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Inopiaglobal media keys don't work with programs like VLC or gnome-mplayer13:44
Inopiaeven though they support dbus with org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player13:44
Inopiaubuntu just doesn't use that interface when you press media keys13:44
InopiaThis script listens to gnome media keys and sends them to org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player13:45
Inopiahow do I file a bug report to make this work with ubuntu by default ?13:45
InopiaThe sound menu does use this interface so it is pretty weird that media keys don't13:47
plasmasolutionsHi guys... I think I found a serious issue in the libllvm3.4 packages. Even though we default to gcc5.2 now, this package is still build with 4.9 - we got plenty of linker issues on ubuntu with Blender now - Is a llvm package maintainer or professional llvm bug sqasher around? ;)21:44

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