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hikikoGood morning :-)05:41
pittiGood morning05:45
RAOFGood morning!05:51
pittihey RAOF, how are you?05:51
RAOFButting my head against one of the two hard problems of computer science :)05:52
RAOFOther than that, pretty good. How about yourself? :)05:52
hikikoHi pitti RAOF !06:02
RAOFHey hikiko!06:02
didrocksgood morning hikiko, RAOF06:02
hikikoHaha and didrocks!06:02
pittihey hikiko, how are you?06:39
pittiça va didrocks, as-tu eu un bon week-end?06:39
pittiRAOF: hah -- is one of them "create a project name"? :-)06:39
RAOFpitti: That is a special case of one of them, yes ;)06:39
RAOF(The two hard problems of computer science are naming, cache invalidation, and off-by-one errors)06:40
didrocksbonjour pitti ! Bon week-end, oui, joué à des jeux de société, et toi ?06:40
didrocksRAOF: :p06:41
pittididrocks: un week-end calm aussi; on faisait la dernière jardinage, et on a joué au badminton à nouveau06:42
pittididrocks: nous avons la première neige !06:42
didrockspitti: oh waow, pas encore ici :)06:43
didrocksmais mes parents, si06:43
pittiponctuel pour l'ouverture de marché de Noël06:43
didrockscool :)06:45
darkxsthey didrocks pitti07:18
didrocksevening darkxst07:19
darkxstanyone able to sponsor bug 1518478 to unbreak Ubuntu GNOME images?07:22
ubot5bug 1518478 in casper (Ubuntu) "update paths in scripts to /etc/gdm3" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151847807:22
didrocksdarkxst: having a look, will probably patch pilot today/tomorrow anyway07:23
darkxstdidrocks, thanks, its just trivial fallout from gdm3 rename, and some cleanups07:24
didrocksdarkxst: yeah, no more 16gdmnopasswd?07:24
didrockshow is it configured for the live session then? (just curious)07:24
darkxstdidrocks, that script has not done anything for ~2 cycles07:24
darkxstdidrocks, autologin in intially07:24
darkxstif you logout, then you get the password prompt re-logging back in07:25
didrocksdarkxst: how does gdm3 then knows it should do an autologin?07:25
darkxstdidrocks, autologin is in 15autologin07:26
didrocksah ok ;)07:26
didrocksyeah, this was just for relogin07:26
didrocksgot it07:26
didrockssounds safe and can't impact the rest, sponsoring then07:27
darkxstits hard to fix the logout from a non-persistent live session now, not worthwhile07:27
darkxstdidrocks, thanks07:27
didrocksdarkxst: I think we still ask for the password for lightdm in that case07:27
flocculantmorning desktoppy peoples - the update to Gtk Version: 3.18.5 has made things go pop over the weekend :) bug 1518661 for example07:27
ubot5bug 1518661 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "Apps with HeaderBar have margin outside window" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151866107:27
seb128good morning desktopers07:33
pittihey darkxst, how are you?07:33
darkxstdidrocks, yeh and probably not many bother to log out anyway07:33
pittibonjour seb128, comment vas-tu ?07:33
darkxstpitti, good, my leg has mostly recovered, and been good weather, though that won't last!07:34
didrocksdarkxst: I guess they just reboot if they feel themeselves stuck"07:34
pittidarkxst: "good" means "< 35 degrees"? :)07:36
darkxstpitti, < 30 for me! tomorrow is going to be 30 and storms, that is bad!07:36
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darkxstseb128, bug 151881307:44
ubot5bug 1518813 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "sharing panel fails to properly launch required daemons" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151881307:44
darkxstseb128, that is going to cause the reverse problem when gnome-user-share/vino get updated07:45
seb128hey pitti didrocks darkxst07:46
didrocksre seb12807:46
darkxsthey seb12807:47
seb128darkxst, yeah, but g-u-s and vino are not being updated :p07:47
seb128I looked at updating vino on friday07:47
seb128but basically the new version is mostly things dropped we would have to revert + translations updates07:47
darkxstseb128, our sharing panel is completely broken atm07:47
seb128vino didn't change much07:48
seb128they just dropped the standalone UI07:48
seb128and changed the autostart07:48
