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Mirvcyphermox: sorry, I should have explicitly asked to be added to the newly created package set. does it need another meeting, a formal application etc or can it be handled on the mailing list?17:04
cyphermoxMirv: we usually vote on these things, I think you should formally apply if you don't already have upload rights for those packages17:15
Mirvcyphermox: ok, that won't help my Qt landing though anymore probably, since this addition took the 2.5 months it did and now the landing is probably near. but since the set is there it'd be useful to have someone there.17:41
xnoxinfinity, the above two new syncs could they please go straight into main =)19:28
xnox(i guess they will end up in new anyway)19:29
infinityxnox: I wasn't planning on syncing those until the arch actually existed. :P19:32
infinityxnox: I'm not even sure how LP behaves with a source that it can't create build records for.19:33
xnoxinfinity, behaved fine in raring =)19:33
xnoxinfinity, i'm just going through random things i can do now.19:34
infinityxnox: Yeah, we altered build record things a bit since raring.  But it may still be happy with having buildless sources.  I don't think the bit that would break there got changed.19:36
* infinity goes taco hunting.19:37
cjwatsonxnox,infinity: It should work OK in these cases, I believe, but beware: if the source has any architecture-independent packages, such a copy will result in LP trying to do an architecture-independent-only build on amd64, which may not be what you intended and may not work.21:13
cjwatsonxnox,infinity: I'd probably recommend not exercising this just now. :P21:13
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, those ones have no indep, just s390{,x}21:24
sbeattieHrm, I hate to ask for anything additional blocking things from promoting from proposed, but shouldn't a BuildDep version requirement that hasn't made it out of proposed block a package from leaving proposed?23:32
sbeattie(The specific instance that I've just seen is graphviz migrating with a build-dep on ruby-dev > 1:2.2, which hasn't made it out of xenial-proposed)23:32
xnoxsbeattie, i belive britney only tests dependensies, not build dependensies.23:34

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