freakyyi wonder if i should just put the boot partition on the ssd00:00
qumy /etc/hosts seems useless now. i set ` www.abc.com` in `hosts`, but when i `ping www.abc.com`, returns `PING kevin.com.router ( 56(84) bytes of data.` Why? (lubuntu 15.10)00:00
int-mainthe_count: just press F1200:00
qui tried lots of times, any not exists domain names (but a set in /etc/hosts) are return `` when ping.00:00
Aceriofreakyy: However, minimal builds do not come with a desktop environment, so you will need to install one yourself, which is not hard. My favorite environment is GNOME 3.18, but Ubuntu default is Unity.00:00
freakyyAcerio: i dont want that00:00
Aceriofreakyy: Why not?00:00
the_countdersand: So, you have somebody else's phone? And you want to use their phone service for yourself?00:00
freakyyits still too big00:00
Aceriofreakyy: What is the size of your SSD?00:00
freakyyill find a solution00:00
the_countint-main: There is no reason then why that same thing wouldn't work for ubuntu00:00
dersandthe_count, it's my own. But i guess nobody will believe me?00:01
int-mainthe_count: exactly why I am disturbed00:01
the_countdersand: Welll, it makes people wonder, start searching for an ssh server app on the play store then.00:01
kakashiALis it possible to make your ubuntu pc, where you use wlan to go to the internet, offer a hotspot00:01
the_countint-main: Well...00:02
kakashiALI mean use the same pc and to browse the internet and offer a hotpot00:02
bpromptint-main:     ok... can you try, with the f12 light orange, boot to windows, see if it turns to white while in windows00:02
dersandthe_count Since i can't run anything, init or set any values i guess it needs to be "plug and play". That's a bit much to ask for huh?00:03
the_countint-main: I'm not sure I understand what you mean00:03
int-mainthe_count: I meant it should but it isn't. That confuses me.00:03
Na3iLkakashiAL, what was your question? cause I didn't get it!00:04
int-mainbprompt: I can assure you, it does work properly on Windows. I am online via windows 10 currently00:04
the_countkakashiAL: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-adhoc.html00:04
kakashiALI am using wlan to go the internet Na3iL :)00:04
Acerio_Hey sorry, I am back. freakyy if you said something, I may have missed it. So please restate the reply.00:04
kakashiALbut I want to offer a hotspot00:04
Na3iLYou mean wlan0 kakashiAL00:04
kakashiALand be able to do both00:04
kakashiALuse my wlan and offer a hotspot00:04
Acerio_My PC froze :P And my old IRC session is still active, which is weird.00:05
the_countint-man: What drivers did you find that were supposed to work00:05
kakashiALthe_count: I am using xfce00:05
bpromptint-main:     the " I have RT3290 adapter. My Wifi says disabled by hardware switch."   makes me suspicious that is software, but yes, the f12 light could  be orange by lack of loaded drivers, what wifi nic do you have again?   broadcom? atheros? else?00:05
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: Still around?00:05
Na3iLYep VictoriaXOXO00:06
int-mainbprompt: Ralink00:06
kakashiALso, anyone?:)00:06
the_countkakashiAL: Maybe check with those who make xfice then00:06
Acerio_What is the timeout time for IRC sessions? Waiting for my last session to timeout, so I can change my nick.00:07
the_countint-main: Try ' rfkill unblock all '00:07
kakashiALthe_count: there is none00:08
int-mainthe_count: as I said, it works when its soft blocked. Mine is hard blocked00:08
the_countint-main: Try [Fn] + [Ctrl] + [F12]00:08
ApteryxIs there any way I can see any process that gets run after I login? I think some process is overriding some definitions I put in my .profile.00:09
Bashing-omthe_count: I see several issues with touchpads have been resolved "upstream"; Have you tried the latest kernel that was installed this round ?00:09
the_countkakashiAL: #xfce00:09
the_countBashing-om: not sure exactly what you mean.00:09
ApteryxI think I've found a bug where any Xinput configuration gets overridden shortly after login in.00:10
=== Acerio_ is now known as Acerio
int-mainthe_count: I'll have to make a bootable USB but I'll try it. Did you find something?00:10
the_countint-main: I'll get you the link in a sec00:10
ApteryxThis because my Xorg input device config stopped working, and after experimenting with putting xinput set-button-map in my .profile, this also fails.00:11
the_countint-main: http://askubuntu.com/questions/528316/wifi-is-diasbled-by-hardware-switch-in-ubuntu-14-04-32-bit-on-hp-430-laptop00:11
ApteryxBut manually sourcing the .profile file after the system is on does the trick.00:11
ApteryxAnd I know for sure that .profile is run while Ubuntu's booting.00:11
AlexQkakashiAL: Propably possible, but you would need to have two WLAN interfaces I think.00:12
int-mainthe_count: let me try. Will report soon00:12
kakashiALAlexQ: so you cant go to the internet and have a hotspot with the same wlan interface?00:12
* Acerio is AFK00:13
AlexQkakashiAL: I am not sure there are any WLAN interfaces that allow that.00:13
Aceriowhoops pretty sure i broke a rule there. sorry!00:13
AlexQkakashiAL: But what is your use case? What are you trying to achieve?00:14
kakashiALI have wlan, my smartphone is not able to get the waln (its 5hrz vs 3hrz)00:14
OerHekskakashiAL, no you can't.00:14
kakashiALOerHeks: hmm...okay00:15
OerHeksand not all wifi adapters can, under linux, it is a driver issue then.00:15
OerHeks* do hotspot00:15
kakashiALOerHeks: can we try it?00:16
AlexQkakashiAL: You could try with some USB WiFi dongles, if you have some laying around.00:17
kakashiALnope :(00:17
kakashiALI just have a laptop with a wlan00:17
OerHekskakashiAL, sure, connect to internet via cable, and setup wifi as ad-hoc/hotspot network in networkmanager00:17
kakashiALmy cable is too short, my router is not in my room :/00:18
AlexQkakashiAL: And if you aren't able to access the Internet via cable, maybe it is somehow possible to share internet connection from laptop to smartphone via Bluetooth.00:18
AlexQkakashiAL: It used to be done the other way around for sure.00:19
AlexQkakashiAL: Aren't you able to switch the router into hybrid mode (2.4GHz + 5GHz) BTW.? I think almost all of them allow that.00:21
Avocado_Found a screenshot tool, works neat.00:21
Avocado_auto uploads and copies to clipboard00:21
Avocado_If anyones interested, its called screencloud00:21
marusif i run ubuntu as a desktop, it's a good practice to use iptables?00:21
int-mainthe_count: Didn't work00:22
noahint-main: I'm back! Got anything on that networking issue?00:23
Na3iLindeed marus00:23
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does anyone in here know how to close Firefox (or any browser) when the VPN connection fails?00:24
marusNa3iL: does the firewall run by default?00:25
Na3iLVictoriaXOXO, xkill via the terminal, forces to quit the app you want to quit..00:25
noahOpen a gnome-terminal, type 'pkill firefox'. Please note that this does NOT clean up memory, etc...00:25
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: noah: I meant automatically. XD00:26
Na3iLNope, marus it is disabled by default00:26
noahI don't know how to automate it. :( A Shell Script?00:27
Na3iLCause Ubuntu Desktop does not need to a firewall to be safe on the Internet, since by default Ubuntu does not open ports that can introduce security issues.00:27
Na3iLyep noah and place it in the startup applications00:28
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: noah: No idea how to automate it?00:28
Na3iLVictoriaXOXO, if you want it automatically, then you should knows the crontab jobs00:28
VictoriaXOXONa3iL: crontab jobs... Hmm...00:28
Na3iLOr more easily using shell scripting00:29
noahA crontab might do the trick. Try 'man crontab'00:30
Avocado_Syria secretly sentenced free software developer and Firefox contributor Bassel Khartabil to death (boingboing.net)00:32
marusNa3iL: so it's not running by default, but i have to run and make rules also on my laptop?00:32
int-mainnoah: I tried Ctrl + Fn + F12 and rfkill unblock all00:33
int-mainNo help00:33
Na3iLYep marus00:34
Na3iLif you are not familiar with it, you can use the GUI version of firewall → gufw00:35
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does anyone in here know how to close Firefox (or any browser) (automatically) when the VPN connection fails?00:35
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, you want to close firefox on the vpn, when your connection fails?00:39
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: No, I want Firefox to shut down (like, instantly) as soon as the VPN disconnects. :P00:39
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: So I don't accidently surf more with regular ISP.00:40
OerHeksoke, a clue: /etc/network/if-post-down.d/ >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/519920/how-to-run-an-up-script-using-network-manager-openvpn00:40
OerHekspkill firefox00:40
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Saving everything and will look at it within a few minutes. Thanks. :)00:41
dahuihi all i installed scrapy with pip, but it is installed on /usr/local/bin/scrapy ... how do i make it go to /usr/bin/scrapy??00:43
dahuiwith link or a copy?00:43
daftykinssymlink it00:43
daftykinssounds like you installed something without a package00:43
Avocado_hey guys, I can't access my HDD that I use to store files/backup00:45
Avocado_It says "unable to access "backup""00:45
Avocado_error mounting /dev/sdb2 at blablbla00:45
Na3iLYou need to export it daftykins00:45
Avocado_exited with no-zero exit status 12: failed to read last sector00:45
daftykinsNa3iL: i think you have the wrong nick00:45
Avocado_someone said it might be fast boot from windows?00:45
Avocado_The device /dev/sdb2 doesn  seem to have a valid ntfs00:46
Na3iLAh! sorry daftykins x)00:46
* Na3iL is sleeping on the keyboard :P00:46
daftykinsAvocado_: mmm not for a storage only drive, no harm in booting back in and running chkdsk on it though - have you checked SMART data in case it's failing? assuming it's mechanical00:46
noahReboot into Windows twice, run chkdsk on it. You must reboot TWICE.00:47
Avocado_daftykins, I can reach it from windows00:47
Avocado_Will try00:47
daftykinsnoah: what makes you think that? :)00:48
the_countBashing-om: So.. Have you found anything which might be good...?00:48
daftykinsbuying another laptop? :)00:49
noahRead it from some man page. Apparently Windows checks the disks and does somthing to them. Really, I have no idea what it does, it just works for me ;)00:49
daftykinsnoah: ah, maybe for an OS drive, don't expect so much for a sole storage disk00:49
noahI would still try...00:49
noahIt fixed my storage drive too when I rebooted.00:50
AlexQBashing-om: Synaptics diagnostic info from fresh Xubuntu Wily installation, where smooth scrolling works correctly: xmodmap xinput evtest xev.log : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13428392/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/13428396/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/13428402/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/13428409/00:50
AlexQ 00:50
Avocado_Tried doing the chkdsk00:53
Avocado_no errors found00:53
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: I'm afraid that is too hard for me. :/00:53
Avocado_I can reach it from windows, but not from ubuntu00:53
Avocado_Also the disk type is "Dynamic" not "basic"00:53
Avocado_not sure if that has something to do with it?00:53
noahThat is wierd...00:53
Avocado_noah, can you take a look at that?00:54
noahDo you have a backup uf the disk? If you do, try changing the type to 'basic'. Always have a backup. Disk partitioning is fun ;) (It fails sometimes)00:55
Avocado_this is what i see in disks00:55
Avocado_I get my external harddisk tomorrow, im gonna back up everythign on there00:55
Avocado_I can repartition it then, to be sure00:55
Avocado_I think its because of the dynamic type00:55
Avocado_I read it somewhere00:55
the_countBashing-om: At least, how would we resolve the graphics problems restore it to normal00:56
noahOnce you have a backup, erase the disk and repartitonn it. Then copy the data of the backup.00:56
Avocado_noah take a look at that00:56
CaptonjamasonHello, Im having some trouble with WIFI on ubuntu 14.04 on Acer 5517 Notebook, Its acting as if there is no wifi, Even though im in windows 7 typing this, I tried Updating (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade) and installing 15.10 but it didnt help00:56
Avocado_it says "unknown"00:56
daftykinsAvocado_: that's definitely unwise, i would not keep a disk as dynamic.00:56
Avocado_What does dynamic type even mean?00:56
daftykinsprepares it for joining together with other disks in a pool, under Windows00:56
AbuDharit means it is dynamic :D00:56
daftykinsAvocado_: anyway, run a manual mount command in the terminal; then show us the error output00:56
Avocado_I did shrink that disk one time, maybe thats why its dynamic now?00:57
daftykins!behelpful | AbuDhar or don't speak please00:57
ubottuAbuDhar or don't speak please: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.00:57
noahI'm not sure, but I "THINK" that it's like LVM in linux.00:57
Avocado_So I use mount /dev/sdb2 right?00:57
AbuDharwhat are you trying to do Avocado_+00:57
Avocado_(never mounted before)00:57
noahIf your disk is /dev/sdb2.00:57
daftykinsAvocado_: use http://paste.ubuntu.com to show us "sudo parted -l" to have a glance first00:57
Avocado_daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13429644/00:58
Avocado_I have an SSD of 128gb, and the HDD is 750gb00:58
daftykinsAvocado_: so no, /dev/sdb1 - make sure it's not tried to automount by typing "mount" on its' own and looking for sdb100:59
daftykinsalthough that doesn't even recognise a file system on there, which is not good at all.00:59
Avocado_Weird, i can read and write on windows00:59
daftykinsyes, spotted that quirk :)01:00
noahOnce it works, try to add it to /etc/fstab to automaticly mount it on startup.01:00
daftykinsCaptonjamason: can you identify the wifi device involved?01:00
Avocado_so now I try "mount /dev/sdb1"?01:00
daftykinsnoah: jumping a bit far ahead, since it's not gonna work01:00
Avocado_is that the correct command01:00
loggloghello everyone is there a way to make ubuntus sidebar to act intelligente, for example when i put firefox to maximum size i want that the sidebar hides. is it possible to make it. (i am new to linux)01:00
daftykinsAvocado_: well did you see it auto mounted yet or no? from "mount"01:00
noahOk. Sorry.01:00
Avocado_daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13429724/01:01
noahTry "sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs"/01:01
noahTry "sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs".01:01
daftykinsAvocado_: ok good, looks like a no - so "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt" - which should fail, then show us what "dmesg | tail" said as well as the error01:01
Avocado_daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13429763/01:02
alainlogglog, did you try a right-click in the panel?01:02
daftykinsAvocado_: nope that didn't show anything relevant, did the mount command error? what did it say?01:03
Avocado_mount: you must specify the filesystem type01:03
AlexQBashing-om: the_count: I don't think there is any difference there. xev (guess that stands for X events) only shows simulated scroll button press events, on both OSes, and evtest shows more low-level events that are the same (just two fingers on touchpad, that's all). Where is the processing connected with smooth scrolling - I don't know - don't know if it is somehow handled as a X event as well. I think it is pretty obvious that the apps01:03
daftykinsAvocado_: ok. which dist are we dealing with? "cat /etc/issue"01:04
Avocado_filesystem type should be NTFS right? how do i put that in the command there?01:04
daftykinswell since parted couldn't see it, we can tell it... but i'm sure it won't help.01:04
daftykinsAvocado_: "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt" though do confirm version with the above for me first01:04
Avocado_daftykins, Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l01:04
VictoriaXOXOQ: No easy way of killing certain processes when VPN fails? :/01:04
TigersFoxkann jemand per zufall deutsch hier ^01:05
Avocado_daftykins, ready to go?01:05
AlexQVictoriaXOXO: It isn't a hard way. Do you think it would be easier on Windows? :D01:05
daftykinsAvocado_: yeah give it a go, i suspect an error01:05
Avocado_daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13430177/01:06
noahuse sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/xxx /mnt/mydevice. replace xxx with your device name.01:06
daftykinsyeah that's not a good sign.01:06
Avocado_I think i gotta reformat the disk01:06
daftykinsAvocado_: that'd be the easiest way, you could try running gparted and see if it says anything about the disk first01:06
daftykinsi'm sure a more experienced volunteer i know here could help, but it's only a format away anyway01:07
Avocado_I'll wait for tomorrow, after I backup ill reformat is as NTFS, right?01:07
TigersFoxhave you a weblink, where i can my skript upload?01:07
noahJust back up, reformat, and restore01:07
Avocado_wait, "restore"?01:08
Avocado_oh you mean, put files back in01:08
Avocado_Yeah, ill do that01:08
noahRestore from the backup01:08
Avocado_Thanks for help daftykins01:08
Avocado_and noah01:08
AlexQAvocado_: Yeah, backup as in copy files, not in make a partition image.01:08
VictoriaXOXOAlexQ: Yes, much easier. I've done it in the past.01:08
noahA partition image is useless because it takes the error with it :)01:09
Avocado_daftykins, what was the /mnt command for btw? i thought mount already meant mount01:09
daftykinsthat's where to mount to.01:09
Avocado_it takes /dev/sdb1 and mounts it to /mnt01:09
Avocado_got it01:09
Avocado_new to linux..01:09
Avocado_But its addicting as hell trying to fix everything01:10
daftykinsit's pretty nuts when you're new, used to X: and so on... but essentially any folder path such as /something/here can be a folder on a disk, or a mount point for a disk or partition01:10
daftykinshey nothing's broken :P01:10
noahUse the -t option to manually set the partition type. Yours in NTFS, so use 'sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/xxx /path/to/mount/point' Replace 'xxx' with your device name, replace /path/to/mount/point with any empty directory that you want to maunt it to.01:12
Avocado_so why is the mount folder called /mnt?01:12
Avocado_is /mnt just a shortcut to access /dev/xxx?01:12
Avocado_I could mount it to /banana too?01:13
VictoriaXOXOQ: When a guide tells me to "point to your VPN's IP...", what do they mean? I get a new IP ever single time I connect. :/01:13
AlexQAvocado_: Mount point is just a pre-existing empty directory.01:13
Avocado_I thought my ubuntu OS is "mounted"?01:13
Avocado_where does that get mounted?01:13
AlexQAvocado_: /01:13
Avocado_thats like the tree trunk01:13
Avocado_when you look at it from visual point of view01:14
Avocado_and every folder inside it is a branch01:14
noahNo No No. /dev/xxx should be replaced with /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb2 or whatever your device is. /mnt is a generic folder for mounting devices, but it is just a folder. For more info, run 'man mount'01:14
Avocado_and folder inside that is another branch01:14
Avocado_what does the man command do01:14
Avocado_its like "help"?>01:14
AlexQThat's like mounting different trees to branches of one main tree. | man opens a manual page, yep01:14
noahThe 'man' command brings up documentation on commands or config files01:15
Avocado_woah cool!01:15
Avocado_im starting to like linux01:15
noahLinux is So Cool!01:15
Avocado_its a shame the DPI is fucked up for my chrome browser01:15
Avocado_i have to use firefox cant stand the font rendering on chrome browser01:15
Avocado_look at how oversized and bold the font is01:16
VictoriaXOXOQ: When a guide tells me to "point to your VPN's IP...", what do they mean? I get a new IP ever single time I connect. :/01:18
Avocado_VictoriaXOXO, I think the VPN's IP and the IP that your VPN gives you are 2 different things01:19
Avocado_could be wrong01:19
AlexQVictoriaXOXO: Maybe they mean the VPN server you connect to, rather than the external IP you get? These are two different things I presume, tough I am a total VPN noob. Yeah Avocado_01:19
VictoriaXOXOAlexQ: Well, stupid explanation then? :P01:19
VictoriaXOXOAvocado_: Hmm. Maybe.01:19
MrCeeIIIgood evening.... I had a quick question... what if you are within an application and the computer freezes... what do you do cold reboot? is there somthing else i can try first? please advise01:20
Avocado_VictoriaXOXO, Maybe this is related to your question: http://www.overclock.net/t/411495/how-to-find-the-vpn-host-name-or-ip-address#post_491267901:21
MrCeeIIIgood evening.... I had a quick question... what if you are within an application and the computer freezes... what do you do cold reboot? is there somthing else i can try first? please advise01:22
VictoriaXOXOAvocado_: Boooooom. Saved. :)01:22
daftykins!reisub | MrCeeIII01:23
ubottuMrCeeIII: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key01:23
VictoriaXOXOMrCeeIII: Maybe this? http://blog.kember.net/articles/reisub-the-gentle-linux-restart/01:23
VictoriaXOXOI'm so slow.01:23
Avocado_So weird, when you google "f", facebook shows up at top01:23
=== Senj is now known as Senji
daftykinsnot weird at all, certainly off topic though :)01:23
VictoriaXOXOAvocado_: Not weird. They serve the same master. ;)01:24
Avocado_Google and facebook are different tho01:24
Bashing-omthe_count: Yeah.maybe we should work on the display .. There are bug reports in this respect of the graphic's driver and touchpad . ' lspci ; sudo lshw -C display ] to see what it will take to restore .01:24
MrCeeIIIalt printscreen does nothing... hello daftykins...01:27
daftykinsMrCeeIII: where did you get the idea that you had to press that from?01:27
MrCeeIII!from ubottu up there ^01:28
ubottuMrCeeIII: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:28
daftykinsMrCeeIII: you might want to read a bit closer then.01:28
VictoriaXOXOMrCeeIII: Dude. You need to hold down Alt+PrintScreen AND then type REISUB.01:28
MrCeeIIIthe print screen on this keyboard is a function01:29
VictoriaXOXOMrCeeIII: And don't let daftykins get to you. He's helpful, but cold. XD01:29
MrCeeIIIi know him...01:29
MrCeeIIIand i know his ways01:29
VictoriaXOXOMrCeeIII: What kind of a keyboard is that? :/01:29
MrCeeIIIidunno gateway... i have to hold down a funtion key to then hit printscreen01:30
daftykinsMrCeeIII: "free -m" > http://paste.ubuntu.com01:30
MrCeeIIIbasically  the windows ctrl alt delete on linux01:31
daftykinsis what you're after? yeah doesn't work like that01:31
daftykinsplus if Windows had frozen, trying to call up the task manager is equally useless01:31
daftykinsanother angle you can take, though... is trying to press ctrl+alt+F1 to get to TTY1.01:32
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
MrCeeIIIso shall i cold boot in the future?01:32
daftykinsMrCeeIII: if you run the above command and put it on the paste site though, i can check if you're freezing up for a lack of RAM issue.01:32
=== intel is now known as Guest14013
daftykinscold boot means to press power from being switched off, i'm not sure how you'd apply that to freezing01:32
the_countBashing-om: May we resume this monday?01:32
MrCeeIIIi thought there was somthing out there that i can get to a window and type top01:33
daftykinsMrCeeIII: yeah the above, ctrl+alt+F101:33
baiterfree -m|pastebin01:33
MrCeeIIIi simply hold the powere key till the computer shuts off01:33
daftykinsbaiter: it's pastebinit in ubuntu ; and needs installing.01:33
baiterit does?01:33
baiternow that everybody's on 64 bit os, it's easy to get 32 gig+ ram01:35
baiterdunno why they don't offer it more often01:35
daftykins"they" ? there's not one single computer manufacturer.01:36
baiteri mean pre-built desktop sellers01:36
baiterwas the context unclear?01:36
daftykinsyou're just off topic i'm afraid :)01:37
daftykinsand also pretty wrong ime01:37
Bashing-omthe_count: Sure, at your pace .01:39
the_countBashing-om: I've got 500 projects going on right now, and I will  have to pace them out I guess, have a good one...01:42
the_countBashing-om: Are you around Sunday's?01:42
Bashing-omthe_count: Yes, even on a sunday ... I will be around - later in the eve .01:44
the_countOk, I might, I'll see01:47
cluelesscoderso I wanted to show my brother Linux and open-source programming... he runs Windows and lives across the country01:56
VictoriaXOXOAwwww yissss. Got rid of that stupid error while shutting down. ÖD01:56
cluelesscoderwe both downlaoded http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/contribute/?version=15.10&architecture=amd64 and tried to use with Virtualbox01:56
cluelesscoderboth got the SquashFS error01:57
cluelesscoderpretty disappointing01:57
cluelesscoder(I'm running OSX El Capitan)01:57
daftykinscluelesscoder: bad downloads perhaps, try the torrents instead.01:57
Aceriocluelesscoder: Use a torrent download.01:57
daftykinswhich virt tech did you boot with?01:57
cluelesscoderwe both had bad downloads?01:57
AcerioOh daftykins beat me to it01:57
daftykinsAcerio: only just ;)01:57
cluelesscoderthe downloads page doesn't have an have an md5sum!01:57
daftykinsyes it does; http://releases.ubuntu.com01:58
cluelesscoderwell not from the main page to download it01:58
cluelesscoderI got there from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/01:58
Aceriocluelesscoder: Maybe try installing it on the actual HDD?01:58
daftykinsneeding to check the hashes doesn't tend to be a beginner task, so *shrug*01:58
cluelesscoderyeah, but it's essential to help a beginner (or experienced person) get unstuck01:59
VictoriaXOXOI'm a beginner, but paranoid. I need hashes. :o)01:59
cluelesscoderpretty sad that Ubuntu is dumbing things down to the point where they don't even present an md5sum01:59
VictoriaXOXOCheck ALL the hashes!01:59
blhackI'm beginner too01:59
daftykinscluelesscoder: i believe your opinion on this matter is ridiculous.01:59
cluelesscoderI guess I should have stuck with Arch anyway02:00
mgolischall cds come with a test thing dont they?02:00
daftykinsmgolisch: typically, yeah - at least on legacy boot i know for sure02:00
cluelesscodermgolish: it's 2015, neither of us even have CD drives on our laptops02:00
mgolischcluelesscoder: i meant the iso02:00
cluelesscoderAcerio: well yeah. there's something to be said for a clearly documented wiki02:00
daftykinslets get back on topic now, rather than slating an entire distro for our inability to find the information we want.02:01
cluelesscoderAcerio: it's basically foolproof02:01
Aceriocluelesscoder: Let me figure out your issue. What is the problem again?02:01
daftykinstoo late.02:01
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: I'm using Ubuntu, but have used the AL wiki more than the Ubuntu wiki. XD02:01
AcerioExplain it to me in depth.02:01
cluelesscoderAcerio: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquashfsErrors02:01
AcerioThat page gives you solutions.02:02
AcerioTry testing things out, it shows several causes, and several solutions. Try them all!02:02
VictoriaXOXOI don't think he wants solutions. I think he wants to put down Ubuntu. :P02:02
noahAnyone know of a good DHCP server for Ubuntu?02:03
cluelesscoderAcerio: it's pretty amazing to have this issue in the latest release when it's been reported since 200702:03
daftykinsnoah: "apt-cache search dhcp" - are you sure you need one? typically this is handled by your router...02:03
daftykinscluelesscoder: you're the first person with it since 15.10's release, so i think it's more down to yourself02:03
mgolischcluelesscoder: maybe your image is bad?02:03
daftykins(or rather your computer :) )02:04
mgolischor your computer has bad memory02:04
Aceriocluelesscoder: It's because of your computer, not the OS.02:04
noahYes. I want more configuration than my router provides, and I do not want to buy a new one.02:04
AcerioIt could also be because you are on a Mac, with a VM incompatible CPU.02:04
VictoriaXOXO7e5b393977d41b77c2208fbef7b3c23d2f134e9f *ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso02:04
AcerioBut every other bit of information would be given there.02:04
VictoriaXOXOEasy money.02:04
cluelesscoderboth my computer and my brother's computer (running Windows 10) are bad in the same way?02:04
cluelesscoderif that's so, it hits a wide market02:04
cluelesscoderin any case, those solutions are presented in like 1/10 the level of detail they would be presented on Arch02:05
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: Check the sha1sum for your .iso. 7e5b393977d41b77c2208fbef7b3c23d2f134e9f *ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso02:05
monsuneoh btw can you sha1 just a text and not a file?02:05
daftykinscluelesscoder: seriously downloading one file then saying there's an issue distro wide, you realise how overreacting this is? you probably just got a bad local mirror (if it's even the file at the source)02:05
noahOK. After trying 'apt-cache search dhcp' i've found DHCPD. I'll try that!02:05
hggdhcluelesscoder: please stop. We are not comparing arch or anything else. If youfeel better with arch, go there.02:05
Aceriocluelesscoder: Try another ISO, or something.02:06
monsunecluelesscoder win10 is evil...02:06
AcerioMaybe you didn't burn it correctly, or maybe it was a bad mirror.02:06
daftykins!ot | monsune NO.02:06
ubottumonsune NO.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:06
monsunedaftykins got it.02:06
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: "NO." -- Like he's a dog. :P02:06
cluelesscoderhow do I edit a grub.conf file in an ISO?02:07
cluelesscodernever had to do that02:07
monsuneso can you sha1 a text? i need a sha1 pass hash for word: hello02:07
Aceriocluelesscoder: Just install another ISO!02:07
monsuneVictoriaXOXO i'm sure that he really meant that ;)02:07
cluelesscoderAcerio: one would think that the one pointed to by the big Download button at http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/ would be the most reliable02:08
monsune1700+ in the # has no clue how to generate a sha1 hash in ubuntu :)02:08
VictoriaXOXOWell, we're all dirty dogs in here, according to Arch users. /end of off-topic02:08
monsuneVictoriaXOXO ha ha02:08
noahIf it is a squashfs, use the unsquashfs program to extract it, cd into the extracted directory, and edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg02:08
Aceriocluelesscoder: 64bit or 32bit PC?02:08
cluelesscoderAcerio: but yeah, I'll try it again I guess02:08
Aceriocluelesscoder: I will find one that will probably work.02:08
hggdhcluelesscoder: why don't you go to releases.ubuntu.com, download from there, and check md5s from there?02:09
daftykinsmonsune: hang on let me wake up all 17xx members of the channel to tell you you're off topic and should move to #ubuntu-offtopic :)02:09
Aceriocluelesscoder: http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10/ubuntu-15.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent02:09
Acerio^ 32 bit02:09
Aceriocluelesscoder: http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10/ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent02:09
Acerio^ 64 bit02:09
AcerioThose will most likely work. Make sure to correctly burn the ISO onto a CD.02:10
cluelesscoderhggdh: is that even linked anywhere from the main page?02:10
monsunedaftykins that would be something absolutely cool to watch :)02:10
AcerioUnless you are using VM?02:10
hggdhcluelesscoder: no02:10
UbuN2hello linux workd :()02:10
AcerioIf VM, make sure your settings are correct. and make sure your CPU is VM compatible, as well as the rest of your hardware.02:10
monsuneUbuN2 hello non-Arch user :)02:10
cluelesscoderAcerio: well yeah, as I said this happened installing on Virtualbox02:10
cluelesscoderAcerio: I run virtual box installations of Linux all the time for work02:11
UbuN2i do have arch and LFS monsune02:11
hggdhcluelesscoder: well, it is, via http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads02:11
Aceriocluelesscoder: If you say you installed Arch before, and used it for a while, I am surprised you have issues with Ubuntu.02:11
AcerioUbuntu is usually the beginners Linux distro, and it is very user friendly, unlike Arch.02:12
AcerioArch does not have an installer :P02:12
cluelesscoderAcerio: yep, that's why I was surprised to find it didn't work02:12
VictoriaXOXOAcerio: True, but the AL wiki is EXTREMELY useful and user friendly. Even I get some of it.02:12
RenzadicHey how are we doing, I'm having a problem installing ubuntu 15 on to a usb drive. Through windows i am always successful but when using unetbootin on ubuntu or just the start up disk creator it always gives me a bootloader failed message. On the disks page it shows loops from the iso to the usb device which is weird and also doesnt work of course when i try to boot from usb.02:12
AcerioI installed Ubuntu 15.10 on a clients PC this morning, with no issues.02:13
cluelesscoderAcerio: and for both myself and my brother halfway across the world, with very different underlying systems, to have the same issue...02:13
cluelesscoderAcerio: it's just sad that Ubuntu continues to have so many problems02:13
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
Aceriocluelesscoder: Strange, you and your brother are the only ones :P02:13
cluelesscoderAcerio: no, it's a common problem - that's why there is a wiki page02:13
RenzadicHey how are we doing, I'm having a problem installing ubuntu 15 on to a usb drive. Through windows i am always successful but when using unetbootin on ubuntu or just the start up disk creator it always gives me a bootloader failed message. On the disks page it shows loops from the iso to the usb device which is weird and also doesnt work of course when i try to boot from usb.02:14
Aceriocluelesscoder: I hardly see people complain. Millions of PC's run ubuntu no problem.02:14
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: I'm afraid... the problem is... you.02:14
AcerioRenzadic: Try CD?02:14
AcerioRenzadic: Or maybe there is an issue with GRUB.02:14
RenzadicAcerio, so where would i begin02:15
utu8owhich video chat app would protect the privacy and legal confidentiality of doctor-patient relationship??02:15
ApteryxAny idea why such an xinput script has no effect when it's ran from my .profile ? : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13388742/02:15
AcerioRenzadic: Try getting a blank CD, burning the Ubuntu ISO. Booting to CD. If there is still a bootloader error, try another HDD, or Google the error and try to look on forum listings to see if someone got the same issue.02:15
daftykinsutu8o: i don't think anyone here would be qualified to comment on that front.02:15
VictoriaXOXOutu8o: None.02:15
utu8oVictoriaXOXO, what would the closes software be?02:16
VictoriaXOXOutu8o: I guess I'm the wrong person to ask. I don't trust any of them. There's even duct-tape on my laptops and phones.02:17
VictoriaXOXOBecause of the cameras, that is.02:17
jazbec1Hi. I've just installed bodhi linux and my usb wi-fi dingle doesnt work. I've tried some things, and it seems that "the kernel module is loaded but the software firmware-ralink doesn't seem to be in the repository" can anyone help? thanks.02:18
Aceriojazbec1: wrong place to ask bud.02:18
daftykinsjazbec1: sorry that's not supported here.02:18
daftykinsonly ubuntu and official derivatives02:18
_nemesyshello everybody opennerd02:19
jazbec1ok, thanks anyway02:19
AcerioVictoriaXOXO: utu8o: Many softwares claim to be safe. But "slack" seems the most trustworthy, but still, you never know.02:19
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: well, do you know how to open an ISO and edit the grub file? ISO is not generally an editable thing02:19
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: I've asked that myself once. Don't know, yet.02:20
monsuneAcerio go with freebsd if you want "safe" :) ipfw ftw :)02:20
Aceriocluelesscoder: Dude. I think you are approaching this the wrong way. I just offered help, and I bet you didn't even attempt it. Please try it, before jumping to conclusions.02:20
Aceriomonsune: ;)02:20
monsuneplus somehow ssh works better on freebsd, it's totally alive compared to linux02:21
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: it's impossible :)02:21
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: basically they are saying you need to boot to grub and edit it from there somehow02:21
daftykinscluelesscoder: edit for what purpose? you have a corrupt download...02:21
Aceriocluelesscoder: OH. Boot to GRUB.02:21
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: Oh, okay. But did you verify the susm? 7e5b393977d41b77c2208fbef7b3c23d2f134e9f *ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso02:21
