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cimbakahnI am looking at this page, and i am confused ----> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall18:11
cimbakahnI am looking for something in between the bare minimum install and the full install.  And i want a graphical installer.  Can anyone help?18:11
cimbakahnWhich download do i click on?  I want the newest one, but NOT the daily build.18:12
joern_sif you want a graphical installer, there is only the normal desktop iso / full install18:14
cimbakahnlubuntu Standard vs lubuntu-desktop vs lubuntu-core  So you are saying out of these 3  only the standard has a graphical installer?18:16
joern_slubuntu-desktop is the standard18:17
joern_sbut yes, only lubuntu-desktop has a graphical installer18:17
cimbakahnI wonder if you can get Wily without getting daily......18:17
joern_ssure, use the link I gave you18:17
cimbakahnDaily means you'll get updates every single day so i don't want that one.18:18
joern_sthe daily isos are for Xenial (16.04)18:18
cimbakahnWhich one do i click on?  My computer is 64bit.  I want to burn an ISO to a disk.18:19
cimbakahnYou are sure a lot nicer and helpful than the people in hashtag ubuntu.18:21
Unit193Dude, you asked that last night in both #ubuntu and #lubuntu, getting answers in both..18:21
joern_sthanks, cimbakahn18:24
cimbakahnThey weren't reading my questions simply for what was written.  And when they did answer me i felt like i was being interrogated.18:25
cimbakahnLike.  How dare me for wanting what i want.18:25
Unit193No, they were asking you questions so they could answer properly.18:27
cimbakahnAnd they didn't explain it as well as joern_s so i could understand.18:27
cimbakahnI gave them all the information just like i did with joern_s just now.18:28
cimbakahnI originally thought that you could get a LXDE Lubuntu that was in the middle (with less programs installed by default).  Something that was not a BARE minimal, and something that was not a full install with a graphical installer.18:32
cimbakahnIt seems like this is not possible.18:32
cimbakahnThank you very much joern_s !18:34
phillwcimbakahn: the non-standard installs do require some skills... that is why they are away from the standard page!18:35
cimbakahnsome skills.  That probably means there is no graphical installer to make things easier.  You would probably have to be smart enough to do it in another way.18:37
phillwjoern_s: after food, I will be checking if julien's fix for lxqt metapackage has worked18:37
cimbakahnThank you phillw !18:38
phillwcimbakahn: the server installer script is graphic, just no fancy pictures - It asks the same questions and you answer them :)18:38
cimbakahnSo i could burn this to a disk and install it ----> http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/lubuntu-desktop18:39
phillwI'm a fan of alternate installer, it is my very light cross to bear so that lubuntu has a CD sized image for the computers who do not have DVD reader and cannot boot from USB stick.18:40
phillwcimbakahn: no, that is simply the list of what is on the lubuntu-desktop image.18:41
cimbakahnI understand now.18:41
phillwcimbakahn: if you look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall#Full_install.2C_minimal_install_or_core_install.3F you will see the list of what is -desktop (which is what we ship as ISO images) and what you *can* select (core) if you use the minimal install route.18:42
cimbakahnMy computer can't boot from USB.  That is why i have to burn OS installs to a disk.18:43
cimbakahnI am just tired of these operating systems that give me all these programs that i don't want.  I have to uninstall alot of programs, and replace them with the ones i want.18:45
phillwcimbakahn: if it can read a dvd, then you can use the standard desktop image. If it can only read a CD then you will have to use the alternate image. It is not a scary install, just to keep it CD sized all the funky stuff for installing is not there.18:45
cimbakahnI use DVD-R disks.18:47
phillwcimbakahn: if you want to start from scratch, and add things on yourself I'd suggest the minimal route with lubuntu core. that will give you a working system that you can log onto and then add whatever applications you want on top of it. If you choose the minimal install (netboot) route, the installer will offer you a full list of what you want to add to it.. lubuntu minimal is on that list.18:48
phillwBut, that installer will not work on WiFi as the WiFi system is added on later if you want.18:49
cimbakahnI need something that detects my WIFI right away, so that would probably not be for me.  Unfortunately.18:52
phillwyes, do not get caught out.18:53
phillwyou would need ehthernet link to begin and then issue18:55
phillwapt-get install wireless-tools18:56
phillwfor it to install the WiFi stuff.18:56
cimbakahnIf you choose the minimal install (netboot) route, the installer will offer you a full list of what you want to add to it.. lubuntu minimal is on that list.  Would i be able to understand the things on that list?  I have been using linux for a year now.  ethernet link?  I have a wired connection, is this what you mean/18:58
cimbakahnIs wireless-tools all i would need to install for WIFI?18:59
phillwcimbakahn: from what I have read, yes. It is a meta-package which will pull in all that is needed19:19
cimbakahnI think i'll just use this instead to be on the safe side ----> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/15.10/release/lubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso19:21
cimbakahnI am looking at Lubuntu 15.10 videos now.19:22
cimbakahnYou know my collegues and i use Mumble to communicate vocally.  Why doesn't more people use Mumble?  It would be faster and easier to understand people.19:24
phillwMumble!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Feet19:27
cimbakahnYes.  Happy Feet was a cute movie.20:07
cimbakahnYes.  Mumble is cross platform.  It allows you to speak vocally to other people.  I love it.  I have my own channel.  It is usually in synapticPM.20:10
phillwwb redwolf21:19
redwolfsorry, my network is being odd21:20

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