d^_^b_someone can help me to install ubuntu-touch in samsung galaxy tab 2 7" (p3100)? thanks00:01
dobeyghosalmartin: we don't have builds on top of 5 yet even.00:08
dobey!devices | d^_^b_00:08
ubot5d^_^b_: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices00:08
ghosalmartini assume you guys use libhybris?00:09
k1l_ghosalmartin: iirc yes00:15
ghosalmartink1l_ how do you guys inject it into the android build?00:16
k1l_ghosalmartin: see this for a start: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ContainerArchitecture00:20
k1l_or this is somewhat more detailed http://elinux.org/images/c/cf/Ubuntu_Touch_Internals_1.pdf00:21
ghosalmartinah I see00:26
d^_^b_thank you dobey00:32
d^_^b_i've found this one but the links doesn't works00:32
* JanC wonders why ubuntu-sdk-ide _requires_ SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, ODBC *and* Sybase/MSSQL database drivers...00:40
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mac_Hello guys05:23
mac_Currently working on poritng ubuntu touch device on my hd2... Our device doesnt have standard recovery and installs everything on partition sdcard instead of nand05:24
mac_I have already built a system.img using phablet_4.4.2 for my device and also patched the kernel.05:25
mac_I want to know how can I flash the preinstall-tar.gz (vivid or xenial) and the system.img , if adb on my recovery is not working05:27
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dholbachgood morning07:29
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Fibonacci Day! 😃10:17
jgdxseb128, re: bug 1518732, what's wrong? I assume I misused i18n.tr10:19
ubot5bug 1518732 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Phone “Some Calls” not translated" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151873210:19
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seb128jgdx, the template parser doesn't like single quote for some reason10:20
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seb128'...' -> not good10:20
seb128"..." -> good10:20
seb128and you put those strings in single quote10:20
jgdxoh man, okay10:20
jgdxseb128, thanks10:20
* jgdx creates a precommit check for that10:20
seb128jgdx, yw10:22
seb128we should look if that can be fixed, or caught by CI10:22
jgdxseb128, I found some tr errors in ApnEditor as well, using the script. Do you want a branch or will you fix them as well?10:43
seb128jgdx, well I didn't look at those yet, I was going to grep for "i18n.tr('" and fix everything list10:44
seb128but if you are already on it feel free to do the change and mp it10:44
jgdxseb128, okay, I can do it.10:45
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ahayzenHi, does anyone else get a rather large stutter in the UI, on mako, when an application is suspend/closed ?11:09
davmor2I take the overwhelming silence to mean no ;)11:15
jgdxahayzen, I have a mako on ota8. How do I repro that?11:18
ahayzenjgdx, open multiple apps, say the browser and music... switch from browser to music and scroll up/down the list ~2second after switching when the app is suspended you see a stutter11:19
ahayzenor a similar thing when an application is closed11:19
ahayzenor even just scrolling up/down the scopes11:21
jgdxahayzen, I see it. Could you file that? Maybe against the canonical-devices-system-image proj11:22
ahayzenjgdx, yup :-) and maybe qtmir? i'm not sure what actual project to blame11:23
jgdxme neither11:23
ahayzendo you have a bq/mx4 to try on asw ell?11:23
ahayzen*as well11:23
ahayzenjgdx, i've reported bug 1518935, i'm going at ask in the mir channel if they think it could be in that part of the platform11:27
ubot5bug 1518935 in Canonical System Image "When an application is suspended or closed it causes a large UI stutter" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151893511:27
jgdxahayzen, thanks11:29
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Mirvattente: hey! the new maliit-framework looks great otherwise but it seems you missed the ubuntu12 upload of the old version - could you restore the patch 0015 required for Qt 5.5? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/220408536/maliit-framework_0.99.0%2Bgit20130923%2B17fdf86-0ubuntu11~gcc5.1_0.99.0%2Bgit20130923%2B17fdf86-0ubuntu12.diff.gz11:39
Mirvattente: (I saw the changelog entry for ubuntu12 being removed from the new upload)11:40
om26er_jgdx, Hi!11:44
jgdxom26er_, yo11:44
om26er_jgdx, is there an ofono script to change active data connection SIM on a dual sim device ?11:45
om26er_jgdx, in my test, I want to switch data connection from SIM2 to SIM1 for example11:46
jgdxom26er_, yeah, the script I gave you, but you have to supply the script the paths11:46
jgdxso disable-gprs /ril_0 && enable-gprs /ril_111:46
jgdxpaths you can get from dbus or the other ofono scripts (list-modems)11:47
om26er_jgdx, thanks, that should do it11:48
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Mirvattente: ignore the earlier, I looked at the new code the wrong way, it seems the patch is yet another that can be dropped (but the changelog entry was indeed accidentally removed)12:10