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: but that is the only suggested solution on the wiki02:21
daftykinswe said to grab the torrent - you could have done it by now.02:21
blhackhow to upgrade ubuntu 15.04?02:21
Acerioblhack: In Ubuntu search, look up "Upgrade"02:22
Acerioblhack: By "Ubuntu search", I mean the dash.02:22
daftykinsblhack: run "do-release-upgrade" or just open the update manager.02:22
daftykinsAcerio: if you're not 100%, don't respond to folk...02:22
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: MD5 (ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso) = ece816e12f97018fa3d4974b5fd2733702:22
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: I rebooted the machine and now it is running (at least seems to be running)02:22
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: Try the SHA-1 one, please. I don't trust MD5. :P02:23
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: Oh, nice.02:23
daftykinsthat's ridiculous ^02:23
Aceriodaftykins: I did it the other day. If you do the step, it works. There is an application that upgrades.02:23
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: so apparently that SqashFS error is just a scare tactic02:23
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: Nice. :D02:23
blhackhow many GB do I need? for upgrade my ubuntu02:24
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: not amazing - it's not good to throw errors up if they don't mean anything02:24
daftykinsdepends on your install02:24
cluelesscoderVictoriaXOXO: the SqashFS error doesn't seem to be much of a thing on other distros from what I can tell02:25
daftykinsyes it is, common issue when images are corrupt or a boot issue occurs02:25
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: I'm lucky when it comes to that error. I've never seen it.02:25
monsunecluelesscoder talk about errors that don't mean anything... Method 'GET /nodes/ns458292/qemu/103/pending' not implemented (501)02:25
monsunei spent 12 hrs on this already02:25
AcerioVictoriaXOXO: Same. I think it is his hardware.02:26
Aceriomonsune: heh02:26
cluelesscoderAcerio: yep, my Macbook and my brother's Toshiba...02:26
monsunewish there was some cool proxmox dude around to help02:26
=== Telvana2 is now known as telvana
VictoriaXOXOcluelesscoder: Would it REALLY surprise you?02:26
Aceriocluelesscoder: It could be: bad memory modules, a bad dvd drive, bad data cable, bad media, or a corrupted image.02:27
Aceriocluelesscoder: probably corrupted image, do a md5 checksum, and if they do not match, redownload. But to save time, just redownload.02:28
cluelesscoderthe sad thing is that I was running Ubuntu LiveCDs painlessly in like 200702:28
cluelesscodershowed it off to lots of friends and stuff02:28
VictoriaXOXOAcerio: He did a md5 checksum, but not sha1.02:28
monsunecluelesscoder and i still remember RedHat 3.0 on 4 CDs :)02:28
AcerioVictoraXOXO: Did it match?02:28
VictoriaXOXOAcerio: I hope so. XD02:29
watUbuntuI'm on ubuntu on my main disk now. other disks are formatted. if i want to put windows on other disk, how do I dual boot?02:29
daftykinscluelesscoder: again, everything you're trumpeting today is a bunch of sensational rubbish... i was giving help back then and plenty of people had the error due to corrupt downloads. so please... move on and stop spreading FUD.02:29
monsunei had those nifty, shiny black CDRs for it :)02:29
watUbuntuall tutorials keep saying i need to have windows before02:29
VictoriaXOXOwatUbuntu: Do you want the Windows part because of Adobe products and games?02:30
daftykinswatUbuntu: you could disconnect your ubuntu disk, install to the other, reconnect and boot ubuntu- then run "sudo update-grub"02:30
VictoriaXOXOwatUbuntu: Oh...02:30
monsunewatUbuntu get OSX for adobe part...02:30
noahInstall Windows to the partition, then run 'sudo update-grub' to add it to your GRUB menu.02:30
watUbuntuI will try wine 1st02:30
monsunewatUbuntu or try proxmox02:30
VictoriaXOXOwatUbuntu: Don't. Wine works like shiet with Adobe products (the ones I've tried).02:31
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:31
watUbuntuthank you02:31
monsunewatUbuntu just go with ubuntu and install winbox with qemu02:31
ron__im about to buy an ssd and want to move root to the ssd and leave home directory on current HDD. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?02:31
cluelesscoderdaftykins: well, it's pretty hard for me to spread Linux if the easiest distribution doesn't work properly in Virtualbox and the common suggestion is to use a CD02:31
Aceriocluelesscoder: No, just get another ISO! Redownload it!02:32
cluelesscoderAcerio: it's running for me02:32
Aceriocluelesscoder: Just delete the VM, delete your current ISO. Download the same ISO, and do it again!02:32
noahYou should look into editing the fstab02:32
daftykinscluelesscoder: well it wouldn't fit on a CD anyway, but like i told you - we haven't had anyone else complaining of what you have - so please stop flogging this dead horse and move on. no more FUD.02:32
cluelesscoderAcerio: the only problem now is that it is super-laggy for my brother, but oh well02:33
monsunei like the part about dead horse most :)02:33
Aceriodaftykins: An Ubuntu install disk would fit on a CD dude. :P02:33
Aceriocluelesscoder: Probably incompatible CPU for VM. But it is still running. VirtualBox is not the best way to run an OS.02:33
daftykinsAcerio: no, they are 1.1GB if you look up at 15.10 - i suspect you're thinking a DVD is still a CD.02:33
monsunevirtualbox is actually, uh, crap.02:33
hggdhAcerio: an ubuntu *ISO* does not fit in a CD02:33
Aceriodaftykins: Oh, that's right. heh02:33
AcerioI was thinking of DVD. whoopsies.02:33
monsunevirtualbox indeed fails alot depending on hw it is running on so the issue isn't probably related to linux at all02:34
AcerioI only run VM's for testing purposes.02:34
monsuneplease do it right and use qemu :)02:34
daftykinsi 100% disagree with that statement monsune02:35
Aceriodaftykins: Actually, Ubuntu CAN fit on a CD. The Minimal build :)02:35
monsunedaftykins i could understand 50% but 100%?02:35
daftykinsAcerio: funny how the answer changes when you caveat the comment, huh?02:35
Aceriodaftykins: huh?02:36
monsunedaftykins qemu is much better... especially when you use virtio02:36
monsuneunless you don't care about the i/o in vm02:36
daftykinsi don't care for your opinion02:36
VictoriaXOXOWow. daftykins is on fire tonight.02:36
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: as mentioned, keep your chat comments to yourself thanks, they're off topic.02:36
Aceriodaftykins: I just generally swap CD and DVD without noticing, as if they meant the same thing. Of course, they are different, but it is a common mistake, and besides, Ubuntu can fit on a CD. But ONLY Ubuntu. Not it's desktop environment, built-in programs, etc. etc. (ie minimal build)02:37
VictoriaXOXOAnd I'm the one that needs to be told to be polite. Okaaaaaay.02:37
* monsune goes to sit in the corner.02:37
daftykinsAcerio: there's no need for us to go over the point for another 30 minutes.02:37
VictoriaXOXOmonsune: Here! Catch! Cookie time.02:37
monsuneVictoriaXOXO thank you my darling :)02:38
Aceriodaftykins is such a savage lol.02:38
logglogHello everyone. I have been using windows since i first time heard for pcs, now after using windows more than 20 years i want to use linux. I have been using linux for 2 years as dual boot, i am still new with linux.  I tried all possible distros (well about 15 :) ). The only think that is keeping me on windows is ms office, i rly need it and must use it for my college. Is there a way to install it and run it properly.02:38
VictoriaXOXOAcerio: He can be very helpful, but at the same time very douchey.02:38
daftykinsAcerio: i don't think you know what you're saying.02:38
Aceriologglog: OpenOffice? Google Docs?02:38
monsunelogglog and when was that first time exactly?02:38
AcerioVictoriaXOXO: I like him. He's a helpful guy, with an attitude XD02:38
logglogwhen i had 3 years :P no joke02:39
=== ron__ is now known as defcon6
Aceriodaftykins: You are a savage. I know exactly what I said. I love it.02:39
monsunei don't understand people who quit windows just to use linux :) and then they run back to windows a week later screaming some nasty stuff :)02:39
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: i give you help and tolerate your stupid questions, what more do you want? a smile? ":)"02:39
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: In fact, that WOULD be nice!02:39
logglogWell i tried using ms office with wine, but the fonts were bad and had some malfunctions02:39
Aceriomonsune: yeah, so true.02:39
UbuN2this HELP channel is getting out of control02:40
Aceriologglog: May be wrong, but maybe winetricks can run MS Office?02:40
monsuneAcerio it just never works... the point is to use both and migrate in small steps02:40
daftykinsUbuN2: too many bored trolls tonight it seems02:40
* Acerio joins offtopic channel!02:40
logglogWine can run office, but had malfunctions like font didnt work and sometimes it crashed02:40
UbuN2yep they are not helping the cause sir02:40
monsunedaftykins man... it's saturday.02:41
Aceriologglog: Odd.02:41
Acerioenough offtopic. #ubuntu-offtopic to continue!02:41
monsuneas for ubuntu desktop... can one disable font smoothing in there?02:41
monsunei like crispy fonts.02:42
watUbuntuseems wine is working enough for me02:42
VictoriaXOXOQ: Why show me a lot of white text on a black background (while booting), when I'm never fast enough to even read any of it?02:43
=== annie is now known as Guest68962
UbuN2check the .logs VictoriaXOXO02:44
daftykinsthey used to be displayed permanently on another TTY, but the desire to switch to a silly graphical boot logo (plymouth) overrode useful things like that02:44
AcerioVictoriaXOXO: Because that is logged, in case something goes wrong02:44
VictoriaXOXOI even disabled all of the stupid GUI stuff!02:44
daftykinsoh the logs point has already been shared, but i think someone is still obsessing over an error on shutdown02:44
monsuneVictoriaXOXO that's not for you :) it's for loggers :)02:44
VictoriaXOXORemoved "splash quiet" or whatever it is called.02:44
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Nope. It's gone now.02:44
daftykinsof course, if someone halted rather than reboot/shutdown - that'd still be displayed most likely *cough*02:45
VictoriaXOXOI fixed it.02:45
UbuN2i see .02:45
daftykinsno, you worked around it by removing stuff02:45
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: I didn't remove anything.02:45
* UbuN2 chews his gum and cracks on his Os02:45
daftykinsthat's nice02:45
daftykinsanyway learning to read and make use of logs is a big part of Linux usage.02:46
Aceriovery important, especially with server management.02:47
UbuN2reading can make solving problems easier02:47
monsunethat's why you don't use desktop first of all :)02:47
AcerioMhmm. It is like a puzzle, and can lead you where the problem is, and sometimes tell you how to fix it.02:47
* UbuN2 idles abit with eyes on chat02:48
monsunewhen there is just you and the console... your brain works faster.02:48
daftykinsas i said earlier, if you want to chat you can do so freely in #ubuntu-offtopic - but keep this channel to the support only please02:49
=== ron__ is now known as defcon6
Aceriomonsune: With server managment, and basically every professional server management I've ever worked with, they always keep it CLI.02:49
AcerioHaving a server use a GUI isn't a good idea.02:49
UbuN2i shouldlve rephrase chat to help sorry lol02:50
monsuneAcerio and that's me, too :)02:50
=== tom_ is now known as Guest88336
Aceriomonsune: I can tell you all about my servers, or servers I've worked with for work, in the offtopic channel :P02:51
daftykinsyes, stop enabling one another and move please...02:51
monsunesure Acerio02:51
AlexQBashing-om: Smooth scrolling uses XInput2 events. "xev is outdated in case of XInput2 events". use "xinput --test-xi2 <id>" to see vertical and horizontal scroll events with vectors02:55
AlexQBashing-om: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/138546/smooth-scrolling-where-does-it-come-from02:55
Bashing-omAlexQ: reading.03:01
AlexQBashing-om: Maybe there is something wrong with GTK 3 libs.03:02
ke4nhwHi, I just ran the ubuntu server setup, and nowhere during the setup did it allow me to set the root password. I am trying to get root logged in to get the password set to something secure. What is the default root password?03:03
Acerioke4nhw: type "passwd"03:03
Acerioke4nhw: or are you not at a command line?03:04
ke4nhwcli, at login screen for tty103:04
ke4nhwnow logged in for regular user03:04
ke4nhwI can change my passwd, which is not root passwd03:05
daftykinske4nhw: we don't use the root account on ubuntu, it goes against the design of the distro.03:06
ke4nhwAnd one thing is for sure, I cannot allow a system to run that I don't control the root password. I'll have to delete the entire system and full wipe the hdd. Too much risk having an uncontrolled root pwd03:06
AlexQBTW. Is Ubuntu 15.10 serving GTK2 or GTK3 version of Firefox?03:06
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:06
AcerioWhat ubottu said. Use "sudo" to type your user password. :)03:07
ke4nhwSo will sudo allow you access to ALL functions, commands, and capabilities of root?03:07
daftykinske4nhw: that's ridiculous; it's greater security. you use "sudo -i" if you want to switch properly to root@host for a set time03:07
daftykinsotherwise just prefix commands with 'sudo'03:07
ke4nhwAnd again the problem exists that now there is a root password to the server that someone, not me, knows. Whether it's the developer or whoever, it is not someone that has server authorization.03:08
daftykinsno there isn't a root password at all03:08
pyioshow to check status of svn server?03:08
pyioshow to check status of svn ?03:08
daftykinske4nhw: what do you mean exactly? only the first user you created is a member of the sudo/admin group and so can use 'sudo'; that's how it works03:09
daftykinsso in essence the password for that first user is the one that gives access :)03:09
daftykinske4nhw: btw i hope you picked a long term support server release when you installed, i.e. 14.04 - 15.04 and 15.10 are only supported for a short time so must be upgraded from more often03:10
Bashing-omAlexQ: Remember, a driver is that interface between the hardware and the kernel . What we are looking for is that translation point . presently I am totally lost at where that point is .03:10
ke4nhwWait a minute, root has no passwword? That makes no sense. I've never, and I mean never, dealt with an OS where root has no password and is completely inaccessible. If root had no password it would log in with no auth check. So Unbuntu has been coded in a way that makes it appear that root has a password, but there is no password, and the nonexistent password can't be guess for a user that03:10
ke4nhwexists but doesn't? Please tell me how that makes any sense in a *.nix environment03:10
ke4nhwI did, I got the LTS for that very reason03:11
daftykinsit actually makes a lot of sense, since root can't be bruteforced this way03:12
AlexQBashing-om: The point is that these GTK3 apps are handling BOTH legacy button events (something like mouse-wheel-step-up and mouse-wheel-step-down, coded as button numbers) and newer XInput2 scroll vector events, which causes crazy behaviour.03:12
daftykinske4nhw: good call on the LTS, just checking.03:12
daftykinske4nhw: you know, even on a VPS where i was given a root password i disabled root SSH login, created an account and enabled sudo usage... it's safer.03:13
ke4nhwI didn't want to reinstall in a few months to a year, so I took LTS. And I can see the point that root can't be bruteforced this way, unless root actually does have a password that exists outside the knowledge of anyone but the developers. Then brute force isn't even necessary.03:13
daftykinske4nhw: if you're new to ubuntu but used to other distributions, i can understand it might be frustrating to have change - but there's nothing wrong with it.03:13
AlexQke4nhw: Basically you can't log in to root until you set a password with sudo.03:13
daftykinsAlexQ: we don't advise breaking the core design principles :)03:14
AlexQdaftykins: I know, I am just explaining how that is achieved technically.03:14
daftykinsthen you should include a warning when you give such advice :)03:15
ke4nhwYes, it's precisely the same thing I do, I make all logins as a standard user with sudo privs, and root can ONLY login via a local tty. But, even if root is only used once a year for major maintenance, or even never, the primary user, the god user of the system, and his password, is firmly and completely under the control of the server owner, rather than out in limbo. I've dealt with dozens of03:15
ke4nhwservers in Linux, and my primary view was this: <cont>03:15
daftykinswell you can violate this design if you really want, but i personally wouldn't03:16
AlexQke4nhw: You need to understand that it is a physical impossibility to log in as root on a fresh Ubuntu install. You might think of it as if the password record was 'corrupted', I mean as if there was no password possible that would match that password record. daftykins, how is that *technically* achieved?03:17
daftykinsno idea how it's implemented03:17
ke4nhwIf I'm putting my private and secure data on the server, and I'm going to maintain it, and I'm going to be responsible for it, then I will be the ONLY person alive with root access, with contingency plans well place and highly secured, but if I'm given a fully running server without root's password, it gets vaporized, completely, and started from scratch. Regardless of what was there to start03:17
ke4nhwToo much risk03:17
TashtariThe root password is not in limbo, though.  Someone who knows more about this than I can correct me if I'm wrong, but the system maintains hashed passwords for each user, so when someone tries to log in, the system hashes the password and sees if it matches the hash for the username they logged in with - and root's password is set to a value that the hashing function cannot produce.03:17
AlexQke4nhw: Open /etc/shadow and look at the root password record.03:18
daftykinsi think that's too paranoid a viewpoint on this matter.03:18
ke4nhwparanoid is bad how?03:18
AlexQke4nhw: Instead of a root password hash you have a '!' character there03:18
nbrecht01are you trying to login as root?03:18
ke4nhwNot now03:18
daftykinske4nhw: well you're essentially saying an entire distro that's been going for years could have a core flaw nobody has noticed...03:18
ke4nhwI only tried it once to set a new root password that I and only I know, then I'd logout and login as my reg user03:19
daftykinske4nhw: anyway, if *you personally* have a problem with it, just change it? i don't see the reason to grind an axe over it.03:19
SupaYoshihey guys, i need some serious backup / image advice regarding my ubuntu server box.03:19
ke4nhwSame thing I do on any install, unless I set root password during the install03:19
AlexQke4nhw: No password string, after hashing (with whatever hashing algo) will result in a "!" string.03:19
SupaYoshiI have been reading about making a backup of my installation, i made earlier backups by hand with clonezilla.03:19
SupaYoshiBut i've been reading about a way to make rsync, do a backup of my entire os disk.03:20
nbrecht01run 'sudo passwd root' and follow the prompts. Then, run 'su -' and input the recently set password.03:20
SupaYoshiHowever, I am quite unsure what to do, because i have an LVM settup.03:20
SupaYoshi=  /dev/mapper/HOMESRV--vg-root is my os partition.03:21
ke4nhwThank you, and it's not that I'm grinding an axe, it's just that different people have different standards. Mine exists on a paranoid level03:22
SupaYoshihow would i make the best backup of this? rsync?03:22
daftykinsSupaYoshi: i'd carry on as you are03:22
daftykinsrsync isn't for disk wide backups imo03:23
SupaYoshidaftykins, what do you mean?03:23
SupaYoshiokay fair enough.03:23
SupaYoshiBut I'd rather automatize the backup of the os installation.03:23
SupaYoshibecause i cannot be bothered creating a new backup manually tbh, like anyone else.03:23
daftykinsfind yourself an rsync script and focus on just data, then i'd say03:24
SupaYoshiokay. but the grub loader and all that.03:24
ke4nhwIt's not uncommon, and I once lost data over it, since the previous owner of the server, the person who was teaching me Linux and helping me manage a file server, refused to give me sudo access high enough to change root pw, allow me to change it, or give it up, even after he turned the whole thing over to me lock stock and barrel. He said he wanted to maintain root access "for nostalgia03:24
ke4nhwreasons". Boot Knoppix, enter multiple passes of dd03:24
SupaYoshiI cannot backup that by rsync of course.03:25
SupaYoshiso clonezilla is my best way to do it then you'd say.03:25
ke4nhwVery simply, I was about to start storing tax returns, bank statement archives, and other very sensitive data on it. I didn't want him having any access, period.03:25
SupaYoshibut for clonezilla my system needs to be offline and boot from a livecd correct?03:25
daftykinsSupaYoshi: so consider using rsync for data more regularly, but a full disk image less regularly - if you insist on having one.03:26
ke4nhwBut thanks for helping me figure that out. I've got root password changed, and still logged in as the base user. Again, the way I deal with management most of the time.03:26
daftykinsi'm not so sure on the efficacy of having a disk image created from within the running OS03:26
SupaYoshidaftykins, cool.03:26
SupaYoshiI have data backups already of course.03:26
SupaYoshicool. :)03:26
daftykinsbut you need to update them, surely03:26
daftykinske4nhw: *nod* fair enough03:27
ke4nhwOnly rarely do I do root work on a tty, and only when the amount of time spent id'ing sudo would add unnecessarily to the work. And then only extremely carefully03:27
ke4nhwAgain, maybe once or twice a year, on a busy year03:27
nbrecht01If you REALLY wanted to use rsync to do backups, you could set it up with cron to run every once and a while. (eg. Once a week)03:27
ke4nhwMost of the time, a few commands are easy enough to string together, script, and then auth03:27
ke4nhwon the rsync issue, it works very well with cron in that fashion03:28
ke4nhwit's excellent for backups, and it's even good for pushing images to multiple other servers (mirrors) if you script it and cron the script03:28
ke4nhwKind of a hack, but can work in a pinch03:29
ke4nhwI am configuring that same setup to push radio configuration data files to multiple remote sites to prevent the need to actually visit those sites to run radio programming.03:30
daftykinsi think what was being asked was whether rsync was appropriate for full disk imaging backups though03:31
jjlshi. why should I use ubuntu as opposed to other distros?03:31
=== Hiz_ is now known as Hiz
nbrecht01You might want to pipe the output of 'rsync' int 'tar' to archive it. (If you can do that)03:32
=== Hiz is now known as Guest31425
daftykinsjjls: you try it and you like it... not for us to tell you otherwise.03:33
shuaizimy computer has met a problem,the screen is flickering when i login with desktop environment,anyone can help me?03:33
nbrecht01Reasons to use ubuntu: 1) Large Software Base, 2) Large Support Base, and 3) We have this IRC site to talk about it ;)03:33
AlexQHow can I purge & reinstall the entire GTK suite?03:34
nbrecht01shuaizi: Is your screen refresh rate set correctly?03:34
AlexQAnd preferably Xfce Windows manager03:34
nbrecht01AlexQ: 'sudo apt-get purge gtk*'. Why do you want to?03:35
nbrecht01shuaizi: Do you have the color mode at the higets setting?03:36
nbrecht01shuaizi: Do you have the color mode at the highest setting?03:36
nbrecht01shuaizi: Does the screen flicker if you switch to a different TTY? (Ctl+Alt+F2)03:44
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kernelhackwhat happened in here?03:52
nbrecht01shuaizi: Anything on that screen issue?03:55
VictoriaXOXOnitish: TJ-: Nothing even REMOTELY close to Premiere Pro.03:56
nitishTJ-: for example?03:56
VictoriaXOXOnitish: kdenlive, but it's ****.03:56
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: nothing that costs that much either03:56
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: XD03:56
nitishVictoriaX0X0: what is meaning of *****?03:57
=== unforgiven512_ is now known as unforgiven512
VictoriaXOXOnitish: A bad word that starts with s and ends with hit. :P03:57
TJ-nitish: There are a lot of NLEs from the open-source community, it's a long while since I coded for them I can't even recall the name of the one I contributed most to!03:58
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ke4nhwWell that was fun04:00
TJ-oh, OpenShot. There's also a Linux port of Lightworks. Blender is very good too, although targeted at 3D rendering mostly04:00
SupaYoshinbrecht01 and ke4nhw, can you give me an example of an rsync image backup?04:00
SupaYoshiand does it do grub too?04:00
TJ-nitish: there's a good summary of the state of NLEs here: http://www.zdnet.com/article/non-linear-video-editing-software-open-source-alternatives-to-abobe-premiere-pro-cc/04:00
SupaYoshiand mbr?04:00
nbrecht01Hmmm.. What do you mean?04:00
nitishTJ-: Thanks for the link.04:01
TJ-SupaYoshi: rsync does not, cannot, 'do' disk image backup, it only handles files in a file-system04:01
SupaYoshiwell, i want to make an image / full system backup of my os04:01
ke4nhwnot sure about the mbr I don't think so. It deals with the files. That would be an image04:01
ke4nhwYou'd have to image the whole disk to get the mbr if I'm not mistaken04:01
SupaYoshii want a os backup that i can restore in case my os hdd crashses04:01
SupaYoshiand that be me.04:01
SupaYoshishould i just use clonezilla?04:01
ke4nhwI'd either use clonezilla or dd04:02
ke4nhwdd it to an iso, then you can restore from an iso to a full image04:02
ke4nhwman dd04:02
SupaYoshican that run as a crontab04:02
ke4nhwand use it carefully04:02
nbrecht01If you want an ISO of your ENTIRE FILESYSTEM, run 'dd if=/dev/xxx of=muosbackup.iso', replacing xxx with your disk04:02
SupaYoshiand without rebooting?04:02
TJ-SupaYoshi: clonezilla will take a compressed back-up if I understand it correctly, whereas plain 'dd' won't 'compress' sparse blocks04:02
ke4nhwI'd script it but ues04:02
TJ-nbrecht01: that isn't an ISO!04:02
ke4nhwdd is a perfectly 1:1 image04:03
nbrecht01You should probably do that from a LiveCD or something so you can unmount your OS disk first. (SOme files may be open, they will not be bakced up)04:03
SupaYoshii see.04:03
SupaYoshibut if i have to shutdown anyway04:04
SupaYoshiclonezilla is easy enough04:04
TJ-SupaYoshi: it's possible to tell 'dd' to recognise sparse blocks, but it won't always give any benefit04:04
ke4nhwYou can dd from one /dev to another, from one /dev to a file (like an .iso), or even use it to wipe a hdd. It's a powerful tool, and a dangerous one04:04
nbrecht01Do not forget to use 'sudo', you need it to back up system files.04:04
ke4nhwAnother problem with dd:04:04
TJ-SupaYoshi: if you want to image a live system, best way is to have the installed system using LVM, and take an LVM snapshot of the OS root file-system and then image that, rather than the live root file-system04:05
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: No more up to date articles like that one?04:05
nitishhow can I install lightworks?04:05
TJ-ke4nhw: you can use 'cp' to wipe a disk - 'dd' isn't any more dangerous. The danger comes from users not understanding the tool before they start using it04:05
SupaYoshiTJ- i think i have that? http://pastebin.com/vbPTDtmw04:05
LambdaComplexTJ-: btrfs supports file system images, doesn't it?04:06
ke4nhwIf you image a hdd with bad sectors it could pick them up, or with corrupted data it'll record it faithfully. Or if you image a good hdd and then later restore the image to a hdd with bad sectors it will find itself trying to deal with that problem. Again, it is a 1:1 including blank space or sparse sectors.04:06
nbrecht01If you just want to back up your home dir or something, just use 'cp' to copy it. only use 'dd' isf you are copying something with a boot sector or something that will not show up as a file.04:07
TJ-LambdaComplex: yes, but there are still bugs being worked out of it especially with compression and cloning so its not widely used as yet04:07
ke4nhwAnd yes, cp is just as dangerous, but it's best someone know that once you start a dd, if you didn't pay attention to the order of if= of= then it could get ugly04:07
LambdaComplexTJ-: quite true04:07
TJ-ke4nhw: right, but my point is "sodu cp /dev/sda /dev/sdb" is no more unsafe and easy to do04:08
nitishAny racing game for ubuntu?04:08
SupaYoshiTJ-, i think i have LVM system when i installed it back in 2013.04:08
SupaYoshido i? http://pastebin.com/vbPTDtmw?04:08
TJ-ke4nhw: note the intentional mispelling :)04:08
LambdaComplexTJ-: does cp even work like that?04:09
TJ-SupaYoshi: yes, it seems you do, so a snapshot of the HOMESRV/vg-root LV would allow you to image it04:09
TJ-LambdaComplex: of course04:09
=== isReKT2000 is now known as Guest95121
nbrecht01Yes, it does. (Everything is a File)04:09
TJ-LambdaComplex: 'cp' takes any 'file' like entity, and /dev/sdX is a file as far as the kernel is concerned04:09
ke4nhwWhich is back to root. I'll be the first to tell you that if a regular has full admin rights through sudo, they can do just as much damage as root, albeit a bit slower as they'll have to authenticate to do the damage. I can see the point of keeping inexperienced users away from root, and protecting root from bulldozing, but the admin users have the same power as root, unless the sudoer file04:10
ke4nhwhas been sufficiently edited (which can only be done by root).04:10
LambdaComplexTJ-: EVERYTHING IS A FILE04:10
TJ-LambdaComplex: no, it isn't04:10
TJ-some things *look* like files though :)04:10
LambdaComplexokay, everything exists on the file system04:10
LambdaComplexbetter? >.>04:10
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: No more up to date articles like that one?04:10
TJ-LambdaComplex: that's better :D ... the difference is *some* 'files' don't support file operations such as 'seek'04:11
SupaYoshiTJ- nbrecht01, thanks!04:11
ke4nhwtrue, everything is represented as a "file" in the filesystem, but not everything is a true file04:11
nbrecht01The Linux kernel treats EVERYTHING as a file. Even your network card is a file a far as Linux is concerned!04:11
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: I don't know; use your favorite search engine. March 2014 is pretty recent in terms of the development speed of NLEs though04:11
SupaYoshiso. running that command you passed there earlier is a good way?04:11
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: I'm not finding anything. :(04:12
LambdaComplexTJ-: I should write a script to grab lines from /dev/urandom and /dev/js0 to make it even more random04:12
ryao-phoneI do not think the Nic is considered a file.04:12
ryao-phoneAt least, I do not know what it would be in /dev.04:12
nitishProblem in confuiguring cyberoam in ubutnu?04:12
TJ-ryao-phone: nbrecht01 ^^^ correct04:12
SupaYoshidd if=/dev/xxx of=muosbackup.iso04:12
nitishhow to use cyberoam in ubuntu?04:12
nbrecht01The hardware is nao a file, but look in /dev. The Kernel communicates with it through a device 'file'04:13
ke4nhwthe NIC isn't a file, but it is represented as a file. Even the contents of the running memory is represented as a file04:13
TJ-SupaYoshi: why are you setting the target filename to <something>.iso ? You're not writing an ISO9660 file-system, which is what .iso implies04:13
=== BDCrate is now known as Guest4388
SupaYoshiTJ-, nbrecht01, would dd if=/dev/mapper/HOMESRV--vg-root of=muosbackup.iso04:13
ke4nhwhe's right, it's how the kernel operates.04:13
SupaYoshiTJ-, because that was your example.04:14
TJ-nbrecht01: actually, no, the kernel uses socket operations only for network devices, there's no access via /dev/ or /sysfs/04:14
SupaYoshii should just use .img?04:14
ke4nhwYour entire cdrom is not a file, it is a device. But there it is in the /dev directory04:14
SupaYoshiTJ-, nbrecht01, would dd if=/dev/mapper/HOMESRV--vg-root of=muosbackup.img04:14
TJ-SupaYoshi: oh, sorry! *slaps self*04:14
SupaYoshilol its fine.04:14
SupaYoshiso is that a yes?04:14
=== NaStYdoG is now known as Guest73704
TJ-SupaYoshi: yes, but 'dd' by default only reads in blocks fo 512 bytes so that would take a long while. Add the option "bs=100M" to use 100MB blocks, I sometimes use "bs=1G" when there's plenty of RAM04:15
nbrecht01Yes, if you wanted an backup image of /dev/mapper/HOMESERV--vg-root. Just make sure that 1) You have enough disk space, and 2) you have super user pirvleges.04:15
ke4nhwIt doesn't become files until the partitions are mounted, and the actual data of the disk is made available, as files. This is why you can't browse a /dev/sda but you have to mount it first to a mount point, which makes the contents of that device available as a readable filesystem.04:15
SupaYoshiso risks in backing up a live system?04:16
nbrecht01You can restore an ISO with Disk Image Writer04:16
nbrecht01No, just that some files WILL NOT be backed up04:16
TJ-SupaYoshi: as I said, take an LV snapshot and use that as the source (if=) for dd, then delete the snapshot04:16
ke4nhwI'd recommend performing this action of backup while booted from a Live OS, so that all partitions of the hdd to be imaged are unmounted04:17
SupaYoshiTJ-, cool. so does, dd if=/dev/mapper/HOMESRV--vg-root of=muosbackup.img04:17
TJ-SupaYoshi: please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm04:17
SupaYoshimake a snapshot?04:17
TJ-SupaYoshi: no, you need to use "lvcreate -s ..." to create a snapshot. See that page for both overview and specific examples of doing it04:18
SupaYoshiokay. if i need to use a live cd, i do not see the advantages over using clonezilla04:18
SupaYoshiand i make a backup of that snapshot04:18
ke4nhwsimilar concepts04:18
TJ-SupaYoshi: as long as you create snapshots and copy those, you'll be fine04:18
SupaYoshiand that snapshot can be restored to another ssd / hdd. if my hdd /sdd fails?04:18
ke4nhwclonezills is a live cd04:18
TJ-SupaYoshi: a snapshot is a 'freeze' of the file-system at a point in time04:19
SupaYoshike4nhw, yes. ^ and easy. why use dd and snapshots if you have clonezilla04:19
SupaYoshiyeah i know i work with vms. i didnt know it was possible to take a snapshot of an actual system though04:19
ke4nhwIt's just another flavor of Linux. Maybe your experience will be better than mine, but I've always had bad results with clonezilla04:19
TJ-SupaYoshi: LV snapshots is how decent Linux systems provide an easy roll-back facility for upgrades and the like04:20
ke4nhwespecially with the mbr04:20
SupaYoshiTJ-, cool.04:20
ke4nhwHence I've always used dd when I need an image that comprehensive as to provide a complete rollback of the drive state.04:20
TJ-SupaYoshi: if you're going to want to back-up the boot-loader then you'll need to do additional, separate, steps too.04:21
ke4nhwAre you doing this with a physical host or are you working with a VM?04:21
SupaYoshiTJ-, thanks, I know enough, periodic backups with clonezilla is good enough for me than.04:21
SupaYoshiEasy too :)04:21
AcerioHow do I get my OpenPGP fingerprint in 15.10? I am only familiar with earlier versions.04:21
ke4nhwA dumb question maybe but I run both04:21
ke4nhwand several of each04:21
SupaYoshianother question, i am currently on 12.04 LTS.04:22
SupaYoshiI am thinking to upgraed to 14.04 LTS04:22
SupaYoshiwhat do I loose if i upgrade?04:22
SupaYoshiinstalled software wise, and so?04:22
TJ-SupaYoshi: the partitioning scheme (MSDOS or GPT), the boot style (BIOS, UEFI, Coreboot),  where GRUB has put its core.img, all those mean different actions are needed to save the boot config so as to have a bootable backup04:22
TJ-Acerio: same as earlier versions; 'gpg'04:23
SupaYoshiTJ-, yeah that is why i like clonezilla. I just looked for clonezilla that would likely be online04:23
SupaYoshiare there risks upgrading to 14.04?04:23
ryao-phoneThe short answer is yes04:24
TJ-SupaYoshi: if you've got system config customisations, those might confuse the upgrade scripts and require manual intervention. There may be a few packages that are no longer in the archives but that's unusual except for unmaintained stuff04:24
hchi have for first thing in my life get license for my own OS, which is ubuntu xfce4 with apache4 and mysql. I have it inc04:25
ryao-phoneIf the filesystem is corrupt, you upgrading will make a bad situation worse.04:25