darkxstseb128, because g-c-c/g-s-d don't use the gsettings keys for autostart07:48
seb128is that part the issue?07:48
darkxstinstead g-s-d manages the services07:48
seb128that seems like easy enough to patch07:48
darkxstseb128, I am also concerned about having to bluetooth obex proxy's running07:49
darkxstone in the old gnome-user-share and one in g-c-c07:49
darkxstif we hit a bug in that situation is going to incredibly hard to work out what is causing it07:50
seb128can't you just drop GNOME from those autostart .desktop?07:50
seb128to not have g-u-s starting under g-s07:50
darkxstseb128, we need g-u-s running for the webdav stuff07:51
seb128so patch the g-c-c one out?07:51
darkxstseb128, no its not equivalent, it has per network sharing options07:51
darkxstlater g-u-s did split binaries before dumping obex though07:52
darkxstmaybe can use that07:52
seb128we could probably patch g-u-s to have the code in a if(XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=...07:52
seb128or that07:52
darkxstthen there is still the autostartcondition, I can override the setting, but if anyone ever opens up the old UI and disables it, it will be broken forever07:53
seb128unsure to understand the autostart thing07:56
andyrockmorning all07:56
seb128if they use an UI to disable something they can use it to enable it back no?07:56
seb128hey andyrock07:56
darkxstmore like if they use some obscure UI to disable something, will they remember how to enable it back!08:01
darkxsttoggling the settings in g-c-c, which is the obvious place, doesnt touch the autostart key08:01
darkxstbut toggling the setting in g-u-s or vino will change that key08:03
larsugood morning all! Happy Monday08:10
didrocksHappy Monday larsu!08:11
larsuhi didrocks! how are you?08:12
larsuhad a good weekend?08:12
didrockslarsu: good, thanks! rainy week-end, but went to play board games and painting walls to my aunt's :)08:12
didrocksand you?08:12
larsugood as well thanks - quiet and relaxing08:13
pittihey larsu08:14
larsumorgen pitti! wie gehts?08:14
pittilarsu: super, danke! Badminton, Sauna, und erster Schnee, prima Wochenende :)08:14
seb128hey larsu! how are you?08:15
seb128pitti, oh, it has been snowing?08:15
larsumorning seb128!08:16
larsuindeed it has08:16
pittiseb128: oui, hier il y avait la première neige08:16
* larsu sees some snow out the window08:16
pittiseb128: ponctuel pour l'ouverture de marché de Noël :)08:16
seb128j'aime cette période de l'année ;-)08:17
pittiil fait trop froid maintenant; je prefère les saisons chaudes :)08:18
pittihey Trevinho!09:00
Trevinhopitti: hi09:00
didrockshey Trevinho09:01
seb128hey Trevinho Laney willcooke09:02
pittihey Laney, how are you? nice long weekend?09:03
willcookehey seb12809:03
pittihey willcooke09:03
didrocksmorning willcooke09:04
didrocksand wb Laney!09:04
Laneyhey pitti09:05
Laneygot a cold :-(09:05
Laneybleh, irssi is misbehaving09:07
Laneypitti: before this arrived, the weekend was nice though ;-) cocktails, climbing & family visiting09:07
Laneyhow are you?09:07
Laneyand you seb128!09:07
Laneyand didrocks!09:07
Laney156 "Ubuntu" emails09:08
Laneythese days they are usually from autopkgtest workers ;-)09:08
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seb128Laney, doing good! went to see simply red on saturday, had lunch with friends yesterday and watched some tennis during the (rainy) w.e09:09
seb128today is sunny which is good because I've tennis practice tonight ;-)09:10
Laneyc-c-c-c-cold today09:10
seb128Laney, hope you get over the cold!09:10
pittiLaney: I dealt with them, kill them all09:15
didrocksLaney: btw, did you get any stacktrace when running in virtual? The generator is supposed to work09:16
pittiLaney: partly the usual cloud noise, partly my fault while playing with the workers09:16
Laneydidrocks: I didn't try yet, there was that paths problem09:16
didrocksLaney: (I still think there is something that can be improved, but that shouldn't prevent you for running)09:16
didrocksLaney: really? sys.prefix should return the virtualenv ones09:16
didrocks(on the line you showed me)09:17
Laneywell you never came back to me to say it wasn't a problem09:17
Laneyso I didn't know that09:17
