90rgautam98 : yes12:39
taavi90rgautam98 : it doesnt work12:39
whothehellamiTJ-, after changing to debug and booting. I think what took longest was the TrackPoint thing. I'll copy related dmesg output..12:39
taavi90after i lock my screen it immedinately starts to fade12:39
TJ-whothehellami: the kernel initialises the hardware, then executes the /init shell script in the initialramfs (initrd.img file) which ensures the root file-system is available and mounted, and then it pivots to the root file-system and executes the /sbin/init as process ID 1, which brings the system up fully12:40
theptrhi someone who nows how to make the icons on ubuntu desktop 14.04 by default smaller ? i found some guides but non of them work12:45
BluesKajHey all12:49
MonkeyDusttheptr  you can do it in dconf-editor12:49
whothehellamiTJ-, http://pastebin.com/PCJ6qCXG with quiet spalsh I see a 'violet' screen after selecting an entry also after selecting windows. I can see this screen for a few seconds before login screen appears or windows loading screen what made me thought that this is not as it should be. with 'debug' it seems like the TrackPoint causes that issue because this takes some seconds before I can login12:51
=== user is now known as Guest12264
nonamaeHi! Is there an alternate version of 15.10. If there is I cannot find it. I am trying to do a software raid install, and the howto says I will need ubuntu alternate for that. Maybe I should go with the server version? Thanx!12:57
MonkeyDusttheptr  in dconf-editor, try   org.gnome.nautilus.icon-view12:57
whothehellamiTJ-, should I see a screen with grub colour after selecting windows? I am not sure any more if this an issue at all but I am used to use a faster grub with less delay12:57
cfhowlett!alternate | nonamae12:58
ubottunonamae: The alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD12:58
swenginI'm running a long running process(import script) in a remote machine that might take days to be completed is there a way to have it running without it being interrupted by my network connection?12:59
swenginI'm doing that using ssh it's an ec2 instance12:59
MonkeyDustswengin  sounds like a 'ssh keepalive' issue13:00
MonkeyDustswengin  also consider using 'screen'... the process would continue even after ssh was disconnected13:00
swenginMonkeyDust ok thank you so much13:01
apb__Having a problem with wine, can't install sketchup.13:01
apb__ubuntu 14.04 LTS13:02
whothehellamiswengin, MonkeyDust, mby 'nohup cmd &' ?13:03
soupnanodesukarapb__: change your reported windows version with wincfg13:04
dengxinjunWhat are you going to do?13:07
dengxinjunWhat are you going to do now?13:07
apb__soupnanodesukar: thanks!!13:07
dengxinjunWhat are you going to do now?13:08
shanmay ask a question for IRC server?13:08
=== AnimeWeedLord420 is now known as rory
dengxinjunI'm ask a question13:08
shani have some prob .. when i try connect to my server ,, it show connection refused?13:08
shanhow to solve this problem?13:09
bekksshan: are you using ubuntu?13:09
bekksshan: and how are you trying to connect to "your server"?13:09
shani'm create my new IRC and configure it using irc-hybrid and anope13:10
bekksshan: What do you mean by "I'm create my new IRC"?13:11
roryshan: Can you please run the command: "netstat -tulpn" and put the output on http://paste.ubuntu.com13:11
roryshan: then share the URL in this channel13:11
roryshan: run this command on the server13:11
shani follow this tutorial13:11
roryshan: you can copy text from a terminal with ctrl-shift-c13:14
roryshan: or you can do it all in one with this command, which will give you a URL to share in this channel: netstat -tulpn | nc rory.sh 999913:14
shani'll try13:16
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LiI even install winusb to create bootable windows usb but it's not working here is the errors I'm http://imgur.com/edit13:17
roryLi: try again with that picture13:18
roryLi: that url isn't quite right13:18
vi2nanodd has always worked fine for me13:19
pukapy /msg NickServ identify 11893213:19
Lirory: http://imgur.com/ZAIaEVf13:19
pukapywhat have i done13:19
Livi2nano: I spend the whole day with dd trying to make windows 7 or 8 bootable usb13:20
roryLi: run it as root13:20
Litried all possible combination which I'm already used to do before!!!13:20
roryLi: it says "permission denied"13:20
Lirory: I do everything with sudo13:20
vi2nanoDon't run it as root. just chown the dir13:21
Liwhat dir? I was refereing to using sudo dd13:21
Liand the same with sudo winusb13:21
roryLi: This answer seems to be related to your issue http://askubuntu.com/a/53980313:22
Liit gives me all the crap about read-only crap13:22
Lirory: I read that already but not solving the problem in here13:23
vi2nanoStill should be able to unmount the drive and remount as read/write13:23
roryLi: I don't fully understand that picture. Are you trying to install to /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc ?13:23
roryLi: It seems to be contradictory13:24
Liboth are usb sticks and I tried on both of them13:24
Liboth are newly formated with cfdisk13:24
roryLi: have you tried with unetbootin? Has always worked for me http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html13:24
apb__Failed to load DLL C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\ThumbsUp.dll   Ubuntu 14.04 LTS... wine13:26
MonkeyDustapb__  #winehq (or ##winehq)13:26
cfhowlettapb__, for help with installing wine and/or programs to wine, go to their support13:26
apb__sorry... pasted to wrong channel :/13:27
loupemy macbook pro went to sleep and i couldn't set it back to normal after pressing a key13:27
loupeanyone the same issue?13:27
deviloperhey can anybody tell me the proper channel for ubuntu-touch queries?13:27
cfhowlett!touch | deviloper13:27
ubottudeviloper: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:27
MonkeyDustloupe  this is ubuntu support, sure you want to be here?13:27
devilopercfhowlett: thanks :)13:28
MrKeunerhi, using LTS I have to enter my private key pass each time I need to use my key. How can I have my system ask it only once each login?13:28
Lirory: I tried but it doesn't recognize the usb drive13:28
MonkeyDustMrKeuner  what's the difference between a key and a private key?13:29
roryLi: so you (a) formatted as ntfs, (b) selected the "show all drives" option in UNetbootin ?13:29
MonkeyDustMrKeuner  key to do or use what?13:30
MrKeunerkey is private key13:31
vi2nanoI could never get Unetbootin to work properly for me so I've learned to live without it13:32
MrKeunerfor instance I have my remote server do rsa key authentication and if I login 5 times, I am asked for rsa key pass 5 times13:32
MonkeyDustMrKeuner  you mean ssh?13:32
MrKeunerMonkeyDust, yes13:33
vi2nanobootable iso's generally have their own bootloader in the image so you shouldn't need to install grub or other bootloader with one of those tools.13:33
vi2nanoYou can just unmount the drive and remount with the -w option and dd the file to the drive13:33
Liare there any images upload sites than this imgur?13:34
MonkeyDustMrKeuner  i guess you have to enter your password for sudo and then the remote password... an rsa key should make you able to login over ssh without ssh-key13:34
Lirory: yes .. unetbootin doesn't display any connected usb drives13:35
Lirory: even though they are appearing in the file browser normally13:35
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
Lirory: check this screenshot http://prntscr.com/958pvt13:36
TJ-MrKeuner: sounds like you need yo have ssh-agent running13:36
Liif choose type hard drive then the drive combobox is enabled .. otherwise disabled13:37
MonkeyDustMrKeuner  http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Use-RSA-Key-for-SSH-Authentication-38599.shtml13:37
MrKeunerTJ-, I think so, do I change some /etc file to run bash that way each time?13:37
TJ-MrKeuner: A regular install should enable ssh-agent for the log-in session automatically13:37
MrKeunerTJ-, are you on LTS?13:38
TJ-MrKeuner: you may need to call ssh-add once to cache the private key's pass-phrase13:38
vi2nanoLi: have to tried to just unmount and remount with the -w option13:38
TJ-MrKeuner: I'm using 15.10 and 14.04 here13:38
MrKeuneroh, you mean regular ssh-agent install or, regular LTS install?13:39
TJ-MrKeuner: as in any Ubuntu install should install, and enable, ssh-agent for log-in sessions, whether at a console or via a display manager X session13:39
TJ-MrKeuner: check if its running to begin with: "pgrep ssh-agent"13:40
Livi2nano: no13:40
Livi2nano: I mounted with remount,rw13:40
vi2nanoLi: I would try to umount and mkdir like /mnt/usbdrive and mount -w /dev/sdc13:41
vi2nanoLi: mkdir as user not as sudo13:42
MrKeunerTJ-, this is a clean LTS install and not an upgrade from earlier version. pgrep ssh-agent returns null13:42
TJ-MrKeuner: hmmm, is it a server or desktop install?13:42
MrKeunermay there was an error I may have missed in install logs? This is a desktop install13:42
MrKeunerwhat if apt-get reinstall ssh-agent? which package is that? openssh-client?13:44
AbuDharcan I remove the  zeitgeist-datahub safely?13:44
AbuDharI don't need Unity btw.13:44
TJ-MrKeuner: The X session should execute /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90x11-common_ssh-agent13:44
roryAbuDhar: if in doubt, you can do sudo apt-get -s remove zeitgeist-datahub13:45
roryAbuDhar: the -s is for "simulate"13:45
AbuDharoh let me try that.13:45
roryAbuDhar: It will show you what would be done. You can pastebin it here and we can double-check13:45
TJ-MrKeuner: ssh-agent is part of ssh-client, along with ssh itself13:45
MrKeunerTJ-, I have such a file but it seems like it is 64413:45
AbuDharRemv zeitgeist [0.9.14-0ubuntu4.1]13:45
MrKeunerso not executable...13:45
AbuDharRemv zeitgeist-datahub [0.9.14-0ubuntu4.1]13:45
TJ-MrKeuner: that's fine13:45
TJ-MrKeuner: read the file - it is sourced not executed13:45
roryAbuDhar: Sounds like you're fine then, it's not going to remove 1000 other packages along with it :)13:46
AbuDharhehe fine.13:46
TJ-MrKeuner: Are you starting the X server manually, or letting the lightdm display manager handle it?13:46
MrKeunerTJ-, I am not starting it manually. Default disp manager does that but I use gnomeshell13:47
MrKeunercan that be the reason?13:47
Livi2nano: it doesn't allow me to mkdir into /mnt as a user13:47
Limkdir: cannot create directory ‘usb’: Permission denied13:47
TJ-MrKeuner: I wouldn't have thought so, since it is supposed to be started by the Xsession facility, and as far as I am aware, gnome-shell wouldn't avoid that13:47
MrKeuneractually there is another papercut I noticed with this install. I wonder if they are related. waking up from sleep system wakes up unlocked...13:48
TJ-MrKeuner: maybe it does though; maybe there is some environment variable that is read by that 90x11-common_ssh-agent script that prevents it starting13:48
TJ-MrKeuner: I think the key part is "if has_option use-ssh-agent; then" ... "use-ssh-agent" being the operative bit13:49
TJ-MrKeuner: I find that via grep: "/etc/X11/Xsession.options:8:use-ssh-agent"13:50
vi2nanoLi: Make it somewhere else then. Doesn't matter where as long as you know where it is.13:52
vi2nanoI suppose it wouldn't matter as you'll have to mount as root13:52
vi2nanoyou could probably mkdir as root and have it work find13:52
TJ-MrKeuner: is there any record of it running in the environment: "env | grep SSH_AGENT_PID"13:52
MrKeunerTJ-, I found the line you mentioned but it is not commented out or something13:53
MrKeunerenv | grep SSH_AGENT_PID returns null13:53
TJ-MrKeuner: OK, so its not that it started and exited early then, it just hasn't started13:53
roryI have a bunch of files called page1.jpg, page2.jpg ... page60.jpg. When I do stuff in bash with them using *, it iterates in alphabetical order (1, 10, 11, etc)13:54
TJ-MrKeuner: which suggests that Xsession isn't being used for some reason13:54
roryHow can I get bash to enumerate * in NUMERICAL order?13:54
TJ-rory: pre-sort the list13:54
roryin this case I'm trying to do "convert *.jpg out.pdf"13:55
roryHow would I pre-sort it in this case?13:55
vi2nanorory: are they all the same filename besides the number?13:55
roryoh ls13:55
roryyes vi2nano13:55
MrKeunerTJ-, How can I check if it is used? pgrep -i xsession?13:56
LiDo you now what is this error I get "sudo: unable to resolve host myUserName"13:56
roryvi2nano: same deal13:56
roryvi2nano: I need to to be in numerical order not alphabetical13:56
roryvi2nano: in alphabetical order, it goes 1, 10, 11, 12... 2, 20, 21...13:56
TJ-MrKeuner: no, Xsession just calls scripts to configure the session13:56
TJ-MrKeuner: do you have "/usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop" ?13:58
MrKeunerI do13:59
vi2nanorory: try 'ls -v'13:59
TJ-MrKeuner: looking at the packages, gnome-shell depends on gnome-session, which installs that file, which I *think* is what allows gnome to be listed on the greeter screen13:59
EriC^^rory: convert $(for i in {1..9}; do echo page$i.jpg; for j in {0..9}; do echo page$i$j.jpg; done; done) out.pdf13:59
TJ-MrKeuner: what does the file contain? can you pastebin it?13:59
MrKeunersure, just a sec please13:59
EriC^^something like that could work13:59
Livi2nano .. rory : unetbootin is working now and able to see the usb13:59
roryyeah EriC^^ I was gradually converging on that one, you've saved me some time, thanks14:00
Lithe problem was due to ntfs partition .. unetbootin requires fat3214:00
Lithank you guys14:00
EriC^^rory: np14:00
MrKeunerTJ-, http://pastebin.com/AsruAiEE14:00
TJ-MrKeuner: the only thing I can think is to look for clues in logs. The only ones that may have something will be under /var/log/lightdm/ I think, or possibly in $HOME/.xsession-errors14:03
TJ-MrKeuner: If this is a vanilla install, with no additional PPA/manually installed packages, and no custom configuration, then I'm at a loss as to why the Xsession isn't seeming to use the ssh-agent14:04
MrKeunerTJ-, thank you so much. I'll check and let you know if I find out14:06
TJ-MrKeuner: something you could do. Add the line "echo 'starting ssh-agent' >> /tmp/ssh-agent.log" to the top of /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90x11-common_ssh-agent then try another log-in. If that log file isn't created you know that script isn't executed. If the log-file appears, but ssh-agent isn't running, you know the "if has_option use-ssh-agent ..." isn't triggered14:07
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OerHekstoo fast ..14:15
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nonamaeOk I made a stripped volume on two SSDs on lvm2, but I am not sure it is now faster or not. Not sure how to test. Wit ' dd if=/dev/urandom of=testfileR bs=4k count=10000; sync;' the speed is the same 7,8 MB/s. With hdparm the Timing cached reads: is about the same 4257.12 MB/sec, but the Timing buffered disk reads is much faster on the lvm. sda:470  lvm:870 MB/sec14:31
nonamaeSo will it be faster like this?14:32
nonamaehttp://pastebin.com/LyEafJeB Here is how I was doing it14:33
bekksnonamae: And whats the actual issue in one sentence?14:42
bekksnonamae: using your bs and count values, it implies (for a sane benchmark), that you have 40000k RAM only.14:42
zidsalwould anyone mind giving me a hand on getting a broadcom wireless card working? I try installing bcmwl-kernel-source however the command line gets stuck on DKMS: install complete14:44
BluesKajzidsal, install dkms14:46
nonamaebekks, issue is that I am not sure that now it is faster14:46
motaka2hello, I am trying to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 but running sudo update-manager -d doesnt show the upgrade button in opening window14:46
nonamaebekks, if I made it right14:47
bekksnonamae: First, you have to benchmark your disks, not your RAM, as you did.14:47
nonamaenow I am testing with dd if=/dev/zero of=./largefile bs=64k count=100000 and the result is 6553600000 bytes (6,6 GB) copied, 7,2175 s, 908 MB/s14:47
zidsalBluesKaj I already have dkms should I reinstall it?14:47
bekksnonamae: why are you changing bs now?14:48
nonamaeagainst 3276800000 bytes (3,3 GB) copied, 7,82616 s, 419 MB/s so I thing I can be happy now :)14:48
bekksnonamae: you are comparing cars and apple trees.14:48
BluesKajzidsal, no need to reinstall, which broadcom chip ?14:48
nonamaebekks, I dont know what I am doing then14:49
zidsalfinding out now BluesKaj14:49
bekksnonamae: Yeah, I told you what to do :)14:49
bekksnonamae: use bs=4k and a count value that will result in a total data about 2x of your RAM.14:50
nonamaebekks, ok14:50
bekksnonamae: That will give you comparable results actually.14:50
zidsalBluesKaj I can't seem to see what model it is from doing lshw -C network14:53
BluesKajzidsal, try lspci14:55
motaka2hello, I am trying to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 but running sudo update-manager -d doesnt show the upgrade button in opening windo14:57
cfhowlettmotaka2, use the command line: sudo apt-get update && sudo do-release-upgrade14:58
motaka2cfhowlett: wouldnt I get in trouble using that ?14:59
cfhowlettmotaka2, same same as your gui, just not as pretty14:59
nonamaebekks, 8,2 GB copied (my ram is 4GB)   lvm: 660 504 318 495 321 476 317 MB/s   against sda: 353 313 290 312 MB/s14:59
motaka2cfhowlett: what does failed to download repository information means?15:00
cfhowlettmotaka2, could be your mirror is offline15:00
nonamaebekks, results in lvm are very diverse, but seams to be faster anyway15:01
nitesh_i have installed 14.0415:01
nitesh_my wifi connection keeps on breaking15:01
nonamaebekks, ok reading speed is 1,0 GB/s vs 531 MB/s15:03
nonamaeI am happpy :)15:03
nonamaethx all15:03
monodhello! I have 2 hard disks and I'd like to do a dual boot, windows + linux15:04
monodwill I have troubles with mbr and boot up?15:04
monodwill it work?15:04
motaka2cfhowlett: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7149639b7002227c867115:05
monodgoogle is my friend, tho15:05
SchrodingersScatmonod: that should be fine.15:05
monodwith no particular effort? SchrodingersScat15:05
monodI mean, no special things to do during the setup?15:05
cfhowlettmotaka2, I can't see gist - china firewall blocks it.  paste.ubuntu.co   works15:05
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SchrodingersScatmonod: you'll have to select what you want where if you want linux on one drive and windows on the other.15:06
monodand what about the MBR being on one drive rather than the other or both?15:07
monodSchrodingersScat, will grub be correctly configured for this setup?15:07
SchrodingersScatmonod: right, depends on your setup and what you're planning.  You can tell it what location to put that on install.15:08
motaka2cfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13396549/15:08
monodsomebody suggests to use the Quick boot feature from the BIOS at startup, SchrodingersScat, to select which disk to boot from15:08
cfhowlett!aptlock | motaka2,15:08
ubottumotaka2,: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:08
monodseems like update-grub or grub2-mkconfig should work in my case15:10
monodfrom what I read on google15:10
monodI'mma try!15:10
motaka2cfhowlett: is running now thank you15:10
cfhowlettmotaka2, :)15:10
motaka2cfhowlett: 100% [Waiting for headers]15:11
motaka2cfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13396605/15:12
cfhowlettmotaka2, yep, you've got a all those exotic packages in your system.  disable them for now.15:13
motaka2cfhowlett: how?15:13
cfhowlettmotaka2, sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list            then go to each of the error lines mentioned and put ## at the beginning of the line.  close, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:14
SlashArashhi i have a problem15:15
SlashArashwhen i try to install samba in ubuntu 15.10 it return an error15:15
SlashArashwhat should i do?15:16
SchrodingersScat!info samba15:17
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.1.17+dfsg-4ubuntu2 (wily), package size 860 kB, installed size 11191 kB15:17
MrCeeIIIhello all anyone know of a good software package to convert .wmv to mp4?15:19
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, avconv15:19
cfhowlettit's in the libav-tools package15:19
bindiwhy not ffmpeg?15:20
SchrodingersScatpractically the same difference15:21
TJ-depends which release you're using; we've moved back to ffmpeg15:21
cfhowlettbindi, has ffmpeg returned to the repos yet?  if so, yes.  if not, avconv is the (temporary) replacement15:21
MrCeeIIIi cant get audio from my wmv files15:22
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, open in audacity, it'll pull the audio15:22
MrCeeIIIis it in the the Ubunto software center? avconv15:22
motaka2cfhowlett: none of them are there15:23
MrCeeIIIits a video file that has no sound15:23
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, libav-tools15:23
SchrodingersScatwouldn't that explain why you can't get audio from them?15:23
MrCeeIIII tried it in audacity and nothings15:23
SchrodingersScat!info libav-tools15:23
ubottuPackage libav-tools does not exist in wily15:23
cfhowlettmotaka2, ok, now sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:23
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, what version of ubuntu?15:24
