valoriehmmm, I don't think I'm willing to add kci wily unstable to this box, even to test kdeconnect02:01
lordievaderGood morning.09:57
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yofel!testers | Plasma 5.4.3 SRU Packages in staging-plasma for wily11:19
ubottuPlasma 5.4.3 SRU Packages in staging-plasma for wily: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information11:19
shadeslayerneed to get sitter to finish the booze11:19
yofelthey have a lower version than the ones in backports, so if you have those installed you'll need a VM or so11:20
soeeit was alrady tested in wily11:20
yofelright, so I really just want someone else to do a quick check that nothing's obviously wrong11:20
yofelas the code was already tested11:20
yofelthen I can copy them to /ppa11:21
mparilloyofel: on this HW I already have backports, but I just created a clean Wily 15.10 VM to generate a screenshot for Wikipedia. Will be back in 15 minutes or so11:27
yofelmparillo: you might want to do the screenshots before the update11:27
yofel5.4.3 annoyingly messes with the branding11:28
yofel(splash and lock screen background)11:28
mparilloyofel: The screenshot is already posted. ahoneybun recommended the blank, default one, but at least we have one in the gallery.11:32
yofelok, great, thanks11:32
shadeslayerRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13443365/11:45
marco-parilloyofel: sudo add-apt-repository staging-plasma ?12:13
yofelmarco-parillo: yes12:13
yofelmarco-parillo: wait, ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma12:13
marco-parillo76 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.12:16
marco-parilloUpgrades completed successfully and kinfocenter reports KDE Plasma Version
yofelmarco-parillo: thanks!12:54
yofelmoving then12:54
sittersgclark: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YAML13:00
yofelwgrant: could you please set the disk size to ~10G for kubuntu-ppa/ppa-landing and kubuntu-ppa/backports-landing ? 13:06
sitterRiddell: http://dev.yorhel.nl/ncdu13:07
shadeslayersitter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13445096/13:52
clivejois there any way to move the trello bot to another channel, or to turn off notifications for it?14:13
yofelclivejo: assuming you mean the CI, you don't want to know about breakage?14:14
yofeland fixes?14:14
clivejono no, the trello alerts on Telegram14:15
yofel(note: if stuff would get fixed, we would get less notifications :P)14:15
yofeloh that14:15
yofeltalk to ahoneybun14:15
* yofel muted the telegram channel14:15
clivejoI like to see what’s going on, but I don’t like it vibrating and popping up notifications every few minutes14:16
clivejoyou are using the old automation ?14:17
yofelI prefer public channels, so I'm not really paying attention to telegram14:17
clivejohow, why?14:17
yofelwell, I want to get wily done, then we can do a getting-things-done-freeze for a month or so to get our workflow in order14:18
clivejothe ng tools not working?14:18
yofeldunno, git-clone-all works after I did some patching, but that's all I used so far14:18
yofelso, I kind of use both branches in parallel, depending on what I do14:19
clivejohavent seen santa in a while :/14:19
yofelme neither, but considering we already have a bunch of things, we can go from there and fix things up so they work14:19
yofelalthough I again curse the complete lack of test coverage of the new code :/14:20
clivejois qa.kubuntu.co.uk working then?14:20
yofelit should14:20
yofelI did fix that to pull the automation relevant stuff from git14:21
clivejoI see frameworks 5.15 there, but no status14:21
yofelwell, we have 5.15 in the archive, so the PPA is probably empty14:22
yofelthe cronjobs that create the pages run whether there's something to generate or not14:22
yofelFYI: I only fixed the branch situation for plasma so far14:22
clivejoso many saved lemmings!14:22
yofellet me fix the rest (I got distracted by patching git-clone-all even more)14:23
clivejowhat are you working on?14:23
yofelplasma 5.4.3 for xenial14:24
clivejowould you mine talking it out, I mean what you are doing14:24
clivejomight learn something :/14:25
yofelerm, let me try to remember what I did in between fixing random scripts, talking about CI branches with scarlett and harald and not getting distracted by harald being crazy14:25
clivejoI see dependency wait on kwin-dev14:27
clivejois that part of the kwin package?14:28
yofelso, I kind of did: "fix a bug in staging-upload, fix another bug in staging-upload, fix missing xenial-branches with bash scripting and git-clone-all, run staging-upload with --nopush and --paused, upload everything, pause automation, run bash scriptery to push branches, unpause automation, fix config for the status page"14:28
yofelright, give launchpad some time, depwait is re-evaluated regularly14:29
marco-parilloJust to feed my idle curiousity, why not go straight to https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.4.95.php for Xenial? Does landing on 5.4.3 first reduce errors?14:29
* clivejo poked it :/14:29
yofelmarco-parillo: because I want to get .3 into wily, which requires xenial to have at least .3, and pushing .3 to xenial is a lot less work than pusing .9514:30
yofelwe'll probably skip .95 anyway14:30
yofelother prioirties14:30
yofelI'm typing to much14:30
marco-parilloGet .3 into wily without a ppa, right?14:32
clivejoyofel: why is xenial called senial on KCI?  14:32
yofelclivejo: erm, that somehow had to do with harald and booze and more pointless stuff14:33
clivejoI see, the crazy stuff you mentioned14:34
yofel$ ./git-clone-all -r applications -w restwork/14:38
yofelTemplate url to clone: git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-kde/%s/%s.git14:38
yofelAll packages were cloned succesfully14:38
yofelyes, all 0 packages were cloned successfully. You are not being helpful you stupid code14:38
