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jamespagegnuoy, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/nova-compute/lp1509267-stable/+merge/27828608:45
jamespagegnuoy, https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/nova-compute/+bug/151877108:59
mupBug #1518771: nova-compute hugepages breaks the boot process <upstart :New> <nova-compute (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518771>08:59
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Iceyexporting a bundle through juju-gui doesn't export added storage?15:13
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marcoceppiIcey: storage isn't in the bundle format AFAIK16:15
marcoceppirick_h_: ^?16:15
tvansteenburghmarcoceppi: suggestions on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/151361216:19
mupBug #1513612: HyperV lis-test Charm <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1513612>16:19
marcoceppitvansteenburgh: we can't really test it with the automated testing because we don't have a windows machine in our CI and we don't have simplestreams for Windows deployments16:20
marcoceppithat charm really only works right now on a MAAS enabled substrate with a Windows image baked in16:20
mwenningmarcoceppi, how should I proceed then?16:20
marcoceppitvansteenburgh: we need to probably blacklist LXC/LXD with charms in the windows series16:20
marcoceppimwenning: I'm not sure. We should review the code as normal, if possible. But testing is the best way for us to be sure it works. I'll see if we can get a windows enabled substrate for the test runner16:22
mwenningmarcoceppi, the OIL team has a windows image that will deploy (from blake_r).  That's what I've bee using to develop16:23
marcoceppimwenning: sure, we need to get that into our charm-testing infrastructure so we can validate windows charms16:23
marcoceppiwe've not had many go through our pipeline :)16:23
marcoceppimwenning: for the time being I have a maas and might be able to load the windows image on there to test this one off16:24
* marcoceppi looks into how we can get resources to test this16:24
mwenningmarcoceppi, tvansteenburgh , also had a question (in the bug) - this charm requires a download of ~6M  zip file containing the lis-test code.16:24
mwenningshould I re-do this as a "fat charm" & include it?16:25
mwenningseems like it would be easier to control16:25
marcoceppimwenning: is the zip accessible on the internet?16:25
mwenningmarcoceppi, yes it is on git hub, but I'm using one that I've downloaded & modified16:26
mwenningmarcoceppi, sorry the _zip_ is not accessible, source is.16:28
marcoceppimwenning: you could fat-pack it, if it's not easily accessible from the public internet16:28
mwenningmarcoceppi, cool I'd prefer that, easier to control new versions.   Also it's going in OIL and they don't like outside downloads16:29
mwenningmarcoceppi, tvansteenburgh , will amulet work in windows?   that's probably the next thing16:30
marcoceppimwenning: amulet is python, Python can be installed in Windows, it should work. However, I'm not sure how juju-run/juju ssh work in a Windows environment16:31
marcoceppithere's a lot of unknowns here, you're trail blazing a bit here ;)16:32
mwenningmarcoceppi, :-)16:32
rick_h_marcoceppi: Icey I think there's work underway to add it. axw was doing something and frankban was reviewing it if I recall16:37
rick_h_marcoceppi: Icey but once that lands a gui release will have to be cut to support exporting it.16:37
rick_h_urulama: hatch fyi ^16:37
frankbanrick_h_: yes storage is being added to bundlechanges and to the bundle format16:38
rick_h_frankban: and will export support that or do we need a card for that to get updated as well?16:38
rick_h_frankban: or the bundlechanges support adds the export as well?16:38
frankbanrick_h_: export from the GUI? Jeff is working on adding storage to the GUI16:39
rick_h_frankban: ok16:39
marcoceppicory_fu: I've got some justifications for the update-status hook16:57
cory_fuFYI, in case I wasn't clear before, I'm for including the update-status hook, I just don't want anyone to be surprised when their handlers run every 5 minutes16:58
marcoceppicory_fu: they should have smarter handlers ;)16:59
marcoceppithis is what I'm trying to do, as an fyi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13477912/16:59
marcoceppisince there's so many different layers at play, each method just calls update_status() at the end of it's run atm16:59
cory_fuAgreed.  And having them re-run every 5 minutes has actually been really helpful for me when developing and having my charms get into a blocked state that I needed to resolve just by re-running a hook w/o changing any config16:59
marcoceppicory_fu: should I mail the list about including this?17:00
cory_fuProbably worth doing, yes17:00
marcoceppicory_fu: cool, I'll drop a line today17:01
cory_fumarcoceppi: I'd also like you to compare how we're handling the status logic in https://github.com/johnsca/layer-apache-spark/blob/master/reactive/spark.py and https://github.com/ktsakalozos/layered-hive-charm/blob/master/reactive/hive.py to your approach17:03
marcoceppicory_fu: ohh, I'd love to, I've been trying to find a simple way to do this17:03
marcoceppicory_fu: ah, I see, leveraging states more17:04
marcoceppiI like, I need to set/react to more states in general. I'm a little sparse in my layers to date17:05
marcoceppicory_fu: I'll refactor my django layer a bit to use this approach17:06
marcoceppicory_fu: I have a use case for actions in reactive too17:06
marcoceppiwell, s/use case/need/17:06
cory_fuAgreed, we need to support actions17:09
marcoceppicory_fu: is there a way to do something like `psql.changed()` to see if relation data has changed?17:15
marcoceppicory_fu: nvm, I can just use states17:20
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josearosales, marcoceppi: hey! I wanted to confirm if you guys wanted to be mentors for Google Code-In17:26
marcoceppijose: yes17:26
cory_fumarcoceppi: Were are you talking about setting the "changed" state from?  The charm layer?17:27
