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ejaywhats the shortcut to enable menu in okular?00:29
bpromptejay: ctrl-m usually, on most apps00:51
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pattehello, this is patte from italy [kubuntu 15.10], can i have little tip from you?01:59
patteif is possible, of course01:59
pattehei, is anyone here?02:03
pattei need only a little help, not for "broke"....02:03
pattehi Fine02:04
Finetundarhi patte02:04
pattesorry i need a little help02:04
pattecan you?02:04
patteit's for modding my desktop kde502:04
Finetundarpatte: I can try02:04
pattei need to change size of icons, and spacing02:05
pattei use kubuntu 15.1002:05
patteon the desktop02:05
Finetundarhmm, one sec02:06
pattemaybe is possible change from txt file?02:06
Finetundarok, can you go to your system settings?02:07
denza242patte: spacing of the icons?02:14
pattemaybe size etc etc...02:15
pattemaybe a config file... or a program like gnome dconf02:17
pattejust for modding my desktop like a n00b :-) (i'm n00b heheheh)02:17
Finetundarpatte: there are options for it in the system settings menu02:18
pattefor spacing of desktop icons? sure?02:19
pattei can't find looool02:19
Finetundarpatte: well, I may be wrong, problem is all I have to go on right now is KDE 4. BUT if nothing more than the visual style changed then it should be the same02:20
patteaaaa ok, thanks :-) i have the 5... and when i go on settings i can change all but not on the desktop...02:21
Finetundarpatte: for 4 it's System Settings--->Application Apperence---->icons02:21
patteyep i'm in, but, for desktop icons i have no possibilityes of change02:22
Finetundarpatte: you can't even change the size?02:22
pattefor all, i can set, dimension and animations, but for the desktop i can't... :__(02:23
FinetundarThere's no desktop section?02:23
pattedesktop section is there, but i can't clik with the mouse on dimension etc...02:24
pattelike without permission02:24
pattei try with admin permission, but... not way...02:24
pattesoo i'm here for find another street :-)02:24
pattemaybe config file... or other...02:25
patteway not street02:25
pattestreet is like italian ehhehe02:25
Finetundarno option to use admin, or no was as in you WON't use admin?02:25
patteyes, i have option modificable for all pc, but not for the desktop inteface heheh02:26
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Finetundargive me a few, I'm gonna make a VM real quick02:26
FinetundarJust need to DL the ISO02:27
patteok thanks for help02:28
FinetundarNo problem02:28
Finetundaror ya know, vbox will decide not to work02:37
pattehahahha no problem, good night02:45
pattei go to bed02:45
pattesee you and thanks for trying :-)02:45
Finetundarpatte: night02:45
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kernelcruncheris there an alternative to wodim in k3b, in another distro I use cdrecord which gives better behaviour06:55
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allonI have a problem with krunner and can not find the solution in internet09:39
allonI installed qtcreator09:39
allonI can start it clicking on K + typing qtcreator in the research bar09:40
allonbut it does not appear when I type qtcreator in krunner (alt - f)09:40
lordievaderGood morning.09:57
allongood morning09:57
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lordievaderHey allon, how are you doing?09:58
allonlordievader: find and you?09:58
lordievaderDoing good. Coffee is on its way :)09:59
allonhere it is nearly luch time :)10:00
excalibrbonjour allon10:06
SmurphyTcho. Ils vont tres rapidement raler ici, si on parle francais ... Tu parles aussi anglais, utilise ca alors :)10:22
allonI wonder how excalibr foud out I am french10:24
allonwhen I speak it no doubt accent is there but I did not know you can see it when I write it :)10:25
excalibrNot sure if this is good idea. I have kubuntu-ci ppa enabled and had some updates installed from it. Now I disabled the ppa and added kubuntu-backports ppa. And now Im about to install some updates from it. Should I expect a major disastar from doing this?10:26
lordievaderallon: 'abo.wanadoo.fr' says enough?10:26