didrocksLaney: that's why I'm coming back to you now, to tell it's not a problem :)09:17
Laneyok then09:18
didrocks(still, there is one function where upstream use first system, then trunk, and another one where they are using trunk, then system, I'll fix it)09:18
didrocksI thought you pointed it to me because you found there is an issue09:18
Laneywhen trying to run it before I did09:21
Laneybut never got far enough on the virtualenv due to the previous problem09:21
didrocksLaney: generator.py will have an issue though, upstream forgot "default" (for templating, but that's an issue with globally installed version as well)09:25
Laneyoh yeah09:33
didrocksLaney: waiting for upstream to appear online, but that should be cleaner: https://github.com/ximion/appstream-dep11/pull/209:39
larsumorning Laney! sorry about the cold :(09:41
* larsu hands Laney some virtual ginger tea with lemon09:42
Laneythanks larsu! I feel better already09:44
Laneyhow's it going?09:44
larsuLaney: good thanks! Already went to the gym this morning and had a delicious breakfast09:46
larsuhow was your weekend? I hope not determined by the cold?09:46
Laneylarsu: it only arrived about 6pm yesterday, so no09:47
LaneyI hope I didn't pass it to Henry though :(09:47
larsupoor henry!09:47
larsuall the best to both of you09:49
seb128larsu, how was your w.e?09:50
Laneydid you have a good weekend?09:50
seb128seems like your week start was good :-)09:50
larsuweekend was good as well: went to a peruvian restaurant and had really good pisco sour, walked through some parks, listened to a choir, went to the movies, and slept a lot :)09:52
larsuoh and went to play table tennis :)09:52
seb128sounds like a good w.e indeed ;-)10:07
willcooke?! robert_ancell10:10
robert_ancellwillcooke, hi10:10
willcookerobert_ancell, working late! :)10:10
robert_ancellwillcooke, yeah, thought I'd catch some UK people while they are awake10:11
willcookewow, nice, thanks!10:11
willcookeThat reminds me, I need to chase mvo  and cjwatson about the GS mini-sprint10:12
seb128hey robert_ancell10:12
seb128robert_ancell, saw my email about poppler?10:12
robert_ancellseb128, nope10:13
Laney"oh would you look at the time /quit"10:13
* larsu looks at the time and quits10:13
robert_ancellseb128, I have them queued up and was just waiting to get it out of NEW10:13
robert_ancellseb128, I'm never sure if you have to wait or you can upload them directlly...10:14
robert_ancellEither way, since the change is quite small it shouldn't cause any issues10:14
robert_ancellLaney, yeah, if I upload inkscape for example, does it build against the popple in the NEW queue or the old one?10:14
seb128robert_ancell, right, it just means rebuilding rdepends, including things like libreoffice, and sometime some of those get caught in another transition10:15
pittirobert_ancell: only against release+updates+proposed, not the NEW queue10:15
seb128robert_ancell, you need to wait for them to be out of queue10:15
Laneydefinitely not the queue10:15
willcookeseb128, robert_ancell - just sent you and email since you're both around10:15
robert_ancellI thought so10:15
seb128willcooke, saw that10:15
pittinot only need to wait for out of the queue", but "published into archive.u.c."10:15
Laneyftpmaster.internal ;-)10:15
Laneyrmadison is good enough™10:15
robert_ancellOK, I'll upload them tomorrow.10:16
seb128robert_ancell, we just had some quite hairy transitions, like the start of cycle uploades made gnome-desktop/libgtop/poppler/ffmpeg/other things all need to go together, because sometime you have a package that use libraries involved in different transitions10:16
seb128robert_ancell, I'm still going to look at the current ongoing tansitions before accepting those binaries10:16
Laneysomeone else might accept it10:17
Laneythat happened before10:17
seb128I can reject it now10:18
seb128and move it to accepted later10:18
seb128to avoid that :p10:18
seb128(poppler upstream are really annoying btw, there are 5 commits between 0.37 and 0.38 and they still find the way to bump the soname)10:19
robert_ancellyeah, they love to make new sonames10:19
robert_ancellThey also didn't remove any symbols10:19