davmor2mpt: Hey dude I have a designy issue. Settings→Sound there is  a slider that is under the title Ringer but that is just a volume control and not specific to the ringer right?12:23
mptdavmor2, that’s bug 1396986. The slider label should change to reflect what it is currently changing the volume of, but that should be output devices, not roles.12:26
ubot5bug 1396986 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "System Settings > Sound > Ringer volume - only changes ringer volume when no other sounds playing" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139698612:26
davmor2mpt: ah nice thanks12:26
davmor2mpt: also any movement on changing about phone to something other than phone when it isn't on a phone12:27
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attenteMirv: ah, ok, thanks. i'll do it now13:43
attenteMirv: is there a better packaging branch that is synched with what's most recent in archive?13:45
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attentedholbach: hey, Mirv pointed out that i missed this changelog entry: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/220408536/maliit-framework_0.99.0+git20130923+17fdf86-0ubuntu11~gcc5.1_0.99.0+git20130923+17fdf86-0ubuntu12.diff.gz. is it still possible for me to fix it?13:56
dholbachattente, I uploaded it already -- it could be retractively added with the next upload?14:02
cryptedThe changelog link does not seem to give alot of info. Do any of you guys know when native VOIP features will be introduced to Ubuntu-Phone OS?14:03
attentedholbach: should we do another upload now to fix it? or should we wait to the next release? i'm not sure what the process is here, and i'm not sure any more if there's a bzr branch that is up-to-date with archive. i'm also not sure if anyone will remember to do it when the next release is ready...14:07
dholbachattente, Mirv: I'm not sure I understand... is the branch which I uploaded from not up to date with archive?14:09
attentedholbach: apparently that branch was missing a changelog entry from wily14:09
attenteso it seems not...14:10
attenteit was also missing a patch, but that was already merged upstream so wasn't needed any more14:10
attentedholbach: i guess i'll just update that branch anyways since it seems most up-to-date, and we can just merge, but not upload it so we don't forget14:14
dholbachok, cool14:19
Mirvattente: possibly there's no up-to-date packaging branch or something.14:22
Mirvdholbach: ^14:22
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Mirvattente: dholbach: anyway, the patch was already in upstream so basically just changelog entry deleted14:23
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attenteMirv: ok, so the problem is worse than just the one changelog entry. i missed a bunch of changes comparing it to what's in wily14:23
attenteMirv: the debdiff is pretty big, i'm not sure if most of these changes were integrated upstream though14:24
attentei guess i have to comb through the entire thing to get the branch up-to-date14:25
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nclshi all, I need to install Android on my Ubuntu Phone (was a good experience, but I need Android for dev purpose) two questions : is it possible from Mac OSX ? at which moment should we press the "download" button like on this tutorial ? http://a25.co/ubuntu-phone-how-to-install-android/14:33
nclsI tried to do it from a VM on my Mac but it didn't seem to work14:33
dobeyncls: you should contact bq support for help with that i guess. the mediatek tool is only available for windows or linux though i think.14:35
nclsdobey: ok I will, thank you14:35
nclsjust wanted to know if it was possible without this tool14:35
nclsbut they might know that too14:36
dobeyno, the tool is required for mediatek based phones14:36
nclsok thank you dobey14:42
Mirvattente: ah, ok, well good to check then the others14:45
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Saviqmorphis, hey, I found an issue with BT transmitting the network name to my car kit - I've two sims in the BQ phone (one a left over from a trip), and one of them is offline due to lack of roaming and the car says "No network", even though my main card is fine, not really sure how to solve this as I imagine the profiles used don't understand multi SIM14:50
Saviqbut I'd like to file a bug for future's sake14:50
morphisSaviq: thas is kown and will be fixed soon14:55
morphisbasically ofono picks the first modem it finds currently14:55
morphisSaviq: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/141804014:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1418040 in telephony-service (Ubuntu RTM) "Calling from car using bluetooth, call is placed on ril_0, even though ril_1 is default" [Critical,Triaged]14:56
Saviqmorphis, ah good, thanks :)14:57
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Saviqmorphis, what if there's no default modem? :D14:57
morphisSaviq: there will be one14:57
morphisthat is what we're currently changing14:57
Saviqmorphis, I mean that the user might've selected "ask me every time"14:58
