faenilsuccess \o/21:15
faenilsnappy ported to a new board :)21:15
sergiusensfaenil, nice!22:58
sergiusensfaenil, so what was your issue?22:59
sergiusensI would like to have it documented somewhere (maybe askubuntu)22:59
faenilsergiusens: what was the issue I asked about, here? (sorry, don't remember)22:59
sergiusensfaenil, your partitions were seen as one big blob23:04
sergiusensin u-boot and some other tools23:04
faenilsergiusens: ah, right, that was embarassing, I think I just had a type and was dd'ing to sdb1 instead of sdb....23:04
sergiusensfaenil, ah; right, that is indeed a common issue :-)23:04
sergiusensbut its hard to think of it when asked23:05
faenilsure ;)23:05
sergiusensfaenil, well I am glad you got it working!23:05
faenilbut at that point I still had beagleblack oem snap etc23:05
faenilnow I have all properly setup, except I think my board can't start uboot from sd23:05
faenilso I think uboot in the oem snap is not needed at all23:05
faenilI sent an email to customer support of the board to ask for confirmation, but their wiki says that loading uboot from sd is only supported on another module, not mine23:06
sergiusensfaenil, oh, that is a bummer, can you update the bootloader on the board directly?23:08
faenilsergiusens: yep, by putting it on the sd and running a couple of commands23:08
faenilthat's what I've done :)23:09
sergiusensyeah, as long as there is a way to do it23:14

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