xubuntu90wAre there any bugs reported about the network manager? I have this problem when I try to change the Wi-Fi network that I'm using the whole computer freezes and the only option I have is a hardware reset00:58
mrkrampsxubuntu90w, sounds familiar too me, but i cannot tell you much more as i do not use it01:04
mrkrampsit does not seem to be a general issue but concerned with certain wifi devices01:05
xubuntu90wI have found that the bug is already reported01:07
xubuntu90wLabeled as critic01:07
xubuntu90wThanks for your reply mrkramps01:08
mrkrampsyes, there are multiple reports i've just found which are all critical or high01:08
mrkrampsxubuntu90w, you can switch to wicd if NM is currently to buggy01:08
knomeplease note that since wicd is not installed by default in xubuntu, it's likely that many people can't assist you with using it01:09
Unit193Not sure I'd switch to wicd if trying to avoid bugs, it's not the most maintained.  It might be worth a shot to see if it works better, but nevertheless.  There's also connman, which at least is more activly maintained (just not in Ubuntu.)01:10
mrkrampstrue :\01:11
knomeyeah, and if it's a problem with the wifi drivers, i don't think changing the manager helps01:11
Unit193mrkramps: Someone did fix it so it'll actually launch in Xenial though!01:11
mrkrampsgoot to hear01:12
xubuntu90w I didn't know wicd is not receiving maintenance, thanks for the info01:15
mrkrampsit is maintained01:16
mrkrampsbut not as actively as NM or connman01:16
xubuntu90wAhh, it's OK01:17
mrkrampsand on the other hand … it works01:17
knomenetworkmanager works as well01:17
mrkrampscurrently it does not for some users ;)01:17
knomei'm sure so doesn't wicd01:17
mrkrampsyeah, probably01:18
xubuntu51iinstallation of xbunutu xenial crashes03:19
function9xsystem specs?03:20
xubuntu51iit crashes on the configuring time zone...03:20
xubuntu51ii7 6500ua laptop...03:21
xubuntu51ihere's the message "Installer crashed"03:22
xubuntu51iWe're sorry; the installer crashed. After you close this window, we'll allow you to file a bug report using the integrated bug reporting tool. This will gather information about your system and your installation process. The details will be sent to our bug tracker and a developer will attend to the problem as soon as possible.03:22
xubuntu51iasus model F555U03:23
xubuntu51iIntel core i7-6500U03:23
function9xxubuntu51i: xenial is testing03:24
function9xxubuntu51i: is wily any better?03:24
xubuntu51ii already tried it and get the same...03:25
xubuntu51ii'm using ssd ocz vector 180...03:25
xubuntu51iis there any issues on the drive?03:26
xubuntu51ior probably the skylake...03:26
function9xxubuntu51i: best to file in a bug report, follow the procedure of the devs request to find out the cause03:27
xubuntu51ithat's good idea... thank you...03:28
xubuntu51igot to go03:29
nikolamwhat is the alternative to catfish search.10:35
nikolamwhat do you use, except of find10:35
frostieis there a way to download all the wallpapers that has been in previous versions of xubuntu?10:36
cfhowlettfrostie, yes.  search packages ubuntu for xubuntu background10:37
frostiefound nothing?10:38
cfhowlettmight be names wallpapers10:38
frostiewhen searching xubuntu wallpapers it only find the default wallpapers that comes with xubuntu but not the previous wallpapers10:39
nikolamalso searching help.ubuntu.com does not work when one disables google.com javascripts. He treats xubuntu users as robots...10:40
cfhowlettfrostie, you can change the distro search parameter10:40
cfhowlettfrostie, better just search for "wallpapers" and get ALL the papers!10:41
cfhowlettbottom of the paget frostie http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wallpapers&searchon=names10:41
frostiethanks,  but why is the 13.04 and 13.10 series missing?10:46
nikolamWhat seardh tool both for indexing and GUi do you use? I have an user complaining that search function in Xubuntu show only apps and not documents10:46
