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Reudscan anyone help me?13:16
zequenceReuds: Just ask a question, and if no one answers hang around for long enough and someone will :)13:17
Reudsso my problem is that when i boot the Ubuntu Studio CD, and then i go on "Install Ubuntu Studio"13:18
Reudsand then just comes "ACPI PCC probe failed" and then comes nothing more13:18
zequenceI googled a bit, and it seems to be related to UEFI and something lacking Linux support13:21
zequenceAt the end of this there's a good explanation http://askubuntu.com/questions/584248/boot-error-acpi-pcc-probe-failed13:21
zequenceI'm not seeing anyone not being able to boot though.13:22
zequenceSo, cold be your problem not being able to boot is something else13:23
zequenceDo you have a nvidia graphic card, btw?13:23
zequenceIs it a laptop or desktop PC?13:23
Reudsyes indeed and its a desktop pc13:24
zequenceHEre is someone who is able to boot http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227531013:24
zequenceBut, perhaps you will have problems with 15.10, but not with 14.0413:25
zequenceSorry, someone who is not able to boot13:25
Reudsyeah i think i have ubuntu studios 14.04.313:25
zequenceOh. Ok. Well, try 15.10 then?13:25
Reudsmaybe but first i try this13:26
Reuds 2 down vote I [Solved] the problem by changing the motherboard settings. For my motherboard (access this at boot, not through Ubuntu) I went to Advanced > System Agent > Graphics > iPGU Multi-Monitor and set it to "enable." I left all of the other system agent graphics settings on auto. After that the boot and ACPI problems (including a shutdown hang, crashes, freezes, monitor shutdown) stopped.  Every motherboard vendor has its13:26
Reudsluckily this guy has the same motherboard as i have so I'll try his tip13:26
zequenceOh, nice13:26
Reudsand if it doesn't work i'll come back and try the next thing13:27
Reudsthe thing is i even havent installed Ubuntu on this Pc. i have made 2 Partitions. one for Windows and one for Ubuntu. ._.13:28
zequenceWell, I can probably not help more in any case. And this should not be specific to Ubuntu Studio at all, so I would suggest also to try other channels, or forums if you continue to have problems.13:28
Reudsokay. But thanks for the help :)13:28
zequenceChanging motherboard settings is not really related to installations (unless you change boot settings)13:28
zequenceSo, should work13:29
Reudsyeah the problem is that it doesnt boot right so i dont even have the chance to install it soooo. I give it a trz13:29
Reudsso I'm back and changing this setting thing on the Motherboard didn't change anything13:54
ReudsI have no idea what to do. Only trying to use the 15.1 version13:57
NoteOnnot good english sorrry14:06
NoteOnnot same problem but I have 14 works. 15 nor work.14:06
NoteOnso my way is usb persistence.. to test14:06
NoteOnits easy to find where is..14:06
NoteOnin my case 15.x not sound to jack last out.. even jack shows ok.14:07
NoteOnwell, my main style is persistence. 8GB or 16GB usb boot.14:07
NoteOn2 or 3 pc's. and then USB 4 or 5. and test different setup..14:08
NoteOnalso you can have 2 or more setup in same USB. just backup diff file and set it at boot line.14:08
NoteOnor just rename each time. at boot.14:08
NoteOnubuntsu persistence at google get more info..14:09
NoteOnfile base is must.. not partation..14:11
NoteOnin file base, you can do backup one file for all setup. even if you use windows.14:11
NoteOnin windows set usb FAT32 1 partation.. then file ... maybe in 15.x casper-rw etc.14:12
NoteOnlivecd mode is not good for test.. it can't keep setup. but persistence is like normal install.. you get changed after re-boot14:12
NoteOnif you test more and more ... file size is 1GB is ok.  not good for full user..14:13
NoteOnfull use. but in test, 1GB is ok. easy to backup14:13
NoteOnin my case, test and test then I keep 10 backup etc..14:13
NoteOnand copy USB to USB. then run diffrent PC ...14:14
NoteOnits save test time.14:14
NoteOnin my case, one PC at sound board 14.x is ok. 15.x is not good. driver working.. but some reason final sound is not out14:15
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