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, sudo apt install libav-tools15:24
motaka2cfhowlett: still some warnings15:25
BluesKajzidsal, sorry my network went down for a few mins15:25
TJ-!info mediainfo | MrCeeIII this should tell you if there are audio streams in the container15:25
ubottuMrCeeIII this should tell you if there are audio streams in the container: mediainfo (source: mediainfo): command-line utility for reading information from audio/video files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.70-1build1 (wily), package size 25 kB, installed size 117 kB15:25
MrCeeIIIi just sudo get-apt installed now what do i do15:26
SchrodingersScatMrCeeIII: avconv -i inputfile.wmv outputfile.mp415:27
cfhowlettthis ^^^15:27
SchrodingersScatmay need flags like -strict something something, if it gives a warning15:27
nitishHow can I install kompozer?15:28
nitishwho can I unintall an application completly using perge?15:29
cfhowlettnitish, sudo apt-get purge applicationname15:30
nitishcfhowlett: should i use sudo apt-get remove appname before purge?15:30
SlashArashcan someone help me? i get an error when try to install samba! what u to guess? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13396628/15:31
cfhowlettnitish, nope.  remove will remove the app, leave the .config  .  purge should remove all trace of the app and configs15:31
SchrodingersScatSlashArash: and you've updated your sources? sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install samba #?15:32
MrCeeIIIubottu: SchrodingersScat:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13396892/15:32
_gryfIs it possible to configure ubuntu 14.04 to suspend on lid close, but only, when the power cord is not plugged in?15:32
SchrodingersScatMrCeeIII: yep, that's what I mentioned above, so it's avconv -i MOV012.wmv -strict experimental MOV012.mp415:33
chano@SlashArash try sudo apt-get update then try to reinstall15:33
cfhowlettSchrodingersScat, can you direct me to or provide a brief explanation of "strict experimental"?  never seen it before.15:34
nitishhow can I install ubuntu in my mac with dual-boot?15:34
SchrodingersScatcfhowlett: all I know is that aac requires it, so when mp4 container has aac audio.15:35
cfhowlett!mac | nitish15:35
ubottunitish: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:35
SlashArash@chano i updated but nothing changed15:35
SchrodingersScatcfhowlett: I think ffmpeg has since changed this to '-strict -2'15:35
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ioriaSlashArash, apt-cache policy samba ?15:35
cfhowlettSchrodingersScat, Okay.  thanks.15:35
chano@SlashArash did you now try to do an install?15:36
motaka2cfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13396978/15:36
nitishwhat is samba?15:36
bittin_http://i.imgur.com/KiL8VpZ.png WIP15:36
cfhowlettmotaka2, you have to disable those ppas.15:37
motaka2cfhowlett: they dont exist lemme show you15:37
chano@SlashArash if that doesn't work try 'sudo apt-get autoremove samba'15:37
cfhowlettmotaka2, do this: lsb_release -a | pastebinit15:37
SlashArash@chano absolutely i did15:37
chano@SlashArash or try 'sudo apt-get autoremove samba4'15:38
chano@SlashArash that should clean up what might be there15:38
motaka2cfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13397003/15:38
SlashArashi did it to! let me tell you what i didn't do! nothing i tried "autoremove", "-f install", "change source.list", ....15:39
cfhowlettmotaka2, safe to ignore actually.  did you do the full-upgrade??15:39
motaka2cfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13397018/15:39
motaka2cfhowlett: what do you mean?15:40
cfhowlettmotaka2, sudo apt full-upgrade15:40
motaka2cfhowlett: wrong command15:40
cfhowlettmotaka2, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:41
nitishI can i search for a word in wordnet?15:42
motaka2cfhowlett: would that earase all my aps and disk etc?15:42
cfhowlettmotaka2, no.  that will do 14.04 >>> 14.04.315:42
chano@SlashArash the other recomendation is to exit out of X - then do the same things again  sometimes the package manager locks your ability to update15:42
MrCeeIIIwell converting file did not fix the issue using vlc and still no sound when attempting to view a *.wmv file :(15:42
motaka2cfhowlett: now I am using 12.0415:43
minasotaI've created a file with nano (rsync-quick-guide) ls -l shows it's there and all permissions are correct. I'm able to open all the other files in the directory except this one. Is is becuase it's name starts with 'rsync'?15:43
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cfhowlettMrCeeIII, do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?15:43
cfhowlettmotaka2, 12.04 >>> 12.04.515:43
MrCeeIIIi believe so15:43
SchrodingersScatMrCeeIII: that's weird...because avconv recognized the audio for Stream #0.1(eng): Audio: wmav2, 32000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 32 kb/s15:43
MrCeeIIIi was using VLC to review the file15:44
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, confirmation:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:44
zykotick9minasota: what are the permissions?  "ls -l rsync-quick-guide"15:44
MrCeeIIIyeah updates are loaded15:44
MrCeeIIIshall i open with avconv?15:45
MrCeeIIIi would but cant find it15:45
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, don't know it isn't working then.  vlc should certainly have found it.15:45
minasotazykotick9: -rw-rw-r-- 1 aeden:aeden15:46
motaka2cfhowlett: Media change: please insert the disc labeled15:46
motaka2 'Ubuntu 14.04 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release i386 (20140417)'15:46
motaka2in the drive '/media/cdrom/' and press enter15:46
MrCeeIIIthe video plays with no sound and checked the audio setting a bunch of times15:46
cfhowlettmotaka2, disable the cdroms in your sources list.15:46
nitishcan anyone give me the link of donate for the irc?15:46
zykotick9minasota: so what happens if you "cat rsync-quick-guide"?15:46
minasotazykotick9: it's strange why it will not open. I tried cat and it doesn't work15:47
SchrodingersScat!donate | nitish15:48
ubottunitish: To donate to Ubuntu, you can !participate or go to http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate15:48
zykotick9minasota: "doesn't work"? does it give an error?  does "ls -s rsync-quick-guide" show size to the file?15:48
monsuneThe following packages will be REMOVED:15:49
monsune  proxmox-ve-2.6.32 pve-manager15:49
monsunewhat exactly happens to my running openvz machines when i allow that?15:49
monsunewill i be able to remove and install again without breaking them or stopping them?15:49
TJ-monsune: no, if the packages are removed the services are gone15:51
minasotazykotick9: That's the problem, I can't use any commands on the file. No autocompletion or anything. So, I can't get file size od the file because even if I type it in with hitting tab, it  acts like it's not there15:51
MrCeeIIISchrodingersScat:  how do i open avconv15:51
monsuneTJ- that's pretty bad :( i screwed something in there and i need to "reset" all the files in proxmox15:52
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, it's a command line tool.  avconv -i filename15:52
monsuneTJ- would you happen to know a solution? i just need to overwrite all the files with default ones from proxmox-ve-2.6.32 and pve-manager15:52
MrCeeIIIoh ok,... well can you think of anything else i can try?15:52
zykotick9minasota: well good luck, i don't have any other suggestions/guesses...15:52
minasotazykotick9: I guess I could get the file size with *guide15:52
MrCeeIIIthe issue is .wmv files playing without any sound15:53
minasotazykotick9: ok, thanks for your help15:53
MrCeeIIIplays dvds plaws Wow and music fine...15:54
monsuneis it possible to force apt to reinstall a package when it is installed?15:54
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, mplayer filename.wmv15:54
TJ-minasota: what does "stat rsync-quick-guide" report?15:54
cfhowlettmonsune, sudo apt-get install --reinstall packagename15:54
TJ-monsune: "apt-get --reinstall install <package>"15:54
monsunecfhowlett, TJ- that looks great.. but will it remove first or just overwrite?15:55
SchrodingersScatMrCeeIII: have you confirmed that the soundtrack has something to play? ie. it plays on other devices?15:55
TJ-monsune: over-write15:55
cfhowlettmonsune, overwrite.15:55
MrCeeIIIlet me try it on my windows machine15:55
monsunecfhowlett, TJ- so possible that could fix my files in proxmox...15:55
TJ-monsune: config files won't be replaced unless you add options to force that15:56
monsunethere is some crazy mess with libs or whatever, i can't even use pveversion now15:56
cfhowlettmonsune, I know nothing about proxmox ... sorry15:56
monsunecfhowlett ok but thank you for the hint with reinstallation15:56
monsuneTJ- i was going to ask about that15:56
SchrodingersScatMrCeeIII: just going off the info I saw, avconv recognized an audio track within the file, presumably after you used -strict experimental it converted whatever was there to aac, unless there were errors.15:57
monsuneTJ- so it shouldn't touch anything like configs and reset my openvz machines?15:57
monsunei'm still very worried15:57
=== potential_pi_pee is now known as pi_peerbox
g105b_My laptop has a combined (phone style) 3.5mm audio jack, when I plug my microphone in, it thinks it is headphones... is there a way to switch it to microphone mode?16:04
nitishIs there an official twitter handle of Mark Shuttleworth?16:07
nitishg105b_: you can use an external jack.16:08
nitishIs there any other light-weight browser availble except chromium and firefox?16:09
motaka2cfhowlett: is it upgrading to 14.04?16:09
nitishHow can I disconnect connected wifi network throught terminal?16:10
TJ-g105b_: you'd need to use a 4-ring barrel plug wired correctly so that the PC can sense there's a microphone attached16:11
TJ-nitish: "nmcli con down id <NAME>"16:11
nitishTJ- how to get name of connected wifi?16:12
TJ-nitish: "nmcli con show" - look under the NAME column16:12
nitishTJ- its not showing any network name.16:13
nitishits showing someting else16:13
nitishits showing Usage: nmcli connection { COMMAND | help } COMMAND := { list | status | up | down | delete }16:13
nitishlist [id <id> | uuid <id>] status [id <id> | uuid <id> | path <path>] up id <id> | uuid <id> [iface <iface>] [ap <BSSID>] [--nowait] [--timeout <timeout>] down id <id> | uuid <id> delete id <id> | uuid <id>16:13
TJ-nitish: oh, you have an older version. "nmcli con list"16:14
nitishTJ-: yes now its showing the names of all network.16:15
monsuneTJ- wow i managed to slightly fix it by installing newest libpve-common-perl16:15
cfhowlettmotaka2, again:  dist-upgrade DOES NOT upgrade to 14.04.16:16
cfhowlettmotaka2, sudo do-release-upgrade will16:16
monsuneTJ- still get some errors though... how do i know what else libs to upgrade...16:16
nitishTJ- after enter nmcli con down id <uuid> its showing error: <uuid>16:18
nitishTJ-: after enter nmcli con down id <uuid> its showing error: unknown connection <uuid>16:18
tachyondecayI've discovered I'll need to format my HD and reinstall Windows before I dual boot with Ubuntu. I don't have time to do that at the moment, so I'm looking into virtualizing Ubuntu on Windows 10. I'm having trouble finding documentation that isn't about Ubuntu server though.16:19
motaka2cfedde: what is it doing then?16:20
auronandace!dist-upgrade | motaka216:21
ubottumotaka2: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.16:21
angleberthello everyone. I'm running lubuntu 15.10. I'm trying to change default theme and icons and even default font. I read that I'll I needed to do was create a .themes directory in home folder.16:23
anglebertBut, when I open lxappearance for customize look and feel and go to widget, it only makes a slight change to the windows. Hardly noticeable. This theme I downloaded is gtk-2.0+, so I'm wondering if maybe I'm shouldn't be using gtk-2.0 themes.16:24
TJ-tachyondecay: sounds strange; why would it neeed a re-format and re-install?16:28
tachyondecayTJ-: You helped me on Thursday. I'm the one with the buggy firmware and Intel SRT16:31
TJ-tachyondecay: oh yeah! I'd forgotten :)16:34
game0guys, I have installed postgresql on my ubuntu16:34
tachyondecayTJ-: Haha, I'm not surprised. I'm sure you see a lot of people in and out of here.16:34
TJ-tachyondecay: didn't think disabling the SRT required a reinstall though, from what I had read16:34
game0and I want to connect to my server16:34
game0using pgadmin tool16:34
game0can someone help me16:35
tachyondecayTJ-: I can't find a way to disable SRT. :-/16:35
game0I'm using ubuntu server 15.1016:35
TJ-tachyondecay: typical Windows :D16:35
tachyondecaySo I can switch my SSD from "RAID" mode to "AHCI" in the BIOS16:35
tachyondecayBut that will break Windows. Which I'm fine with doing, just not this weekend. ;) So I want to try virtualizing Ubuntu, temporarily16:36
anglebertupon further sleuthing, I think I found what I'm looking for: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Theming --> [SOLVED]16:36
TJ-tachyondecay: if the hypervisor will allow you to attach partitions as devices, you should be able to do it16:36
tachyondecayIs that built into Windows 10?16:37
tachyondecayI was going to use VirtualBox16:37
tachyondecayBut I'm having trouble locating a VM image for 15.1016:37
TJ-tachyondecay: Something like VirtualBox or VMWare16:38
=== user is now known as Guest88448
TJ-tachyondecay: you would install from the standard ISO image file, mounted on the VM Guest as a DVD16:38
tachyondecayAh, I see now16:41
tachyondecayAnd I think I've found a guide for how to do it16:41
tachyondecayThat was the part I was missing, because I've only ever used premade VM images before.16:41
tachyondecayOK, let's give this a try!16:42
tachyondecayAlso I can't believe Firefox is using half a gig of RAM.16:43
* tachyondecay stares at it.16:43
VanessaNaireI'm running Ubuntu 15.10 on a Macbook7,1. It keeps hanging when I attempt a reboot. It was doing the same thing on shutdown, but editing the GRUB config with this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=off" fixed that. I still can't seem to figure out how to do essentially the same thing for reboots as well. Any ideas?16:44
tachyondecayTJ-: Hmm, I've found a very recent forum thread talking about my problem on the exact same machine as me. This post seems to indicate I might be able to restore access to my Windows install without reformatting after I switch to AHCI mode: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2301071&page=4&p=13389664#post13389664 Would you mind just skimming through that to see if there's any gotchas I'm missing?16:46
cdk_how do i enable overclocking when i cant find the xorg.config in the /ect/x11/ directory?16:47
BluesKajthere is no X11 dir on the latest ubuntus afaik16:49
cdk_how do i enable overclocking when i cant find the xorg.config in the /ect/x11/ directory?16:49
harishkrupothe directory is /etc/X1116:49
OerHeksxorg.config <> xorg.conf ... this is not generated automaticly, but you can yourself, with the nvidia/ati tool16:50
autoithey!i have a dualboot setup. my hdd makes normal sound in windows. but when i boot into ubuntu the sound is much louder. it sounds like normal read/write only but much louder. any help? smart params of hdd are good.16:50
cdk_yes and within that directory i dont see the xorg.config file16:51
=== gustavo_ is now known as ghs
TJ-tachyondecay: That does look promising, although some comments later say they suffer BSODs16:51
OerHeksswitch to console mode: Alt+Ctrl+F1. kill x server: sudo service lightdm stop # generate new xorg.conf file: sudo X -configure -- this will create xorg.conf.new file in your current dir. rename and move: sudo mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf.16:51
OerHeks= manually method16:52
OerHeksbut overclocking, good luck.16:52
cdk_ok but bthen it shows up with an xorg.config and one that is a back up with nvidia org in its name then xserver trys to use both16:54
OerHeks xorg.config ??16:54
OerHeksoh boy16:55
cdk_yes i end up with it and a nvidia orginal xorg backup and it then screws up my resolutoin16:56
earl---So asking for a friend. During installation, he formated the NTFS windows partition as EXT4 by accident. Can he recover his data or is he screwed16:56
VanessaNaireYea that data's pretty much lost.16:57
MonkeyDustearl---  recover16:57
MonkeyDust!recover | earl---16:57
ubottuearl---: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel16:57
tachyondecayTJ-: Thanks for taking a look. I think that's a risk worth taking; worst comes to worst I have to backup the Ubuntu install and then do the total reformat/repartitionin/reinstall Windows. But I might not have to!16:58
VanessaNaireAny ideas on my rebooting issue?16:58
VanessaNaireI've read that there's a field for reboot on the old GRUB1 config that might have fixed it. Is there a GRUB2 equivalent?16:58
earl---Ok. So the data is basically gone. Thanks though guys, figured it was worth asking.17:00
VanessaNaireThat's not a file @darkxploit17:00
earl---Have a good one17:00
OerHeksacpi-off means the system does nothing with acpi calls, like shutdown. you must manually press the powerbutton at the end.17:01
reyalguém br ?17:03
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.17:03
bekks!pt | rey17:03
VanessaNaire@OerHeks but it actually turns the Macbook off when I shutdown with acpi=off17:03
ubotturey: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.17:03
OerHeksyou are right, bekks17:04
OerHeksbut that line is not even a sentence in portugese too.17:05
MonkeyDustit's obrigado, not obrigada, iirc17:05
anabainHi, I need some advice/general directions in order to be able to connect from a remote ubuntu PC (or also an android device, if possible) to my home LAN (consisting of 2 ubuntu boxes) through my dd-wrt router (flashed to the latest giga firmware). To achieve connection through the internet I'll be trying freedns.afraid.org . As for the kind of connections, I'd like to ssh to both boxes and I also want to wake-on-lan them remotely. Is that17:07
anabain possible?17:07
reyobrigado pessoal17:07
VanessaNaire@anabain so long as you've configured your ports correctly and that router supports port forwarding.17:09
VictoriaXOXOQ: Is it worth installing "Ubuntu Restricted Extras"? Why? Why not?17:09
gsagieHello, i found this package: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/etcd   , what do i need to do so i could do "apt-get install etcd" and it will work? how can i add this package to my repository17:09
VanessaNaireThough remember, you'll need to set the second Ubuntu box to a non-default ssh17:09
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, if you don't need it, don't.17:09
nbusroneTJ- : sorry for coming back late which I promise. Going back to the USB3.0 wakeup port , I just need to do type this echo disabled | sudo dd of=/sys/bus/devices/4-1" ?17:10
VanessaNaire*non-default ssh port17:10
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Well, I'm interested in what "Microsoft font" will do. Do you know?17:10
anabainVanessaNaire, to avoid conflict?17:10
MonkeyDustVictoriaXOXO  i never noticed that i did not have thel installed... which is a good thing... until i suddenly found out and did install them17:10
OerHekssome applications need them, and some webpages.17:11
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: Oh, okay. Do you know what "Microsoft fonts" do?17:11
OerHeksand documents17:11
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Oh.17:11
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Well, it can't hurt to install the extras?17:12
VanessaNaire@anabain Yes.17:12
MonkeyDustVictoriaXOXO  ms fonts makes you pay for everything you type17:12
egggsthe restricted extras is a touchy  subject,  if u want a true free machine don't install it. it installs  things that are not free.17:12
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, no, can't hurt, it is one of the 1st steps to get all multimedia stuff17:12
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: What do you mean? :(17:13
VictoriaXOXOegggs: Well. :P17:13
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Thanks.17:13
Aisonhmm, I disabled lightdm with systemctl disable lightdm.service17:13
Aisonnow I can no longer enable it?!?17:13
OerHeksbut if you want to go proffessional, you might not want all the packages due to licenses, this differs per country17:13
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: Wait a minute! You're messing with me, huh? XD17:13
egggsif you want to play dvds or  certain  music formats   you will have to install it .  for me i install it.17:13
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: No, I'm just a noob.17:13
Cinnamonhello ladies and gents, I installed kgpg and changed gnupg permissions as instructed. and then I got this error when starting kgpg: 'GnuPG failed to start. You must fix the GnuPG error first before running KGpg.' how can I fix this?17:14
zidsalhi I was wondering if someone can help me. When I try to install bcmwl-kernels-source via apt-get to get my wifi working it gets stuck on DKMS: install complete. Has antone else seen this before?17:14
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: MonkeyDust: egggs: Why does it say "pulls in support for MP3 playback..."? I can already play those files! :/17:14
