rackkinbig thumbs up on the new release...just got samba share working with a win 7 machine in less than a minute....way way kewl :-)05:40
valorierackkin: good to hear05:41
valorieI've not tried to get my machines < samba > windows machine to work for many a year05:42
valoriebecause every time I got it working, a windows update would kill it05:42
rackkinjust redid the whole pc....win 7 was buggin....installed win 10 yesterday....nvidia driver failed to install....kubuntu picked it right up though....go figure MS dropped the ball :-)05:44
rackkindual boot win10 and kubuntu05:44
rackkinne good recommendations on video editor like adobe premier for kubuntu?05:47
valorierackkin: Kdenlive gets a lot of good press, even outside of KDE circles05:52
valorieno idea if it is like the adobe product you mention, however05:52
rackkinvalorie: thanx...i'll check it out05:54
valorieI've never used it but have met some of the programmers05:55
valoriewho are awesome05:55
lolmaus_Help! My Kubuntu 15.10 logs me out immediately after login! I tried renaming .Xauthority, .bashrc and .bash_profile, it didn't help. And I didn't find and anything suspicious in the logs.07:36
valorielolmaus_: have you tried a new user?07:42
valorieit is perhaps something in ~/.local or ~/.config07:44
hateballlolmaus_: did you check ~/.xsession-errors07:47
lolmaus_hateball: there are lots of various errors. The earliest ones are "cannot connect to X server :0", "Could not connect to display :0" and then "The X11 connection  broke (error 1). Did the X server die?"07:54
hateballlolmaus_: What has changed between being able to login, and now?07:55
hateballlolmaus_: Changed any GPU drivers or similar?07:56
lolmaus_hateball: I don't recall doing anything major. Maybe switched renderer in System Settings between XRender and OpenGL07:57
lolmaus_hateball: renaming ~/.config does help07:58
lolmaus_But then I lose everything...07:58
hateballYeah, that's not great fun. It has to be in some rc file somewhere, that setting08:00
hateballlolmaus_: I dont recall where it is in 15.10, but can you find the file kwinrc ?08:02
hateballin 14.04 it is ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc08:02
hateballThere you should be able to change the value to Backend=OpenGL, from whatever you have now08:04
lolmaushateball: I resolved by renaming `.config`, logging in, rebooting, renaming `.config` back.08:10
lolmausThis makes no sense. :(08:10
valorielolmaus: it really is worthwhile to login from a test user08:15
lolmausvalorie: it would work fine, so what? I could also login with main user with `~/.config` renamed, but it doesn't help to identify the source of the problem.08:17
valoriethen you know it is indeed a config08:18
lordievaderGood morning.08:50
SmurphyMorning girls ...09:35
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juboxiG'morning and thanks for the awesomest desktop OS11:21
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
jubo2I removed an unnecessary old /-partition and expanded my home partition.11:21
jubo2Now I get "grub rescue" shell. It compains starts off with saying "error: no such partition"11:22
jubo2it wasn't the "bootable"-flagged partition11:22
jubo2so I thought it wouldn't matter if I remove it11:22
hateballjubo2: are you using UUID in /etc/fstab ?11:22
jubo2Halp plos11:22
jubo2hateball: I dunno11:22
jubo2Should I boot live CD11:23
jubo2I boot11:23
hateballjubo2: If you were using old way of /dev/sdaX and removed a partition, the numbers will be wrong11:23
jubo2hateball: they are wrong11:23
jubo2I removed partition #511:24
hateballjubo2: Anyway, look in your /etc/fstab if it is wrong. Find out UUID using blkid, and enter that11:24
jubo2hateball so I mount my /-patition temporarily using the LiveCD and do that11:25
hateballjubo2: Yes11:26
jubo2hateball: it has UUIDs11:30
hateballjubo2: Check that they are correct11:30
jubo2I compare the entries with blkid output11:31
jubo2hateball: they seem to match11:35
hateball!fixgrub |jubo2, suppose you could try to:11:36
ubottujubo2, suppose you could try to:: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:36
jubo2hateball: in the LiveCD ?11:37
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jubo2'ls -l /dev/disk/by-label/' shows only sdb2 and sr011:39
jubo2I follow the instructions to recover the grub11:40
jubo2hateball: neither option there worked.. #1 installing the GUI program.. I didn't find it with apt11:44
KayEssI've just re-installed my laptop using the latest kubuntu installer and the regional settings are all screwy. I can't work out how to get the keyboard working properly and the time and date to be readable11:45
