brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:18
brobostigonmorning bittin_10:22
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diddledanI is 'ere18:02
diddledanwho missed me? :-p18:02
penguin42popey: why?18:22
popeypenguin42, hey!18:23
popeypenguin42, I only recently discovered (or re-discovered) that you are the author of BeebEm18:23
* penguin42 nods18:24
penguin42popey: It's kind of crazy, I wrote it ~20 years ago and haven't done anything with it for ages, in the mean time people have ported it all over and added loads of peripherals and stuff18:24
* popey wishes there was an SDL2 port :)18:26
penguin42should be pretty easy to do18:26
MartijnVdSI see a volunteer :P19:05
penguin42yeh, I expect to see a Ubuntu phone running Monsters19:05
penguin42hmm, actually; I bet you could fly rocket-raid using acclerometers19:06
mappgood tv night tonight;]19:07
popeyugh, autoconf19:18
daftykinsmapps: still nippy down there?19:18
popeybah, don't understand this at all.19:24
foobarryi've used that many a time20:55
foobarrybeebem that is20:55
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daftykinsbittin_: what are these links?22:18
bittin_daftykins: a picture from a book and some movies from a club22:19
daftykinssuspicious looking to me, so i'll pass :)22:19

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