OerHeksonly VLC can play them standalone.17:15
OerHekselse you want those codecs.17:15
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: I'm playing them in "Videos" now.17:15
VictoriaXOXOMATE DE.17:15
fawkes_Bonjours ou suis-je?17:16
SchrodingersScat!fr | fawkes_17:16
ubottufawkes_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:16
Cinnamonand since I installed kgpg, terminal runs 'kbuildsycoca4 running' randomly.17:18
CinnamonI deinstalled it anyway, but I'd like to revert the changes that I made to gnupg17:18
Cinnamonhow can I do that?17:18
MonkeyDust!info kpg17:19
ubottuPackage kpg does not exist in wily17:19
MonkeyDust!info kgpg17:19
ubottukgpg (source: kgpg): graphical front end for GNU Privacy Guard. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 943 kB, installed size 1901 kB17:19
linociscohi all, I am going to choose free version of CRM, which one is better "SugarCRM vs VtigerCRM"?17:19
VictoriaXOXOQ: What do you people think about "Clementine"? Do you prefer another piece of software? Why?17:19
artisanIndiaanyone ever used ebay api ?17:19
bekks!poll | VictoriaXOXO17:19
bekksVictoriaXOXO: Basically, the choice of software is based on personal preferences.17:20
VictoriaXOXObekks: Well, I need help figuring out what my personal preferences are. ;o)17:20
bekksVictoriaXOXO: Thats something we cant decide :)17:21
VictoriaXOXObekks: I was hoping you could. :o|17:21
MonkeyDustVictoriaXOXO  making your own decisions is part of growing up17:21
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: I know (I hate growing up...).17:22
egggsfor audio i use .ogg format for mp3 and audiaciuos  in winamp mode17:23
Molar_MassHi,  I have a friend using Ubuntu who put off an update for a while and ended up doing a partial upgrade.  Now, when they reboot they can't log in unless they enter the terminal, and then trying to startx leads to an error about not being to insert module 'nvidia-352'.  Has anyone heard of something like this happening before?17:24
VictoriaXOXOLast off-topic rambling -- YAWN! "Stable release 1.2.3 (March 8, 2014; 20 months ago)" 20 months!!17:24
VanessaNaireIs there a way to show a address bar in files?17:24
=== MeTaL_GuRu is now known as hogamara
momomoi am trying to install vlc from sudo add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/stable-daily17:26
momomoi added it .. but it appears as if I am still getting the vlc from ubuntu reposiotry17:26
momomohow can I install vlc from tasht repoistory ?17:26
egggsdid u update list 1st?17:27
BluesKajmomomo, the VLC from the repos should suffice17:27
egggsand  accept new  ppa by the default enter?17:27
=== hogamara is now known as MeTaL_GuRu
VanessaNaire@Molar_Mass try running "sudo apt-get install -f" from the terminal. This should fix broken packages, then try doing the update again from the terminal using "sudo apt-get install upgrade"17:28
momomoBluesKaj, not for me17:28
BluesKajmomomo, and why not ?17:28
momomothis is really not relevant, but if you must know .. a certain plugin only works in > 2.217:29
data`hey, I know it's EOLed, but is there a utopic mirror somewhere still alive? I need to install a single packet for an old benchmarking system, and would like to avoid upgrading now as this would invalidate most of the results17:29
BluesKajwhich plugin?17:29
MonkeyDusti use ddg to look for subtitles, works too17:31
Molar_Mass@VanessaNaire Thanks, but when I ran those it turned out there was nothing to upgrade...17:31
momomoddg ?17:31
Molar_MassI still have the problem though, what should I do to figure out what's wrong?17:31
MonkeyDustddg = duckduckgo17:32
momomoyes, but I was hoping i wouldn't have to go through that process ... that's becoming really annoying and frustrating17:32
momomodownload movie, search for subtitles .. downlaod , open folder, unzip, show exracted folder, drag to vlc17:33
momomoand if you are lucky to get the right sub17:33
BluesKajmomomo, which ubuntu are you running ?17:33
egggsdid verify the ppa is in your source list17:33
momomoseriosly, it shouldn't be this fucking complicated17:33
momomoi hate that I ever put my life on fucking ubuntu17:33
momomoeverything is buggy and shit17:33
MonkeyDustmomomo  avoid profane qords17:34
=== adam__ is now known as Guest27047
[0xBEAKER]Does anyone have any suggestions to troubleshoot a system that randomly locks up (completely - stops responding to pings, ssh, keyboard inputs, everything) daily?  There's nothing in the logs (I suspect because it freezes before it can log anything) and I've run Memtest which was fine17:35
VanessaNaireIs there a way to mount an OSX partition in Ubuntu, or do the reverse, mount a ext4 partition in OSX? I want to store files in a location accessible by both operating systems.17:36
VanessaNaireNevermind, I think I'm just going to resize my OS X partition and add a FAT32 partition to store my shared files in.17:37
Molar_Mass@VannessaNaire I have actually dual booted ubuntu and mac once, and you have to set up a separate Data partition (I'll go check, but I think it has to be NTFS).  Mac can't read ext4 I think17:37
VictoriaXOXO[0xBEAKER]: How many passes of memtest?17:37
[0xBEAKER]Just finished it's first pass, but I'm letting it run17:38
[0xBEAKER]How many would be considered good?17:38
VictoriaXOXO[0xBEAKER]: When I do it, I start it before going to bed and let it run all night. Don't know exactly how many passes that would be.17:38
VictoriaXOXOBut that's just me and just to be sure. :P17:39
[0xBEAKER]Makes sense, I'll let it run a few more17:39
VictoriaXOXO[0xBEAKER]: Weird how you sometimes WISH there would be some errors in there. Much easier to replace RAM than to troubleshoot something extremely hard issue. :(17:40
Cinnamonhello there! I get this error: 'gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on configuration file'.. did this come because I ran the gpg with sudo?17:40
Kash /msg NickServ identify alskadash==17:42
=== Kash is now known as Guest19215
DJoneskaseoga_: Time for a new password17:42
Guest19215yeah :/17:42
kaseoga_DJones: not me haha17:43
DJoneskaseoga_: Yeah, quick nick change17:43
the_countBashing-om: Ok, back for a bit...17:44
Molar_Mass@VannessaNaire Turns out I actually just gave up and only used the ubuntu partition on the macbook (e.g no data partition as I suggested).  Still a pain since updating Mac OSX automatically hides ubuntu...17:44
Molar_MassI still have the question about the broken update with the problem with xorg conf17:45
moonpunterDoes anyone know: after you get the quickly-ubuntu-templates package installed, where is the default ubuntu-project template located, what are the file extensions to look for, or how to verify I have the package installed properly. I'm trying to use quickly because it SOUNDS like it will be easier than going through all the steps manually, but i'm this close to just going the other way...17:45
allizomMolar_Mass: she left a while ago17:45
MonkeyDust!info quickly-ubuntu-templates17:46
ubottuPackage quickly-ubuntu-templates does not exist in wily17:46
nitishHow can I install kompozer?17:47
the_countBashing-om: WHat do you think.. What kind of side effects would purging and reinstalling unity reap... Not sure if it could reset some of the side effects..... Or, maybe not. We still need to install the vivid xorg package, I think. Or maybe we already did that17:47
Molar_MassI have to leave, I'll ask about this later today17:47
al2o3-crnitish: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallKompozer17:47
MonkeyDustmoonpunter  are you working with 12.04 precise?17:48
sghow can I remove the title bar in Opera?17:49
=== sg is now known as Guest68934
allvariables HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.2.0-18-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "wily" 15.10 ** CPU: 8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.20GHz ** RAM: Physical: 15.6GiB, 91.0% free ** Disk: Total: 2.0TiB, 29.0% free ** VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Oland XT [Radeon HD 8670 / R7 250/350] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH1: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82579V17:49
allvariablesGigabit Network Connection ** Uptime: 21h 14m 26s **17:49
keepguessingMy bootup is fast but post login is slow.17:49
keepguessinghow do I debug why its slow?17:49
keepguessingI am running wily17:49
MonkeyDustkeepguessing  here are a few tips http://paste.ubuntu.com/13400360/17:51
Guest68934How can I remove the title bar from Opera?17:51
nitishits looks like too complicated to install kompozer. Is there any alternative of kompozer?17:51
bekksnitish: Isnt kompozer dead for years now?17:52
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator17:52
nitishbekks: I am searching for an alternative of kompozer.17:52
MonkeyDustnitish  there's BlueGriffon, not in the repos, and partky commercial17:52
OerHekslibre office17:52
lickalotthey all I've created a file in /etc/init.d called zpool_start.  it contains one line that looks like - zpool import pool0.  I've given it execute permissions, but it doesn't seem to auto mount the pool if a restart occurs.17:53
nitishMonkeyDust: How can I install BlueGriffon?17:53
lickalottis there a better/more efficient way to accomplish this?17:53
the_countnitish: Try out Komodo Edit17:53
nitishthe_count: how?17:53
MonkeyDustnitish  http://bluegriffon.org/17:54
unicornjedihello. does anyone here installed tinycore?17:54
the_countnitish: http://komodoide.com/komodo-edit/17:54
nitishis there any application like tux typing?17:57
the_countOerHeks: At what hours is Bashing-om around?17:58
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the_countnitish: There is somethig called Google17:59
VictoriaXOXOthe_count: There is something called spying. ;)18:02
the_countVictoriaXOXO: In what way am I spying? ... Or are you talking about in some countries?18:03
pauljwnitish: recommend you install synaptic package manager and use it to search for available packages in the repositories.18:03
VictoriaXOXOthe_count: No, not you. The service you suggested. :P18:03
the_countVictoriaXOXO: In this day, Google is a verb... Really, no one says Bing it, or yahoo it, or18:04
VictoriaXOXOthe_count: "Use a search engine...", but we're off-topic now. :P18:05
hk_Is there a Chinese? I can't speak English18:05
the_countnitish: Clarification, use a search engine in which you find yourself obtaining the privacy you deserve18:06
nitishthe_count: :)18:07
Bashing-omthe_count: What is the current status with your disk usage .. continue cleaning up ?18:07
nitishcan anyone tell me that what is the use of synaptic?18:07
qwesdhey!suppose i have a hdd of 500gb. what would be the difference in position of the first 100gb and the last 100gb? i am asking because my dual boot ubuntu is towards the end of the hdd and i was wondering if it will affect the life of the hdd18:07
allvariableshow duck duck?18:08
VictoriaXOXOnitish: I see it as a more functional and detailed version of the software center. Not sure if that's correct, though. XD18:08
zidsaldoes anyone have the time to help me get wifi working on my laptop? I have a broadcom card so it doesn't work be default. I've tried installing bcmwl-kernel-source, b43-fwcutter, firmware-b43-installer, however none of them are working. I've currently just done a fresh reinstall18:08
mathias__ist hier ein Experte_18:08
JaredFTWis your wifi switch on?18:08
illeqwesd: pase it where u want18:09
zidsalJaredFTW yes it is18:09
the_countBashing-om: Bashing-om: I currently have 7.7 gb free... Shall I remove some files to make it less full... I have a 256gb ssd which shares linux and windows partitions, I have been slowely shrinking the windows partition and growing the linux one over time18:09
illeqwesd: is not 80 anymore18:09
qwesdille: i dont get you18:10
illeqwesd: is no worre where u paste your things on the disk. is not 1980 anymore18:10
JaredFTWIf you go to the network button, make sure you have Enable Network and Enable Wi-Fi checked18:11
Bashing-omthe_count: Let us look and see where the space is being consumed before making any changes  ' cd / ; sudo du -sx * | sort -n ' .18:12
dbegineri am trying to run "sudo apt-get upadte"18:12
qwesdille: actually my hdd makes quite a lot of noise when booted into ubuntu. when booted in windows its very quiet but in ubuntu i can hear the i/o operations. i dont know why this is happening. its not clicking sound just normal i/o but loud18:12
dbegineri am getting this error dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.18:12
zidsalJaredFTW I have wifi currently worming by tethering to my phone and ebabled networking is ticked18:12
nitishHow can i see all packages I've installed(not inbuilt)?18:12
zidsalthe lack of internet is a known issue with broadcome networking cards18:13
dbegineri am trying to run sudo apt-get update. i am getting this error "dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem." what am i supposed to do ??18:13
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13401018/18:14
zidsaldbeginer what was the last thing you tried to install? it wasn't bcmwl-kernel-source was it?18:14
game0guys, how to search a word inside file using nano18:14
JaredFTWI'd recommend sending the card to broadcome for repairs, or buying a new one, you might have to buy a USB wi-fi dongle until either one comes18:14
dbeginerno i didn't do anything like that18:15
Bashing-omnitish: Maybe something like ' dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages ' Also there is 'debfoster' .18:15
zidsalJaredFTW the card is not broken. It works fine under windows. This is a driver issue with linux it is well documentated on the internet18:15
Bashing-omthe_count: Look'n ,18:15
g0thHow do I setup bluetooh audio for ubuntu?18:15
g0thI tried blueman and it worked at the beginning but now it no longer works (the device is never found)18:15
g0thany idea why?18:15
nitishBashing-om: what is debfoster?18:15
adam444how can I get rid of the title bar in opera?18:15
dbeginerzidsal : no i didn't install anything like that18:15
g0thI'm on Ubuntu 15.1018:16
JaredFTWzidsal: try uninstalling the broadcome drivers and find better ones on the internet18:16
zidsaldbeginer nevermind then I recently had an issue like that where the installing of an old package didn't install correctly18:16
MichaelTunanyone in here using Ubuntu 14.04 that would be willing to test something for me? Would take less than 2 minutes.18:16
qwesdmy hdd makes quite a lot of noise when booted into ubuntu. when booted in windows its very quiet but in ubuntu i can hear the i/o operations. i dont know why this is happening. its not clicking sound just normal i/o but loud18:17
dbeginerzidsal : how did you get over with it ? will it effect working or something ?18:17
JaredFTWqwesd: are there several programs starting up on startup, like Skype, Steam, etc?18:17
zidsalJaredFTW the correct package to install to fix this is bcmwl-kernel-source or b43-fwcutter or firmware-b43-installer depending on what broadcome card you have however none of them work which makes me suspect something like a blacklist18:17
zidsaldbeginer I'll find you the command I had to run in a second18:18
qwesdJaredFTW: no additional programs. i can hear any time i open a folder or browser basically read and write ops18:18
zidsaldbeginer what happens when you run sudo dpkg -C18:18
droidalguien que pueda ayudarme18:18
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Guest80775soy nuevo con el Xubuntu18:19
JaredFTWzidsal: try running sudo apt-get repair or update, I honestly have no other ideas18:19
MichaelTunGuest80775:  you should join #Ubuntu-es18:19
dbeginerzidsal : The following packages are in a mess due to serious problems during installation.  They must be reinstalled for them (and any packages that depend on them) to function properly:  ttf-mscorefonts-installer (no description available)  The following packages have been unpacked but not yet configured. They must be configured using dpkg --configure or the configure menu option in dselect for them to work:  cabextract           18:19
dbeginerzidsal : it return this18:20
dbeginerzidsal : The following packages are missing the md5sums control file in the database, they need to be reinstalled:  ttf-mscorefonts-installer (no description available)18:20
zidsalI don't know what those packages do so you'll want to find out before I had a similar problem when my installer meesed up to fix it I had to run sudo dpkg -r <PACKAGE NAME>18:20
JaredFTWqwesd: there might be something wrong with the sector that you have Ubuntu installed on18:20
dbeginerzidsal : what to do now ? sorry for irritating i am complete beginer in linux !18:21
pauljwdbeginer: did you try the solution in the original error?  i find that apt-get is pretty good at getting problems figured out.18:21
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qwesdJaredFTW: all smart parameters of the drive are good. i have run scans on the drive and all show 0 bad sectors18:21
qwesdJaredFTW: reallocation count is also 018:22
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g0thhow do I setup bluetooth audio in ubuntu?18:22
nitishIs there any racing game  available?18:22
g0thIt worked once with blueman (quite ok) but now it doesn't find any devices anymore :(18:22
dbeginerpauljw : The following packages are only half configured, probably due to problems configuring them the first time.  The configuration should be retried using dpkg --configure <package> or the configure menu option in dselect:  runit                system-wide service supervision18:22
Guest6785How can I be the president of USA again?18:22
zidsaldbeginer I don't want to lead you down the wrong path as I am not too sure18:22
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flyn4x4MichaelTun : 14.04 LTS what you got?18:23
GNUmadg0th: maybe this help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothAudio18:23
BarrackObamaHow to update ubuntu to newer version?18:23
dbeginerpauljw : can you guide me how to fix this ? yesterday i had issue with runit and i use force removel command i think i had deleted runit package can you tell how to put it back again ?18:23
the_counteBashing-om: What do you think?18:23
JaredFTWqwesd: do you have a really really big amount of files/folders? if so, it might be the file explorer pre-loading them in the background, I honestly have no idea18:24
dbeginerzidsal : The following packages are only half configured, probably due to problems configuring them the first time.  The configuration should be retried using dpkg --configure <package> or the configure menu option in dselect:  runit                system-wide service supervision18:24
dbeginerzidsal : can you guide me how to fix this ? yesterday i had issue with runit and i use force removel command i think i had deleted runit package can you tell how to put it back again ?18:25
Bashing-omnitish: ' apt-cache show debfoster ' will give you better info than I can .18:25
qwesdJaredFTW: i don't its just 10gb at max. i can seem to figure out whats wrong :(18:25
MichaelTunflyn4x4: great.18:25
zidsalas I said dbeginer I don't want to lead you down the wrong path as I don't know what those packages do however what I had to do ti fix my similar issue was to remove the package with sudo dpkg -r <package name> anbd then reinstall the package18:25
g0thGNUmad: I already read that page18:26
MichaelTunflyn4x4 I need you to run two commands for me and give me the output of the command.18:26
g0thGNUmad: what I don't understand is why blueman no longer finds my device18:26
flyn4x4MichaelTun Lets see those commands...18:26
pauljwdbeginer: you're in over my head.  sorry.18:26
dbeginercoeus@ubuntu:~$ dpkg --configure runit dpkg: error: requested operation requires superuser privilege ... i am getting this error trying to configure runit how to do it ?18:27
MichaelTunflyn4x4: apt --help (share via http://paste.ubuntu.com/)18:27
Bashing-omthe_count: You have bunches install .. - the size of /root blows me away . Let's see what cleaning will do for us ' sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get autoclean ; apt-get autoremove ' .18:27
the_countBashing-om: What should it be?18:27
OfficeFanBoyHello all. i will copy paste my question also here.18:28
MichaelTunflyn4x4: then I want to see if apt will let you install with that command too like "sudo apt install uget" (don't need to install it, just let me know if it says it will or not)18:28
OfficeFanBoyI have one question about regular expression (regex|regexp). Hmmm... how i can add backspace to replace? search"[:alpha:]$". Because if i use plain "$" it will connect all lines to single line.18:28
pauljwdbeginer: that means use sudo dpkg --configure runit18:28
OfficeFanBoyin libreoffice18:28
OfficeFanBoyi want to only connect lines where is text together18:28
the_countBashing-om: I do have a kvm virstual machine which is located in /var/libvirt/somethingorother18:28
dbeginerpauljw : coeus@ubuntu:~$ dpkg --configure runit dpkg: error: requested operation requires superuser privilege.. it shows this error18:28
flyn4x4MichaelTun :http://paste.ubuntu.com/13401292/18:29
pauljwdbeginer: you get that when using sudo?18:29