robert_ancellActually, we don't track symbols on the main lib - was there a reason for that?10:20
seb128not that I know10:20
seb128is the soname change justified?10:20
robert_ancellI was going to add that.10:21
robert_ancellProbably not10:21
seb128maybe we should just revert that10:21
robert_ancellWe should not modify upstream sonames...10:21
seb128I'm tired of those transitions costing us days or work10:21
seb128so maybe we should just skip that update10:21
seb128I don't see anything worth the work10:21
robert_ancellWe could patch all the changes into our current version. I'd just bring it in, surely everything will get rebuilt by the end of the cycle anyway.10:21
robert_ancellmvo, do you know why reviews.ubuntu.com provides both a ratings average and a histogram? The average can always be derived from the histogram right?10:23
mvorobert_ancell: look at the code in software center, its not using an average but instead something more elaborate, let me find the relevant lines10:25
robert_ancellmvo, yeah, I'm just wondering why the server provides redundant fields - is that because the histogram was added later or is it for simple clients that just want an average without doing the calculation themself?10:26
mvorobert_ancell: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/software-center/trunk/view/head:/softwarecenter/utils.py#L681 the wilson_score stuff - aha, I think the wilson score was added later10:26
mvorobert_ancell: or maybe the web part was using the average instead10:27
mvorobert_ancell: calac_dr() is what you want10:27
robert_ancellmvo, yeah, so I can just ignore the average field, store the histogram and calculate the score myself.10:27
mvorobert_ancell: yeah, I think thats the way to go. actually I wonder why the servier is not just doing that instead10:31
robert_ancellmvo, probably backwards compatibility10:31
robert_ancellit is json after all10:31
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dholbachcan somebody take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness/+merge/278108 maybe?12:12
tkamppeterAny font exper/maintainer around? Please have a look at this: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1284215 We should check whether Ubuntu is also affected.12:41
ubot5bugzilla.redhat.com bug 1284215 in myanmar3-unicode-fonts "Possible copyright violation with the Myanmar3 unicode font" [Unspecified,New]12:41
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willcookeandyrock, is this related to your other "mem. leak" issue?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/98706012:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 987060 in Unity HUD "massive memory leak in unity-panel-service and hud-service when invoking the hud on Firefox profiles with large amounts of bookmarks LTS 12.04 14.04" [Critical,Confirmed]12:52
andyrockthat was the bug12:52
willcookeI'll assign it to you then :)12:52
willcooketkamppeter, can you ping sladen - he might know12:53
andyrockbut seems like it's not a leak12:53
willcookeseb128, can you have a look at dholbach message up there ^^ seems like an important fix12:53
willcookeandyrock, yeah I remember now.  Just doing some triage of the X list so I will tidy that one up by assigning to you :)12:53
seb128willcooke, I can but I think pitti and Laney reviewed/acked the xenial version so maybe it's easier if they review the SRU as well?12:57
willcookeoh, cool, thanks seb12812:57
Laneynot me12:58
* Laney goes for some honey and lemon12:58
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* didrocks hugs Laney (with care)13:00
willcookeburn your clothes didrocks13:00
* didrocks puts everything in the incinerator13:01
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tkamppeterwillcooke, thanks.13:12
tkamppeterwillcooke, have you seen my mail concerning the libopenjpeg MIR?13:12
willcooketkamppeter, seen but not read yet13:13
willcookeone sec...13:13
willcooketkamppeter, ack - will chase.13:13
tkamppeterwillcooke, thanks.13:14
seb128willcooke, tkamppeter, what about openjpeg?13:15
willcookeseb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjpeg/+bug/71106113:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 711061 in openjpeg (Ubuntu) "[MIR] openjpeg" [High,Confirmed]13:15
