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lupetHi, if installation of ubuntu touch failed to enter in recovery mode how is possible install?10:00
mcphailIs anyone else finding OTA8 really buggy? I've seen high battery drain and a couple of episodes of "demonic possession" where unity8 appears to be receiving repeated screen presses from an invisible finger. Didn't see this on OTA710:30
lotuspsychjemcphail: wich device mate?10:32
lotuspsychjepretty stable on bq 4.5 here mcphail10:32
mcphailyes - bq4.510:32
mcphailjust had my phone dialer repeatedly dial 6's and 9's, hence the "demonic" bit10:33
lotuspsychjemcphail: try a tail -f /var/log/syslog perhaps10:33
lotuspsychjesee whats going on?10:33
mcphaillotuspsychje: nothing was noted. Seems like the system thought it was receiving normal input10:34
lotuspsychjemcphail: or if nothing works, reset phone to defaults?10:34
lotuspsychjei had scope freezes on ota710:34
lotuspsychjegot fixxed on ota8 now10:34
mcphaillotuspsychje: I might need to reflash OTA7 if this persists10:34
lotuspsychjemcphail: i would reflash to ota810:35
lotuspsychjecan do miracles sometimes10:35
mcphailmaybe. I'm not a believer in "bad flashes". I think this is a genuine problem as someone else poster here about bad battery drain10:36
lotuspsychjemcphail: how much time your battery flows?10:36
mcphailperhaps some input event is getting stuck and looping10:36
lotuspsychjeill keep an eye on it10:36
mcphaillotuspsychje: about 80% loss over the working day, rather than 20--30% as per OTA710:37
lotuspsychjemcphail: heavy use? movie watching?10:37
lotuspsychjemaybe related to specific apps?10:37
mcphailsitting idle in my pocket bar one 10 minute call10:37
lotuspsychjethats extreme mate10:38
popeymcphail, my e4.5 has dropped from 100 to 77% in 20 hours10:39
popeyit's doing nothing but getting notifications10:39
lotuspsychjepopey: yeah i think pretty stable for me like that also10:39
mcphailpopey: aah. Adds weight to the theory that an input event is looping10:40
popeymy rc-proposed one is 97% since being 100% at 4pm yesterday10:40
lotuspsychjenexus7 also stable on devel-proposed here10:40
mcphailI'll give it a couple of days and see if it calms down10:41
lotuspsychjemcphail: i would try ota8 reflash to defaults10:41
lotuspsychjesee if it persists10:41
mcphailI can't risk a flash for a couple of days as I'm on call. Might reflash after that10:42
lotuspsychjemcphail: /var/log/dmesg show anything usefull?10:48
mcphaillotuspsychje: I haven't seen anything. But I haven't been able to get a terminal open during an "event" as I can't switch away from the foregrounded app and have to reboot10:53
mcphaillotuspsychje: checking logs post-hoc hasn't shown anything10:53
mcphailIf it happens in the house today I might be able to hook it up via adb and see10:54
mcphailOther possibility might be a hardware failure, so OTA8 might be coincidental10:56
lotuspsychjemcphail: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=230287310:56
lotuspsychjethey dont mention ota8 though..10:57
mcphailI had one episode of (fairly) quick battery drain on OTA7, but none of the other symptoms10:58
* mcphail will give it a couple of days10:59
lotuspsychjeok good luck mcphail10:59
mcphailcheers lotuspsychje11:00
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jkb_i have a questino to uitk-1,3 and backward compatibility. Can anybody help on this?13:22
jkb_since when have 1.3 supported (OTA-7 or 8)? For a specific app I want to change to 1.3 but what will happen to users not on the latest OTA?13:23
peat-psuwitAnyone with supported device, could you please give me content of /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state after 1.)Turning off Wi-Fi 2.)Turning on Wi-Fi13:46
bonyis it possible to run jar files in ubuntu phone? I am looking for running some small applications on a ubuntu tablet kind of games.14:20
popeypeat-psuwit, i just tried to do that over ssh :)14:57
peat-psuwitpopey: LOL. Bad luck, then.14:58
popeythats network on->off->on14:59
droolyhello, silly noob question from a long-time linux user: is it possible to update, upgrade and install software on ubuntu phone just like on any other ubuntu install? does it follow ubuntu release cycles?15:32
