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robrujamesh: I'm here, let me dig into this03:52
jameshrobru: if it helps, the previous build in the silo I hadn't added anything to debian/changelog03:53
jameshwith this rebuild, I did (I had added some API, so wanted to bump the version number)03:53
robrujamesh: I made some train changes recently that probably broke it, just investigating03:53
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jameshit looks like it has uploaded the Xenial source package to the silo, but not the Vivid one03:55
robrujamesh: yeah the vivid half of dual silos is being a bit weird the last couple days03:56
robrujamesh: it also didn't build anything for vivid03:56
jameshrobru: thanks for looking into this so quickly03:59
robrujamesh: you're welcome!03:59
robrujamesh: huh well that's strange, I just retried it with debug logging on and it looks like it's working now (it didn't create the vivid copy before but it did now... let's see if it builds)04:00
robrujamesh: huh well it totally worked.04:10
jameshyep.  Looks like each package has successfully finished building on some architectures.04:18
robruplease ping me if anything explodes, i should be around for a few more hours06:11
robrutvoss: you don't need to assign after changing mps anymore07:03
tvossrobru, ah, cool07:03
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popeydavmor2, setting that task to qa failed and will leave it for a bit, and then flip it back a bit later09:36
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robrutvoss: sorry about that, train bug. trying again: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-047-1-build/76/console09:57
robruMirv: sil2100 ^^ hmm it's happening again09:57
robrusecond try seems to work. very strange09:58
morphissil2100, Mirv, robru: any time to merge https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/522 ?10:07
robrumorphis: needs a core dev to publish10:08
morphisah, right10:08
morphislet me ping one10:08
morphisrobru: btw. if I get upload rights for a single package to the archive can I then upload to a silo for that package too?10:11
robrumorphis: eh, no, only ci-train-ppa-service (aka trainguards) and core dev can upload to silos.10:16
robrumorphis: "upload to silos" is unfortunately a feature of launchpad rather than a feature of the train so not much I can do about that10:17
morphisrobru: before I file a bug about that, basically I had a active discussion with cyphermox about this on friday10:17
morphisthe outcome was: is it possible that we do MP based landings with citrain/silos which doesn't touch the changelog but take it as it is in the MP?10:18
robrumorphis: if you write your own debian/changelog the train will not touch it10:18
morphisrobru: ah, so that already works, interesting10:19
morphisrobru: it will also not modify the version number?10:19
robrumorphis: or at least that was once the case, it's possible that regressed, I don't think that bit of code is well tested.10:19
robrumorphis: no it will always mangle the version number even if you write your own changelog entry.10:19
robrumorphis: there's a different way to stop it mangling the version number10:19
morphiswhich one?10:20
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sil2100There was a flag in debian/control in the past that made the train not mangle the version10:20
sil2100robru: is it still supported?10:20
robrumorphis: in debian/control you have to do 'X-Auto-Uploader: no-rewrite-version'10:21
robrumorphis: but I don't really recommend using that, it's more hassle than it's worth. if you let the train generate the number you can rebuild more easily. using that means you have to push a new commit for every rebuild you want to do10:21
sil2100Ok, so it's still supported, yey10:21
morphisrobru: the background for this is that I really would like to do MP based landings for bluez10:22
morphisbut cyphermox (and other core devs) don't want the mangled version numbers in the archvie10:22
morphiswhich makes sense10:22
robrumorphis: MPs typically only work for projects that we are the upstream for.10:22
morphisas bluez isn't our upstream10:22
morphisrobru: I know, but what if we take the idea a bit further as this is really something which improves our quality and makes reviewing a lot easier10:23
robrumorphis: "a bit further"? what else do you need? train does support not mangling the version10:23
morphisrobru: yes, I just meant taking it a bit further than only using it to land canonical upstream through MPs10:24
robrumorphis: to do an MP based merge you need to have the packaging inlined in the branch10:24
robrumorphis: could be a bit tricky as currently some security-sensitive code makes the assumption that MPs=canonical so that would need to be tweaked if we started doing MPs for third party stuff10:24
morphisrobru: generally landing through MPs for bluez works fine10:25
robrumorphis: also train is really sensitive to the packaging being just so, easy when we're upstream, harder for rando packages10:25
morphiswe did the last landing this way10:25
morphisrobru: I wouldn't recommend this for all packages or the general way of doing landings10:25
robrumorphis: right well I'm open to it, feel free to file a bug if you have specific problems10:26