Bashing-omthe_count: Mind you I run real tight .. my /root " 1852    root " !18:29
the_countBashing-om: In kb, right?18:30
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pauljwdbeginer: sudo is what gives you superuser privilege18:30
MichaelTunflyn4x4: NICE no need to test install then18:30
dbeginerpauljw : with sudo i am getting this error ... Setting up runit (2.1.2-3ubuntu1) ... start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused dpkg: error processing package runit (--configure):  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 Processing triggers for man-db ( ... Processing triggers for fontconfig (2.11.1-0ubuntu6) ... Errors were e18:30
the_countBashing-om: Or what, that is a bit smalle18:30
MichaelTunflyn4x4: Ubuntu 14.04 used to not allow that. I guess you are on the latest point release like 14.04.3 or something18:31
the_countBashing-om: That clean up did nothing18:31
MichaelTunflyn4x4: try one more thing for me if you dont mind, "man apt"18:31
Bashing-omthe_count: No, the output ss directed is in megabytes .18:31
g0thGNUmad: how can I completely reset my blueman settings?18:33
the_countBashing-om: I have a 10.7gb kvm image inside /var/lib/libvirt/images, would that do it?18:34
Bashing-omthe_count: All I can advise at this point is to start removing applications that you do not use . We must get that disk space down to something manageable .. As advised at 90% file system becomes fragmented .18:34
flyn4x4MichaelTun : got the man page18:34
the_countBashing-om: I'm moving things off now18:35
Bashing-omthe_count: /var is huge .. no doubt at " 11906596var " .18:35
GNUmadg0th: have you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure bluez18:36
GNUmadsudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-sound-base18:36
flyn4x4MichaelTun : I have this system working pretty good. plex server and 1tb additional hdd18:36
Bashing-omthe_count: we might look at the number of old log files there .. maybe cron is not removing the oldest files ???18:36
flyn4x4MichaelTun : do you have any idea why apps dont appear in the search or (for a lack of a better term) start menu18:38
MichaelTunflyn4x4: does the man page contain the same information that the --help did?18:39
g0thGNUmad: no I haven't but that's not my problem18:39
MichaelTunflyn4x4: try pressing Super+A instead of just Super (aka Windows key) and then try searching for apps18:39
flyn4x4MichaelTun:  no there is much more info in the man page18:39
MichaelTunflyn4x4: does the man page include the install info though?18:40
flyn4x4MichaelTun : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13401557/18:41
g0thGNUmad: ok, I got some different behavior but now it says "failed to connect"18:41
flyn4x4MichaelTun Yes it does18:41
g0thresp. failed to add device18:42
MichaelTunflyn4x4: great thank you for the assistance. Did the Super+A work?18:42
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flyn4x4michaeltun    No it doesnt show any apps18:43
the_countBashing-om: How shall we deal with log files, I was disconnected..18:43
zidsalhas anyone managed to get internet working with broadcom's BCM4350  chip?18:44
GNUmadg0th: try this , hcitool dev it shows your bluetooth adapter, then run /etc/init.d/bluetooth force-reload18:44
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flyn4x4MichaelTun : Sorry, there is nothing that matches your search....    , using just a single letter or a whole word18:45
g0thI now managed to add the device again18:45
g0thbut I can't select it from pavucontrol18:46
MichaelTunflyn4x4: what is it that you are trying to find?18:46
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MichaelTunflyn4x4: oh you are saying no apps display at all even before searching?18:47
flyn4x4MichaelTun: Konversation, chrome, disks     heck i havent tried all the apps i have but to get konversation to run i had to go to the commandline18:47
the_countBahing-om: Ok... I do have Steam installed with a couple games that I never play... i was going to remove them... But I got this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13401646/ when trying to start the application18:47
flyn4x4MichaelTun thats right18:48
MichaelTunKonversation, are you using KDE or just using Konversation in Ubuntu?18:48
g0thhmm and now it works again, I don't know why18:48
g0thit seems kind of a random behavior18:48
flyn4x4konversation in ubuntu18:48
g0thand now it doesn't work *g*18:48
Bashing-omthe_count: Log files .. take a lok at what is ' ls -al /var/log/ ' should not have files older than "XX.7.gz" .18:49
MichaelTunflyn4x4: first good choice, Konversation is the best. second can you open apps via Alt+F2?18:49
flyn4x4good to know i have been using ubuntu for years and still learning18:49
the_countBashing-om: I assume older than .7 means numbers lessthan 7, there is quite a few... http://paste.ubuntu.com/13401700/18:50
tgm4883Anyone know of a way to specify a build-depends only for a particular architecture?18:51
GNUmadg0th: maybe rfkill unblock bluetooth18:51
flyn4x4yes alt+f2 works18:52
Bashing-omthe_count: Fir stean ' sudo apt-get install libglapi-mesa:i386 ; . See what results . Var: .8,9, 10 's ???18:52
MichaelTunflyn4x4: try installing MenuLibre via "sudo apt install menulibre" it will let you edit your system's menu entries. It might also let you see if any of the entries are set to "hide entry".18:53
flyn4x4so does apt work the same as apt-get just fancy er18:54
Bashing-omthe_count: Log files are large, but in order .. not a lot to be done for the long term . We can dis-regard the log files .18:54
the_countBashing-om: Ok... As soon as I installed that, it autoremoved a lot of Vivid files...18:55
g0thGNUmad: I give up, this is already my second bluetooth audio set, somehow it doesn't work properly in linux18:55
anabainCan you set up a VPN like this:  remote ubuntu box -> ddns server -> the internet -> dd-wrt router with ddns client ? I mean, does the ddns service (free or $) restrict that kind of connection in any way?18:55
g0thhmm it works from my android phone though18:55
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13401811/18:55
g0thGNUmad: basically it randomly fails and I have to try "random" resets/restarts/reload of various applications/services/settings18:56
Bashing-omthe_count: Ouch ! .. steam not happy as is .. tough call here .. remove and (RE-)install steam when we get the system back happy with vivid's stack ???18:56
g0thonce I get it working it doesn't play smoothly after a short time18:56
the_countBashing-om; and if I ' sudo apt-get upgrade ' this returns; http://paste.ubuntu.com/13401827/18:56
the_countBashing-om: I really don't need Steam at all... But I do use it a couple minutes out of each month.... Just leftovers of my past life.18:58
flyn4x4MichaelTun : alt+f2 just mimics what i type, If it is a valid application it will run it though.19:00
the_countBashing-om: So we may remove it... The thing is.. We had better make sure that it removes every last thing... There is probably 4gb of games installes19:01
g0thhmm, http://askubuntu.com/questions/252794/cannot-connect-to-bluetooth-speaker-logitech-boombox <- ok with this I get the best results so far19:01
Bashing-omthe_count: A mess for sure .. try'n to think our way through this.19:02
the_countBashing-om: Do you think Steam may have caudes the problems in the first place?19:02
the_countBashing-om: caused19:03
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monsuneis there a way to make apt-get stop using ipv6?19:05
theplaneHello, after installation I'm taken straight to Busybox instead of Ubuntu. How do I solve this?19:05
theplanealso, I typed "exit" and it managed to boot properly. How do I retain this without entering "exit" every time?19:06
MonkeyDusttheplane  which ubuntu version?19:06
theplaneMonkeyDust: Apologies, it's Linux Mint.19:06
MonkeyDusttheplane  not for this channel19:06
theplaneBut I've seen similar issues on Ubuntuforums19:06
theplaneTheir channel is terrible for help19:07
MonkeyDusttheplane  ask in the Mint channel19:07
theplaneI did19:07
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MonkeyDusttheplane  you're in the wrong channel here19:07
the_countBashing-om: Here is new disk usage: How does it look? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13402058/ It's about as good as it is going to get19:07
Bashing-omthe_count: Presently I can not tell how long or what efforts it will take to recover . Are you prepared to take the nuclear solution and (RE-)install ? As to steam it is stable in a standard install .. HWE introduces a lot of variables.19:08
monsuneis there a way to make apt-get stop using ipv6?19:08
Guest21906When I click, the cursor selects the line above, the offset is off. Does anyone know how to fix this?19:09
the_countBashing-om: Reinstall Ubuntu?19:09
Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah re-install the operating system... as the heart of xorg has been ripped out .. Maybe we can piece it back together .19:10
the_countBashing-om: I don't see why not try...19:11
Bashing-omthe_count: All for fixing .. let's remove steam from the system, go ahead as the package manager wants and rebuild . As you see the drivers for touchpad are effected .19:12
MichaelTunflyn4x4: sorry, for the lack of reply. I am working on an article about apt and yes apt does a lot of what apt-get does but not everything. I am writing an article to explain what it can and cant do19:13
MichaelTunflyn4x4: did you try MenuLibre?19:13
the_countBashing-om: Would removing the libmesa... Whatever it was called help?19:13
flyn4x4yes i did19:13
flyn4x4i went to the uget website and it looks cool19:14
the_countBashing-om: As I see it... It's going to be better for me to try to stick it out and learn something, the way I see it, I'll at least learn something19:14
Bashing-omthe_count: My focus is on steam/HWE. How did you install steam ? From our repo or other ?19:14
flyn4x4menulibre let me see the stuff but none are hidden19:14
the_countBashing-om: Can we purge the steam application from the command line...? I installed it from the Ubuntu Software Center19:15
flyn4x4and i guess its called the "dash" still doesnt show applications19:15
MichaelTunflyn4x4: thanks, I'm project manager for uGet19:15
Bashing-omthe_count: Concur on the learning curve, I expect I too will learn in this process . You be that ginny pig .19:15
MichaelTunflyn4x4: are the categories enabled in MenuLibre?19:15
the_countBashing-om: Nothing wrong with that...19:15
MichaelTunit is possible to hide all apps in a category by disabling the category.19:16
MichaelTunflyn4x4: yes it is called the "Dash" and the panel on the left is the "Launcher"19:16
flyn4x4no hidden apps or cats19:16
flyn4x4just not showing any apps19:16
the_countBashing-om: And... I believe I have everything backed up, except my RSA keys... I do not want to loose those19:16
Bashing-omthe_count: Good on steam then ... rather than purge .. let's remove as we may want to re0install steam at a later time ... do: ' sudo apt-get remove steam ' , I can anticipate the system screamming and hollering .19:17
flyn4x4 it worked saturday and i havnt installed anything scince19:17
the_countBashing-om: Wow... It says that it is not installed19:17
MichaelTunflyn4x4: installing doesn't mean it would happen. It is possible something happened in the System Settings or maybe via Ubuntu Tweak. Have you messed with those at all?19:18
Bashing-omthe_count: Well ! ... ok, let's install it and then remove it . ' sudo apt-get install steam '19:18
flyn4x4ok Michaeltun thanks , i will try some other stuff and check out the new uget .   Thanks for your help..... Havent since it last worked...  just installed konversation on saturday then used it (the dash) to start konversation and then today (1 week later) no apps show in dash19:20
the_countBashing-om: Ok, now remove?19:22
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MichaelTunflyn4x4: sorry I can't be of more use. I haven't used Unity in a couple of years so I'm rusty on it.19:26
flyn4x4its cool i will just play with stuff today... this computer is not my daily driver its just my plex server so no big deal just wierd thank you MichaelTun19:27
the_countBashing-om: Maybe for HWE we should have installed it for multiarch19:27
defcon6hi guys. I just updated to 16.04 and am wondering about the Unity8 DE. Last time I tried to install and run it did not work and froze my computer. Is it usable in version 16.04 or is it still to soon?19:28
tachyondecayOK, I have a recovery image and system image of my new Windows install. Time to rock and roll….19:28
lotuspsychjedefcon6: #ubuntu+119:28
the_countBashing-om: So...19:28
defcon6lotuspsychje: ok thanks19:29
Bashing-omthe_count: No idea of how steam should be installed .. did not know there were options . You are on a 64 bit system and --- is steam 32 bit ?? I do not recall .19:29
the_countBashing-om: I guess it doesn't really matter. We were going to comepletely remove it, right?19:30
quechonim trying to build a scantool software from scrath19:30
the_countBashing-om: Looks like Steam is 32bit19:30
quechonim getting this when runnin make http://pastebin.com/D6ZLyZQh19:30
quechoni have tried ln -s19:31
quechonbut no luck19:31
osho0000hi guys i can't get the speed of my laptop with sudo dmidecode | grep -A 15 Memory nor with sudo lshw -short -C memory19:31
osho0000sorry, the speen of the memory19:31
Bashing-omthe_count: Well " completely" is relative .. if we "remove" it's config files will remain // If we purge then the config files will also be removed .19:31
the_countBashing-om: Take a look at this link: http://linuxconfig.org/installation-of-steam-client-on-debian-jessie-8-linux-64bit19:32
the_countBashing-om: Right19:32
Bashing-omthe_count: Look'n . be back in a bit .19:32
quechonany suggestion19:34
Bashing-omthe_count: As we install from repo, I do not see the relevance for a 'debian' install method - in this case .19:36
the_countBashing-om: I was pointing you to this as a ' partial ' reference19:37
the_countBashing-om: From the requirements point of view19:38
Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah . is good info to keep in mimd .. I am hopefull our package manager will advise us along our way .19:38
globalistHello everybody! I downloaded 15.10 (sha- and md5 sums check out) and I cannot, for the life of me, create a bootable USB device. I tried it with the Startup Disk Creator and the dd-command and even used 3 different USB sticks -- but to no avail. With either method the USB is either not even recognized during bootup or i get a black screen with nothing more than "boot error". I can't find any specific information online so I wanted t19:39
globalisto ask if any of you had some ideas? :)19:39
the_countBashing-om: That would be ideal... So... What do we start out with?19:39
AlexQglobalist: Have you tried reading an image of the disk (after writing with dd) and verifying the md5 and/or sha1 checksum?19:40
Bashing-omthe_count: ' sudo apt-get remove steam' is the start .. if that completes .. ' sudo apt-get 0f install ' . See what Xorg looks like . O do expect to have to re-install some of the HWE components .19:41
the_countBashing-om: And another thing about completely reinstalling Ubuntu, I'm still learning the in's and out's of the file structure/os and it's not as straingtforeward for me as is windows as it currently stands19:41
globalistAlexQ: Actually I didn't (and not once has that been necessary with any Ubuntu flavor for me) but you're right, that's something I have to check out!19:41
Bashing-om* sudo apt-get -f install **19:41
VictoriaXOXOQ: Is it possible to install (try) another desktop environment WITHOUT also installing duplicates of all software? :/19:42
AlexQglobalist: When reading an ISO filesystem directly from the pendrive device to file using dd, you will most likely need to specify the exact amount of bytes to copy (exact to the original .iso REAL filesize), otherwise you'll end up reading the whole device I guess.19:42
the_countBashing-om: ' sudo apt-get -f install ' http://paste.ubuntu.com/13402910/19:42
Bashing-omthe_count: linux file system is compl;etely different . once you are comforable with the file system you are well on your way to mastering system administration .19:43
al2o3-crYWH_1: What you looking for?19:43
the_countBashing-om: When I first started, I could not understand the concept of having / as the root directory...19:44
Bashing-omthe_count: I know no better thing than to allow the ystem to break, and then fix it .. Go ahead and ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' // scary thought .. byt we have the tools to rebuild .19:45
AlexQBashing-om: What is scary with apt-get autoremove?19:45
the_countBashing-om: Why is this? I got two minutes to wait untill my current backup od home is done19:45
Bashing-omAlexQ: take a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/13402910/ . This system is HWE enabled .. and we rip the heart out of Xorg .19:46
the_countBashing-om: Is the heart of xorg not already removed, or does the system think they need removed when they are really nessesary?19:48
the_countBashing-om: If you were to give me a one sentence definition of HWE that would give me a basis of understanding, how would you define it?19:49
Bashing-omthe_count: The latter os our case . == required, and we make sure HWE is satisfied after ripping the system apart .19:50
Bashing-omthe_count: see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack .19:50
the_countBashing-om; okBashing-om: So, basically it replaces the kernel of a system19:53
Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah and also Xserver ( Xorg amongst all that ) .19:53
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customhow does steam work with ubuntu?19:57
customhow well19:57
VictoriaXOXOOn a scale from 37 to 175939543? 102483.19:57
tachyondecayInteresting: live USB recognized my touchpad this boot, even though on previous boot it did not. Hmm.19:57
n1ghtmar3well enough19:57
VictoriaXOXOcustom: It just... works.19:58
zykotick9VictoriaXOXO: just choose your metapackge carefully, and yes (kinda).  An example, of XFCE - if you install xubuntu-desktop you'll get a lot of duplaction, if you instead install xfce4 you just get XFCE.  good luck.19:58
the_countBashing-om; ok.. have everything backed up that I want backed up... Proceding to tear apart system19:58
customwhat distro would you suggest trying.19:58
VictoriaXOXOzykotick9: What about Cinnamon? Any way to just change the VISUAL things?19:58
Bashing-omthe_count: K; We have the tools, we have the technology; we can rebuild .19:59
zykotick9VictoriaXOXO: sorry i'm not familiar with cinnamon, so don't know the details.19:59
egggssteam works great on my system, but its all about the video card and  drivers you choose19:59
the_countBashing-om: Good19:59
VictoriaXOXOzykotick9: Darn...19:59
the_countBashing-om: Now what shall I do19:59
alethesI'm unable to use tethering on my Ubuntu 15.10 desktop computer. In case it's relevant, it has the Rampage V Extreme motherboard. I tried both with  an iPhone 5S and LG G4, through USB and Wi-Fi. I can establish a network connection, but I can't access the Internet.20:00
alethesIs this the right place to seek support? I'm willing to pay to get this issue solved.20:00
customwould you suggest Mint, Black Lab linux,  Steam OS, straight Ubuntu? Does it make any difference20:00
VictoriaXOXOcustom: Mint/Ubuntu. :)20:01
the_countcustom: What are you lookinf for in an os?20:01
egggswhat are your  pc  specs?20:01
customsomething that work well with Steam.. Im familiar with Linux20:01
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tachyondecayUbuntu works fine with Steam20:02
egggswhatever the case an easy way to test is  live cd or   vitural machince it20:02
AlexQOn clean Xubuntu 15.10 install or Xubuntu 15.10 live I have nice smooth (pixel-precise) scrolling on my touchpad and it works well in Mousepad or Gedit, but I had a problem on my Xubuntu 15.04 (it was smoothly scrolling for some distance and then jumping, as in old-school mouse wheel-like scrolling - as if both scrolling methods were active simultaneously), and unfortunately the problem remains after upgrading to 15.10. Any ideas? I don't20:02
the_countcustom: SteamOS will almost undoubtebly work the best with steam20:02
Bashing-omthe_count: "autoremove" is done ? Let's look : 'dpkg -l linux-generic-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-core-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-vivid libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-vivid libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-vivid libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-vivid:i386 libglapi-mesa-lts-vivid:i386 '20:02
globalistcustom: Depending on how much you want to experiment with different desktop environments you can try any of these. The Ubuntu base makes them very stable, it's quite a matter of personal taste and to what "desktop behaviour" you're accustomed! :)20:02
customok Thanks guys20:03
the_countBashing-om: Returned: ' dpkg-query: no packages found matching libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-vivid ; dpkg-query: no packages found matching libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-vivid:i386 ' and http://paste.ubuntu.com/13403774/20:04