Saviqoh, and also, I didn't get a call history entry I think when I used the car kit to dial14:58
morphisSaviq: also known: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/147944214:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1479442 in bluez (Ubuntu) "IN CAR: Previous Calls log is not shown in the car display" [Low,Confirmed]14:59
morphisSaviq: ask me every time is currently not considered but would be a pure UI decision15:00
Saviqmorphis, no no, I meant that the *phone* app didn't show a call I placed with the car kit15:00
morphisSaviq: ah15:00
morphisinteresting, can you file a bug for that?15:00
Saviqwill do15:00
Saviqunfortunately my car kit is old enough that I never found a phone that could share any meaningful data with it15:01
morphisSaviq: and can you include a syslog with debug information?15:02
morphisSaviq: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingBluetooth15:02
morphisthat would be pretty great15:03
Saviqmorphis, will try and repro and file if I do15:03
Elleo o15:04
morphisSaviq: can you file one for the netreg thing too?15:10
Saviqmorphis, netreg? you mean "no network" in the car kit?15:20
slvn_Hello, some question .. on Ubuntu Touch, qtbase is compiled with which "platform" directory ?15:21
pmcgowanMirv, ^15:22
dobeyslvn_: there is no ubuntu touch, there is only ubuntu15:24
dobeythe qt5 on the phone isn't a "special build." it is the standard ubuntu qt5 build with the same build options as everywhere15:25
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slvn_dobey,  I mean on ubuntu for phones/tablet.15:26
slvn_maybe my question is not well asked .. I explain15:26
dobeyslvn_: i mean, ubuntu is ubuntu15:26
slvn_my app is based on mir, and, even in fullscreen, it displays the status bar15:27
dobeyi don't know what the "platform" directory you're referring to is specifically, but there isn't a special build of qt5 for phones. it is the standard qt5 build for armhf that's in ubuntu15:27
slvn_but, camera-app, for instance does not display the status bar15:27
dobeyyou mean the top panel of unity8?15:27
slvn_maybe ... not sure of the name .. the top bar15:28
dobeythe one with the radio/battery/sound indicators?15:28
dobeyhow are you doing full screen in your app?15:29
dobeyyour app shouldn't be using mir directly, btw15:29
slvn_yes, but this is a C++ app, calling mir function15:29
slvn_using sdl2, which calls mir ..15:30
dobeywell sdl2 has a mir backend, but you are not calling mir directly in your app are you?15:30
slvn_but I double check the mir stuff to make stuff the correct calls were done15:30
tvossslvn_, you want to check with bschaefer for requesting full screen15:31
tvossslvn_, he did the sdl2-mir backend mostly15:31
slvn_tvoss, i know i will ask him later15:31
slvn_but I am looking at the camera-app15:32
slvn_to understand how it goes fullscreen15:32
slvn_it seem to call qml/qt stuff and, if i am correct, the corresponding packages are : qtdeclarative-opensource-src and qtbase-opensource-src15:33
tvossslvn_, that's very unlikely, as qt would only call mir, too15:34
tvossslvn_, for the respective qt-mir interaction: lp:qtmir15:34
slvn_tvoss, ok so I look the wrong package, thanks !15:35
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tvossslvn_, yw15:37
Mirvslvn_: all platform plugins are available, you can see them with eg qmlscene -platform test. on the phone, mirserver and libubuntuclient are installed (from qtmir/qtubuntu) in addition to the normal qtbase upstream ones (which include eglfs, kms, linuxfb, miminalegl etc)15:42
mcphailslvn_: SDL apps can go fullscreen too15:44
slvn_Mirv,  not sure I expressed correctly. I end up on qtbase-opensource-src/src/plugins/platforms/ and there was many platforms (android, coca, direct2d, winrt, etc..) not sure there are all need on a ubuntu device. but it seems I was looking at the wrong place. and I am currently looking into lp:qtmir15:48
slvn_mcphail,  hi, I know but it does not go to full-screen. there is still the top status bar !15:49
mcphailslvn_: you can get proper fullscreen15:49
mcphailslvn_: (I just can't remember how at this second)15:49
mcphailI think apps which use SDL2's virtual resolution approach get true fullscreen15:50
mcphailIIRC, Neverball/neverputt get fullscreen. You could have a look at their code15:51
Mirvslvn_: right, that's the place. upstream Qt 5.6 now has mirclient plugin there too, and mirserver is in a branch, but in our Qt 5.4 production code the plugins come from lp:qtmir and lp:qtubuntu15:53
mcphailslvn_: good work on your games, btw. Have you uploaded any to the store?15:54
Mirvslvn_: lp:qtubuntu is the libmirclient one which probably apps would use15:54
slvn_mcphail,  currently, I have no phone ... but that would be great if you could check Neverball app to see if there is the statusbar ..15:54
mcphailslvn_: I'll check when I get home and on to wifi15:55
slvn_Mirv,  yes lp:qtubuntu is more interesting ! it does the translation Qt:WindowFullScreen to mir_surface_state_fullscreen15:57
dobeyscreenshot there doesn't show the unity8 panel15:58