allonhehe :)10:27
allonit does indeed10:27
allonany idea about how to update krunner?10:28
allonI can start my programms from the K command but not from Krunner10:28
excalibrtry kill it then give it a restart10:30
excalibrI always thought it uses the same cache of apps list that apps launcher uses10:32
allonI thougth too10:32
SmurphyIt is the: BOnjour - that gave you away.10:35
foormeaallon: does it just not show in the suggestions, or does it do nothing when you press enter?10:36
allonthe bonjour came after :)10:36
allonit does not show in suggestion10:36
allonI try to enter10:36
Smurphyallon: You could eventually also delete the cache content. Cause that fixed quite some issues on my Upgrade (from 15.04 to 15.10)10:36
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allonI killed krunner and rerunned it no success10:37
allonwhen I press enter after qtcreator it does open installation.txt10:38
alloncan you tell me where is this cache?10:38
Smurphyallon: Don't remember. I remember that I had removed it.10:39
SmurphyHold on - checking.10:39
Smurphycd ~/.cache10:39
Smurphythere is even a krunner entry :)10:39
SmurphyI had deleted the plasmashell stuff.10:40
allonyou mean that in ./chache directory there is a krunner directory?10:42
Smurphyin mine - there is, yes.10:44
SmurphyIf you did upgrade your system, I would eventually also wipe the .cache directory content entirely.10:45
allonI did a fresh install from the lts10:45
Smurphyfresh install from lts ?10:45
allonfrom the 14.0410:45
Smurphyfresh install means formatted etc.10:45
SmurphySo - this is an upgrade.10:45
allonupgrade is not when you are in a 10.04 for exemple and click on upgrade my system?10:46
SmurphyHow does that work. You would have required to start a live OS/CD, then format it.10:46
Smurphyyou clicked on: Upgrade from 14.04 ?10:46
allonno :)10:46
allonI am not clear10:46
SmurphyYou are still in 14.04 ? or 15.10 ?10:46
allonbecause it last 3 years10:47
SmurphyOk. So - that is different then.10:47
SmurphyI don't have a 14.04 LTS system anymore.10:47
SmurphyMake a "lsb_release -d" please10:48
allonDescription:    Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS10:48
Smurphyok. the it is Ok. I suspect krunner is still on KDE4, hence I can't check here. You will have to wait until someone has it installed to compare.10:51
allonworks !!!!10:52
SmurphyWhat - removing the cache ?10:52
allonI went into /var/tmp/kdecache-<myusername>10:52
Smurphyand you removed the krunner stuff ?10:52
allondeleted my cache10:52
allonand yes it does work10:53
SmurphyCool. Ok - going back top my basement, got a drone top finish :)10:53
allonthanks a lot for your help10:53
allongoing back to my toomorow timetable :(10:53
Smurphynp :}10:53
ashledombosHi, I guess «it's the last kubuntu ever» is FUD, isn't it? :)14:43
hazamonzoashledombos: FUD?14:46
ashledomboshazamonzo: well the articles that were written afetr announce from Jonathan Riddell14:51
hazamonzoAhh thats a shame14:53
yofeluhm, could people please stop paying attention to those? Jonathan is gone, yes. Kubuntu might not be quite the same as it was in the future, yes. But there's no intention of discontinuing it completely.14:55
ashledombosgood, i'm asking as I switched very recently to kubuntu after hesitating with other kde centrist distros14:57
ashledombosso I'm not very aware of all the past of kubuntu14:57
hazamonzoashledombos: I've been using Kubuntu for many years. I love it :)15:00
hazamonzoAnd 15.10 is looking great at the moment15:00
soeeso 16.04 will be even better15:03
soeewith Plasma 5.5 etc. :)15:03
hazamonzoIts all looking very pretty these days15:03
ashledombosmy choice went to kubuntu as it seems to be the closest to kde vanilla and teh most beautiful too :)15:05
hazamonzoashledombos: I just wanted a classic taskbar. I wasn't a huge fan of the Ubuntu UI15:05
ashledombosi guess i need to say Plasma now, old habits15:05
hazamonzoAnd the useful desktop widgets like pastebin15:05
ashledombosyes, though you can install some widget in unity doing the same stuff15:07
ashledombosbut it's not straightforward15:07