morphisin my particular case I want a quality process which enables us to do dual-landings for bluez where all sides (desktop, touch, ..) can comment/review the landing and say yes or no10:26
morphisrobru: let me try the field in debian/control10:26
robrumorphis: yeah MPs are obviously way more transparent than manual source uploads.10:29
morphisrobru: exactly10:29
robrualright, nearing 3AM, night folks ;-)10:37
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tvossrobru, sil2100 mind having a look here: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/227352402/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-ppc64el.trust-store_2.0.0%2B16.04.20151123.1-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz10:56
sil2100tvoss: looking10:56
sil2100tvoss: hmm... looks like some issue with mesa-common-dev in ppc64el10:58
tvosssil2100, yup10:58
sil2100dpkg-deb (subprocess): decompressing archive member: lzma error: compressed data is corrupt10:59
sil2100Let me check if it's corrupt here as well10:59
sil2100tvoss: archive looks fine here, let's try re-building, maybe it was just some random corruption on the machine11:01
sil2100tvoss: where was that build from?11:01
tvosssil2100, silo 2111:01
tvosssil2100, kicked rebuild11:01
sil2100I see it built successfully, as I see no failure now11:02
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morphisrobru: seems like that worked perfectly: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-054-1-build/37/console11:53
sil2100jhodapp: hey! I just checked the seeds and from what I see no seed changes will be needed for the new media-hub11:58
sil2100jhodapp: the seeds only depend on the media-hub package which pulls in the other deps, so it should simply pull in the new 4 libaries by default after publishing since the deps have been modified11:59
boikorvr: hi, need any help with silo 25 testing? or is it under control?12:19
rvrboiko: Currently under control. If I have any doubt, I'll ping you, thanks :)12:21
boikorvr: cool, thanks :)12:21
popeyjibel, my music-app card is still in trello under 'failed' - can it be moved pls?12:23
popeyI worry nobody will look at it again12:23
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popeyoooh! it's in both!12:24
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popeyjibel, /ignore popey12:24
* sil2100 lunch12:26
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morphisrobru: ping12:32
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jhodappsil2100, awesome thanks for looking into that13:23
rvrboiko: ping13:27
boikorvr: pong13:29
rvrboiko: I have a Bluetooth speaker paired. When I do a call to the device, the ring tone is played on the phone and not on the speaker.13:29
boikosalem_: ^13:29
boikosalem_: can't remember if that's expected or not13:30
salem_rvr, I believe that's expected13:30
rvrsalem_: "Ringing should go by default only to wired headset if connected"13:30
boikorvr: I think we only play in both outputs when using wired headsets13:30
boikorvr: yes, wired, not bluetooth13:31
rvrAh, wired13:31
boikorvr: :)13:31
rvrThe call then uses the speaker13:31
boikorvr: for wired headset it should ring on both the headphone and the speaker13:31
rvrand when I do a call using the device, the speaker is also used13:32
rvrThe only thing that doesn't use the speaker is the ring tone when receiving a call13:32
boikorvr: you mean in the bluetooth case?13:33
rvrboiko: Right13:33
rvrI don't have a wired headset13:33
boikorvr: I think some regular wired headphones should work too (or they used to the last time I tried)13:34
xavigarcia_lunchjibel: ping13:52
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xavigarciadavmor2: hey there! Just to double check you received my previous message (sometimes my IRC does weird things)13:53
davmor2xavigarcia: possibly not13:54
davmor2xavigarcia: I saw your message on the trello card though13:54
xavigarciadavmor2: oh, ok... it was just about that13:54
jibelxavigarcia, pong13:54
xavigarciajibel: hey! I've updated the indicator sound silo, to avoid those ugly notifications on phone calls13:55
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davmor2xavigarcia: I'll get back to you when I have some time13:55
xavigarciadavmor2: ok... thanks!13:57
boikorvr: just flashed a krillin with silo 25 here and confirmed that with a wired headset it plays the ringtone on both the speaker and the headphones13:58
rvrboiko: Great, thanks13:58
rvrboiko: But it doesn't happen with my Bluetooth speaker13:59
rvrboiko: With OTA8, something is played on the speaker13:59
boikosalem_: do you have a bluetooth speaker to try it there?14:00
boikorvr: we didn't change any of that in the code, so, if it is broken now, it might be because of some other landing, maybe the recent bluez changes?14:01
boikorvr: can you just clarify what behavior you are expecting (and that you had in OTA8 on your device)?14:02
rvrboiko: According to davmor2, it should make a sound on both devices14:02
rvrHe tested bluez514:03
boikorvr:/me checks the code, but I don't think that was implemented in our side.... let me see14:03
boikosalem_: ^14:03
salem_rvr, your bluetooth speaker has no hfp support probably14:04
sil2100kenvandine, cyphermox: hey guys!14:04
cyphermoxsil2100: hey14:04
sil2100kenvandine, cyphermox: or actually, let me move this to #ubuntu-devel14:04
salem_rvr, I suppose you only hear the ringtone if your bluetooth device has hfp14:04
