popeymcphail, jdstrand_ is the person to ask11:05
popeymcphail, need a tester? :D11:05
popeymcphail, also, do you look in a specific directory on the card?11:06
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mcphailpopey: It would be great if you can test. Do you have a copy of BG?12:06
jkb_appdevs, i have a question to uitk-1.3 and backward compatibility. Can anybody help on this?13:26
jkb_appdevs, since when have 1.3 been supported (OTA-7 or 8)? For a specific app I want to change to 1.3 but what will happen to users not on the latest OTAs?13:26
popeymcphail, the original saga, I think so14:26
popeymcphail, you set read_path over all of /media/ - can't see that getting approved ever14:36
popeybut not my job :)14:36
mcphailhappy to try anything to reduce the scope...15:16
ahayzenHi, anyone ever got this error from dekko causing it not to start? "MANAGER NULL?  false ACCOUNT LIST:  (24, 23, 21, 20)"15:17
JanCmcphail: maybe #apparmor on the OFTC network can help you?  (I think your problem is with AppArmor rules, right?)15:20
mcphailJanC: thanks. Might try that (although I'm not sure I understand apparmor enough to explain my problem). Would be nice to have some guidance as to what is needed to pass manual review15:23
popeyI don't think it's really an apparmor problem, but a policy one15:57
mcphailjdstrand_: when you get back to the office, can you let me know how I go about getting an app manually reviewed? Does it happen automatically (or not at all)?18:21

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