alethesTethering works without issues on my Ubuntu 15.04 laptop, Windows, iOS and OS X devices. However, I can't connect to Internet on my Ubuntu 15.10 desktop. What could be the reason?20:04
Bashing-omthe_count: Expected " no packages found" we did remove them .. this is overkill if You are not going to run games - 32 bit apps - . IF there is nop need of the 43 bit libraries we can do with out a bunch of stuff .20:05
ubuntushi all20:06
AlexQalethes: Can you ping your device?20:06
mks656having prblm clnup boot20:07
the_countBashing-om: I don't see why we cannot just remove everything we don't need now... If in the future I ever want to reinstall steam, then we can figure it out. I still have my windows partition to play games on if I really feel the desire20:07
the_countBashing-om: I say just get rid of it... I got more productive projects to do anyway20:08
globalistubuntus: hi! :)20:08
Bashing-omthe_count: Makes life simpler .. ' sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-core-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-vivid libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-vivid ' .20:08
globalistbittin_: hi! :)20:09
grashjoin #ubuntu-hu20:09
ubuntusтут по русски кто то понимает?20:09
the_countBashing-om: I thought wayland was bad?20:09
alethesAlexQ: Thank you for answering. I'm not sure how to check the IP...20:10
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Bashing-omthe_count: I too was surprised to see it .. no idea what the developers have in mind here .20:10
AlexQalethes: What does command 'route' output?20:10
AlexQalethes: After connecting to the hotspot of course.20:10
mks656no icq20:11
the_countbashing-om: So... It finished, no hiccups. Do you do any development, or do you do purly system admin work?20:11
alethesAlexQ: I'm currently connected to my LG G4. The interface is usb0. The 'route' command outputs three lines. The 'destination' values are: default, link-local,
AlexQalethes: What is the 'gateway' column entry for default?20:12
Bashing-omthe_count: I used to be the senior Network Controller in communications networks . Retired now and I spend my time learning this operating system .20:13
AlexQ192.168.42.1 ?20:13
AlexQalethes: Can you try 'ping' ?20:13
alethesAlexQ: It works20:13
AlexQalethes: And if you try like 'ping' ?20:14
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the_countBashing-om: So, what's next on the list?20:15
bindihow can i check my system disk performance with the included tool? it wants to unmount the disk but i dont think you can do that, its the system disk20:15
alethesAlexQ: It works as well. However, the browser is unable to resolve any hostname and I can't eg. ssh to a server.20:16
AlexQalethes: Than it is just a DNS config issue, most likely.20:16
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globalisthello, ubuntu-mate_!20:17
AlexQalethes: Do 'cat /etc/resolv.conf'20:17
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does ANYONE know what this error (at shutdown) means? "Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active Directory Server [FAIL]"20:18
Bashing-omthe_count: I am considering .. gimme a bit more .. if it is safe, and now time to reboot .20:18
the_countBashing-om: Ok, I'll reboot now... Say, sometime it doesn't boot up, then what happens?20:19
the_countBashing-om: How do I know if it is safe to reboot?20:20
alethesAlexQ: I've been using a landline connection without issues. Tthe router broke yesterday and I'd like to use the mobile network until the replacement arrives. I just tried 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' and it outputs:20:20
alethesAlexQ: # Generated by Network Manager20:20
alethesAlexQ: search fritz.box (the name of the router I've been using)20:20
pauljwthe_count: wait, Bashing-om will let you know20:21
alethesAlexQ: nameserver
Bitnovahi, im having an issue with Bluez sending and recieving files to my phone. If i want to uninstall Bluez and purge so that i can reinstall it, it wants to also uninstall Kodi and i dont want that to happen. any thoughts?20:21
the_countpauljw: You bet I'll wait20:21
alethesAlexQ: I can see it has been overwritten now, but I'm not sure how to fix it.20:21
the_countpauljw: Not really in the mood to mess up Ubuntu further when it could have been prevented20:23
alethesAlexQ: I changed it to 'nameserver' and it works fine. Thank you very much for your help!20:24
AlexQalethes: Yeah, I was just typing you a more detailed instruction. Bear in mind that it might be permanent, don't know how NetworkManager behaves.20:24
globalistBitnova: there is (among other workarounds) this: https://askubuntu.com/a/69590320:24
globalistBitnova: You might also want to try "apt-get --reinstall bluez" first :)20:25
AlexQalethes: For a more permanent solution, you could try to remove the file, and reconnect, or preferably reboot your system. If that doesn't resolve the issue, just click on the NetworkManager applet that you use to connect to networks, select Edit connections..., edit the connection you are going to use and type the IP address of your phone (the one from destination column of default-route from route) , or e.g. Google's NS you just configu20:25
tachyondecayI am in the Ubuntu live environment right now trying to install alongside Windows. I need to shrink the NTFS partition, but I can't do this with the Ubuntu installer's partitioner. GParted does not see my SSD20:26
tachyondecayThe SSD was previously mounted and recognized by the live environment, and the Ubuntu installer partioner can see its partitions fine20:26
lotus|xenial!uefi | tachyondecay20:26
ubottutachyondecay: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:26
Bitnovaglobalist, thank you so much. im going to try that. Yes i will try reinstall first, but i think there might be some wrong installation of config... so i want to purge.. and then reinstall20:26
lotus|xenialtachyondecay: make your life easy and install ubuntu single :p20:26
the_counttachyodecay: What windows OS do you have installed?20:27
tachyondecayWindows 1020:27
AlexQBitnova: globalist: Yeah, purge is a good idea.20:27
tachyondecayI tried shrinking the partition from there already, but it wants to keep like 120 GB20:27
Bitnovasounds good20:27
bekkstachyondecay: Can you take a screenshot of which disks you can see in gparted?20:28
AlexQtachyondecay: It is still a bit strange that the installer sees that partition, and GParted doesn't. Are you sure you checked the device select box in top-right corner of the GParted interface?20:28
tachyondecayI want 40 GB for Windows, 170 GB for a shared data partition, and the rest for Ubuntu20:28
bekkstachyondecay: Most likely Windows 10 needs more than 40G.20:28
tachyondecayAlexQ: Yes, the only device it sees is dev/sda (the installer USB)20:28
the_counttachyodecay: Speaking from experience, I believe Windows 8+ has hibernation set as default, disable that before you resize anything, because it can and will render that partition useless20:28
Bashing-omthe_count: Let's do this prior to rebooting . make sur the package manager is in a hppay state . ' sudo apt ypdate ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo apt-get install -f ; sudo dpkg -C ' . If all comes back positive , reboot .20:29
NicoHoodI wanted to add a custom (ubuntu) keyboard shortcut whith two commands. both of them work as a single shortcut, but combined with || not. In a terminal the command works correct, seems that the key shortcut doesnt like it. any ideas why? killall hyperiond || /usr/bin/hyperiond /etc/hyperion.config.json > /tmp/hyperionlog20:29
tachyondecaybekks: OK, but it shouldn't need 120 GB20:29
AlexQNicoHood: Because || means or, so the second will execute only if the first fails (returns non-zero value). Use ; or &&20:29
mgolischNicoHood: i dont think that kind of stuff works, write a script with that in it and call it from your shortcut20:30
mgolischAlexQ: that makes sense, only start thing if kill failed to kill it(its not started=20:30
NicoHoodbut && only works if the first was successful. I guess I am missunderstanding something here?20:30
the_countBashing-om: it completed succesfully20:31
tachyondecayWill I be cast into the fiery pits if I _don't_ use a separate data partition and just let Ubuntu merrily write documents and photos to my Windows NTFS partition like I do on my other computer?20:31
bekksNicoHood: a && b   b is executed when a was executed successfully.20:31
tachyondecayI get that having a separate data partition is good for doing clean installs.20:31
NicoHoodand how can I execute both, no matter which fails and which not?20:32
AlexQNicoHood: Just try ; as a separator20:32
AlexQmgolisch: Can't see how that would make sense. I think his intention is to restart that process, or start it if not already running.20:32
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does ANYONE know what this error (at shutdown) means? "Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active Directory Server [FAIL]"20:33
mgolischAlexQ: yeah killall will fail if its not running, so || blah would be executed then20:33
the_countBashing-om: Shall I now reboot?20:33
OnTheRocksanybody know about nagios?20:33
mgolischOnTheRocks: no20:33
NicoHoodI also have this init.sh script. where do I need to place this with which rights? https://github.com/tvdzwan/hyperion/blob/master/bin/hyperion.init.sh20:33
bekksOnTheRocks: a lot of people do know about nagios - but how does that help you with a particular problem?20:34
OnTheRocksi want to install plugin to monitor sftp20:34
AlexQAny ideas abut the scroll issue, guys? It is really irritating, but can't find any answers online.20:34
OnTheRocksi fallowed the steps is this site: http://www.stevengould.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=231&Itemid=30720:35
alethesAlexQ: When I removed resolv.conf, it stopped working. 'nameserver' works great for both wireless and USB tethering. I just rebooted the system and it's all good. Thank you very much.20:35
OnTheRocksbut didnt work20:35
bekksOnTheRocks: Define "didnt work" please.20:35
OnTheRocksi am getting an error20:36
Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah .. go ahead and reboot . Then we see where we are .20:36
bekksOnTheRocks: And we have to guess it? :)20:36
AlexQalethes: Good then, you're welcome.20:36
OnTheRockswhen i run service nagios restart20:36
the_countbashing-om: Ok, be back in a bit20:36
mothershipto install something it says i need to run 'dpkg --configure -a' but when I run it, it is setting up something and just hangs on that setting task, how can fix this?20:36
AlexQWill try to purge the synaptics package and reinstall.20:36
Bashing-ommothership: Show thge channel the errors in a pastebin .20:37
bekksOnTheRocks: So fix your config then.20:37
OnTheRocksi added this http://snag.gy/iVkJU.jpg20:38
OnTheRocksto commands.cfg20:38
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mothershiphttp://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=MCLaE4LC it stuck on this and I cant install any other things20:39
mgolischcheck the what it does20:40
OnTheRocksi think its fixed now20:40
globalistmothership: can you run "apt-get -f install" and then try the dpkg-command again?20:41
OnTheRocksi have a dobt.... http://www.stevengould.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=231&Itemid=307, in this link, this instruction command_line $USER1$/check_sftp_avail -H $HOSTADDRESS$, is to change HOSTADDRESS to ip of my server?20:41
the_countBashing-om: Ok... Back - i looked at the installed kernels in GRUB, and there is more now... strange. 3.19.0-33-generic, 3.19.0-30-generic, 3.16.0-53-generic, 3.16.0-49-generic, and (3.16.0-30-generic x2)20:41
OnTheRocksor is to stay that way?20:42
mothershipglobalist, that works, thanks20:43
globalistcool! :)20:43
Bashing-omthe_count: We are alive .. that is the good thing .. as to why new 3.16 kernels would be installed is a mystery to me .. should not happen (??) .// OK, so how are we on disk space now ' df -h ' ?20:43
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does ANYONE know what this error (at shutdown) means? "Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active Directory Server [FAIL]"20:44
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13406191/20:44
Bashing-omthe_count: look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/13406191/ .20:44
mothershipglobalist, he is doing the setting again - http://pastebin.com/yGv3geiV even tho this is different installation20:45
user___hi guys, is it possible to see which version packages currently in 16.04 will shipped?20:46
Bashing-omthe_count: Finally ! We can live with " /dev/sda6        76G   58G   15G  80% / " // OK, now back to the touchpad ... is it now functional ?20:46
lotus|xenialuser___: #ubuntu+120:46
k1luser___:  see packages.ubuntu.com. but that version switch all day since its still alpha20:46
the_countBashing-om: So... How do we know if all other issues are resolved?? And, the touchpad is still wrong20:46
mothershipit installed but at the end he still bugs about that wvdial20:46
the_countBashing-om: I know something strange is wrong because some of my shortcuts work, others do not... I fail to understand.20:48
globalistVictoriaXOXO: I have no idea as to what exactly it means... A wild guess: It's trying to start the Samba service but it's getting overwritten since the system is shutting down... The very last post here offers a "fix" (of which I have again no idea what exactly it's doing) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224286820:48
xela2244hi, how can i change button-power option to black screen. I'm using Ubuntu GNOME20:48
globalistmothership: I take it you are trying to install chromium? did you update your sources list before trying to install?20:51
VictoriaXOXOglobalist: Oh, okay. I'll bookmark it. Thanks.20:51
globalistxela2244: what exactly do you mean by "black screen"? I'm on Ubuntu Gnome as well20:52
Bashing-omthe_count: Driver ?? Let's see if the touchpad is recognized ' cat /proc/bus/input/devices ' .20:52
the_countBashing-om; It is there...20:53
globalistVictoriaXOXO: Sorry I can't be of more help! But if the system is shutting down nonetheless I think it's nothing to worry about :)20:53
xela2244globalist: I mean that screen turns off. But computer is still working20:53
elichai2in ubuntu archive whats `all` version means?20:54
elichai2(I know what `amd64` and `i386` means but what `all` means?)20:54
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globalistxela2244: Oh, i see! Well, I had that issue as well, but some update along the way seems to have fixed that! have you upgraded your system recently?20:55
mcphailelichai2: usually an app written in an interpreted language, so will run on any architecture (e.g. a bash script)20:55
elichai2so whats better to install? architecture specific version or `all` version?20:56
xela2244globalist: yes20:56
mcphailelichai2: there shouldn't be a choice20:56
the_countBashing-om: Do you think we could install a kernel the next level underneath the current one, completeley remove the current + everything, and then try reinstalling it without obstructions? Would it be possible to do something like that? See. Since the origional kernel works better for the touchpad than this one, except for the fact that it jumps around, I wonder if there is some other problem there. Or even go back even farther to something in the midd20:56
elichai2mcphail, I want to install an old package from vivid repo20:56
elichai2(I run willy)20:56
the_countelichai2: The archetecture specific version should be smaller/ more lightweight20:57
mcphailelichai2: can you give an example?20:58
mcphailelichai2: installing a version of boost from a previous repo is a _very_ bad idea, and the files you want will be architecture specific20:59
elichai2why so bad?20:59
globalistxela2244: mh, well it doesn't really solve your issue but have you tried shutting down from the command line? there are two ways that I know of: "sudo shutdown -h now" and also "sudo systemctl -i now" (if i'm correct)20:59
elichai2I want to run a program that only works with boost1.5521:00
the_count' sudo poweroff '21:00
Bashing-omthe_count: It is a worthy thouhgt to install an earlier kernel . Maybe we do that .. I have in mind to re-install the touch pad driver .. then if still a problem generate a log file of what the driver is doing .21:00
mcphailelichai2: for a start, the c++ abi has changed from vivid to wily, and lots of apps rely on libboost. Good way to break your system. Rememebr to back up everything and be prepared for a full reinstall21:00
the_countBashing-om: We could do that, I wouldn't know how though...21:00
mgolischelichai2: what program?21:00
globalistxela2244: the systemctl command might not take "now" as an argument, so if it doesn't work just leave it out. and yes, like the_count said, there's also "sudo poweroff" :)21:01
elichai2mgolisch, https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3Ap_conrad%3Acoins&package=namecoin-gui21:02
elichai2mcphail, have a better idea?21:02
mcphailelichai2: install vivid and use it there21:02
mcphailelichai2: if you want to go ahead with it, good luck and I hope it works out for you21:03
Bashing-omthe_count: Let's try ' sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-lts-vivid ; sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-lts-vivid ' .21:03
mgolischhm just download the sourcepackage and build it yourself?21:04
m000gleIs there any way to prevent Ubuntu from sleeping, and/or turning off the monitor, while the screen is locked?21:04
elichai2mgolisch, that's a good idea21:05
m000gle"System Settings > Brightness & Lock > Turn screen off when inactive for..." seems to have no effect on the the maching going to sleep with the screen locked.21:06
globalistm000gle: I'm on Ubuntu Gnome so I'm not sure how the settings are layed out in vanilla Ubuntu, but shouldn't there also be an option for Suspend and Power-Off?21:07
globalistm000gle: like this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/157629/how-to-prevent-computer-from-automatically-sleeping-and-or-hibernating21:09
m000gleglobalist: All options are already set to either "Do Nothing" or "Don't Suspend"21:09
globalistm000gle: Maybe the little app "Caffeine" might solve your problem? https://launchpad.net/~caffeine-developers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa21:11
JacruthHi guys, is there any way to list all the current directories without showing . and ../ in a for loop?21:11
globalistm000gle: although their ppa doesn't seem up-to-date so it might not work if you are on 15.1021:11
the_countBashing-om: I was disconnected again... Any message after the command to reinstall the touchpad drivers, I did not se21:12
the_countBashing-om: **see21:12
Bashing-omthe_count: Nope .. awaiting that result .21:12
the_countBashing-om: Oh...21:13
Bashing-omthe_count: And now that the driver is re-installed, what is the status ?21:13
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13409426/21:14
the_countBashing-om: I just realized that you wanted to see it21:14
globalistm000gle: here's a short video on how it works, i'm using it on a Linux Mint machine as well. You should be able to lock the screen while Caffeine keeps the system up and running once you've toggled it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VKdsH2K1Ts21:14
Bashing-omthe_count: No problems indicated .. does it work ( and is it turned on -> touchpad settings under System Settings > Input Devices > Touchpad ) .21:16
the_countBashing-om: It has not changed since I looked at it. So.. No21:16
* Dredd :^)21:18
* marika :^) :^)21:18
the_countWhat is happening?21:19
the_countBashing-om; Maybe I should restart to see if changes are applied21:19
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* the_count <|:^()21:20
Bashing-omthe_count: I do not know .. so let's generate a log file and see what we can learn; follow : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection . You will have to install the tool "evtest" .21:20
Bashing-omthe_count: And yes .. a restart with the changed driver is in order .. agreed .21:21
the_countBashing-om: Which shall we do first?21:21
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Bashing-omthe_count: Restart and see if the driver now works .21:22
the_countBashing-om: Nothing doing21:27
Bashing-omthe_count: K; Then when all else fails ,, read the instructions. In our case generate a log file per : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection .21:28
the_countBashing-om: Restarted and still no different21:28
the_countBashing-om: I loe your attitude21:28
cagatayhack this site please x59.noip.me21:28
the_countBashing-om: That was love, don't be trying to imageine what t could have been21:29
daftykinscagatay: no, and take that kind of chat off this network.21:29
Bashing-omthe_count: lol , We are atempting to solve a puzzle ; and in that process learn an operating system .21:31
only1dcbHey all, I'm a linux n00b, and I want to do 2 things with my new install: 1. Re-order my GRUB startup list, and 2. Install the correct Nvidia Optimus drivers for my notebook.  Is anyone up for a little guided help?21:31
HitechcgLook up grub-customizer for the first one21:32
