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lordievaderGood morning.09:57
OnTheRockshow can i monitor cpu temp in nagios in a server via snmp?10:42
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billxtni need help i am trying to conneect to an open wifi with mac filter it worked just fine until yesterday it show me my ip in ifconfig but im not connected in iwconfig12:43
lordievaderStatic ip? (Besides rather use iproute2 instead of ifconfig)12:45
lordievaderYes, or the binary name 'ip'.12:47
billxtnthanks it worked13:22
billxtnnow i'm trying to to add my open wifi essid to the /etc/network/interfaces file13:24
billxtncan i use wpa-ssid for an open wifi?13:24
lordievaderWhat do you mean? WPA is an encryption method. Not really sure what you mean with wpa-ssid...13:27
billxtnor i use wireless-essid13:27
lordievaderAh, now I see what you mean.13:31
lordievaderDo you control the wifi network by the way? If so, why ain't it encrypted?13:33
lordievaderI suppose just defining wpa-ssid should work.13:35
billxtnwell i controle it13:35
billxtnthere but am using mac filter because of things didn't go well in the biginning13:36
billxtnwell if i put wpa-ssid with open wifi it ork?13:37
lordievaderI suppose, yes.13:37
lordievaderAnyhow you do realize that anyone with a wifi antenna can see your traffic right?13:38
lordievaderA mac filter is also trivial to subvert.13:38
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billxtnow thanks for the information13:40
billxtni have to change it13:40
lordievaderYes, that is strongly advisable ;)13:40
lordievaderGo with wpa2.13:40
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billxtnok thanks again13:42
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window95hey   i have a fresh ubuntu server here and am looking for the inetd.conf    doesn't seem to be anywhere19:12
lordievaderIs inetd installed?19:16
window95i don' tbelieve so it seems (from what i'm reading) theres something called xinetd that is more common19:17
window95wasn't sure if i was able to use inetd instead   ftr huge noob if it isn't obvious so please forgive19:18
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jrwrenwhat are you trying to do?20:09
window95trying to run bitlbee20:14
window95and i need to edit this inetd file or xinetd or something20:14
bekkswindow95: You should use nvidia-prime instead, since bumblebee is deprecated.20:14
window95bitlbee is not the same as bumblebee bekks20:15
bekksGEez, nevermind, totally misread it :D20:15
window95bitlbee is a thing that lets you integrate other chats/IM services into your iRC client (so I can have like a twitter stream channel)20:15
window95lol nm20:15
lordievaderBitlbee doesn't need inetd does it?20:33
lordievaderAh, that is one of the modes. Why not use the ForkDaemon mode? That is what I use.20:35
window95lordievader   yeah i was actually gonna ask about that20:57
window95i was on the bitlbee channel they are helping me a bit there. Seems for my purposes ForkDaemon is best. What do you use it for if you don't mind me asking? Im mainly gonna use it for Twitter i think20:57
lordievaderFacebook and gtalk. Zabbix pings me through gtalk ;)21:00
window95If you read this, you most likely accidentally started BitlBee in inetd mode on the command line. You probably want to run it in (Fork)Daemon mode. See doc/README for more information.21:06
window95how to i stop it... lol i can't do anything else now it seems21:06
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lordievaderkill <pid>?21:27
window95lordievader thnx stopped a while ago on its own accord lol21:27
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