jubo2and #2.. running 'sudo grub-install /dev/XXX' says "Installing for i386-pc platform" followe by "grub-install: error: failed toget canonical path of '/cow'"11:45
jubo2canonical path of '/cow' .. I have no clue11:45
jubo2I follow instructions to install the GUI program now11:48
KayEssWhat happened to the alternate installers for ubuntu?11:51
lordievaderjubo2: Did you notify grub of the change?11:54
jubo2lordievader: change of what?11:56
jubo2now the system is booting to normal OS11:56
jubo2Thanks hateball. The graphical grub fixer worked11:57
lordievaderjubo2: Of the change in partitions.11:57
jubo2lordievader: not really11:57
jubo2lordievader: how do I do that11:57
lordievaderI suppose the grub fixer already did it for you.11:57
jubo2I change to another irc11:57
=== jubo2 is now known as juboxi
lordievaderAnyhow the likely reason it couldn't boot was that grub was trying to find the old partition.11:58
jubo2I recovered 20GB for my /home partition11:58
jubo2it will keep me going for a while11:58
jubo2really would need to remove /dev/sda1 but I dunno how11:58
jubo2coz it is flagged "bootable"11:58
jubo2so if I remove it the system will stop booting11:59
jubo2I'm looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MovingLinuxPartition12:05
jubo2the instructions are made for Ubuntu12:07
KayEssWhere are the default regional settings controlled from? I don't mean the per-user ones from the system settings, but the ones used for things like the log in screen?12:09
lordievaderjubo2: So?12:12
jubo2some things in it are GNOME specific?12:13
lordievaderQuickly looking through it shows me very little Ubuntu specifics. Kubunt and Ubuntu are apart from the DE the same.12:14
jubo2I think I want to do this with Gparted instead of hitting myself in the head with 'dd'12:14
lordievaderGparted cannot do that. Gparted is a partition manager.12:15
jubo2https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MovingPartition seems to indicate it can12:15
lordievaderThat is moving a partition on the disk, not from disk to another disk.12:16
jubo2I need to move also a Windows partition to the new disk12:18
jubo2I guess I should just clean my flat untill I find that Kingston-supplied partition moved CD12:18
jubo2stupid me to not to put it back to some rational place after using it12:19
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* kubuntu_newbie slaps kubuntu_newbie around a bit with a large fishbot12:52
=== jmpiloq is now known as jdoh
olavggHi. What videocard should use for Plasma5? I have a Nvidia 9800GT at the moment, and while it mostly works I have issues when starting/closing full screen applications or when I change the monitor layout13:44
Smurphyolavgg: using a regular HD 4000 here _> CPU integrated. Works nice.13:45
hateballolavgg: are you using nvidia blob or noeuvaeu ?13:49
hateballI can never spell the latter, terrible name.13:49
Yossarianukjubo2: if you want to move your windows partition have you tried clonezilla?14:11
jubo2update: found the Kingston provided partition mover and bunch of other stuff14:12
jubo2Like 30x 15mg Oxatzepam FTW14:12
jubo2So I need an MBR from some disk, a bootable partition from some disk that I set the MBR to point to and GRUB there? Did I get this right?14:13
jubo2The 0.5TB I'm intending to move mu OSes to should prlly be formatted first14:14
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adrianalveshello guys14:17
adrianalvesany workaround for oldsystray in plasma5?14:17
adrianalvespidgin and xchat wont work14:18
adrianalvesin plasma514:18
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BluesKajHiyas all14:30
mparilloadrianalves: It looks as if Restored Legacy Icons in System Tray Support is coming in Plasma 5.5. There are a lot of work-arounds until then, but I have not tried any of them. I do know that the Dropbox sys tray icon returned recently, so others may also.14:32
adrianalvesmparillo, i just care about pidgin and xchat do you know if those works in plasma 5.5?14:35
adrianalvesmparillo, also do you know if plasma 5.5 is available in kubuntu-ppa?14:36
olavgghateball: I'm using the nvidia blob of couse14:37
olavggshould I try the legacy driver perhaps?14:38
mparilloNo Plasma 5.5 is not available. The beta (5.4.95) was just released, and it is unclear if it will be packaged, but when 5.5 is released, it will probably be the signature item for Kubuntu 16.04. The source is linked from http://blog.davidedmundson.co.uk/blog/xembed_back and you can look at the screenshot to see the legacy systray icons he tested.14:39
hateballolavgg: is 340 the latest that will support your card? it is quite an old driver, is why I am asking14:39