the_countbashing-om: i'm looking at the section for ' In case Touchpad features like scrolling, tapping, etc. do not work at all. '21:32
HitechcgDo "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer", "sudo apt-get update", and "sudo apt-get install grub-customizer"21:33
only1dcbHitechcg: I did, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/43471/how-to-configure-the-linux-grub2-boot-menu-the-easy-way/ , but in following the terminal instructions I have failed to actually install the package.21:33
daftykinsonly1dcb: nvidia chip in use? latest nvidia package along with nvidia-prime should be all you need.21:34
Bashing-omthe_count: Yep .. that section is my thought also .21:34
Hitechcgonly1dcb: What do you mean exactly? Did you get an error when trying to install it?21:35
only1dcbdaftykins: I am still using the generic driver ATM.  I wanted to change up my GRUB order first.  But the package failed to install using the commands listed above, and in the tutorial I looked up.21:35
daftykinsadjusting GRUB order beforehand makes zero sense21:36
daftykinsin fact, what are you even referring to?21:36
daftykinsdualboot and you want Windows above Ubuntu or something?21:36
Bob_hey im trying to install drivers for my wireless adapter but everytime i install and reboot the device doesnt start21:37
Bob_is there any fix for this?21:37
Bob_do i have to manually start the drivers ...21:37
HitechcgWhat device, and which drivers?21:37
Bob_RTL8192CU usb-n13 wireless adapter21:37
Bob_the rtll is the chip21:37
Hitechcgonly1dcb: What error do you get?21:38
Bob_using this guys drivers21:38
Bob_basically i dont see wireless at all21:38
only1dcbdaftykins: Exactly.  Hitechcg: Yeah, it looks like it found the repository, downloaded the key, and attempted to install the package, but I can't find it either by GUI, or command line...21:38
Bob_it works fine until i reboot which is strange :/21:39
only1dcbHitechcg: Standby, I'm trying to read through the terminal log to find that needle.21:39
daftykinsonly1dcb: wouldn't changing the default make more sense?21:39
the_countBashing-om: Ok.. Now what do we take a look at, those commands I enteded form the page, I am not sure as of what they do.21:39
Hitechcgonly1dcb: See if you can hide join/leaves21:39
only1dcbdaftykins: Possibly, like I said, I'm totally green on LINUX.  So you're going to have to be real basic w/ me.21:40
daftykinsBob_: enter the module name you installed into /etc/modules ; it'll be loaded at boot.21:40
HitechcgThat probably would've been smart for me to do (hide them), too.21:40
Bashing-omif it went according to plan, should have a file : 'ls -al ~/evtest ' . yeah ?21:40
daftykinsonly1dcb: no, you need to explain what you're trying to achieve with the GRUB menu :)21:40
the_countBashing-om: Wait... Wait a second... ' cat /proc/bus/input/devices > ~/devices ' did not return the name of the touchpad21:41
only1dcbdaftykins: I want the Win10 parition to be the default OS.21:41
daftykinsonly1dcb: alright; so don't follow any of that guide you linked - huge waste of time installing software to do what is already built in.21:41
Hitechcgonly1dcb: What IRC client are you using? Also, I'm really only moderately knowledgeable with Ubuntu. It's been over a year thoo21:41
Bob_daftykins do you know where i can find the module name21:42
Bob_also thanks for the help21:42
only1dcbHitechcg: webchat.freenode.net21:42
daftykinsBob_: well what are you doing once it boots; to manually load it?21:42
Bob_daftykins reinstall drivers21:42
daftykinsBob_: last step of which being what?21:42
the_countBashing-om: Actually... I think we should be looking at this section: ' In case your multitouch features does not work '21:43
Bob_daftykins modprobe rtl8192cu21:43
Hitechcgonly 1dcb: Go to the menu, then click Settings, then check "Hide JOINS/PARTS/QUITS". It'll make it easier to see stuff.21:44
Yehaibazhang: still being the cunt?21:44
daftykinsBob_: so that's the module name, put just that "rtl18192cu" into /etc/modules21:44
daftykinsBob_: "sudo nano /etc/modules" ; it explains how to edit it in the headers.21:44
Bob_daftykins all right thanks for your help :D ill reboot21:44
Bob_yeah i put it in already21:45
daftykinsonly1dcb: "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" -> change the default from 0 to the entry representing Windows, save and exit, run "sudo update-grub" reboot and test. simple21:45
the_countBashing-om: And by the way, that file doesn not exist.21:45
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Hitechcgonly1dcb: Go to the menu, then click Settings, then check "Hide JOINS/PARTS/QUITS". It'll make it easier to see stuff. (sorry, had a space in the name so I'm not sure if it pinged you)21:46
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globalistyourname1: hi!21:47
Bashing-omthe_count: We need to see why the log file dies not generate . // We have s strong indication this may be a bug in the latter kernelsm but presently we do not know .21:48
Hitechcgonly1dcb: Also, I'd recommend grub-customizer if you actually want to reorder the entries. It's a giant PITA to do manually. Have you tried running "grub-customizer" in terminal?21:48
yourname1globalist: how are you?21:48
HitechcgYou can also search for "grub customizer" in the dash. I noticed the article you linked to was for an old pre-Unity Ubuntu version; I think that article may have confused you.21:49
the_countBashing-om: I do agree21:49
the_countBashing-om: If you think this is a good stopping spot for a couple hours or less, I have some yardwork I need to get done. If we can hold this off until then.21:50
only1dcbHitechcg: Yes, it looks like the terminal got the repository, and package, downloaded it but made some sort of error in the install,  Ergo the OS doesn't have it installed, but right now I'm trying to go with the easier method of ( daftykins: ) and just changing the default in GRUB.21:50
UnArmedIf anyone is familiar with Tweetdeck in here the windows program, is there a good linux alternative that does the same thing, such as tweet notifications, etc?21:51
Bashing-omthe_count: Oj we can syop .. no big deal .. but check that the tool is installed ' dpkg -l evtest ' .21:51
Bashing-omthe_count: * Oh we can stop .21:52
the_countBashing-om: I did install it... It is installed for sure21:52
only1dcbdaftykins: I'm in etc/defult/grub , but I do not see where in this display to find what my other partitions are to boot default into Win10...21:52
EriC^^only1dcb: type grep -i "menuentry.*Windows" /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:53
EriC^^grab the part that says something similar to 'Windows Boot Manager (on /dev/sda1)21:53
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EriC^^only1dcb: then sudo nano /etc/default/grub , and change the GRUB_DEFAULT="Windows ..bla blabla on /dev/sda1"21:54
EriC^^then sudo update-grub and try it out21:54
the_countBashing-om: Here is the cat of the Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13415673/21:55
* samthewildone yawns 21:55
zetherooUbuntu 15.04 here - Network Manager not saving my VPN password21:55
samthewildonezetheroo, might have to save it manually in the /etc/network/...21:56
AlexQHi again. I have a problem with my touchpad: scrolling works well in clean wily install, but not so well in vivid upgraded to wily. Xorg.0.log from clean wily: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13414714/ Xorg.0.log from vidid to wily: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13415282/ . Identical xorg.conf (nothing about Synaptics touchpad there, only to enable intel tearfree): http://paste.ubuntu.com/13415509/.21:56
AlexQSo the issue (on vivid to wily) is that in apps that support smooth scrolling (e.g. gedit) it seems that both the smooth scrolling and button emulation (4,5 I guess) is working, resulting in an extremely jittery experience. Also, there is no 'bounce' shade effect when trying to scroll further than possible. Anyone?21:56
zetheroosamthewildone: ok, but then there is a serious issue as this was working in 14.04 fine21:56
int-mainI have RT3290 adapter. My Wifi says disabled by hardware switch. It used to work perfectly before.21:57
int-mainSame problem as mentioned https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/2nf2ky/wifi_disabled_by_hardware_switch_computer_doesnt/ Its hard blocked21:57
the_countBashing-om: There you go, AlexQ has a problem similar to mine21:57
int-mainAny idea how?21:58
zetherooseems that Network Manager in general is a bit broken. If I delete a VPN connection it's still in the drop-down selection of VPN connections.21:58
daftykinsint-main: look for a key along the function keys which Fn+that will toggle wifi being on or off; they're not always dedicated sliding buttons21:58
samthewildonezetheroo, should had check the bug reports first.21:58
int-maindaftykins: that is for airplane mode and doesn't seem to do any good21:59
samthewildonezetheroo, I've been in your shoes before.21:59
daftykinsint-main: sure there isn't another?21:59
int-maindaftykins: 100% sure21:59
only1dcbEriC^^: I've entered the correct entry for GRUB_DEFAULT=  how do I save this, or exit appropriately?21:59
int-mainI tried everything and then I had to return to Windows temporarily coz I needed Internet access21:59
int-mainWhats weird is Ubuntu 15.04 used to work out of box and Wifi was functional, now it gives the same error.22:00
samthewildonezetheroo, is it something similar to this > https://askubuntu.com/questions/640009/annoying-popup-wifi-password-in-15-0422:00
daftykinsint-main: sometimes a warm reboot from Windows making use of it will help leave it on; otherwise a power off, removing the mains power + battery then holding the power button for a few seconds before reassembling and booting straight into ubuntu can help22:00
EriC^^only1dcb: press ctrl+o to save22:00
EriC^^only1dcb: then ctrl+x to exit22:00
Bashing-omAlexQ: We are working a similar issue .. you might take a stroll through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection . See if you can determine a bug .22:00
samthewildonezetheroo, all I know is little annoying problems like that are linked to bugs.22:01
int-maindaftykins: I didn't Dual boot. And I've tried those little tricks.22:01
daftykinsint-main: i have nothing for you then22:01
int-mainLooks like I've to spend rest of my life with Window22:02
AlexQBashing-om: But the thing is it was broken in my vivid as well, but it seems to be perfect in cleanly installed or live wily.22:02
AlexQBashing-om: I tried purging xserver-xorg-input-synaptics on that upgraded system, and installing again, but didn't help. It must be connected to the upgrade thing, something must be left from vivid.22:03
zetheroosamthewildone: no. In the configuration itself where you enter the password and private key - I enter both and click Save ... but the passwords are not actually saved. Furthermore the VPN account seems to not even try to connect - I don't know if its because of the passwords not being saved or Network Manager screwing something else up ...22:03
daftykinsint-main: what machine is it? make + model.22:05
int-maindaftykins: HP Pavilion 15-206tx22:06
daftykinsint-main: is it on the latest BIOS?22:06
zs3451i'm having issues with 15.10.22:06
zs3451I've just booted it off a USB22:06
int-maindaftykins: No. I guess I never updated BIOS22:06
only1dcbEriC^^: Thanks for the help, it worked!.22:06
zs3451installer isn't getting past preparing to install22:06
zs3451So, I tried opening gparted, woulden't start up.22:07
zs3451tried running as root22:07
daftykinsint-main: tried older kernels, since you said 15.04 did work in the past?22:07
zs3451same problem22:07
EriC^^only1dcb: great! no problem22:07
int-maindaftykins: The exact same ISO worked a while ago22:07
zs3451just got an error message: Libparted22:07
int-maindaftykins: Should it have anything to do with BIOS?22:07
zs3451Input/Output error during read on /dev/sda22:07
only1dcbdaftykins: Okay, now that I have GRUB the way I want it, I'm looking for guidance on installing the proper Nvidia optimus drivers instead of just the generic.  This ( http://xmodulo.com/install-configure-nvidia-optimus-driver-ubuntu.html )is what I found that looks like a decent tutorial for what I want22:08
bekkszs3451: When doing what with gparted?22:08
zs3451Just starting the program22:08
daftykinsint-main: not usually, but assuming you tried my above suggestion correctly... that doesn't leave you with a lot.22:08
zs3451Ubuntu doesen't seem to be reading my IDE disk drive22:08
sssaHello. Ubuntu backup app doesn't include .cache/dconf , .dbus and .gvfs . What's wrong?22:08
int-maindaftykins: I think I should try it. There was a BIOS update but I ignored it.22:08
zs3451so i cant get past the first or second screen to format my drive in the installer22:09
zs3451i checked the "Disks" utility22:09
zs3451it shows my drive up22:09
zs3451400 GB22:09
zs3451but I keep getting Input/Output errors.22:09
zs3451I know the drive isn't failing22:09
zs3451it just has a screwed up partition table22:09
zs3451what should I do?22:09
daftykinsonly1dcb: just use the ubuntu drivers GUI tool yes, ensuring it installs nvidia-prime you should be all good.22:09
kubast2Hey ,I installed ubuntu server onto kvm machine ,but I can't login through tty22:09
bekkskubast2: Why not?22:10
cobordismhello everyone.22:10
kubast2it sdoesn't react to keyboard input22:10
only1dcbdaftykins: Thanks, I'll let you know if I run into problems.  :)22:10
daftykinsoh i'm sure you will!22:10
kubast2While it worked just fine on install iso [15.10 ubuntu server]22:11
zs3451anyone know what i should do about my drive?22:11
Bashing-omAlexQ: Yeah .. the-count and I have also been over that route .. still with a mal functioning touchpad . We have no solution to this time .22:12
bekkszs3451: you could wipe the partition table using dd.22:12
zs3451with /dev/zero?22:12
zs3451good idea bekks22:12
daftykinssudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1M count=522:13
daftykinszs3451: ^22:13
cobordismI'm stuck with a problem. An upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 failed. I could not run the upgrade manager again (error message: "cannot upgrade from 'Vivid' to 'Trusty' using this tool". Yes, you read that right). Then I tried to reboot and now I get stuck in a kernel panic. .............The next thing I did was to make a bootable usb stick for 15.04 and 15.10 and I can boot from them but wifi doesn't work. I also downloaded the correct wifi driver but I can in22:13
cobordismstall but not load(?) it on the live system so I have no internet and without internet I cannot use the live system to upgrade ubuntu, only to reinstall....22:13
daftykinsprobably moot though22:13
kubast2the keyboard works in grub through22:13
bekkscobordism: did you update from 14.04 to 14.10 to 15.04?22:13
elisa87do you know how I can solve this connection refused problem? I am using Ubuntu? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33849107/java-net-connectexception-connection-refused ?22:13
zs3451daftykins: It did it immediately22:13
zs3451should I be worried?22:13
daftykinszs3451: no, you wrote 5MB... why would it take a long time? :)22:14
cobordismI just used the do-release-upgrade on 14.04 and it set itself to 15.04 and then failed22:14
mcphailcobordism: you are going to have to reinstall anyway. Your situation is not recoverable22:14
zs3451hahahaha it worked22:14
zs3451Thanks guys22:14
daftykinszs3451: i'm not sure i believe you on the disk's health though, run "sudo apt install smartmontools pastebinit" then "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX | pastebinit"22:14
bekkscobordism: Thats impossible, since a direct upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 isnt even supported.22:14
AlexQcobordism: I would start from running apt-get autoremove ; apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade22:14
zs3451daftykins: should I do this before installing?22:15
eebbHello! Anyone willing to help me with a "missing partition" problem? I had Ubuntu+Win7 dual boot earlier. Then I updated to Win10, and my laptop booted to "grub rescue". Then, I used "Boot Repair Disk", and I am able to boot only to Windows10. My Boot Repair Disk output is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/13402884/.  How can I get back my Ubuntu partition? I assume it is the sda3..22:15
daftykinszs3451: yes22:15
cobordismI cannot get into the system now @AlexQ, I can only boot a live system. I can then mount the underlying filesystem and chroot and do that kind of stuff, but I cannot just use apt-get22:15
AlexQBashing-om: So it works well for you on clean wily install/wily live too?22:16
cobordismbekks: that's what do-release-upgrade does for 14.04 these days.22:16
bekkscobordism: Impossible.22:16
kubast2ok nvm ,the keyboard no longer dares to work on this kvm machine22:16
HitechcgI recommend gparted. For some reason, gnome-disks seems to be a bit buggy, at least for me.22:16
cobordismso here is a question then, how do I make wifi work on a live system if I have the deb package with the driver?22:16
AlexQcobordism: Why don't you just install the system first then?22:16
zs3451im setting it up now daftykins22:17
daftykinsAlexQ: the commands you advised do not help given the information we were given about cobordism's situation :)22:17
Hitechcgcrap I managed to not realize I was scrolled up :/22:17
zs3451do you want to see some sort of log file?22:17
Bashing-omAlexQ: Not my problem but that of the_count . Yes on 14.04's utopic stack it works .. not on vivid's stack  .22:17
daftykinsAlexQ: please don't suggest things when you haven't read the scenario :)22:17
AlexQdaftykins: cobordism: I forgot to ask if cobordism tried to run in recovery mode22:18
zs3451daftykins: I did it22:18
daftykinsAlexQ: not gonna help a kernel panic really; please just stop22:18
daftykinszs3451: ok as it says you'll need to change it to "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX -s on | pastebinit"22:19
woodpusherghdI'm trying to install openVPN on Ubuntu desktop 14.04 and I'm running into the "invalid secrets" error when I try to connect.22:19
cobordismyou can use a live system to do a system upgrade, but only if you have internet. I do not have internet, but I have a package with the correct wifi driver. Is there I way I can install the driver on the running live-system in order to get working internet?22:19
bluhdzim working with ubuntu-lxc i have the container installed and started, i just dont undertand exposing the containers to bridged adapter and giving them adress..22:20
zs3451daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13419273/22:20
daftykinszs3451: i see that brand of hard disk is one from a refurbishing company, very suspect to begin with22:20
dbuggerHi fellas. When I run "sudo pm-hibernate" the screen turns black, but the comes back again the desktop. What am I missing?22:20
eebb.. and to add to what I have written above: I am now on LiveCD, and the "parted print" command finds the partition which had Ubuntu ( 3      95.7GB  320GB   224GB   extended) but it cannot find filesystem (its blank).. Please, could someone help me to get my Ubuntu back?22:20
zs3451daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13419273/22:20
zs3451(incase you didn't see the other link)22:20
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AlexQcobordism: Is it impossible for you to get a wired connection set up temporarily?22:21
kubast2Ok reinitialized ubuntu server really quick ,I propablly did something to kvm config22:21
daftykinszs3451: anywho give your install a go now, it looks clean - still a refurb though22:21
cobordismbut I figured out a solution using usb...22:21
cobordismwish me luck.22:21
daftykinszs3451: oh wait no, i ignored the errors at the bottom22:21
AlexQGood luck then22:21
Taorahello everyone, I was unpacking a tar file, and my cursor froze. then I saw the warning that my disk has 0 space, which was not possible, given the free HDD space. and 'df -h' shows the correct available space,too. so I presume the ram has been used up? but then, why should unpacking tar use up the ram?22:21
zs3451daftykins: should I be worried about these errors?22:22
AlexQTaora: Are you sure that the tar output was on the same drive that you looked at with df -h?22:22
daftykinszs3451: they do suggest it's not very happy; "dmesg | pastebinit" would be interesting to see22:22
zs3451daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13419755/22:23
Taoraor is it a similar case as this one: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/39722/preventing-tar-from-using-too-much-cpu-and-disk-old-laptop-crashes-if-100 ?22:24
AlexQTaora: Was the warning an error message from tar, or a system-wide warning from GUI?22:24
zs3451I should note that on the board i'm using, it is prone to just randomly shutting off22:24
AcerioGood evening!22:24
zs3451when i use a SATA drive22:24
zs3451that's why im using an IDE drive daftykins22:24
bekksTaora: which directory were you in when running which command?22:24
only1dcbdaftykins: Success!22:25
nicomachusI installed the ppa for wine1.7, but it's giving me dependencies errors when I try to install. -f install doesn't correct it. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13419854/22:25
