lordievaderGood morning.08:50
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lotuspsychjeKartagis: you can try daily builds already13:12
lotuspsychjeKartagis: but alpha is end december13:12
Kartagislotuspsychje: there was a discussion in a FB group and someone was claiming they installed 16.04 alpha, that's why I asked13:15
lotuspsychjeKartagis: not alpha, just early stage now, but it can be installed nicely13:16
lotuspsychjeKartagis: im running it also13:17
lotuspsychjeKartagis: if you like testing and bughunting in early stage, try and install :p13:17
Kartagisyea, my dayjob includes bughunting, but I don't want to risk it13:18
lordievaderYes, it ain't recommended to install Xenial on a production machine.13:29
BluesKajHiyas all14:30
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