popeyslvn_, neverball and neverputt are proper full screen15:59
swexhi there15:59
swexgoogling for a while and can't get answer: how to instlal ubuntu-touch on x86 tablet?16:00
slvn_popey, dobey ... you tried it on a ubuntu phone ?16:01
slvn_do you where i can see the code ?16:01
mcphailslvn_: I _think_ you get true fullscreen if you use SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP16:02
mcphailslvn_: that's the kind of virtual-resolution fullscreen which came in with SDL216:03
* mcphail needs to check if this still holds true since we got platform-level orientation16:04
dobey!devices | swex16:04
ubot5swex: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:04
swexdobey: nothing related to x86 found :(16:05
dobeyswex: right, so you'd need to port to your device16:05
swexdobey: ok,but what is that? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/16:06
dobeyswex: if it's a windows tablet, it's probably going to be more difficult to port, at least.16:06
dobeythe daily-preinstalled tarball is the base image the device-specific images are built from16:07
slvn_mcphail,  you might be right ... I use SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN, whereas neverball-touch use SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP ..16:07
pixel_slvn_, you are using SDL2 right?16:08
slvn_but that would be really weird that the method named setFullScreen is not called with SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN16:08
slvn_pixel_, yes16:08
pixel_slvn_, how do you load images?16:09
slvn_pixel_,  with SDL2_image ... but this is more a sdl question ...16:10
pixel_slvn_, if so the the sdl2 extensions are also available SDL_image, SDL_ttf, and SDL_mixer etc16:11
pixel_slvn_, yeah.. i was just curious :D16:11
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mcphailslvn_: SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP is much nicer anyway16:11
pixel_not related to the fullscreen question16:11
slvn_pixel_,  yes I cross compile sdl2 image/ttf/mixer !16:12
mcphailslvn_: although I don't know how well touch events translate with SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP16:12
pixel_slvn_, do you know what is available on the phone? do you have to put all the sdl and extension into a click?16:13
pixel_slvn_, or are already available on the phone16:13
mcphailpixel_: you need to bundle everything16:13
mcphailpixel_: it is the future :)16:13
pixel_yeah :D16:13
slvn_mcphail,  I am still very sceptical about the SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP. I mean, if someone want to test, I can rebuilt quickly an app !16:14
mcphailslvn_: I'm happy to have a look this evening16:14
mcphailslvn_: remember that you set a virtual resolution in SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP, though16:14
slvn_pixel_,  yes all rebundled ...  but whatever is working on android, ios, tvos, winrt, macosx, linux, now work on ubuntu device16:15
pixel_slvn_, that's nice.. so i just download sdl2 https://www.libsdl.org/download-2.0.php and compile it with mir support?16:16
pixel_slvn_, what ide are you using? qt creator?16:16
slvn_pixel_,  .. I cross compiled it, so I set up a partial chroot .. no ide, I have a couple of script to rebuild everything from scratch16:19
slvn_actually, the script for the partial chroot comes from mir16:19
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popeyslvn_, I have a few devices, happy to test16:20
pixel_slvn_, i see, thanks :P16:21
slvn_mcphail,  Mirv, I am still sceptical about the  flags with _DESKTOP :) ... though I saw a difference between lp:qtubuntu  and SDL2/mir backend.  lp:qtubuntu is doing a "mir_wait_for(mir_surface_set_set_state(fullscreen))" whereas SDL2 is not doing that ...16:22
tvossslvn_, mcphail best to report to bschaefer, I'm not sure where we track bugs for the sdl2 backend16:25
Mirvgreyback_: see possible slvn_:s questions regarding lp:qtubuntu etc, although mainly he's about improving the sdl2 backend apparently and just looking for tips from lp:qtubuntu16:25
mcphailyes, would be nice if both FULLSCREEN approaches gave true fullscreen16:26
slvn_tvoss, Mirv  dont worry I let this know to bschafer ..16:27
Mirvslvn_: oh, ok16:28
bschaeferyeah i dont do that16:29
bschaeferbut theres no reason i dont ...16:30
slvn_popey,  told me there is still the status bar with _DESKTOP16:30
slvn_I will try to patch SDL2/mir with a wait_for like in lp:qtubuntu16:30
bschaeferi dont think that will solve that issue since it become fullscreen16:31
bschaeferat some point16:31
* bschaefer didnt read the backlog16:31
greyback_slvn_: that is the correct way to set the fullscreen flag on a mir surface yes. It should cause the unity8 panel to go away16:32
mcphailbschaefer: SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP seems to give proper fullscreen16:32
bschaefermcphail, well setting that?16:32
slvn_mcphail,  no, even with SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP, there is still the status bar ..16:32
bschaeferfor the touch to remove the toolbar?16:32
bschaeferIIRC greyback_ told me about setting things to fullscreen and the toolbar when away in my example16:33
