zequencesakrecoer_: OvenWerk1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Resources10:53
zequenceOvenWerk1: freewheel is when processing is not done in realtime?10:54
OvenWerk1zequence: yes, freewheel is for non-realtime. This means that no matter how heavy the dsp is it has enough time to finish, though in general an export goes faster in free wheel because most processing _is_ finished faster than needed.14:59
sakrecoer_zequence: OvenWerk1 i added the fontforge doc to the page you indictaed zequence :)15:21
sakrecoer_can i just sudo apt-get upgrade my 15.10 dev install or should i grab the new iso?15:29
sakrecoer_tried sudo do-release-upgrade from this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/InstallDevelopmentRelease16:41
sakrecoer_got "No new release found"16:41
sakrecoer_i'll give the iso a spin...16:41
sakrecoer_after upgrading the devel release of 15.10, i noticed the scirbus icon is still missing....16:43
sakrecoer_:/ if it slipped in the official iso, i guess i will have to blame myself for not finding the time to test it16:43
zequencesakrecoer_: sudo do-release-upgrade -d19:09
zequenceI'll fix the page. Forgot to add the -d19:09
sakrecoer_zequence: thanks!19:23
sakrecoer_so, got the xenial-dev running21:39
sakrecoer_scribus icon is absent. but so is scribus... is it because when i learned how to repackage it, it was removed?21:40
sakrecoer_apt-get installed it now...21:41
sakrecoer_and icon is added.. :)21:41
sakrecoer_gimp website links to this tool: http://www.selapa.net/swatchbooker/ it seems to be a bit like agave, but also for print.22:00
sakrecoer_anyways... i'll compile a few taughts in an email to the list...22:00
sakrecoer_read you soon!22:01
OvenWerk1sakrecoer_: I have scribus from ISO install.22:05

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