nitishcan I make terminal transparent in gnome-shell 3.10.4?03:39
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Foragegood afternoon12:49
Foragethe live cd nightly builds of at least November 17 until now suffer from being unable to login. It shows a broken login screen instead of booting into GNOME Shell right away. Supplying the username "ubuntu" with no password does not allow me to login. Is there any other way?12:51
LinDolhi all14:31
mitchHi all - I just recently installed Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 on my Dell XPS 8700 with 4th Gen i7 and Nvidia GTX 645. I seem to be having quite a few issues, so far the list includes I am unable to open system settings, either through command line by running gnome-control-center (it just hangs and does nothing) nor by going to the normal system menu's. Also, I am unable to restart my PC by command line or by GUI.  When i enter init 6 as17:08
mitchroot it tries toreboot the PC but never actually reboots.  Goes to a black screen and does nothing until I hard shut it down.17:08
mitchI get several errors when I try opening system settings through command line:17:09
mitchmitch@mitch-XPS-8700:~$ sudo gnome-control-center17:09
mitch[sudo] password for mitch:17:09
mitch** (gnome-control-center.real:2416): WARNING **: Ignoring launcher gufw (missing desktop file)17:09
mitch** (gnome-control-center.real:2416): WARNING **: Ignoring launcher landscape-client-settings (missing desktop file)17:09
mitch** (gnome-control-center.real:2416): WARNING **: Ignoring launcher language-selector (missing desktop file)17:09
mitch** (gnome-control-center.real:2416): WARNING **: Ignoring launcher ubuntuone-installer (missing desktop file)17:09
mitchI opened a thread on ubuntuforums over 24 hours ago but no one has replied yet so thought I'd try on here for some help/tips.17:11
cap0mitch: those aren't serious. Just missing desktop files. it's probably just ignoring things that can be optionally installed17:15
mitchOk, how do I get it to open System Settings then? Also, any tips on trying to troubleshoot the issue of not being able to reboot?17:18
cap0can you open gnome-control-center without sudo?17:23
mitchNope, it just does this:17:23
cap0as for the shutdown issue, I'm afraid I can't be off any assistance17:23
mitchmitch@mitch-XPS-8700:~$ gnome-control-center17:24
mitchFailed to register: Timeout was reached17:24
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hans109hI'm trying to find more information on gnome-system-log, specifically why some logs are expandable and some are not, however the documentation is very lacking.21:23
darkxsthans109h, you should be using gnome-logs these days21:25
darkxstgnome-system-log is old, and likely doesnt support journal21:25
hans109hdarkxst, thanks for that.  I had never heard of gnome-logs.  I wonder why it didn't install with Ubuntu21:26
hans109hWow. Much nicer already!21:27
darkxsthans109h, apparently I forget to ever seed it21:30
hans109hActually, now that I'm looking it it, gnome-logs is only for journal, so I'm right back where I started.  When I said expanded I meant that for certain logs gnome-system-log will let you look at certain days and I think it is based on log rotation.21:31
darkxsthans109h, the journal contains everything, however by default its not persistant, so only has current boot21:32
darkxsthans109h, see /usr/share/doc/systemd/README.Debian.gz21:33
hans109hright, What I was trying to do was to view an apache access log by day.21:34
darkxstmaybe apache doesnt use rsyslog21:36
hans109hI can't remember.21:38
darkxstmitch try run `gnome-control-center -v` that should provide more info21:49
hans109hlooks like I'll have to explore mod_journald21:49
darkxstmitch, there is a known issue with logout currently affecting some users, not sure if that affects reboots also21:50
ubot5Gnome bug 758112 in general "system freezes hard after logout" [Critical,New]21:51
darkxstexcept that shouldnt effect 15.1021:52
mitchdarkxst I tried gnome-control-center -v just now and it does the exact same thing as when I tried it without -v flag.22:55
mitchmitch@mitch-XPS-8700:~$ gnome-control-center -v22:55
mitchFailed to register: Timeout was reached22:55
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