peat-psuwitpopey: Thank you for that. On my phone (LG L90), WirelessEnabled doesn't turns to true when I re-enabled Wi-Fi. Maybe it's because Wi-Fi on-off doesn't work on my phone yet.15:33
k1l_drooly: no. not really.16:00
k1l_as long as there is no real convergance i dont want dekstop-programs on my phone since they are a pain to handle with finger input.16:01
droolyk1l_, i understand that. but what about literally "is it possible without breaking my system"? and what about command-line utilities, are those the same builds as on desktop? and, most importantly, is ubuntu phone designed to be continuously (if not endlessly) updated&graded? like, good'ol sudo apt-get update?16:20
popeydrooly, you can drop various command line utils on the phone, sure.16:48
popeyi put mine in ~/bin/16:48
droolypopey, thanks for that, but it doesn't really answer my question: is ubuntu phone designed to be updated/graded just like a normal ubuntu installation?16:52
popeyOTA updates are delivered as read-only images - and diffs16:52
popeyyou _can_ make your phone read-write and use apt, but if it breaks (it shouldn't, but it is possible) then you may have to re-flash it16:53
droolyokay, wow, i guess i have to read up on what OTA means.16:55
popeyOver The Air16:55
popeysystem updates basically16:55
droolyhow does that differ from how ubuntu desktop handles things?16:56
popeylike that16:56
popeywell, desktop uses apt16:56
popeythis doesnt16:56
popeywe build the image using apt, dpkg etc, but the update that goes out to devices is just a big fat binary diff between previous update and next16:57
popeyso as you see in that screenshot, 68MB update between two updates (6 weeks apart)16:57
droolyok, i see. what if i install some app that is not installed by default, how (if) will it be included in subsequent updates? and do those ota updates reflect what is going on on ubuntu desktop? because convergence?16:58
popeySystem updates are separate from apps.16:58
popeyApps are delivered as click packages, which can be thought of as like .apk files on android, self contained16:59
popeyso in that screenshot you'd see your apps that you've installed listed beneath the system update, but all in one screen16:59
popeyThere's a lot of commonality between desktop and phone - e.g. stuff like dbus, systemd, network manager etc17:00
popeybut there's (currently) some differences17:00
popeydesktop = X, compiz, Unity, LibreOffice.17:00
popeyPhone = Mir, Unity 8, confined applications17:00
popeyIf you install something by making the phone read/write and use apt, then it's not really defined what happens, but typically things can get a little messy17:01
droolywhat if i restrict that to non-gui apps?17:02
popeydepends how / where you install them17:02
popeyif you put them in ~/bin then they won't be touched by the system updates17:02
popeysame if you put them somewhere in /opt17:02
droolyi'm beginning to understand. it's not as straightforward as i'd hoped. i'm a little afraid to run into the same sort of difficulties (impossibilities even) one tends to run into with linux apps on android. to make it clearer, i was thinking of mosh & sshfs to make my server content available on the phone.17:04
popeyThere is a terminal in the store, not installed by default, but easily installable.17:06
popeyI haven't tried mosh, but we ship ssh client out of the box17:06
popeynot tried sshfs17:06
popeyIt's very different to android, _way_ easier to run linux apps17:06
popeye.g. I often build linux apps directly on my nexus 7 and copy the resulting binaries to my phone17:07
droolyboth have ubuntu installed?17:07
popeyI even do stupid stuff like run dosbox on my phone17:08
droolymakes sense.17:09
droolywhat about android apps? ... now i'm just asking out of curiosity17:09
popeyThe Ubuntu phone doesn't ship with dalvik runtime17:10
popeyWe don't (currently, maybe not ever) support android apps17:10
droolyok, that's cool (i just thought that that's maybe the very first question many people ask... :-)17:11
popeyWe get that a lot17:11
popeyFAQs:- 1) can I run android apps, 2) can I run whatsapp17:12
