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knome!team | reminder: feature definition freeze is next thursday, let's try to get the blueprints ready before that12:10
ubottu reminder: feature definition freeze is next thursday, let's try to get the blueprints ready before that: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19312:10
krytarikslickymaster, knome: Done - https://code.launchpad.net/~krytarik/xubuntu-docs/contributor/+merge/27826215:07
krytarikknome: And please set my work item to 'DONE' too, when you merged it.15:12
knomekrytarik, hmm, do we really want the itemizedlists inside paras?15:12
knomewe're not doing that anywhere15:13
knome yes.15:13
knomeonly one place too15:14
krytarikWhere do you see that? I know I fixed some on the QA Team page.15:15
krytarikI was more thinking the other way around, where I added more than one once. :P15:16
knomeline 893 of the diff15:16
krytarikAh yes, that's because it doesn't like that in an 'abstract'.15:18
krytarikDidn't validate.15:18
knomei wonder how the html output looks15:18
krytarikThe same really.15:18
krytarikJust like the 'note' one.15:19
knomewe really should try to see other options than abstract for the introduction15:19
knomeit isn't even semantic15:19
krytarikAnd it doesn't like sections without any elements other than the title either. :P15:19
krytarikSo I had "<para></para>" at one place. :P15:20
knomewhat's the idea with the new index.html for startpage?15:21
krytarik'sed' basically, rather than put together.15:21
knomei know it's valid, but i don't particularly like this syntax: + padding: 3em 3em 1em;15:22
knomealso, we should just use the same stylesheet for the startpage15:23
knomebut that can wait15:23
krytarikYeah, we should.15:23
krytarikAh, you mean rather specify them all - yeah, I can agree there.15:25
krytarikParticularly when you're already up to 3 anyway. :P15:26
knome2 is ok15:26
knome3 is the one that is meh :P15:26
krytarikSo go fix that. :P15:26
krytarikI usually just put there as much as is necessary, that is.15:28
knomeso, on relativity...15:30
knomewe will need one link for startpage :P15:30
knomewell actually not15:30
knomeif we don't care how the startpage looks before building15:30
krytarikHuh? :D15:31
flocculanthi knome krytarik 15:35
krytarikHi flocculant.15:35
knomehello flocculant 15:36
knomekrytarik, and i'm wondering about the makefile targets too15:55
knomeand my brain hurts15:56
krytarikYeah, Makefile stuff does that to one... :D15:56
knomeepub sigh16:02
krytarikYeah, at least they kind of "work" now again. :P16:04
knomewhat is "-cp ..." ?16:04
krytarikThey look horrible though, that is. :D16:04
krytarikIgnore errors.16:04
knomeok, i think i fixed it16:10
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Unit193Well -cp means you don't echo it.17:46
krytarikUnit193: Nope, that's '@'.17:56
krytarikknome: This is what I have right now on top of your current branch, however - barring the needed style fixes for the startpage mentioned in -offtopic: http://paste.openstack.org/show/CC7IP1SJM4guDL4v1yzp/18:14
krytarikI trust it's easy for you to fix those. :)18:15
Unit193Oooooh, right!18:18
krytarikknome: If you'd just refer to my review in the commit log, that'd be nice - so I don't have to comment. :D18:28
krytarik(Which would just be a link to the diff paste anyway.)18:37
knomekrytarik, i changed the filename because i wanted to highlight that it's the startpage specific stuff19:22
krytarikknome: Yeah, it's easier to distinguish in the index file anyway.19:28
krytarikknome: Oh crap, it should be "html-style: ../common-libs" in 'user-docs/Makefile' - I seem to have not saved that before doing the diff. >_<20:54
krytarik+ too21:02
krytarikIt's the little things, you know! :P21:03
krytarikYou don't need a new diff though, right? :D21:06
pleia2knome: no pictures yet (see ticket) but a draft of the next xubuntu at post is up if you want to proof https://xubuntu.org/?p=3597&preview=true21:07
knomepleia2, i'll look at it later today21:08
pleia2knome: thanks :)21:08
knomepleia2, "Also, we understand the positive aspects of giving the user access to modify as it can lead to a better function and understanding of the software."22:20
knomepleia2, modify what?22:20
knomepleia2, "First of all we believed that this platform better suited the needs of our organization."22:21
knomepleia2, better than what? or "best" ?22:21
knomepleia2, "Is there anything else you wish to share with us about FreeGeek Chicago or how you use Xubuntu?"22:22
knomepleia2, maybe we should drop the "or how you use Xubuntu?" since they don't mention it again22:22
knomepleia2, apart from that, i did some very minor edits (remove a comma, "open-source" -> "open source", "FireFox" -> "Firefox")22:23

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