nikolamI recommended already present catfish but it could not find program icon by  that name when seraching for apps (14.04)10:46
nikolamit now runs catfish but wonder what indexer/gui you use?10:47
frostiei mean like this: http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/download-all-ubuntu-community.html  <<< that is for Unity and not xubuntu10:50
frostiei thought the same thing would work with the xubuntu wallpapers10:50
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Guest34805I'm on an old crappy laptop. For some reason running Xubuntu off the live cd worked great, but now that I've installed it to the hard disk, my display is locked at a tiny resolution. Can't seem to find a way to change it.11:14
bekksGuest34805: You need to install the correct graphics driver for your graphics card.11:15
Guest34805How do I go about doing that? And any guess as to why the live version detected it but the installation doesn't?11:16
bekksGuest34805: Which graohics card do you have?11:17
Guest34805Not a clue. Something old, crappy, and onboard.11:17
bekksSo you need to find it out: sudo lshw -c video11:18
Guest34805How should I send you the output?11:21
bekks!pastebin | Guest3480511:21
ubottuGuest34805: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:21
bekksGuest34805: BAsically you are stuck with one of the most horrible graphics adapters ever.11:25
Guest34805Well, it matches the rest of the laptop.11:26
Guest34805Not planning on running Fallout 4 on here or something, just want it to browser the web and such.11:26
Guest34805It was displaying the proper resolution when I ran the OS live, like I said... But not it's not.11:27
Guest34805So that tells me there is a proper driver/configuration, somewhere.11:27
Guest34805Also I dunno if this is of any help but engadget lists the gpu model as "SiS Mirage 2 Shared Video Memory"11:29
sim642Why is there no refresh button in the wifi networks list?11:52
jlovesnycNeed help going from windows 10 to ubuntu15:14
cfhowlettjlovesnyc, details?15:15
jlovesnycI have iso on usb, how ever I cannot get cpu to boot from usb15:16
egggshow did u make usb  ?15:18
cfhowlett!usb | jlovesnyc15:19
ubottujlovesnyc: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:19
jlovesnyccopied iso file from dvd to usb drive15:20
cfhowlettjlovesnyc, wrong method.  read the link. do it right and try again15:20
RobertJDohnertWhats he trying to do15:21
jlovesnycI have the file on dvd drive, but I'm not seeing a booting option for that drive on boot options15:22
cfhowlettjlovesnyc, did you copy the .iso to the dvd?15:25
RobertJDohnertYou have to write it to a USB drive you cant just copy.  If you are on Windows use Unetbootin, if you already use Ubuntu or one of its derivative, ie Black Lab Linux, Linux Mint etc use the usb creator15:25
jlovesnyci burned it onto the disc15:25
RobertJDohnertThats where you screwed up15:26
RobertJDohnertYou have to download the ISO and use Unetbootin or Startup Disk Creator with the ISO15:26
egggson reboot or start  you gotta go into boot options and tell pc to boot from dvd  or ub15:26
RobertJDohnerteggs he burned the ISO to a DVD, just copying it to usb will not make the USB drive bootable15:27
egggsif its burned to a dvd it should boot from dvd ,   yeah usb wont work until its installed right15:28
egggsbut must tell bios either way to boot from other device15:29
jlovesnycbios not giving me dvd or cd option15:29
egggsin other words skip the usb if u got the dvd burned15:30
jlovesnycI'm over the usb, but how do I tell windows 10 to boot from dvd15:30
egggsits most likely there  , too many  bios  sometimes its esc , f2  f815:31
RobertJDohnertHow olds the computer15:31
egggslook up your pc motherboard  and see if u can find bios options15:31
jlovesnyccompuer is from 201315:32
RobertJDohnertWhat brand?15:32
jlovesnycdell inspiron15:32
RobertJDohnertIt should be F12 to boot from Removable media15:33
RobertJDohnertLast Dell I had thats what it was15:33
jlovesnycf2 gives me boot options15:34
jlovesnycthere are ~5 options and neither says dvd/cd15:34