willcookejust reading the comments now...13:15
seb128tkamppeter, willcooke, I don't think poppler has an embedded version of openjpeg13:18
seb128we just have our poppler without support for that format13:18
tkamppeterseb128, and that makes it really important that openjpeg makes it into main.13:18
seb128tkamppeter,  is that format that important?13:19
tkamppeterseb128, it seems that Poppler hat something else embedded formerly but they dropped it.13:19
seb128we don't get too many complain about it missing13:19
seb128and if the security team states there are issues with the library...13:20
tkamppeterseb128, PDFs can have images embedded using this format. Images which are files on their own, like photos from cameras are never JPEG2000, but in case of cameras usually JPEG.13:20
Laneythe comment robert_ancell made says that there was some internal decoder13:20
Laneyso I doubt it was an actual copy of this lib13:20
Laneywas/is -> deprecated13:21
seb128tkamppeter, right, I'm just saying that that format is not the most commonly used, would still be good to support but if the only libraries to enable it are poor maintained and have security issues we might be better off not having the support than exposing users to security issues13:22
tkamppeterseb128, it seems that maintenance of openjpeg has improved and now it has to be investigated whether it got acceptable.13:25
seb128tkamppeter, right, let's see then13:26
willcooketkamppeter, I think you need state that openjpeg maint. has improved in the comments on that bug13:27
seb128if that's true13:27
seb128you might want fact to backup that statement13:28
seb128because from reading the comment it seems it is maintained but not very actively and that is true for a while13:28
tkamppeterwillcooke, this was already stated in the comments.13:29
seb128Laney, larsu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/1518661 seems created by the bg-color change13:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1518661 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "Apps with HeaderBar have margin outside window" [Low,Triaged]13:31
tkamppeterDebian seems to have accepted it as their Ghostscript uses the external libopenjpeg and not the embedded "secured by Artifex" version.13:31
seb128tkamppeter, Debian doesn't have the MIR concept13:31
seb128they support all their packages the same13:31
pittior more precisely, their "main" is our "main+universe"13:39
larsuseb128: is this only on compiz?13:39
seb128larsu, no, cf upstream bug13:48
larsuseb128: how can this come from our patch then?13:49
seb128larsu, I don't understand13:50
larsuah, it is our patch13:50
larsuso not an upstream issue at all13:50
seb128I just say to look at the bugzilla comments for details13:50
seb128not that it was an upstream issue13:50
larsuright, got it now :)13:50
seb128larsu, btw no need to context change too much, if you are still on the nautilus menu maybe get that done first and then look at gtk13:51
larsuseb128: ok13:53
larsu(was distracted by that weird font bug anyway)13:53
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desrthello co-workers14:12
larsumorning desrt14:12
larsuwhat's up?14:12
desrtsitting on the couch drinking coffee14:12
larsusounds good14:12
* larsu sits in a chair and drinks coffee14:13
desrtwatching xclaesse work on one of my projects14:13
desrtit's a good morning :)14:13
desrtplayed _so much_ ingress this weekend.  i'm pretty far ahead of schedule on my levelling plan14:13
desrtgot a week pass for the TTC.  been visiting all kinds of cool places that i've never been before because of the high portal density14:14
didrocksgood morning desrt14:14
desrt(and high portal density tends to correspond to interesting places in general, so win)14:14
desrtit's getting cold and windy, but i got some nice touch gloves :)14:14
larsudesrt: appservice, eh? Is that the confinement thing?14:15
seb128hey desrt14:16
desrtturns out collabora also wants to confine dconf :)14:18
desrt...and using apparmor, no less14:18
desrttoo bad they don't know any kernel hackers who could help :p14:19