josemarcoceppi: ok, you're getting a PM to confirm something real quick and we'll get this rolling17:27
arosalesjose: yes +1 :-)17:27
marcoceppicory_fu: I was referring to postgresql recieving changed data, but I just realized I don't care that much17:28
josewoot woot! same for you!17:28
marcoceppisince the tinerface takes care of that17:28
cory_fumarcoceppi: Right.  The interface should handle changes and turn them into appropriate states.  But you also shouldn't expect a "db.changed" state or similar from an interface layer (nor try to create one) because it almost certainly won't work the way you expect (I know from experience)17:29
marcoceppicory_fu: yeah, I found a better way around what I was trying to work though17:30
cory_fumarcoceppi: If you do need to track changes in data, though, you can use https://pythonhosted.org/charms.reactive/charms.reactive.helpers.html#charms.reactive.helpers.data_changed17:30
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marcoceppijose: can you send along good examples of tasks?18:08
josemarcoceppi: Code In Sample Tasks (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1povliHCv-_5AuTdRtrs-AJTZBbyNhufZYs_bykuALHA/edit?usp=docslist_api)18:11
marcoceppijose arosales I really don't think we want to encourage a charm review as a task? Not sure the scope of this though18:14
josemarcoceppi: those were just samples of things we do written in task format18:23
marcoceppijose: ack, cool18:23
marcoceppijose arosales we should meet up to discuss, to avoid building duplicate tasks?18:23
jrwrencan someone help me understand some failing test output?  http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/charm-bundle-test-lxc/1485/console  I see a make -s lint and make -s test being run, but the charm doesn't have a Makefile. what is happening?18:30
marcoceppijrwren: yes it does http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~evarlast/charms/trusty/apache2/add-logs-interface/view/head:/Makefile18:32
jrwrenok, something is very broken on my end. thanks.18:32
jrwreni'm going back to bed.18:33
arosalesmarcoceppi +1 on meeting up, perhaps post us holiday though19:03
marcoceppiarosales: well we have 14 days before they're due ;)19:05
arosalesmarcoceppi, ah well then :-)19:06
arosalesI guess sooner rather than later19:06
arosalesmarcoceppi: my first thought is failing charm test triage or picking a few charms we know need some tlc, or is that to deep of a task?19:06
* marcoceppi dunno19:07
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beisnerhi jrwren, tvansteenburgh - looks like we are all hitting the same mongodb test race.  in my observation, when everything is just right, and under low-load, the tests will generally pass.  but the sleep time is really just a bug in itself, and the tests will need to be more clever about knowing when to start poking.  re: bug 151846821:12
mupBug #1518468: mongodb functional tests have race condition due to fixed sleep time <amulet> <uosci> <mongodb (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1518468>21:12
jrwrenbeisner: thanks for the replies and this msg. I'll update the test to poll.21:14
beisnerjrwren, awesome.  thanks!21:15
tvansteenburghjrwren, i'm curious what you willing be checking for in the polling loop21:16
tvansteenburghi ask because amulet's sentry.wait() already does this in a non-charm-specific way, waiting for every unit to quiesce (no running hooks) for at least 30 seconds21:20
tvansteenburghi assume what you have in mind is specific to the mongodb charm?21:21
jrwrentvansteenburgh: i'll poll every 10s until some max timeout.21:22
jrwrentvansteenburgh: I'm unsure, but I think the issue is not juju and something sentry.wait() would trigger, but mongodb and its replset choosing a primary21:22
tvansteenburghfwiw, i think the most correct way forward is to do what beisner suggested and have the charm implement extended status to advertise when it is ready, then use amulet's sentry.wait_for_messages() to block until that status is set. but i realize that may not be a feasible change to make right now21:23
tvansteenburghjrwren: ah, i see21:23
adam_gspinning my wheels trying to bootstrap a manually provisioned container: http://paste.openstack.org/show/479791/ any ideas?22:07
marcoceppithumper: lp:~ubucon-site-developers/ubucon-site/ubucon-layer and https://github.com/marcoceppi/layer-django23:35
marcoceppithumper: zero to no documentation yet, the first branch is what a consumer of the django layer looks like and the second is the actual guts of it23:36
* thumper nods23:36
marcoceppithumper: I've charmed ubucon site and and working on taiga which is also django. Trying to make the layer as useful as possible23:42
thumpermarcoceppi: I'd have to compare with what I currently deploy23:43
thumperI have a python-django charm that starts celery workers when related to rabbitmq23:43
marcoceppithumper: yeah, I know you're doing a pretty expansive deployment23:43
thumperI haven't proposed it yet...23:43
thumperbut my focus hasn't been charm development, but site development23:44
thumperI'd love it to be more useful...23:44
marcoceppithumper: yeah, totally understand23:44
blrmarcoceppi: is there some documentation somewhere on what layers provide?23:44
marcoceppiblr: not sure I understand what you mean23:44
blrI'm almost entirely ignorant of the changes in the reactive framework... our charms just use charmhelpers23:45
marcoceppiblr: so each layer provides it's own set of events it creates/reacts to23:46
marcoceppithey're typically documented in the readme23:46
blrmarcoceppi: does this compliment the services framework, or is it orthogonal?23:50
marcoceppiblr: it replaces, services framework is still valid but reactive is the evolution of it23:51
blrright okay... so we should probably look at refactoring our charms.23:51
marcoceppiblr: well, I don't know if refactor is the right word23:53
marcoceppiblr: I think new charms going forward should be in reactive23:54
marcoceppibut services framework is still valid23:54

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