hchwhere can i get a gui?04:26
TJ-SupaYoshi: the point of LTS<>LTS upgrades being supported is, the package .preinst .postinst scripts have been manually coded to handle any differences between the 12.04 and 14.04 package configurations, so for the most part it should work. Any changes requiring your later action will be reported to you, so don't ignore them04:26
TSSsudo apt-get intsall xfce04:26
TSSor sudo apt-get install gnome304:26
hchbut it a db now....04:27
=== brad[]` is now known as brad[]
hchsorry try now04:27
TJ-hch: 'ubuntu xfce4' - do you mean Xubuntu ?04:27
TSSare you just looking for a gui?04:27
hchyes xubuntu04:27
TSSwhat os do you have?04:27
TJ-hch: the 'GUI' is automatically installed and started when the system boots04:27
=== Guest73704 is now known as NaStYdoG
AcerioI still cannot figure out how to get a PGP key. With older versions of Ubuntu, it was MUCH easier04:28
hchit becasue i build in gigolo db04:28
TSSSorry what? Are you saying you compiled your own OS?04:29
TJ-hch: hmmm, do you mean to ask for a GUI to manage the apache and mysql services?04:29
hchyes compile04:29
ryao-phoneTSS: I do. :/04:30
hchi build that, and startet root with a db os, ive compile now04:30
TSSthere are no gui's for apache or MySQL that I know of04:30
Pinkamena_DI have a laptop with currently 1 ssd with 1 primary windows partition and 1 extended partition with ubuntu. Works good with grub.  I am installing an MSATA which I plan to move the windows partition to, and give more room for the ubuntu partition. Can I use grub to boot to the second drive, or must I use the bios to choose?04:30
AcerioNevermind, I'll use command line.04:30
ryao-phoneTSS: PHPMyAdmin04:30
ryao-phoneTSS: CPanel04:31
TJ-hch: I'm afraid your question is not making much sense. Ubuntu doesn't require any compiling by users, the packages are all pre-compiled and linked binaries installed by the package manager, 'apt'.04:31
hchI list in c:\ then build a newone and get license, how do i buils that then?04:31
ryao-phoneAre we being trolled?04:31
TJ-hch: Whatever it is you're doing, it's clearly not an Ubuntu issue, and we only support Ubuntu issues here. Maybe they do things differently in Greenland?04:32
hchi think you are newbie...no because i have build it to a new linux without apache now.....04:32
ryao-phonewhat is "gigolo dub"?04:33
TSStry ##linux04:34
TJ-ryao-phone: a promiscuous database maybe? :D04:34
inteusgoogle doesn't come up with 'gigolo db'04:34
hchim inside linux yes04:34
TJ-hch: We only support Ubuntu issues here; anything else, please try other channels04:35
TSStype /join linux## and ask you question there04:35
hchTJ no its a ubuntu....04:35
hchTJ no its a ubuntu.... with a xfce404:35
TJ-hch: you said you compiled something yourself. We don't support user-compiled code04:35
TSSThe what is the problem?04:35
tachyondecayTJ-: Hey, I switched my SSD to AHCI mode and successfully installed Ubuntu alongside Windows without breaking Windows. Thanks for your help on Thursday and today!04:36
ryao-phoneTJ-: Why do the repositories have GCC then?04:36
hchooh my good, its because i will build another OS now with ubuntu linux kernel04:36
TJ-tachyondecay: Hey! That's fantastic to know. I'm sure we'll get other users with the same issue, I'll be sure to remember your experience04:36
hchi have something about a new os to start with04:37
tachyondecayTJ-: That topic on the forums was invaluable. I posted my particular experience there as well.04:38
hchsomeone told about after compile then?????04:38
ryao-phonehch: Google Linux From Scratch04:38
inteushch: I'm not sure what you're asking. Maybe there's a language barrier here.04:39
ryao-phoneI think that is what you want.04:39
hchi have seen it04:39
easyOnMeI have google chromium installed on my ubuntu as google chrome can not be installed on ubuntu04:39
ryao-phoneWhy can you not install chrome?04:39
inteuseasyOnMe: Google Chrome can be installed on ubuntu04:39
easyOnMehow can I get the path where the chromium.sh is found04:39
hchyou build me os then translate04:39
easyOnMeinteus: does it run well just like chromium04:39
TJ-ryao-phone: User's are free to do anything they want; but we cannot offer support for compiling specific projects, support here is for the standard Ubuntu installation and configuration04:40
inteuseasyOnMe: chromium is just the open source version of chrome04:40
ryao-phoneTJ-: I assume that hello works builds are supported, right?04:40
ryao-phoneUgh... Autocorrect strikes again04:40
TJ-LOL *puzzled*04:40
inteuseasyOnMe: http://askubuntu.com/questions/510056/how-to-install-google-chrome04:41
SupaYoshiokay making my backup now :) hehe04:42
TJ-ryao-phone: no, but depending on which helpers are around and how they're feeling they might choose to help out, but at that level the help needed is probably more on-topic in ##programming04:42
easyOnMeanother thing is where do I get to see the php interpreter in my ubuntu laptop after I install it04:42
easyOnMecan anyone please help me04:42
TJ-easyOnMe: the command-line interpreter? something like "which php5" should help04:43
easyOnMeTJ-: have you use php before04:43
easyOnMehow can I upgrade my php5.6 to php704:43
TJ-easyOnMe: Only when a gun is held to my head04:43
VictoriaXOXOQ: How do I go back from "(END)" in the terminal?04:43
ryao-phoneTJ-: The Ubuntu community never ceases to amaze me in how limited its community support in IRC is. I am used to other distributions helping with the basics of things like compiling04:43
=== ozzloy_ is now known as ozzloy
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: are you in the 'less' pager?04:44
easyOnMeTJ-: what the lol04:44
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: press 'q'04:44
easyOnMehas anyone tried using php7 here04:44
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: That worked! :D04:44
ryao-phoneAnyway, I am beyond needing help with such things. :)04:44
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: to save yourself grief later: "man less"04:44
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: What do I do now? "Configuration file '/etc/issue'" "Configuration file '/etc/issue'==> Modified (by you or by a script) since installation.==> Package distributor has shipped an updated version.What would you like to do about it ?  Your options are:"04:45
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: I've never seen that message before and now I'm scared.04:45
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: look at the 'diff' decide if you need to keep your local version, or can accept the new package version04:45
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: what command did you use to get to that situation?04:46
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: That's what I did (D), but I couldn't translate it.04:46
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: "sudo apt-get upgrade" after installing kdenlive.04:46
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: I can't think what would need to change /etc/issue in the first place!04:46
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: So... do I mess anything up if I keep my current one?04:47
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: open a 2nd terminal and type "cat /etc/issue" and show us it04:47
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Okay.04:47
TJ-I'll be gone a few minutes; need a drink04:47
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr \n \l04:48
easyOnMehas anyone here tried php704:48
mgolischits still php..04:49
=== Mustard001 is now known as linuxlurker
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Screw it. I choose O to keep it. Gave me errors, but I'm too sick to mess around right now. Hopefully nothing will break. :(04:52
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: well the existing version looks OK, but I suspect the change was to show the new 14.04.X point release04:53
chadwinhi guys an gals...04:54
the_countBashing-om: I have news, if you are around at this unearthly hour04:54
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: for example, on a 14.04 system here it has "Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l"04:54
TJ-the_count: not seen him recently04:55
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Oh, okay. So keeping it or renewing it doesn't really matter that much? I didn't break anything now by keeping it?04:55
the_countTJ-: Ok04:55
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: no, the only thing is it under-reports the version number installed.04:55
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: But it won't mess with new updates/upgrades and such? I will still get all the latest stuff from the update manager?04:56
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: let me see if I can find the package that would want to update that, you could re-run it manually quite easily04:56
=== Armadillos_ is now known as Armadillos
the_countTJ-: I don't know if you have been following my problem... But I just tuped in ' sudo service lightdm restart ' because my wifi stoped working as it does periodically, anyways, it was taking too long, so I reset the machine. Upon powering on, Graphics, mouse speed, everything had been returned to normal.. Strange I tell you04:57
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Thank you so much for helping, but we can leave it for NOW. I can't do much right now. :)04:57
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: the package the file belongs to is 'base-files' so possibly a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure base-files" would redo it04:58
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Okay, I will save that command on my desktop. :)04:58
VictoriaXOXOThanks again.04:58
TJ-the_count: that sounds like a firmware glitch04:58
the_countTJ-: How's that?04:58
TJ-the_count: modern systems rely on the motherboard firmware (BIOS or UEFI), and in particular some functionality it provides/describes to the OS via ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface). ACPI in particular is a problem for Linux on some systems since the firmware programmers generally target it at Windows versions and don't provide full functionality to Linux05:00
TJ-the_count: additionally, sometimes that firmware gets itself confused by saving 'bad' parameters into its non-volatile memory. A machine reset can sometimes 'clear' that as an unintended side-effect05:01
the_countTJ-: That very well could be the case in this instance... But I am unsure how it could stay constant over multiple reboot05:01
TJ-the_count: if you do a 'clean' reboot the firmware saves config to its NV-RAM. If you hard reset, it never gets the chance to do that05:02
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: You do realize that people get PAID for spewing out much less detailed information? You do this for free? :P05:02
the_countTJ-: Could a reset cause the problem in the first place?05:02
TJ-the_count: it's always possible. One of the first things I recommend when there's unpredictable behaviour is to go into firmware setup and reset/load factory defaults05:03
SupaYoshiokay made the backup thnx guys :)05:03
TJ-SupaYoshi: don't forget to test it on a disposable system :)05:03
TJ-SupaYoshi: back-ups are no good unless they work05:03
the_countTJ-: Because I reset it when it was taking longer to power on than it should when Bashing-om was helping me earlier05:03
the_countVictoriaXOXO: They love doing it...05:04
TJ-the_count: who knows... software is complex, firmware is notoriously buggy in several respects, and is fire-and-forget (generally unmaintained) code05:04
rypervencheVictoriaXOXO: Probably the majority of us are here just to help. I don't even use Ubuntu.05:04
VictoriaXOXOrypervenche: What do you use?05:05
the_countTJ-: Where exactly can I find the firmware setup and reset/load the factory defaults?05:05
TJ-the_count: When the PC first powers on, there's usually a key press (Del, F2, F1 maybe) that starts the firmware setup05:05
rypervencheVictoriaXOXO: I'll PM you the response. No need to start anything off-topic.05:06
the_countTJ-: Oh... I thought you were talking about inside linux.05:06
nlwwhat's new05:06
TJ-the_count: no, BIOS or UEFI05:06
the_countTJ-: Got it, thanks05:07
the_countTJ-: What exactly is the issue with the BIOS vs UEFI thing... Not sure I ever fully understood it05:07
TJ-the_count: UEFI solves many of the issues that dogged BIOS for 20 years +05:08
the_countTJ-: Security being the largest, I guess/05:09
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
TJ-the_count: no, the largest is a decent extensible design where the user can load device drivers before any OS has started.05:10
TJ-the_count: also, having a boot-manager built in to avoid the stupid problems of OSs over-writing each others boot-loaders on the boot device05:10
=== moondoggy_ is now known as moondoggy
the_countTJ-: Ok, Ok05:11
FastOSlinuxboa noite05:11
TJ-the_count: availability of a very powerfull command-line shell, like bash05:11
the_countTJ-: Is this built into UEFI?05:11
TJ-the_count: yes05:11
the_countTJ-: How do you access it?05:12
TJ-the_count: some manufacturers don't include the module, or only provide a limited shell, but because UEFI is extensible you can load it yourself. The most used shell comes from Intel's open-source Tianocore EFI Dev Kit v2 (EDK2) and is called shellx64.efi05:13
TJ-the_count: I install it in the EFI-SP by default. You can get it from the Tainocore project at http://sourceforge.net/p/tianocore/edk2/ci/dd805dfd04535b9820be03f8402f8ee48457790b/tree/ShellBinPkg/UefiShell/X64/Shell.efi05:14
TJ-the_count: I generally rename it on a fixed disk install to the simple boot-path /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI so that if the boot manager loses/forgets/deletes the installed OSs the system will auto-boot to that shell, where things can be repaired05:15
ogzhi, is xfce much faster than unity. I have a 2GB ram laptop, that is also made for 64 bit. Should i go for 32 / 64 bit and xfce or unity05:16
the_countTJ-: Wow, I didn't realize this even existed, what type of things can you do with it as per system administration/fixing up systems, etc...05:16
azizLIGHTThe upgrade needs a total of 92.5 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 41.0 M of disk space on '/boot'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'.05:16
azizLIGHTif i do this will i be unable to boot05:16
azizLIGHTi use luks encrypted LVM partitions05:17
TJ-the_count: access, read/write to file systems, add/edit UEFI boot menu entries, manually load other EFI modules (e.g. device drivers I mentioned earlier), and generally everything you need in an emergency situation. It has tools for examining memory and many other functions05:17
the_countTJ-: So, say I need a driver for Windows, but cannot install it, may I load it with this?05:18
TJ-azizLIGHT: sounds like the PC has a separate /boot/ file-system that has filled up with older kernel versions. You might want to identify those "dpkg -l 'linux-image*' " and remove the older ones05:19
azizLIGHTTJ-: if i remove those images, will grub be rebuilt properly so that i can actually boot? how do i ensure this05:19
TJ-the_count: no; the drivers are firmware drivers, so for example the system may have a special adapter plugged into one of its PCIe ports that the motherboard firmware doesn't know how to work, so you could load a driver provided by the device maker and you'd be able to access it, maybe boot from it05:20
TJ-azizLIGHT: The idea is to keep the last 2 known good kernel versions, but if there's say 8 kernels installed remove the oldest 605:20
azizLIGHTTJ-: ive done this before and i was unable to dual boot anymore.05:21
azizLIGHTTJ-: so what precautions should i take05:21
the_countTJ-: How are these loaded typically, the firmware drivers?05:21
TJ-the_count: if you want to know more see http://www.uefi.org/about/05:21
azizLIGHTTJ-: i removed old kernel images, and when grub config was rebuilt with remaining kernel images, for some reason, windows was not detected and was not added to the boot menu in grub, and i  had to do research to figure out how to fix it (none of which i saved unfortunately)05:22
TJ-azizLIGHT: removing older kernels won't affect dual-boot. As I said, you don't remove the known-good currently booting kernel version.05:22
azizLIGHTTJ-: would it affect dual-boot because of luks05:22
TJ-azizLIGHT: discovery of other OSes is done by os-prober, which is called by GRUB's /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober script.05:23
azizLIGHTi see05:23
TJ-azizLIGHT: disabling os-prober is generally achieved by adding "GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true" to /etc/default/grub. Other than that, it should run. This all assumes the devices with the other OS are available of course05:24
azizLIGHTTJ-: if you have some time, can you check this diff of grub.cfg. the original is where i couldnt dual boot, and the new one is where eveything works properly: https://www.diffchecker.com/hasdolhn05:24
TJ-azizLIGHT: you can call it manually to test "sudo os-prober" to be sure Windows is discovered05:24
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Since you seem to know everything (not trying to be rude), do you know of some easy way to automatically close Firefox (or any browser) as soon as the VPN connection fails? Like a kill switch?05:25
azizLIGHTim not sure why efi.signed is not there in those filenames?05:25
azizLIGHTamong other differences in between those files05:25
azizLIGHTwhat happened that i got that file05:25
azizLIGHTinstead of the one on the right05:25
the_countTJ-: One last question, With this shell, or even, grub may be a better option, can you make them redetect the operating systems currently installed?05:26
=== Guest95121 is now known as isReKT2000
TJ-azizLIGHT: look at line 289-29005:26
azizLIGHTtheres nothing there05:26
azizLIGHTfor os prober05:26
azizLIGHT(on the left)05:26
TJ-azizLIGHT: notice that 30_os-prober ran but didn't insert anything, which infers the OS signature couldn't be found for some reason05:27
azizLIGHTthis is what im trying to avoid. why would this happen and how do i prevent it? id liketo learn enough about this to understand it myself05:28
TJ-azizLIGHT: you'd have to dig deeper on the system to figure out why that happened, but as the system appears to be UEFI, the mobo boot-manager should be handling the boot menu operation05:28
azizLIGHTTJ-: do you mean to say i should not use grub for the dual boot05:28
azizLIGHTTJ-: like, use seperate hdds for each os?05:28
TJ-azizLIGHT: I wouldn't, since one of the major improvements UEFI delivers is to have it manage the boot menu and not have the OSs fighting over that05:29
TJ-azizLIGHT: no, you don't need separate drives05:29
azizLIGHThmm interesting05:30
TJ-azizLIGHT: the way UEFI works is, it expects to find an EFI System Partition on the boot device, which is a relatively small (<512MB) FAT16/32 file-system, containing EFI exectuables installed by each OS that wants boot services. Those OSs also add an entry to the UEFI Boot Menu so the firmware boot manager can offer the OS choice itself, and load the correct OS EFI boot manager code from the EFI-SP, which05:31
TJ-then goes on to load the remainder of the OS05:31
TJ-azizLIGHT: using that system, GRUB only needs to 'worry' about the Linux kernels for the distro it was installed from05:32
azizLIGHTi see what you mean now05:32
azizLIGHTso does ubuntu offer EFI executuables to UEFI?05:32
TJ-The Linux kernel can be booted directly as n EFI exectuable too, so soon we'll be able to do away with GRUB05:32
azizLIGHTis this not common today?05:33
TJ-azizLIGHT: correct, on an UEFI system the grub-efi packages are installed, which include files to be put in the EFI-SP05:33
azizLIGHTvery interesting05:33
TJ-azizLIGHT: not as yet; there's a lot of legacy stuff to deal with and inertia, but its possible and some distros do provide tools to install that way05:34
azizLIGHTearlier i mentioned individual os on seperate hdds. i read that people do this to avoid dual booting via grub or having another OS takever boot records05:36
azizLIGHTthis was for before UEFI i think05:36
TJ-azizLIGHT: that was the issue for BIOS firmware; UEFI in EFI mode doesn't suffer that05:36
TJ-for UEFI in CSM/legacy mode (Compatibility Support Module) the same can apply05:37
azizLIGHTwhat happens if you have multiple drives under UEFI? does only 1 hdd need the EFI executables for OS which may or maynot be on the same hdds?05:37
TJ-azizLIGHT: as long as the EFI-SP has space, you can install OSs that all have separate, non-conflicting, boot loaders05:37
TJ-azizLIGHT: correct, there only needs to be 1 EFI-SP on the primary disk05:38
TJ-azizLIGHT: that doesn't prevent putting one on another disk, the boot menu entries store the path to the device the boot loader EFI executable is on05:38
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: You don't know? :(05:39
azizLIGHTi could go on asking questions, ill stop now heh05:40
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: don't know what?05:40
azizLIGHTTJ-: i appreciate all your answers, thank you very much05:40
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Since you seem to know everything (not trying to be rude), do you know of some easy way to automatically close Firefox (or any browser) as soon as the VPN connection fails? Like a kill switch?05:40
azizLIGHTVictoriaXOXO: ive seen that sort of stuff on google05:40
azizLIGHTi dont know if theres an easy way05:41
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: you'd need to start FF from a wrapper script that kept tabs on the VPN status, but why would you want to close the browser?05:41
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: I don't want to miss the VPN disconnecting and then continue to surf with my regular ISP. :(05:42
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: oh, well that's easy to prevent05:42
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: simply don't assign a default gateway for the network connection, so there's no default route in the kernel's routing table.05:42
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: when the VPN comes up it'd add a default route into its tunnel, and when the tunnel closes the default route would be removed, leaving the PC unable to do default routing05:43
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Hmmmmm. I'm not entirely sure I understand, but I'm saving everything you just said.05:44
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: that'd just require a specific manual route in the routing table for the VPN's public endpoint so the PC could connect to it and create the VPN to begin with, of course :)05:44
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: I could explain it in 30 seconds on a whiteboard; on IRC we'd probably need 30 minutes :)05:44
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Oh, darn it. :P05:45
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Japanese to me, I'm afraid.05:45
cimbakahnI can't find anyone at #lubuntu.  Can i get help here?05:46
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
cimbakahnI can't find anyone at any of the lubuntu rooms.  Can i get help here?05:57
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: rough whiteboard diagram: http://imgur.com/TsREQsu05:59
robotics_hello everyone, need your help in resolving a question. In Ubuntu when a program is installed (i can see it in the main searching window) if later i want to change it's location path where should make changes in order it stays visible in that searching window?06:00
robotics_excuse me for my poor English :(06:00
cimbakahnI don't know.06:01
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Oh?! You did it! :D06:01
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: Okay, I'm saving that baby. Need time to decipher it. ;)06:02
TJ-VictoriaXOXO: it needs some explanation but my hand got tired (my whiteboard is on a wall/ceiling join and the dogs were in the way) :)06:02
zachooooCan someone take a look at my bash script. I included the error at the bottom: http://pastebin.com/KhLBViDk06:03
zachooooOn my script I plan on replacing those numbers with 9006:03
zachooooSo I can see if my disk usage is over 90%06:04
cimbakahnI am looking at this page, and i am confused ----> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall06:04
cimbakahnI am looking for something in between the bare minimum install and the full install.  And i want a graphical installer.  Can anyone help?06:04
cimbakahnWhich download do i click on?06:04
VictoriaXOXOTJ-: I'll pester you about it some other night after looking at it some more.06:04
=== Metacity|uh-oh is now known as Metacity
TJ-zachoooo: "if" not "If"06:05
cimbakahnI also want the newest one.06:05
zachooooTJ, case sensitive?06:05
TJ-zachoooo: yes06:05
TJ-zachoooo: see "man bash"06:05
zachooooOtherwise does it look correct?06:05
TJ-zachoooo: No, your use of ${varname::-XXXX} is wrong. I think you meant to use ${varname:-XXXX}06:07
TJ-zachoooo: you could also lose the need for 'tail -n 1' by doing " | awk '{V=$5}END{print V}' "  I think (you want the last line)06:09
mathi 06:09
zachooooTJ, the script for removing the percentage sign seems to work and it seems to be capturing the correct part.  What would changing it to that do?06:10
TSS<cimbakahn> Which download do i click on? <<<<< download http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/lubuntu-core and once that is installed run /sudo apt-get update, and /sudo apt-get upgrade. after that run/sudo apt-get xfce.06:10
VictoriaXOXOTSS: If he uses webchat, he won't get a notification when you type his nick like that.06:11
azizLIGHTive got nvidia-352 installed from graphics-drivers ppa, i noticed the ppa also has nvidia-358. how come i dont have this?06:11
cimbakahnsudo apt-get xfce ?  You mean for the Xfce desktop?06:11
TSShow should I put his name then?06:11
cimbakahnI wanted LXDE.06:11
VictoriaXOXOTSS: Nevermind. He saw it.06:11
TSSyes cim06:11
TJ-zachoooo: your -gt tests might be tripped up by the % sign too. You can lose the entire use of awk/tail with "xxxx=$(df --output=pcent /home)" too06:11
zachooooI removed the percentage sign06:12
TJ-zachoooo: Ohhh! the ::- is the search/replace ?06:12
TSSrun /sudo purge xfce, and then run/sudo apt-get lxde06:12
zachooooTJ that part just strips the last character06:12
zachooooSo 6% becomes 6, 60% becomes 6006:12
VictoriaXOXOcimbakahn: Yes, follow what TSS told you to do. That's what I would've done.06:13
TJ-zachoooo: right, I didn't relise you were doing the :offset:length06:13
TSSoops. sorry to get rid of xfce un the folling command /sudo aptitude purge xfce4 desktop-base exo-utils gtk2-engines-xfce libexo-1-0 libexo-common06:14
zachooooThe script seems to be working. I'm just a total noob so I don't want to make some major mistake and reduce my dedi to nothing ness06:14
TJ-zachoooo: if you're monitoring for space, you might want to monitor the inodes too06:15
zachooooForgive me, but what is that?06:15
TJ-zachoooo: not unusual for a FS to run out of inodes with lots of small files, yet have plenty of space06:15
TJ-zachoooo: "df --output=ipcent"06:16
zachooooIt looks like the inodes are linked to files.  So I have to delete more files if the inodes fill up as well?06:17
TJ-zachoooo: yes, generally if you expect a lot of smaller files on larger file-systems its worth setting the inode total to a larger than default value when creating the file-system06:18
cimbakahnamd64 or i386  I have a 64bit computer.06:19
zachooooI see. I did not create the file system, nor am I expecting an unusually large number of small files. It's just a game server for me and my friends. It has CS:GO, Gmod, Minecraft, Team speak,  and a seedbox on it.06:20
zachooooJeez maybe I should have gone with windows, but then again this is cheaper and I'm learning how to use linux06:20
TJ-zachoooo: should be OK then, but when monitoring it helps to monitor everything that could cause issues. We see a lot of users reporting mystery 'no space' messages but got plenty of space left in the FS, and it turns out to be inodes are exhausted06:21
cimbakahnproduct: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T6600  @ 2.20GHz06:21
cimbakahnamd64 or i386  I have a 64bit computer.06:22
zachooooI see. I wish there was a system that already had the monitoring built in and just sent you an email if anything is unusual06:22
TJ-zachoooo: there probably is! Debian/Ubuntu have something like 30,000+ packages in thei archives, they cover almost everything you could imagine06:22
zachooooTJ, most of the stuff I see is a script just like what i setup. It is not an apt-get package that does anything beyond that.,06:24
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: whats your issue?06:29
TJ-!info durep | zacc06:29
ubottuzacc: durep (source: durep): create disk usage reports. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-3 (wily), package size 32 kB, installed size 147 kB06:29
cimbakahnWhich install do i choose?  amd64 or i386  I have a 64bit computer.06:29
cimbakahnproduct: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T6600  @ 2.20GHz06:29
TJ-cimbakahn: how much RAM does the PC have?06:29
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: 64bit ubuntu if your architecture is 64bit06:30
TJ-cimbakahn: amd6406:30
cimbakahnThank you!06:30
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: and you can choose LTS for a stable experience06:30
lotuspsychje!lts > cimbakahn06:31
ubottucimbakahn, please see my private message06:31
cimbakahnWhy does the buntu sites have to be so confusing?06:31
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: are you kidding?06:31
TJ-cimbakahn: because there are lots of choices06:31
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: ubuntu is very easy to use06:31
TJ-cimbakahn: what's correct for you might not be for someone else06:32
cimbakahnWily is supposed to be LTS, yes?06:32
BlastRedis anyone online? i am in need of assistance.06:32
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: no06:32
lotuspsychjeask your issue mate BlastRed06:32
intentI looked in /etc/passwd and there are a ton of users. I thought we had done a minimal impression so I am surprised by some of them - are users like "games, news, irc, landscape" necessary or can I delete them, and is there a way to find out what users should be there?06:32
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: read the LTS trigger06:33
BlastRedI need help with formatting a disk; i have accidentally burned a wrong thing on it. any way i can format it with terminal? as it doesnt let me in disks06:33
BlastRedi can easily do this with windows; but i cant at the moment :/06:33
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: 14.04.3 is latest LTS06:34
cimbakahnLTS trigger?06:34
TJ-intent: those 'users' are system accounts pre-defined for various services, to ensure those services don't need to run as root06:34
lotuspsychjeBlastRed: want to format a harddisk from terminal06:34
lotuspsychje!lts | cimbakahn06:34
ubottucimbakahn: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)06:34
BlastRednot the hard disk, just a disk i put in my computer :006:35
TJ-BlastRed: 'burned' to a disk? what kind of disk?06:35
BlastRedi think i meant to say disc? its just a normal 4.7 gb disc i burned something on i want to format and remove :^I06:35
TJ-BlastRed: so, a rewritable DVD?06:36
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: yes, would be a good choice, if you want long time support06:36
cimbakahnI thought they had a newer LTS.06:36
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: xenial is comming in april 201606:36
BlastRedOh yeah. Yes TJ-06:36
lotuspsychje!dvd | BlastRed06:36
ubottuBlastRed: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:36
TJ-BlastRed: see "man dvd+rw-format"06:37
BlastRedi put that interminal?06:37
BlastRedubottu:  haha... thats not what i meant...06:37
ubottuBlastRed: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:37
TJ-!growisofs | BlastRed this package contains dvd+rw-format06:38
TJ-!info growisofs | BlastRed this package contains dvd+rw-format06:38
ubottuBlastRed this package contains dvd+rw-format: growisofs (source: dvd+rw-tools): DVD+-RW/R recorder. In component main, is optional. Version 7.1-11 (wily), package size 69 kB, installed size 198 kB06:38
lotuspsychjeTJ-: +1 tool06:38
BlastRedWhats the diffference, TJ-06:38
TJ-BlastRed: difference between what?06:38
intentTJ-: thanks06:39
cimbakahnI here there are 3 lubuntu.  A bare minimum one.  The full install.  And one in between.06:39
BlastRedTJ-:  the two growisofs06:39
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: it all depends what you want to do?06:39
cimbakahnWhat is the one called that is in between?  I just want to be sure.06:39
TJ-BlastRed: I mistyped and so the 'bot didn't auto-describe the package, the first time06:40
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: if you want to test lubuntu, just use regular install not minimal06:40
BlastRedi put what you said in terminal and i got: bash: !info: event not found06:40
lotuspsychje!flavors | cimbakahn06:40
ubottucimbakahn: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.06:40
BlastRedsorry if im not listening correctly im fairly new to ubuntu06:40
TJ-BlastRed: no, that's not for the terminal, that was for here in IRC06:41
TJ-BlastRed: see "man dvd+rw-format"06:41
lotuspsychjeBlastRed: without the quotes "06:41
TJ-BlastRed: THATS for the terminal, if you have the 'growisofs' package installed06:41
BlastRedOkay i see it...06:41
BlastRedi ... am still lost :/06:41
cimbakahnIt reads:  A full install includes all the packages which are shipped by default with the standard Lubuntu installation; such as web browsers, mail clients and office programs. Lubuntu minimal and core contains a more stripped-down graphical environment.  So there are 3 of them.06:42
lotuspsychjeBlastRed: you can install packages with: sudo apt-get install your-package-name06:42
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: ask yourself what you really want?06:42
BlastRedlotuspsychje:  i know06:42
TJ-BlastRed: you asked how to re-format a DVD re-writable. I gave you the manual page of the tool to do that06:42
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: minimal is a more expert install that most users dont need06:42
BlastRedTJ-: i know it doesnt make sense terminal is confusing to me haha... :^|06:43
lotuspsychjepankaj: welcome, how can we assist you?06:43
TJ-BlastRed: Linux is all about having the power of the terminal, and the shell, at your command06:44
cimbakahnSince it reads A full install, minimal and core, there are 3.  I want the one in the middle.06:44
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: again, ask yourself why you want that?06:44
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: for most users the full install is reccomended06:45
cimbakahnBecause most OSes come with a bunch of programs i don't want.06:45
BlastRed'mint@mint ~ $ dvd+rw-format -force /dev/sr0 * BD/DVD�RW/-RAM format utility by <appro@fy.chalmers.se>, version 7.1. :-( mounted media doesn't appear to be DVD�RW, DVD-RAM or Blu-ray06:45
BlastRed??? what did i do wrong?06:45
cimbakahnThis way i can do my own.06:45
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: you can, but if you choose minimal you will encouter other problems you didnt expect06:46
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: better choose full install, and uninstall packages you dotn wanna use06:46
lotuspsychjeBlastRed: your on ubuntu mint?06:46
lotuspsychje!mint | BlastRed06:47
ubottuBlastRed: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:47
lotuspsychjeBlastRed: install an ubuntu version from topic mate06:47
lotuspsychjeBlastRed: it will make you a nice experience06:47
lotuspsychjeBlastRed: i would reccomend ubuntu 14.04.3 desktop and try the tools TJ- suggested06:48
BlastRedi had that on my live cd06:48
BlastRedright now im on my live usb06:48
TJ-'dvd+rw-mediainfo' will tell you what the media in the device is06:48
cimbakahnWhat about the one on this page ----> http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/lubuntu-desktop  It doesn't look like it is too minimal, and it doesn't look like the full install either.06:48
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: your diggint to deep mate, you browsing on 12.04 now06:49
TJ-cimbakahn: for pities sake, you could have installed the full image 30 times instead of worrying over which one :D06:49
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: take our advise and choose a flavor and full install06:49
cimbakahnThat page is for wily, (the newest).06:50
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: its not06:51
