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Laneygit> can I make an MP from one "personal" branch to another?09:45
wgrantLaney: No, you need a project (or a package)09:45
wgrantIt would possibly make sense to allow cross-ref MPs within a personal repository, but it's an unobvious special case and it's not clear exactly how it would work.09:46
Laneyoh, I said branch, I meant repository09:52
cjwatsonwgrant: I'm not sure I ever understood the logic behind restricting MPs to only project and package branches in the first place, unless it's an attempt at social engineering to discourage people from using personal branches for things that should be more organised.11:18
wgrantA combination of that and preventing people from doing stupid things that make no sense.11:19
wgrantPeople have a bad habit of doing stupid things that make no sense unless you prevent that.11:20
wgrantCan't really check for common ancestry, so there's no way to prevent anything from being proposed into anything else without the target restriction.11:20
cjwatsonAs if that actually prevents it for projects/packages, but sure.11:22
wgrantIt also complicates queries around +activereviews etc.11:23
wgrantThere are no really compelling reasons for it, but we should probably just make project creation less gratuitously difficult.11:24
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