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_RidgewingHow do I add bug tracking to this project ? Should I just add code, and take it from there ?22:37
Mc-https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/YourProject#Getting_started ?22:38
_Ridgewingdont get it . this page doesnot work. https://help.launchpad.net/Teams/Register22:41
Mc-i don't know where you got that url. My understanding of the apge i linked is that if you are the project's owner, you should have a "change details" link on the project overview page that allows you to tells lp that you want to use lp's bugtracker22:47
wgrant_Ridgewing: Click Bugs at the top of the page.22:48
dobey_Ridgewing: i think the problem is you created a project but you wanted to create a team23:14
dobeyat least, reading the description on the project page, that is what it sounds like23:15
dobeyand i presume you probably are wondering how to subscribe that team to bugs in ubuntu?23:15

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