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: do you want stable and 5 years support, or 9 months support non-lts?06:51
TJ-cimbakahn: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu/LTS and choose the 'Standard PC', PC 64-bit option06:53
cimbakahnIf i choose trusty, i'll be in the same boat that i am right now, and i don't want that.  Trusty holds back too many things that i need.06:56
TJ-cimbakahn: OK, so choose the Wily image then!06:56
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: define 'holds back'?06:56
cimbakahnNewer versions of programs that i absolutely need.06:58
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: you just told us you dont want many programs06:58
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: now you want the latest ones?06:58
cimbakahnI realize that, but the ones i do use have to be certain versions, the newest.06:59
lotuspsychjecimbakahn: ok then choose wily as TJ- suggested06:59
plumbusnoob question. there's a site for this package i want to install with a link that says PPA and links to a .deb file. what do i do to install it?07:06
lotuspsychje!ppa | plumbus07:07
ubottuplumbus: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge07:07
lotuspsychjeplumbus: what package are we talking about?07:07
plumbuslotuspsychje: https://bitbucket.org/rude/love/downloads/love_0.9.2ppa1_amd64.deb07:08
lotuspsychje!info love07:08
ubottulove (source: love): 2D game development framework based on Lua and OpenGL. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.1-3ubuntu1 (wily), package size 588 kB, installed size 2640 kB07:08
lotuspsychjeplumbus: this one? ^07:09
lotuspsychjeplumbus: use sudo apt-get install love from your terminal07:09
lotuspsychjeplumbus: that will install the right version for your ubuntu version07:09
plumbuslotuspsychje: so it's not a ppa?07:09
lotuspsychjeplumbus: the website can have ppa's yes to obtain latest packages07:10
MrCeeIIIok i cant sleep.... what we talking about?07:10
lotuspsychjeplumbus: but its reccomended to use version for your ubuntu version07:10
lotuspsychje!discuss | MrCeeIII07:10
ubottuMrCeeIII: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.07:10
lotuspsychjeplumbus: wich ubuntu version do you have?07:11
MrCeeIIIi dont know how to change rooms07:11
MrCeeIIIim a noob07:11
lotuspsychjeMrCeeIII: type /join #yourchannel07:11
plumbuslotuspsychje: so let's say i wanted the latest one, what would i do? would i `apt-add-repository <debfile>` ?07:11
lotuspsychjeplumbus: we dont support ppa's officially mate07:12
MrCeeIIIhow can i see what differnt channels are out here07:12
TheRinger_ type /list07:12
lotuspsychje!alis | MrCeeIII07:12
ubottuMrCeeIII: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http07:12
lotuspsychjeplumbus: wich ubuntu version are you on?07:12
MrCeeIIIthat did nothing07:12
lotuspsychjeMrCeeIII: read it first07:12
plumbuslotuspsychje: i understand that ppas aren't `officially supported` but how would i use the command line to install the ppa?07:13
lotuspsychjeMrCeeIII: /msg alis list....07:13
lotuspsychjeplumbus: if you understand we dont support it, please dont ask howto07:13
lotuspsychjeplumbus: it can get your system in trouble07:14
lotuspsychje!latest | plumbus07:14
ubottuplumbus: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.07:14
plumbuslotuspsychje: i understand that it could screw my system, but i'm using a vm with snapshots. i guess i'll go somewhere else to ask the general question "how do i install a ppa package from a deb file?"07:15
lotuspsychjeplumbus: if you absolutely want a newer 'love' try ubuntu 15.10 or daily image 16.0407:15
MrCeeIII!alis ####testing07:15
MrCeeIIIwhere am i07:15
lotuspsychjeplumbus: we dont support ppa's here, we have to follow the rules mate07:15
lotuspsychjeplumbus: maybe the ##linux guys can help, but you might hear the same that ppa's are at own risk07:16
MrCeeIII-alis ####testing07:16
plumbusk mate07:16
MrCeeIIIwhere am i now07:16
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | MrCeeIII07:16
ubottuMrCeeIII: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:16
lotuspsychjeMrCeeIII: please dont spam text in this channel07:16
MrCeeIIIhow do i change channels07:18
lotuspsychjeMrCeeIII: /join #freenode and ask there please07:18
MrCeeIIIim learning here... how do i see a list of channels07:20
plumbuslotuspsychje: I have a feeling that he's a troll07:20
lotuspsychjeMrCeeIII: dont use this channel for network questions07:20
lotuspsychjeplumbus: good feeling :p07:20
MrCeeIIInot a troll people just trying to learn somethings... i guess you aholes dont like helping people07:21
plumbusMrCeeIII: go away chesapoke07:22
lotuspsychjeMrCeeIII: you need to learn in the right channel, this is ubuntu support07:22
MrCeeIIIasking questions in freenode now.. thanks for nothing07:22
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nitishhow can i ping a website?08:24
TJ-nitish: you can't.08:24
Devajtype ping <website>08:24
TJ-nitish: you can test whether an HTTP/S server responds, and you can 'ping' a host08:24
nitishTJ- how can I test that an http/s server responding or not with ping?08:26
Devajwhy can't i connect to other irc servers?08:27
TJ-nitish: you can't. You can "ping" or "ping hostname.domain.tld" to test if a host will respond to ICMP requests. You can test an HTTP service on a host with something like "curl http://hostname.domain.tld/"08:28
Devajyou are nitish right?08:29
pers3usnitish: Try telnet. http://www.esqsoft.com/examples/troubleshooting-http-using-telnet.htm08:38
nitishpers3us: ok. thanks08:38
=== annie is now known as Guest89707
nitishHow can I use screen saver in 14.04 lts?08:45
SCHAAP137!screensaver | nitish08:46
nitishSCHAAP137: is that mean there is no screensaver?08:47
SCHAAP137no, i thought the bot would have a story ready, but it doesn't08:47
SCHAAP137there is a screensaver built-in i believe08:48
SCHAAP137or you could use xscreensaver08:48
SCHAAP137i prefer xscreensaver, has some really cool presets08:49
dfascan anyone help me with this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/13440755/08:49
SCHAAP137the 'BSOD' one is great08:49
nitishSCHAAP137: there is no inbuilt screensave in 14.04. right now i am installing xscreensaver.08:50
nitishSCHAAP137: what is BSOD?08:50
wmorridfas, is this an ubuntu problem?08:50
pers3usAn OT question, which IRC clients do you guys prefer?08:50
SCHAAP137pers3us: i use Hexchat08:51
SCHAAP137nitish: one of the presets in xscreensaver, it shows fake crashes from different OSs08:51
pers3usSCHAAP137: It has ugly UI though :(08:51
pers3usI had to switch back to weechat ..08:51
SCHAAP137nitish: like bluescreen from windows, system errors from Mac OS, various UNIXes, etc08:51
pers3usnitish: Why do you need screensaver for? :)08:52
SCHAAP137pers3us: on my server without GUI, i use irssi08:52
SCHAAP137weechat is good as well i think, never used it08:52
nitishpers3us: Just for not to be boar when I am nothing doing in my ubuntu.08:52
pers3usi found it better than irssi..08:53
pers3usnitish: okay, you are using Unity right? IIRC it had some screensaver option.08:53
SCHAAP137nitish: after installation, put 'xscreensaver -no-splash' in your autostartup applications08:54
SCHAAP137there might already be another screensaver in there autostarting, you can disable & replace that one08:54
pers3usSCHAAP137: Unity has screensavers right?08:54
nitishSCHAAP137: I don't need auto startup of screen-saver.08:54
SCHAAP137nitish: for the daemon, otherwise it will not activate when idling08:55
SCHAAP137pers3us: yes i think so08:55
SCHAAP137pers3us: i use MATE here08:55
pers3usnitish: Is your Ubuntu a default install? Or have you changed something?08:55
pers3usSCHAAP137: E17 here :P08:56
nitishwhat is 'unity' command? I just used it and my system got hanged.08:58
nitishwhile downloading a package my system hanged and I had to shut it down focefully. now while I am tryping to install that package again I am getting this: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct problem.08:59
wmorrinitish, what were you downloading?09:03
nitishwmorri: its fixed by running this "sudo dpkg --configure -a"09:04
nitishI just downloaded xscreensaver when i run it its gone and while i am trying to run it again its showing its running already. How can I change setting of it?09:05
pers3usnitish: you didn't answer my original query. Is your Ubuntu a default install? i.e. Unity?09:05
nitishpers3us: i didn't understand.09:06
nitishpers3us: I have dual boot. win 8.1 and ubuntu 14.04 lts.09:06
nitishi used to download mostly with terminal.09:07
pers3usnitish: Are you running the default Ubuntu UI?09:07
pers3uswhich I presume you are, then there should be an option of screensaver in there, and you don't have to download any package for that.09:08
nitishpers3us: Yes, currently I am using default UI. I changed it once while I had 12.10. now I forgotten how I did that.09:08
nitishpers3us: how can I change the default ui of ubuntu?09:08
pers3usnitish: Read up on Desktop Environments in Ubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/65083/what-kinds-of-desktop-environments-and-shells-are-available09:09
nitishhow can I set timing in xscreensaver?09:12
hubbunnyhey lads, I'm trying to install barnyard2 alongside snort on ubuntu 14.04 but I'm running into an error thats looking for a daq.h file  #include <daq.h> I'm unsure how to resolve can anyone help? Error in full: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13441202/09:12
SCHAAP137nitish: use xscreensaver-demo09:13
SCHAAP137it's a kind of control panel09:13
pers3ushubbunny: sudo apt-get install libdaq-dev09:14
nitishSCHAAP137: When I click on preview option its giving error.09:14
kpzi changed python version and software center dosen't work now09:15
hubbunnypers3us, thanks I'll try that09:15
nitishSCHAAP137: xscreensaver-demo is showing screensaver in only small screen. I need it in full screen.09:15
hubbunnypers3us, thanks a mill bro. I couldve sworn I tried that but anyway must not. cheers09:16
pers3ushubbunny: Pretty much every single such error has a dependent lib that you need to have in the system. so if it is "daq.h" look for "daq" in apt cache. apt-cache search daq09:16
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
pers3ushubbunny: happy to help :)09:16
MaduraHi, I bought a new laptop(DELL Latitude E5440) with genuine windows. I have created bootable pendrive with ubuntu 14.04 and installed ubuntu successfully and removed windows(I only want ubuntu). After installation I changed the boot sequence. after that I'm getting "No boot device found. Press any key to reboot the machine". how can I resolved this problem ?09:16
hubbunnypers3us, great a solid tip to remember for a n00b. thanks again.09:16
pers3usMadura: Do you have any external drive attached to your system? Also, what do you mean by you changed boot sequence09:17
nitishhow can I stop a running application from terminal?09:17
pers3usnitish: ps -ef |grep <application-name-or-part of name>09:18
pers3usfind the PID09:18
pers3usand sudo kill -9 pid09:18
SCHAAP137just Ctrl C to break/abort something works as well09:19
MaduraHi pers3us, No there is no any drives attached to my system09:24
MaduraI'm sory, I was disconnected.09:25
pers3usMadura: What do you mean you modified boot sequence?09:25
nitishcan I install twitter client?09:26
msev-what do i need installed so i can run this https://github.com/mrgilving/arduinoGPSNavigator/blob/master/images/bmp2hex.py09:28
Madurawhen restart my machine, I went to bios using f2 key, and I changed boot sequence by putting hard drive down and flash drive up09:29
nitishHow can I install latest version of wine?09:29
Madurapers3us I have enabled lagacy option09:33
pers3usMadura: You have already installed Ubuntu right?09:34
=== Govindam is now known as krsna
Madurapers3us: Yes. it was successfully installed and shown a restart machine prompt09:34
cfhowlett!latest | nitish09:35
ubottunitish: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.09:35
pers3usMadura: Hmm, if it is efi boot, I have no idea about it.09:35
Madurapers3us : when I restart machine when flash drive is pluged, its booting from flash drive and ask me to to reinstall it09:36
nitishubottu: how can I install wine? ps: I know you are a bot. dot't tell me that again.09:36
ubottunitish: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:36
pers3usMadura: Which is expected, as your first boot option is from flash drive. I guess the bootloader didn't install correctly.09:37
pers3usnitish: apt-cache search wine09:37
Madurapers3us : how can I fix this ?09:38
pers3usMadura: Boot using pendrive, then reinstall grub. See if that works.09:38
pers3usMadura: Terminal > sudo apt-get install grub && sudo update-grub09:39
Madurapers3us : OK. thanx, I'm tring it now. I will let you know the result. thanx again.09:40
pers3usMadura: Cool. I am around, let me know if it works09:41
slicepaperwordsthis might be more of an hp question, but does anyone know how to scan to computer? I cant figure it out09:41
cfhowlettslicepaperwords, xsane09:41
pers3uscfhowlett: Isn't there a default app for that in Ubuntu? :)09:42
cfhowlettpers3us, last I heard, xsane IS the default app, but it's possible that there's an HP linux app09:42
TJ-Madura: sounds to me like when you installed the OS to the fixed disk, you accidently installed the boot-loader to the USB device, rather than the fixed disk09:42
=== wook is now known as Guest99242
MaduraTJ : when Im installing I gave 500mb to /boot , its in hard drive09:43
pers3uscfhowlett: oh, I wasn't aware it is xsane.09:43
cfhowlettpers3us, I could be wrong though ...09:44
pers3uscfhowlett: I am not sure either, never had a need of it.09:44
Madurapers2us : One thing to mention, ubuntu was installed within 3 to 5 min, is it possible ?09:44
pers3usMadura: Yes it is possible. But what do you mean u gave /boot 500mb09:45
pers3usdid you partition a separate /boot ?09:45
Madurapers2us : yes. you are correct.09:45
linociscohi all, any free hotel booking apps on cloud?09:46
pers3usMadura: Hmm. It shouldn't be a problem in default install though. It was a default install right, you just partitioned it?09:47
pers3usMadura: reboot using flash drive, and follow these steps.09:48
Madurapers2us : at first time I gave default install, but it was not work, then I partitioned it, gave 100GB for root, 300GB for home and 500mb for /boot09:49
pers3usCareful with the sudo grub-install step.09:49
pers3usMadura: What do you mean it didn't work?09:49
Madurapers2us : I got the same problem. then I went to install it again.09:50
Madurapers2us : after that I realized this is not a installation issue09:50
Madurapers2us : I have tried 3 times.09:50
slicepaperwordsthank you cfhowlett, I couldnt get a decent scan with xsane but it led me to simple scan which was already installed and works09:51
pers3usHmm, Madura, can you check this for me. follow steps here. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI09:51
cfhowlettpers3us, perfect!  happy2help!09:52
pers3uscfhowlett: tagging the wrong person :)09:52
cfhowlettpers3us, yep.  tourettes/fat fingers.  happy2help! slicepaperwords09:53
slicepaperwordspers3us, haha I was thinking that too09:53
slicepaperwordshaha thanks cfhowlett09:53
pers3uscfhowlett: Any idea on UEFI boot? Madura here needs some help with booting issue.09:54
EriC^^pers3us: what's the problem?09:54
EriC^^Madura: ?09:54
cfhowlettpers3us, saw that.   outside my limited area of "expertise"09:54
TJ-Madura: pers3us: not been following the issue; is the system UEFI? is it booting in UEFI mode? What make/model is the system?09:55
simonepsphello everyone :) Someone uses Wimax on ubuntu? Since Network manager dropped its support to Wimax how can I connect to a network? Thanks09:55
MaduraTJ : this is the issue, I bought a new laptop(DELL Latitude E5440) with genuine windows. I have created bootable pendrive with ubuntu 14.04 and installed ubuntu successfully and removed windows(I only want ubuntu). After installation I changed the boot sequence. after that I'm getting "No boot device found. Press any key to reboot the machine". how can I resolved this problem ?09:56
EriC^^Madura: boot a live usb09:56
pers3usEriC^^: The problem  ^^09:56
MaduraEric : YES09:57
EriC^^Madura: try pressing esc while the pc boots and see if you can get a uefi menu and choose ubuntu09:57
EriC^^if you can't get a uefi menu, boot a live usb09:57
TJ-Madura: right, did you install in UEFI mode or legacy BIOS mode?09:58
MaduraTJ : legacy bios mode09:58
TJ-Madura: OK, and the firmware has Legacy/CSM support enabled, and the first boot device is the fixed disk?09:58
MaduraEric : TJ : I can re install it again. what is the best way to reinstall ?09:58
TJ-Madura: don't reinstall yet, let's actually find out what is going on09:59
MaduraTJ : ok.09:59
MaduraTJ : Eric : when Im restaring machine, I got this error. [sda] incomplete mode parameter data   [sda] Assuming drive cache : wright throght10:02
TJ-Madura: is the PC started right now with the Ubuntu Live ISO and using the "Try Ubuntu" option?10:03
MaduraTJ : No, this is the another laptop10:04
EriC^^Madura: try booting a live usb10:05
TJ-Madura: OK, boot the PC with a Live ISO and do "Try Ubuntu" so we can do some diagnostics.10:05
Madura Eric : TJ : ok. give me 1 min10:06
linociscohi any free cloud where we can install vtiger or any CRM?10:06
TJ-linocisco: outside your window :)10:06
linociscoTJ-, i m not using windows. I am with ubuntu. :). Microsoft gives only Windows. Ubuntu gives the whole DAMN house.:)10:07
linociscobut i am on bad house10:08
pers3uslinocisco: What do you mean free cloud? :)10:08
pers3uslinocisco: t3.micro of ec2 is free for a year. you can try that10:09
TJ-linocisco: The Window in your house. There is no such thing as "free cloud" - the euphamism 'cloud' means the collection of private networks that make up the 'Internet'10:09
linociscoperceive, free OS is ubuntu , CentoS etc. I am thinking if we can get free cloud where we can install any server with some duration10:09
TJ-linocisco: what you want is a hosted service, likely a small virtual machine10:09
pers3uslinocisco: TJ- haha10:09
MaduraEric : pers2us : TJ : now im with live.10:10
TJ-No wonder people have problems with software if they don't get the basic terminology correct :D10:10
TJ-Madura: good. does it have a network connection?10:10
linociscoTJ-, yes. that is true. hosted service is better. if not, I need to build on free server on free cloud10:11
pers3uslinocisco: We are not trying to discourage you. But, rather telling you need a free cloud, tell what you want to do.10:11
linociscopers3us, i want to use any free CRM on freecloud so that i can access from anywhere10:11
MaduraTJ : yes. its bit slow connection10:11
TJ-Madura: good, at least it can send info to a pastebin easily10:12
TJ-Madura: OK... lets get started. Start a terminal so you have a shell command line10:12
MaduraTJ : already done :)10:12
pers3uslinocisco: Do one thing, go to aws.amazon.com. Register there, and go to ec2. You can start a server called t3.Micro, which will have a label "free tier available".10:12
TJ-Madura: Do "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"  then do "pastebinit <( sudo lsblk -f )"10:12
pers3uslinocisco: It will be free for a year, and will solve your problem.10:13
linociscopers3us, I have no credit card. that is the problem.10:13
pers3uslinocisco: Hmm.. try OpenShift then.10:13
linociscopers3us, thanks let me check10:14
MaduraTJ : it says dpkg was inerrupted, you must mannually run sudo dpkg --configure -a to corect the problem10:15
=== __Trullo is now known as _Trullo
TJ-Madura: is this for a Live ISO doing "Try Ubuntu" ?!10:15
MaduraTJ : yes, live ISO10:16
pers3usTJ- Madura , this should not happen10:16
MaduraTJ : with try ubuntu10:16
TJ-Madura: then I suspect all your issues could be due to a corrupted installer image10:16
TJ-Madura: reboot it, at the Live ISO boot menu choose the "Check disk" or whatever it is called option10:17
freakyyid like to install ubuntu but the windows partition tool tells me theres no space to make the partition smaller (maybe cuz theres non-moveable data at the end of the partition?) - is there any way i can use space at the start of the partition?10:17
pers3usTJ-: If it is corrupted, live iso won't boot either right?10:17
pers3usisn't there a step for checking md5 before it is written to flash drive?10:18
cfhowlettpers3us, corrupt .iso 's CAN boot. best practice: md5sum the .iso and the usb10:19
TJ-pers3us: depends on what the corruption is, might only be a few bits here and there10:19
MaduraTJ : this was came in other machine also. I cant update some softwares because of this problem10:20
pers3usTJ-: cfhowlett: hmm, that could be the case.10:20
TJ-freakyy: No, you'll need to do a massive defragmentation operation on the NTFS; you might need specialised tooling for that, such as Executive Software's Diskeeper10:20
MaduraTJ : im using same iso10:20
freakyyTJ-: omg ... i cant do that10:20
pers3usTJ-: freakyy: or a free one, try Minitool Partition Editor10:20
TJ-Madura: then we have to assume - unless you can prove otherwise - the ISO image is corrupt10:20
MaduraTJ : I have downloaded it from ubuntu site.10:21
lotuspsychjefreakyy: or make your life real easy and install ubuntu single :p10:21
pers3usfreakyy: It isn't that complicated. but it will take time. use that tool, it will defragment/resize the block.10:21
TJ-pers3us: if the NTFS has unmovable blocks, and the MS Windows own Disk Management tool can't move it, it'll need an offline defrag10:21
freakyyok im thinking about removing windows from my laptop ...10:21
lotuspsychje!yay | freakyy10:21
ubottufreakyy: Glad you made it! :-)10:21
pers3usTJ-: Never encountered it :) It worked for me whenever I tried to resize, even if there was defragmentation10:22
lotuspsychjefreakyy: you can mess with other Oses from ubuntu/virtualbox afterwards10:22
nitishhow can I update php of lamp?10:22
cfhowlettMadura, it takes about 1 minute to md5sum the .iso ... don't talk about doing it, DO IT.10:22
freakyyi will make the recover CDs for my laptop now10:22
pers3usnitish: You know, first thing you should do is google up a bit :)10:22
freakyyi hope it works10:22
freakyyoh wait i cant10:22
freakyythe tool doesnt burn10:23
freakyybut i have recovery drives10:23
MaduraTJ- : ok10:23
pers3usfreakyy: screw windows, who wants recovery :D10:23
freakyycan i ever boot from these recovery drives and reinstall windows?10:23
cfhowlettfreakyy, ask ##windows about windows issues10:23
nitishpers3us: but few people present there can explain better and faster than google.10:24
MaduraTJ- : does ubuntu has md5 sum checker ? or have to do it online site ?10:24
cfhowlett!md5sum | Madura,10:24
ubottuMadura,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:24
pers3usnitish: You will learn more if you read more. :)  What php version is currently present on your system? and which one you want to upgrade?10:25
nitishpers3us: currently installed 5.5.9. i want 5.6.*10:26
lotuspsychjenitish: its reccomended you use package versions for your specific ubuntu version10:26
nitishlotuspsychje: didn't get it.10:26
futurama140does anyone have any idea how i can mount a windows game ISO in trusty so i can install the game through wine? ive tried gisomount and it wont work, and i cant even figure out how to  "unpack the source and create a build directory" for cdemu. I'm moderately computer literate but have very little knowledge of linux distros and programming10:26
pers3usnitish: check this out. http://askubuntu.com/questions/498175/how-to-downgrade-php-from-5-5-9-to-5-4-in-ubuntu-14-04-installed-with-lamp10:27
freakyyoh yea i know now - using the assist button ... ok10:27
freakyybbl ... hopefully with ubuntu then10:27
nitishpers3us: I don't need to downgrade. I need to upgrade php in lamp.10:27
lotuspsychje!latest | nitish10:28
ubottunitish: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.10:28
Maduraubonttu : 1b305d585b1918f297164add46784116  ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso10:28
pers3usnitish: sorry! my bad :D see if there is a ppa around for 5.6 and use it, although it is not always a good idea as lotuspsychje mentioned.10:29
cfhowlettMadura, no need to post that here.  YOU check that it matches.10:29
nitishpers3us: ok I've dropped my idea of update php.10:29
TJ-Madura: look at the Ubuntu ISO download pages, they have the hashes displayed there10:30
lotuspsychjenitish: if you like newer php, you can try out latest ubuntu10:30
nitishlotuspsychje: I am using 14.04 lts and waiting for 16.04 lts.10:31
lotuspsychjenitish: xenial uses 5.6.14 atm, but still in daily build10:31
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, if your hardware can handle it: ubuntu 14.04 + virtualbox + ubuntu 15.10 in a box + shine new PHP10:32
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: yeah nice idea +110:32
pers3uscfhowlett: or use a contaier10:32
nitishcfhowlett: don't like to do that10:33
pers3usnitish: cfhowlett lotuspsychje https://hub.docker.com/_/php/10:33
=== EREVAN_ is now known as EREVAN
futurama140oi gevALT10:36
Maduracfhowlett : its correct10:37
futurama140does anyone have any idea how i can mount a windows game ISO in trusty so i can install the game through wine? ive tried gisomount and it wont work, and i cant even figure out how to  "unpack the source and create a build directory" for cdemu. I'm moderately computer literate but have very little knowledge of linux distros and programming10:37
pwcahi, I keep losing my IRC connection and I suspect it may have something to do with my shitty wireless card. how can I confirm my suspicion?10:38
lotuspsychjefuturama140: better install a game the normal way with playonlinux10:38
cfhowlettMadura, excellent.  now verify the USB.  use the "verify cdrom" instructions10:38
Maduracfhowlett : TJ : Eric : md5 is correct for my download version10:38
lotuspsychjefuturama140: try unpack the iso, burn to a cd/dvd and install with playonlinux?10:38
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | futurama14010:39
ubottufuturama140: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.6-1 (wily), package size 957 kB, installed size 3241 kB10:39
pers3usfuturama140: Loop mount? sudo mount -o loop path/to/iso/file/YOUR_ISO_FILE.ISO /media/iso10:39
Maduracfhowlett : there is no cdrom, I have only usb port.10:39
pers3usMadura: same thing, just boot using flash drive, and there will be option to verify10:39
cfhowlettMadura, verify the USB10:39
futurama140lotuspsychje: i am unable never heard of it, but i am unable to burn disks10:39
lotuspsychje!burn | futurama14010:40
ubottufuturama140: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto10:40
Maduracfhowlett : im on try ubutu with flash drive10:40
futurama140thank you pers3us, perhaps that will work.10:40
cfhowlettMadura, as pers3us suggested; reboot, hit enter and see the advanced grub options for "verify"10:41
futurama140im used to daemontools in windows, but i have vowed not to touch any windoze distro again10:41
OnTheRockshow can i monitor cpu temp in nagios in a server via snmp?10:41
cfhowlettOnTheRocks, ask #ubuntu-server10:41
pers3usfuturama140: I am not aware of any daemontool for Ubuntu :) but loop mount works for me10:42
pers3usOnTheRocks: You just have to modify the daemon a bit right? I used it long time back.10:43
=== Chappie-san2 is now known as Chappie-san
lotuspsychjeOnTheRocks: the #ubuntu-server might help you better10:45
pers3usOnTheRocks: yes please ask this on #ubuntu-server10:45
pers3usOnTheRocks: although, check in nagios.conf, and see if there is a place to add more commands.10:46
pers3usor rather commands.cfg actually10:46
OnTheRocksok thanks10:46
pers3uscheck the block define command {}10:47
futurama140is there any way for me to get a connection that doesnt cut off every few minutes on the wifi at the hotel at which i am staying?10:57
futurama140my usb wireless will not allow me to increase the power to it10:57
lotuspsychjefuturama140: wifi chipset?10:58
futurama140luke@luke-Lenovo-G50-45:~$ sudo mount -o loop /home/luke/thief2_cd1.iso /media10:59
futurama140mount: block device /home/luke/thief2_cd1.iso is write-protected, mounting read-only10:59
futurama140mount: you must specify the filesystem type10:59
futurama140what does this mean?11:00
MonkeyDustfuturama140  next time, use a pastebin for multiple lines11:00
lotuspsychje!es | juajo11:00
ubottujuajo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:00
futurama140monkeydust what isthat?11:00
lotuspsychjehey MonkeyDust11:00
MonkeyDust!pastebin | futurama14011:00
ubottufuturama140: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:00
futurama140ok sorry11:00
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lotuspsychje!iso | futurama14011:01
ubottufuturama140: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.11:01
lotuspsychje!info acetoneiso | futurama140 might be usefull too11:07
ubottufuturama140 might be usefull too: acetoneiso (source: acetoneiso): feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4-2 (wily), package size 1098 kB, installed size 1793 kB (Only available for linux-any)11:07
MonkeyDustnot the answer he expected, i guess11:10
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m_abdelfattahHello... I've a problem with disk space, when I try $df -h, it shows that the disk size is 11G and 9.8G is used... but when I try $du sh, I found only 2-3G... So, I don't know what is using this disk space11:16
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  acetoneiso looks nice, tnx11:16
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: np mate :p11:16
EriC^^m_abdelfattah: try sudo apt-get install ncdu11:16
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | m_abdelfattah clean your system :p11:17
ubottum_abdelfattah clean your system :p: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8-1 (wily), package size 271 kB, installed size 2074 kB11:17
lotuspsychjem_abdelfattah: firefox cache folder can contain alot of stuff also11:17
=== mandiv is now known as 14WABSO1I
m_abdelfattahEriC^^: I used gt511:17
lotuspsychjeafternoon EriC^^11:17
EriC^^wth, has ubottu become sentient?11:18
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: gets smarter every day :p11:18
m_abdelfattahEriC^^: I used g5 and it shows me 2.8GB in 13 files or directories11:18
MoonUnit`you may also have cached packaged from installing updates and programs, apt-get clean will remove them.11:18
m_abdelfattahEriC^^: So, I still don't know which folder is taking that 5-6G disk space!11:18
m_abdelfattahlotuspsychje: it is a web server no gui or firefox installed...11:19
lotuspsychjem_abdelfattah: ah ok11:19
EriC^^m_abdelfattah: you can try sudo find / -size +1G to find files bigger than 1G11:20
lotuspsychje!info discus | m_abdelfattah11:20
ubottum_abdelfattah: discus (source: discus): pretty version of df(1) command. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.9-7 (wily), package size 9 kB, installed size 58 kB11:20
momomois it safe to update from 14 to 15  ?11:21
lotuspsychjemomomo: better not upgrade an LTS to non-lts11:21
lotuspsychjemomomo: do you need long time support or not?11:22
momomonot really, i just need something that is stable and working11:22
momomo14 is buggy11:22
lotuspsychjemomomo: define buggy11:22
momomoit contains bugs11:22
momomoand I was hoping some of the issues is going to be resolved11:23
lotuspsychjemomomo: 14.04.3 should be pretty stable11:23
nbrecht01momomo: You cannot directly upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04. You must first upgrade to 14.10. It is safe, but bear in mind that 15.05 in NOT LTS.11:23
lotuspsychjenbrecht01: also 14.10 is eol11:23
momomolotuspsychje, it's stable but it has alot of quicks11:23
lotuspsychjemomomo: what kind?11:23
momomolotuspsychje, lots of things .. are you using 14 ?11:24
lotuspsychjemomomo: yes11:24
momomoook. maximimze a window11:24
momomothen click on minimize11:24
lotuspsychjemomomo: you have the right graphics driver active?11:24
momomolotuspsychje, yes11:24
momomothen maximize that window by using the icon on the meny11:24
momomotry to click on a small link or icon on the window11:25
momomowrong coordinates11:25
momomothat's annoying as hell11:25
lotuspsychjemomomo: not sure if i get what you mean11:25
momomoalso, the task switcher is shit in unity .. and compiz switchers are almost equally shit11:25
lotuspsychje!language | momomo11:25
ubottumomomo: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:25
momomosee this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/130655011:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311323 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1306550 disabling "Show live previews of windows in switcher" leads to wrong mouse position while enabling it breaks "Show Desktop" hot corner" [Critical,Triaged]11:26
lotuspsychjemomomo: what kind of graphics card chipset do you have?11:26
momomonvidia .. i don't think it's a graphic issue11:26
lotuspsychjemomomo: what chipset exactly?11:26
momomobut i have disabled it .. because it casuses freezes when flash is used11:26
momomoand i have to ctrl + f7 and tehn f811:27
lotuspsychjemomomo: you disabled your main card?11:27
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest95261
momomoyes, using intel instead11:27
lotuspsychjemomomo: no wonder you got issues11:27
momomolotuspsychje, it's not related to the graphics card i believe11:27
nbrecht01I have problems with Nvidia too, Ubuntu does not have good drivers preinstalled. With a bit of work, you may be able to find some drivers11:27
momomodid you try what I suggested ?11:27
lotuspsychjemomomo: listen mate, your card is an optimus card11:28
momomonbrecht01, there are no good drivers .. nvidia will 1) cause frequent freezes which will make everything pause ... 2) fan keeps going on for nothing11:28
momomolotuspsychje, yes11:28
lotuspsychjemomomo: you need to use the nvidia card and install nvidia-prime to get things straight11:28
momomolotuspsychje, i believe i have trieed those11:29
lotuspsychjemomomo: then enable performance mode in nvidia-settings11:29
momomoperformance mode required ?11:29
lotuspsychjemomomo: also you need the right driver11:29
momomoi have the latest11:29
momomoand I have gone back and forth hundred times11:29
lotuspsychjemomomo: latest doesnt always mean better11:29
lotuspsychjemomomo: check if you have nvidia-prime installed please11:29
momomoalready installed11:30
eshantI have just joined, I don't know the specifics of card. I am using nvidia latest drivers for my Nvidia GT525M card11:30
lotuspsychjemomomo: if you want compiz and windows to work properly, your nvidia must be enabled right11:30
momomolotuspsychje, you need to understand that sometimes these drivers do not work as one could hope11:30
momomolotuspsychje, is performance mode going to make a difference?11:30
lotuspsychjemomomo: of course11:30
MonkeyDustlinux and nvidia don't make a happy couple11:31
momomolotuspsychje, in what regard? maybe the context switching is what causes the frequent freezes ? and that could possibly solve it?11:31
eshantThese are the packages that I am using - nvidia-352 nvidia-352-uvm nvidia-opencl-icd-352  nvidia-prime  nvidia-settings11:31
lotuspsychjemomomo: we have many users with optimus card working like a charm on LTS11:32
eshantthat allow how to switch intel<->Nvidia11:32
momomolotuspsychje, then you need to see this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/519854/ubuntu-14-04-screen-freezes-randomly-with-nvidia-and-it-is-possible-to-fix-with11:32
momomolotuspsychje, or this : https://bugs.launchpad.net/xorg-server/+bug/122042611:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1220426 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Trusty) "[nvidia-prime]Freeze while using touchpad" [Undecided,Triaged]11:33
eshantlotuspsychje: no with intel graphics may also work well11:33
lotuspsychjemomomo: thats on old thread suggesting bumblebee11:33
lotuspsychjemomomo: and bumblebee is outdated11:33
momomolotuspsychje, can you try the maximize then minimze thing to see if you also have this issue so we can avoid discussing the wrong thing?11:34
momomoopen a browser11:34
momomomaximize it11:34
momomothen minimize WIN + M11:34
lotuspsychjemomomo: i have no issues here on ubuntu, using compiz+ wobbly windows11:34
momomomaybe the wobbly windows fixes it though11:35
lotuspsychjelol no11:35
MonkeyDustand i disabled as many effect as possible11:35
momomobecause when compiz gets involved it fixes the issue11:35
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
lotuspsychjemomomo: you need the right driver combination togheter with your card + performance mode11:35
momomoi think there is a new nvidia update .. i will try that and then see ..11:36
momomoit might be related to the touchpad11:36
MonkeyDustmomomo  install indiciator-cpufreq to switch easily between modes11:37