bschaeferbut that was like ... 6 or so months ago16:33
mcphailslvn_: really? Wonder what makes the difference then. All my SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP test apps went proper fullscreen16:33
slvn_on my app .. but not on neverball it seems there is not status.   but neverball is not using SDL_Renderer, it use direct call to egl16:33
mcphailslvn_: have you used SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize?16:34
morphisSaviq: exactly16:35
pixel_slvn_, what is this? https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/+junk/SDL2-new-mir-ABI16:38
bschaeferthats the branch to move to the newer mir ABI/API16:39
bschaefer(moving to 0.15 and greater)16:39
bschaeferpixel_, cant sync those changes with upstream SDL2 until ubuntu LTS16:39
bschaefer(since thats what SDL2 aims for) with out a very ugly patch :)16:39
pixel_bschaefer, oh i see :D thanks16:41
mcphailslvn_: This is the code I use to bring up SDL in a little pong game which show up as true fullscreen - http://paste.ubuntu.com/13477772/16:42
slvn_mcphail,  I dont use Render Logical .. but I could ... but that should not make any difference16:44
mcphailslvn_: that's what SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP expects16:45
mcphailslvn_: you let SDL fill the desktop and give you a logical surface on top16:46
mcphailslvn_: with letterboxing as needed16:46
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* mcphail suspects you can coerce SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN to do the same thing if the resolution is set to include the statusbar area16:50
slvn_mcphail, I have build a game that use logical size, will see if it goes full screen ...16:59
* mcphail crosses fingers16:59
ryaoWhere do the Kubuntu mobile guys hang out?17:00
pixel_Steam provides both SDL 1.2 and 2.0 in this manner, for both x86 and amd64, in addition to several add-on libraries like SDL_mixer. When shipping a Linux game on Steam, do not ship a build of SDL with your game. Link against SDL as normal, and expect it to be available on the player's system. This allows Valve to make fixes and improvements to their SDL and those fixes to flow on to your game.17:03
* pixel_ like steam17:03
mcphailpixel_: that's why steam breaks with open source drivers17:05
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dobeymcphail: steam works fine on intel17:06
mcphaildobey: you have to kill steam's libc++ with nouveau and radeon17:06
mcphailruntimes can be evil17:07
dobeygcc is evil17:07
dobeyi presume you're talking about on 15.04 or 15.10?17:07
mcphailI've had problems on 15.04 and 15.10. Not sure if I used open source drivers on 14.0417:08
dobeysteam doesn't support those releases17:08
dobeywell, 15.10 has gcc5, which is a problem, and 15.04 has gcc 4.9, which is binary incompat with 4.8, which 14.04 has17:08
dobeyand steam only officially supports LTS17:08
dobeyi just stay with LTS for my production host OS, and use contains for building on newer releases for development17:09
mcphailand an unsupported runtime is worse than no runtime at all17:09
dobeyi don't know if steam even officially supports 14.04. they might still only support 12.04 officially17:10
mcphailI think the games list 14.04 in the requirements, so I assume it is supported. But the open source drivers on 14.04 are poor for gaming, so it is a catch 2217:11
timppa_I've been struggling lately with Nexus 7 deb17:11
timppa_mcphail LTE version of Nexus 717:12
mcphailtimppa_: not sure if that is a supported device17:13
dobeydeb is not officially supported17:13
timppa_there is http://system-image.tasemnice.eu which hosts the deb images as well17:13
dobeyand tassadar is in the wind17:13
timppa_lately those images stopped working17:14
dobeyand i have no idea how to set up a similar image server17:14
timppa_I managed to build my own version of the android bits and now the new images work again.17:14
timppa_I'd like to create an image server but I don't know how17:14
dobeymcphail: you can try the lts backport kernel/xorg and it might work better. my main issue is getting 4K@60Hz working properly on intel17:15
dobeyi'm happy to host an image server17:15
dobeyand i have infinite bandwidth/storage for it17:15
timppa_dobey: do you know how to create one?17:15
dobeyi just don't know how to get the scripting set up to do it right17:15
dobeybut i need to figure out how17:16
dobeybecause my phone badly needs updates17:16
timppa_which phone you have?17:16
dobeynexus 517:18
timppa_Btw, anyone happen to know if 16.04 images/rootfs has the new bluez as well?17:18
dobeyafaik it does17:18
timppa_dobey: so you have the same issue that the new images do not boot anymore?17:18
dobeybut afaik, xenial images are known broken at the moment17:18
dobeytimppa_: no, i don't use devel-proposed because it breaks17:19
dobeyi have an image that mariogrip made and put on his server, but i don't think he's built any more images since17:19
timppa_ok, I just flashed the latest xenial image and it seems to run but "deb" still has the issue that bluetooth does not work17:19
