jrgiffordGreat, cuyahoga county sent out the high school security detail assignments. 17:11
jrgiffordTo the public.17:11
dzhowhat does this mean17:21
jrgiffordMeans that a bunch of people got an email with a word doc17:25
jrgiffordThat details that this particular football game has officer so-and-so assigned for security 17:25
dzhois this a state secret?17:34
dzhodo the officers wear masks or something usually?17:34
jrgiffordIt's not exactly secret18:47
jrgiffordbut it's interesting that the duty list got sent out.18:47
jrgiffordprobably an accident.18:47
jrgiffordbut what makes it notable is that it's the 2nd accident to happen to the emergency notification list in the last 2 days.18:48

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