olavggit's what is included for Kubuntu 15.10 :P14:39
hateballolavgg: you should be able to get pick at least 346 iirc14:40
olavggI have 352.63 in my repository14:41
olavggbut I'm not gonna try it...because I'm afraid to break the current setup(even if its slightly broken)14:41
hateballHow so?14:42
hateballI am using 355 from ppa and it works wonderfully14:42
BluesKajyeah hateball until you next kernel module upgrade14:46
BluesKajolavgg, the 340 driver works fine if that's what's recommended in the driver manager for your gpu, the issue you have may have more to do with plasma 5 than the gpu driver14:49
hateballBluesKaj: How so?14:50
jubo2I reboot to the hard drive cloning CD14:50
hateballBluesKaj: dkms takes care of that, iirc it even does if you install manually from nvidia these days14:50
jubo2I gonna see if it has maker and model14:50
BluesKajdoes the ppa track kernel module upgrades?14:50
hateballBluesKaj: dkms rebuilds modules on kernel upgrades14:53
ubottuDKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support. See https://launchpad.net/dkms for more.14:53
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BluesKajyes hateball , but not the versions that are ppa dependent afaik14:56
hateballMy install must work using magic then14:56
KwaadpepperJust saying, nvidia driver with graphic ppa does not reinstall on manual kernel upgrade, i can confirm this14:58
BluesKajmaybe your ppa version ended up in the backports14:58
hateballI am using https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa and I dist-upgrade14:59
regedithateball: your nick makes me feel much fuzzy feelings of love and tolerance inside, and strong desires to not burn everything in sight at all14:59
hateballThings work as expected14:59
hateballregedit: That's nice14:59
hateballI even upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 without any breakage, so I dunno15:01
BluesKajhateball, I'm checking out the ppa you posted to see if it gives me a newer driver15:05
BluesKajbut it doesn't15:06
hateballThe 358 driver is broken btw, if anyone else attempts to use it15:10
jubo2The disk-mover utility is something called Acronis True Image HD15:36
jubo2gonna ixquick.com that now15:37
jubo2I boot to the Acronis and see what it says about my EXT3 partitions15:40
jubo2hold on EXT415:40
jubo2I gotta figure out in which order I should do what so I can bring Windows7 from a 120GB SSD and this Kubuntu15.10 from a 180GB disk15:41
jonahHi can anyone please help. my network printer has suddenly dissappeared! Now I can't add it from KDE printers16:12
jonahtried putting, then click the driver and next but the printer doesn't respond16:13
jonahwhat is the correct path or way to enter this in KDE?16:13
BluesKajjonah, did you try the printer manager/printers in system settings?16:14
jonahBluesKaj: hi yes that's the one I'm trying but can't get it to work16:15
jonahBluesKaj: I add new printer, then choose manual or one of the others, put
jonahBluesKaj: but can't print...16:16
BluesKajdon't use the 631 on the IP16:16
jonahBluesKaj: not sure what the proper path and protocol should be, but it's just a normal cups network shared printer on my server16:16
jonahBluesKaj: do I choose Manual URI, or Internet Printing Protocol etc?16:16
BluesKajjonah, is it a network printer connected to a different pc or connected to your p?16:18
jonahBluesKaj: when I put Manual, then then press the magnifying lens/search it appears at the bottom of the list, I click on that and it does have the right printer there but wants a "conneciton" and in that box it just says ://  - I've trie putting all sorts in there as well as leaving it how it is but it won't work16:18
jonahBluesKaj: to a different PC on my local network. I've got the cups web interface open on that other PC and it shows up there etc16:18
BluesKajwhich brand printer ?16:19
jonahBluesKaj: Canon MX390 - the driver is listed when I click next, AND it was working yesterday but now has just vanished from the PC that used to use it...16:20
jonahBluesKaj: just ran dmesg on other PC the printer is on and it says: "[91361.129256] audit: type=1400 audit(1448295322.129:306): apparmor="ALLOWED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd" name="/var/cache/samba/gencache.tdb" pid=28519 comm="cupsd" requested_mask="wrc" denied_mask="wrc" fsuid=0 ouid=0"16:21
jonahBluesKaj: so not sure if that is something to do with it...16:21
BluesKajis the printer listed when choosing Man URl16:23
jonahBluesKaj: yes if i put https it is in front of ip, but then as I say it wants a "connection"16:25
jubo2The Acronis True Image HD sees the EXT3 partitions nice and fine16:43