rvrI checked OTA8, and some kind of wait sound is played in the speaker14:04
salem_rvr, then it must be something related to the bluez change. morphis can probably comment on that.14:06
rvrsalem_: I see14:06
salem_rvr, if that's the case, you can try with an older image, and if it works, we have to file a bug against bluez I think14:06
boikorvr: in any casem the behavior you see with silo 25 should be the same as the one you see using latest packages from vivid overlay14:07
salem_rvr, yep, we haven't changed the ringtone behavior in any of the MR's in that silo.14:07
davmor2rvr, boiko: morphis can confirm but in my testing the phone always rang and then the headset made whatever tone it defaults to, Some ring like a phone others just beep14:08
morphisrvr, salem_, boiko: lets clarify one thing first:14:13
morphisif we're connected on the HFP profile we just send the indication and whatever ringtone the handsfree-device has is played, we don't stream any ringtone audio to the BT device14:14
morphisif we're to A2DP only device audio is forwarded to the BT device14:14
morphiswhich includes also the ringtone14:14
salem_morphis, thanks for the clarification.14:18
morphissalem_: so what are you seeing on your side?14:19
salem_morphis, I haven't tested yet. but rvr reported he is not hearing the ringtone in the bluetooth speaker, which according to your explanation it should be played.14:21
morphissalem_: make sure the speaker supports only A2DP14:22
morphisif it supports both HFP and A2DP you will only hear whatever the speaker wants to play on an incoming call14:22
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salem_morphis, yes, from what I understood his device is A2DP only, and nothing is being played.14:26
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morphisrvr: can you follow the steps under "Generating log files with debugging information" on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingBluetooth and share /var/log/syslog after a reboot and reproducing this?14:27
rvrmorphis: Ok14:27
morphisrvr: thanks!14:29
rvrmorphis: There is no /etc/init/bluetooth.override14:39
rvrNOTE: If /etc/init/bluetooth.override doesn't exist use the following command instead14:39
davmor2rvr: so use the other command ;)14:41
morphisrvr: :)14:41
rvrI read that later, sorry :)14:41
morphisrvr, davmor2: once ota9 is released the .override line will go away :)14:41
bfillersil2100: can you force merge silo 24 please (camera-app) - stuck in xenial proposed14:47
rvrmorphis: <morphis> rvr: :)14:47
rvrmorphis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13477057/14:47
sil2100bfiller: on it, let me look at teh reason quickly14:48
bfillersil2100: thanks14:48
sil2100bfiller: hmmm14:49
sil2100bfiller: give me a few mins, the excuses page didn't get updated yet so I don't see why it's stuck14:50
bfillersil2100: sure, thanks14:50
seb128bfiller, why do you think it's stucked?14:50
sil2100But I see the package's been there for just 20 minutes14:50
seb128bfiller, it has been uploaded 15 minutes ago14:50
sil2100So maybe it's just migrating14:50
bfillerseb128, sil2100: yeah maybe, but figured it was stuck or blocked as it migrated immediately into vivid+overlay14:55
bfillerI'm just impatient I guess14:56
bfilleras I want to release a click bult from trunk14:56
sil2100It should be quick I suppose, I see it's a valid candidate and output doesn't say anything bad as well14:57
sil2100Should migrate with the next tick possibly14:57
seb128bfiller, the mps got merged so I guess it migrated14:58
seb128just got emails about one of my fix changing to merged14:58
alex-abreutrainguards having issues w/ silo 45 https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-045-1-build/107/console14:59
rvrmorphis: boiko: I created a bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/151900715:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519007 in bluez (Ubuntu) "Ringtone not played on the speaker" [Undecided,New]15:04
boikorvr: thanks15:05
seb128rvr, morphis, boiko, is that a variant from https://code.launchpad.net/~tiagosh/telepathy-ofono/play_ringtone_speakers/+merge/276312 ? the bug linked to that mp is still open15:06
Saviqrobru, hey ho, did anything change in the train recently that could cause https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-005-1-build/219/console when using your -gles packaging approach? why would the qtmir tarball be missing?15:07
boikoseb128: nops, that's for wired headset, that's fixed already15:08
morphisrvr: thanks15:09
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Saviqtrainguards, I can't build https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/690, it forces the -gles packages for qtmir and qtubuntu, but something must've changed and robru's trick for building those out of the same source doesn't work, qtmir tarball is not found when -gles is building :/16:36
popeycongratulations sil210016:36
sil2100popey: thanks! :)16:49
sil2100Saviq: hmm16:49
popeysil2100, I am told that the rc proposed bq aquaris image is putting the old terminal (grey, with header) and old file manager (wrong icon) in the image, mhall119 just told me his recent flash did this16:52
popeysil2100, is there some thing you need to poke to make it pull the right ones in16:53
davmor2popey: what channel16:54