dobeyand i don't think he cares to maintain builds for other devices17:19
dobeyoh, there is a new image there, yay17:20
dobeybut only has stable channel17:20
timppa_I have Nexus 4 and the LTE version of Nexus 7, I cannot test N5.. :(17:21
timppa_So the reason I'd like to create my own image server is to use 15.10 release train and not 16.04.17:22
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timppa_If someone could share the knowlegde :D17:22
mcphailtimppa_: 15.10 isn't in use, afaik17:23
mcphailtimppa_: wily has been skipped17:23
popeyyeah, we're not using 15.1017:23
timppa_15.04 then ;D17:23
dobeytimppa_: you shouldn't be using devel-proposed anyway17:23
timppa_never had that many issues on devel-proposed on any of the devices17:26
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cwayne1has anyone had issues with mx4 on ota8 where the battery indicator is wrong?17:27
slvn_mcphail,  SetLogicalSize does not improves, there is still the status bar ..17:27
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
slvn_mcphail, bschaefer,  somethings strange, MIR_SetFullScreen is always call with fullscreen=0, so it disable fullscreen ... But even forcing fullscreen it is not hiding the status bar17:28
dobeytimppa_: devel-proposed gets basically no QA and is known to possibly break. it's not currently 1:1 with what's in rc-proposed, either, in terms of features.17:35
timppa_dobey: I know, I've been rather quietly been watching the development of things since UT was announced17:37
timppa_is there any way to sideload the vivid-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz on a device?17:38
slvn_Mirv, tvoss, bschaefer, in fact, ignore my previous remark about "mir_wait_for",  SDL2 use the API mir_surface_set_spec_set,  whereas lp:qtubuntu use the one withou "_spec_" ... so the mir_wait_for was not relevant .. sorry17:39
slvn_mcphail, bschaefer, I have done many tries of application with popey and we got a solution for the statusbar bug. well it's not a solution, but a way to get it working17:43
bschaefernice, i've not gotten the time to look at that issue :(17:43
* popey is busy playing tic-tac-toe17:44
* popey loves his job17:44
slvn_the call "MIR_mir_surface_apply_spec(mir_window->surface, spec);"  seem not to perform well17:44
slvn_but  "MIR_mir_wait_for(MIR_mir_surface_set_state(mir_window->surface,state));"  was working better17:44
slvn_it's not a fix .. but it points something wrong ...17:45
ttysilly question - can ubuntu 'phone os' be installed on mobiles such as samsung s6 etc?17:46
bschaeferslvn_, hmm the only issue i can think of is the spec that was created applied to the surface?17:46
* bschaefer thought it was17:46
bschaeferslvn_, also im pretty sure that function is deprecated :(17:46
bschaeferlooks like it is... slvn_ i mean the wait_for isnt needed? If you remove that ... it should still work17:48
bschaeferwith the old function17:48
bschaeferslvn_, you check the state of the window as well?17:48
bschaeferafter a little bit (after the apply) to see if its fullscreen?17:48
bschaefer(with the set spec)17:48
ttyoo.. see it's available for nexus devices... is ubuntu touch the same as ubuntu phone...?17:49
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mcphailslvn_: this is brilliant work, getting to the bottom of all of this. If we get this fixed I might even be able to read the text on my version of Baldur's Gate :)17:50
slvn_bschaefer, I am on the phone, please let me know how to check the validity of surface17:53
bschaeferslvn_, mir_surface_get_state(surface1) == mir_surface_state_fullscreen17:54
bschaeferpretty much17:54
bschaeferbut you've to wait for some amount of time (since it has to go through the IPC to the server and actually update the surface that its fullscreen)17:55
bschaeferbefore it *should* tell you that it is indeed fullscreen17:55
bschaeferslvn_, you can just add a print statement in the event loop17:55
bschaeferso you can press a key to get the current state of the surface17:55
bschaefer(when a key is pressed or w/e)17:55
mac_During boot up of ported ubuntu, upon executing "mount -o loop,rw /tmpmnt/system.img ${rootmnt}"17:57
mac_ I get this in last/kmsg "EXT4-fs (loop0): bad geometry: block count 652288 exceeds size of device (573440 blocks)"17:57
mac_my partition size is 7GB and system.img is 2.6GB17:57
mac_What am I doing wrong?17:57
mac_Also How do I view irc ubuntu-touch logs? to view if anyone answered my question yesterday18:00
ahayzenmac_, this would be yesterday's log http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/22/%23ubuntu-touch.txt18:02
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slvn_bschaefer, I have updated with this code ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/13478688/18:16
bschaeferslvn_, i ment to check using the set spec way18:17
bschaeferas if the surface is getting fullscreen18:17
bschaeferthen it would be qtmir18:17
* bschaefer will have to look at it at some point18:17
bschaeferslvn_, as i've used the set spec for fullscreen before18:17
bschaeferand im not sure why the tool bar doesnt go away in this case18:17