jubo2but the disk in the external USB-to-SATA enclosure is (Mac) GUID and the Acronis does not support16:44
jubo2so I figure I need to format the drive..16:44
jubo2and choose a filesystem to format it to?16:44
jubo2or is that filesystem choosing for the partitions16:45
jubo2all this disk vs. partition stuff is not intuitively clear to me16:45
jubo2and "logical volume"16:46
jubo2to format it16:49
jubo2then move the Partitions with the Acronis and it says it will make one of them bootable16:49
jubo2and then have GRUB-reloader detect the OS in the partitions.16:50
jubo2Does that soud like a plan or am I getting this all wrong?16:51
BluesKajjubo2, I'm copying W7 from an old hdd to a new one using dd ..I'll let you know if it works16:56
jubo2Am I supposed to create an empty partition on it or not16:56
jubo2no.. I just want my /-partition my /home partition and the Windows7 NTFS16:57
BluesKajdunno anything about Acronis16:57
jubo2so I'ma let Acronis True Image do the heavy lifting for me16:57
jubo2BluesKaj: It doesn't make any sense that you can move and resize partitions in Gparted but not move them disk-to-disk16:58
jubo2or maybe they just wanted people use dd instead16:58
BluesKajdd will16:58
jubo2Do I want / or C:\ to be the #1st partition ( it is a spinner )16:59
jubo2and then C:\ last or /home the last with / in between them?16:59
BluesKajdoisn't matter where / goes as long as it's on the same disk17:00
BluesKajbut C:\ likes to be on sda17:01
jubo2it wanting sda does not matter coz it will not be running when the partitions are moved.. and they are all going to be booted as /dev/sda17:02
jubo2I put /-partition first 20GB17:04
jubo2Gparted can resize NTFS disksw?17:04
BluesKaja bit big but it doen't matter if you have a large hdd17:05
jubo2doh.. howcha figure the installation process by-the-side-of-current OS would work if Gparted didn't know how to do that.17:05
BluesKajyes gparted can resize ntfs17:05
jubo2then /home I need to grow to 280GB and the remaining 150-200GB goes to the Windows17:06
jubo2none of this matters very much because I am getting a clean 3rd generation chip system in just a little while17:07
jubo2I gonna go move them with the Kingston-provided software17:08
jubo2it looks like a GNU/Linukka, maybe, when it boots17:08
jubo2nothing will be lost if it doesn't work like I imagine it is17:09
jubo2taa-daa piippöls17:09
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
jubo2having power supplies for both computer has its obvious upsides17:12
jubo2my /-partition and /home-partition are on a logical volume instead of directly on the drive17:18
jubo2I'm starting to think to put Windows first17:22
jubo2popped in the Windows7 containing drive17:23
BluesKajprefer primaries and I use 3 different drives for linux. windows and media storage17:24
BluesKajthat depends which sata connection you use17:25
jubo2I am looking to get a used business portable17:27
jubo23rd gen i517:28
jubo2instead of this 1st gen i517:28
jubo2handles 3 displays17:28
jubo2handles 32GB max memory the chipset17:28
jubo2It'd be really really really stupid to put ceilint like Samshit17:29
jubo2This netbook by the aforementioned (sry, no cussing) Sam.. .. .. crap17:29
jubo2does not take 4GB combs17:29
jubo2and it has space for only one17:30
jubo2Time remaining 1 hour 8 minutes17:30
jubo2it's growing the NTFS to 428GB17:31
jubo2gotta shring to make way for the /-partition and the /home17:31
jubo2shrink it _a lot_17:31
jubo2It was gonna be either way. First grow and then shrink or keep as is and then grow by Gparted17:32
jubo2I wish I didn't need windows but there is no Eli Ted Angerous for GNU/Linukka17:34
jubo2Kingston provided software seems to be running rock solid if HDD activity indicator led and the "Remaining time"-estimate over time17:35
jubo2then shrink it with Gparted in Kubuntu to desired size and then dd the GNU/Linukka partitions from the other drive.17:39
jubo2then copy and modify the MBR to bypass the windows loader17:39
jubo2and instead point to the GRUB17:39
jubo2or this is my theory. Prost.17:39
jubo254 minutes remaining17:44
Luser-ruчуваки - какие шрифты для инфиналити юзаете17:52
jubo2bah. didn't work18:49
jubo2I guess the MBR was not transferred or reconstructed18:50
lordievaderDoes. whatever you've used, copy the first 2048 sectors?18:51
jubo2with dd?18:51
jubo2using the bs=1 and 2048 as the.. the.. I don't recall what that was called18:51
jubo2I thought the MBR is 512 bytes18:53
=== jubo2 is now known as juboxi
lordievaderSectors is not bytes ;) Are you talking about grub or the partition table by the way?18:54
juboxilordievader: I dunno. The shit is complicated for my small mind18:54