momomoi do hve one11:37
lotuspsychjemomomo: remember, latest doenst always mean better for your card11:37
Fox001HI guys sorry to intrude but how do I enable EFI boot on ubuntu-mate ?? I've installed to usb for portable os and trying to boot on MacBook. Installer boots fine, after install does not...11:37
momomolotuspsychje, i've tried the older ones11:37
lotuspsychje!uefi | Fox00111:37
ubottuFox001: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI11:37
lotuspsychjemomomo: 340 and 346 + performance mode enabled?11:37
momomolotuspsychje, this seems to suggest it's still there in 1511:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1220426 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Trusty) "[nvidia-prime]Freeze while using touchpad" [Undecided,Triaged]11:38
lotuspsychjemomomo: we cant speak in general mate, this depends from system to system11:38
Fox001Thanks lotuspsychje :)11:39
lotuspsychjemomomo: you have another card as the bug11:39
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
lotuspsychjemomomo: you can also try a 15.10 liveusb to test if things get sorted on your system11:40
easyOnMeanyone here has tried using PHP711:40
clorisuDoes anybody know what went wrong with this archive file? http://imgur.com/a/5ibqx (First image is the main directory, following two are the subfolders) -- When I transferred it originally it was just the 108.MOV file which was 3.7GB, but it split into that weird encryption folder which is 3.7GB and the 108.MOV is now 0 bytes?11:40
lotuspsychjeeasyOnMe: its not reccomended to use package versions from ppa11:40
momomolotuspsychje, this seems to suggest a fix but it's old .. http://vxlabs.com/2015/02/05/solving-the-ubuntu-14-04-nvidia-346-nvidia-prime-black-screen-issue/ .. i will try upgrading the driver and try the performance mdoe thing11:40
lotuspsychjemomomo: ok good luck mate11:41
easyOnMelotuspsychje: no what i mean is has anyone here used php7 the latest version of php11:41
lotuspsychje!latest | easyOnMe11:41
ubottueasyOnMe: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.11:41
easyOnMeserver side scripting programming language11:41
momomolotuspsychje, thanks11:41
OnTheRocksanybody knows how to share a folder in windows to linux? using command line commands cacls and nfsshare?11:41
anabainanybody with experience setting up openvpn? I want to know if, when you're building certificates, values in vars file can be invented11:42
MonkeyDustOnTheRocks  are you now in windows or in ubuntu linux?11:42
=== newbie is now known as Guest61913
TJ-anabain: which values? Are you using easy-rsa ?11:43
OnTheRocksvirtual windows and virtual linux11:43
anabainTJ-, yes11:43
lotuspsychjeclorisu: seems like bad archive maybe?11:44
clorisulotuspsychje: is there any way to fix it? its extremely important11:44
lotuspsychjeclorisu: maybe unpack with 7zip or something to test?11:44
anabainTJ, KEY_COUNTRY, KEY_PROVINCE, etc.11:44
TJ-anabain: any values that are valid as Distinguished Names in X509 certificates11:45
anabainok, thanks11:46
Holeissslserver irc.anonops.com:669711:46
lotuspsychje!info p7zip | clorisu11:47
ubottuclorisu: p7zip (source: p7zip): 7z file archiver with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4.2 (wily), package size 314 kB, installed size 991 kB11:47
freakyyanyone here using owncloud and can tell me how i can get owncloud into the taskbar?11:49
clorisulotuspsychje: ill try it11:50
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
momomoI updated, and switched to nvidia .. wrong x-coordinates still there11:57
momomonvidia is showing one screen though11:58
momomobut i have too11:58
momomoi think compiz manages the other screen, right?11:58
momomoalso, the fan is on for no reason11:59
pwcahi, I keep losing my IRC connection and I suspect it may have something to do with my shitty wireless card. how can I confirm my suspicion?12:00
MonkeyDustpwca  so that's an unstable wifi... mind your language, tho12:01
=== Quatroking_ is now known as Quatroking
MonkeyDust!wifi | pwca start here12:03
ubottupwca start here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:03
pwcaMonkeyDust: mind my language?12:03
MonkeyDustpwca  avoid profane words12:04
pwcaavoid nonreligious words. got it.12:04
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MaduraHi guys, Im going to use my laptop for some hard works. I have 500GB memory and I need to partision it.80 GB for root, 400GB for home, 500 MB for /boot. is it a good combination ? or what is the best ?12:07
MonkeyDustMadura  500GB HDD, not memory12:08
MonkeyDustMadura  are you a developer?12:08
Na3iLMadura, 500 GB it is for you HDD12:08
momomohow do you get compiz/ubuntu to remember the position of the window so it's not always opened on the second monitor which I seem unable to cahnge12:09
MonkeyDustMadura  80GB for root is huge12:09
=== Guest94958 is now known as sUbMuNdO
Na3iLMonkeyDust, Did he need actually for /root & /boot, he can just set up /12:10
momomoseriously, this is not possible? i have to configure that on a per application basis using place windows12:12
lisalllCan somebody help me ?  /usr/bin/ucf: line 637: db_x_loadtemplatefile: command not found12:12
Na3iLmomomo, before I answer you about the 2nd question, you asked about Nvidia driver12:13
Na3iLI think you have double GPU?12:14
MonkeyDustmomomo  maybe there's a setting in dconf-editor you need to edit12:14
Na3iLIntel + Nvidia right?12:14
momomoNa3iL, yes, possibly, nvidia and intel12:14
momomobut the issue is on both actually, and then the second question is something else12:14
MaduraMonkeyDust : what is the best combintion you suggested ?12:14
lisallCan somebody help me? Setting up php5-common (5.6.11+dfsg-1ubuntu3.1) ...12:15
MonkeyDustMadura  i'm no developer... my / is 15GB... /home is 100GB...12:15
Na3iLlisall, check this out → https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/5.6.11+dfsg-1ubuntu3.112:16
momomoi got logged out for no reason12:17
momomodid I miss someting ?12:17
MonkeyDustmomomo  maybe there's a setting in dconf-editor you need to edit12:17
OnTheRockshow can i give read permission to a user in a folder?12:18
OnTheRockschmod 777 dir?12:18
momomoMonkeyDust, i think the window memory issue seems to aplpy mostly to chromium right now12:18
Na3iLOnTheRocks, chmod u+r example12:18
lisallSorry this is my acctual problem Na3iL line 637: db_x_loadtemplatefile: command not found12:18
momomoand natuilus12:18
MonkeyDustOnTheRocks  careful with 777 ... better use 755 or so12:18
momomoand terminal12:18
clorisunegative lotuspsychje i just get an error "an error occurred while extracting files encrypted file is unsupported"12:19
momomoactually, it seems only ff is able to remember it12:19
momomoand you guys keep asking me what is buggy about ubuntu12:19
momomonothing actually works12:19
momomothere is always a quirk in every aspect12:19
OnTheRocksi cant change permission of that folder12:20
OnTheRocksits a mount folder to a shared nfs windows folder12:21
OnTheRocksbut how can i view its content?12:21
Na3iLOnTheRocks, you need to type sudo before the command or just switch to root by typing sudo su.12:22
OnTheRocksi did: sudo ls /mnt/win-nfs/12:22
OnTheRocksand says permission denied12:22
momomoand now the fan is on 100% of the time since i switched to nvidia driver12:23
momomoand the other issues remain12:23
Na3iLOnTheRocks, did you mounted the NTFS partition to read only?12:23
OnTheRocksi used: nfsshare -o ro anon=yes mynfs=C:\nfs-sh (in windows)12:24
Na3iLNo, OnTheRocks you need to mount it using your GNU/Linux distro12:25
OnTheRocksthat what i did12:25
momomoand I just spent another 1.5 hour trying to fix a problem on ubuntu12:26
Na3iLWhat is the output of df -l ?12:27
OnTheRocksin linux i did: sudo mount /mnt/win-nfs12:28
clorisuDoes anybody know what went wrong with this archive file? http://imgur.com/a/5ibqx (First image is the main directory, following two are the subfolders) -- When I transferred it originally it was just the 108.MOV file which was 3.7GB, but it split into that weird encryption folder which is 3.7GB and the 108.MOV is now 0 bytes?12:30
Ben64clorisu: looks like its broken12:31
marusafter reboot i scan my local host for openport and i see 6881/tcp open  bittorrent-tracker12:31
Na3iLmarus, what tool you use to scan your open ports?12:31
Na3iLOnTheRocks, can you follow this tuto → https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-nfs-mount-on-ubuntu-12-0412:32
marus13:31 < Na3iL> marus, what tool you use to scan your open ports?12:32
clorisuBen64: is there any way to fix it?12:33
Ben64clorisu: ask the person who made it?12:33
=== Jgh is now known as Guest28822
Na3iLmarus, Linux iptables Bittorrent tcp ports 6881 to 688912:34
dopstarclorisu: what did you do with the file?12:34
Ben64marus: "sudo lsof -i :6881" will tell you what software is listening on that port12:34
clorisuBen64:  i made the archive file myself, around 2 years ago. it corrupt at the time and ive just kept it saved since.12:35
clorisudopstar:  nothing, just transferred it to a different file system only iirc.12:35
dopstarclorisu: you can generate a checksum like with: "md5sum filename.tar.gz > filename.tar.gz.md5sum"12:35
marusBen64, i know wich software and i have stop it and closed the port, i was just wondering why it happend every time at boot12:36
dopstarclorisu: if the checksum is not the same then there was a network error in transmission you just need to treansfer it again12:36
Ben64marus: because you set it to run at boot12:36
marusBen64: nope i rearly don't12:37
Ben64marus: it doesn't happen by default, so you did12:37
Na3iLmarus, you have enabled Iptables firewall, thus while booting it opens TCP ports from 6881 to 688912:37
`ph8Hi all, i've just installed the latest fglrx from wily-proposed and it works! I can boot, hurrah!12:37
marusokay :-) i will remove it from init and see if it come back :-)12:37
OnTheRocksdammm it12:37
`ph8I only have one more problem, when i'm playing graphic-intensive stuff like games (Planetary annihilation, prison architect) the graphics card starts resetting every few minutes (black screen, game is still in progress but monitor layout is reset)12:38
OnTheRocksasist@uvm120:~$ ls /mnt/win-nfs/12:38
OnTheRocksls: impossível abrir a pasta /mnt/win-nfs/: Permissão negada12:38
`ph8after a few resets the whole desktop environment freezes12:38
`ph8any idea what it could be? There's nothing much in the Xorg.0.log (no warnings (WW) or anything)12:38
OnTheRockswhy i cant view folder content?12:38
Ben64`ph8: sounds like it could be a hardware problem12:38
OnTheRocksi did a mount to a shared folder in windows12:39
`ph8It's fine outside of gaming12:39
`ph8and it's been fine in the past12:39
`ph8although my PC has just been in storage for 6 months12:39
OnTheRocksand i cant view its content event with admin rights!?12:39
=== Kash is now known as Kadsh
`ph8it didn't happen with the Open source radeon drivers, although the game wasn't exactly performant12:39
Ben64OnTheRocks: pastebin the output of "mount" and "ls -ld /path/to/mountpoint"12:39
`ph8any idea how i might diagnose dodgy hardware @ben64? Like a getting too hot kinda thing?12:40
Ben64`ph8: heat could definitely be it. join ##hardware for hardware stuff12:41
OnTheRocksmount it didnt give any error12:41
momomosometimes ( quite often ) the media scanner will start scanning my 1tb disk and that's quite annoying for no reason ... how can I disable that ?12:42
OnTheRocksi think system did the mount with success12:42
OnTheRocksbut i can have permission to view12:42
Ben64OnTheRocks: you didn't paste anything i asked for12:46
OnTheRocksi paste it12:47
Ben64you did commands that i didn't say12:48
momomois htere a wasy to get the switcher to an icon for each window ?12:50
Ben64OnTheRocks: i'm going to go ahead and give up now, if it's going to take this long to complete step 1, i can't do it12:51
clorisudopstar: i dont have the original file that the archive was made out of unfortunately12:52
unknownmehi, I tried to make an bootable usb stick with usb-creator to install 15.10. I created the stick using 15.04. when I boot from this stick I get an "boot error".12:52
clorisudopstar: if i did it wouldnt matter that the archive was broken, but unfortunately ive lost the original12:52
EriC^^unknownme: try sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync12:53
unknownmeI read that it is not possible from 15.04 to create a 15.10 stick?12:53
roryunknownme: yes it is, it just copies the iso directly. you could do it from another Linux distribution even12:53
EriC^^( make sure you get /dev/sdX to be your usb using sudo parted -l )12:53
EriC^^unknownme: ^12:53
lotuspsychjeunknownme: did you try to press TAB when you get that message?12:54
unknownmelotuspsychje, no. with enter it continues booting from hard disk12:55
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
syntroPiunknownme, you could try to boot the iso in a vm (virtualbox) and give it the access to your usb stick. then you could use usb creator from within 15.10 to write that iso on usb stick12:55
syntroPirory, i think it does a bit more than dd (i.e. install grub and such)12:59
marusBen64: do you know how can i disable it from boot13:00
rorysyntroPi: nope, you can dd directly to a usb flash drive and it works13:00
roryit's called a "hybrid iso" or something and it's been the case for a while now13:01
syntroPirory, but usb-creator does not just copy like that13:01
roryno because usb-creator uses a method that works with ancient isos too13:01
EriC^^simplest and best way is to dd the iso13:01
syntroPiyes hence my comment13:01
roryBoth methods work but dd is simpler if you're happy running a command13:02
lotuspsychjelucky for us devs are working on a new usb-creator for xenial13:02
syntroPiand btw that dd the iso is not working very reliably13:02
EriC^^syntroPi: dd is most reliable, surely more reliable than using a vm to write to a usb13:02
TJ-lotuspsychje: yeah, a 2-line shell script with 'dd' in it :)13:03
syntroPiexcept when it doesnt work :P13:03
lotuspsychjeTJ-: :p13:03
EriC^^syntroPi: it doesn't get much fool-proof than dd..13:03
TJ-EriC^^: don't you believe it!13:03
auronandacesyntroPi: when doesn't it work? are you trying to dd non-hybrid iso files13:03
futurama140how do i mount an img file to a micrsd card?13:03
unknownmerory, EriC^^ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes... known issues -> point 3. I am not sure if this is the issue I have13:03
TJ-EriC^^: however simple you make it, I can bring you fools that can break it :p13:04
unknownmeDue to changes in syslinux, it is not currently possible to use usb-creator from 14.04 and earlier releases to write USB images for 15.04 or later; we believe that it is also not possible to use usb-creator from a 15.04 or later system to write USB images for earlier releases. For now the workaround is to use a matching release of Ubuntu to write the images, but we intend to issue updates soon to work around this incompatibility. 1313:04
unknownme25801, 1446646 and 149974613:04
EriC^^TJ-: i mean the method itself, not the user interaction :p13:04
TJ-EriC^^: oh, you and your qualifications :D13:04
auronandaceunknownme: that is due to the change to systemd in 15.04 and later13:05
EriC^^unknownme: use dd and call it a day13:05
TJ-bug 149974613:05
ubottubug 1499746 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Wily) "Early Syslinux Boot Error in pendrive made with the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149974613:05
TJ-auronandace: no, not systemd, it's the syslinux code changes13:06
unknownmeEriC^^, ok. I'll try dd13:06
momomolotuspsychje, to see the bug I was talking about, you need to disable the "show live previws in the switcher" in compiz unity plugin13:06
auronandaceTJ-: ah, sorry, thanks for the info13:06
lotuspsychje!yay | momomo13:06
ubottumomomo: Glad you made it! :-)13:06
TJ-auronandace: i know why you'd think that though - it seems to be cause of most other disruption around 15.04 :D13:06
lotuspsychjemomomo: so you installed ccsm?13:07
momomolotuspsychje, i had it alreayd installed13:07
=== newbie is now known as Guest47522
lotuspsychjemomomo: ok col!13:08
momomolotuspsychje, ^ ^13:08
momomoi am not even using the unity switcher13:08
momomobut that setting has to be on either way13:08
momomoi am using the static application switcher13:08
futurama140can someone guide me through the process of mounting an IMG file to a microsd?13:09
momomonow I wisht hat switcher could always show on all screens .. it's quite annoying that it keeps showing on one or the other13:09
momomodepending on active window13:09
lotuspsychje!info acetoneiso | futurama140 try this13:09
ubottufuturama140 try this: acetoneiso (source: acetoneiso): feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4-2 (wily), package size 1098 kB, installed size 1793 kB (Only available for linux-any)13:09
futurama140thank you. i shall try13:10
futurama140is not the capability built in ubuntu?13:10
lotuspsychje!iso | futurama14013:11
ubottufuturama140: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.13:11
lotuspsychje!info furiusisomount | futurama140 or try this13:11
ubottufuturama140 or try this: furiusisomount (source: furiusisomount): ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF and NRG image management utility. In component universe, is optional. Version (wily), package size 75 kB, installed size 444 kB13:11
futurama140are IMG files treated the same as ISOs?13:12
lotuspsychjefuturama140: an .img file is also an image like an .iso13:12
lotuspsychjefuturama140: but not all programs will manage all types of images13:13
futurama140ok that's what i was assuming13:13
lotuspsychjeioria: good afternoon :p13:15
iorialotuspsychje, hi there !!!13:15
futurama140is there somewhere i can learn all the essential functions of working in a linux distribution? like attaining a basic conversational proficiency in a new language? i understand mastery will take quite a while, but i find i have no clue how to accomplish basic tasks and i dont even know  what the appropriate questions are to ask.13:16
lotuspsychje!manual | futurama14013:16
ubottufuturama140: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:16
futurama140aha! thank you.13:16
lotuspsychjefuturama140: you can request manpages in your terminal also for help: man yourcommand13:17
futurama140man as in manual. ok. good to know13:18
lotuspsychjefuturama140: there are also tons of handy packages for ubuntu out there, to make ones life easier, so if you need something come ask us13:19
futurama140what is a front-end for a program i already have?13:20
lotuspsychje!cn | allen13:21
ubottuallen: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:21
lotuspsychjefuturama140: not sure what your asking here, can you detail?13:22
chris_99Does anyone know if theres any patch for the broadcom-sta driver, to make it compile on 4.2.0-18-generic13:22
lotuspsychjeErik_Underline: welcome13:23
futurama140i keep finding mention of front-ends for things such as wine, with names that may have no relation the the core program. is this just a plug-in of sorts?13:24
whiteknight69Hi, is there any way to speed up the Caps Lock key? I use it instead of shift for typing in upper-case.13:24
whiteknight69There is a slight delay in Ubuntu as opposed to Windows13:25
lotuspsychjefuturama140: playonlinux is a front-end for wine, means it uses wine also13:25
ioriachris_99, well, take a look here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl .... not sure13:25
chris_99i've found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/broadcom-sta/+bug/150497513:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1504975 in broadcom-sta (Ubuntu) "broadcom-sta-dkms broadcom-sta kernel module failed to build [error: too few arguments to function ‘cfg80211_disconnected’]" [Medium,Confirmed]13:26
Erik_UnderlineSo I recently got the latest Ubuntu Linux distro yesterday, installed it on a SSD, and everything went fine. However, I'm having two big problems; first the headphone jack doesn't work, like it does while I run Windows on my older HDD. It is registered by the computer, as it switches in sound menu to  it, but it refuses to play any sound. I've tried all solutions on http://goo.gl/1LsGE5 but none works for me.13:26
lotuspsychje!sound | Erik_Underline13:26
ubottuErik_Underline: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.13:26
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lotuspsychjeErik_Underline: tryed LTS on same machine?13:27
futurama140lotuspsychje: so it's a seperate piece of software that uses wine at its core and performs independantly?13:29
lotuspsychjefuturama140: yeah you could say that13:29
Erik_Underlinelotuspsychje: I picked the standard option to download on Ubuntu's site. LTS is standard right? If you mean LTS = long term support ?13:29
Avocado_Got my external harddisk, hurray13:30
Erik_Underline14.04 I got, which is LTS13:30
lotuspsychjeErik_Underline: you said you download latest ubuntu= 15.10?13:30
lotuspsychjeah ok13:30
Erik_UnderlineOH, wrong, I meant 14.04, assumed it was the latest, sorry xD13:30
lotuspsychjeErik_Underline: no sweat, did you update to 14.04.3?13:31
futurama140ok. it's hard for me to get it with something new if i dont know the how and why. im not very good at blindly executing tasks like a mac user.13:31
lotuspsychjefuturama140: it all depends what your trying to do exactly?13:31
dawciobielIs it possible to add some additional name for interface? for exmaple i got "eth0" but i also wanna got "eth_lan". I need it cuz i got many scripts where configuration on them is based on interface name. I dont wanna change all of them when im changing name for interface13:32
futurama140well currently i'm trying to mount an IMG file to a microsd to root my nook tablet and simulateously trying to mount thief 2 game ISOs to install the game through wine.13:33
Erik_UnderlineI've only got 14.04 LTS13:34
lotuspsychjeErik_Underline: lsb_release -a13:34
Erik_UnderlineOh, it says 14.04.03 LTS here13:35
lotuspsychjeErik_Underline: good :p13:35
lotuspsychjeErik_Underline: ok try to find sound errors in dmesg or syslog13:35
TJ-Erik_Underline: is this a relatively new PC?13:36
futurama140the game iso mounting is successful, and it is installing right now.13:37
lotuspsychje!yay | futurama14013:37
ubottufuturama140: Glad you made it! :-)13:37
futurama140now i'm trying to mount an IMG to the microsd13:37
lotuspsychjefuturama140: did you try that tool13:38
TJ-futurama140: what do you mean 'mount' that makes no sense13:38
FoddHey guys. Just a quick one. I sadly broke my S4 screen the other day, i really need to get a list of contacts from it.13:38
Fodddo you know of any software i can use that will let me download them?13:38
Avocado_he means mounting the iso13:38
TJ-futurama140: do you mean 'write' a data file to the micro-SD?13:38
Erik_UnderlineTJ-: It kinda is, it's from 2014, HP Elitebook 725 G213:38
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TJ-!ltse | Erik_Underline: I suspect you need a more recent kernel then, which LTS gets with ...13:39
ubottuErik_Underline: I suspect you need a more recent kernel then, which LTS gets with ...: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:39
Avocado_Does anybody know if I can make a folder inside of my backup HDD that is password protected?13:39
Avocado_I want to make distinction between private and public files13:40
lotuspsychjeAvocado_: use chmod to secure folders13:40
Avocado_lotuspsychje, I mean so that people cant access some files in my hdd but can access things like movies13:41
futurama140the  README as well as the youtube video say "mount the IMG to the microSD card"13:41
futurama140i agree that it makes no sene according to y understanding of mounting, but it's the terminology they have used13:41
ioriaAvocado_, you can use Disks to make an encrypted partion on your drive ....13:41
TJ-futurama140: the entire sentence makes  no sense, we 'mount' to a file-system 'mountpoint' which is a directory13:41
=== Guest76253 is now known as OnTheRocks
Avocado_ioria, isnt that tied to ubuntu only?13:42
ioriaAvocado_, you need multi system ?13:42
futurama140ok so i'm not alone in being confused by thewording of the instructions13:42
echoi have a question13:42
Avocado_ioria, I just want to password protect some files, preferrably a whole folder13:42
echohow can i output "-e" in the shell?13:42
=== echo is now known as Guest76478
Guest76478how can i output "-e" in the shell?13:43
TJ-futurama140: If it were me I'd walk away from those instructions; if the writer doesn't know what those terms mean they're dangerous13:43
Avocado_so when i lend my hdd people can access software and movies but not my personal files13:43
Avocado_external hdd*13:43
lotuspsychjeGuest76478: start from the beginning, what are you trying to do?13:43
ioriaAvocado_, ok... but that drive should be used also on win ?13:43
lotuspsychjeAvocado_: bad idea, because there is software that can recover data on hd's even if its passworded13:44
Guest76478lotuspsychje: i am trying to use echo so that it outputs the string "-e"13:44
ioriaAvocado_, complicated then....13:44
Avocado_lotuspsychje, i just want to protect it from noobs, not tech savvies13:44
Avocado_like my roommates13:44
Guest76478lotuspsychje: but neither echo13:44
Guest76478lotuspsychje: but neither echo '-'e nor echo "-e" nor anything else works13:44
lotuspsychjeAvocado_: make an archive of your personal stuff,passworded13:45
dawciobielwhat about "\\-e" ?13:45
dawciobielor "\-e" ?13:45
Avocado_lotuspsychje, havent thought about that, thanks!13:45
futurama140yeah, the instructions were written by and for windows users, it states the mac and linux users need to " just extract the img file from the downloaded file and mount it to an sd card. its that simple"13:45
Avocado_just rar it passwordprotected13:45
lotuspsychjeAvocado_: yep, long complicated password13:45
Guest76478dawciobiel: doesnt work13:45
Guest76478dawciobiel: the output is \-e then13:46
lotuspsychjeAvocado_: or better, save your personal stuff on a seperate hd13:46
futurama140so i'm at a loss for what to do with the files i have13:46
dawciobielGuest76478:  one sec, i will try it here..13:46
lotuspsychjefuturama140: mount your .img file, and drag n drop the data to your sd...not that hard13:46
lotuspsychjefuturama140: did you install that furius tool i suggested?13:46
lotuspsychjefuturama140: can you browse into that .img file with it?13:47
futurama140ok. that just seems too simple. i figured the sd would have needed to be made bootable somehow13:47
dawciobielGuest76478: try: echo " -e"13:47
dawciobieli got result: -e13:47
ioriaAvocado_, give a quick look here http://askubuntu.com/questions/137828/how-to-encrypt-files-using-a-cross-platform-solution13:48
Guest76478dawciobiel: yeah but then there's a space in between13:48
lotuspsychjefuturama140: that depends on the distro you wanna install on your tablet13:48
lotuspsychjefuturama140: android?13:48
dawciobielGuest76478: ok, one sec, i will try to get character code for '-- character13:48
futurama140cyanogen i believe is what i have13:48
futurama140yes android and nevermind i believe i got it working13:48
Guest76478dawciobiel: it's 0x02D13:48
lotuspsychjefuturama140: try the #android channel then, for more advise13:49
Avocado_ioria, WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues13:49
dawciobielGuest76478: did you tried withit ?13:49
Avocado_they detected some flaws i guess13:49
MonkeyDustGuest76478  or echo "-e "13:49
Avocado_The development of TrueCrypt was ended in 5/2014 after Microsoft terminated support of Windows XP.13:49
Guest76478dawciobiel: i tried echo -e \x2D13:49
ioriaAvocado_, better than nothing :þ13:49
Avocado_ioria, what about bitlocker?13:49
Guest76478MonkeyDust: then there's a space after it13:49
ioriaAvocado_, ah.... don't remember how it works, sorry13:49
Avocado_its a windows thing13:50
MonkeyDustGuest76478  yes, that works13:50
Guest76478MonkeyDust: there may not be a space13:50
futurama140its working just fine13:50
MonkeyDustGuest76478  maybe with 'sed' you can remove that space13:50
Guest76478TJ- surely knows something about it13:52
Guest76478he knows everything :D13:52
MonkeyDustGuest76478  http://www.theunixschool.com/2013/02/sed-examples-replace-delete-print-lines-csv-files.html13:52
Guest76478MonkeyDust: no no i have to do it using echo only13:53
Guest76478MonkeyDust: there definitely is a solution but i cant find it13:53
zteamAvocado_, It is believed that the TrueCrypt developers where pressed by authorizes like NSA or FBI and that they decided to shutdown TC becuase of that13:53
Avocado_zteam, I kind of believe that conspiracy13:53
MonkeyDustGuest76478  maybe the people in #bash know13:54
clorisuwhen I try to move a film from a external hdd to my harddrive i get an input/output error 3/4 of the way and it prevents the rest of the transfer. i can watch the whole video on the external hdd but only 3/4 on the hdd (and the file size is 3/4 also)? anybody know how to fix the input/output error or override it so i can transfer the rest of the file info?13:54
Guest76478MonkeyDust: ok i'll ask there ;)13:54
dawciobielGuest76478: echo -n -;echo "e"13:54
zteamAvocado_, but from what I know no major flaws was found in Truecrypt, but there was some minior flaws detected13:54
Guest76478dawciobiel: wut13:55
TJ-Guest76478:   printf "%s\n" '-e'13:55
Guest76478dawciobiel: how does this work13:55
dawciobielprintf - YES, but you said only 'echo"13:55
Guest76478dawciobiel: right ;)13:55
lotuspsychjeclorisu: try making an archive of the movie, then move to the other hd, and unpack there13:55
dawciobielAnyway with only echo it will work this line:       echo -n -;echo "e"13:55
Guest76478dawciobiel: why is that?13:55
zteamAvocado_, needles to say, there is a fork taking over named VeraCrypt13:55
dawciobielor just echo -n -;echo e13:55
Guest76478dawciobiel: why is that?13:56
lotuspsychjeclorisu: one of the hd's is fat32?13:56
TJ-Guest76478: echo -e '\x2de'13:56
MonkeyDustGuest76478  knows how to excite the channel13:56
clorisulotuspsychje: will give it a shot, thanks. not sure ill check now13:57
lotuspsychjeclorisu: fat32 is limited for files bigger then 4gig perhaps its that?13:57
Guest76478TJ-: you got it :DD13:57
clorisuyep lotuspsychje , the original is on a fat32, and the receiver is ntfs13:57
Guest76478TJ-: i knew you'd get it13:57
clorisulotuspsychje: limited in what regard?13:58
lotuspsychjeclorisu: how big is your movie?13:58
Guest76478TJ-: btw i am xubuntu682 the guy with the broken acer13:58
clorisulotuspsychje: 4.3gb13:58
clorisulotuspsychje: but the file only transfers 2.9gb before the i/o error13:58
lotuspsychjeclorisu: hmm i wonder how it got on that fat32 drive13:58
lotuspsychjeclorisu: maybe thatw shy your movie broke?13:59
clorisulotuspsychje: are there limitations to single file sizes on fat32 im not aware of? could you direct me to further info on the subject13:59
zteamclorisu, FAT32 only support filesd up 4 GB, if you want to transfer biger files to it, you need to convert the drive to NTFS or split the drive13:59
lotuspsychjeclorisu: or can you play it as full movie from the fat32?13:59
dawciobielGuest76478: I was trying with echo -e \x2D as well, but it will result "-" only, and when i wanna got "e" on this as well... i got SPACE between. echo -e \x2D \x6514:00
clorisuzteam: very interesting. thank you for the information. lotuspsychje  i can play the full movie from the fat32 seemingly14:00
Guest76478dawciobiel: yeah that was my problem aswell14:00
geirha4.3GB ~ 4.0 GiB   so it checks out14:00
dawciobielzteam: or split the file :)14:00
lotuspsychjedawciobiel: good idea14:01
zteamdawciobiel, ups that's what I meant when I wrote "splite the drive"14:02
clorisualright lotuspsychje , i got "an error occurred while adding files to the archive" at 2.9gb of the temp file being made14:02
Guest76478dawciobiel: why does echo \-e not work for this one14:02
Guest76478dawciobiel: i just dont get it14:02
whiteknight69Guys where do I configure Video Card settings?14:02
geirhaThe limit of FAT32 is 4 GiB ~ 4.295 GB. Nautilus will display that as 4.29 GB or 4.3 GB most likely14:02
lotuspsychjeclorisu: you remember how you got that movie on the fat32?14:02
whiteknight69Guys where do I configure Video Card settings?14:02
clorisulotuspsychje:  im fairly sure i just cut the file and pasted it into the folder with thunar14:03
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: whats not working14:03
lotuspsychjeclorisu: without errors?14:03
clorisulotuspsychje:  yes iirc14:03
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lotuspsychjeclorisu: ok maybe try what dawciobiel suggests, splitting the file14:03
whiteknight69lotuspsychje, I'm using an Intel HD iGPU. Tested a simple game and it's very jagged. Anti aliasing isn't working.14:04
clorisulotuspsychje:  how am i able to do that?14:04
geirhaIf it is slightly less than 4.29 GB, then it will fit on FAT3214:04
geirha*slightly less than 4.3GB I mean14:04
lotuspsychjegeirha: but it fails still on transfer to his ntfs14:04
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: ubuntu version?14:05
geirhaIs samba involved?14:05
lotuspsychjeclorisu: find a filesplitter for ubuntu14:05
clorisugeirha: 4,2777,794,880 bytes14:05
dawciobiellotuspsychje: zteam suggested it first, but he made "mistake", i knew he did it thats why i answered14:05
whiteknight6915.10 wily14:05
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: tryed LTS on that same card?14:06
zteamclorisu, are u getting the i/o error with the harddrive you are transfering from or too?14:06
geirhaclorisu: Right, that's less than the limit of 4,294,967,296 bytes14:06
lotuspsychjezteam: from fat32 to ntfs14:07
geirhaclorisu: Are you copying it over the net? via shared drive?14:07
whiteknight69no, lotuspsychje. Is there any way to fix in on 15.10?14:07
clorisuzteam: not sure how do i check? geirha nope, just locally on my filesystems14:07
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: you can go bughunting your system for it, or try LTS liveusb to test difference14:07
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: syslog and dmesg hold relevant info to trace whats going on14:08
whiteknight69lotuspsychje, is there no GUI software for tweaking graphics?14:08
geirhaclorisu: ok, then I'd boot into windows and check both drives with scandisk (or whatever it's called these days)14:08
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: before we 'tweak' we need to know whats going14:09
zteamclorisu, if I where in your shoes, I would try to perform a Checkdisk /fsck on the drive you are sending the file too14:09
clorisuzteam: i checked dmesg a few minutes ago and my last message was "[15312.880213] FAT-fs (sdb1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.14:09
zteamclorisu, if you have a Windows machine then stick to checkdisk, if not use fsck on Linux to check the drive14:10
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: whiteknight69 wich driver= shows sudo lshw -C video?14:10
clorisuzteam: sdb1 is where the file is stored. should i run fsck on it? if so is there a chance of me losing the file by doing so?14:10
TJ-Guest76478: you can also do " echo  ^[--e  " that is 'echo ' Ctrl+V then Esc, then '--e'14:10
whiteknight69lotuspsychje, driver=i91514:11
dopstarclorisu: make sure the the drive is unmounted before your run fsck14:11
Guest76478TJ-: thank you ;)14:11
lotuspsychjeclorisu: to split= http://askubuntu.com/questions/54579/how-to-split-larger-files-into-smaller-parts14:11
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: i would try 14.04.3 LTS on it14:11
whiteknight69lotuspsychje, alright. Any other suggestions?14:12
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: sure, dig into your syslog and dmesg to see whats going on14:12
clorisuzteam:  this is what im getting http://pastebin.com/K8uBv4Cz14:13
lotuspsychjewhiteknight69: any errors relevant to your graphics card14:13
zteamclorisu, from my experience fsck is a little more unreliable than Checkdisk on Windows them it comes to FAT and NTFS volume, that's why I reccomend you to stick with Checkdisk if possible :-)14:13
pwcawhy can't Lunix have a usable checkdisk tool?14:13
clorisuzteam: check out that paste, if its useless ill boot windows14:13
geirhapwca: because ntfs is closed source14:14
pwcawhy can't Lunix come up with a good alternative?14:15
MonkeyDustpwca  why can't windows have a usable fsck tool?14:15
geirhapwca: ext414:15
zteamclorisu, it's not useless, it's simply refuses to work with a drive that is unmounted14:15
pwcaisn't ext4 basically crap?14:15
MonkeyDustpwca  what makes you think that?14:16
clorisualright zteam ill try checkdisk, be back soon14:16
zteamclorisu, if you want to contiune with linux just run sudo umount /path/to/drive14:16
