OvenWerksDrMr looks nice. It would be a great companion to Hydrogen. Needs packaging though.00:20
OvenWerkszequence: here is the command people helping on IRC or where ever should know:00:27
OvenWerkscd /tmp && wget  http://jackaudio.org/downloads/adevices.sh && bash ./adevices.sh00:28
OvenWerkszequence: we should maybe make that adevices.sh part of our distro for audio trouble shooting. Or take the stuff inside and GUI it as part of controls.00:29
OvenWerksWow, it even shows how far off a second device is from the first. My m66 shows up as 48000 but my AudioPCI is 48662.07 it says.00:33
OvenWerksQASmixer has a nicer icon for the systray. It is unique, the old one was the same as the Audio one we have already.02:42
OvenWerksArdour 4.4.0 is one of the better versions (4.2.0 had a few bigger problems)02:43
OvenWerkswe no longer have jackd 1.9.9  :)02:47
sakrecoer_Just realised that FontForge has gotten a serious facelift! :) It's a truley nice project!14:31
sakrecoer_They have AWESOME documentation! http://designwithfontforge.com/en-US/Introduction.html15:41
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: can we add a link on our wiki?19:03
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: i think it would be a great idea! :) not sure where...19:13
sakrecoer_need to get that graphic workflow doc draft done... feel a bit guilty it is taking such time..19:14
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: As you can see from my web page: http://www.ovenwerks.net/about.html I am not much of a visual person. That is why I generally stay away from website design.19:18
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: :) well, i for one like olschool html with funky colors! MAkes me feel like i am visiting an actual persons work!19:20
OvenWerkszequence: ^^^ is there a place on our web site to add pointers to off site manuals/tutorials?19:21
sakrecoer_i will include it in the drafts for graphics, i'm going to try to have teh article covering the graphics workflow by december...19:21
sakrecoer_*done* by december..19:21
sakrecoer_feel free to check the spelling so far: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UserGuide/Graphics/draftpage19:23
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: there is a link on ubuntustudio.org in the header, for the documentation wiki19:24
sakrecoer_and also, do not hesitate in pushing me.... sometimes i need a little whipping to get busy.....19:25
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: a quick a display uses light and so add colours but a print starts with white and takes away colours might help those new to graphics understand why display and print are different.19:27
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: other than that the style looks good. I see no spelling mistakes... but I am far from the greatest speller :)19:34
sakrecoer_:) good! i have to go for a moment! talk to you soon! :)19:39
OvenWerkszequence: If we use zita-a2j and pulse bridging, there should be a way to easily disable it. The reason being that they all interfere with freewheel mode. The result can be that exporting audio in a DAW can end up with xruns.19:46
OvenWerkszequence: I may be able to detect if jack goes free wheel... but not if a client tries to free wheel and fails.19:47

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