hazamonzoashledombos: I installed a ubuntu VM a while back and the vm wasn't too powerful. By default ubuntu (unity) had all these desktop fading effects that really slowed it all down... I found that i couldn't switch off the effects without a unity tool that i had to install, that in the end didn't actually work. It was slightly annoying15:08
hazamonzoAlso KSnapshot is much better than the ubunut screen capture tool15:09
hazamonzoThese are just small things but they are the reason i stick with Kubuntu15:09
ashledombosyes you need something like shutter to have more or less the same features :) I agree Plasma is by default much better, especially the «open with»15:11
ashledomboswich is a pain in all gtk environment15:12
ashledombosthe transition to flat design is very good too in Plasma 5, I'm discovering it since two days15:14
ashledombosthe «alternatives» in widget is a good surprise15:14
ashledomboshave some crashing widget but I guess some are still fresh15:16
ashledombosyes, when you right click on task bar or «K» menu15:18
ashledombosfor instance15:18
ashledombosyou can switch to ful screen menu… icon tasks etc15:19
ashledomboswithout having to nemove a widget and add a new one15:20
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BluesKajHiyas all15:34
clivejohi BluesKaj15:34
hazamonzoHi BluesKaj15:35
BluesKajHi clivejo, hazamonzo15:37
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CircuitZeroI've been trying to get base mosaic working on my nvidia cards for a while now - what am I doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/sTtBZUf018:11
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jubo2I need to move some partitions to a bigger disk19:49
jubo2Someone mentioned here it can be done with dd19:50
jubo2but wouldn't Gparted also be useful in that?19:50
jubo2what happens if I remove the partition marked "boot"?19:54
jubo2I need to get rid of /dev/sda119:54
jubo2it's an old broken Kubuntu19:54
wuschLORhi there just a fix question I'm starting tu use akonadi - for mails (working) but I'm not sure where do integrate the smtp ?22:01
wuschLORany help here ?22:01
keithzg_Sad that 15.10 still doesn't fix my lack of VTs on my main PC :(22:04
valoriewuschLOR: integrate the smtp>22:04
valorieare you talking about setting up kmail?22:04
valorieif so, #kontact might be better22:05
valoriekeithzg_: how many do you need?22:05
keithzg_valorie: "Any" would be nice :P22:05
* valorie happily uses yakuake22:05
wuschLORvalorie: the question is do i have to add it to akonadi or to kmail22:05
Unit193keithzg_: Didn't I help you fix this?22:05
valoriewuschLOR: to kmail22:05
keithzg_valorie: You helped me try to, never actually worked :(22:05
wuschLORI just saw im using kontact22:06
valoriewuschLOR: kmail is one part of Kontact, yeah22:06
valorieyakuake doesn't work for you?22:06
keithzg_valorie: Oh, no, yakuake works fine.22:06
valoriemy son insists on konsole, which is fine22:07
valorieor.... are you talking the alt+f2, 3, 4 etc? VTs22:07
keithzg_valorie: Yakuake's undeniably my #1 used application, heh, has been for years. Yeah my problem is on my one machine since the 15.04 upgrade I haven't been able to ex. ctrl-alt-f1 and get a terminal, which is fairly useful when a fullscreen game locks up, plasma crashes and doesn't restart, etc.22:08
valoriebecause that seems a bit buggy at times here too22:08
valoriealt+f1 doesn't work22:08
Unit193keithzg_: sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/systemd/system/getty@.service /etc/systemd/system/getty.target.wants/getty@tty1.service && sudo systemctl start getty@tty1.service  then try switching to tty1?22:09
valorieerr, now it does, but immediately fills with error messages22:09
Unit193I did that and it worked like a charm.22:09
valorieall of them immediately fill with error messages for me22:10
valorieerrr, alt+ctl+f1 I meant22:10
valoriemust ingest moar coffee22:11
keithzg_valorie: Yup, I gotcha :) Hmm. I'll have to reboot this machine to try that (was trying to see if it'd work under upstart). I wonder how I'll do that . . .22:11