droolyin any case, you helped me a lot. i will copy this to a file :D now i know quite a lot more what to look for and what not to look for.17:12
popeythere's some more useful info I can find, one moment...17:13
popeylots of technical info in there17:14
droolybookmarked. i think i'll go for the e5 though; unless some generous soul will help me buy the meizu.17:15
popeyi saw someone mention that bq have an 'outlet' for refurb devices17:18
popeyso you could potentially get one of them a bit cheaper17:18
droolyi'm looking at store.bq.com but cannot find that anywhere.17:21
popeymaybe contact them, they're quite responsive.17:24
droolythanks. i'm quite set on not buying the e4.5, and i cannot find that offer for the e5...17:27
ludo2I'm tryin' to do that: http://forum.xda-developers.com/meizu-mx/general/meizu-mx4-how-to-flash-ubuntu-touch-t321003917:27
droolyyou wouldn't happen to know if ubuntu phone would work on the bq e5 4G, too?17:27
ludo2But X don't understand the first step:17:28
d^_^b_does it works --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/p3100 thanks17:29
ludo2When I give the path, Window$ say me there is no good driver.17:30
ludo2Any idea?17:30
d^_^b_why do a chan if no one answer?17:35
k1l_ludo2: best to ask in that channel what exactly they mean and if there are known problems with that.17:36
ludo2I try to flash my meizu MX4.17:38
ludo2k1l_: Because of a problem when using ubuntu-device-flash . My phone doesn't expose adb.17:41
ludo2In this video, the author explain he had the same problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5fhoHL-mR417:42
k1l_if its a ubuntu system run "sudo update-usbids" to make sure to have the latest usbids database17:43
ludo2But, softs that are used in this tutorial are on Windows.17:48
ludo2If there is a way to do that with GNU/Linux system, I'd prefered. But I didn't see softs to do that.17:49
k1l_ludo2: i think you better ask your question in that xda thread. i dont know about that sort of software that is used there17:51
ludo2Me too. :-)17:52
popeydrooly, I don't, but doubt it17:52
droolypopey: 'k, thanks'n'bye.17:59
k1l_the BQ e4.5 got a open bootloader, right?18:25
k1l_iirc you can flash between ubuntu-touch and android. or do they both just have signed kernels?18:26
mac_trying to port ubuntu touch over android. ramdisk/script/touch I get stuck at "mount -o bind ${rootmnt}/run/image.fstab $FSTAB || panic "drop to adb""18:31
mac_what does this line mean?18:31
mac_While booting I reboot after a minute and look at the last kmsg. I have added additional debugging lines to find out where am I stuck at.18:32
mac_this is the last code it executes and doesnt move any further "mount -o bind ${rootmnt}/run/image.fstab $FSTAB || panic "drop to adb"18:33
popeyk1l_, our friend studio_ flips between android and ubuntu on his bq18:44
k1l_yeah i know. but is the bootloader open (as to boot any kernel) or is ubuntu using a signed kernel.18:45
popeyi think its open AFAIAA18:46
k1l_iirc there are locked bootloader devices but the signing key is public, so you can sign your own kernel so the locked bootloader works like its open.18:47
k1l_speaking not of the BQ18:47
timppa_how can I load latest ubuntu touch "preinstalled" .tar.gz to a device?18:57
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lotuspsychjeEdwardd: welcome20:30
EdwarddAre you a bot?20:31
lotuspsychjeEdwardd: no :p20:31
EdwarddCan you help me?20:31
lotuspsychjeEdwardd: ask a question first20:31
EdwarddI have problem with wifi hexadecimal password20:32
lotuspsychjeEdwardd: on ubuntu phone?20:32
EdwarddYes, I cant login on wifi witj hexadecimal password20:34
EdwarddThe wifi ask me the password again and again20:37
k1l_hexadecimal is nothing else than regular numbers and letters. so are you sure you wrote it the right way? case sensitiv?20:45
EdwarddWhere go the bot? I mean the bot man20:45
Edwarddk1l_ yes I wrote the correct password and did new password to make sure20:46
EdwarddThe password was 504 bits random by website20:46
ghosalmartinhello, anybody tried to build ubuntu touch ontop of android 6?23:41
ahoneybunmm ubuntu sdk does not like Kubuntu23:48
ahoneybunvery odd23:48

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