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Guest49970Bonjour! Je suis fran├žais j'ai besoin d'aide pour installer Lubuntu ...11:03
leszekGuest49970: sorry only english here. If you need help installing maybe #ubuntu-fr might help11:09
Guest49970ok thanks ! ;)11:10
utu8opcmanfm froze17:47
utu8oi guess i'll just xkill it?17:48
leszekutu8o: yep17:48
utu8ocrap i accidentally xkill the lxpanel lol17:50
wxlutu8o: that's why using `killall` or `kill` is a better choice17:50
utu8onow i have to leave the lxterminal on until i restart17:51
wxlNa3iL: you will need to get testimonials. as an active member of at least two teams this should be easy17:51
wxloops wrong channel XD17:52
wxlutu8o: if you do it with the run dialog, you won't have to17:52
utu8oi'm using the ppa version of PCmanfm because the one on lubuntu doesn't have close multiple windows17:52
utu8owxl i don't know wwhat that is17:53
wxlutu8o: alt-f217:53
utu8othat doesn't do anything17:54
wxlutu8o: you can also access the command in the menu. you might want to check yoru openbox configuration to see why alt-f2 doesn't work, as it is a default17:56
utu8omy desktop icons are gone too18:01
utu8oi'm just going to restart18:01
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ianorlinwxl I currently like pkill and pgrep rather than kill all and the manpage actually makes sense22:59
ianorlinwxl run dialog needs lxpanel as it is lxpanelctl run22:59
ianorlinat least that is what the defualt points to I think it changed to have it point to other stuff you can want through lxsession-defualt23:01

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