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axwkatco natefinch-afk: sorry, I should have had my juju/juju branch ready in time to land it along with the others. it's landed now, anyway.03:43
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fwereadeI'm feeling a strong desire not to test worker/environ/manifold.go -- which currently looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/13458228/21:20
fwereadesomeone please disabuse me of the notion that it's so simple that there are obviously no bugs21:20
perrito666fwereade: I am officially on holiday so, since this will not be my problem for a week: knock yourself out21:26
* fwereade cheers heartily at perrito66621:26
fwereadeenjoy your holiday :)21:26
perrito666fwereade: tx :)21:26
thumperfwereade: hey ,would love a 5 min chat if you have time21:33
fwereadethumper, heyhey21:40
fwereadethumper, let's21:40
thumperfwereade: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/machine-dep-engine?hl=en&authuser=121:41
menn0fwereade: fine by me21:44
axwwallyworld: webcam isn't working, be there soon as I fix it23:17

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