yofelunless I broke it..14:38
clivejo0 is a number too ;)14:38
yofelso I'm again at my point of missing test coverage14:39
yofelno, the automation-ng has inconsistend os.getcwd() calls all over the place *-.-14:47
yofelyields very deterministic random behavior14:47
yofeluhm, riiiight... the new tools make too many assumtions...14:50
yofelok, so again git-clone-all is unusable for me. Back to custom shell scripting14:56
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.3-171-ge1b6c06 * Harald Sitter:  (2 files in 2 dirs)14:57
pursuivantversion bump to 5.5.0 for release14:57
pursuivantalso credit myself with being a top gardener14:57
soeeyofel: why do you build 5.4.3 for xenial ? :)14:59
yofelbecause it's something I need to get .3 into wily14:59
soeeshould focus here (xenial) be on 5.5 ?14:59
soeeoh so it is required step ?15:00
yofelwell, probably. But we have other stuff, so we'll probably not look at 5.5 soon15:00
sitterRiddell: http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/tmp/muon-5.5.0.tar.xz15:02
yofelsoee: for the SRU, I need to have a higher version already in dev, so pushing .3 to willy while xenial has .2 isn't allowed15:03
clivejoyofel: looks like plasma is all green now15:06
yofelwell, almost15:06
clivejoplasma-desktop will go green, just needs to publish15:07
clivejocan I test these?15:07
yofelwell go ahead, but I'll throw them into the archive anyway15:08
clivejoon xenial or wily?15:08
clivejoanyone know why when I click on the task-bar to switch windows, do I pick up a short-cut?  Especially with dolphin it seems 15:28
BluesKajHiyas all15:34
sitterallee_, yofel: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.kde.talk/122115:55
sitterallee_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Non-built-in_debug_symbol_packages_.28.2A-dbgsym.2916:38
clivejoyofel sitter are you still in Munich?17:23
sitterclivejo: singing with Riddell right now17:41
sitterclivejo: you are supposed to come to fosdem I hear17:41
clivejosinging what?!?17:41
clivejositter: is senile the KDE codename for xenial?17:42
BluesKajclivejo, no , it's the same meaning as genial, I think17:49
clivejojust wondering why its senile on the KCI 17:50
clivejositter: I dont even know what fosdem is17:50
sittersenile is senile18:00
sitteralso, google fosdem18:01
sitterbiggest free software conference in the world Riddell says18:01
clivejowhy would I want to go there?!?18:07
clivejohas Riddell lost the ability to type?18:09
Riddellwhat what?18:09
clivejowhat are you singing?18:10
Riddellthe KDE musical!18:17
clivejois yofel and sgclark taking part?18:26
Riddellyofel left alas18:28
Riddellsgclark is being a diva as usual18:29
sgclarklo wut!?!18:33
BluesKajclivejo, my kdeconnect phone version is 0.9e , but the latest for my pc is the 0.8 on this ppa..is the 0.9e version available for my pc anywhere else?18:39
Riddellalleehol: http://whirlpoolcinema.com/idee/  it's got to be done18:51
lordievadersitter, clivejo: Do I hear a FOSDEM meet up?18:54
sitterRiddell organized a partee18:54
sitterwith pizza18:54
sitterand booze18:54
sitterand whisky18:54
sitterand wine18:55
Riddelllordievader: https://community.kde.org/Promo/Events/FOSDEM/201618:55
lordievaderI'm not sure if I will be albe to help out this year. I was planning on visiting more talks.18:56
yofelhome sweet home19:48
clivejoyou missed the musical yofel?19:48
yofellooks like it :(19:48
clivejothats a shame19:49
clivejosenile still has a lot of broken packages :(19:56
clivejoOMG an email from the IRS, I have back taxes20:00
BluesKajusually tax revenue depts will send a letter by post/mail, not email , at least that's how it's done in Canada...however I dd receive a confirmation by email after filing my tax return online 20:03
BluesKajclivejo, did you see my post about kdeconnect versions for the pc?20:05
clivejoI just read it20:05
clivejoIm not sure what happened with my device, I cant replicate it20:06
BluesKajanyway that ppa doesn't have the latest 0.9e version for the desktop pc, so my kdeconnect is broken 20:07
clivejohave you tried the one in my PPA?20:08
BluesKajdidn't know you had a ppa20:08
clivejowhat version of kubuntu you have?20:08
BluesKaj16.04 and 14.0420:09
BluesKajdual boot , no VMs here20:09
clivejocan we test your xenial one?20:09
BluesKajok i'm on it 20:09
clivejolets grab the lastest, just a sec20:10
clivejocan you installl this package - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+build/8320830/+files/kdeconnect-plasma_0.9%2Bgit20151119.2207%2B16.04-0_amd64.deb20:12
BluesKajthe deb installer it doesn't respond20:16
clivejoerror message?20:17
BluesKajletme check the logs20:19
BluesKajclivejo, the deb installer worked after I purged the old version, but the devices still don't see each other20:30
clivejoare they on the same network?20:30
clivejohave you tried removed them and refreshing?20:31
BluesKajyes, no reognititon20:33
clivejocan you load the app on your phone and try it both ways?20:34
BluesKajyes,already did that20:35
clivejoand you are sure you are on WiFi via your phone, not mobile data?20:36
BluesKajclivejo, yes, my data options are turned off, this phone is pay as we go , so I don't surf the net thru the cell network. It's quite expensive to do that here.20:38
clivejothen I dont know, have you a firewall on xenial?20:39
BluesKajjust the normal default ufw20:40
BluesKajclivejo, let me switch to 14.04 to check if it works20:44
BluesKajclivejo, ok I managed to get Xenial connected after disabling the ufw, however that converns me a little altho I've never had a breach of any kind 21:10
BluesKajnot real big on iptables rules ... suppose I should do soemresearch on it21:11
BluesKajanyway other stuff to do now ...laters21:12
wgrantyofel: Done.23:02
valoriethanks, wgrant23:23

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