theblazehenmaaz tell smallpox wouldn't encrypting the db not help, as the db will need to be mounted if the db is running, which it will be if it's owned?04:08
Maaztheblazehen: Got it, I'll tell smallpox on freenode04:08
superflytheblazehen: this is true. Also, security is a multi layered thing, and the more layers you implement, the more secure your data is. 06:17
theblazehensuperfly: Exactly06:17
Symmetriahttp://server.alstonnetworks.net/photos/IMG_0184.JPG <=== lol, something tells me I need to clean up my home office06:18
theblazehenSymmetria: reddit.com/r/serverporn reddit.com/r/cableporn06:19
Symmetriahttp://server.alstonnetworks.net/photos/IMG_0196.JPG <=== at least I put the switches in a cabinet06:21
Symmetrialol did that to protect the fiber optics06:21
Symmetriaeven if the cabling is a mess06:21
Symmetriaheh those really thin white fibers are what connect me to the net06:22
Symmetria2 x 10G :)06:22
theblazehenYou don't want to see mine at home. 5 multi plugs..06:22
theblazehenAll running off a single outlet...06:22
Symmetriaheh I got a 32 amp breaker for my office06:23
theblazehenNice, 16A here06:23
theblazehenYou running linux on there?06:23
theblazehenAh, 2 PCs. Running 5 displays (was 6) off a single pc06:24
superflyHey gremble 12:11
grembleHey superfly 12:12
grembleHow are you today?12:12
theblazehenHi gremble, superfly 12:12
grembleHey theblazehen 12:13
superflyHi theblazehen 12:13
superflygremble: tired12:13
superflyAnd no Internet at home because my line is stuffed and Telkom needs to lay replacement cable 12:14
grembleHaving to deal with statal and parastatal organisations make my bones ache12:15
grembleI need some consumer advice. My sister is going to uni next year and we need to get her a laptop. Can either of you recommend a nice midrange laptop? I can budget up to 20k12:22
theblazehengremble: How much would you count as midrange?12:27
theblazehenhttp://www.wootware.co.za/dell-latitude-3550-intel-core-i5-5200u-2-2ghz-8gb-2x-4gb-1600mhz-ddr3l-1tb-5400rpm-hdd-nvida-gt-830m-15-6-full-hd-1920x1080-anti-glare-led-windows-7-professional-64bit-notebook.html Is decent, and has Intel wifi, meaning that the drivers work quite well12:28
grembleI would assume top end laptops are corporate and gaming beasts and those are like 27k+ so I would assume that anything between 10 and 20 is midrange12:28
grembleI don't trust R4000 laptops. :x12:28
theblazehenyeah, same here12:29
theblazehenhttp://www.wootware.co.za/dell-nbdeca004l3550emea-latitude-3550-intel-core-i5-5200u-2-2ghz-4gb-1600mhz-ddr3l-500gb-7200rpm-hdd-15-6-hd-1366x768-anti-glare-wled-backlit-windows-7-pro-notebook.html This has intel graphics (Great drivers!) Maybe get an SSD, and another 4 GB RAM?12:29
theblazehenAlso has intel wifi12:30
theblazehenI'd go for the 1st one, has a full HD screen and closed source nvidia drivers work well too. 8GB ram is a plus12:31
theblazehenWith 8 GB RAM there isn't much need for an ssd really12:31
grembleThe first one does look very nice. She'll appreciate the fact that she'll be able to game a little bit on it12:32
theblazehenWait, I'm guessing she runs windows.. In that case I'd still go for the first, but there are no driver troubles, and yeah that is nice as well12:32
theblazehenI currently game on my Intel HD4600 overclocked to 1.4 GHz, while it drives 5 displays.. It's *okay*12:33
theblazehenPlays fallout 3 at low12:33
grembleYes. I haven't been able to convert her successfully :P12:33
grembleShe still wants to play league of legends with her boyfriend12:33
theblazehenUsing wine-staging and CSMT, perhaps 50 fps. So the intel chips aren't too bad really12:33
theblazehenYeah, wine won't work for that12:34
grembleThanks theblazehen. I also forgot about wootware, but I remember you told me about them already :P I made sure to bookmark the site this time12:38
theblazehenCool :) yeah, great deals there12:38
grembleNow all I have to do is remember everything that I did in my software architecture class12:39
theblazehenhah, have fun with that!12:39
grembleDid you know that you can get a certification for doing UML?12:44
theblazehenNope, TIL12:45
grembleI didn't know it was something that needed more than a pamphlet to teach. There are some things that you have to remeber, but it is like getting a certificate for knowing how to draw one of those "breinkaarte" from grade 512:46
gremblehttp://www.omg.org/ocup-2/ :P12:46
grembleThat is why I like mathematics. It doesn't ask of me to become certified in graph theory, it just lets me do wild things to graphs12:47
theblazehenTo be fair, you don't need to be certified in linux stuff either12:48
grembleYou do12:48
grembleLPI certs12:48
grembleNovell certs12:48
grembleNetworking certs12:48
theblazehenWell, to do it for a living, sure12:49
grembleI considered doing something in that domain, but I have a bursary for a degree, not really one for certifications12:49
gremblehttp://www.yegor256.com/2014/12/01/orm-offensive-anti-pattern.html This guy is incredibly angry about ORM13:18
theblazehenHi Kilos, what's up?13:54
Kilosafternoon superfly Cryterion gremble theblazehen and of course inetpro 13:54
Kilostemperature mailny13:54
theblazehenlol, true13:55
Kiloshows you theblazehen 13:55
theblazehenI'm doing alright and you?13:55
Kilosgood ty13:55
superflyKilos: ai15:33
Kiloswhat superfly 15:33
Kilosyou left out the ! after ai!15:34
superflyYou never came to the airport 15:34
Kilosaw sorry sir15:36
Kiloswelcome home15:36
Kilosyou forgot to tell me when you arriving15:36
superflyKilos: got back yesterday16:26
superflyI logged into IRC while at the airport, but no one was around16:26
Kilosaw sorry16:26
captineevening all18:23
captineloooong time18:24
theblazehenhey captine!18:25
grembleHey captine 18:25
captineanyone else running 15.10 gnome edition?18:27
=== gremble is now known as smallpox
Kilosnight all.sleep tight19:57
Kiloswb cap19:57

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