zteampwca, there are alternatives to both CheckDisk and alternatives to NTFS volumes as well, however, there is no way to repair a NTFS drive under Linux14:19
pwcaMonkeyDust: it tends not to work on Windows.14:19
Erik_UnderlineOkay, so I tried updating the kernel, but it gave no effect to the fact that my headphones won't perform any sound while my internal speakers would. I also tried with external speakers but they failed aswell. I've tried all relatable solutions that you sent to me via the !sound thingy14:19
Erik_UnderlineI've checked everything in sound menu ofc14:19
MonkeyDustpwca  and windows things don't work on linux, you're right14:20
zteampwca, that's not Linux fault, Linux can read and write NTFS volumes just fine14:20
xela2244hi, when i press power button screen should blank, but it does not do anything. I'm using ubuntu GNOME 15.1014:20
MonkeyDustpwca  that's because linux != windows14:20
pwcazteam: it can't repair it.14:21
Reuds_Hello i have an problem when i try to install/try ubuntu. It says: ACPI PCC probe failed. Then it freezes and i must shut down my pc manually. How can i fix this?14:21
pwcaMonkeyDust: it's 2015, this kind of logic doesn't impress anyone.14:21
Erik_UnderlineI've tried to uncheck anything in alsamixer aswell14:21
TJ-Erik_Underline: OK, possibly the output is muted. At a command-line have you tried "alsamixer" and ensuring the output is not muted?14:21
TJ-Erik_Underline: OK, you're ahead of me :)14:21
Erik_UnderlineTJ-: :D14:21
RDX4OOReuds_, try the newest version of ubuntu14:22
TJ-Erik_Underline: can you "pastebinit <( aplay -l; aplay -L )"14:22
zteampwca, nope, but how often would you actually need to that, then you can do it from Windows?  (the only reason for using NTFS it if you are sharing data between a Linux and a Windows machine anyway)14:23
Reuds_okay. Thanks. I have Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS14:23
Erik_UnderlineTJ-: What do you mean? Run the command in terminal?14:23
Erik_Underlinepastebinit <( aplay -l; aplay -L )14:23
zteampwca, and truth to be told, Linux can actually read some corrupted NTFS drive that Windows can't handle in some cases14:23
xela2244hi, when i press power button screen should blank, but it does not do anything. I'm using ubuntu GNOME 15.1014:24
TJ-Erik_Underline: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then run the command exactly as I typed it between the " " marks14:24
Erik_UnderlineIt says it's unable to lock the administration directory  (/var/lib/dpkg/). It's asking if another process is running it. Should I kill all other processes, because I got a download going aswell14:26
xela2244Erik reboot14:27
TJ-Erik_Underline: ignore that!14:27
bekksxela2244: Not necessary.14:27
zteamErik_Underline, do you have synpatic or sofutware center open?14:27
xela2244or go on /var/lib/dpkg/status14:27
Erik_UnderlineI do14:27
TJ-Erik_Underline: if there's an existing apt / package operation in progress you'll need to wait14:27
Erik_UnderlineOh okay14:28
Erik_UnderlineYou can't pause downloads from software center? What is this, 2005? :D14:29
TJ-Erik_Underline: instead do this  "cat <( aplay -l; aplay -L ) | nc termbin.com 9999"14:29
zteamErik_Underline, why would you like to that?14:30
Erik_UnderlineOkay here it is14:30
Erik_UnderlineI had my headphones plugged out at the earlier pastebin, here's with my headphones plugged in http://termbin.com/axs014:33
MrCeeIIIhello.... I am having an issue with installing latest version of flash player (adobe)14:33
TJ-Erik_Underline: right, I suspect the issue is due to the PC having 2 sound devices, HDMI and the internal ALC3228. When on speakers, are you using the HDMI ?14:34
zteamErik_Underline, have you checked that you are using the right outport in sound settings?14:34
MrCeeIIII like the online gamecenter pogo and I continue to get the error that the flash player is out of date... when i go to the adobe site to dload it redirects to the software center which inturn states adobe not found...14:35
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash14:35
Erik_UnderlineTJ-: I don't know if I'm using HDMI or not, where do I see that?14:35
TJ-Erik_Underline: which speakers are operating when you have sound? the ones on the HDMI monitor, or the system's internally connected speakers?14:36
MrCeeIIIi already installed that14:37
Erik_Underlinezteam: in sound settings, when I plug in my headphones, it switches to "headphones" from "speakers"14:37
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Erik_UnderlineTJ-: It must be internal speakers because I got a laptop and my monitor doesn't have any sound output14:38
Erik_UnderlineI assume :o14:38
TJ-Erik_Underline: ok, and you hear sound from the speakers?14:39
Erik_UnderlineI do14:39
Erik_UnderlinePerfectly clear, but whatever I put into the analog output mutes the speakers as it should, but doesn't give any output itself14:40
TJ-Erik_Underline: ok and does the GUI show the headphone output in its choice of output devices?14:40
Erik_UnderlineBut it does get registered by the machine as it recognizes it as "headphones" in sound menu14:40
Erik_UnderlineWith GUI I assume you mean the sound menu? Does it show anywhere else on the GUI?14:41
zteamif you go to sound settings output devices and try to change the output device to another and then play the test sound14:41
TJ-Erik_Underline: that's what I meant yes, because Pulseaudio would only show a headphone device if ALSA knew there is one, and your 'aplay -L' listing shows ALSA does *not* see a headphone device14:42
freakyyhi all. im trying to install the ubuntu propriaty drivers from the repository but when i boot with them the screen looks clutered, and dispositioned. like i move my mouse all the the right and then start again at the left etc.14:43
freakyyis there anything i can do about it?14:43
Erik_UnderlineTJ-: So how do I make ALSE see the headphones?14:43
freakyyi tried both the update driver and the non update driver14:43
clorisuhi zteam, im back. had complications on windows so decided to run chkdsk instead. got this output http://pastebin.com/vHd8iMJa -- it seems to have recovered a bunch of files into the fat32, but same i/o error when i try to transfer the one i want14:44
TJ-Erik_Underline: the first thing is to confirm this diagnosis. Double-check in 'alsamixer' for any menthion of headphone devices14:44
freakyyi mean the screen looks distore like several colored lines, black lines14:45
freakyyand it responds very slowly14:46
zteamclorisu, try to check the ntfs voule too14:46
zteamanother idea is to check the health of the hard drive with the disc tool14:47
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MrCeeIIIsomebody please help14:48
Erik_UnderlineTJ-; From alsamixer via f6 I can see that I got 2 sound cards registered, some HDMI one and HD-Audio Generic one. The "default", the "-", is set to the HDMI one, but that's weird because In the HDMI soundcard it only shows some S/PDIF while the second sound card, HD AUDIO GENERIC shows MASTER, HEADPHONES, SPEAKERS etc etc.   All are unmuted.14:48
TJ-Erik_Underline: OK, so you do see HEADPHONES for the ALC14:50
Erik_UnderlineALC? I do see headphones, yeah.14:50
zteamfreaky what graphics card do you have?14:51
TJ-Erik_Underline: the 'aplay -L' doesn't list it, so now we know where to focus. I'm afraid I can't help you further on that, but there are folks around who should be able to use that info to kick ALSA/Pulseaudio into configuring a headphones output14:51
drakonanall right so im in ubuntu now yay14:52
Erik_UnderlineOkay thanks, I'll be leaving for a while now and return in 20 mins or so14:53
freakyyzteam: [AMD/ATI] Thames [Radeon HD 7550M/7570M/7650M]14:54
drakonanif it says x86-64 do i need a 32bit or a 64bit package14:54
EriC^^64 bit14:54
drakonank ty14:54
zteamMrCeeIII,   sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer, that would install flash for you14:55
zteamMrCeeIII, another option is to install Google Chrome, that one have a working and updated flashplayer built-in14:56
clorisuok zteam so when i try to run it on the ntfs i get this error http://pastebin.com/8iyaMNtR14:57
drakonanztane_, im jus installing that now hopefully i can use chromecast with it?14:57
drakonanwith netflix14:57
drakonanhow do i resolve dependencies google chrome14:57
zteamclorisu, NTFS cannot be repaired from a Linux machine, you need a Windows machine to do that14:59
Reudshello. i downloaded the newest version of ubuntu and i get this error when i try to install it: ata8.00: status : { DRDY}14:59
MonkeyDustReuds  what's the newest to you, 15.10 or 16.04?   16.04 is not ready15:00
MrCeeIIIzteam: thanks man ill try it later... gotta run15:01
zteamclorisu, you can try with sudo ntfix /dev/sda2 but there is not much it can15:01
freakyyLinux schleppi 4.2.0-18-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Fri Nov 6 18:25:50 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:01
MonkeyDustReuds  where did you download ubuntu and how are you trying to install15:03
clorisuzteam: ive tried copying it into two different ntfs filesystems, the linux and windows one, and the file stops at exactly the same byte for both. would that suggest its the fat32 and not the ntfs?15:03
zteamfreakyy, there are drivers here check if they are newer than the ones you are currently using15:04
Reuds_i have ubuntu studios and i downloaded it from here:   https://ubuntustudio.org/download/15:04
Erik_UnderlineTJ-: Back, would a possible solution be a complete reinstall of the OS?15:05
Erik_UnderlineMaybe something happened for me during the install for the ALSA15:06
zteamclorisu, yes, it seems so, as I said earlier try wit chkdsk d: /R from a Windows machine and see what happens15:06
MonkeyDustReuds  and how are you installing it... dvd/usb?15:06
MonkeyDustReuds_  and is there a windows on it? which version?15:07
Reuds_Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit15:07
Reuds_is this a problem?15:07
zteamfreakyy, sorry forgot the link http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Linux+x8615:08
MonkeyDustReuds_  you're not telling anything... what have you tried so far, where/when does it go wrong15:08
MonkeyDustReuds_  do you want to dualboot or replace windows completely15:08
Reuds_okay i put in my Ubuntu studios disk. this works obviously :D. then i boot the cd and then i get the Menu :try ubuntu without installation. Install ubuntu and the other options. i think we all know wich menu. When I try "instsll Ubunut" or "gry ubuntu" i get an black screen with lines beginning with some numbers and ata8.00 or ats8: SError15:11
clerisyalright zteam for "chkdsk d: /R" im getting the error message "cannot open volume for direct access."15:11
Reuds_and i want a dualboot if this is possible15:11
ioriaReuds_, try F& Option -> nomodeset15:13
ioriaReuds_, try F6 Option -> nomodeset15:13
zteamclerisy, you were replacing D: with the device you were having trouble with right?15:13
MonkeyDustReuds_  scroll down, is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/695557/boot-freezes-with-ata-error/69636815:13
clerisyzteam: replacing? what do you mean? sorry im confused15:14
Reuds_okay i try now with nomodeset15:15
MonkeyDustReuds_  yes, nomodeset is a common solution15:15
zteamyou are supposed to be replacing d: with the letter of the device you want to check (the one you want to copy the file to)15:15
zteamclerisy, so if it showing up as for example x: in Windows explorer the command should be, chkdsk x: /R15:17
Reuds_okay with nomodeset i have the same error15:17
clerisyzteam: how do i determine whats it called on windows? i know its /dev/sda1 on linux but windows uses the ":" drives right?15:17
clerisyzteam: my linux partition isnt showing up in windows explorer15:17
zteamclerisy, yep, that's showen in windows explorer15:17
ioriaReuds_, can you paste the exact error ?15:18
Reuds_ill try give me a sec15:18
zteamclerisy, linux partition, I thought you are trying to copy it to a NTFS partiton???15:18
ioriaReuds_, and how big is your HD ?15:18
shibbwho are you15:19
zteamclerisy, CheckDisk is a Windows utilty and can only check NTFS and FAT volumes15:19
clerisyzteam: i think the linux partition is ntfs? iirc it says ntfs/ext4 on the disk utility15:20
zteamclerisy, send me a screenshot please so I can see what you are doing?15:22
clerisyok let me change back to linux and ill take it zteam15:22
zteamclerisy, ohh, you are on Windows now...15:22
faridhow are u?15:23
=== farid is now known as Guest93185
Reudshere is the error code:http://www.fotos-hochladen.net/view/20151122161332w5l89utvzs.jpg15:24
freakyyzteam: thanks, but installing with Ubuntu option gives file not found errors and i get no .deb packages - im currently redoing it and checking the logfile15:24
freakyywill take some more time15:24
noeliaHello everyone15:25
ioriaReuds_, it's something like this https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=174335    the fix for him was switch SATA ports ...15:25
ioriaReuds, it's something like this https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=174335    the fix for him was switch SATA ports ...15:25
MonkeyDustReuds  i read 'bad CRC' there, guess that's a clue15:26
MonkeyDustcrc = cyclical redundacy check15:26
clorisuah zteam i confused myself because its the whole harddisk which is listed as ntfs/ext4 , but thats just both of the partitions -- windows and linux. the linux partition is ext415:26
Reudsswitch sata ports? you mean to take the cable of the hard drive and put it instead of the sata xy into another?15:27
clorisuzteam: so is there any way to chkdsk the ext4 while its mounted and im using it?15:27
zteamclorisu, yes that sounds better :-)15:27
bekksclorisu: No.15:28
clorisuor better question zteam , is there any point checking it when the i/o error occurs at the same byte for both ntfs and ext4? doesnt that suggest its the fat3215:28
motaka2hello, after restarting ubuntu it ends to a dark screen, it shows the mouse pointer for a second and then it stops working in that black page15:28
Reudsbut on the same hard drive there is windows and it works perfectly ._.15:28
ioriaReuds, switch your SATA ports your drives are connected to .....15:28
ioriaReuds, two drives ?15:29
Reudsi have only one hard drive ._.15:29
ioriaReuds, sorry, just one drive ?15:29
muhandashis this IRC?15:29
bekksclorisu: the same i/o cannot occur on nboth NTFS and ext4, since both are using different regions of your disk. If if, that test is pointless. I/O error indicate broken disks, which need to be replaces as soon as possible, after immediately ensuring you have a full backup.15:29
MonkeyDustmuhandash  yes, the ubuntu support channel15:29
muhandashright, thanks MonkdyDust.15:30
Reudsiora yes only one harddrive15:30
ioriaReuds, the problem is not the drive, is the port on the MB15:30
clorisubekks: it seems im getting the same i/o error. just to clarify, i am moving a file from fat32 to the ntfs and ext4, and that is when i get the seemingly same i/o error15:30
Reudsokay. So only ubuntu has obviously a problem with it bc windows works fine15:30
clorisubekks: which is why i suggested the error was the fat32 error15:30
motaka2hello, after restarting ubuntu it ends to a dark screen, it shows the mouse pointer for a second and then it stops working in that black page. what should I do ?15:30
zteamclorisu, well lets start over a little bit, you have 1 fat32 device you were tried to copy a movie from and you had tried to copy it to both a NTFS volume and to ext4 volume right?15:31
zteamclorisu, is those the same volume?15:31
clorisucorrect zteam15:31
Reudsokay i'll shut down and swith the ports and theeen if it works thanks but if not I'll come back :)15:32
clorisuzteam: volume meaning physical entity? its on the same harddrive15:32
zteamclorisu, okey, are u on Linux or Windows right now?15:33
clorisuzteam: the harddrive is partitioned into a ntfs and ext4, heres a screen http://i.imgur.com/invrsZI.png15:33
clorisuzteam: im on linux ext4 atm15:33
motaka2hello, after restarting ubuntu it ends to a dark screen, it shows the mouse pointer for a second and then it stops working in that black page. what should I do ?15:34
BluesKajHiyas all15:34
zteamif you click on the chuggwheel and select smart-data and self test, and then try to run a selftest on the device15:36
clorisuzteam: extended short or conveyance?15:37
noeliaI need some help, I can't make Mania Drive game sound work15:37
noeliaThe output when I run the game from terminal is this : Cannot open sound system15:37
zteamclorisu, try with extended if you want to be sure, btw there is a little windows tool you can try to copy the file with it you want, but I would still reccomend you to run the self test to make sure your disk is okey15:39
MonkeyDustnoelia  does this give any output    play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*15:39
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clorisuzteam: to copy the file with the i/o error? and okie ill run the test now15:40
zteamclorisu, yes http://www.roadkil.net/program.php/P29/Unstoppable%20Copier15:41
Nick714Ok so I have a bug I think I found. I found away around it last time but this time I am stuck. My internet does not work at all on Ubuntu Server and I need to install the correct Broadcom driver15:41
clorisuzteam: apparently theres a linux download for it, should i try it here?15:42
zteamclorisu, there are tools for Linuxs as well, but the only one i now about makes a complet mirror of your damaged disk15:42
=== wook is now known as Guest72677
zteamclorisu, cool didn't know about that, yes, try it first and then check the health of your device15:43
Nick714http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2174511 is where I was able to figure it out with Ubuntu Desktop but  how can I install those drivers on Ubuntu Server without Internet? Can I store the files on a usb and install them on the computer?15:44
zteamclorisu, you should probably try to copy the files to a new harddrive or usb-pendrive15:44
clorisuzteam: you mean with the tool or before i try to use the tool?15:44
noeliaMonkeyDust It does give an output15:45
noeliaMonkeyDust I think it's correct15:45
zteamclorisu, with the tool15:45
noeliaMonkeyDust It's a sound test, and it works perfectly well15:45
nitishHow can I search for a file with starting keywords from terminal?15:46
noeliaWould you please download the game and try if it works for you?15:47
=== echoecho is now known as echoechoecho
Nick714Anyone know if it is possible to Sudo install a package onto a usb and move it into another computer without Internet?15:48
MonkeyDustdownloading a and installing a game is one bridge too far15:49
nitishNick714: You can copy .deb file from one computer to another. To access that location "nautilus /var/cache/apt/archives"15:49
noeliaMonkeyDust There's no need to install it, it's a binary15:49
nitishNick714: and run .deb file in another computer type "sudo dpkg -i filename"15:50
zteamclorisu, be back later :)15:51
clorisuzteam: thanks for the help. i might be sleeping soon, so ill see you tomorrow if youre back15:51
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
Nick714nitish: If I do something like "Sudo apt-get install {b43 Broadcom driver}" that will install a.deb right? So I just have Togo into the path it, move it to my usb and run that command to run it correct?15:51
EriC^^Nick714: you need the .deb in a dir, and then type sudo dpkg -i file.deb to install15:52
nitishNick714: Yes, try it. go ahead.15:52
EriC^^Nick714: but that doesn't mean it will install, you need to have the dependencies satisfied15:52
freakyyzteam: i think i found the problem. the version.h was relocated and i now linked to the correct version - i hope it works now :)15:53
EriC^^Nick714: dpkg -I file.deb should show the dependencies under Depends:15:53
nitishhow can I search for a file from terminal?15:54
noeliaHere's the output when I run ./mania_drive.sh15:55
noeliaopen /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory15:55
noeliaRaydium: ERROR: Cannot open Sound System15:55
Nick714EriC^^: Oh ok, so I will move it to my computer and if there are any required dependencies I will also put those onto a usb, install them onto my broken computer then install the .deb of the driver15:56
EriC^^Nick714: sounds good15:56
Nick714nitish: I will try it when I get home thanks a lot for the help :)15:56
nitishNick714: You're welcome. :)15:57
Nick714Sorry one my question. So on Ubuntu Desktop I would be able to plug in my Ethernet able and it would get me Internet and from there I would install the correct wifi packages. In Ubuntu Server the Internet autoconfiguration failed with and without Ethernet. Do you think installing the correct Broadcom drivers would fix Ethernet and wifi? Or you think I have something setup wrong making no internet work15:59
EriC^^Nick714: were you able to run iwlist scan and such?16:00
=== kramer is now known as Guest39956
Nick714Eric^: iwlist scan? What would that do?16:02
noeliaAny ideas on how to make sound work in Mania Drive 1.2?16:02
EriC^^scan for available wifi16:02
Nick714Oh hah. That would of been smart to do...16:03
EriC^^Nick714: lspci -k | grep -A2 Wireless16:03
EriC^^should show the wireless card and the kernel driver in use ( if any )16:04
=== MrXXIV_ is now known as MrXXIV
Nick714I did ifconfig, said I was connected to Ethernet but my inet address was the default blank address (0.0.27 something like that) so I assumed I didn't have internet16:04
MonkeyDustnoelia  your sounds works, so it's game related and the game is not supported here... try here... http://memak.raydium.org/viewforum.php?f=1016:04
Nick714Eric^^: wireless card doesn't work at all unless I manually install the drivers hats why I need to use Ethernet to install them and if not then through USB. So iwlist scan how do I connect to wifi with a password from there?16:05
EriC^^Nick714: i think you can use nmcli16:06
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
Nick714EriC^^: thanks a lot for the help I'm new to Ubuntu Server and not using GUIs. I'll try those commands when I get to my computer from there I'll figure it out. Hopefully Ethernet works so I don't have to go back and forth with a USB16:08
EriC^^Nick714: np, this might be useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/16584/how-to-connect-and-disconnect-to-a-network-manually-in-terminal16:10
Nick714Oh great thanks I'll check it out. I'll be back later if something goes wrong :P16:11
EriC^^ok :D16:12
=== jem_ is now known as Guest5010
ReudsHello thanks for the help. Changing the Sata Port helped :3 Luv you16:14
ioria!yay | Reuds16:15
ubottuReuds: Glad you made it! :-)16:15
=== Guest5010 is now known as jemmithy
ReudsI'm excited about working with Ubuntu studios. Luv you guys realy much.16:16
ioriaand ubuntu is excited to work with you16:16
jemmithyhi.  new convert from windows.  pretty cool so far.16:18
MonkeyDustReuds  there's also #ubuntustudio16:19
freakyyzteam: ok ... i couldnt install the amd driver. it keeps doing something for a while and then when it tries to put the .deb files and stuff from somewhere into the current folder it only gives "file or directory not found" for all the files. no error message just this.16:20
Reudsyeah but it more a main Ubuntu Problem how i found out16:20
NJRHow can one contribute to ubuntu?16:21
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu16:22
=== arun_ is now known as Guest98592
=== woodruff- is now known as woodruffw
freakyyok none of the drivers work for fglrx for my graphics card16:41
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest2109
lantokayneed some help trying to install chrome remote desktop16:47
flyn4x4Oh boy16:49
rkeederAnyone know how to help with getting a wifi adapter that is not supported in 14.04 working?17:03
rkeederThe adapter works if I use the 4.3 kernel, but not ready for that yet.17:03
killshello, I have an issue with ubuntu 15,10 after it upgraded it had some issues with some packages, which after running full upgrade disapeared, but now when i tried to restart ubuntu wont load17:04
killsI canaccess terminal but otherwise is just black screen,it does say unknown fstype after decrypting17:05
cocosushikills: I had the same problem in ubuntu 12.04, did you ran "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ?17:05
killsi rando-release-upgrade17:06
cocosushiit is maybe an issue with lightdm, try reinstalling it17:06
cocosushior maybe it is your driver17:06
cocosushiwhich graphic card have you got ?17:07
killsim a novice on linux can youplease provide instructions how to17:07
rkeederkills, I'd back up any import files before doing anything.17:07
killsi have nvidia gt105m17:07
killsnot sure what are import files or how to bakcthem up17:08
freakyyhi all. how can i get the experimental ati driver as seen here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer-experimental-1317:08
rkeederkills, you personal files.17:08
killsok, butI have noclue how to back them up if i only have terminal17:09
cocosushikills: if you want to back up files : insert a USB key or drive, and type (in terminal) "sudo mv /home /path/to/USB/key"17:09
killsand actually dont need all the files Ireally need are online17:09
RudeViperGood Afternoon all - I have a question that is not entirely Ubuntu related - but is half Ubuntu related. I need to run a program from a usb drive in Both Windows and Linux - how do I set the usb drive up to be able to do that...I also need the data to sync across both platforms.17:10
cocosushikills: then don't backup if you don't have anything important17:10
freakyycocosushi: dontu want to do cp isntead of mv?17:10
cocosushifreakyy: ups, sorry, you're right17:10
freakyykills dont do mv do cp isntead17:11
killsnot doing backing up17:11
cocosushifreakyy: do you know how to install the nVidia driver ? I don't have any nVidia graphic card17:11
rkeederRudeViper, one you should format it as vfat3217:11
SchrodingersScatI was looking up if linux can execute programs on fat, ntfs is a non starter, right?17:12
killsmy help ran away17:13
freakyycoco no i have an ati driver17:13
freakyyi mean card17:13
distrodsk /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER distrodsk txoyklzaapkj17:13
killscan anybody else help?17:13
rkeederRudeViper, two to exectute follow this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/23128/how-do-i-execute-a-file-from-a-fat-usb-drive17:13
rkeederdistrodsk you just let everyone see your password17:14
nrdbSchrodingersScat, it will execute from vfat17:14
RudeViperrkeeder - thanks - that may be exactly what I am looking for17:14
distrodskmy password wasnt in that17:14
distrodskthanks for the heads up tho17:14
=== MalConsejo is now known as deb
MonkeyDustdistrodsk  better do that in the status window17:15
rkeederkills, I would just do a fresh install and try again, if you can't find a specific solution from anyone here.17:17
GhastlySpectreIs there a way to browse my mobile phone's remote file system using kdeconnect if I'm not on kde?17:17
killswell i wasted bleep load of time to get steam working on ubuntu after first install17:18
rkeederkills, well you should be able to do it faster this time.17:18
killswell the problem is really want sure what i was doing morelike runing commands17:18
Ubuntuany one is using quickly ?17:19
=== Ubuntu is now known as Guest86985
MonkeyDust!info quickly17:19
ubottuPackage quickly does not exist in wily17:19
rkeederkills, if you use overlayroot you can test things before they permanently install and then you can reboot without messing up your root system. But it won't work for some things.17:20
MonkeyDustwhat's quickly?17:20
=== m_A_y_A_t is now known as M_A_Y_A_T
rkeederAnyone here know how to get ubuntu to detect a wifi adapter?17:21
MonkeyDustGuest86985  try in #ubuntu-app-devel17:21
Guest86985i started today with quickly and when i try package it gives me erro17:21
killsyes thats good to know but I would still rather make iot wokr again instead of reinstalling17:21
Guest86985An error has occurred when creating debian packaging ERROR: can't create or update ubuntu package ERROR: package command failed Aborting17:22
=== M_A_Y_A_T is now known as m_A_y_A_t
killsanyway if somebody here has some time to help a novice with ubuntu 15,10 booting up to a black screen give me a shout17:23
MonkeyDustGuest86985  it was a program for 12.0417:23
MonkeyDustGuest86985  i guess it's no longer maintained, used or supported17:23
EriC^^kills: can you login in ctrl+alt+f1?17:24
killsyes ican17:24
EriC^^ok, type dpkg -l | grep nvidia17:24
killsi can use terminal ran an sudo get update17:24
Guest86985hm intresting. i found on askubuntu answer "ou are probably using a version of the python-distutils-extra package from the precise-proposed pocket in the archive, that is newer than the stable release and that it is known to cause trouble with the latest Quickly version.  Try to downgrade it by running the following command, and then re-run the Quickly packaging command:  sudo apt-get install python-distutils-extra=2.32-2" but i ca17:24
EriC^^kills: are you logged on in irssi on the same pc right now?17:25
killsnope on differnet pc17:25
jamesguessiswhat does it mean to get the error `Illegal instruction (core dumped)` when running a program?17:25
EriC^^kills: ok, np, type dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999 and copy the link here17:25
EriC^^jamesguessis: looks like an error about public defacation or something, consult a lawyer i guess17:26
=== kisfaludy is now known as xpc
intuxicatedI am using ubuntu with java oracle 8 and my ide font is so ugly. http://sk.uploads.im/KHQOu.png any idea how i can fix this?17:27
EriC^^kills: ok, try lspci | grep VGA | nc termbin.com 999917:27
rkeederIs there anyone here who can help with getting my wifi adapter working?17:27
rkeederMy wifi adapter is not recognized with lspci17:28
jamesguessismakes sense17:28
nrdbrkeeder, have you tried to install the resisticted-drivers package17:28
intuxicatedusing _JAVA_OPTIONS='-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd' wont help17:29
rkeedernrdb, no, I haven't. But the driver is recognized if I upgrade to 4.3 kernel, but I can't use that one for other reasons.17:29
rkeedernrdb, Do you think restricted drivers may help with that in consideration?17:29
nrdbrkeeder, I need to use that to get my wi-fi to go.17:29
rkeedernrdb, i see.17:30
nbusroneTJ- : sorry for coming back late which I promise. Going back to the USB3.0 wakeup port , I just need to do type this echo disabled | sudo dd of=/sys/bus/devices/4-1" ?17:30
rkeederI guess I can give it a try.17:30
* intuxicated switch to openjdk-817:31
distrodskis there anyone who knows a bit of javascript help me out? im completely new to it, trying to make a theme picker but im lost and cant get any help17:31
MonkeyDustdistrodsk  #javascript17:31
MonkeyDustor ##javascript17:32
distrodskis that the same as ##javascript?17:32
momomoguys, iam running unity17:32
momomoand I am tired of it17:32
momomoi fixed one problem and now I have two17:32
EriC^^kills: try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999917:32
MonkeyDustmomomo  install something else, logout, switch, login17:32
jamesguessisUnity is horrifying17:32
momomois it safe to unitall unity ?17:32
momomoand what should I switch to?17:32
k1l_momomo: you can install other desktops if you like and use them.17:32
MonkeyDustmomomo  lxde, xfce, mate, kde17:33
intuxicateddistrodsk, whats your problem17:33
rkeedermomomo, You can always try a different ubuntu flavor, like gnome or elementary.17:33
momomoMonkeyDust, i guess not gnome3 .. i believe that sucks too17:33
k1l_momomo: rkeeder elementary is no ubuntu flavor17:33
MonkeyDustmomomo  you mean that you don't like it17:33
momomognome3 .. last time i tried it it was lacking .. but i am not sure17:34
k1l_momomo: its your choice. so we cant tell you what you may like. so try it yourself17:34
distrodskintuxicated im trying to make a theme picker where clicking one of several buttons changes the font, color, background of the webpage17:34
killsEriC^^:  got a broken pipe error17:34
rkeederk1l_, ok, but close enough fundamentally under the hood.17:34
momomok1l_, there is a cost of context switching17:34
momomoand setup and what not17:34
momomoso how do I remove unity and all assoicated packages ?17:34
distrodskive made a javascript function where ive declared a variable backgroundcolour17:34
k1l_rkeeder: that is why you should ask the elementary support about your issue. we cant know what they changed17:34
=== Isai is now known as Agent_Isai
k1l_momomo: you are making more drama than is needed.17:35
EriC^^kills: ok, type cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999917:35
MonkeyDustmomomo  you don't... remove ubuntu and install xubuntu or lubuntu, or kubuntu, or ubuntu-mate17:35
fractal618How can I keep my WIFI USB powered while the computer is in sleep mode?17:35
=== nbusrone1 is now known as nbusrone
rkeederk1l_,  my issue is exactly the same on Ubuntu, Gnome, Lubuntu and Elementary.  Tried them all.17:36
momomoMonkeyDust, remove ubunut ? i have so much installed .. that would be a tough restart17:36
rkeederMy wifi adapter is not recognized.17:36
=== [BNC]Ahav is now known as Ahav
killsyay this one i already have in history :D, http://termbin.com/czr217:36
MonkeyDustmomomo  then install xubuntu-desktop, it's light and fast17:36
momomoMonkeyDust, so it's not possible to unsintall unity  ?17:36
k1l_momomo: it is.17:37
k1l_momomo: so please see the answers and not just carry on ranting17:37
MonkeyDustmomomo  i guess it's possible, but not advisable (is that a word?)17:37
momomoi am getting mixed messages .. k1l_ is it safe to remove unity ? and install say, gnome3 or cinnamon instead?17:38
EriC^^kills: ok, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall nouveau17:38
EriC^^kills: hold on17:38
k1l_momomo: you will need another desktop if you want to remove unity. so dont tell users who answered you " <momomo> k1l_, there is a cost of context switching"17:38
EriC^^kills: ok, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau17:38
k1l_momomo: you can  install gnome-shell package from ubuntu repo, log out, chose  gnome on login screen. then you are done17:39
MonkeyDustmomomo  don't reject every advice you get here17:39
momomok1l_, yes, i understand that .. what I meant is that there is a cost so I can't just try and see .. i'd like to get the best on first try17:39
EriC^^momomo: we can't know which de you'd like that easily17:39
killsEriC^^:  done17:40
EriC^^you could try them in a vm if you want and see which one you like best momomo17:40
momomoEriC^^, is it possible to install cinnamon first and then remove unity ?17:40
EriC^^kills: ok, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-generic17:40
k1l_momomo: yes17:41
k1l_momomo: install the cinnamon desktop package.17:41
momomois this guide ok: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/07/new-cinnamon-ubuntu-14-04-ppa-stable17:42
momomoand then : apt-get autoremove --purge unity-*17:42
k1l_momomo: what ubuntu are you on?17:42
freakyydoes anyone here have the latest ati binary driver from the amd website installed? ... it keeps giving me no such file or directory ...17:42
k1l_momomo: yes, than you need a PPA. like mentioned in that article17:42
momomocinnamon is pretty good right? i've heard good things about linuxmint17:43
momomoi hope it's more stable than and less buggy than unity17:43
momomocan someone confirm?17:43
k1l_momomo: its more about if you like the looks.17:43
MonkeyDustmomomo  and mint is different distro17:44
EriC^^momomo: i wouldn't do purge unity-*17:44
momomoEriC^^, yes, maybe .. some people are having problem in that link with this update17:44
killsEriC^^:  done17:44
MonkeyDustmomomo  what exactly are you struggling with17:44
EriC^^kills: ok, type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us17:45
momomoMonkeyDust, so many minor things .. but right now, the cup that made it enough ( after 2 years )17:45
momomois the the problem with the minimize then maximize mouse coordination error17:45
k1l_momomo: ah, you are the guys from the last days. that error is gone on 15.1017:46
momomoi solved it by enabling show live previews .. but i don't use the unity application switcher because it;s not ideal but the cssm application switcher17:46
momomok1l_, so i heard, but someone told me today they dind't have it even on 14.04 so i ma thinking there is something in my setup17:46
momomobut i am not sure17:47
k1l_momomo: but if you like another desktop environment: just install another and use that. i dont get why you are making such a drama out of it17:47
momomok1l_, so just install cinnamon without removing unity /17:47
HackerIImomomo,  just install mate and all that goes with it and things may go back to normal.17:47
MonkeyDustmomomo  in 14.04 you need a ppa for cinnamon17:47
k1l_momomo: install another desktop you like from the repo and see if you like it. no need for debating hours on irc if you might like it. we cant help you on liking a desktop17:48