Unit193Ctrl+Alt+F1, right.  Well sometimes TTY1 does have some output from boot, I tend to favor TTY3 personally (I have the journel output on 12.)22:11
Unit193Hah, well yeah, that won't affect upstart. :D22:12
keithzg_Unit193: Worse, if you boot under upstart with 15.10, it appears that the GUI buttons in SDDM don't actually work for restarting! It does the countdown . . . and the countdown keeps going once it hits zero, then -1, then -2 . . .22:13
Unit193keithzg_: Ahaha!  That's pretty awesome. :D22:13
Unit193Wait, do you have systemd-shim installed?22:13
keithzg_Unit193: Appears that I do on that machine.22:14
wuschLORvalorie: hmm ... dosn't realy work - think I try it tomorrow when I'm not sleepy22:15
Unit193OK, in *theory* it should work with -shim installed.22:15
keithzg_Unit193: I do swear it worked a while back, this is the first time I tried it on 15.10 though.22:15
keithzg_valorie: Yeah sadly I still just get a blank screen on tty1.22:16
valoriewuschLOR: for kmail etc. questions, #kontact is the best place to ask22:16
valoriekeithzg_: ewww22:16
wuschLORah ok22:16
Unit193keithzg_: Huh, worked for me where it didn't before.22:16
valoriealthough I'm not sure my screen full of error messages is better22:16
wuschLORexcelent lets hope i wont need it22:16
wuschLORnever thougt it would be so hard to send letters now that getting them is so easy22:17
Unit193keithzg_: What about manually starting it on tty1?22:17
Unit193keithzg_: Or perhaps before doing that, show me sudo systemctl status getty@tty1.service22:18
keithzg_Unit193: Claims all is well: https://paste.kde.org/pj9s1xreo22:19
keithzg_Although . . . there's no /usr/lib/systemd/system/ ?22:21
keithzg_Ah, right, was looking at the wrong of the two paths.22:23
keithzg_Still, I can't see how the service *would* be working since it's a symlink pointed towards /usr/lib/systemd/system/getty@.service which doesn't exist?22:24
* keithzg_ grabs valorie some coffee ;)22:25
* Unit193 has been wondering if keithzg_ is having brain segfaults.22:26
valoriehttps://paste.kde.org/px4pys7x0 is mine, Unit19322:27
valoriethanks for the coffee keithzg_!22:27
valoriegotta rake some more leaves before the sun sets here, though22:28
keithzg_valorie: You still had leaves to rake up?22:28
* keithzg_ and his northern climate are jealous22:29
valorieI'm taking the last of the neighbor's big-leaf maple leaves22:31
valoriemy own sparse leaves are where they should be, on the beds22:31
keithzg_valorie: Ah, I see I see22:31
valoriebut the bare ones get the maple leaves this year22:31
valoriecourtesy of my cold hands and feet out raking in freezing weather22:32
valorieshould have done it before it rained, when I could have just mowed them with the power mower22:32
valoriebut no, lacked the time back then22:32
keithzg_Ah yes, the perpetual and invariably ironic problem of lacking the time to do things the easier way until it's too late!22:33
keithzg_Unit193: Correcting the symlink and restarting that service seems to have accomplished nothing, alas. I'm a bit unclear here why "systemctl status" reported all was well despite the symlink being bogus.22:34
keithzg_Interestingly enough, although the systemctl output is nearly identical, using the classic service $servicename status adds this line to the output: "Nov 22 15:30:43 district agetty[3161]: /dev/tty1.service: No such file or directory".22:35
keithzg_But I guess that's just the difference between formulations. Maybe my brain *is* segfaulting ;)22:35
* keithzg_ is very much not a fan of things where no matter what's broken or what changes are made to fix it, the logs still all report the same blasé assurances :P22:42
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Unit193keithzg_: Weird, evening having the symlink wrong still seems to run the service. 0_o23:16
Unit193I had forgotten to correct that when I added that for my own, and ps shows all 3 running already.23:16
Unit193keithzg_: I think we can agree that systemd is doing some form of voodoo here, but yeah corrected those links.23:25
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Unit193keithzg_: You still with me kermit?23:33

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