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alan_galf_: anpok_ with krillin CI problems again I'm strongly inclined to land some "easy stuff" by hand. Starting with lp:~afrantzis/mir/fix-1517990 - any objections?10:49
alf_alan_g: no10:50
alan_gIn that case, I'm accepting suggestions10:52
ahayzenHey guys, I've just reported bug 1518935, but I'm not sure which part of the platform is causing it, I think it is possibly QtMir but wanted to ask you guys before I add the project as affected?11:28
ubot5bug 1518935 in Canonical System Image "When an application is suspended or closed it causes a large UI stutter" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151893511:28
greyback_ahayzen: hard to know for sure, someone would need to investigate. I suggest unity8 at the very least11:33
ahayzengreyback_, ok thanks :-)11:33
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dandraderalan_g, any reason why size hints (min and max size, size increment value) are not properties of mir::scene::surface?12:24
alan_gdandrader: because they are specific to window management12:25
dandraderalan_g, I'm doing a lot of gymnastics to get that info from mir::shell::WindowManager methods to our MirSurface object in Unity.Application12:26
alan_gdandrader: that's because the window management work for qtmir hasn't been done yet12:26
alan_ggreyback_ and I are due to start it on Wednesday12:26
dandraderalan_g, window management is done in unity8. qtmir just proviedes that info to it12:27
alan_gOK, I'm using "window management" as shorthand for that work12:27
dandraderalan_g, right now I'm working on making unity8 obey those size hints12:28
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dandraderalan_g, in QML12:28
dandraderalan_g, and qtmir is the guy that exposes mir stuff into QML to untiy8 can use it12:29
dandraderalan_g, because it's just so much better to write those kinds of things in QML than in C++12:29
alan_gdandrader: agreed. And that piece of qtmir work has been postponed over months. So greyback_ and I are getting together to do it this week.12:30
greyback_dandrader: ordinarily I'd agree, but we've a mandate to implement policy like this in mir12:30
greyback_dandrader: I do want this info exposed to qml though12:30
dandradergreyback_, alan_g I have the unity8 part ready here: https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/sizeHints12:31
alan_gIMO mir::scene::Surface already has a bunch of info on it that doesn't belong there.12:32
greyback_dandrader: the plan is to move the JS code you added in WindowResizeArea.qml to mir itself12:33
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