me-1hi...how can I install Chrome on ubuntu17:48
killsEriC^^:  typed in the wrong comman now it keeps adding lines and doesnt execute how can i exscape to type in new command17:49
logglogme-1: open ubuntu software center and isntall chromium17:49
EriC^^me-1: go to https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/17:49
EriC^^kills: try ctrl+c17:49
momomook, i will... so when I install cinnamon from a ppa .. will it automatically choose cinnamon as defaut then  ?17:49
momomowill all unity stuff still load and run in the background /17:49
k1l_momomo: you need to chose it on login screen. after that it will be the 1st choice everytime17:50
momomoi am just afraid that I be left surfing for answers on the mobile once i go this router17:50
HackerIIlog out pick cinnamon and log back in17:50
momomoook thanks17:50
me-1logglog, EriC^^  what is the diffrence between two..? do I need to add ppa for chrome17:50
logglogHello everyone, I opened my home folder and pressed ctrl + H to show hidden files and folders. Now every time i open my home folder it is showing the hidden files and i have to press ctrl+h to hide them every time. how do i fix this?17:50
HackerIImomomo, , if anything looks picky, just do a simple reboot to reset things17:50
k1l_momomo: when unity is installed but another desktop is uses, it doesnt load unity in the background17:50
EriC^^me-1: chromium is the open source variant of google chrome, but i dont think it has pepperflash i dunno, i think you have to install that or add it17:50
logglogChromium is the open-source project that forms the basis for Google Chrome. Because it’s completely open source, Chromium is available in many Linux distributions’ software repositories for easier installation.17:51
BluesKajme-1, chrome will add it's own ppa if you use the deb package to install17:51
BluesKajEriC^^, chrome uses it's own embedded flash plugin , no pepper needed17:52
EriC^^kills: are you sure of the link? it says not found17:52
logglogif you want chrome go https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/ but at the end its the same as crhome17:52
EriC^^BluesKaj: yeah, i meant chromium, does it have flash too?17:52
BluesKajchromium does yes17:53
killstried again now seems to load17:53
=== Guest98592 is now known as arunpyasi
BluesKajbut it's pepper Ithink17:53
EriC^^kills: ok, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-34017:53
the_countBashing-om: Ok17:53
logglogHello everyone, I opened my home folder and pressed ctrl + H to show hidden files and folders. Now every time i open my home folder it is showing the hidden files and i have to press ctrl+h to hide them every time. how do i fix this?17:56
the_countBashing-om: Are you around?17:57
droppyoppyhi, whats the way to KILL a process from terminal17:57
droppyoppyi know about kill and killall17:57
the_countdroppyoppy: There are search engines out there17:58
killsEriC^^:  done17:59
droppyoppythe_count, yeah and everybody pointing to kill17:59
k1l_droppyoppy: what is the issue with "kill"17:59
diddledandroppyoppy, that's because kill is the answer17:59
killsdont look at me i have no answers18:00
droppyoppykill sends SIGTERM signal, its like safe kill, not what i want18:00
parapanHi all; I use pscp from putty to copy a zip file to ubuntu 14.04 server ...it's showing me the transfer but the file cannot be found on the server ....why ?18:00
diddledandroppyoppy, kill will send whatever signal you want to send18:00
diddledans/want to/tell it to/18:01
killsEriC^^:  you still there?18:01
EriC^^kills: ok, try sudo service lightdm restart18:02
the_countdroppyoppy: Are you root?18:03
killssystemctl status litghdm.service18:03
diddledanI'm spartacus18:03
diddledanI mean root18:04
killsand journalctl-xe for details18:04
droppyoppyyes, ok i read about SIGKILL18:04
EriC^^kills: try sudo systemctl start lightdm18:04
EriC^^or restart18:04
the_countdroppyoppy: ' sudo kill -9 pid ' or substitute -9 with -SIGKILL18:05
killssame thing got back error18:05
stewiJust wondering if any of you guys would know what could be causing an intermittent network connection? I've used ethtool to change duplex and speed to 10/half with autonegotiation turned off, and ping to is still loosing %50 of packets. I would suspect a hardware issue as the issue has survived a reinstall from another distro if it wasn't for the regularity in timing and length of the network outages. Feels like something is timing18:06
stewiout and restarting. Almost exactly 50% of packets are being dropped.18:06
nbusroneAnyone know , why does an external 3.5 hard drive doesn't have a safely remove option on 14.04 ? I occur when the hard drive was started before the PC is turn on but if booted into 14.04 and started the drive , it show a safely remove option.18:07
killsEriC^^:  same thing just now it blinked some screen for a milisecond18:07
killsand back to blacka again18:07
EriC^^kills: do you have autologin enabled?18:08
killsi have a crypt18:08
droppyoppyi tried, but does child process (one we want to kill) has any chanses on closing open file discriptors then receiving SIGKILL18:08
Sonderbladestewi: have you tried mtr yet?18:08
the_countubusrone: The option is still there, except you have to go into the ' Disk Utility ' to click it18:08
EriC^^kills: try cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf18:08
EriC^^does it say anything next to autologin ?18:08
stewiSonderblade: nope, havn't heard of it.18:09
killsidont see any logins18:09
stewiSonderblade: I'll have a look18:09
killsand i use to have the gray log inwindow with my username and a pass to type in18:09
Sonderbladestewi: install it, then run mtr google.<your-tld> and see which host is dropping packets18:09
EriC^^kills: ok18:09
EriC^^kills: try sudo apt-get purge nvidia*18:10
killsautologin is false18:10
killspurge it is then18:10
parapanHi all; I use pscp from putty to copy a zip file to ubuntu 14.04 server ...it's showing me the transfer but the file cannot be found on the server ....why ?18:10
nitishHow can I use gnome-shell instead of default ubuntu ui?18:10
stewiIt's the servers NIC that is dropping packets. Every other host on the network is fine18:11
droppyoppyhttp://superuser.com/questions/594508/whats-the-difference-between-sigkill-and-sigstop here they say SIGKILL can not be caught, but it still looks like telnet successfully closes open connection18:11
stewiSonderblade: It's the servers NIC that is dropping packets. Every other host on the network is fin18:11
stewiThe server being the computer that I'm trying to get working18:11
the_countnitish: You should see a button at login from which you can change the window manager you log in to18:11
droppyoppynitish, white button with unity logo across your username18:13
nitishthe_count: i've just installed gnome-shell and there is no such button when i locked pc.18:13
the_countnitish: Try logging all the way out18:13
nitishthe_count: should I restart?18:14
droppyoppythe_count, do you know about any more mighty kill option, its just for test purposes so can be dirty ways18:14
killsEriC^^:  done18:15
the_countnitish: Probably wouldn't be a bad idea... Click the unity button next to your password box and you should be able to switch18:15
EriC^^try rebooting18:15
the_countdroppyoppy: I'm not sure there are any more commands out there...18:15
Sonderbladestewi: then why are you asking for help?18:16
killsgot a different descryot window18:16
dsadsddfxcHello! How can I enable vsync in fglrx?18:16
Joshua^Dunamissorry... I forgot the / on the last command18:16
stewiSonderblade: I'm asking because I can't get the server to connect to any network properly, WAN or not.18:17
cdk_has anybody had any luck installing and using virtualbox?18:17
the_countcdk_: Yes18:17
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brenlaeso the catalyst drivers work now18:18
brenlaefor 15.1018:18
brenlaeas i am running them, hooray :)18:18
killsand some error on device mapper saying failed remove ioctl onsda5_crypt faileddevice or resource busy18:18
Na3iLdsadsddfxc, take a look http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226096918:18
dsadsddfxcNa3iL, there aren't answers :-(18:20
Sonderbladestewi: if you *know* the problem is the nic dropping packets, then the problem is faulty hw18:20
Na3iLYep dsadsddfxc it is a tutorial18:20
icantloginhey, i have no idea what channel to join to discuss microprocessors/microcontrollers. can someone direct me to a more fitting channel18:20
stewiSorry, when I say NIC is dropping packets, I meant to say the host was dropping packets. My mistake.18:20
EriC^^kills: hmm so it didn't boot to lightdm and a black screen?18:21
the_counticantlogin: Looks like you were able to log in... What type of microcontrollers?18:21
stewirunning tcpdump on the server and sending pings to it results in no packet loss.18:21
=== mkv is now known as m4v
killsEriC^^: it booted to a black screen with smaller font now writing errors about decrypt18:21
killswell after i unlocked the password for encryption18:21
cdk_ok i installed it on ubuntu 14.04 but it is telling me that it unable somtething18:22
EriC^^kills: try rebooting again i guess18:22
killsand when unlocking crypt it also says unknow fstype18:22
killsdoing that nopw18:22
stewiwhile pinging from the server results in packet loss.18:22
icantloginthe_count: i was, after about 2 hours. i'm doing an electronic project and am trying to pick a suitable one18:22
stewiSonderblade: running tcpdump on the server and sending pings to it results in no packet loss.18:22
stewiSonderblade: Sorry, when I say NIC is dropping packets, I meant to say the host was dropping packets. My mistake.18:22
killssame error18:23
killsmy guess it probably candecrypt and us the sda5_crypt18:23
killscant decrypt*18:23
the_counticantlogin: What have you looked at so far, what type of ecosystem are you lookig for?18:23
EriC^^kills: yeah18:23
cdk_the_count::  ok i installed it on ubuntu 14.04 but it is telling me that it is unable to do somtething18:23
EriC^^kills: do you have a live usb you can use?18:23
Sonderbladestewi: i think it is better to measure packet loss by wget:ing a large file or using mtr because it saturates the bandwidth18:24
EriC^^kills: ok, try booting it18:24
nitishin gnome-shell there is no option for minimize the tab? how can I minimize the tab?18:24
the_countcdk_: Welll, you have to tell us what it will not do.18:25
killsnow im consideering if boot fresh to try out mint18:25
cdk_the_count:  ok just a sec....18:25
icantloginthe_count: i want something to base a low spec cartridge-loaded console around. i looked at the z80 but it seems a tad too underpowered18:25
icantloginonly on this channel because it's a known entity18:26
stewiSonderblade: I'm talking Timeframes of about 30 seconds. For 30 seconds, no packets will leave the server apart from packets within TCP connections that are already open.18:26
icantloginthere was supposed to be an i'm in there18:26
the_counticantlogin: Explain a bit further, I'm still lost: ' base a low spec cartridge-loaded console around '18:26
stewiThen for another 30 seconds it can make new connections, and then it fails again for 30 seconds.18:27
k1l_!alis | icantlogin18:27
ubottuicantlogin: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http18:27
logglogHello everyone, I opened my home folder and pressed ctrl + H to show hidden files and folders. Now every time i open my home folder it is showing the hidden files and i have to press ctrl+h to hide them every time. how do i fix this?18:27
nbusroneDoes anyone know how to disable USB3.0 sleep option ? because the pc keep on rebooting when an external usb 3.0 was plugin18:27
EriC^^logglog: edit > preferences > show hidden files18:28
nitishHow can I minimize a tab in gnome-shell?18:28
icantloginthe_count: ah, i'm building a homebrew game console.18:28
killsEriC^^: thanks for allthe help,but ill probably try fresh install18:28
EriC^^kills: ok, no problem18:29
biapyhi, how can i delay swapon by mountall at boot on 15.10 wily (the swapon occurs before hibernation data restoration  , and it prevent hibernation recovery)18:29
the_counticantlogin: This is off topic... but, check out: Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi, Arduino even...18:29
cdk_the_count:: http://imgur.com/xOLLRTQ18:29
logglogEric^^ works, thx18:29
EriC^^logglog: np18:30
ubuntu480hello i'm trying to install this package on ubuntu server 14.04 "apt-get install python-xdelta3" but getting error :Unable to locate package python-xdelta318:30
ubuntu480any one can help?18:30
k1l_ubuntu480: there is no such package on ubuntu18:30
nitishBackground tranparancy of terminal is not working in gnome-shell..18:30
icantloginthe_count: any good channels?18:30
k1l_ubuntu480: "anymore". to be precise.18:30
biapyubuntu480, this package is only available in precise pengolin18:30
the_countcdk_: Ok, see that command it mentioned there... ' /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup ' // Execute that18:31
biapyubuntu480, http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/python-xdelta318:31
nitishIs there any other ui like gnome-shell?18:31
k1l_ubuntu480: so that software might be out of date. what are you doing there?18:31
the_counticantlogin: #arduino, #raspbian18:32
ubuntu480i have to install cloudlets library from following link https://code.activestate.com/pypm/cloudlet/ and this package is require.18:33
biapyubuntu480, try to install it manually by downloading it from the page i gave you18:33
biapyubuntu480, success is not garanted... you may also try to build the package for your distribution18:34
ubuntu480ok thanx18:35
icantloginthe_count: thanks a bunch18:35
Shibeis it safe to do this?18:36
Shibecould it break things?18:36
EriC^^Shibe: which ubuntu are you using?18:36
logglogokey ppl, this day i am switching to linux 100%, no dual boot anymore T_T18:36
Shibeubuntu 14.04 /mint 17.218:36
ikoniaShibe: why do you want to do this ?18:36
Shibethe linuxmint channel isnt super helpful18:36
Shibeikonia: just curious18:36
cdk_the_count::   it tried this is what it gave me...   http://imgur.com/eTvjoan18:36
ikoniaShibe: take it to the mint channel please18:36
Shibewell they arent very helpful but ok18:37
tumblerJoshua^Dunamis, hi pal18:37
tumblerwhat's up?18:37
tumbleri am uncertain about what to install ... why ubuntu?18:40
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=== arun is now known as arunpyasi
ikoniatry it18:40
ikoniasee if you like it18:40
ikoniaid you don't try something else18:40
tumblerthere are real advantage in opposite to others18:40
stewiAny idea why a new ubuntu server install would have an intermittent ability to make new TCP connections?18:40
ikoniatumbler: the main different is the desktop, unity18:41
tumblercan i install on an old pc?18:41
ikoniaother than that, it's jsut another linux distro with good/bad things that each person will like/dislike18:41
the_countcdk_: 'sudo apt-get install dkms'18:41
k1l_tumbler: on old hardware better see Lubuntu.18:41
CircuitZeroI've been having a hell of a time with xorg.conf - I've tried more than a few steps, would anyone like to help me debug? http://pastebin.com/sTtBZUf018:41
biapytumbler, lubuntu or xubuntu is your friend for pc with 2GB ram or less18:42
tumblercan i install lxqt???18:43
ikoniayes, but you should check if there is a package for it18:43
ikoniaas that will make your life easier18:43
tumblershould i start by net cd??18:44
ikoniause the stadnard CD18:44
stewiCircuitZero what exactly is the problem?18:44
cdk_the_count:: Its doing the same thing18:44
the_countcdk_: Well... i'm not sure what to say, this is completeley cout of my realm, try looking it up or getting someone else to help you18:45
cdk_kk thanks for trying to help me18:46
redeyerswhat dog?18:46
boxmeindoes anyone here know of a cross-cloud or whatever service that'd let me use onedrive on ubuntu18:47
boxmeinbecause I have a load of files on onedrive already and do not feel like moving over to whichever provider has a linux today18:48
ikoniaI think you'll struggle for that18:48
redeyersnice bro18:48
ikoniaredeyers: please stop with the random comments18:48
ikoniaredeyers: you're in #ubuntu and IRC channel for the ubuntu linux distribution support18:48
biapyboxmein, seafile is a nice dropbox alternative... it may be of help (but not onedrive compatible)18:49
boxmeinI mean there's StorageMadeEasy but can anyone vouch that it's legit18:50
wafflejock1boxmein: DropBox works cross platform, if you want something you can run yourself OwnCloud is an option18:50
boxmeinwafflejock1: yea, I use dropbox already :P18:50
boxmeinwafflejock1: and gdrive, et al18:50
boxmeinit's just that parts of my school stuff are on onedrive18:51
boxmeinmeh I'll move them to gdrive and survive18:51
biapyboxmein, for a decentralized approach : syncthing18:51
stewiI don't belive this. The moment I start running a packet sniffer the problem goes away.18:51
AQLIVEanyone here how know about dual boot?18:55
stewiSo the server fails to ping specific hosts. It can ping my desktop just fine, but can't ping the router it's plugged into, while I can ping the same rounter just fine/18:55
AQLIVEI installed ubuntu and now I can't boot in windows anymore. I can see the windows partition still but I can not boot into that anymore18:55
AQLIVEI tried to do a update-grub but that didt help either18:55
cap0 18:56
EriC^^AQLIVE: which windows?18:56
EriC^^AQLIVE: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999918:56
AQLIVEHi Eric I think you tied to help me on friday18:56
AQLIVEwith the problem18:56
stewiAQLIVE: you're sure you didn't overwrite the windows boot partition18:56
AQLIVEI'm now back on ubuntu18:56
AQLIVEI don't know18:57
AQLIVEhow can I tell?18:57
AQLIVEI can still see the windows partion18:57
EriC^^AQLIVE: run the command and paste the link here18:58
AQLIVEif I did overwite the boot partions is there anyway to get it back18:58
AQLIVEthe update command?18:58
EriC^^AQLIVE: no, sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999918:58
AQLIVEI did that and when I restaretd I was booted directly into ubuntu18:58
stewiEriC is ont eh right track, get the output of parted -l.18:58
=== stan_ is now known as Guest76281
EriC^^AQLIVE: it should give you a link to a pastebin18:59
stewithat command will give you a link,18:59
stewiput the link in here.18:59
AQLIVEafter entering that command it tell me to use natcat19:00
AQLIVEam I doing something wrong19:01
sam_when i run this command "fab install" i got this error: Fatal error: Need hardware VM support (vmx) Aborting. Disconnecting from localhost... done.19:01
stewiI don't understand what you mean by tells you to use natcat19:01
EriC^^AQLIVE: ok, try sudo parted -l | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us19:01
AQLIVEis that correct19:02
EriC^^hmm, it's empty19:02
stewitwo newline characters and a space, nope. SOmethign failed.19:02
stewitwo newline characters and a space, nope. Somethign failed.19:03
EriC^^AQLIVE: try sudo parted -l , does that work?19:03
ke4nhwDoes ubuntu deal with processor cores differently from other OS's? I'm finding that for some reason after security updates installed I cannot reboot the OS in VirtualBox, it crashes; unless I reduce the processors to 119:03
AQLIVEcommand not found19:03
AQLIVEis it because it's in MBR mode insted of grub mode?19:03
stewiHow many cores did you have running when you installed it ke4nhw19:03
AQLIVEif yes how do I change it back to brug19:03
EriC^^AQLIVE: are you sure you're typing parted ?19:04
stewiAQLIVE fdisk -l19:04
EriC^^AQLIVE: try sudo fdisk -l19:04
sam_someone provide help ? when i run this command "fab install" i got this error: Fatal error: Need hardware VM support (vmx) Aborting. Disconnecting from localhost... done.19:04
jack-the-ripperIs it possible to install fonts in lubuntu?19:05
AQLIVEyes and what do you need in this section19:05
biapyis there a way to prioritize pm hibernate restoration over swap mount ?19:05
stewijack-the-ripper: have you tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/3697/how-do-i-install-fonts?19:05
AQLIVEhang on it me how is fu.... stupid - sorry guys. I do the parted again hang on19:06
stewipress <ctrl>-H to show hidden files fyi.19:06
jack-the-ripperI'll check that out19:06
ke4nhwSame as I set all my vm's19:07
ke4nhwfrom install onward19:07
stewiThat's trippy man.19:07
ke4nhwIn fact I didn't change anything in the vm setup between boots19:07
ke4nhwBut it's running now on one core19:08
jack-the-ripperThank you, that got them installed :)19:08
stewiNp, didn't think I'd end up helping someone while I tried to get help myself on here.19:09
ke4nhwit may not be staying anyway unless I can get ltsp up and operational19:09
AQLIVEok so now I got something on the partede -l nc  . . . . .19:09
ke4nhwTruth be told I'm a RedHat guy, always have been, only running Ubuntu cuz ltsp isn't native in RH19:09
AQLIVEwhat do you need19:10
AQLIVE1,2,5,6 are the numbers and the first one shows primary ntfs boot flag19:10
=== fsociety is now known as Guest88304
AQLIVEthat should be my windows partitions19:10
stewiAQLIVE run this 'sudo parted -l | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us'19:10
EriC^^AQLIVE: copy the output of sudo parted -l and paste it in paste.ubuntu.com19:10
ke4nhwI do have one interesting question should there be any takers on this controversial issue...19:10
stewiOr do what EriC said, that works too.19:11
stewiI love contoversey19:11
ke4nhwI noticed yesterday during the install that the root password couldn't be set right away, which I got fixed. It's corrupted by default in ubuntu server 1419:11
ke4nhwBut everything that root can do is capable of being done via an admin user with sudo19:12
game0guys, I'm trying to install java jdk a file in my ubuntu server using this command19:12
ke4nhwWhat is the difference then, and what does corrupting root gain anyone?19:12
game0tar -zxf jdk-7u79-linux-x64.tar.gz -C /opt/jdk19:12
ke4nhwOther than no root login?19:12
AQLIVEdone poster called aqlive19:12
game0and the error19:12
game0gzip: stdin: not in gzip format19:13
game0tar: Child returned status 119:13
game0tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now19:13
stewike4nhw I'm with you on this one.19:13
AQLIVEcan it be fixed ?19:13
AQLIVEor have I really screwed the system19:13
EriC^^AQLIVE: what's the link?19:13
dominikhello my friendy19:13
stewisudo -i is muscle memory for me though.19:13
ke4nhwAnd before everyone has a heart attack, yes I do a good bit of my work with sudo, but more to make everyone else happy than because it's better.19:13
ke4nhwFirst: unless the sudoer file is sufficiently edited, a sudo user can do anything. So they can obliterate a system just as quickly as root, only requiring one more entry of their password of course19:14
game0can someone help me19:14
dominiknow port 43119:14
ke4nhwso 'cd / && rm -rf' is just as bad for one as the other.19:14
ke4nhwthanks stewi glad to see someone else sees the logic here19:15
dominiksudo su19:15
stewiAQLIVE: you didn't overwrite your boot partition, you overwrit your windows partition as far as I can tell.19:15
ke4nhwsudo is best for admins you want to LIMIT what they can do. It allows them to perform some functions, while blocking others19:16
game0tar -zxf jdk-7u79-linux-x64.tar.gz -C /opt/jdk19:16
pauljwke4nhw: no need to post dangerous commands here and you need to take the discussion to #off-topic it's not support related.19:16
ke4nhwIf it's configured for that19:16
game0and the error19:16
AQLIVEis that a way to get it back19:16
game0gzip: stdin: not in gzip format19:16
stewiwant no, nevermind, that is your windows partition19:16
ke4nhwmy apologies19:16
AQLIVEand up and running again?19:16
game0tar: Child returned status 119:16
EriC^^AQLIVE: type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt19:16
game0tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now19:16
ke4nhwhence the "just as bad" part.19:16
stewiAQLIVE your "boot" partition is actually the windows partition19:16
EriC^^AQLIVE: then type ls -l /mnt/ntldr19:16
ke4nhwI'll move over there, thanks19:16
game0tar.gz I cannot extract it19:17
pauljwke4nhw: no problem, thanks19:17
EriC^^AQLIVE: hold on19:17
EriC^^AQLIVE: type ls -l /mnt/bootmgr19:17
goddardcan i install Google Chrome in a chroot?19:17
stewintldr is a win xp thing isn't it?19:17
ke4nhwwhat's the ubuntu off topic room or social room19:17
wafflejock1game0: any way you can verify the download isn't corrupt (md5 hash or anything)?19:18
stewiNever seen it on 7.19:18
k1l_!ot | ke4nhw19:18
ubottuke4nhw: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:18
EriC^^stewi: nah, i've seen it used to boot non-uefi win819:18
stewiI try stay away from it anyways.19:19
ioriagame0, no problem in using that command .....19:19
stewiEspecially with the new included spyware that comes with it.19:19
AQLIVE_Model: ATA SAMSUNG MZ7LN128 (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 128GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: msdos Disk Flags:   Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system     Flags  1      1049kB  65.1GB  65.1GB  primary   ntfs            boot  2      65.1GB  128GB   62.9GB  extended  5      65.1GB  70.2GB  5119MB  logical   linux-swap(v1)  6      70.2GB  128GB   57.8GB  logical   ext419:19
AQLIVE_is what I get Eric19:19
ioriagame0, /opt/jdk exists ? try with sudo19:19
EriC^^AQLIVE_: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt19:20
EriC^^AQLIVE_: then type ls -l /mnt/bootmgr19:20
game0I'll try to download it19:20
stewiI digress. Nobody seems to know why my ubuntu server would have an intermittent network connection.19:20
AQLIVE_ls -l /mnt/bootmgr19:21
AQLIVE_cannot access19:21
AQLIVE_is what I get19:21
EriC^^AQLIVE_: did you type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt ?19:21
AQLIVE_mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error         In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try        dmesg | tail or so.19:22
EriC^^AQLIVE_: hmm19:22
stewiI'll be off then. If my intermittent network problem persists with a new Gigabit NIC and I can't get it running with a couple of days of work I'll post in the forums. For now I'll put up with 50% of requests getting through.19:23
stewiBetter than 0%19:23
EriC^^AQLIVE_: try sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda119:26
AQLIVE_Mounting volume... ntfs_mst_post_read_fixup_warn: magic: 0x82e8e34f  size: 1024   usa_ofs: 15222  usa_count: 21428: Invalid argument Record 0 has no FILE magic (0x82e8e34f) Failed to load $MFT: Input/output error FAILED Attempting to correct errors... ntfs_mst_post_read_fixup_warn: magic: 0x82e8e34f  size: 1024   usa_ofs: 15222  usa_count: 21428: Invalid argument Record 0 has no FILE magic (0x82e8e34f) Failed to load $MFT: Input/outp19:27
EriC^^AQLIVE_: please use paste.ubuntu.com19:28
EriC^^AQLIVE_: can you type dmesg | tail and paste that as well?19:28
AQLIVE_ok sorry19:29
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
EriC^^AQLIVE_: ok, try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt19:33
EriC^^if it fails, type dmesg | tail and paste it19:33
EriC^^ok, try dmesg | tail and paste the output19:34
AQLIVE_dmesg is /bin/dmesg19:35
EriC^^AQLIVE_: dmesg | tail19:36
AQLIVE_did that bring you close to a solution :d19:39
EriC^^well it's a bit better, i think the disk isn't toast19:39
EriC^^AQLIVE_: run sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1 and paste the output19:39
AQLIVE_but can I get my windows 7 up and running again :d19:39
EriC^^AQLIVE_: yeah, if we can get it to mount it it should run i guess19:40
EriC^^AQLIVE_: do you have a windows cd somewhere?19:42
EriC^^i think you need to run chkdsk19:43
AQLIVE_not right now but if I did what sould I do19:43
AQLIVE_and after that19:43
cdk_can i get help with installing a third os on my hard drive my issue is grub wont let me boot from a usb19:43
EriC^^AQLIVE_: do you have important data on it?19:45
EriC^^AQLIVE_: try sudo apt-get install smartmontools19:45
AQLIVE_done then what19:45
EriC^^AQLIVE_: type sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda19:45
droppyoppycdk_, booting from usb is configured in bios, not grub19:46
Bashing-omthe_count: I am on ... What is the current status ?19:47
MonkeyDustcdk_  boot the pc, then hit F12 for the boot device menu   (maybe something different from F12)19:48
cdk_why wont grub let me boot from an usb19:48
EriC^^AQLIVE_: type sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 999919:49
MonkeyDustcdk_  that'sz not what grub does, you're seeing it wrong19:49
AQLIVE_sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 999919:49
ioriacdk_, but the third OS is already installed ?19:50
EriC^^AQLIVE_: ok, try sudo apt-get install testdisk19:51
AQLIVE_and then19:52
EriC^^sudo testdisk19:53
hexhaxtronIn aptitude how can I deselect all packages containing ':i386'?19:53
cdk_no i am trying to install a third os from a u8sb but it will not let me boot from usb it just goes too grub and gives a choice of the 2 already installed19:54
AQLIVE_what shoudl I select here : Please select the partition table type, press Enter when done.19:54
k1l_cdk_: see in tha hardwares manual what key to press to get a "where to boot from" menue19:55
droppyoppycdk_, looks like bois is gooing strait to booting from hard drive. you should reconfigure it19:55
k1l_cdk_: so if there is he grub, its already to late for boot from usb. so see the manual or bios settings19:56
AQLIVE_eric how shouild I proceed19:56
ioriacdk_, can you access the bios setup ?19:58
cdk_ok i have bios set to boot from usb first but it is just goin to grub19:58
EriC^^AQLIVE_: select Intel19:59
AQLIVE_and then analyse19:59
ioriacdk_, bad usb ?19:59
EriC^^no, go to advanced19:59
AQLIVE_and then19:59
ikoniacdk_: you are not using ubuntu19:59
k1l_cdk_: then check if the usb is ok to boot from. maybe from another pc or vm19:59
ikoniaplease take this to mint19:59
EriC^^is there a backup bootsector?19:59
EriC^^AQLIVE_: or fix MFT or so?20:00
AQLIVE_HPFS NTFS, E Extended, L Linux swap, X extended, L Linux20:00
AQLIVE_is what I have20:01
EriC^^AQLIVE_: select the NTFS one20:01
MonkeyDustAQLIVE_  havent followed, what was your initial question?20:01
EriC^^AQLIVE_: at the bottom does it say Boot?20:01
EriC^^MonkeyDust: grub wont pick up windows, upon further inspection can't mount the windows partition, ntfsfix didn't help much20:02
cdk_i can boot from the usb on other computers20:02
ikoniacdk_: you are using mint20:02
azizLIGHTi got onto my dads computer via livecd in teamviewer. what can i do to troubleshoot why their os doesnt detect any boot device on regular bootup without linux livecd?20:02
ikoniathis is not an ubuntu problem - please stop asking20:02
EriC^^AQLIVE_: ok, does it give any options or so?20:03
EriC^^AQLIVE_: question, how did you shrink the windows partition before installing ubuntu?20:03
AQLIVE_in the bottom there is quit, list, org bs, rebuild bs, dump,copy bootsectorover backup sector20:03
goddardhow can i installed google chrome in a chroot or container?20:04
AQLIVE_I selected other the installer menu and then I selected to install linux on a partition that was notthe windeos20:04
ikoniagoddard: same way as a normal install20:04
cdk_ok? you would know what os i am running how??20:05
ikoniathe whole point of being chrooted is that you are in that root directory20:05
ikoniacdk_: because you're talking about it in other channels, and I can see what you're typing20:05
ikoniaso stop trying to dodge it and just deal with it in mint20:05
prodigelFunny message I got when trying to restart apache after setting up a new virtualhost (with errors): [....] Starting apache2 (via systemctl): apache2.serviceJob for apache2.service failed. See "systemctl status apache2.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.20:05
ikoniaprodigel: nothign funny about that - check the config20:06
EriC^^AQLIVE_: try repair bs20:06
prodigelAm I supposed to learn the systemd OS to read the error logs nowadays, or is there a way to disable the apache / systemd coupling?20:06
AQLIVE_there is not repair20:06
ikoniaprodigel: what ?20:06
EriC^^AQLIVE_: this page is pretty interesting and might help http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Advanced_NTFS_Boot_and_MFT_Repair20:06
ikoniaprodigel: I told you to check the conifg20:06
ikoniathats nothing to do with "the system"20:07
EriC^^AQLIVE_: repair bs? you mentioned it earlier20:07
cdk_so what if i am on other channels getting help?20:07
AQLIVE_nope rebuild bs20:08
prodigel@ikonia: I was used to check the apache error.log file. I can see now that that's not the case anymore20:08
EriC^^AQLIVE_: oh ok, try it20:08
ikoniaprodigel: you can still check the apache log file20:08
ikoniayou can still look in the syslog20:08
ikoniabut it's not starting because the config for apache is broken, which is why I've said, look at the apache config20:09
prodigelikonia, I got that, I know exactly what the problem is. But I'm used to work with apache in a way - read APACHE's logs - and now it's not happening anymore like that20:09
prodigelI was asking for a way to disable this behavior20:10
ikoniaprodigel: as I've said - you can still read apaches logs and the syslog EXACTLY the same as before20:10
ikoniaprodigel: there is no behaviour to disble20:10
prodigelikonia, apache logs are not reporting anything, syslog does indeed.20:11
ikoniaprodigel: apache will only report if it's an apache error, this is not, this is a config error20:11
AQLIVE_Eric: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13455921/20:11
EriC^^AQLIVE_: ok, try rebuild bs20:12
AQLIVE_that is what I did and then I get that message20:13
AQLIVE_or status20:13
the_countBashing-om: Whoops, I was gone there for a while but signed in...20:13
the_countBashing-om: Did you see what I said last  night to TJ-?20:13
EdwarddI did not see...20:14
AQLIVE_so what now20:14
Bashing-omthe_count: :) .. I bounce around a lot too .. What is the status ? // No I must have left before the esteemed TJ- joined .20:14
EriC^^AQLIVE_: try to get a windows cd and run chkdsk20:15
EriC^^AQLIVE_: you could quit testdisk and try mounting again, but it doesn't look like it fixed it20:15
AQLIVE_ok and not repair instead of an installation20:15
EdwarddYou can do that with out windows cd20:15
AQLIVE_what will a chkdsk do20:16
lotuspsychje!who | Edwardd20:16
ubottuEdwardd: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)20:16
cdk_any help with grub?20:16
EdwarddOh excuse me20:16
nbrecht01cdk_: Waht kind of help do you need20:17
the_countBashing-om: Last evening, my wifi stopped working, so I had a thought to try ' sudo service lightdm restart ' to see if I wouldn't have to reboot, anyway, It was taking too long, so I reset the machine, and Lo and Behold... The display/cousor was working again.... Although synaptics still has problems20:17
AQLIVE_eric: what will chkdsk do?20:18
EriC^^AQLIVE_: run a filesystem check i guess20:18
AQLIVE_and whould it be better to do repair with the installation cd20:18
AQLIVE_that will not leave me with a working system just a check20:18
EriC^^AQLIVE_: no, it will fix it too20:19
AQLIVE_ok I'll try it then.20:19
AQLIVE_thanks for all you help so far.20:19
EdwarddYou are welcome.20:19
EriC^^AQLIVE_: do you have important data on it?20:19
Bashing-omthe_count: I am really at a loss as to how to find the problem in touchpad .20:19
AQLIVE_I chat to you when I've tried it20:19
AQLIVE_and yes I do why?20:19
the_countBashing-om: TJ- said it was most likely a firmware problem20:20
the_countBashing-om: That causet the display issues20:20
EriC^^AQLIVE_: you might be able to copy the data to your ubuntu from testdisk20:20
EriC^^right now i mean before running any repairs, in case it's important stuff20:20
EriC^^chkdsk could potentially screw it up more who knows20:21
Bilel_mkhey did any one can help me ! how to desinsatll a program installed with wine from terminal??20:21
lotuspsychje!wine | Bilel_mk20:21
ubottuBilel_mk: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:21
the_countBashing-om: As am I... I got to eat lunch now.. I will be back in a short while20:22
sisve_So... I'm doing a "sudo apt-get install openstack; sudo openstack-install" and it ... goes slowly. Anyone know of a workaround for a presumed hang during the installation?  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qsu1tw3wlv07zsx/Screenshot%202015-11-22%2021.20.38.png20:22
ikoniasisve_: slow it not hung20:22
sisve_ikonia: Same thing about 2.5 hours ago... https://www.dropbox.com/s/9p5v2yqlti76qxu/Screenshot%202015-11-22%2017.57.29.png20:23
ikoniasisve_: cancel the install then, and try again20:23
Bilel_mkj/ #winehq20:24
customHey guys...what program do you all use to put your Linux OS ISO to USB drive?20:24
EriC^^custom: on linux or windows?20:25
bekkscustom: dd20:25
EriC^^custom: dd is nice20:25