slvn_I should remove the "no_spec" also ?18:18
bschaeferslvn_, o sorry mis read18:21
bschaeferthe issue with that, is it takes some time (milliseconds)18:21
bschaeferto change, but your log is right after the change18:21
bschaefersoo it'll be false18:21
bschaeferbut will be true in a few milliseconds18:21
slvn_ok !18:22
mac_If someone would kindly explain difference between "bootmode=ubuntu" and "bootmode=android"18:32
mac_in initrd /script/touch we have "# Our current list of supported boot modes: ## BOOT_MODE = ubuntu and android"18:32
mac_any expert can explain?18:32
dobeymac_: i'm not an expert, but my first guess would be that ubuntu boots into ubuntu, and android boots into only the android container with none of the ubuntu services18:35
slvn_bschaefer, log+code http://paste.ubuntu.com/13478971/18:41
slvn_there is the status bar, and it does not report fullscreen18:42
slvn_btw, there is always the Force to ON .. see the code18:42
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Paddy_NII want to put Ubuntu Touch back on my bq Aquaris E4.5 and was wondering which channel will get me the latest build?19:00
Paddy_NIpopey: Which build do you use?19:00
popeyi have more than one device :)19:00
Paddy_NIAh yes you also have the MX419:01
popeyubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en is what I run on my most used bq phone19:01
popeywhich updates ~daily19:01
Paddy_NIThanks :-)19:01
popeyif it's your second device then that's a good idea19:01
popeyif it's your primary device I'd use the stable channel19:01
Paddy_NIAbsolutely, I think that is what I had on it before19:01
Paddy_NIpopey: I had previously flashed it with the stock E4.5 version of android so I am a little unsure as to how to flash this back to Ubuntu19:11
Paddy_NII did "sudo ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap recovery-krillin.img" whilst in fastboot mode19:12
Paddy_NIDevice KRILLIN not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en19:12
popeyPaddy_NI, there's an askubuntu Q&A about this... one mo19:15
Paddy_NICool, thanks for your time :-)19:15
Paddy_NIAh yes I was on that19:15
dobeyyou did not pass --reocvery it seems19:15
Paddy_NII thought that was a problem19:15
Paddy_NIThe syntax is wrong in that Q&A19:16
Paddy_NIIs not recognised19:16
Paddy_NIHmm unknown flag --recovery19:17
dobeyit's --recovery-image19:17
dobey      --recovery-image=  Specify the recovery image file to use when flashing,19:17
Paddy_NII've done both19:17
dobeyalso do not run ubuntu-device-flash under sudo19:17
dobeyand as per the askubuntu answer, if you get unknown flag for --recovery-image option, you need to add the PPA and upgrad phablet-tools19:18
Paddy_NISilly me19:19
Paddy_NINot my night19:21
Paddy_NI$ ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap --recovery-image recovery-krillin.img19:21
Paddy_NI2015/11/23 19:21:00 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting19:21
Paddy_NI2015/11/23 19:21:00 Device is |KRILLIN|19:21
Paddy_NIDevice KRILLIN not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en19:21
Paddy_NII should have used pastbin19:21
dobeyit shouldn't be all caps19:23
dobeymaybe you need to --device krillin too19:23
Paddy_NII know that's odd19:23
Paddy_NIdobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13479346/19:24
Paddy_NIThe devise itself says USB Transferring | USB Transmission OK Time:424ms Vel:21769KB/s19:25
Paddy_NIAnd that is what it still says19:26
dobeyok, i don't know why that is19:26
Paddy_NIFair enoough19:26
dobeythis is an e4.5 that originally came with ubuntu? or with android?19:26
Paddy_NII flashed it with the official Android ROM for the device19:27
Paddy_NIIn the past it normally just flashed without fuss19:27
jgdxpopey, quick q, if you own a mako, what channel should you use for rc-proposed?19:27
dobeyPaddy_NI: do you currently have android 5.x on it?19:28
Paddy_NIdobey: YEp19:29
dobeyPaddy_NI: try flashing back to the original android 4.4 rom for it, and then try flashing ubuntu again19:29
dobeyjgdx: i use ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu on my mako19:29
popeywhat dobey said19:30
jgdxdobey, yeah me too. I will recommend that.19:30
popeyjgdx, the same channel used on e4.519:30
dobeye4.5 is bq-aquaris.en19:30
Paddy_NIdobey: Will do19:30
Paddy_NIbrb I think a reboot might help me a little19:39
dobeyprobably not too much :)19:39
Paddy_NII've tried licking the screen and everything19:46
dobeydid you flash to android 4.4 and boot it up, then reboot back to the bootloader and try to flash ubuntu again?19:49
Paddy_NITrying to find the 4.x roms for it19:50
Paddy_NIBQ have a download on their site for 2.0.1_20150623-1900_bq-FW.zip19:51
Paddy_NII think it might be KitKat not sure19:51
Paddy_NIAnd it seems to require the use of the dreaded SP_Flash_Tool19:52
brendandPaddy_NI, you can force the device '--device=krillin'19:52
Paddy_NIbrendand: I did that19:52
Paddy_NIIt fails to flash the device then19:52
brendandPaddy_NI, what is on it at the moment?19:52
Paddy_NIAndroid 5.x19:52
Paddy_NIWas originally Ubuntu Touch19:52
