lordievaderGood morning.08:50
valoriemorning, lordievader08:57
valoriealthough almost bedtime for me.....08:57
lordievaderHow are you doing?08:57
valoriegetting prepared for GCi08:58
valorieand a week of celebrations08:58
valoriewedding anniversary on Tues (43 years, unbelieveable) and Thanksgiving on Thur.08:58
valoriethank you!08:59
yofelwgrant: thanks!09:04
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adrianalveshello guys!14:18
adrianalvesany workaround to make pidgin or xchat systray works on plasma514:18
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BluesKajHiyas all14:30
soeeadrianalves: installing sni-qt:i386 ?14:46
soeeadrianalves: anyway it will work out of teh box in Plasma 5.514:46
adrianalvessoee, yup but 5.5 is not available yet14:47
adrianalvessni-qt:i386 works just for skype not for pidgin and xchat14:48
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mitya57ScottK: ITYM a different ML in your mail (pkg-kde-talk@l.a.d.o). One you mentioned is for robots mostly.16:27
ScottKI did.  Thanks.16:28
mitya57ScottK: l._a_.d.o...16:31
ScottKWould you please just reply to it.  I obviously can't type today.16:31
mitya57A bit later, I would do that without asking if I weren't using my phone.16:32
mitya57ximion did it before me :)16:53
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jmuxI'm backporting some parts of KF5 from xenial to develop my LO KDE5 VCL backend on trusty. While backporting I had to drop the dependency of kinit from kio.18:36
jmuxSeems it was added by apachelogger to close LP: #150452618:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1504526 in kio (Ubuntu) "Could not start process Cannot talk to klauncher: "The name org.kde.klauncher5 was not provided by any .service files"" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150452618:36
jmuxProblem is kio-dev depends kio depends kinit, but kinit needs kio-dev to build18:37
jmuxFor my backport I made kinit a recommendation to actually be able to install kio-dev18:45
debfxseems doubtful that kio-dev needs kio18:53
jmuxDebian kio packages don't depend on kinit, that's why I choose this solution.18:56
jmuxRiddell: ^^^ see kio - and I have a LO KDE5 VCL backend, which compiles, but currently can't draw, because Qt5 changed from Xlib to XCB (which is good), but will make the porting a little bit harder ;-)19:09
soeeLibreOffice Now Has More Than 1000 Developers Working on It :020:07
soeewhen Kubuntu will have more than 1000 devs ? :>20:07
soeeyes :)20:09
jmuxAs someone somewhere already stated we have about 250 people active in the last 12 months20:10
jmuxquote from the blog: "After five years and 1,000 new developers"20:10
clivejosoee: you running xenial?20:12
soeeclivejo: not yet, i'll wait till it has Plasma 5.520:13
clivejoI have strange artifacts in my system font :/20:13
jmuxAnd "git log --since='last month' --pretty=format:'%an' | sort | uniq | wc -l" results to 94, which is still good, I guess20:15
clivejosoee: any idea whats up with this? - http://s7.postimg.org/idnheyx5n/Strange_Font.jpg20:18
soeehmm, i'v seen it once or two long time ago20:19
soeehard to say what it was20:19
clivejowhat was the cause?20:19
soeeno idea20:21
clivejoyofel: whats going on with 15.08.3 apps in xenial?21:54
clivejodont understand how there are built for wily, but cant see any for xenial21:56
clivejosgclark: do you know?21:56
vpinonHello, I just started a PPA for Kdenlive beta/experimental (as a beginner), but realize it may just fit into Kubuntu-PPAs?22:21
vpinonI would be happy to help in that direction :)22:22
clivejohi vpinon22:23
clivejoI think kdenlive is in the KCI22:24
vpinonin KCI yes, but not in (beta-)backports22:29
shadeslayeryofel: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/org.kde.plasma.bavarianclock.tar.gz23:37

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