sil2100popey: yeah, so that's still untouched - the good news is that I have already created the job that would create the proper tarball, but didn't have the time to hook that up yet16:56
sil2100popey: (that's only for mako bq-aquaris.en)16:56
popeydavmor2, not sure, getting this from mhall11916:56
popeyok, thanks sil210016:56
sil2100davmor2: it's ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en16:56
davmor2mhall119: I assume is using the bq one for location then pretty sure that is the one he was using16:56
sil2100It's the old unmaintained channel that I wish to put life into and then migrate to a proper name16:56
davmor2sil2100: yeap just going for clarification16:57
alex-abreurobru, ping17:06
mhall119davmor2: yes, I used the rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en channel for mako images17:12
mhall119other core apps might be old in that image too, but terminal and file manager were the ones I noticed17:12
davmor2mhall119: all of them are old :)17:13
mhall119davmor2: I can relate :)17:14
davmor2mhall119: meh you're not old, you have to get to my age to be old17:15
mhall119davmor2: I'm working on it17:15
rvrboiko: Approving silo 2517:16
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robrumorphis: except for the part where it created a second changelog entry with the same version repeated: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-054-1-build/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/bluez_vivid_packaging_changes.diff/*view*/17:51
robruSaviq: crap, yes18:02
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robruSaviq: you around? just emailed you with a fix18:10
morphisrobru: yes, is that something we can fix?18:11
robrumorphis: hmmm18:12
robrumorphis: try rebuilding with changelog "bluez (5.36-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium"18:13
robrumorphis: I think when you say "vivid" in there the train thinks that's just an old entry and it tries to make a new one18:14
morphisrobru: without bumping 0ubuntu1?18:17
robrumorphis: well no you'll need to bump it now otherwise the ppa won't accept the upload18:18
morphisok, as I thought18:18
Saviqrobru, here18:22
Saviqrobru, applying18:23
Saviqrobru, just looking at that, is SILONAME an env var exported by the train? are there others we could rely on in debian/rules clean if we wanted to do some things there?18:26
robruSaviq: yes, the train sets that. there are a few others. if you run the build job with $DEBUG = true you'll see a nearly-full list18:27
Saviqrobru, ok, /me will look into the .pot update in debian/rules clean18:27
robruSaviq: other than what you see with $DEBUG, train will also add $DIST='xenial' (or whatever series) just before the build.18:28
bfiller_popey: when get a chance there is a new camera-app in store ready for review18:34
boikorobru: hi, so there were some launchpad translations update on dialer and messaging on trunk, but QA has validated the silo already18:40
boikorobru: is it just a matter of rebuilding them and publishing?18:40
popeybfiller_, done18:41
robruboiko: I fixed the train so that it doesn't invalidate the silo over just translation updates, so you should be good to publish18:42
boikorobru: great! thanks!18:42
robruboiko: oh wait, just looking at this log, seems a bug. the publish job is blocking but the status says 'successfully built'18:44
salem_robru, I just published18:44
salem_robru, ah ok, it failed again18:45
boikosalem_: robru: yeah. same error18:45
robruboiko: salem_ sorry about that guys, will push a fix18:45
boikorobru: that's ok, just let us know when it is fixed18:46
robrufix is in trunk, will roll that out asap18:48
dbarth_hey robru, we've got a merge request for a new package; see https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/69518:48
robrudbarth_: seems mostly reasonable but it looks like somebody copied an old example. standards version should be (i think) 3.9.6 and the vcs-bzr field can just be "lp:signon-plugin-sasl"18:52
robruboiko: ok try now18:54
boikorobru: thanks18:54
robruboiko: you're welcome!18:54
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? ping cihelp | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: Train Jenkins will be going offline for maintenance at UTC 22:30
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bfillerfginther: trying to build gallery in jenkins and having some problems: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/click/job/gallery-app-click/304/21:43
bfillerfginther: any ideas what's going on?21:43
fgintherbfiller, looking21:43
fgintherbfiller, I don't see a problem. It claim "Successfully built package in './com.ubuntu.gallery_2.9.1.1250_armhf.click'." and I see the artifact was saved. What am I missing?21:45
bfillerfginther: seeing "Publishing status: Error during build publishing " with a stack trace, thought that was a problem21:46
fgintherbfiller, ah. those messages are related to the sending of the results and artifacts to the external jenkins. We're investigating but it all appears to be working. https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/gallery-app-click/304/ exists as expected21:47
bfillerfginther: ok cool, thakns21:47
fgintherbfiller, sorry about that. For now it appears to be an annoyance, but not a real problem21:47
bfillerfginther: no worries21:48
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