bluhdziptables for ubuntu-lxc i need a good tutorial22:25
woodpusherghdAnyone experience the "invalid secrets" error whn setting up open VPN in Network manager in ubuntu desktop 14.04?22:27
zs3451daftykins: the stuff about ext4 is probably when i was going to format but then quit the installer22:27
bekkswoodpusherghd: Sounds like wrong credentials.22:27
zs3451daftykins: I don't really understand all of the output, to be completely honest.22:28
brack9Is it possible to have a single iptables rule apply to multiple hosts?  I don't see a way to do that in the manpage, but there must be some way22:28
daftykinszs3451: that's a really odd choice to make after thinking of SATA issues...22:28
woodpusherghdI double checked my password and certificaye and all seems fine.22:28
zs3451daftykins: I have 3 separate sata drives that don't work on the board22:28
zs3451daftykins: i'm then led to believe that it's probably the sata controller..22:29
daftykinszs3451: i don't think it's necessarily either; probably PSU related - is it old this machine?22:29
daftykinszs3451: show me an "lspci"22:29
zs3451daftykins: Machine is about 5 years old22:29
zs3451daftykins: I think it could be the PSU22:29
zs3451daftykins: I can't decide if it is or not22:29
zs3451daftykins: maybe you're more knowledgable and can figure it out22:30
daftykinszs3451: off topic here regardless, i'd normally send folk to ##hardware but be warned , ithink they're quite unfriendly22:30
daftykinsheh ah yes an nvidia chipset, felt like that was coming22:30
daftykinszs3451: you can try your install, but all those errors in dmesg? that thing is not going to work22:31
zs3451The drive has run very smoothly22:31
zs3451on arch22:31
zs3451until one day, I used the power button22:31
only1dcbdaftykins: The drivers are working well.  Before I leave the channel, the driver manager had a check-box for Intel CPU firmware, is it worth using?  And finally, do you know of any decent beginners tutorials for exploring the OS, and specifically the GUI?  I have a decent one for exploring terminal already...22:31
zs3451while booting22:31
zs3451it seemed to mess up GRUB's booting process22:31
daftykinszs3451: stop pressing enter... you are spamming. i also don't need to hear its' life history22:31
daftykinsonly1dcb: your mouse is all you need to explore the GUI.22:32
eebbCould someone please interpret the results of "parted print" here http://paste.ubuntu.com/13420750/ . The number 3, which is 'extended' contains my Ubuntu operating system.. How can I boot onto it?22:32
rampantphotothis is the first time i've ever used IRC22:32
only1dcbdaftykins: lol, nice.  But seriously, thoughts on the Intel CPU firmware?22:32
zs3451daftykins: is it more likely to be a PSU failing or the actual board itself?22:33
daftykinsonly1dcb: be happy when things work as they are22:33
daftykinszs3451: this isn't a hardware channel, so i can't help you further22:33
zs3451daftykins: Okay. Thanks for the help you have given me :)22:33
daftykinsrampantphoto: odd, swear i've seen your nickname before... ubuntu support in here or "/j #ubuntu-offtopic" to change channel and chat22:33
only1dcbdaftykins: I've been given such advice from linux / unix proficient friends.  :p  Thanks again for your help, and guidance!22:34
daftykinszs3451: one thing though, that's clearly an old system so i wouldn't waste any effort on it. i see newer stuff get thrown away all the time22:34
rampantphotosweet, ubuntu support is what i'm looking for i posted my question up on superuser but never got an answer22:34
woodpusherghdIs there a bug in gnome network manager in ubuntu desktop 14.94 causing the "invalid secrets" error in openVPN?22:35
zs3451daftykins: Thanks for the advice, i'm sorry if I caused any problems by pressing enter too much, it's just a habbit i've developed.22:35
=== hggdh is now known as tempora
daftykinsundo it, it portrays youth, impatience and is annoying to read :)22:35
=== tempora is now known as hggdh
AlexQBashing-om: xmodmap and xinput: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13421216/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/13421238/22:36
eebbWith which command I can see all the boot options on Ubuntu (LiveCD 11.04) ?22:36
rampantphotolet me know if this isn't the place or way to ask this but:22:37
MonkeyDusteebb  you mean 14.04?22:37
rampantphotoI've set up a headless Ubuntu box on my local network. However there seems to be an issue. If, for whatever reason, I have to power down the machine, when I turn it back on, it prompts me for a username / password. I have to physically plug in a keyboard, and type my username > return > password > return and then it continues to boot. I am unable to access the machine remotely via ssh until after I've done this. I'm wondering if22:37
rampantphoto there's a way to remove this initial login on boot step, or if I can automatically login on boot. Thank you for your help! I've searched all over and can't seem to figure out how do do this.22:37
zs3451daftykins: well as I said you've been a good help, i'll get to installing my system now and i'll probably come back on the channel later on22:37
inteusrampantphoto: did you encrypt the whole disk?22:37
zs3451Goodbye all o/22:37
eebbMonkeyDust: This is an old CD. 11.04 is what i use.22:37
MonkeyDusteebb  maybe there was a command in 11.04, but we can't tell and it's not supported here22:38
FuraiWhat's the terminal command to switch to next keyboard layout?22:38
eebbMonkeyDust: What is the command in 14.01 then?22:38
AlexQBashing-om: On Vivid to Wily it was22:39
hggdheebb: probably cat /proc/cmdline will give you it22:39
inteusrampantphoto: please reply in channel so others might also be able to help22:39
eebbMonkeyDust: I have lost my Dual-Boot Menu, and now the only option is booting to Win10. I cannot find a way to boot to my Ubuntu anymore..22:40
Taorahello everybody! I was unpacking a tar file, and my cursor froze. I have enough disk space. so was it because the ram was used up? I wonder if I could access my desktop if I restarted the machine. can you help me please?22:40
rampantphotointeus: sorry, i'm also new to IRC so i'm not sure how to22:40
inteusrampantphoto: just like that! :)22:40
inteusrampantphoto: if your whole disk is encrypted, you have to enter password on boot.22:40
rampantphotointeus: sweet, picked it up based on context right as i was typing that22:40
MonkeyDusteebb  scroll down, i'm you'll find what you need here   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions22:40
inteusrampantphoto: best thing for a headless setup is to encrypt per user, not whole disk22:41
MonkeyDusti'm sure*22:41
eebbhggdh Thank you. This is what I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/13421976/ .. Did not look very helpful22:41
rampantphotointeus: sweet, that's something i haven't looked into. let me do some research on that. unless you have some quick off the cuff advice as to how to find that out / do what you said22:41
eebbMonkeyDust: Thank you, I will read that22:41
inteusrampantphoto: yeah, I don't use whole disk encryption, so I'm not sure what to look for.22:42
MonkeyDusteebb  and try to get a supported ubuntu release22:42
rampantphotointeus: np, that's what google is for. having a direction to search is super helpful22:43
AlexQBashing-om: Are you sure the problem is connected with the synaptics driver, or even X at all? Maybe it is some gtk lib issue or sth? How does e.g. gedit decide which scrolling method to use (which even to receive, or maybe is it that only one of two event types is sent?)?22:43
AlexQBashing-om: Can you just disable smooth scrolling?22:43
inteusrampantphoto: I've run into the issue before, was running automated stuff at boot and it wasn't moving past the encryption password issue.22:43
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does ANYONE know what "Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active Directory Server [FAIL]" means when SHUTTING DOWN?22:44
MonkeyDustVictoriaXOXO  careful now with the caps22:44
MonkeyDustVictoriaXOXO  and isnt AD a windows thing?22:45
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: This is a Linux box. I've never had Windows on it...22:45
eebbMonkeyDust: I have the latest Ubuntu installed.. The LiveCD is just old. But I have also this Boot Repair Disk from sourgeforge (latest version). Not sure if it has latest Ubuntu or whatever Linux.22:45
tachyondecayWhoo! Got Ubuntu working on my new XPS 15 without nuking the Windows installation. Touchscreen, touchpad is all working out of the box. Amazing.22:46
compdocVictoriaXOXO, I think thats just part of the new samba. you probably have an error at boot as well. its not setup or working22:46
eebbMonkeyDust: Do you know the requirements for a partition to the "bootable"?22:46
MonkeyDusteebb  not sure what you mean22:47
VictoriaXOXOcompdoc: Oh, okay. What would be the easiest way of getting rid of it? Even if it doesn't disturb me THAT much.22:47
huisk_whats the dirrents between Ubuntu en Ubuntu Kylin?22:47
MonkeyDusthuisk_  kylin is chinese22:48
rampantphotointeus: from what i can tell it's not encrypted. something to note, the password to login on boot is not the same as my password for root.22:48
Seveashuisk_: kylin focuses on the chinese user, so I'm guessing it comes with chinese as default language and has some additional packages specifically aimed at chinese users.22:48
inteusrampantphoto: is it just asking for a password? or a login name too?22:48
rampantphotologin name as well22:48
eebbMonkeyDust: Well, I mean that is there anything wrong in this http://paste.ubuntu.com/13420750/, since the Ubuntu partition is the partition number 3. It does not have file system or any flags.. And the type is extended?22:49
huisk_ubuntu is that a safe OS? Better then W10? i use now U 15.10 64B22:49
inteusrampantphoto: that's not an encryption problem then. It won't let you remote into the box without logging in at the box itself?22:49
rampantphotointeus: correct22:50
inteusrampantphoto: maybe its something with your sshd settings...I have limited knowledge about that though.22:50
Bashing-omAlexQ: Away from the key board .. lemme catch up .22:50
VictoriaXOXOcompdoc: Oh, okay. What would be the easiest way of getting rid of it? Even if it doesn't disturb me THAT much.22:50
MonkeyDusteebb  scroll down to <7>   http://askubuntu.com/questions/151968/what-does-the-term-extended-partition-mean-is-it-safe-to-use-this-type-of-par22:51
=== huisk_ is now known as mousenl
AlexQBashing-om: Okay, gonna log events on this OS as well and then boot into clean wily where everything works correctly22:51
AlexQBashing-om: What about the xserver-xorg-input-multitouch package? I don't have that one installed (but on neither OS I think). What is it for?22:52
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: Do I really need Samba? :/22:53
baiteru don't like samba?22:53
VictoriaXOXObaiter: No opinion. Do I need it? :P22:54
MonkeyDustVictoriaXOXO  shelter, food and water is all we really need ... samba is a protocol to let linux communicate with windows22:54
baiteri use it create network drive, so you can have a storage device shared in a network22:54
eebbMonkeyDust: Thank you. Really appreciate it. I will have a look.22:54
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: Then I want to remove it. What is the proper way to delete Samba completely?22:54
MonkeyDustVictoriaXOXO  how did you install it?22:55
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: foolish.22:55
Avocado_hi ubuntu people22:55
Avocado_I just switched over to ubuntu for the first time in my life22:55
Avocado_Im digging it so far, but have some questions22:55
VictoriaXOXOMonkeyDust: I never installed it.22:55
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Why?!22:55
Na3iLhey Avocado_ go ahead and ask :)22:55
Avocado_I made an .sh file and put it in startup applications so that it executes on boot22:55
Avocado_I wanted my monitor display to set its refresh rate at 144hz22:55
Avocado_so I put this in the sh file22:55
Avocado_xrandr --output DVI-I-1 --primary --mode 1920x1080 -r 14422:55
Avocado_when I reboot, my refresh rate is at 60.022:56
Avocado_what do i do wrong?22:56
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: If you think it's foolish, then you could help me with getting rid of this error and still keep Samba. "Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active Directory Server [FAIL]"22:56
SeveasAvocado_: that won't work. That script doesn't know which display to use, and depending one where it's executed from may not even have access to the display.22:56
Avocado_its executed from home/startup scripts22:57
Avocado_i made that folder there22:57
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: no, you don't use it - an error doesn't matter. you're not even sure what the error means right now.22:58
Seveasthat's entirely not the point. What's executing it? An initscript? Something that runs when you login? Does it run as your user?22:58
Avocado_an sh file that i run through startup applications22:58
rampantphotointeus: do you think it may have something to do with a profile or something as simple as that?22:58
Avocado_the internet said it would work that way22:58
baiterhe said he used startup application to run it22:58
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Are you really going to refuse to help me because YOU don't think a error matter? :/22:58
Avocado_I see the script doesnt work22:59
Avocado_xrandr: cannot find mode 1920x108022:59
SeveasAvocado_: what's this 'startup applications'?22:59
Avocado_its standard in ubuntu22:59
Avocado_programs that run on bootup22:59
Seveasno, they don't run on bootup22:59
Seveasthey run when you log in22:59
Seveassignificant difference :)22:59
inteusrampantphoto: ssh should work right after installation. I've never had to mess with the configuration.22:59
Avocado_technically right, but you know what I mean22:59
bekksAvocado_: its still not clear what you did where, exactly. Where did you create which folder?23:00
baiterAvocado_: 1. did you try setting your default resolution to 1920x1080 in settings? 2. did you test the script without startup applications? 3. does it need permissions to run?23:00
Seveastry not using --mode but --fb23:01
Seveasand if that still doesn't work, add --display=:023:01
Avocado_1. yes, 2. no, i see that my script doesnt work 3. yes, but i set chmod +x on it23:01
rampantphotointeus: if my setup wasn't such a paint to move, i'd plugin a monitor to see why it's asking me for a login. is there a way after ssh-ing in to go back and read that login prompt?23:02
baiterAvocado_: first, i'd press command key + search "display"23:02
inteusyou could try looking at /var/log/bootlog23:02
inteusrampantphoto: you could try looking at /var/log/bootlog23:02
Avocado_Seveas, xrandr: unrecognized option '--display=:0'23:03
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does anyone know how to fix this error? "Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active Directory Server [FAIL]"23:03
SeveasAvocado_: replace the = witha single space23:03
int-maindaftykins: Just tried with updated BIOS. Same :(23:03
Seveasxrandr is annoying and doesn't accept the =23:03
inteusrampantphoto: or /var/log/auth.log23:03
Avocado_Rate 144.0 Hz not available for this size23:03
Avocado_Thats weird, my monitor is 144hz23:03
AlexQBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13424150/ - vivid to wily xev, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13424158/ - vivid to wily evtest23:04
egggswill the video card go that high ? avocado23:04
Avocado_yes egggs, i use it on windows too23:05
Avocado_i think i messed up the command23:05
egggsor more the drivers your are using,    i dont know just throwing out stuff23:05
Avocado_xrandr -s 1920x1080 -r 14423:05
Na3iLVictoriaXOXO, Ubuntu uses a service initializer called Upstart which start all the services in /etc/init23:05
Na3iLSo just delete the startup script there called samba-ad-dc.conf23:05
Avocado_weird, i switched to nvidia driver and suddenly i cant put my refresh rate that high23:06
Bashing-omAlexQ: Look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/13424150/ .23:06
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: Easy enough. Thanks a lot! :D23:07
Na3iLyou are welcome :)23:07
rampantphotointeus: that definitely tells me something, just not sure what haha. thanks for the help btw23:07
Avocado_Got it to work!23:08
hduserhi all23:08
AlexQBashing-om: So both these files were just scrolling up and down with two fingers, didn't want to make them too large with other events. Also, the capabilities list tells the touchpad supports multitouch, obviously. I think it will be interesting to see these files generated on freshly installed willy, where scrolling works well, so rebooting there. Will be back in a sec23:08
Avocado_xrandr --output DVI-I-2 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 14423:08
rampantphotoNov 15 06:25:57 ALFHEIM CRON[21893]: pam_unix(cron:session): session closed for user root23:08
rampantphotoNov 15 06:47:01 ALFHEIM CRON[22445]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)23:08
Avocado_this one worked23:08
rampantphotointeus: this mean anything to you?23:08
inteusrampantphoto: can you pastebin it?23:08
Avocado_but doesnt the output "DVI-I-2" change?23:08
Avocado_like its dynamic?23:08
rampantphotointeus: sure23:09
inteusrampantphoto: that's just stuff running in the background. That's ok.23:09
AlexQBashing-om: I am on clean wily now.23:10
AlexQevening tobiasz23:10
rampantphotointeus: msg or board?23:11
eebbAnyone know how to recover Ubuntu from unallocated File system? (see image http://ibin.co/2NMnJAe4OKDZ)23:11
inteusrampantphoto: no need, those messages are about root running cron jobs in the background. those are ok23:11
rampantphotooh ok23:11
Na3iLtake a look eebb → https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery23:12
inteusrampantphoto: I'm baffled as to why you would have to login at the actual console instead of just ssh'ing in23:12
rampantphotointeus: well that makes me feel better.23:12
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: You seem smart. Do you also know why I get notifications for almost everything (MATE), but not for when VPN disconnects or when my network disconnects?23:13
eebbNa3iL: Thanks, I will check that23:13
Bashing-omAlexQ: Presently baffeled as to what is not being interpreted from where . Keep in mind there are several bug reports that are pointing the fingers at the proprietary code .23:14
rampantphotointeus: i'm seeing a lot of "Fails password for root from ---ip---"23:14
Na3iLI tried mate for 2 months, not that professional use23:15
Na3iLbut I will search for it VictoriaXOXO23:15
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: Wooooop! :)23:15
Avocado_So I was booting up just now and suddenly I got this error message before booting up ubuntu:23:15
inteusrampantphoto: is that an ssh message in the log file?23:15
Avocado_dm_parse_tocblock(): Cannot find TOCBLOCK, database may be corrupt23:15
Avocado_i googled but couldnt find any answer23:15
inteusrampantphoto: and is that from your IP?23:15
Na3iLBTW, VictoriaXOXO is it Ubuntu MATE or just a DE?23:15
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: Well, Ubuntu with MATE over. :P23:16
rampantphotoit's not from my ip, but when i google the ip it says it's from Korea?23:17
Onepamopaanyone got problem updating from 15.04 -> 15.10 ?23:17
rampantphotointeus: the first result is from the anti hacker alliance haha23:17
Onepamopafew packages failed to install, after which the updater failed23:17
Na3iLYou are using proxy or a manual config in your browser rampantphoto23:18
Na3iLNope Onepamopa what kind of problem you get?23:18
inteusrampantphoto: do you port forward from your router to your ubuntu? that could leave you open to the world.23:18
AlexQOnepamopa: For me it was a disaster, but luckily managed to solve. Maybe start from checking dist-upgrade log?23:18
OnepamopaNa3iL, I'll pastebin what I can from the log.23:18
rampantphotointeus: yes, i think so.23:18
BlastRed Hello, i've recentely replaced my hard drive with a new one, which has w7 on it and a bunch of my ol' files. i keep getting the error "OS not found", but if i boot up my disk drive and go on linux mint, its mountable and i see all my w7 files... whats wrong with it?23:18
rampantphotoNa3il: not that i know of23:18
rampantphotoi'm quite new at this, so i'm probably making more than one mistake23:19
BlastRed(thanks Bashing-om )23:19
MonkeyDustrampantphoto  type this in a termina (those are backticks, not quotes)    whois `curl ifconfig.me`23:19
inteusrampantphoto: you should use a different external port to point to internal port 22....something like 2222...makes it more secure...non-default.23:19
OnepamopaNa3iL, well, I can't copy from the "Distribution upgrade" window for some reason. Any of this logged anywhere ?23:20
BlastRed == Cannot send to channel: ##hardware (wtf why?)23:20
BlastRedi cant say anything in the hardware channel!23:20
Onepamopait sits on "sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"23:20