jubo2My current career options are studying for a studio technician, a computer technician or a cook18:55
lordievaderWhat are you trying to accomplish?18:56
jubo2lordievader: to move C:\ and /-partition and /home-partition from 2 distinct disks to a 3rd one and have the thing to boot both19:16
lordievaderAh, in that case it is easier to recreate the bootloaders.19:18
valsdavHi all!19:23
=== root is now known as Guest86405
BluesKajwell jubo2, dd copied my W7 paritition/IDE hdd perfectly to a newer and faster Sata hdd19:51
jubo2BluesKaj: I gots to try that next19:51
jubo2got any good links? I got one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MovingLinuxPartition19:52
jubo2BluesKaj: I'm thinking of buying 10-pack of these USB3-to-SATA3 HDD enclosures19:52
BluesKajsudo dd if=/devsda bs=1M of=/dev/sdb bs=1m19:52
BluesKajoops /dev/sda19:53
jubo2If you wanna buy the stuff cheap, where you buy. That's right, China19:53
BluesKajtook about 45mins for 160G19:53
jubo2I gots mi China connection that gets me stuff cheap19:53
jubo2BluesKaj: why are you replicating the block size specification?19:54
BluesKajaccording to the forums it's best to be specific about block size on both input and output files19:55
BluesKajdunno why tho, didn't really seem to make any speed difference19:56
jubo2can I somehow machine-generate the MBR or whatevs is missing that it gives me the white cursor that will not echo anything?19:58
jubo2I have the source disk still available.19:59
BluesKajbest to drop to a VT/TTY and update-grub ?19:59
jubo2maybe the MBR was pointing to the Kubuntu14.04 I no longer I need19:59
jubo2and that's why the NTFS partition copy-and-expand gives me the black screen and a white cursor that won't echo20:00
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lordievaderWell if you extend the filesystem without telling the partition table, trouble happens.20:01
lordievaderThe other way around ain't good too, changing the partition table without telling the filesystem.20:02
BluesKajalways update grub after resizing partitions20:02
BluesKajfooling with partition table on an existing install, say goodbye to existing OS20:03
YaiyanThat's been the story of my life when partitioning in vm's :/20:04
BluesKajvms have never worked 100% IME, dual boot is best\20:05
YaiyanI have Kubuntu installed natively too now tbf20:25
YaiyanIt crashes more than in the vm though, but maybe that's just because I'm using it more20:25
jubo2Looks like I need to look up on 'pedia or other literature what that MBR contains to make it point to booting the NTFS I wanna boot from20:42
BluesKajjubo2, UEFI or BIOS?20:43
jubo2Uhh.. wut?20:43
jubo2/dev/sda should contain the 512 first bytes the MBR20:43
jubo2... for the system to be bootable?20:44
BluesKajboot partition is UEFI boot on newer machines since 2010, there's no mbr20:44
jubo2UEFI you say20:44
jubo2I think I nuked that20:44
jubo2not sure though20:44
jubo2I can repeat the steps no probs20:45
BluesKajjustr checking20:45
jubo2UEFI boot20:45
jubo2how do I make a new one?20:45
jubo2And this documentation hasn't been flagged as 'dated'20:47
jubo2I almost followed it20:47
jubo2re: UEFI boot vs. MBR20:48
BluesKajdunno, it's complicated, ask Eric^ ^ over at #ubuntu , think he knows how to set it up20:48
jubo2I do that tomorrow20:48
jubo2I'm on my Nth beer right now20:48
BluesKajmaybe you  should leave partitioning alone then20:49
jubo2also some dank stuff so all the more reason20:52
jubo2I'm just blasting mah non-warezed medias and enjoying the beer buzz20:54
jubo2'k 'k.. offtopic.. Thanks BluesKaj, I'll ask Eric^ at #ubuntu tomorrow for "How to make UEFI boot"20:55
lordievaderjubo2: I'd grab a windows cd and let it restore the bootloader.20:59
jubo2lordievader: otherwise a good idea but the bordel they call http://lenovorecovery.com has sent me the wrong disks three times21:00
jubo2I like the laptop, sorta but that Hungaro-Austria-Serbian cluster-swearword for outsourcing result is not family-friendly channel content21:01
lordievaderjubo2: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows721:02
jubo2the product key is in the bottom of this machine (stuck to the docking station)21:06
jubo2I'm just so happy my system didn't crash during yesterday when I expanded the /home-partition 20GB by recovering space from old broken OS21:07
jubo2and that I got helpe today, here, for the 'grub-rescue>"-situation21:08
jubo2that resulted from deleting permanently an unused /-partition21:08
BluesKajtime for other things ... later21:09
jubo2see ya and thanks again21:09
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