RobertJDohnertWhat do they say15:34
RobertJDohnertWhat are the 5 options15:34
jlovesnyci get, uefi, usb, nic,15:34
jlovesnycforgot the others15:35
RobertJDohnertYou got UEFI enabled?15:35
jlovesnycdef not dvd or cd15:35
cfhowlett!uefi | jlovesnyc15:36
ubottujlovesnyc: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:36
egggsman  i love that bot lol15:36
RobertJDohnertI always disable Secureboot15:36
jlovesnycmore links...ahh15:37
egggshey i got one for you guys,    on xubuntu 14.04  i cant get the default web browser to stick to  chromioum or slimjet15:37
jlovesnycthanks for the time linux community15:38
egggssetting it in the  gui part never stays , always defaults back to firegox15:39
mrkrampsegggs:$ update-alternatives --config x-www-browser15:41
adam__can someone help me with something?17:35
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mrkrampsGuest27047, if you ask a question maybe someone will know the answer17:36
Guest27047how can I get rid of the title bar in opera?17:36
nikolambah, xfce4-power-man survives killall -u username17:42
nikolampreviously on same machine, I could not shitch user in X sesion  after I switched it once.17:43
nikolam14.04 64bit, updated17:43
nikolamand yes, old sshd also survived killall17:44
adam444How can I get rid of the title bar in opera?17:46
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nikolamHow you propose ond if I also install other desktop environments in Xubuntu, to let user decide what/he she likes the most and to be able to get back to previous state where there is only xfce in xubuntu and all set up?18:08
nikolamUsing Btrfs snapshot? (apt-btrfs-snapshot?)18:09
egggswhat about live cd and see if u like it instead of back ups18:11
nikolamhmm, user is remotely on xubuntu and I think it couldn't make an cd/dvd that easy by himself. Selecting other DE on login is preferrable18:12
nikolamI woudl like to keep xubuntu way of logging things abd to get back to state when only xfce is there18:12
nikolamWhat free dynamic DNS service you use, anyway, to be able to always acces to remote host by ssh?18:13
egggsaww thats beyond me,  everytime i try a different de on my system something conflicts but im not real strong at linux yet18:13
nikolamI am thinking that only way one can make that is to always connect via some VPN to third server and to expose interface for ssh login through that interface18:14
nikolamyeah, I fear of conflicts and that different DEs bring also their services etc18:14
nikolamThat's why I am thinking keeping BTRFS snapshot of current state is maybe best solution18:15
adam444how can I get rid of the title bar in opera?18:15
nikolame.g. installing apt-btrfs-snapshot for it ot make it automatiaclly, just before starting to mess around18:16
nikolamopera is not part of xubuntu. I haven't ride an opera in a while, because trere are open firefox, seamonkey and chromium18:16
nikolamadam444, try also seamonkey it's old-school but keeps up with newer core parts, while configurable (with less adailable addons then firefox that is)18:17
nikolamopera is as I know re badged chromium..18:17
spicypixelis xubuntu-core getting a 15.10 iso?18:25
krytarikspicypixel: They are already there: https://unit193.net/xubuntu/core/18:45
spicypixeloh cool18:46
JohnnyComeL8lyquechon, hello: do you have a question? :-)19:47
quechonhow to fix this19:47
quechonim trying to build a scantool software19:49
JohnnyComeL8lyThis doesn't look like an Xubuntu issue....19:49
quechondecided to come here cuz i was running xubuntu thats why19:50
quechondo you know where to go to ask for help19:51
JohnnyComeL8lyquechon, Idk... is it somebody's project, or your own?19:52
quechonbut not maintain anymore19:53
JohnnyComeL8lyPoint me to it.19:53
linuxrHi all...I just experienced a full system freeze....is there any way to find out why post-mortem?20:04
egggssorry i dont know  but its gotta be in some logs somewhere20:09
egggsmight try in  ubuntu channel20:09
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