AlexQBashing-om: Well, the only thing I actually want to achieve is for the scrolling to work on my vivid upgraded to wily as it works on my freshly installed wily. There just has to be some different package, or config remaining from vivid there? Really no idea how to look for that? I don't know much about that stuff.23:20
Na3iLBlastRed, you ask that question in #freenode23:21
BlastRedNa3iL:  #freenode?23:21
rampantphotoMonkeyDust: ok, did that23:21
Onepamopathe failed packages: mysql-common libmysqlclient18:amd64 mysql-client-5.6 freeradius-mysql libmysqlclient-dev23:21
Na3iLand btw, the channel's owner sets the mode of channel -i That means only voices people can talk23:21
BlastRedNa3iL:  oh yeah lol my bad23:21
UbuN2got to regiter nickss in some channels BlastRed23:21
OnepamopaAlexQ, how did u manage to salvage the situation ?23:22
Na3iLVictoriaXOXO, I am sorry but I think it is a bug23:22
BlastRedUbuN2: how do i reg for ##hardware23:22
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: Oh, no! :(23:22
inteus!register | BlastRed23:23
ubottuBlastRed: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode23:23
BlastRedOkay, thanks23:23
Na3iLVictoriaXOXO, I will search if anyone declared the bug in LP, meanwhile you can install directly Ubuntu MATE it is more stable as I think..23:24
AlexQOnepamopa: Well, the worst thing for seemed to be that I had linux-generic package missing (probably my fault, I think it was removed automatically when removing something else before upgrade...) so I ended up without updated kernel, and the old one seemed  to have issues.23:24
AlexQOnepamopa: But I would really start from checking update log. It is in a folder in /var/log/ ..., don't remember exactly.23:24
the_countBashing-om: back23:25
rampantphotointeus: yes, i think so. not sure how to do that off hand, but i'll look it up. thanks23:25
noahWhy does the 14.04 to 15.04 upgrade fail? I have a ASUS M3A78CM Motherboard, a AMD Athlon processor, 4G of RAM and a 250G Harddisk.23:25
mlvmhnmy system hangs when i run qbittorent, but not when it is not running. why is this??23:25
Avocado_how do i install google chrome on ubuntu?23:26
MonkeyDustnoah  how did you upgrade? via 14.10 or a fresh install?23:26
Na3iLnoah, It is not possible to upgrade directly from 14.04 to 15.04. These days a lot of people think that 15.04 is LTS.23:26
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: No time for that. :(23:26
Na3iLYou can upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10, then to 15.04. Or just make a fresh install.23:26
inteusrampantphoto: you will probably keep getting unautorized ssh attempts while port 22 is open to the internet. not a huge problem if you have very secure passwords.23:27
noahIn order to install Google Chrome, you must first use apt-add-repository to add the chrome repo. Then install frome Ubuntu Software Center23:27
noahI upgraded from 14.04, not clean install.23:27
AlexQAvocado_: Or you can just download a package from Google (64 or 32 bit one). That should add Google's repo automatically as well. You might consider Chromium as well, which is in Ubuntu repo.23:27
noahOK. I'll try that. Thanks.23:27
MonkeyDustnoah  so first to 14.10 and then to 15.04?23:27
Avocado_yeah i just dled it from googles website23:28
Avocado_how do i know which repo is google's?23:28
Avocado_to do the add repo thing23:28
Na3iLVictoriaXOXO, my humble opinion is to try more DE, I tried most of them and I am satisfied now with Awesome wm23:28
AlexQAvocado_: I think the easiest way is to just download the .deb file. https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html23:29
Avocado_yeah ill stick to that23:29
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: I don't know how to install them without getting all the software that comes with them.23:29
noahlook it up. I did it, but I do not know the repo name. Search for "add google chrome repo ubuntu"23:29
OerHeksAvocado_, You need the deb from the google site, it installs the ppa & key23:30
the_countBashing-om: So.. If you are around... We could proceed23:30
Na3iLI can help you with installing them VictoriaXOXO just pick up a good DE that makes you feel comfortable :)23:30
Avocado_How do i install a deb file through terminal23:30
Avocado_if i were not to use the package manager23:31
* qu 23:31
Na3iLdpkg -i example.deb23:31
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: Cinnamon without anything (!) extra would be nice. No additional software, just visual changes, please.23:31
noahuse the 'dpkg' command to install a deb file from terminal23:31
Avocado_what does the -i do23:31
bpromptahemm -i "install" oddly enough23:31
Na3iL-i means install Avocado_23:31
Avocado_ahh, i feel dumb now lol23:31
Avocado_what about dpkg, what does that stand for?23:32
noah-i means install23:32
Avocado_hard to remember a word like that23:32
OerHeksAvocado_, odd, you have the packagemanager.. why doyou ask?23:32
Na3iLAvocado_, just use man dpkg23:32
Avocado_Just curious I guess23:32
bpromptAvocado_:    ahemm "d"ebian "p"ac"kg"e manager23:32
noahdpkgg is the backend to apt-get, only it works on downloaded .deb files, not internet repos23:32
Avocado_ill just remember dpkg as Download PacKaGe23:33
Avocado_well, not entirely true23:33
Avocado_de package23:33
vachohey guys, I am installing a web server and I just deployed an ubuntu 14.04 image... I remember there are two recommended commands to run that will update everything to latest secury and stable, anyone care to help?23:33
MonkeyDustvacho  there's also #ubuntu-server23:33
noahdpkg does NOT download anything, it only works locally!23:33
irc_to_new2015sudo apt-get update?23:33
Na3iLsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade vacho23:33
Avocado_noah, yeah i just realized that23:33
Avocado_noah, ignore that comment23:33
the_countvacho: ' sudo apt-get update ' and ' sudo apt-get upgrade '23:34
irc_to_new2015join #python23:34
noahDon't forget 'sudo apt-get upgrade' and 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'23:34
vachowill upgrade upgrade it to 15.10?23:34
bpromptAvocado_:   when  you use apt-get, or the Software Center to install stuff, what they're really doing is giving you an UI, and asking dpkg to install this or that23:34
Avocado_bprompt, thanks, makes sense23:34
Avocado_What irc client do you guys recommend?23:34
qumy /etc/hosts seems useless now. i set ` www.abc.com` in `hosts`, but when i `ping www.abc.com`, returns `PING kevin.com.router ( 56(84) bytes of data.` Why? (lubuntu 15.10)23:35
Avocado_i want something minimal23:35
OerHeksvacho, oh boy, so you start a webserver, without basic knowledge?? good start https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/23:35
bpromptAvocado_:     one that you like and works for you :)23:35
noahI do not think so, but just to be safe, do not run dist-upgrade23:35
MonkeyDustAvocado_  irssi and weechat are popular23:35
Na3iLAvocado_, for me it is irssi23:35
the_countAvocado_: irssi23:35
bpromptAvocado_:    kvirc, irssi, xchat, many like hexchat, konversation, quassel, pick  your poison23:35
noahI am using irssi as my IRC client23:36
Avocado_So theres a way to attach a window to left and right part of the screen23:36
Avocado_but can you split it into 4 windows?23:36
Avocado_whats the shortkey for that?23:36
the_countbprompt: I like that.. pick your poison23:36
OerHeksAvocado_, hold win key and find out23:36
vachothx all23:37
Bashing-omthe_count: Reading bug reports in respect to touchpad .. got nowhere else to go at this point .23:37
Avocado_OEP_, ahh, I was searching for that window, thanks23:37
int-mainOkay, I officially give up. Somebody explain me, if WiFi works with a particular ISO and I use it later why would it not work?23:37
Na3iLOerHeks, did you said now win key? :/23:37
UbuN2Avocado_ ==>> http://irssi.org/beginner/23:37
qui tried lots of times, any not exists domain names (but a set in /etc/hosts) are return `` when ping.23:37
noahAre you using the same ISO on the same computer?23:38
OerHeksNa3iL, win key super key, microsoft key, whatever23:38
AlexQAvocado_: Just drag the window to the corner of the screen :D23:38
the_countBashing-om: Say we removed everything after 3.16.0-30, and went from there23:38
Avocado_if i do the drag, it will just take half of my screen23:38
* OerHeks pokes Na3iL 23:38
Avocado_i want to be able to split windows in 4 small pieces23:38
noahCheck the wireless switch, if it is a laptop23:38
Na3iLhahaha OerHeks I like Mod key :P23:38
Avocado_cant find the shortcut in the shortcut list23:38
AlexQAvocado_: To the corner, not the side. Like upper or bottom 1/4 of the side23:39
noahint-main: Check the wireless switch, if it is a laptop23:39
linux77537Hi there23:39
Avocado_AlexQ, I tried, doesnt work :/23:39
int-mainI don't have a wireless switch on my laptop23:39
Avocado_Is it available on ubuntu 14?23:39
AcerioAnyone here a member of Ubuntu Hardened team?23:39
AlexQAvocado_: Thought you were talking about Ubuntu Wily. Don't know.23:39
Na3iLWhat you mean Avocado_ by wireless switch?23:39
rampantphotointeus: guess i should use an ssh key...23:40
Avocado_Na3iL, You mean int-main?23:40
linux77537When I run nautilus as root from a live CD it doesnt display my HDD, why?23:40
Na3iLYep Acerio I saw your msg in the channel23:40
bprompt!dev | AlexQ23:40
ubottuAlexQ: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment23:40
bprompthmm   wrong alias =)23:40
noahint-main: Is it enabled in the GUI? Is the password correct? Is the kernel madule loaded? (For the latter, look into 'dmesg')23:40
int-mainnoah: Password? It says Wireless disabled by hardware switch. rfkill says its hard blocked.23:41
linux77537someone pls help me.23:41
noahlinux77537: Is the device mounted? type 'mount' and look for your device label. That should get you started.23:41
the_countlinux77527: Ask your question then.23:41
linux77537yep it shows up fine when im not root23:41
AlexQbprompt: So what was your aim then?23:42
noahint-main: Is this a laptop or desktop?23:42
OnepamopaAlexQ, disaster averted ... :)23:42
linux77537but when I run nautilus as root it disappears23:42
bpromptAcerio:    try maybe #ubuntu-devel23:42
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AlexQOnepamopa: Wonderful :)23:42
bpromptAlexQ:   yes, wrong alias and nick, like batting 0 for 2 =)23:42
MonkeyDustlinux77537  what are you trying to do?23:42
int-mainnoah: Laptop23:42
noahlinux77537: I don't know...23:42
AlexQbprompt: Haha23:42
Aceriobprompt: -b23:42
linux77537edit a file on my hdd23:42
noahint-main: are you sure there is no WiFi switch? Most laptops have them.23:43
MonkeyDustlinux77537  a file in your /home?23:43
the_countint-main: What laptop do you have?23:43
AlexQint-main: Some have them as fn key + a F key I believe23:43
int-mainThere is a toggle switch with Fn key. It doesn't help noah23:43
int-mainthe_count: HP 15-n206tx23:43
MonkeyDustlinux77537  that file isnt owned by root23:43
linux77537then how do I edit it?23:43
noahNo, I mean an actual switch on the side/front of the laptop.23:43
linux77537Ive done it before but forgot how to ?23:44
rampantphotointeus: so, in trying to set up my ssh key i did a "ps -ef | grep sshd" and i'm not sure what i'm seeing, but could that give any insight to my original issue?23:44
MonkeyDustlinux77537  what type of file is it? edit it with its normal program23:44
linux77537but I cant boot into my system23:44
bpromptint-main:     many laptops have a WiFi switch or button or slider, either on the front left or right side, or on the sides, by the headphone jack or by the dvd drive bay23:44
linux77537thats why I booted up a live CD23:44
int-mainbprompt: I am 100% sure mine doesn't have that23:45
bpromptint-main:    usually a push button, or a slider, and it usually has an orange or green signaling light next to it23:45
MonkeyDustlinux77537  start from the beginning, what happened23:45
AlexQint-main: Maybe try to hold this key combination for a second or two, I observed that I need to hold my physical switch in position for it to work oddly. Thought that there is a serious problem with the driver or sth, until I realised that holding for a sec helps.23:45
bpromptint-main:    could be a Fn combination as well, turning off wifi23:45
noahint-main: Try deleting the connection, restarting the computer, and try again. You will need to reenter the password.23:45
the_countint-main: On the F12 key, is there a wifi signal icon?23:46
int-mainnoah: You are not getting me. It doesn't show any connection. It says Wifi disabled by hardware switch. I can't do anything with Wifi its like disabled.23:46
bprompthint:  "Wifi disabled by hardware switch."23:46
noahIs the driver loaded properly?23:46
int-mainnoah: Kind of like http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Screenshot-from-2012-08-16-210336.png23:47
Avocado_When I do a command like /whois on irssi, nothing shows up, how come?23:47
bpromptint-main:    check closely, maybe even an Fn combination, as aforementioned, the f12 sometimes, may have a light next to it, if it's orange, that means wifi is off23:47
Na3iLJust push the button or flip the switch or use the FN-key combo to manually enable your wireless.23:47
int-mainbprompt: It is indeed orange but pressing it doesn't change it color. Doesn't do anything23:47
bpromptAvocado_:     /whois nick  or /whois channel  or /who channel23:48
AlexQint-main: So you're saying that function key combination doesn't work? Really, try holding it for a second or two instead of just pressing quickly.23:48
int-mainbprompt: previosly it used to work with orange light anyway.23:48
Avocado_bprompt, I do that, it doesnt show up anything23:48
bpromptint-main:   ahhhh, so f12 light is orange, that measn wifi off :), by "hardware switch"23:48
int-mainAlexQ: I have tried all sort of pressing. Quick press, hard press, long press.23:48
Avocado_where should it show it?23:48
Na3iLint-main, use your terminal rfkill list all then lsmod23:48
noahI see ... Most problems are from the kernel/driver, is there any loaded modules (run 'modprobe | grep 'wireless'. It works for me :))23:48
ApteryxHi, I'd like to know if my ~/.profile file is supposed to be run by lightdm (at login) ?23:48
the_countint-main: So, you tried it pressing the fn key with the F* key?23:48
OerHeksAvocado_, maybe you need to register your nickname to access those tools23:49
bpromptint-main:   got an [fn] key on the keyboard? as in between the [ctrl] and the winkey?23:49
Avocado_OEP_, i am registered23:49
int-mainbprompt: but as I said, I cannot do anything to change its color and previously the wifi used to work even when light was orange23:49
noahint-main: Yes23:49
ApteryxI got a bash script that is mapping buttons on a left hand mouse (using xinput) and it doesn't seem to get run, although the script is called from my ~/.profile file.23:49
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Avocado_OerHeks, weird, i also ahve this with weechat23:49
Avocado_Does the result show in another window?23:49
int-mainNa3iL: It works when the Wireless is soft blocked. Mine is hard blocked. I've already tried what you are saying, doesn't help23:49
bpromptint-main:    yes, we understand that, BUT, the idea of that light there on that key, is not accidental, but is for a Fn key combination to turn it on or off23:49
Na3iLAvocado_, check the 1st tab "freenode" you will see the outputs of your commands.23:50
bpromptint-main:   got an [fn] key on the keyboard? as in between the [ctrl] and the winkey?23:50
Avocado_I dont have that tab, i run irssi from terminal right?23:50
int-mainbprompt: Yes. I tried combo press with Fn key too if you are gonna ask me that23:50
Na3iLYep, Avocado_ you will find the main tab23:50
noahint-main: Try another ISO to figure out if it is the ISO or the laptop. If you cand, try to load the ISO in another computer. Do you have wireless on that one?23:50
Avocado_Its just one window and its the channel im in23:50
Avocado_no other tabs :/23:50
Avocado_I feel like im missing something23:51
int-mainnoah: I tried two ISOs. Two different versions.23:51
Na3iLint-main, weird!! please let me know if you found a solution!23:51
bpromptAvocado_:    then maybe irssi is not for you =), tried hexchat yet? many prefer that one23:51
Avocado_bprompt, im on hexchat, i just want to make irssi work for me23:51
int-mainI am trapped with Windows and i have no idea how to solve this problem.23:51
Bashing-omAvocado_: type ' /win 1 ' .. irssi by default sneds messages to thge status (win #1 ) window .23:51
Aceriobprompt: I use HexChat. Great client!23:51
AlexQint-main: But bear in mind that if you press it again before checking, you might have switched on and then back off without realising.23:51
Na3iL+1 bprompt , try hexchat Avocado_23:51
noahint-main: Then it must be the computer :(23:51
AcerioAvocado: What is wrong about HexChat, that makes you want to migrate?23:52
the_countAvocado_: Sometimes the best way to learn something is to use it23:52
Aceriothe_count: Well said.23:52
noahBye, Everyone! Be back in 1 hour ;)23:52
int-mainnoah: then why would it work on Windows? Questions keep coming up.23:52
AcerioSee ya noah.23:52
Avocado_the_count, I am using it atm23:52
MonkeyDustbreaking and fixing things is a good way to learn23:52
AcerioAvocado_: Have you tried reading the wiki/documentation/tutorial?23:52
Acerioor messing around23:52
bpromptint-main:    HP Pavilion 15-206tx  right?23:52
int-mainbprompt: thats right23:53
AcerioAvocado_: And what is wrong with HexChat anyways?23:53
Bashing-omthe_count: Returning to launchpad for reading .23:53
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: and yes, since you're worried about a single piece of text on shutdown, i won't help :)23:53
the_countAvocado_: Well, keep using it. Learn it in and out, and by and by you will figure out all it has to offer23:53
bpromptint-main:   hmmm   yes, the [fn] key will be between the [ctrl] and winkey, check closely ->   [fn], is it there?23:53
Avocado_the_count, Ok, ill try to figure it out23:53
the_countAcerio: Thanks23:53
int-mainbprompt: Yes it is.23:53
Avocado_Is there any program that lets me take screenshots of my window and auto-uploads it?23:53
Avocado_Which do you guys recommend23:53
AcerioAvocado_: Greenshot.23:53
AcerioAvocado_: Not sure if that is for Linux, it should be.23:54
Avocado_Acerio, their website is down I see.23:54
bpromptint-main:    well, there are two ctrl keys... the left one... ok... so.. .press [fn] and f12, hold [fn] and press f12, and wait, the light will turn green, meaning, wifi on23:54
Na3iLAvocado_, Shutter is a useful tool23:54
AcerioAvocado_: Oh yeah, database error. Maybe CNet has a copy, but they probably only have the Windows copy, unless you want to use wine.23:54
the_countAvocado_ Or, it would probably take just as much time to press the Print Screen button and upload it yourself23:54
Avocado_Ill try shutter23:55
AcerioAvocado_: I'm not sure if Greenshot has a Linux version, but I'm 90% sure they do.23:55
int-mainbprompt: I am sorry man. I've tried those things already.23:55
the_countint-main: Take a picture of the keyboard if you could...23:55
bpromptint-main:    ok, no biggie, meaning you have "media keys" ON in bios... so, press the [f12] by itself then, and wait23:56
the_countBashing-om: I appreciate your efforts23:56
int-mainbprompt: Tried that too.23:56
Na3iLand Avocado_ follow the 1st answer to know how to make Shutter do auto-uploads.. :) https://askubuntu.com/questions/177921/whats-a-screenshot-application-which-will-auto-upload-to-imgur23:56
the_countint-main: Have you tried holding down [f12] by itself for a while to change?23:57
Avocado_Na3iL, doesn't uploading to imgur automatically make it public?23:57
Avocado_Like, people can browse in newly uploaded images and will see it?23:57
bpromptint-main:    well, is not software, from what we can tell, so, the drivers are loaded so far we can tell, it's a hardware issue, and pretty sure is the [fn] switch, since I also have a pavillion23:57
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Na3iLYep sure Avocado_23:57
AcerioAvocado_: No, by default it should be unlisted, unless people have the URL.23:57
AcerioAvocado_: But that can be changed.23:58
int-mainbprompt: I don't understand. Out of the blue it stopped working, I install Windows and Wireless is fine23:58
int-mainI guess I will have to live with Windows for a while23:58
bpromptint-main:    it might take some pressing, then waiting a few a few times, but pretty sure is the [fn]+[f12] combination23:58
Na3iLYou can use it anonymously Avocado_23:58
bpromptint-main:     so... booting in windows it works?  you didn't mention that before23:58
the_countint-main: Can you turn on and shut off wifi with the key combination in windows?23:58
int-mainbprompt: I did. I said if it works fine in Windows then it isn't hardware.23:59
freakyyi wonder ... if i should install ubuntu on my hdd. ... i have an ssd but not enough room for ubuntu on it sadly ;(23:59
int-mainthe_count: yes. Absolutely.23:59
Aceriofreakyy: Get a minimal build of Ubuntu.23:59
dersandI'm not sure where to adresss this question. But i got a lost android device, it's online and somehow has an internet connection. I'm wondering if i can set-up some SSH-server on that device by installing some app from the play store.23:59
the_countint-main: Exactly how do you do that?23:59

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