customdd is command line20:25
customi read about it20:25
lotuspsychjecustom: usb disk creator from ubuntu20:25
lotuspsychjecustom: or multisystem20:27
Guy1524hey guys I am trying to install wine1.7 on my ubuntu 15.10 installation and I have added the ppa and did sudo apt-get update but when I try to install using sudo apt-get install wine1.7 I get this: http://pastebin.com/k3mzas48  Any ideas?20:27
lotuspsychje!ppa | Guy152420:27
ubottuGuy1524: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge20:27
lotuspsychjeGuy1524: its reccomended to use package versions for your specific ubuntu version mate20:28
Bashing-om!wine | Guy152420:29
ubottuGuy1524: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:29
Bashing-omGuy1524: Not what I had in mind . ^^20:29
EriC^^Guy1524: try sudo apt-get install wine1.7-amd6420:30
EriC^^see what it says20:30
Bashing-om!info wine20:30
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu10 (wily), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)20:30
Guy1524is this the right ppa?  ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa20:31
MonkeyDustGuy1524  find wine in the repos (software center), you don't need a ppa20:32
the_countBashing-om: Say we did completeley remove this kernel and reinstall it from scratch, through that, could we get a "clean install" effect?20:32
Guy1524I want wine1.7 though20:33
lotuspsychje!latest | Guy152420:33
ubottuGuy1524: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.20:33
Guy1524yes but many applications work better on wine 1.720:33
MrNoseyes but many applications work better on wine 1.720:33
nbrecht01If you really want it, download the .deb file OR compile from source20:34
sisve_ikonia: Just to add some response, the uninstall is borked and I think I need to reformat my machine now. This isn't really unexpected, I've been failing and reformatting openstack since thursday.20:34
customi dont see a USB Disk Creater20:34
EriC^^Guy1524: try sudo apt-get install libgphoto2-port1020:34
ikoniasisve_: why is the uninstall broken ?20:34
Guy1524I already removed the ppa20:34
Guy1524I am just going to use playonlinux20:35
lotuspsychjecustom: its the hd icon with ubuntu circle on it20:35
customok.. i found that20:35
Guy1524thanks anyway20:35
customStartup Disc Creater20:35
sisve_ikonia: Technically, the install is broken. Both the Ubuntu "openstack-installer" and the devstack installer (both stable and latest). I've tracked it down to AppArmor denying the code something, and the machine is in an unknown state.20:35
MrNoseikonia: Technically, the install is broken. Both the Ubuntu "openstack-installer" and the machine is in an unknown state.20:35
customand that should do the trick20:35
Bashing-omthe_count: The only "clean install effect " is a clean fresh install . Not to say we can not play around and see what does result with a (re-)install of the kernel. Was there not a newer kernel installed in the update process ? have you tried this new kernel ?20:35
logyhi ppl, one quick qustion. If i encrypt my disk and home folder will that slow down the speed of my laptop?20:36
customThanks guys20:36
lotuspsychjecustom: wich linux distro are you planning to create an usb for?20:36
customwell Black Lab Linux20:36
customthe live distro works pretty well20:36
MrNosethe live distro works pretty well20:36
lotuspsychjecustom: not sure that will work with ubuntu disk creator20:36
sisve_I get some vibes indicating that MrNose may be repeating what people are writing.20:36
MrNosesisve_: I get some vibes indicating that may be repeating what people are writing.20:36
lotuspsychjecustom: try yumi,unetbootin or multisystem20:37
nbrecht01logy: It might slow down opening/closing files on the encrypted partition, but it will not slow down the applications.20:37
customi did try unetbooting20:37
the_countBashing-om: be back with you in 5min20:37
customor whaterver it was20:37
customit worked..but it was slow20:37
cassielfswhi all! I have an upgrade question20:37
custommaybe thats as good as it gets though20:37
customThanks for the help20:38
cassielfswis it still possible to upgrade from an .iso? I have 15.04 and have downloaded 15.10 and mounted the iso but there doesn't appear to be an autorun or anything20:38
logynbrecht01: well i just installed ubuntu and i choosed to encrypt my hdd and home folder, it works faster than non ecrypted xD, propably because its a fresh install. Well i will see if it slows down too much i will reinstall it normally. Thx by the way :)20:38
lotuspsychjecassielfsw: there's a way to install iso's with grub20:39
The_BallI have an install of utopic, I can't find any repos for updating before upgrading. archives.ubuntu.com doesn't seem to have utopic any longer20:40
cassielfswlotuspsychje: meaning what?20:40
The_BallIs there any way I can upgrade?20:40
lotuspsychjecassielfsw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot20:40
sisve_cassielfsw, lotuspsychje; I do not know about live updates or using grub, but you can easily write the iso to a usb stick and boot from it.20:40
nbrecht01Encrypting the entire HDD will slow down your laptop, because that is where the kernel/programs are stored. Just encrypting the /home will not slow it down, there are no programs there. (Although, there are some config files...)20:40
the_countBashing-om: I don't believe a newer kernel was installed, what is current?20:40
ioriacassielfsw, why did you mount the iso ? boot from it  . as far as i remember there should be a menu entry like 'update to 15.10' ...20:41
cassielfswioria: because I don't have a blank cd on hand and was trying to be a little lazy.20:42
logyguys is there a wy to remotely connect and control another ubuntu distro, but NOT using teamviewer20:42
ioriacassielfsw, i see20:42
sisve_logy: Normal ssh?20:42
The_BallOh, looks like old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu is the place20:42
EriC^^cassielfsw: you can't upgrade from the iso, it will fresh install20:42
EriC^^!eolupgrades | The_Ball20:42
ubottuThe_Ball: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:42
sisve_logy: Or are you talking about remote controlling with ui? Perhaps vnc?20:42
lotuspsychjelogy: ssh20:42
ioriacassielfsw, you can do-release-upgrade20:42
logysisive_: yes with ui if possible20:42
cassielfswI've tried that several times but the download always fails20:43
cassielfswthat's why I'm trying to do it with the ISO20:43
nbrecht01Just run 'do-release-upgrade', don't bother with the ISO image.20:43
ioriacassielfsw, never done until now... sorry20:43
nbrecht01Do you know why do-release-upgrade fails?20:43
EriC^^cassielfsw: the iso won't upgrade it, it'll fresh install removing your current programs and stuff20:43
bekks!nomodeset | bekks20:44
ubottubekks, please see my private message20:44
cassielfswit downloads some of the files and then says it timed out20:44
EriC^^The_Ball: if you don't upgrade you'll have security vulnerabilities and stuff20:44
nbrecht01cassielfsw: Do you have broadband internet or DSL or somthing else?20:44
nbrecht01cassielfsw: The upgrader may think that it has lost the connection, but it is just slow. I don't know how to fix  it. Is there an option to increase the time before it times out?20:46
ioriacassielfsw, a do-release-upgrade from 04 to 10 took  me 27 minutes....  you can try from a console....20:46
cassielfswnbrecht01: not that I've seen20:46
cassielfswioria: I have tried it it times out20:47
ioriacassielfsw, oh...20:47
cassielfsware the servers still overwhelmed from release or is the rush over now?20:47
nbrecht01Hmmm... I do not know what to do other than the ISO or an internet speed upgrade.20:47
k1l_cassielfsw: "lsb_release -d" gives what output?20:48
nbrecht01I think thay calmed down.20:48
ioriacassielfsw, do you have a lot of programs installed ?20:48
cassielfswDescription:Ubuntu 15.0420:48
the_countBashing-om: I don't see why we can't try it20:48
cassielfswI don't think so?20:48
k1l_cassielfsw: can you show a "sudo apt update" in a pastebin?20:48
k1l_cassielfsw: the servers  are fine. its only the question if your local mirror got some issues or your isp got old routes.20:49
ioriacassielfsw, try to change them to US20:50
nbrecht01cassielfsw: Is there a way to use a different mirrior? If so, use it. It may fix the problem.20:50
ioriacassielfsw, you re US :þ20:51
B4shg wp sites?20:51
Bashing-omthe_count: Sure, we can try it .. will break any proprietary drivers that we will have to deal with .. and ther is still the possibility that touchpad interface problem is in that layer . IF this is proprietary will be good to reinstall the driver anyway .20:51
cassielfswioria: yes? where is it not using US servers?20:51
k1l_cassielfsw: please show a "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"20:51
B4shanyone have any experience migrating wordpress sites?20:52
B4shi got an error that i can't figure out20:52
nbrecht01cassielfsw: B4sh: No.20:52
nanodronei love ubuntu20:53
nbrecht01Me too20:53
nanodroneno other distory has good support for multitouch gestures20:53
lotuspsychje!discuss | nanodrone20:53
ubottunanodrone: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.20:53
nanodronelotuspsychje, didn't know that20:53
k1l_cassielfsw: make a "#" in front of that line 57 in that paste (which is in sources.list"20:54
the_countBashing-om: There are no proprietary drivers installed20:54
k1l_cassielfsw: its linking to quantal sources, which is dead long time already20:54
Bashing-omthe_count: Ok.. show now what we have for kernels ( can not remove the one we are booting ) ' dpkg -l | grep linux ' .20:55
k1l_cassielfsw: everything else looks good. so i think there should not be any issue20:55
the_countBashing-om: Not sure about drivers and all, but take a look at this, maybe build it into the kernel...? https://github.com/pfps/yoga-laptop20:55
Bashing-omthe_count: reading .20:55
cassielfswk1l_: done I'll try it again20:56
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13457522/20:56
cassielfswthanks for the help20:56
Bashing-omthe_count: " https://github.com/pfps/yoga-laptop "20:59
Bashing-om the_count ^^ think these patches have alreasy been done in these later kernels .20:59
momomois there a better file browser than nautilus ?21:00
wafflejock1momomo: better is subjective, I like nemo21:00
the_countBashing-om: Ok, i was not sure21:00
momomowhen I navigate to select a file for intance, i'd like to be able to right click and open the folder ... it's not possible with nautilus21:01
MonkeyDustmomomo  you mean 'other', not 'better'21:01
k1l_momomo: it is with nautlius21:01
the_countBashing-om: You see, My screen does not auto rotate, there are a couple of quirks... Not that i really mind, it's just that something is not working as it should.21:01
EriC^^momomo: it has a right click > open  or open in new tab21:02
MonkeyDustmomomo  is there anything about ubuntu you *do* like?21:02
wafflejock1momomo: yah beyond what's in there you can extend the commands too http://askubuntu.com/questions/21953/how-do-i-customize-the-context-menu-in-nautilus21:02
momomoMonkeyDust, actually not much21:02
momomoEriC^^, not when you are in navigation mode from a browser for instance21:02
wafflejock1personally just like having a split view so I use nemo most of the time21:02
MonkeyDustmomomo  then why are you using it?21:02
k1l_momomo: thats a different thing21:03
Bashing-omthe_count: Yhe references are all to older jernels than what you are booting ... I have been researching .. and there have been many patches and bug fixes in these later kernels . You did install the -53 kernel . Have you booted it and see how the touchpad performs ?21:03
momomoMonkeyDust, big mistake i made two years ago .. and i have spent more than 160 hours on trying to fix stuff and setup keyboard, hotkeys and what not .. and today i am mostly at a stripped down version and basic things like task switcher do not work peroperly21:04
the_countBashing-om: I'll try it now21:04
momomoi decided to update to 15.10 today21:04
momomoand i did21:04
momomok1l_, the problem still exists with minimze without live previews on21:04
the_countBashing-om: Talk to you in a bit21:05
momomoand when live previous is on, then static task switcher keeps showing minimized windows as selectable21:05
momomoit's actually mostly unity that sucks than ubunut21:06
MonkeyDustmomomo  what's keeping you from using something other than ubuntu?21:06
momomoMonkeyDust, time invested .. and i am alreayd behind scheduely on alot of things .. a switch might cost me about 1 weeks in constant effor tot setup21:07
jonny_in bash, what does this line mean: if [ $# -lt 3 ]; then21:07
jonny_what does this conditional check for?21:07
the_countBashing-om: Still no luck with the 53 kernel... I am in it now, not any difference I can see from it and the newest21:07
EriC^^jonny_: if number of arguments are less than 321:07
k1l_momomo: then dont use static switcher21:07
momomok1l_, what should i use ? unity switcher /21:07
momomothat sucks more .. with its idiotic grouping without an option to disable it21:08
jonny_thanks EriC^^. for the future, how do I find this information from a manual?21:08
k1l_the one that works like intended21:08
momomok1l_, unity swithcer/21:08
EriC^^jonny_: man bash , then /<string> , n to go to next match21:08
k1l_momomo: i fear you have to program your own desktop then, if everyone is too dumb to make it work like you want it....21:08
momomognome2 was good21:08
k1l_momomo: then use mate21:09
Guest89616hi guys, how can I emulate thing arrow keys in the terminal?21:09
MonkeyDustmate is nice21:09
Bashing-omthe_count: -53 is the newest .. So we can surmise that re-install say the -49 kernel will also be of no effect . What I would suggest is to change the graphic's driver . What have we harware wise to work with ' lspci ' ?21:09
momomok1l_, maybe .. but don't you agree the switcher is not ideal in unity ?21:09
MonkeyDustmomomo  the moment you see something, you want the change it completely, no wonder you're behind on schedule21:09
jonny_thanks EriC^^21:09
wafflejock1momomo: you can use unity-tweak to change a lot of the defaults21:09
EriC^^jonny_: no problem21:09
k1l_momomo: the switcher is totally fine. i use it and it works21:10
momomowafflejock1, unity tweak tool .. haha .. that's a good name for sometjing that renders transparantly buggy .. but it works for some stuff like chaging power options21:10
the_countBashing-om: THe only -53 I have now is 3.16.0-53-generic, you must have misread, otherwise, it is not showing up in GRUB21:10
wafflejock1momomo: again personal preference here but I like gnome 3 just fine21:10
k1l_momomo: i dont want to tab through 35 tabs if i have some programs with several windows open.21:10
momomok1l_, do you ever open two or more windows of the same application ?21:10
lotuspsychjemomomo: loose the attitude mate21:11
momomoyou tab . and then suddenly you have to know to use the left key to navigate previous21:11
the_countBashing-om: I thought the 3.19~ series was the latest21:11
k1l_momomo: i only see you hours of debating on irc what you dont like.21:11
momomolotuspsychje, i would21:11
momomoif i could just get around this issue21:11
k1l_momomo: so just switch to something you like and you can safe 20hours per week coming here and telling everyone what you dont like.21:11
momomoall other applicaion switcehr have simialr issue in compiz21:12
momomok1l_, it's also feedback :p21:12
MonkeyDustmomomo  then don't use compiz21:12
k1l_momomo: no. its annoying21:12
lotuspsychjemomomo: its not feedback, its your opinion21:12
momomoi am also describing exisit issues21:12
momomoexisting issues21:12
freakyyhow do i find out how much RAM my graphics card has?21:12
k1l_momomo: file a bug.21:12
wafflejock1momomo: write a blog post that explains what you think the problems are and what the possible solutions are or like k1l_ said file a bug, complaining in IRC doesn't help anything21:13
MonkeyDustmomomo  i name the bug: 'what i don't like'21:13
mcphailmomomo: alt+` doesn't work for you (not sure I can keep track of what you don't like)21:13
k1l_momomo: so to be clear: this channel is not for your rantings or debating. make a blogpost for that. we try to solve technical issues in here. so please keep this channel for people who actually need support21:13
MonkeyDustmomomo  find a distro or OS you like, then go to their channel for support21:14
momomomcphail, maximize a widnwo .. minmize it .. then maximize it again by click on the icon .. use the mouse .. try to click on a small icon .. it should click on the wrong position21:14
Bashing-omthe_count:  You are correct .. 3.16 kernel ! I do recall questioning what it would get installed .. my bad . OK .. so we can try and re-install linux-image-3.19.0-33-generic ; But I feel the better to mess around with the graphic's driver .21:14
k1l_momomo: that works on 15.10. how often should i say that again.21:15
momomok1l_, i am on 15.10 now21:15
the_countBashing-om: I really don't have anything to loose21:15
k1l_momomo: you changed compiz settings with a different launcher.21:15
the_countBashing-om: Why again the graphics driver?21:15
momomok1l_, yes, the problem is with the static switcher with unity live previews off21:16
momomotry that ...21:16
momomoif you enable live previous it gets solved21:16
k1l_momomo: so. either you help to fix that or you need to change the setup or you live with it.21:16
momomobut then another issue arises21:16
lotuspsychje!info sysinfo | freakyy21:16
ubottufreakyy: sysinfo (source: sysinfo): display computer and system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7-9 (wily), package size 105 kB, installed size 358 kB21:16
Bashing-omthe_count: If this is Nvidia graphics, I have seen several bug reports in respect to the synaptic touchpad that were referred back to Nvidia for the fix .21:17
k1l_momomo: and since we could not find something "you like" so far, i think there is nothing  we can do. so its just pointless to keep you telling us again and again what you dont like.21:17
momomoyes, iknow21:17
momomoall other switchers have similar issues too in compiz21:17
momomoit's just frustrating becaue thats what i use most ..21:18
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k1l_then dont use a desktop that uses compiz or live with the compiz settings that are standard and known to work. your choice.21:18
momomoi like the unity switcher which works well.. i just don't like the grouping .. and all fixes for that on the internet, sugests the static application switcher ..21:18
the_countBashing-om: It is not Nvidia, Integrated graphics, Ubuntu says, ' Intel® Haswell Mobile ' but it is integrated with my processor, and is, ' 21:19
momomoi am going fo cinnammon next21:19
the_countBashing-om: Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 440021:19
momomoactually right now21:20
MonkeyDustmomomo  if ypou don't like cinnamon, we don't want to know it21:20
Bashing-omthe_count: K; Intel supplies their very best to us and it is in the kernel .. no adjustments required .. unless this lappy is of optimus technology ( hybrid graphics ) .. just a thought .21:20
momomohey guys, i am sorry for ranting .. and i hope you forgive me .. i think you understand these kind of frustrations and I appreciate that you have tried, many of you .. i am just tired of finding one solution and then finding out something else stopped working .. and it has costed me time ... and i keep revist the problem .. so sorry for that .. and lets hope cinnamon is better21:21
momomoif not, i'll bother those guys in linux mint :p21:21
lotuspsychjemomomo: mint will get you in trouble21:22
momomofcuk wut?21:22
momomoi just installed it, not yet relogged21:22
momomolotuspsychje, anything concrete i will encounter ?21:22
lotuspsychje!flavors | momomo try one of these21:22
the_countBahsing-om: optimus technology?21:22
ubottumomomo try one of these: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.21:22
lotuspsychjethe_count: optimus graphics cards are hybrid and can switch from intel/nvidia21:24
rgb-oneAnyone here work at a hospital?21:25
lotuspsychje!ot | rgb-one21:25
ubotturgb-one: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:25
k1l_rgb-one: this channel is for ubuntu support. :/21:26
the_countBashing-om: Then it is standalone Intel graphics21:26
OerHeksrgb-one, how is that related to ubuntu support/21:26
_despois this secure21:26
rgb-oneIt isn't21:26
k1l__despo: this is the technical ubuntu support channel.21:26
rgb-oneI know I will check offtopic21:27
_desporight thanks21:27
_desposo what to do with irc now21:27
Bashing-omthe_count: OK .. so which kernel do you choose to purge/re-install ?21:31
lardenhi guys21:32
the_countI don't see why not the latest.21:32
the_countbashing-om: ^^^21:32
lotuspsychje!ot | nottobe21:33
ubottunottobe: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:33
Bashing-omthe_count: Reboot to a 3.16 kernel and we proceed to do the kernel reinstall then .21:33
the_countBashing-om: I am in the 3.16.0-53 kernel now21:33
nottobeüzdünüz kekeler..21:35
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.21:35
the_countBashing-om: So, how do we do this?21:39
OerHeksno no, lara_ don't spam21:41
LamananierThrow a pillow to mas88621:41
Bashing-omthe_count: ' sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.19.0-33-generic ;  sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.19.0-33-generic ;  sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.19.0-33 ; sudo apt-get purge linux-image-extra-3.19.0-33-generic  '. Should do the trick .21:42
OerHeksmas886, remove that bot21:42
maccihi guys, How to simulate left arrow key with xdotool? the command "xdotool key left" doesn't work unfortunately21:42
mas886Okay sorry.21:42
OerHeks!coc > mas88621:43
ubottumas886, please see my private message21:43
reisiomacci: 'Left'?21:45
the_countBashing-om: Ok21:45
the_countBashing-om: Says this program is no longer needed: thermald21:46
the_countBashing-om: Shall I remove it?21:46
maccireisio: reisio, I found the solution: xdotool key "Left"21:47
maccireisio: thank you for collaborating21:47
reisiomacci: oh, did you find it after I gave it to you? :p21:47
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13459048/21:48
maccireisio: yes, you did gave me the right direction21:48
reisiosome things are picky like that21:48
reisiomacci: FFR, if you run 'xev', and press the key you're thinking of, it'll say its exact name/id21:48
the_countBashing-om: have to go for a while21:49
VictoriaXOXOthe_count: What is it exactly that you and Bashing-om keep chatting about? You've been doing it for days now. Some really weird bug?21:49
GlamdringI've got a natively running game that has developed a consistent error. How can I get a log of the problem so I can see what's going awry?21:55
Bashing-omVictoriaXOXO: the_count And I are working to understand why in a synaptics touch pad - among others - that 2 finger scrolling does not work .21:57
VictoriaXOXOBashing-om: Oh, okay. :P21:57
Bashing-omVictoriaXOXO: If ya got some insights.. welcome to the party .. touchpad works in earlie kernels, broke in the later kernels .21:58
ke4nhwFolks, I'll continue to play with this distro, and see if it gets any more inviting, but right now I'm gonna consider this more a learning experiment than a true preparation for a production environment. I am just having too much trouble switching mindsets from RH to Ubuntu methologies22:03
EriC^^Bashing-om: did you check xinput?22:03
Bashing-omEriC^^: Yeah .. we are getting lost in translation - somewhere .22:06
Bashing-omEriC^^: ^^ also one AlexQ also has this similar siruation .22:06
EriC^^did you try xinput list-props <id of synaptics> ?22:07
cschuckAnybody having problems installing Eclipse themes in Ubuntu?22:08
EriC^^i have these in xinput Synaptics Two-Finger Pressure (275):282 , Synaptics Two-Finger Width (276):722:08
Bashing-omEriC^^: Thanks, will verify soon as the_count returns and we get the latest kernel re-installed .22:09
VictoriaXOXOBashing-om: No help from me, I'm afraid. I was just curious about what the problem was.22:14
owen1i played with encfs and i have a folder called visible that i can't remove - rm: cannot remove ‘visible’: Is a directory. ls -l => d?????????   ? ?    ?          ?            ? visible22:17
ubuntu351is there any software for ubuntu that would let me run a game on one computer in my house, and like stream it to another laptop across the house22:18
EriC^^it's encrypted by another user owen122:18
ubuntu351i have a pretty good gaming computer and a weak laptop, I was wondering if there was a way to run the game on gaming computer but play it on the laptop22:18
EriC^^owen1: fusermount -u /path/to/visible22:18
owen1EriC^^: fusermount: entry for /home/oren/visible not found in /etc/mtab22:19
owen1the problem is i rm -r ~/.encrypted22:19
EriC^^owen1: what does df /path/to/visible show?22:20
owen1Filesystem                  1K-blocks     Used Available Use% Mounted on22:20
owen1/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root 222439052 94081300 117035384  45% /22:20
EriC^^owen1: if you ls -l as the user oren you also can't see it?22:21
owen1EriC^^: i see it: drwx------  2 oren oren 4096 Nov 22 12:17 visible22:24
EriC^^owen1: type rm -r /path/to/visible if you don't have any data you need22:24
owen1EriC^^: wierd. i was able to rm it. thanks22:25
EriC^^owen1: no problem22:25
owen1EriC^^: so if i have 2 folders where i keep my files: enrcypted and decrypted  and i want to back it up, do i need to backup both on my backup server?22:26
owen1i mean i keep my files in 'decrypted' and 'encrypted' is used as well as part of encfs.22:26
VictoriaXOXOQ: How would I get this terminal command "exiftool -all= *.jpg" as a right-click option? Like, in the context menu? Does anyone know?22:28
reisioVictoriaXOXO: for Unity/GNOME ?22:29
VictoriaXOXOreisio: MATE, whatever that is.22:29
EriC^^owen1: if you want them as encrypted data you need to copy the .encrypted dir, otherwise if you want them as decrypted data you just copy them as usual after decrypting with encfs22:30
reisioVictoriaXOXO: MATE is MATE, a fork of GNOME 222:30
VictoriaXOXOreisio: Oh. :P22:30
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: Topic for #ubuntu-mate: Home of Ubuntu MATE22:30
daftykinssmall channel, but has some nice links in the topic22:30
reisioVictoriaXOXO: ls /usr/bin/*actions-config-tool*22:30
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Gulp. I'll ask in there, but doubt anyone will answer.22:31
VictoriaXOXOreisio: Hold on.22:31
reisioVictoriaXOXO: not something I'd want to do on individual files via a GUI, though22:31
VictoriaXOXOreisio: Can I PM you?22:32
daftykins!patience | VictoriaXOXO22:32
ubottuVictoriaXOXO: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:32
reisiofind . -iname '*.jp*g*' (check for sanity), and find . -iname '*.jp*g*' -exec exiftool -all= {} \;22:32
owen1EriC^^: got it. thanks22:32
_RidgewingHow do I add bug tracking to this project ? Should I just add code, and take it from there ?22:36
daftykinsthat has nothing to do with ubuntu i'm afraid, i think there's a launchpad channel22:36
ubuntu098hey guys i have a question. i started learning python. I made simple browser following tutorials. now i need improve it. How to get current loaded web page and show it url entry bar?22:39
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EriC^^#python ubuntu09822:40
ubuntu098aww thanks22:41
dn5yo, how do I backup wireless drivers?22:50
daftykinswere they manually compiled?22:51
dn5daftykins: compiled no, installed yes22:51
daftykinsdo you remember what method?22:51
dn5daftykins: not really, no.. maybe fwcutter22:52
dn5don't take me for a word22:52
daftykinscan you identify the model? "lspci"22:52
dn5yes, one second22:52
dn5daftykins: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller22:52
daftykinsdn5: cool, one moment22:56
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:56
daftykinsdn5: anything show up if you run "dpkg -l | grep bcm" ?22:57
dn5bcmwl-kernel-source Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source22:59
dn5and CMIS protocol client @ daftykins22:59
daftykinsdn5: alrighty; and "lshw -C network | nc termbin.com 9999" ?22:59
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dn5daftykins: yes, here is the output http://termbin.com/f7s223:02
daftykinsdn5: sorry this is so long winded; "dpkg -l | grep b43 | nc termbin.com 9999"23:03
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dn5daftykins: np, output http://termbin.com/d83w23:04
daftykinsdn5: ah-ha! looks like you may've followed "b42 - no internet access" on the above linked broadcom page :)23:09
daftykinsso you should be ok regardless23:09
daftykins!info b43-fwcutter23:10
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:019-2 (wily), package size 22 kB, installed size 88 kB23:10
daftykinsyep still in 15.1023:10
dn5daftykins: Probably, thus I don't have ethernet access23:10
dn5daftykins: If I make a fresh install there is no way to get this files until I get net access23:10
daftykinsdn5: if you have a quick glance at the section i mean, you'll see it means you can install from the ubuntu disc23:11
daftykinsso you don't need internet access to get the packages on :)23:11
dn5daftykins: tho I won't install Ubuntu23:12
daftykinserr what's the plan then?23:12
dn5daftykins: I'm going for Ubuntu children, mate23:13
daftykinsdn5: "MATE edition" ?23:14
daftykinsdoesn't matter which variant it is, same driver should go across all23:14
dn5daftykins: yes.23:14
dn5daftykins: Doesn't mean MATE have these packages in ISO23:15
daftykinstrue, but you can test that from a live session23:15
daftykinsdn5: alternatively, visit packages.ubuntu.com and download the above named package and all its' dependencies for the version you plan to install23:15
daftykinsthen just have all the .debs ready to go23:15
dn5daftykins: So, which deb or package should I additionally backup for post installation23:16
daftykinsdn5: run "apt-cache showpkg b43-fwcutter" which should list all deps23:17
dn5ah, thanks! daftykins23:19
daftykinsnp :)23:19
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hadeswatch3rwpa_suplicant is taking up 90% cpu on new Ubuntu 15.10 .... Maximus VII impact 6600k ...23:37
reisiohadeswatch3r: what's the problem?23:41
snarkbarkhey all, I've got ubuntu 15.10 running on an xps 13 9343 with an i5 broadwell and I'm experiencing an issue where if I'm playing a game fullscreen and then touch the volume, my screen freezes but I still have control over my mouse23:41
hadeswatch3rwpa_supplicaint is taking up alot of cpu .... my computer is very sluggish... as in pausing etc...23:42
snarkbarkI can restart lightdm and get booted back to the login and then I can do w/e as normal. Any idea where to look to see what would be causing this issue?23:42
hadeswatch3ris this the wireless card stuff? (I'm  not using wireless )23:42
waressearcher2if someone don't have ubuntu can he go here and ask generic question related to many linuxes ? or its not ethical and ge will not get help here ?23:42
k1l_waressearcher2: there is ##linux23:42
Ben64hadeswatch3r: wpa_supplicant is wirelesss23:42
hadeswatch3rSo why is it killing my machine?23:43
hadeswatch3ror trying to kill it I should say..23:43
waressearcher2k1l_: what if that someone want's go here and not ##linux ? will it be frown upon ?23:43
Ben64hadeswatch3r: hard to tell, try to kill the process? if you're not using wireless you don't need it23:43
k1l_waressearcher2: ##linux for generic questions. we focus on solving ubuntu issues in here.23:43
hadeswatch3ryes, I have been killing it ... but, it just restarts itself.23:44
hadeswatch3rand begins taking cpu cycles again ..23:44
hadeswatch3rcan I remove wpa supplicant ?23:44
hadeswatch3ror will that break something?23:44
bmsr256hi, do i have to manually update the kernel to 4.3 or the ubuntu updater will do it automatically?23:45
Ben64hadeswatch3r: sudo apt-get remove wpasupplicant23:45
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Ben64hadeswatch3r: you'll be unable to connect to wireless though23:46
k1l_bmsr256: no. ubuntu will not change the kernel version. it will just ship patches for 4.2. why do you need the 4.3 kernel?23:46
VictoriaXOXO(Unity/GNOME this time!) Q: How would I get this terminal command "exiftool -all= *.jpg" as a right-click option? Like, in the context menu? Does anyone know?23:46
hadeswatch3rBen64 that's ok.23:46
hadeswatch3rI assume that this Motherboard is too new yet...23:46
Ben64hadeswatch3r: it's probably a wireless card that isn't supported properly23:47
hadeswatch3rreisio thank you for you help.23:47
hadeswatch3rBen64, right, thank you for your help.23:47
hadeswatch3rI have it removed... I'll reboot this thing now.23:47
Ben64shouldn't need to reboot23:47
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bmsr256k1l_: i've heard that the 4.3 kernel will have some AMP GPU controller features and some fixes23:49
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone23:49
k1l_!mainline | bmsr25623:49
ubottubmsr256: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:49
bmsr256i'm just asking, i don't necessarily have to do this23:49
waressearcher2k1l_: "ubuntu issues" so by that you mean you will not teach someone how to use or do some stuff but if someone have problems with some stuff or something broken this is what you call "ubuntu issues" ?23:49
k1l_bmsr256: but you dont get updates then and they miss some patches the regular ubuntu kernels got.23:49
waressearcher2k1l_: so its not like an "ubuntu educational" channel for beginners ?23:50
Ben64i think 16.04 is going to be kernel 4.323:50
k1l_waressearcher2: its very easy: if its ubuntu support ask here. if its generic questions (and you know its generic hence you start a discussion about that) then ask in ##linux23:50
hexafractionHello, has anyone either tried or heard of Ubuntu working on Cyberpowerpc fangbook devices?23:50
bmsr256k1l_ ok i understand, btw i stick with 4.2, that's what it has, i'm with 15.1023:51
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bmsr256i'll let the updater search and update it automatically23:52
k1l_Ben64: thought more like 4.5 in the end for 16.04 since its still some time untill the freeze and it was 0.3 more than the last release the last times23:52
Guy1524hey guys, so i have an optimus laptop and I have nvidia-prime, I found out that it is impossible to use multiple monitors without using the noveau drivers which apparently are terrible, but I really want to use a bigger screen, is there a way to use just one external display and make the drivers not recognize the laptop display or something along those lines?23:52
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Ben64k1l_: it started as 4.2, and i saw somewhere that it was going to be rebased on 4.3, i guess it can still change though23:53
VictoriaXOXOQ: What would be the most "clean" way of completely removing the entire LibreOffice suite from Ubuntu?23:54
daftykinsGuy1524: tried toggling the outputs from the laptops Fn+F# key?23:54
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: sudo apt-get purge libreoffice23:54
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: And that removes the entire suite and everything?23:55
waressearcher2is there alternative to LibreOffice ?23:55
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: yes23:55
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Peeeeeeerfect.23:55
waressearcher2openoffice or koffice anything else ?23:55
reisiowaressearcher2: abiword, gnumeric23:56
AlexQIs Upstart in wily still experimental and disabled by default (in the default boot record created by GRUB)?23:56
daftykinswaressearcher2: not one that is worth bothering with, probably.23:56
JimmyNeutronI'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 onto my computer, Intel D525MW Atom processor, and it's hanging on the screen "Select a language"  Any help would be appreciated.23:56
k1l_AlexQ: since 15.04 systemd is the default init23:57
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Uhh. What? I was just inside Writer and Calc! http://pastebin.com/1rYs2jbv23:57
daftykinsmeta package is meta23:57
AlexQk1l_: So upstart is the older one? Woo, I got confused. So if I want to start/stop something, I should use service <name> start/stop/restart ?23:57
daftykinsJimmyNeutron: MD5 your downloaded ISO and check it on the flash drive / media you put it on?23:58
rdconsolowaressearcher2: koffice now is Calligra. openoffice, very good, but libreoffice gets updates more frequently23:58
JimmyNeutrondaftykins, ok..let me check it..thanks!23:58
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: sudo apt-get autoremove?23:58
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay, hold on.23:59
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: if that doesnt remove all, then use "sudo apt-get purge libreoffice*"23:59

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