Kiloshello africa13:53
Na3iLhey Kilos14:15
Kiloshows things there Na3iL14:16
Na3iLfine as usual, what about you Kilos14:16
Kilosgood here too ty14:16
Kiloshi philipballew14:16
Na3iLThere's nothing to help here? Any ToDo tasks?14:17
Na3iLKilos, there's 2 missing LoCo teams in the list, anyone who tried to contact them?14:21
Kilosyeah i tried months ago14:21
Kilosor nerly a year14:21
Kilosyou are welcome to try make contact for us Na3iL14:22
philipballewKilos, he man14:22
Kilosplease do infact14:22
Na3iLYep Kilos I will try to contact them14:22
Kilosty vet much14:22
Kiloswould be nice to see all teams represented here14:23
Na3iLYou are welcome Kilos :D14:24
Na3iLOtherwise, did you feel that the look of the WiKi pages of Ubuntu Africa are a little awful?14:25
Kilosi havent looked for a long while14:25
Na3iLI think we should make a new look and a good summary14:26
Kilosfeel free to improve anything14:26
Kilosphilipballew house th facebook side doing14:27
KilosI am going to delete my facebook account before too long14:27
Na3iLAnyone who want help in the documentation part, it would be much nice :D14:28
KilosNa3iL you need to wake elacheche up again14:31
Kiloshe is getting worse than me14:31
Kiloseven the young elacheche as well14:31
Na3iLhahaha, I think he's engaged with his work14:31
Kiloshi Benno-00714:32
Na3iLKilos, I have an idea, Idk if it works or no! We add a section "WhoAreWe" the section will be known as Ubuntu Africa Ambassadors14:38
Na3iLIt will make peeps contribute to the team..14:38
Kilosgo for it14:38
Kilosjust give me a few months to get all sorted out before you give me work to do14:39
Na3iLOkay, take your time. I will need your opinion every time14:39
Kilosjust ask when you see me here or ask inetpro he knows much more than i do14:40
Kilosoh Cryterion is also here14:40
Kilosoh Na3iL even just ask elacheche what he thinks14:45
Na3iLSure :D14:45
Kiloshe has good taste too14:45
Kilosand thinks much more modern than i do14:46
Kiloshmm... Na3iL you still busy with it15:22
Na3iLYep Kilos15:22
Na3iLWhy? you want help in anything?15:23
Kilosoh dont forget to try get more lugs to join as well15:23
Na3iLYep sure15:24
Kilosno i got an email saying the page was changed and when i clicked attachments i got a server error15:24
Na3iLI was just preview them before I submit my changes15:25
Na3iLKilos, I will modify almost all the infrastructure of the wiki15:37
Kilosgo ahead Na3iL15:37
Kiloshave a ball15:37
Na3iL:D you will like it15:38

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