McPeterhi, all (sorry for my english) just to know if it's normal i lost "Ubuntu IRC Team" satut ?19:55
FuchsMcPeter: where?  here you certainly still have it (cloak)  If on launchpad: did you forget renewing it?19:56
McPeteri think i forget renew-it :(19:57
McPeterand few mounth i have big problem to login launchpad account19:57
Fuchsthen I think it can be re-added, just wait for someone from IRCC to show up here19:57
Fuchsbut you still have your launchpad account, yes? Could you link it?19:58
Fuchs(si l'anglais ne vas pas: on peux aussi ecrire en Français, mais pour les autres ça va etre pire)19:58
McPeteri try write in english19:58
Fuchsyeah, that doesn't look too bad. Just wait for someone from IRCC to show up here19:58
McPeterbut i know i'm horribilus19:58
FuchsIf you had it, I assume it can be added again19:59
Fuchsnah, it's perfectly readable19:59
McPeterthanks to read me19:59
PiciMcPeter: renewed20:41
McPeterPici, thanks !20:41
Picinp :)20:41
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nikocould you remove ubot9 from #ubuntu-fr ?22:12

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