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thomaHi. In Xubuntu 15.10 these settings for lightdm (1.16.5-0ubuntu1) are not respected:10:43
thomaSomthing have changed I guess. I don't have lightdm.conf or lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf - any hint where this options now should reside? /etc/lightdm/users.conf?10:45
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JesusSavesMei got kernel panic16:34
JesusSavesMeWhere can i find kernel panic log?16:36
m3n3chm0JesusSavesMe /var/log/syslog17:15
JesusSavesMeSo waht can i do with kernel panic?17:18
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ET__Hi! I've got a weird keyboard glitch. Seems like it started after upgrading from xubuntu 15.04 (I think. maybe 14.10?) to 15.10. Anyways, every once in a while, my keyboard starts acting like I'm holding down the 5 key. e.g., I'll be watching YouTube, and I'll be stuck at 50% of the video, because my computer is spamming 5. Is system-wide. e.g. I can be in a text editor, and watch the 5's spammed into the tetx.18:52
ET__Anyone know what I can do to diagnose this? :S18:52
function9xET__: how did you upgrade? Anything in the logs?19:04
function9xET__: hostOS? or GuestOS?19:05
ET__I upgraded with a USB startup disk I made from the ISO.19:05
ET__What logs?19:05
ET__slash, where do I look?19:06
function9xET__: chech the guestOS logs, it's in the folder, also check the xubuntu logs for any errors or discrepancies, especially the time the keyboard plays up19:09
ET__Misspoke - by "upgraded", I mean, I first upgraded with the software updater thing that asks if you want to upgrade. Then once the 5-glitch started happening, I reinstalled my computer from scratch with the USB stick. And now I get the glitch again. :S19:10
function9xET__: /var/log/19:10
function9xbrb kettle19:10
ET__Checked 'syslog' and 'kern.log'. They have messages about my mouse being detected on USB, but the time is about an hour before I saw the weirdness. There's about a dozen logfiles in here, plus (I assume) files from when the logs rotate? Anything else I should check?19:19
function9xET__: fire up a terminal. tail -f /var/log/syslog19:27
function9xkeep an eye on that when your keyboard plays up19:28
ET__Now to play the waiting game... :P Thanks!19:33
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Guest57798i has problem?22:53
Guest57798i ran unetbootin to install a new copy of xubuntu onto my hdd22:54
Guest57798it not working22:54
function9xwhen you used unetbootin, did it give you an error22:55
Guest57798no errors22:55
Guest57798either time22:55
SlidingHornHi, Guest57798, can you give some more details?  What happens when you try to boot?  (also, please try to keep responses to as few lines as possible) :)22:56
Guest57798its the strangest thing, my bios just immediately boots to this same installation without error, after i ran unet w an .iso to / , then reboot, then nope.jpg22:58
Guest57798it just comes back to this installation of xubuntu22:58
Guest57798and i cant even boot from USB devices22:59
knomewait, what? you are "installing" xubuntu with unetbootin, without USB or CD?23:01
Guest57798USB refuses to boot23:04
knomeare you going what i asked?23:05
knomeor something else?23:05
eight_Did you check your bios G5779823:05
Guest57798yes, and yes. i am "installing" xubuntu with unet23:05
knomeGuest57798, you can't do that.23:05
knomeGuest57798, or you can, but you will not end up with an installation23:06
Guest57798how come? what am i doing wrong?23:06
Guest57798should i #dd if ?23:07
knomeyou can create installation media with unetbootin, not installed systems23:07
knomeyou can't install xubuntu directly with unetbootin, you need some media23:07
Guest57798so what am i essentially doing when i run unet23:11
knomecreating installation media23:14
eight_So, if I replaced xfwm with Compiz, and the new version of Xubuntu made the window decorator use the cairo theme rather than gtk, how would I set that back?23:15
knomeare you talking about window decorations or something else now?23:17
eight_Yeah, the decorator23:18
knomei don't think xfwm themes work with compiz23:19
eight_You had to set it in dconf23:19
eight_But the key is depreciated in the new Gnome system?23:20
knomei don't know, but i don't think xfwm themes have ever worked with compiz23:21
knomei'd ask some compiz channel, they can likely answer your question23:21
eight_I tried, but they seem a bit dead23:24

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