brendandPaddy_NI, and you reboot it into fastboot mode?19:53
Paddy_NII just performed a factory reset from within android and letting it boot now19:54
Paddy_NIGoing to give it another go19:54
brendandso it says  '=> FASTBOOT mode...' in the bottom corner19:54
Paddy_NIThe files transfer across but it then just fails19:54
brendandPaddy_NI, do you know which url you got the recovery image from?19:54
Paddy_NIbrendand: Recovery image for ubuntu touch?19:55
wligtenbergWhat cable would I need to test/demo convergence on a Nexus4?19:55
Paddy_NIbrendand: http://people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/recovery-krillin.img19:55
pmcgowanwligtenberg, slimport19:57
wligtenbergpmcgowan, so not MHL?19:57
brendandPaddy_NI, ok. just be double sure the file you're specifying in --recovery-image is that one. i would advice specifying the full path to that file, even if it is in the current working directory19:58
pmcgowanwligtenberg, not for nexus 419:59
Paddy_NIbrendand: Good point19:59
wligtenbergpmcgowan, ok thanks, good that I asked, I though MHL would have been the correct one. Thanks!19:59
brendandPaddy_NI, the behaviour sounds like the recovery image not being installed properly but i'd need to see your command + its output and the device output to know for sure20:00
brendandPaddy_NI, especially when you say 'USB Transferring | USB Transmission OK Time:424ms Vel:21769KB/s' is the last thing it says20:00
brendandPaddy_NI, now i see your pastebin from before and i'd be positive that's the problem20:01
Paddy_NII feel confident that it'll work this time20:02
brendandPaddy_NI, you'll know pretty quickly as there'll be a lot more activity both on the console and the device20:03
Paddy_NIbrendand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13479760/20:07
Paddy_NIMaybe I should try and find an android 4.x rom for this E4.5. I also remember having to use Windows in order to get that dreaded SP_Flash_Tool working20:08
brendandPaddy_NI, it works on ubuntu20:09
Paddy_NII could never get it working20:09
brendandPaddy_NI, the command above works on my krillin but i had ubuntu on it previously. shouldn't really matter though..20:10
Paddy_NIPerhaps I'll revisit this tomorrow http://paste.ubuntu.com/13479819/20:14
Paddy_NIbrendand: ^20:14
wligtenbergbought a slimport, can't wait to test the convergence stuff :D20:14
Paddy_NIbrendand: I wonder if that flash tool is available in a ppa20:16
brendandPaddy_NI, no definitely not20:17
Paddy_NIbrendand: Am I even running it correctly20:17
brendandPaddy_NI, i just use ./flash_tool.sh without sudo20:18
Paddy_NII get permission denied there too20:18
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dobeyPaddy_NI: yes, you need to find the 4.4 rom for the e4.520:30
dobey"Optimisation of operating system for upgrading to Lollipop."20:32
dobeyPaddy_NI: i'm pretty sure that "2.0.1 firmware" is android 4.420:33
Paddy_NIdobey: Sadly the will require Windows20:33
dobey? you should be able to flash using the mtk tool for ubuntu20:34
Paddy_NIThe Flash Tool just give me "Permission Denied"20:34
Paddy_NII have only ever been able to get it to work on windows20:34
dobeyok. i don't have a krillin here myself20:35
Paddy_NIThat's no worries20:36
dobeyso i can't offer much mor ehelp20:36
Paddy_NII intend on kicking it's ass tomorrow20:36
Paddy_NIThank you all for your help20:36
Paddy_NICheers popey brendand and dobey20:36
mterrytedg, I'm looking at ubuntu-app-launch.  You seem to have gone to some lengths to keep very little state around (ubuntu_app_launch_observer_add_app_starting don't operate on a data structure, and don't seem prepared to be called multiple times).  And you also use dbus signals into the void (like UnityStartingBroadcast) instead of calling a method on a dbus name like com.canonical.Unity (despite expecting Unity to be the only one listening).  Wo21:00
mterryuld it be so terrible to call a method on unity?  (I'm looking at extending the handshake dance between UAL and Unity to allow unity to reject an app start -- so I am playing with the best way to get a response to UAL21:00
mariogripdobey: I can make builds for devel-proposed (or rc-proposed) on my server if you want.21:11
ahoneybunhola mariogrip21:11
mariogripHey ahoneybun :)21:11
dobeymariogrip: hi. i'd actually like to get something set up to build on my server. i just don't know how to do it exactly21:13
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mariogripdobey: yeah,  just give me an ping if you need me21:18
dobeymariogrip: is there some way to use web hooks to for example cause my stuff to build new images, when certain channels on the official server get new images in them?21:20
mariogripdobey: you can probably setup a webhook that run the build command21:28
dobeyso the official server have webhooks?21:29
dobeyor do i have to poll and parse the json?21:29
mariogripI have a cron that run the import-images command21:30
mariogripWhen there is no new images it just skips21:30
mariogripI have a cron every 2 hour21:31
slvn_leaving .. bye!21:40
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