desrtseb128, larsu, willcooke: good morning, btw :)14:21
* didrocks feels left alone :p14:23
desrtgood morning didrocks.  sorry :)14:23
* didrocks feels better now! :)14:23
desrtdidrocks: i forgot you existed after you stopped fighting for our team!14:23
didrocksI was protecting you even before you knew that was a thing!14:25
* didrocks removes is cape14:25
desrtmaking sure i lived in a nice clean sea of blue, free from encroachment of any slime14:26
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* desrt plays another new alternate reality game with a cool-sounding name14:29
desrtmaybe you heard of it.  it's a real mind-bender14:30
desrtit's called....14:30
desrt" inotify "14:30
larsui, notify14:30
desrtthere's these things littered around the filesystem called inodes14:30
desrtand 'events' are entering our world, through these "inodes"14:31
desrtand you have to capture them14:31
desrtbut it's almost impossible to capture all of the events that you want without also getting a lot of useless ones14:31
desrtvery fun game!14:31
larsudesrt: I thought you had it all figured out14:32
desrti do14:33
desrtbut it's pretty wildly complicated :)14:33
larsuya... no shit14:33
desrtit involves quite a few abstractions14:33
* larsu still thinks this isn't a problem worth solving14:33
desrti do.  the state of things before was very bad14:34
desrtthe state of things now is still quite bad14:34
desrtand it's starting to look more and more like we will never have anything better from the kernel14:34
desrtwhich is sort of what we were waiting for14:34
desrtso we may as well stop using stop-gaps14:34
larsuwhat could the kernel do better without growing all this complex logic itself?14:35
larsuwatching abitrary paths is close to impossible14:35
desrtbasically, fanotify without the stupid restrictions14:36
desrtreporting to a userspace daemon14:36
desrtbased on that we could build something very close to what macos has14:36
larsuwhat does that do differently from inotify?14:37
larsusounds the same from a quick look14:37
larsuminus a lot of event tupes14:38
desrtit means that user processes don't have to go through the insane hassle of spidering the filesystem adding watches to all of the paths14:38
desrtanyway... i don't expect that this will happen any time soon14:38
desrtso i'm going to stop dreaming about it and go back to dealing with what we have today14:38
willcookeseb128, Trevinho (anyone who cares) - I've finished my triage of our rls-x-incoming bugs.  Things which I think should certainly be worked on I have targeted and removed the tag.  Everything else in that list (for us) is either a) I don't care b) I don't know.  Can you guys and anyone else parse that list and then we can have a quick joint session to deal with the remaining ones?14:51
willcookelink:  http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-x-incoming-bug-tasks.html14:51
seb128willcooke, sure, just set up something on the calendar?14:51
Trevinhoyeah, fine14:52
willcookeseb128, Trevinho - let me know when you're done and I'll set something up.  It's taken me a week longer than I thought it would - so I don't want to tie you to an unreasonable date14:52
TrevinhoMh, ok...14:53
Trevinhoandyrock: too ^14:53
lifelessdesrt: all hai 'solutions'14:54
qenghoGood morning.15:08
willcookehey qengho15:09
qenghoseb128: I have a proposal for merged xdg-utils from Debian. https://launchpad.net/~cmiller/+archive/ubuntu/proposed/+packages15:09
qenghowillcooke: 'sup.15:10
larsumorning qu15:10
larsu*qengho ;)15:10
seb128qengho, hey, great, maybe attach the debdiff to one of the bugs it fixes and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors?15:13
seb128qengho, I'm going to try a look later if nobody else picks it up before15:13
seb128hey qengho btw :-)15:14
qenghoseb128: merci.15:37
pittiseb128: oh, j'ai perdu à te dire: xenial a des nouveaux paquets de langue depuis ce matin16:28
seb128pitti, j'ai vu, merci ;-)16:29
seb128pitti, et "perdu" -> "oublié"16:29
seb128perdu = lost16:29
pittiseb128: ah, merci16:30
seb128de rien !16:30
* didrocks waves good evening and good night17:03
seb128didrocks, night!17:04
didrocksenjoy your tennis seb128 :)17:04
