dholbachgood morning07:29
davidcalleMorning o/08:23
dholbachdavidcalle, did we find anyone who could help with the prod deployment of the update?09:17
davidcalledholbach, trying a deploy and asking09:19
* dholbach hugs davidcalle09:19
dholbachhey czajkowski10:26
czajkowskiHappy frosty morning10:28
* dholbach relocates to the office, bbiab10:58
foolishnew to this and just stumbled in....looking for pointers11:06
balloonsMorning :)13:59
dpmmarcoceppi, do you have a hangout link for the ubucon site call?14:01
marcoceppidpm: yeah, invites been update14:01
dpmmhall119|fossetc, around for the call? ^14:03
=== mhall119|fossetc is now known as mhall119
mhall119dpm: sorry, still recovering from fossetcon, is the call still happening?14:27
dpmmhall119, no worries. We've left the call early as Marco is ironing some bugs in the background - we'll sync up again later on14:30
marcoceppidpm jcastro mhall119 the demo didnt' work because I didn't add-relation between postgresql and ubucon *facepalm*14:39
marcoceppiI'll be available in about an hour if you want to rejoin to discuss14:39
mhall119dpm: ^^ we can re-purpose our 1:1 for that14:42
dpmmhall119, marcoceppi, ok, let's do that14:44
popeymhall119, dpm just showed me https://twitter.com/ubuntufl/status/668167091804086272 which his awesome! - retweeted by libreoffice :)14:45
mhall119popey: that was ahoneybun's doing, he mentioned it to the LibreOffice guy there and he was really interested, so I showed it to him on my phone and he added it to his presentation like 2 hours before he gave it14:49
mhall119gah, google docs are killing me today :(14:49
dpmmarcoceppi, jcastro, I added you to the call I had scheduled with mhall119 in ~30 if you want to re-sync on ubucon.org14:58
dpmdholbach, sorry, firefox gave up, re-joining15:14
dholbachno worries :)15:14
balloonspopey, did you hear from didrocks about the tasks today?15:29
popeyyup, he's provided some text for review15:30
balloonspopey, do we have someone to mentor for snappy?15:40
popeyballoons, Not that I've asked.15:40
* balloons goes to solicit15:40
balloonsjose, are you home again? ;-)15:54
mhall119dpm: btw, the sponsors brochure is done now16:09
dpmmhall119, ok, cool. Let's sync up later on on this16:10
davidcallemarcoceppi, jcastro, are you up for looking at a short juju/mojo debug log I'm struggling with?16:25
marcoceppiI have very little experience with mojo, I can try to help though16:25
davidcallemarcoceppi, thanks, it's a staging instance of the developer portal (Django + postresql), I'm simply trying to deploy it: https://pastebin.canonical.com/144635/16:26
marcoceppidavidcalle: there's not enough context/verbosity in this log to pinpoint an issue16:28
mhall119davidcalle: last time this happened I think it's something IS had to fix with the environment or account16:28
mhall119IIRC, it was deej who helped fix it16:29
davidcallemarcoceppi, thanks for having a look, I'm going to follow up with IS as mhall119 suggested, since it seems to be a deeper issue16:30
dholbachdpm, balloons, davidcalle: yo yo yo :)16:32
dpmdholbach, balloons and I on our way16:33
davidcalledholbach, omw!16:33
dholbachdavidcalle, let's chat about the database problems tomorrow - is it something I broke?16:48
davidcalledholbach, nope :)16:48
joseballoons: I got home a couple hours ago, at school now. missed my connection and got here 7h late!17:16
joseballoons: what's up?17:16
balloonsjose, ohh, well don't let me stop you getting your logistics straight. When you are settled, I just wanted to talk about GCI17:16
joseballoons: I can do that now, multitasking (I'm in a photoshop class, have a computer :P)17:18
mhall119jose: glad you finally made it home, try and stay awake during school :)17:19
josemhall119: coffee ftw!17:19
mhall119indeed :)17:20
balloonsjose, so you planned on reaching out to the flavors teams. Are you still ok with doing that? It would be good to do so this week17:24
joseballoons: yes. I'm gonna be sending out those emails when I get back home later today (in ~6.5 hours)17:24
balloonsjose, excellent. Getting tasks and mentors lined up this week would be good. Just 2 weeks until launch17:25
joseballoons: have we gotten any positive response so far? the Juju team is getting the tasks ready17:25
balloonsjose, yes we have a few mentors, and they are starting to add tasks. Need to get the tasks on the site this week :-)17:26
balloonsStill need some representation from other teams, so I'll be working on that17:26
joseI'm getting the Juju people added to the system now17:28
marcoceppimhall119: just about done with your setup19:22
marcoceppimhall119: email inbound in a few more mins19:28
mhall119marcoceppi: thanks!19:53

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