seb128brb session restart17:04
larsudesrt: ugh! https://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/tree/gio/gapplication.c#n120417:10
larsuI had to dig into glib source to find out why this is crashing17:11
desrti don't think this was ever allowed17:11
larsuwhere does it say it isn't? People do this all the time17:12
desrti wrote a blog post about it once :)17:12
desrtbut basically, it can be logically determined to be problematic if you think about it17:13
larsuI know this17:13
larsubut don't always think about it (like just now)17:13
larsuand there's no way to figure this out but read the source17:13
larsuand by the way, this code doesn't assert on any other properties17:13
larsunor does any constructed anywhere else17:14
desrti'm trying to remember if there was a specific reason that this property was problematic17:14
desrtprobably because of the way its default value is picked17:14
desrti guess we could tweak that17:14
desrti mean, in fact, this assert is there to prevent a leak17:14
desrtif you just removed this assert and did nothing else, your code would not behave how you expected and also, it would leak17:15
desrtso simply removing the assert is out of the question17:15
desrtwe may do something more intelligent, however17:16
desrt1) we could turn the assert into a free.  this is an awful choice.17:16
desrt2) we could turn the assert into a g_error() with an explanation17:16
desrt3) we could turn the assert into an if statement preventing the calculation of the resource path if a non-NULL one was already specified17:16
desrti guess you probably want 3?17:16
larsuI don't care really17:18
larsu2 would be fine as well17:18
desrtare you making an app with dynamic app id?17:18
larsuno, patching nautilus17:18
larsucould do it "right", but master is already doing that and I want a minimally invasive patch17:19
larsubecause we don't use master17:19
larsuand I don't want to rename all the resources17:19
desrtisn't the base resource path specified with a single switch to the resource compiler?17:19
desrtor are you concerned about the other locations that use the resources?17:20
desrtfair enough17:20
desrtfwiw, in this case, i think we could do 317:20
larsuit's just a matter of /org/gnome/nautilus vs /org/gnome/Nautilus17:20
larsuya, srsly17:20
larsuwelcome to my life17:20
desrtsend in a patch for g_str_casehash and g_str_caseequal17:20
larsuhaha no17:20
larsuthat's be so wrong17:20
desrtand modify gresource17:20
desrt"You can disable automatic resource loading functionality by setting the path to NULL."17:23
desrtthis is why17:23
desrtNULL doesn't mean "to be decided in the future".  it means "nothing, please"17:23
desrtso if we permit setting this value before construction then we get ourselves into the trouble of having to ignore NULL17:23
desrtie: best to always force the user to call g_application_set_resource_base_path() after new() and before run()17:24
larsuI put it into the g_object_new() call now17:24
desrtso ya... i guess the best patch is one changing the assert to a g_error() pointing the user at g_application_set_resource_base_path()17:24
larsuthis is what I used...17:24
larsuin init()17:24
desrtya.  you're not allowed to do that :)17:25
larsuI think the right patch is to deprcate init() :P17:25
desrtya... no kidding17:25
desrtgotta love our 8-pass construction system17:25
desrt"let's make a type system that inits everything but is completely oblivious to properties... we'll add a separate layer later that deals with the properties after the fact.... what could go wrong?"17:26
Laneydarkxst: reckon you could merge g-o-a?18:01
Laneynow gvfs requires the new one ;-)18:02
Laneymaybe can revert back to webkit1?18:02
Laneyor webkit2 2.418:02
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
willcookeg'night all19:40
Laneydarkxst: ok, I monkeyed up a revert, check out ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa19:44
Laney(assuming mixed linkage isn't going to be a problem, hope not)19:46
darkxstLaney, I suppose that might work21:13
xnoxLaney, are you going to merge virt manager?23:33

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